these gifs are shit i'm sorry

• Jonathan taking pictures of you at random times.

• Modeling for his pictures every once in awhile or whenever you feel cutest

• You would have dinners often with Joyce and Will that’s always full of laughter and funny stories

• Jonathan would make countless mixtapes for you with new songs he thinks you’d like

• Screaming the lyrics to his favorite songs in his room or in the car or anywhere else

• Will trying to teach you how to play Dungeons and Dragons but you not understanding at all

• “Studying” that usually end up with make out sessions and cuddles

• Cute little cheek forehead kisses

•Looking through Jonathan’s baby pictures with Joyce!!

• Jonathan always listening to you if you’re having a hard time and being the best shoulder to cry on


Like I said, it’s all about timing. So how about we make a date. The 25th of June, the Electric Ballroom in Camden. You bring those nice shiny belts you begged and pleaded for so long to get, you put them on the line against us.

– CCK lay out a challenge to British Strong Style