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The Fight

Warning: Angst

Dean was pissed.

 The car drove silently along the dark, empty road. Not even the sounds of Zeppelin played in the background. His knuckles were white. You knew you were in for it when you got home. You knew that you two were going to yell at each other until you were blue in the face and you were more than likely spending the night in your old bedroom. You had been spending a lot of time there recently. You were starting to wonder if maybe you should move your stuff back in there.

 You and Dean had been fighting more and more these past few months. It was about anything and everything. You didn’t pick up any beer. You forgot to pack an extra shirt and now I’m stuck giving you mine. It was everything. He had just started flirting with bartenders when you went out after hunts. It was only a matter of time until he forgot all about you.

 You were hurting. Dean was the love of your life. He was there for you when you needed him the most. He made your heart race and your knees weak. He brought out the best in you and sometimes the worst. He challenged you in the best ways. Now? Now it felt like you were the last thing on his mind unless he was pissed at you. You no longer felt like you were the girl he loved. You felt like it didn’t matter if you were there or not. You fought so much that you’d rather that than face life without him.

 Dean pulled into the garage and cut the engine. You were out of the car faster than you ever had been. You forgot about your bags and headed straight in, Dean hot on your tail. You weren’t ready for this fight. You weren’t ready for any of them. But this time, you were so close to your breaking point. You couldn’t handle it today. You didn’t want to have this fight. You wanted to feel your boyfriend’s arms around you, and just for once. Just once, have him tell you that everything was going to be okay.

 That was wishful thinking.

 “What was that back there?” he started, shrugging his jacket of his shoulders.

 “I made a mistake,” you admitted.

 “A mistake? You nearly got yourself killed Y/N!” he raised his voice.

 “Yeah I know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” you practically whispered.

 “That’s what you said last time,” he scoffed.

 “Dean, I really don’t want to fight,” you said softly. “We fight all the time. Can’t we argue about this tomorrow and just go to bed?”

 “Fine. Don’t wait up,” he practically growled, grabbing his jacket. He was headed to the bar.


 “What?” He rolled his eyes.

 “What happened to us? We never used to be like this,” you breathed out.

 “You knew how hard this was going to be before we started-”

 “Of course I did, Dean! We’re hunters. We don’t know if we’re going to have tomorrow or not but that’s not what I meant. We never used to fight like this. Now it’s like every conversation we have, it turns into an argument,” you started. “Is this not enough for you anymore? Am I not enough for you?”

 “Can we talk about this later?”

 “No! No we can’t! I’ve been pushing this down for months Dean! MONTHS! Every fight! Every time you absentmindedly flirt with the bartender right in front of my face. You think I don’t feel it every time I sleep by myself? You think that this what I want hanging over my head every day? Constantly wondering if today is the day you kick me out or worse, tells me that you don’t love me anymore.”

 “Y/N, stop!”

 “You know, a part of me wished that I would have gotten seriously hurt on that hunt today. It’s a sad thought that I figured that if I got hurt that maybe my boyfriend would care. Maybe he would stop fighting with me to realize that I was hurting more than just physically.  But you don’t care and I can’t make you care. Just like I can’t make you fall in love with me again,” you sniffled, wiping away the tear that slipped down your cheek.  “I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough for you Dean. I can’t keep putting myself through this. I love you with all my heart, Dean and more. When we were happy together, you gave me some of the greatest memories. But I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore.”

 “Don’t. Don’t walk away,” he pleaded.

“Give me one good reason not to.”

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A Little Too Late Part 24

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 24

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,127

Warnings: angst

A/N: It’s getting SO REAL in this story. I think this is the first part where Gabriel and the reader are butting heads. I hope you all enjoy this next part!! I love you all so much! <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!!

The masterlist for this series is found HERE!

As your eyes flitted open, you felt someone’s weight shift on both sides of you.  It was as if their attention was suddenly shifted from whatever they were doing, to you.  You groaned feeling a small amount of pain in your chest as you turned onto your back.

You felt a hand grab your arm.  “[Y/N],” Dean spoke, his voice rough.  It sounded like he had either just gotten back or that he hadn’t slept.  Dean put an arm under your back.  “Sam help me sit her up.”

Sam and Dean rested your back up against your headboard.  You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, blinking the rest away.  You could feel remnants of pain in your chest.  You pushed your worry to the side.  Dean and Sam were covered in blood.  You sat up straight, only for Dean to push you back against your headboard.  “What the hell guys?  Are you okay,” you practically shouted.

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TITLE: Oh, Hello, It’s You

IMAGINE: It was…not love at first sight exactly, -but familiarity. Like: oh hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. 

[GIF IS NOT MINE] requests are open! 

She was, in one word, fucked. Completely and utterly fucked. (Y/N) looked around and saw Storm Troopers surrounding her, she quickly jammed everything in her bag and made a run for it. She knew she wasn’t going to go very far, but like hell she’s going down without a fight.

(Y/N) stopped suddenly though, it wasn’t her she knew, it was like something was controlling her. She saw a black figure walking past her and standing in front. Her eyes narrowed as she realized who it was. They stared at each other, neither of them knowing that something big was going to happen between the two of them. Kylo looked over her once, and then nodded to the Storm Troopers who came up behind her. “Bring her on board.” Two sets of arms clasped her own arms and dragged her to the carrier, but not without her fighting.

