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Hi Najia! I read your poetry book a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! I write prose but have never been able to write poetry, and I was wondering, when you write poems, do you tend to churn out a crappy Draft Zero and then go back and revise heavily? Or do you have a different writing process?

thank you!

  1. I start with a scrap (an idea, a phrase that I like, an interesting image). when something like this comes into my head I’ll make a note of it on my phone or in a “scraps” document on my laptop. for this poem, that scrap was “a clogged drain / sending back its rubbish / in a backwash of [word I hadn’t decided on yet] / like coagulated pearls.” for “extremophile” it was “glowing like glass, / repugnant with ash, / a thing that would break / if you handled it / at all.”
  2. ruminate on this phrase until it grows into something bigger–until you can add more to it, or figure out what you want to say with it, or even combine it with other scraps. for example I wrote the poem “cruor” by writing the scrap “but blood will out. / and blood will out. / and blood will out / and out / and out,” and then, months later, writing the scrap “neither stain nor contagion / but the very innermost / guts / of the thing— / the thick, dark, / sure roots of it,” seeing that they fit in well together (both talking about “blood” as a metaphor for race), and writing the rest of the poem around them.
  3. be patient! sometimes I sit on scraps for a long time before figuring out what I want to do with them (though of course this process is perforce expedited right now because it’s napowrimo). my first question is always, “does this bit want to be at the beginning, middle, or end of a poem? does it have a ring of finality to it? is it a good opening? or does it need both an introduction and a closing to be added?” and then “what is it saying? what mood / tone / emphasis does it have? what can I use this to say?” and I sort of write a poem around it like forming a pearl around an irritant.
  4. don’t be afraid to revise heavily! maybe where you first tried to go with this poem isn’t working out–go back to the drawing board. maybe this scrap that you thought would work at the end of a poem actually fits better in the middle of what you ended up writing (this is what happened with “cruor”). sometimes I end up cutting the original image that I wrote the poem around out of the poem entirely!! it breaks my heart but if omitting something makes for a better poem, then omitted it must be. I’ll also change the order of things–”an Arabian sonnet” started with the rhyming couplet “dense, fizzing tufts of green like algal blooms— / as sleepy as the downy crowns of mushrooms” and throughout the course of writing it, I ended up switching the rhyme scheme from a Petrarchan sonnet, to a Shakespearean sonnet, to a series of rhymed couplets, before I figured out what I wanted to do. each one of these changes involved switching a lot of lines and even stanzas around. this also necessitated changing “dense” to “in,” and I was sad to lose that image but it was syntactically necessary. I was very proud when that one finally came together, lmao.
  5. so that’s what I do to get a first draft. then I read over the poem closely about 1600 times and probably end up paring it down a lot! I cut any word that doesn’t add anything, or anything that can be inferred from the rest of the poem. I change or cut any word that’s not pulling its weight, and change stock expressions and cliches unless they’re adding something. I’ll sometimes cut entire stanzas–there’s nothing I hate more than when a poem overstays its welcome. I look at every word and ask “is this the right word here? is it saying what I need it to say? is there a reason for it to be here? would something else serve me better?” if you’re writing in a metered form you can also ask yourself if you’re using the meter well–if your deviations from it mean something, if it means something when you stick to it (as in Sonnets for the Sickly where the very regular meter of “wake and doze and wake by turns in restless fits and halts” mimics the action that it’s describing, and, contrarily, the meter is often less regular than usual during points of high emotion in the poem, such as the beginning of the fourth sonnet.) I’ll often put words that aren’t quite right in (parentheses) so that I can come back to them later. I like every word in my poems to say at least one thing but preferably two or three. thesauruses are your friend but make sure that you know the exact meaning of any word that you’re getting from them!! here’s an example of the result of this process.
  6. I’ll also change punctuation, line spacing, stanza order, and wording back and forth about 20 times at this stage, sometimes leaving it and coming back to it later, before I’m sure that I have everything just the way I want it. 

this is just one process out of many (I’m sure many people figure out what they want to say first and then find the language to fit it, rather than working backwards like this) but that’s what I do!

I was thinking about mundane ways to use the Champions abilities, like lowkey magic that can be hidden as decoration. Magical art projects if you will.

  • Revali’s Gale would be good for calling up the wind, and maybe even a storm. So perhaps windchimes? Make one yourself, or buy one and decorate it. Have Vah Medoh’s symbol, a bird charm, or a sigil for ‘vah medoh’ or ‘revali’s gale’ on it. This is easier to do if your chime is made of wood or glass. Let any natural wind or rain cleanse it.
    If you need some wind, channel Revali’s brash confidence, and then chime it. Chime once with a soft whistle for a light breeze, three times with a middling whistle for a strong gust, and chime ten times with a sharp, loud whistle to call up a storm.
  • Mipha’s Grace could be a sensory bottle, filled with light blue water and silver glitter, and little seashells and other ocean things. Tie a little elephant charm around the top with some twine or green thread to represent Vah Ruta, or draw sigils for ‘vah ruta’ or ‘mipha’s grace’ on it.
    When you have extra energy or are in a particularly good mood, charge the bottle with it, and think of Mipha’s kind, calming presence. Shake whenever you need it, letting all the good energy run through you and cleanse it in moonlight, rain or running water. Make it small, and you can carry it with you, or make a big one in a jar and maybe add a waterproof led light for extra calming affects.
  • Daruk’s Protection would be a fun one. Take a small fish bowl and a cork that fits, or any wide mouth glass jar with a cork lid (even better if it’s red!). Make a little poppet or popsicle stick house to represent you or your space. Draw a Vah Rudania’s symbol or a sigil for ‘vah rudania’ or ‘daruk’s protection’ on the house or on paper to stuff the poppet with. You can also draw it on the bottom of your cork. Add a layer of red sand and sea salt to the bottle, and drop in the poppet or house. Put the cork in, and if you want, tie a little lizard charm to the top.
    Envision a shield that deflects harm and toxicity covering you/your space and charge the jar, thinking fondly of Daruk’s courageous and friendly nature. Cleanse in the sun or with healthy plants that have agreed to help you.
  • Urbosa’s Fury would probably be the hardest, but I think another sensory bottle would work. Instead of blue water have it clear, with red, yellow and orange glitter, so it looks like a desert sunset (or, if you’re a desert witch, maybe you can use actual desert sand?). Get some lightning bolt charms, jacks (like the game), and maybe some glass beads and add it to the bottle. Draw Vah Naboris’ symbol or a sigil for ‘vah naboris’ or ‘urbosa’s fury’ on the bottle, or tie a little camel charm around the top.
    Cleanse in the sun, during a thunderstorm, or on top of an electric device like a tv or a charging dock. Shake hard when you’re angry, letting it all out into the bottle to charge it. When you need a quick curse, call up Urbosa’s righteous fury, shake the bottle and release the energy like a bolt of lightning with a snap of the fingers.
BokuAka Week 4 - Day 4

Author/Authors: @thewiselearnfromhistory
Day/Prompt: 4/Firsts
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Side Pairings: None
Summary: Akaashi’s first time trying to comfort Bokuto doesn’t go too well. He’s gotta work on his improvising.

