these foolish idiots

wasted opportunity bioware, theres no way anyone comes out of training w the asari commandoes 100% straight u fOOls

gimme a fic where someone makes one too many “you’re stupid/foolish/idiot” jokes and lance is just. DONE. he doesn’t blow up he doesn’t yell out scream he just walks out and stays quiet

and he just goes through the motions he drives the blue lion he makes voltron he fights the galra but back on the ship he ignores everyone and is silent

and at first the usual suspects joke around that it’s a blessing they finally get some quiet

but the longer he keeps it up, the more worried they start to feel, lance starts becoming more reckless, he starts fighting with less care less of his usual strategy and when they’re on the ship he refuses to talk to anyone not even coran can get him to open up

  • me thru my father's eyes: undeserving, pathetic, lazy, incapable, stupid, ugly, fat, disgusting, worthless, weak, disobedient, stubborn, demanding, idiotic, foolish, just asking for punishment, deceited, not knowing my place, should be hit more often, burden, irresponsible, unworthy, lying, deceitful, manipulative, ungrateful, selfish, incapable, dumb, good for nothing, disappointment, obstacle, nuisance, worst worker ever, disgrace, should be ashamed of myself, nasty problematic vermin
  • me thru my mother's eyes: stupid, incapable, deceited, "doesn't live in the real world", not good at anything, clumsy, infuriating, irritating, wont do things "the nice way", asks for violence, hopeless, too much to deal with, unreasonable, hysterical, deceitful, pretending for attention, dramatizing, crazy, sick, disobedient, illogical, shameful, unfortunate, ugly, fat, lacking common sense, lacking tact, lacking in sense of appearance, weird, doesn't understand anything, can't achieve anything, dependent, lazy, problematic
  • me thru my own eyes: wow.. so much to choose from... after being forced to see myself thru their eyes all my life isn’t it a wonder i have trouble with self compassion and seeing myself as a human being... with this kind of support and nurturing it's really weird i never achieved much or believed in's almost like my parents didn't want me to have a good opinion of myself.

okay but??? after clary comes in all banged up imagine Worried Wife izzy running to her and clary sitting with her lil legs curled up on the counter of their shared bathroom while izzy rubs a warm cloth over her skin, muttering “foolish, careless girl!” and “idiot” and all other kids of worried, scolding phrases in spanish, but then again every time clary winces in pain izzy’s face softens and she presses a soft kiss to the cut, and when it’s all over she gently puts her hand on the side of clary’s face and says softly, “don’t scare me like that, clary” and then they kiss 

Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! What may we do for you today? What do we edit, you ask? Ah, but that is entirely up to you! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Said or did something embarrassing? We can simply edit the past to correct your mistake, so that you end up having said or done something amazing instead! What will you edit today?
The advertisement fluttered, half torn, on the moss-worn pole. Distinctly sketchy, if you ask me. But then, no one ever does. The others don’t seem to believe it, at least. They laugh, poking each other with remembrances and cringing. I look at my boots instead. Joining this gang has been, probably, my worst decision till date. I must have been very, very drunk to even consider it.
Only, the biggest, most stupid of the lot has begun to protest. He thinks it would be fun to see what they have going on. Foolish idiot. All these clowns think that no harm can possibly come to them, since nothing bigger and badder walks the streets. Indeed, but do they know what goes on in the dark buildings that line the alleyways?
I find myself in one now, shadowing them as usual. A battered sign directs us up a set of stairs that should not have been able to hold us all up. But stepping over the threshold feels like walking into a different world. A huge factory, with ultra-modern machinery humming busily behind enormous floor-to-ceiling glass walls, surrounds us with its opulence. Everyone is frozen for a minute, and I fancy that they feel rather ridiculous in their soiled garb against the sterile, breathtaking setting. A woman in a simple blue uniform comes up to us, a bright red smile on her face. She meets my gaze for only a moment before directing her attention at the others. “Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! I see this is your first time here. Would you like a tour?”
An extensive tour later, during which everyone has been treated to the choicest attention even a king wouldn’t receive, most of the gang is convinced. A little coaxing from them is enough to bring everyone over. They all sign the forms, too disarmed, too stupid to think of reading them, putting down what they would like edited. They never notice that I don’t sign a form. Nor do they notice the tickets the lady slips into my hand as they are all shown out with assurances for the morrow.
By the next day, the gang all have their favorite girls back, rich with money that never belonged to them, just rolling in the cakewalk that life has suddenly become. The gang splits in two, because a so many of the members couldn’t stand each other. Now, I walk the no man’s land of the moderator, maintaining links and relations between the two. It is rough work, and the thought that it will be over soon, and of my freedom, is all that keeps me going.
Soon enough, things start souring. Members turn up in the morning, raccoon-eyes hollow with remembrances of things they never meant to do. They start making mistakes, stupid moves, taking on ridiculously dangerous work as pawns for powerful organizations. One half of the gang is completely wiped out; some dead and the others imprisoned or on one-way tickets to a failed escape. They are all trapped. They sold their souls away the moment they forfeited editing rights over them.
I stay with the remaining few, whispering words of comfort with nothing behind them, pushing them to stand on their last legs for the final mission. It’s a bomb. It is new to the world and completely deadly, the likes of which has never been seen before. We were supposed to have time to get away, after which I was to get rid of the others and board my flight to freedom. Except now, things have gone horribly, horribly wrong.
“Shit! I cut the wrong wire! IT’S GONNA EXPLODE NOW!” This one with trembling fingers is screaming hysterically, but it’s too easy for me to see that this was meant to happen all along. They want to destroy all the evidence. Including me. Red hot fury races through me, quickly replaced by steely intent. So they betrayed me, after all. It’s a good thing I have some tricks up my sleeve. I quickly throw up a shield, tightening it around myself with every last bit of will, until absolutely nothing can penetrate it. As everything blazes white, I grit my teeth, holding the shield in place.
They are going to regret not checking my signature.

Wow, I enjoyed that immensely. Big thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft for the challenge and to @writingpromptsandjunk for this prompt. I so badly had wanted to do the editing studio, and now was my chance. Getting this in late because Dungeons and Dragons, and gonna do the next one after dinner. Though, my next is probably gonna be very D&D themed, because of an awfully exciting game that I can’t get over…

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 RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works (shows, films, novels, etc..) & tag ten people

1. Miraculous Ladybug–Adrien Agreste

2. Voltron: Legendary Defender–Pidge Gunderson

3. Avatar: the Last Airbender–Prince Zuko

4. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood–Olivier Armstrong

5.Harry Potter–Sirius Black

6.Percy Jackson–Annabeth Chase

7.Hunter x Hunter–Killua Zolydck


9.Doctor Who–Twelfth Doctor


I’ll make a gifset for each character on my personal blog (I’ll at least reblog adrien here obvi) :)

for ten people I pick: @luciferhimshelf, @kittytish101, @foolish-idiot, @polkadotsdesign, @blancfortune, @princessmarinette, @megatraven, @lahiffed, @softbutchhiccup, and @mischiefinside


Anger rolled off of Erik in waves. Charles could smell it on him, sharp and fearsome. “You are—the most foolish—the most stubborn idiot I’ve ever known.”

“So are you,” Charles said coolly, refusing to be cowed by Erik’s fury. He lifted his chin and stared Erik straight in the eye, ignoring the wolf inside him that had its hackles raised, that urged him to stand down or attack before this enemy wolf could make the first move.

Moon Song by Ikeracity

Does Ciel deserve salvation?

With some people in the fandom suspecting that the current arc is the final or one of the final arcs of the series, I’ve been thinking a lot more about what the end might be like. 