Once she was on board she realized how cramped the space was. “Do you guys ever get claustrophobic?” She asked one of the closer Storm Troopers. They looked shocked, “Are any of you going to answer me?”

The only answer she received was a blaster to her neck, “Jeez, alright.” She put her hands in front of her as a way of saying she surrendered. She felt the engine stop rumbling and she knew that she was inside the infamous Finalizer.

Two pairs of arms grabbed hers again and dragged her along a winding corridor. (Y/N) looked around and saw how institutional the place was. It was so clean, so pristine, so in order. They finally came to a door and once it opened they pushed her in. She turned back to them, “You know you could just say ‘here we are, just step in’,” she rolled her eyes, “no manners these days.”

(Y/N) turned back around and saw that there was a red-headed man and Kylo Ren. They looked at her stoically, no emotion whatsoever on their faces. Well Kylo Ren never showed any expression because of his mask. She saw no seats for her, so she stood. “Are you gonna talk? Or am I gonna talk? Because this whole silence thing is very awkward.” (Y/N) tugged the shoulder strap of her bag, “That reminds me, security is lacking. I mean they didn’t event take my bag, I could all sorts of weapons in here.” She jangled her bag. There was still no response.

“Okay, are you going to kill me or not?” She rolled her eyes when there was no response.

“(Y/L/N), a mutant that came from a galaxy that has always been mistook for as a myth. Yet that is no myth as you stand here.” It was the red-headed man that was talking. “How did you come to be here?”

(Y/N) shuffled awkwardly on her feet, “I got tired. It was the same old routine back home.” She looked at the two men, “I wanted something new, a challenge.”

The red –headed man made a noise, “Are you with the Resistance?”

(Y/N) grimaced, “No.” She made a thinking face, “Come to think of it, I don’t think that they’re aware of my existence. So kudos to you for being the first ones to find me.” She gave them a thumbs up.

“The First Order could do with someone with your talents.” (Y/N) was not the only one shocked with his offer. Kylo moved his head faster than light to the man who was standing near him.

“Hux.” He growled lightly.

“You have fascinating and useful skills, some skills that have never been seen in this side of galaxy.” Hux moved a step forward, “The job is yours if you want it.”

“What would you need me for?”

Hux told her what they needed from her. It was interesting to say the least. And it was different, working for the bad guys. “If I don’t accept you’ll kill me right?” She turned to Kylo Ren. He didn’t move, but she guessed that she was right. “Alright.”

It has been six months since she accepted their offer and she hasn’t regretted it once. Of course it’s been taxing, training everyday with new recruits, some of them could be dumb as a rock. But she liked it, it gave her power like she never experienced before. Hux was caring, as he could be. It was hard for him to portray emotion, but she knew that he favored her, made things easier for her. She missed home of course, she missed Tony and Wade, but otherwise than that she felt home.

(Y/N) walked to the balcony where she usually stood at night to think when she couldn’t sleep and was shocked when she saw a black hooded figure there. Of course. Kylo Ren. He was the bane of her existence…well for the first couple of months, after that she got used to him. Well more than used to. She began to have feelings for him, and that was something she was not expecting. He wasn’t even her type for goodness sakes!

She hated him of course, him and that stupid mask. But there was something deep down, something she didn’t want to dwell on. So she didn’t, she locked it up and focused on hating him because that was easier. Easier than admitting that she fell in love with. Easier than knowing that he could never love her back.

The thing that she didn’t know, as smart as she was, that he began to have feelings for her. It scared him, made him angry – a few people can definitely back that statement up. She didn’t notice the longing looks that he’s given her –partly because of the mask-, but mostly because she never looked at him. He came to accept that, the feelings that he had for her, and the fact that she would never return her love for him.

Team Cheer Her Up

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Title: Team Cheer Her Up

Characters: Castiel, Sam, and Dean (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,079

Warnings: Fluff and a bit of angst

A/N: I thought a TFW fic might be in order. I thought it was cute and I hope you all like it C: I got a lot of replies from my Gabriel fic: A Little Too Late , asking for another part, so I’m going to make it into an on going series! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Love you all! <3

The Winchesters knew better than to come near you when you were agitated.  You were slamming books around searching for answers.  You wanted to help, but it seemed like no matter which book you grabbed, it didn’t have the answer.  You groaned in frustration, sliding the book away from you.

Sam poked his head into the library, “hey [Y/N], is everything okay?”  He knew you were to a point where you weren’t getting anything done.  He wanted to help you, but he didn’t want to make it worse.

You glared at Sam, “no Sam, everything’s not okay!  I’m trying to find answers, I’m trying to be useful, but the answers aren’t here.”

Sam plucked you from the chair, aware of your hands flailing in protest, “come on.”  Sam threw you over his shoulder, holding you tightly so you couldn’t escape his grip.  “You’re not going to continue on like this [Y/N].  You need a break.”

“What I need to do is find the answer,” you huffed, folding your arms.

“What you need to do is relax,” Sam spoke softly.  Sam knew how to calm you down; he knew when you were at wits end.  He knew you would never ask for help, but you didn’t have to ask with Sam.  He helped you when you needed it, whenever you needed it.  Sam carried you to the kitchen and set you on the counter.  You tried to jump down, but Sam caught you with his arm, putting you back on the counter top.

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