Akaashi Keiji has always known that it’s impolite to stare. His mother taught him basic manners, and he’s gotten by so far in life by being almost overly polite. It’s why he’s the only first year on the volleyball team this year (even if he isn’t a starter) and it’s why the second years accepted him so readily.

Still, all manners aside, he can’t help but stare today. It’s been a month since he joined the team, and he knew from the beginning that Bokuto Koutarou was… Eccentric. The boy alternates between bouncing off the walls (his default state) and sulking quietly in the background. It’s usually something minor that sends him spiraling, but he always rebounds quickly.

Except today, he’s been sitting in the corner for more than an hour. No one has acknowledged it. He was there when Akaashi arrived to practice, and it seems no one is willing to even look his way.

And naturally, Akaashi’s insatiable curiosity won’t let him ignore it.

“Excuse me,” he says to no one in particular.

Konoha is closest, as they’ve been working in pairs on spiking. “What’s up?” he asks.

“What’s wrong with Bokuto-san?”

It’s as though Akaashi has asked about a ghost—at least judging by the way Konoha’s spine seems to straighten like a whip. His eyes dart toward the corner, but he doesn’t actually look. “Yeah, that’s… A long story.”

“We have a long practice,” Akaashi deadpans.

Konoha is still sometimes taken aback by Akaashi’s abruptness, but he’s learning to recover a little faster, so he only gawks for a second. “I guess it’s not long, it’s just… Well, he asked the captain if he could play in the practice match next week, and of course he said no because he’s a dick, and—“

“I thought you called him a bag of dicks earlier,” Komi says suddenly, appearing at Konoha’s elbow.

“Bag of dicks, yeah, an enormous paper bag of them,” Konoha waves him off like swatting a fly. “So he said no, and then Bokuto started, well, being Bokuto. He was trying to get the captain to let him play and said he would do a three on three against him and everything. And Captain Dick Bag said no, obviously. And then Bokuto said—“

“’But shouldn’t the people who have the better stats get to play?’” Komi cuts Konoha off, doing his best to imitate Bokuto’s gravelly voice.

“Anyway,” Konoha says, shooting Komi a dirty look. “Captain Dick Bag looked like he was gonna blow a gasket, and he put Bokuto on ball boy duty for the next week. And he said—“

“’You’re lucky I even let you on the team with your shitty attitude, so you better watch your back. One wrong move and you’re gone,’” Komi imitates their captain’s low baritone, completing the look with a glare and holding out his arms like a gorilla.

Konoha looks like he’s been mortally offended. “Dude, can I not just tell a story?”

“You’re too slow!” Komi counters.

Akaashi lets them bicker, opting instead to make his way over to Bokuto. No one really pays him any mind—part of their plan to avoid the captain’s wrath, probably. Bokuto doesn’t even glance up as Akaashi approaches. He pulls his knees to his chest like they’re a shield.

“May I sit down?” Akaashi asks.

Bokuto’s shoulders lift a fraction of an inch. As Akaashi takes a seat, he appraises Bokuto briefly. This is a bit different from the typical pouting. Usually, his cheeks puff up and there are theatrics—“Don’t ever toss to me again! I don’t deserve it if I can’t avoid the block!” He’s always still involved in the action, eager to be touching the ball again. It just takes him some time to get back in the game.

But today, his head is tucked behind his knees. He’s staring at the floor listlessly, and the puffy-cheeked pout is replaced with an actual pout, his bottom lip jutting out. There’s no sign of the usual theatrics.

Now, Akaashi has slowly been learning how to deal with Bokuto’s moods. He’s developed a method that involves ignoring Bokuto until he looks restless and only then inviting him back into the foray. Bokuto requires a set amount of time to wallow. But this isn’t normal. It doesn’t fit the standard protocol. So, Akaashi is forced to improvise.

“It’s raining.”

Akaashi really hates improvising.

Bokuto murmurs something that’s probably “yeah,” but he barely parts his lips, so it’s more like “meah.” Apparently small talk is out. Maybe it’d be better to just get to the root of the problem.

“Konoha-san and Komi-san told me what happened with the captain.”

This time Bokuto doesn’t say anything, though he seems to curl in on himself even more. Now all Akaashi can see are his eyes peeking out from behind his knees.

Akaashi is getting irritated at the lack of response, but he pushes it down. “Well he can’t kick you off the team for a small mistake. And ultimately, the decision is not his, but rather Yamiji-san’s. You have nothing to worry about.”

Bokuto’s voice is muffled, and Akaashi has to strain to hear him. “He’s never gonna let me play.”

“Well, he’ll graduate next year, so at the very least you’ll be able to play then,” Akaashi reasons.

“If I’m not off the team by then,” Bokuto murmurs.

Akaashi feels the frustration climbing. “Were you listening to me?”

“I’m gonna get kicked off the team, and I’m too stupid to do anything in school. I’m not gonna do anything with my life…”

Akaashi’s teeth grind together with the effort of keeping calm. “You’re not getting kicked off the team, and you’re not stupid. They just—“

“I’m never gonna be anything,” Bokuto continues.

“Well, if you sit here wallowing in the corner, that very well may be the case. You’re not proving anything to anyone by—“

The words stick in Akaashi’s throat, because when he looks over at Bokuto again, Bokuto is crying. It’s not for attention, and it’s not because he’s being too sensitive. It’s that kind of quiet, broken crying that hurts to watch. Bokuto is trembling, trying to hold himself together. But a whimper breaks through, and he tucks his head completely to hide his sudden sob.

Akaashi is frozen to his spot. He’s sure the third years closest to them can hear Bokuto crying, but they’re very pointedly ignoring him. For some reason, that incenses him more. Then again, he’s the one who made Bokuto cry, so that anger is mostly directed at himself. He doesn’t know what to do. The only time he’s made other people cry, it was on purpose, and he’s always been able to leave the damage behind. Now, however, he can’t leave. Well, he can, he’s physically able, of course. But he won’t.