This got me thinking about Ciel’s fate, with many people believing that the fate of the boy was set in stone from the beginning, and that if anything happens to try and change that, Sebastian will see to it that it is destroyed. Be it a person, be it many people, who are close to Ciel. @shinigami-mistress made a post about this here, and I think it is pretty scary to think that Sebastian could be the final villain, a mortal threat to everyone close to Ciel. That the end could be a pile of corpses with the foolish, idiotic and profoundly tragic character of Ciel standing among them.

Then I wondered: does Ciel even deserve salvation?

Now, if you consider the tragedy that befell him at the hands of the cult, then it is easy to say that the boy deserves a break. That he deserves a chance at happiness.

But when you consider everything he’s done, everything he has destroyed or had a hand in destroying and killing, all for the sake of his own revenge - forsaking even his own chance at happiness when he could have had it. Pushing away everybody he cared about and who cares about him, walking down a path to destruction without caring to look if there are others, without caring what others want for him, really, does he deserve to get off scot free?

Personally I don’t think so. Even if that meant Sebastian getting his soul. Even if such a fate would end up hurting monstrously everybody in his life who cares about him. The way he has so disregarded and disengaged from his loved ones, selfishly walking down a path with blinkers on (metaphorically), the way he thoughtlessly hurts and uses others for the sake of himself, he way he has forsaken others and himself for the sake of his revenge. A revenge that will ultimately mean nothing as, once it is accomplished, Ciel will have no time to enjoy life having achieved his goal. His life will end there, certainly if Sebastian has any say on the matter.

Does such a selfish and self-righteous, ruined soul have any right to live after everything that has happened and everything he has put himself and others through throughout the series? Like Dr Faustus, has he sinned beyond deserving salvation? Has he successfully dug his own grave?

We clean every night, like real adults. I polish the countertops with this a spray that’s specifically for countertops. “Daily Granite,” it’s called, somewhat insistently. You’ve got a rock in your house, now. It needs special care. Special care daily.

Cleaning time is time you could spend pounding furiously at a keyboard, making your drunken art. And so, being a hothead and a dumbass, the mildly zen moment where your granite glows and you feel proud about that, this moment is pressed out of your brain by blood. You are mad, you are abashed. You should be, like, making stuff, says the blood. That idiot blood.

Foolish. Consciously creative pursuits are for fools. There is little left to say in the world that hasn’t already been said. There are no new jokes. Dust, however, remains forever settling, and countertops will always need attending to. Daily, if that suits you.

lel~ vixx the rebellious idols for isac/ “ISAC Gangsters”. they came to have fun not to actually compete you guys! (idk if you guys will consider these as spoilers so i’m sorry)

-ken and sleepy (untouchable) did a headroll and acted as hurdles for each other instead of actually running for the 10M dash,so they both got the last place and 2nd to the last place (amazing)
-vixx’s banner “병신연 ISAC” (can be trans to (Year of the) Monkey ISAC or Idiot/Foolish ISAC)
-ravi saved all his enerygy for the relay since he happily ran (jogged actually) during the 60M dash
-N intentionally shot arrows at the wall,prompting the staffs to use a ladder to get them;it was because the staffs asked him to do so to test whether the arrows works
-Hyuk happily went to Sungjae (opponent for Archery finals) after he shot a 10.

Are you lacking brain cells?

 What kind of foolish, idiotic, fucking stupid ass fuckerie that has crawled its way to my timeline?

Kylie DID NOT put a gun in your mouth and force your asses to suck in a bottle, a shot glass or whatever the fuck u dumb bitches used. Kylie did not ask you to guess how she got her lips to be full and ‘juicy’ and make a ridiculous VIRAL challenge and Kylie IS NOT fucking responsible for your impulsive, childish, frankly advanced stupidity and IQ points loss. 


For the record, I hope your fucking lips remain damaged for days, in fact, I hope if u have a wedding or prom or whatever, u will be forced to go with busted, bruised and puffy ass lips. You are fucking welcome.