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Bruno Mars - Versace on the Floor [Billboard Music Awards 2017]

Things I need to see in the next MCGA book:

• Percy, Alex and Magnus hanging out and making jokes while Sam and Annabeth actually talk strategy and do useful things

• the floor 19 gang making fun of Magnus because he refuses to admit that he likes Alex “we’re just friends, she doesn’t see me like that anyway” “the world is gonna end soon, don’t we have other priorities?”

• TJ making a joke about how he’s the only one who’s single “But TJ, both Alex and I are single” *cue laughter from TJ, Mallory and Halfborn* *Magnus blushes and looks super uncomfortable* *Alex turns bright red and threatens to garrote someone*

• Alex meets Mr. alderman and nearly kills him before Hearth manages to stop her

• BLITZSTONE Magnus finally figures out they’re dating and he’s like “GUYS THEYRE DATING OMG ALEX SAM GUESS WHAT” and Alex and Sam are like “dude didn’t you know that??” And it turns out that literally everyone knows like all of floor 19 knows, Sam knows, Alex knows, Annabeth knows, Amir knows, Loki knows, Barry the flight instructor knows

• Alex asks Magnus out like at breakfast with all of floor 19 watching and he’s totally taken by surprise, the group is watching his reaction trying (and failing) not to laugh, Alex is trying SO hard not to scream from happiness

• Alex wearing dresses/skirts just because

• Fierrochase before they officially start dating

• The actual scene with Alex asking Magnus out and not the garbage thing he did with solangelo where it’s like “oh look they’re dating now! But you’ll never know how it happened”

• Alex and hearth friendship