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi says softly. When Bokuto doesn’t respond, Akaashi’s hand reaches out instinctually to touch his arm. He’s surprised when Bokuto doesn’t jerk away. “Do you want to know what I think?”

Bokuto is still crying, but his head tips to peek out at Akaashi. And, very minutely, he nods.

“I think you were right,” Akaashi continues. “I think the captain has assembled our starting team without considering the statistics. For example, you may be a slightly more reckless player than the others, but no one can rival your spikes. And Washio-san has a higher blocking average than the other middle blockers. The captain has placed his friendship with the third years over the strength of our team.”

Bokuto’s head turns more, and tear-stained face is completely revealed. “Really?” he asks.

“Really,” Akaashi nods firmly. “I believe he feels threatened by how strong our team can be without him. And because you are the most insistent and, quite frankly, the strongest, he finds it easiest to take out those frustrations on you.”

Bokuto looks more bewildered than sad now, but his eyes are still watery. “I’m… The strongest?” he asks tentatively.

“You nearly broke my fingers last week when I soft blocked a spike, so yes, I’d say you’re the strongest.”

The idea of breaking someone’s fingers would probably make most people feel bad, but it brings a smile to Bokuto’s face. He’s a mess, his face is splotchy, eyes rimmed red, a little snot coming out of his nose. But it’s easy to look past all that when he smiles.

“So then you’re saying I’m the best, right?” Bokuto presses.

“Well, we still need to work on your straights,” Akaashi counters. “And your serve accuracy could be improved.”

Akaashi isn’t worried that his corrections will send Bokuto spiraling again. He’s familiar with this part. As expected, Bokuto leans toward Akaashi in earnest. “But then I’ll be the best?” he asks.


“Will you help me practice? Since I’m not allowed to practice with the team this week? ‘Cause you’re the best setter and I wanna be the best wing spiker, and we’ll be the best team!” Bokuto insists.

Akaashi could say no. He doesn’t owe Bokuto anything. His life is already plenty busy, and he knows Bokuto will want him to practice for as long as they can. Plus, once the captain finds out Akaashi is taking Bokuto’s side, he’ll give Akaashi the same harsh treatment he gives Bokuto. It’ll make almost every part of Akaashi’s life more difficult and complicated.

“Yes. I’ll practice with you.”

He doesn’t even have to think about his answer, and seeing Bokuto’s face light up with that iridescent smile makes everything worth it. And the unexpected hug is a nice bonus.

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Thank you! That sounds about right. :) Well I always thought the cusp descriptions fit me better than Libra ones (especially constant struggle between heart and mind!), but maybe this is the Scorpio moon doing so (Venus in Scorpio as well) instead of the cusp?

Your Rising Sign, otherwise known as an Ascendant, is the Zodiac Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. Upon meeting you, people will interact with your rising sign.
In astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, while you Moon sign, the second most important influence in your horoscope chart after the Sun, represents your emotions, your inner mood. And the two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation. Hope this helps.

He might as well just leave for the night.

Maybe hit up a few bars on the way back, drink until they have to kick him out, and maybe then come back in the dead of night. It’d sound like a fun time. Better than feeling alone like he was here.

He leaves his phone behind and takes his keys with him, tucking on his jacket and pocketing his cigarettes, as he walks out of the door with a slam, shaking the window panes briefly as he heads out for the night.

It's Showtime

Yup yup, Here’ a very long, Reverse Fall Fanfiction that I wrote for angel-fieramente-humano, since they drew me such a cute little Will Cipher. Anyways I hope that you all enjoy!!!

Tw: Kissing, pda, light cursing, and dark thoughts.

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Bruce Wayne (Batman) In A Relationship With/Sexual Headcanons

(Sidenote: when I was thinking of these I was imagining the current - Ben Affleck- Batman, so they might fit him better than other versions)

-Like it’s honestly so surprising how romantic he is
-Candle lit dinners at really expensive restaurants
-He tries so hard it’s so cute
–He awkwardly asks Alfred for advice
—Never tell him you know
–He gets moody (cute) when you make fun of him for it
—Like he wrinkles his eyebrows and does this little kinda pout and it! is! adorable!
—He tries to stay angry with you but he can’t
-He plays the best mood-stetting classical music

• He gets jealous really easily

• The sex is super rough
-Sooooo passionate
-He’ll just come in somedays, maybe he won’t have had a good night on the streets or something and he’s annoyed and he just wants YOU
–He will just march in and grab you before you can say a word, kissing you
–He’ll pin you against the wall
—Maybe fuck you right there still fully dressed, slamming you between the wall and him
-Even normally he’s very rough, pinning you down on the bed, squeezing your arms

-He is such a fuckin dom literally I can’t even explain fully
-He likes to feel that he’s looking after you and protecting you
-He practically busts a nut every time you call him daddy
-He LOVES to see you squirm
–He is very much into getting you just to the brink then stopping over and over again
–and he is great at oral
-However if you want to do something he won’t say no just because you suggested it

• He is still super caring though
- He isn’t weird and possessive like some guys with Daddy kinks
-He NEVER hurts you unless you ask
-If you ever want to try something like choking he make 100% sure your fine with it and keeps asking until you tell him shut the hell up and squeeze harder
–Which he’s actually quite happy about because “holy fuck I think I have a choking kink”

• He LOVES being scratched
-like, REALLY

• Not only daddy but kinda sugar daddy???
-I mean he is rich so tbh it’s expected
-He SHOWERS you in gifts
-and not just lingerie
–Though okay there is quite a bit of that
-But like he buys so much beautiful jewellery
–you tease him and say he’ll blow his whole fortune on necklaces “I don’t need anymore! Stop buying them you fool”
—He doesn’t

• You are ALWAYS arguing
-Well, bickering really
-but never with much passion
–You: *insults him* Bruce: *smiles*
-The only times you properly argue are when he’s being a brave idiot
– “I’ve got to go after them” “Bruce I know you’re a good fighter but you are NOT going after an entire building full of people when you’re already hurt and it’s our date night!” “See you later” “BRUCE!”

•When he gets depressed you snuggle against him
-He doesn’t “do” snuggling
–but he lets you snuggle on him

• You talk. All the time. He only really opens up to you.

•Once he reveals who he is to you, he spends his spare time training you
-He WILL NOT train you to fight as a vigilante
–But he wants you to be able to defend yourself
-Sometimes when you fall on the floor, training sessions turn into kissing sessions

Woah! I didn’t know I had so many batman headcanons! I hope you liked them! PLEASE tell me what you think, this is my first proper post!

“Seventeens reaction to when you sing really good” 


Holy cow, you just gave him another reason to love you, it’s like his other 3,000 reasons weren’t enough for you! God, you absolutely just blew his mind because one he didn’t even know that you liked singing and two not only do you like singing but you sing really good. Waah~ Jagi, why didn’t you tell me before that you sing so good? I thought we said no keeping secrets?” 


Omigosh he would be so happy to find out that your so good! After you’ve sang a song for him, he’s just going to smile so brightly and clap for you because you did absolutely amazing! But maybe, just maybe get up and give you a small kiss on the cheek. Jeez Jagi, I think you can replace Seokmin~” 


The first time he listens to you sing he’s going to pay very close attention to your pitches and tone. Then after you finish your first song he’s going to ask for an encore because you were amazing but also cause this time hes going to try to make you mess up and laugh by sending you small kisses to catch. Ah! Ah! Jagi, don’t miss that kiss! Catch that one too!” 


He’s not going to be able to believe that your singing because he’s never in his entire time of knowing you see you sing! It’s going to take this baby a bit of time to process that your the one singing and not secretly Seokmin singing in a high pitched voice. “ Jagi are you trying to trick me..? Wait are you really singing?” 


He’s not taking any of this seriously because he’s a butt. He loves the fact that you sing so good, but he’s going to join you while you sing. But his singing won’t be good like yours, more of the opposite of yours: bad.  Jaaaaaaaagi~ See! I can sing good like you! Keke maybe even better~” 


Oh my I think you just scared the heck out of our tough baby! He wasn’t prepared to hear such a beautiful and angelic voice. He honestly prepared himself for you to sing to him jokingly by making your voice really deep. But he was wrong, he’s actually really digging a singing you. “ Maybe you should start singing for me more~” 


Oh lord he’s not going to take this very well because your literally going to make his tiny heart explode! He can’t handle how good you sing, he honestly thinks that you sing twenty times better than him and that bothers him on a whole new level.  Jagi! Who said you could sing better than me? Don’t sing in front of the hyungs, they’ll replace me in a heartbeat!” 


A singing you has made his tiring day at least 600x better. He came home tired and just overall in a bad mood but after hearing you sing he just can’t stop smiling. Hm, jagi let’s ask the hyungs if we can feature you in our next album, they won’t mind! You’ll fit perfectly~” 


He’s just sitting there and watching you lovingly with a smile plastered on his face. That smile isn’t going to leave for the rest of the night and maybe year because he honestly just loves your voice so much. He isn’t going to say anything after you’ve finished, but just smile at you.


The entire time he’s listening to you he’s just watching you quietly and trying his best to hold in the urge to stop you right there and compliment you like crazy. So he sits there patiently waiting for you to finish singing, but once your done he just runs up to you and gives you the tightest hug. Aish, why are you so talented? Are you trying to make me go crazy?” 


Oh gosh this kid is going to listen and observe what song your singing then try to slip in mid way, so basically he’s going to try to steal your fame. But he’s not doing it to be a butt, okay maybe he is trying to be a butt, but only a little. After you guys finish singing he’s just going to wink at you Don’t be mad! I was just trying to spice things up a little~


The entire time your singing he’s just looking at all his hyungs with a small smug look on his face like ‘ Yeah, that’s my girlfriend, not yours’. After you finish singing he’s going to come up to you and just place a kiss on your nose. “ You sang so well, good job~” 


Oh my god this kid right here isn’t going to be able to verbally express how happy he is after hearing you sing because he’s honestly just speechless at this point . So he’s just going to put his hand on his chest to show that you made his heart literally beat so fast.

Hello my tiny beautiful kitties!!。゜(つω`)゜。Guess who it is~ Tis Bubbles back on a late Saturday night gif reaction! You guys know I don’t do reactions on Saturdays, but I just missed you guys so so much and I had to make a reaction for you guys~ (*´;ェ;`*)So here’s a couple updates my little lovelies!!( ´ノω・) Ive had a really great first week a school and I hope that any of you who had school this week as well had a good week as well!! (ฅ`ω´ฅ) And Another update: There aren’t any cute boys in class except in health and that makes me sadヽ(;▽;)ノ A tiny PSA to all my sweet followers: you guys aren’t allowed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend because you are all my sweet sweet children and I refuse to give you guys up to anyone!( `Д ´ )✧ ! But other then that please enjoy this reaction my lovelies, have a good week of school or summer, good luck if you have any upcoming test or anything that might give you the least bit of stress. (ฅ`ω´ฅ) Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, eat your meals, and make time for yourself!!! So please take care of yourselves~ ☆^∀^Bye bye~ <3

**Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**

thoughts on the christmas episode: 

  • i really need to stop listening to anything that leaves jeremy’s mouth
  • like seriously
  • don’t listen to jeremy zag
  • there was something about the animation that was different and it probably has to do with rendering but i don’t know enough about cgi for that
  • adrien agreste truly is too good for this world
  • ladybug isn’t all that good at listening to other people and she should work on that
  • nathalie loves adrien lots and that makes me happy
  • gabriel really does just need a good shove to start being a better father to adrien 
  • i liked how brother christmas didn’t actually put anyone under his control
  • (although maybe three time for his little song and dance was a bit much) 
  • that was by far the coolest akuma capture we’ve seen yet
  • and i’m really glad chat was so instrumental in capturing it
  • i felt like they had so much more story to tell and they just didn’t have time?
  • not all the classmates were there and that leads me to believe that either
    • a. they leave town for the holidays
    • b. they don’t celebrate christmas
      • (jump on the nathanael is jewish train with me)
  • marinette and adrien truly are the most dramatic people ever
  • and yet plagg still managed to be even more dramatic than both of them in a fraction of the screentime
  • personally, i really disliked the production of the songs. i felt like the backing track drowned out the vocals and the tracks didn’t always fit the mood of the episode
  • i will pay someone actual money to do a slower ballad cover of chat’s song. maybe a piano cover? i just know that’s something i need in life
  • everyone cares about adrien so much and i hope he knows that now 

all my complaining aside, i really did genuinely enjoy this episode! but i think it would’ve worked better as just a christmas special and without the music, i don’t think the musical aspect really added much other than to advertise it as a musical

but hey, that’s just my two cents! i’ve missed these kids and i’m glad that they were back for even just twenty minutes

1) If you’re working, keep your eyes open to other jobs. The best time to look for jobs is when you are employed, as you don’t have any pressure on you. One of my teachers recommended spending atleast 30 minutes a week job hunting, just to see what’s out there. This is such great advice, I’ve had opportunities that would have just slipped me by, had I not followed this.

2) Dedicate 15 minutes a day to cleaning your house, and you’ll never have large clean ups to do again. 15 minutes isn’t much, but it adds up, it’s a win win. No more having a trashed house, with huge clean up periods.

3) Don’t put dishes into the sink when you’re done. If you’re living alone, just use a couple plates, forks, spoons, etc. Wash them as you use them, use a rack to let them dry, get them from where when you need them again. Only takes maybe 20-30 seconds to wash a plate and fork, why use tons of spoons, forks, plates, creating huge dish loads for yourself? If you are living with someone, get a system where you wash off dishes, and load them into the dishwasher instead of the sink. Things are already in there to be washed, how convenient!

4) Get TWO hampers, one for whites, one for darks. Do you know how much time you save, not having to sort things?

5) Dedicate 30 minutes to exercising a day. If running is to boring, go play racquetball, kick a soccer ball with a friend, whatever. This makes such a huge difference in not only your fitness levels, but your general mood, and sleep. I can’t state how big of a difference this is.

6) Foot inserts are worth the $10 to $15 they cost, go use the machine to determine what you need, and put those nice gel ones in your shoes. You won’t believe how much better your back, feet, and everything else feels, especially if you’re on your feet alot.

7) Spend some time to do something nice for someone each day. Maybe send some flowers to your girl, or just something simple like sending a text to tell someone you appreciate them. You won’t believe what a difference this makes in your general attitude towards life, they’ve actually proven you can rewire your brain in this regard.

8) Take some of your computer time to research, whatever it is you want to read about. I find I start reading about one thing, something else is mentioned, and it’s a chain reaction, I’ll read all kinds of articles. I’ve built up an immense knowledge of various subjects from this, learning is great.

9) Make sure to always find time to go have fun. Don’t EVER get into the work, eat, sleep grind, where you have no outlets in life, it’s a toxic living. Make time for yourself to get out and do something you enjoy, like bowling, swimming, hiking, whatever. If you have a hobby you enjoy that involves exercise, even better.

10) Always look to improve yourself. Don’t run from your problems, confront them. When you screw up, instead of hating yourself, think about why you made a mistake. Think of solutions, better prepare yourself, so next time, you’ll handle it better.

11) Learn to never speak when angry, seriously. Nothing gets accomplished, you won’t believe how much better your relationships get if you learn to take time to cool off when you’re upset. 95% of the stupid, hurtful things you will say out of anger, or spite, can be avoided by simply cooling off for a few minutes.

12) Approach people, never worry about rejection. You’ll open all kinds of doors in your life, be it friendships, relationships, business connections, all kinds of things. Stop ruminating and being paranoid, just get out there and meet people.

13) Save money, there is always a way. Budget correctly so that you can save money, even 100 a month is fine if that is all you can do. Next time you have to buy a new set of tires, or your washer goes out, you’ll be thankful you did. You won’t believe how much heartache you can save in life by following this simple rule. You may very well avoid needing to take out loans and other things that people do to ruin themselves financially. There is always a way to save some money if you try hard enough, and are willing to sacrifice a little.

Oh Those Summer Nights

So it’s really hot in England right now and I’m dying so I decided to express my pain by writing a little Coldflash fic.  Hope you enjoy!

“Leeeen,” Barry whined from the sofa on which he was lounging pitifully on.  “I’m hot.” There was a steady dripping of water from Barry’s melted ice pack that was driving Len almost as mad as his husband’s complaining was.    

“So is the whole of Central,” Len grumbled, diligently working on repairing the cold gun Barry had broken during his enthusiastic attempt to ‘cool down’.  

“You know I run hotter than most people,” Barry moaned as he ran an irritating, buzzing fan over his face.  The forecast had warned of Central facing their biggest heatwave in over 10 years but Len had just assumed they would be as wrong as they normally were.  Of course this was the one time they were right.  It had got to the point where people weren’t even able to enjoy the sunshine with how intense the heat was.  “Are you done yet?”  

“I’m not Ramon,” Len sniped.  Despite running particularly coolly himself, even Len wasn’t unaffected by the high temperature and his mood had suffered greatly after a sleepless night tossing and turning, trying to ignore the heat that clung to his skin.

Barry sighed dramatically.  Len had to remind himself this was the man he promised to marry, for better or for worse.  It just so happened this was one of those worse moments.  

“Maybe there’s a meta out there with actual ice powers,” Barry mused.

“Thinking of ditching me so soon?”  Len asked sardonically, fruitlessly attempting to fit one part of the handle.  With each try he was steadily growing more and more frustrated.  Len could keep calm under the direst of circumstances, but this was pushing it.  

“Just imagine,” Barry carried on wistfully.  “Ice on command, being able to sleep, never having to feel sweaty and disgusting again…”

“Why Barry, you really know how to make a husband feel appreciated.”  The teasing tone Len had intended came out bitter and this didn’t go unnoticed by Barry.  His husband peeled himself off the sofa with a drawn-out squelch and Len felt slick arms loosely wrap around his shoulders.  He hummed appreciatively as Barry turned the fan onto him.  

“You know there’s only one man for me,” Barry softly said, placing a delicate kiss onto Len’s bare shoulder, right over his lightning bolt tattoo.  “One sweet, caring, handsome, amazing man.”

“He does sound pretty good,” Len agreed, releasing the tension in his back and relaxing into Barry’s firm frame.

“Yeah, he’s a real cool guy.”

Len snorted, a reluctant smile tugging at his lips.  “Leave the puns to me hot stuff.”

“Mm hot stuff, you got that right,” Barry huffed, dropping his head to rest beside Len’s lazily.  “So…are you done yet?”

Barry had the spectacular ability to ruin a moment and Len didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt banishing Barry back to the sofa, keeping the fan for himself.

"Mobile Orchestra" Review

A million things could be said about Adam’s music in the past five years. So many people, myself included, have watched his poetic, dreamscape lyrical style and upbeat synths melt away to make a more accessible, mainstream pop sound and so many fans have completely abandoned Adam and his music simply because they miss the original style that captured their attention to begin with.

With Mobile Orchestra, every fan was waiting (im)patiently to see exactly what direction was being taken, making this album a critical entry for most fans. Countless people have taken a firm stance that if this album doesn’t signify a return to form, that they’re no longer support Adam or his music.

With that said, you have to wonder, how did it turn out? As someone who often hails “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “Ocean Eyes” as his favorite albums of all time, not just from Adam, but in general, here’s my honest opinion, song by song.

1: Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc) - Verge is an odd song to lead the album and be the first single released. It’s “it’s your life!” empowerment angle combined with the repetitious lyrics aren’t really “Adam” in any way. Believe me, this whole album requires a mental preparation to an extent because if you’re expecting the Adam of old, it’s only here in small doses. It’s not a bad song, don’t get me wrong… it’s just generic. Thankfully, this is very much a one off.

2: I Found Love - One of the few solo songs on the album, I Found Love is a sweet, gorgeous tribute to All Things Bright and Beautiful combined with the early beats of Maybe I’m Dreaming with dark yet sweet lyrics (which is Adam’s speciality, after all). The song is a throwback through and through and hearing similar twinkles and synths that we’ve missed for years is refreshing and comforting. People who don’t like the other directions the album takes will most definitely find solace in this song, which is a contender for strongest song on the album.

3: Thunderstruck (feat. Sarah Russel) - Thunderstruck is an enigma. You imagine by the tone that album has taken so far that Thunderstruck is going to be a calm, emotional ballad that relies on guitar or piano notes and soft vocals, simply to contrast the different flavors on the album so far… and it’s the complete opposite of that… and I am in absolute love with this song. With a beat that can only be described as “The Midsummer Station polished to perfection” and the beautiful vocals added by Sarah Russel, Thunderstruck is the sort of poppy, European-trance sort of track you imagine will be blasted on the radio for the rest of the summer. The lyrics, while not exactly hitting any new territory, are perfect for the tune. The best part, however, is the 3 second long closing beat that is ripped straight from “How I Became The Sea.” It’s a nostalgic kick that put a smile on my face.

4: My Everything - Adam has never been shy about his faith or beliefs and he’s completely replaced subtext for outright praise for this song. It’s a nice, slow song all about praising and thanking God for everything he does, unfortunately, if you don’t personally believe, I can’t imagine you would get anything from the song. It’s very much a “one-note” sort of song, only pertaining to those who believe. So while I personally enjoy the song since I am the same faith, I’m guessing that won’t be the general opinion with some.

5: Unbelievable (feat. Hanson) - Perhaps the most fun song on the album, Unbelievable is all about how awesome the 90’s were. Jurassic Park, Zack Morris, Pogs and Lion King all get name dropped and the fact that Adam roped Hanson in for the song is, in itself, a massive throwback to hear their voices on a track. It’s just pure fun to listen to and for someone like me, hearing the line “When I was a kid, I spent my Saturday’s blowing on Nintendo games, the newest thing was Lion King and I could feel the love!” was hilarious, simply because of how relatable and true to reality it was.

6: Bird With A Broken Wing - This may be my favorite song on the album. Bird With A Broken Wing is like All Things Bright and Beautiful infused with Twenty One Pilots. No, really. The beat is something straight out of Vessel (The TOP album, that is) but with the violin and synth twinkle of ATBAB… the whole thing is amazing to listen to. Better yet, the lyrics are classic Adam. I’m almost scared to quote a single line, simply because of how amazing it was to hear for the first time but if you need an example of what I mean when I say “classic Adam”, the lyric “butterfly in the panic room” is used.

7: Back Home (feat. Jake Owen) - If you combined Garden Party with Home Of The Blues, you’d get Back Home. Jake Owen’s vocals are absolutely amazing and the lyrics are pure country, no pop to be found. Even as someone who doesn’t like country… at all, this is another highlight of the album. Oh, and Adam says “Fireflies.” Not in reference to the song or anything, just casually. But I still screamed when it happened.

8: Can’t Live Without You - Woah, this one is jarring to hear. I’m still in shock that the song title doesn’t end with a little tag that says “(feat. Zedd)” I really wish I had the words to describe it, but the song is reminiscent of the collaborative songs with Armin Van Burren, a single line or two with a swelling beat until a bass drop. It’s still very much Owl City, but it’s a completely new flavor we haven’t ever heard from Adam before. The highlight is easily the end of the song which cuts the beat all together and features Adam’s voiced layered three or four times over, it just sounds awesome. Other than that, like I said before, you’re getting a Zedd-esque Owl City song… And it’s just as bizarre as you think.

9: You’re Not Alone (feat. Britt Nicole) - Take everything I said about “My Everything” and note that Britt Nicole adds a soft verse and that’s my opinion on the song. I still love it, but again, Adam is very clear and unashamed of his faith and those who don’t believe won’t get much out of this. Plus, this was released as a single (along with Tokyo, which doesn’t appear on the album at all which is… weird.) months ago so chances are, most of you have heard it already.

10: This Isn’t The End - Given that this was available on the Ultraviolet EP for a year or so now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it before as well. This Isn’t The End is a powerful song about suicide and death and loss and more importantly, the will to survive. It’s a different beast from Adam’s songs in the past which usually tip-toe’d around subjects like this with dark metaphors or symbolism. This time, Adam tells the story of a young girl who’s father killed himself. The song is just as powerful now as when I heard it a year ago, losing none of it’s raw impact, and the message is something that you should take away… the issue is, it’s so out of place on this album. Despite having so many different flavors, all of the songs generally have a lightness to them and don’t dwell on the heavier subjects for long which makes this song, the closer on the album, a massive buzzkill. It’s like watching a comedy movie with a group of your friends then immediately afterwards turning on Blue Valentine. Making Verge the opener and This Isn’t The End the closer is very weird to me, how the album starts on one end of the spectrum in mood, style, lyrical and instrumental tone, then ends with a soft piano song about overcoming death and loss. It’s an absolutely beautiful and amazing song, but it was a much better fit on Ultraviolet, whereas “Up All Night” would have instead fit like a glove as the closer here.

Mobile Orchestra is… Mobile Orchestra. It isn’t Maybe I’m Dreaming. It isn’t Of June. It isn’t Ocean Eyes. It isn’t All Things Bright and Beautiful and it isn’t The Midsummer Station.

It’s nothing we’ve heard before and that’s exactly what Adam himself has promised and cautioned ever since the album was announced. You have small tastes of the old albums in some beats and lyrics, or in “Bird With A Broken Wing”’s case, you have a complete reinvention of the old work.

In all honesty, I love the album. But I loved The Midsummer Station too.
Even though they aren’t similar at all, the point is that you need to go into the album with a level head and an open mind. You’re going to hear things you never thought Adam would make or say, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Where people felt TMSS went too “mainstream”, Mobile Orchestra completely addresses the problem, just not at all how you expect.

I think it’s fair to say that if you needed Adam to return to Ocean Eye’s style for you to remain a fan that he’s already lost you and if he hasn’t yet, this will be the final nail in the coffin. Adam has completely reinvented Owl City with this album.

In closing, Adam’s tagline for the album was simple.
“It’s 2015, Owl City is back.”
He makes good on the promise too… He really is back… but it’s a whole new set of genres.

As a long time super-fan of all of Adam’s work from Port Blue to Sky Sailing to of course, Owl City, Mobile Orchestra isn’t what I thought it would be. It’s better. But it’s new and different. So, before you hit play for the first time, open yourself up.

This is how Adam wanted to express himself. This was his vision. Even if it’s a bit jarring, this is a new chapter… and I loved it.

Mobile Orchestra - 9/10

anonymous asked:

The matsus body preferences?

I think that If the brothers were head over heels for someone that didn’t have they’re preference of body type, I don’t think they’d mind too much.

But, you know, everyone has something that they prefer more.

(A couple of these are shorter than what I wanted, but I didn’t really have much to say for them. I might update this more later; it really depends on if anything else comes to mind).


Osomatsu would like someone that was fit but not a total fitness freak. Like, maybe a little chub is okay. ( ;) Gives him a little something to hold onto).


Karamatsu would actually like a little bit of chub on his s/o. He just thinks it makes them look better and they fill out their clothes so much better.


Choromatsu would prefer an s/o that’s a little bit on the chubby side just because he thinks it’s cute.


Ichimatsu wouldn’t care much about body types, since he’s not much of a fitness type of person. He would be too thankful that he found someone who could handle his moods to be worried about that.


Jyushimatsu would like his s/o to be more on the fit side since he’s really fit and energetic himself. If he did have an s/o that wasn’t too fit they would be soon because keeping up with that boy would get them there.


Todomatsu wouldn’t mind a chubby s/o but he also wouldn’t mind a skinny s/o (as long as they liked taking selfies with him lol).

So… I wasn’t originally gonna post this because…
Yeah let’s be honest, as much as Marco’s face is great, I HATE how Jean’s face turned out… I’ve ERASED IT SO MANY TIMES , but there are just days when… it doesen’t want to go the way you want it to, so… as it’s 50% good and… unfortunately 50% bad, I decided not to keep it to myself, coz MAYBE some of you might want to see some Jeanmarco Babies <3

So, no as you can see, I haven’t stopped drawing or loving Jean and Marco, it’s just that I feel like drawing other stuff (I’m in that kind of mood where I REALLY HATE WINTER AND WANT ANGSTY FEELS ALL OVER THE PLACE… ???? and what could fit this kinda mood better than some Marvel Civil War, or Winter Soldier feels? *dies* … Plus… I REALLY NEED SOME NEW JEANMARCO FICS FOR INSPIRATION haha ! )

But don’t worry, I probably will draw something Jeanmarco again for Christmas <3 (or before ;) … Yeah I’m doodling them right now again… haha! )

Have a nice day, and keep being awesome *love you guys, and thanks so much for supporting me SO MUCH !

Also, welcome ALL OF THE NEW FOLLOWERS <3 *

A Heart Big Enough

Title: A Heart Big Enough
Pairings: KageHinaYachi
Warnings: OT3? In case poly love upsets you…
Length: 4138 words
AO3 Link: Here~

“It’s the nicest sucky thing ever, you know? Like, it’s like fwaaaah but like guuuuh at the same time.”

When Hinata receives two confessions, he’s determined to find a way to make it work so that no-one gets hurt.

(This is an entirely self-indulgent bit of KageHinaYachi fic, and I won’t apologise for it. This ship gives me strength ♥)

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The Truth Is Part One

“What the hell is this?” Kiseok slammed the manila folder onto the desk and the contents in it fell out. Lifting a picture you raised an eyebrow “I’m not understanding. tell me why your so mad?” You lied. You already knew what he’d called you into his office about. Jay had warned you he would be upset once he saw them. That’s why he booked out the studio on the day your pictures would be released. Coward.

You liked doing the photo shoot with Jay even though you were a little nervous and very uncomfortable he was fun and silly. He helped you forget the photographer was even their and relax. The pictures were supposed to express lovers being in love, having fun and embracing their sexuality. Anyone who didn’t know you and Jay personally would believe the two of you were a couple. You were so proud of yourself. So why couldn’t Kiseok be proud of you too?

 Jung Ki Seok was your best friend not your dad, brother or some other relative and you didn’t want him to think of himself that way. EVER. While you love him and appreciate everything he’s done for you, he needs to see you as the woman you are today not the teenager he’d met years ago.  

“I admit they are a bit sexual” you conceded because they were. You and jay were topless in all the pictures. In one you were chest to chest and he was grabbing your ass. In another you had your legs wrapped around his waist and he had you pinned against the wall with your face buried in his neck. The others were taken in a bed were you guys pretended to be lovers. “Kiseok you do realize they’re just pictures. They don’t mean anything.” Much.

He scoffed at you “You guys are practically having sex in these pictures.” You rolled your eyes “So what Kiseok I’m a grown woman so even if i were having sex in these pictures it’s really none of your business.” You began gathering up the pictures that had scattered across the table.

“You are my business” he growled “I got you into modeling because i thought it was a good fit for you not so you could whore yourself out to my friends.” 

You stopped gathering the photos frozen with shock of his words. Your body went rigid and the pictures slid from your fingers back onto the desk. You felt too much too fast and the emotions slammed into your heart mixed with the harsh reality of the words Kiseok said. The words he meant because Kiseok never said things he didn’t mean.  

You shut down emotionally.  “I’m sorry” you mumbled “maybe modeling isn’t a good fit for me.” You looked Kiseok directly in his eyes not caring that he could see the hurt. You wanted him to. “No, I know it isn’t.” You stood “I quit.”

You’d had multiple calls missed calls from Jung Kiseok and Jay. You weren’t in the mood to talk. You needed a big pick me up and the best wayfor you to do that was to dress up super pretty and get drunk. So that’s what you did. Currently sitting at a bar drinking your weight in Vodka. “Vodka makes everything feel better” you told the man sitting beside you. 

“Tough day?” The bartender asked. “Tough life” you laughed drunkenly “apparently I’m a whore and modeling isn’t the right fit for me.” Watching the bartenders eyes brighten when he recognized you was funny, so you giggled.

“Another Vodka” you hiccuped tossing the rest of your current glass back. “Did you really sleep with Jay Park?”

“For all it’s worth Mr. Bartender i did not but I mine as well have. . “ Pausing to sip from your newly filled glass. “… Know what Mr. Bartender I think I will go sleep with Jaebeom…” You finished off your glass “call me a cab Mr. Bartender.” He simply nodded before picking up the phone. 

You didn’t know what time it was when you got to the studio or why you even got dropped off there. You couldn’t even remember how exactly you made it up the stairs but you did it. Opening the door to the studio you stumbled in closing the door behind you. At least you think you did. You followed the voices to the “resting room” and laid your eyes on a blurry AOMG get together. Maybe?

“Why wasn’t I invited” you gestured drunkenly at the blurry table that might have food on it. You slumped to the floor, your legs wobbled. Tucking your knees under your chin you closed your eyes. You might have dosed off. 

You heard the arguing before you peeked an eye open. Kiseok voice was booming  but so was Jay and Loco and Elo? Confused you rolled out of the bed? Kiseoks bed did you get there?

Their words got more distinctive the closer you got to the kitchen. They were discussing you in great detail. Apparently you chatted it up with some bartender about how you slept or were going to  sleep with Jay. Not understanding why this was an issue when you did neither but not wanting to be apart of the discussion you went back to Kiseoks room to find your purse? Wallet? You looked down at your bare legs, pants definitely going to find your pants. 

Kiseok walked in on you pulling up your ripped jeans. “What are you doing?” He tried to conceal his chuckle from watching you struggle with the tight jeans. “Um leaving” You mumbled after buttoning your jeans.  He stood blocking the doorway when you tried to walk past him. 

“Answer this for me first” he looked down at you “Would you really have slept with Jay last night?”

Team Winchester: Part IV

Prompt: Reader is Sam and Dean’s sister (maybe Sam’s twin or in between Sam and Dean), and the fic is just like a bunch of little snapshots/moments throughout their childhoods and lives, growing up together and having sibling moments.

Word count: 2,205

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: I may or may not be a little evil.
Again, thank you – you guys are awesome and you’re the best supporters anyone could ask for. Here’s part 4, read it and let me know what should happen next and if you want more parts ;) As always, I’ll credit you if I use your ideas/you’re off anon (if you’re on anon and I use your idea please feel free to send in whatever request you want, fic or not, and I’ll do it! :D)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

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If it's you, I think I could do it - a Naruto x Sasuke drabble

Uuh, I wrote again… I don’t KNOW it just begged to be written! Who cares that I have an exam tomorrow… maybe I should care… let this be a testament to my care level at the moment.

Summary: Sasuke really has no clue what’s going on but he’s adaptable.


Sasuke sat on the bench, thinking it was getting rather cold. It was getting dark, too. To his left, Naruto wouldn’t stop fidgeting, and heaving a sigh he decided he’d had enough of it.

“Stop fidgeting.”

He got a glare for that, which he supposed was standard behavior.

“Dammit Sasuke, I’ll fidget if I want! In fact, I have a lot to fidget about!”

Amused despite knowing better, Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he leaned back against the bench, bending a knee to fit one foot on the seat.

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Naruto said, voice dripping with obvious sarcasm, “Maybe you should read the mood and you’ll figure it out.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for depressed artists? I want to learn how to draw but since I'm struggling mentally I haven't been able to pick up a pencil.

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with depression. I try to save some positivity/mental health/self help resources on my personal blog in this tag mostly for my own reference; I haven’t looked through it too well so I’m not sure how useful they may be, but if you or anyone else might able to use any of it, that’d be great! 

As kind of a disclaimer, I’m by no means an expert with any of this stuff, and I’m sure different things would fit better for different people. But here are some personal recommendations for anyone dealing with depression who is interested in drawing or getting into art. 

  • Beforehand, maybe try to get in a good enough mood to create art (unless you feel like trying to make vent art, I’ll go over that in a bit). It might make you a little less likely to get frustrated and angry with yourself if your art isn’t turning out the way you want it to.
    • Listen to music or look through art that inspires you; whatever will help you. Music might be too distracting for some people, and others may end up getting more frustrated than inspired by looking at others’ art. Try to find what helps you. Personally, I kinda enjoy watching youtube videos or shows in the background, things that I don’t have to pay too much attention to. Just try to get in kind of a mindset where you want to create something.
  • If you’re feeling especially rough; angry/sad/whatever, vent art helps for some people. 
    • Pour out your feelings onto paper/canvas/whatever medium. I don’t exactly know how to explain it; just.. let it all out? 
  • Make sure you try to enjoy yourself! Especially if you’re just starting out, you’re probably not going to be able to draw anything you consider “”good,”” but don’t get discouraged and keep going with it! Nobody starts out as a great artist, and every doodle you make is +1 more doodle of practice and improvement.
  • Honestly? Copy things, use references. Once you get the hang of using references, it gets a little easier to draw whatever; it helps you improve with connecting what you see with your hand movements/what you sketch on paper.
    •  If there’s an artist whose style you particularly like, I personally think it’s fine to copy their work as practice, to see how their style works and all so you can possibly experiment with your own style–just don’t be too reliant on anyone else’s art, as nobody’s perfect and it’s very possible that you could end up replicating their mistakes. ((HOWEVER, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANYTHING YOU COPY FROM OTHER PEOPLE. IF YOU’RE GOING TO COPY ANYONE, DO IT ONLY AS PRACTICE AND DON’T SHOW IT OFF AS YOUR OWN WORK))
  • Don’t pressure yourself too much by starting off with trying to draw things that are too difficult, start out with simple objects; cups, pencils, erasers, things like that, stuff you see around you. 
  • Practice drawing 3D shapes, and visually breaking objects down as a bunch of simpler shapes–squares, triangles, circles, rectangles can be found in just about everything. Use the shapes as guidelines for whatever you’re drawing, it’s far more difficult to draw freehand than it is when you first sketch out the basic forms of the shapes.
  • The art block tag could possibly give you some ideas if you’re not sure what to draw, and the masterpost tag is also worth checking out!

Hopefully this might help a little; if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add more. Good luck!

Time Heals || Michael Clifford One Shot

Requested: Nope

Word Count: 1.8k+

The one where Michael left you for all the wrong reasons and nothing is okay anymore.

Michael was perched on the balcony of his new apartment, a beer in one hand, the other holding his phone. The sun was setting in front of him, purples and pinks painting the sky. The New York sunset was something out of a movie, especially in the middle of the summer. He swore that time was moving slower, or maybe he was just missing you more than usual tonight. He’d seen the world and met thousands of beautiful women, but you were the one his mind kept going back to. Your hair, your eyes, your skin; it was like a drug, and Michael longed for another fix of you.

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