these finale pictures are killing me

30.12.16 // 10:35

Hey, I’m Sophie and I’m kind of new to the studyblr community. I say kind of because I’ve been lurking around for a few months admiring all the amazing hard work and beautiful notes :3 I’ve finally decided though to start making my own posts in the hope that it’ll help me keep myself motivated.

I’m currently studying Chemistry while teaching myself Spanish and writing an extended project on gene therapy. If all things go well this year I hope to study Biology at uni :D

Thought I should start off with a picture me halfway through taking notes for my project. It’s pain staking work and kind of killing me but it is also very interesting stuff :)

Have a great day :D

“Master …”

dexter starters ( showtime’s dexter s2ep2.)

  • “ i finally get a chance to kill and i can’t do it.”
  • “ and now all my secrets are floating to the surface.”
  • “ how did i lose it? how do i find it again?”
  • “ how can i solve a crime when i can’t even solve what’s wrong with me?”
  • “ has a nice ring to it, no?”
  • “ last thing ___ needs is another serial killer.”
  • “ why don’t you take a picture? it’ll last longer.”
  • “ what would i do without you?”
  • “ grandma really talks like that?”
  • “ you get the point. right, bitch?”
  • “ fucking people don’t want our help.”
  • “ this stuff never gets to you?”
  • “ i’m more of a cry on the inside kinda guy.”
  • “ what? i’m so over that.”
  • “ just… prove it to me.”
  • “ it’s like you’re just fucking with me.”
  • “ couldn’t pick a worse time, right?”
  • “ hey, how about you take off? let me handle this.”
  • “ i couldn’t let you do that.”
  • “ i owe you.”
  • “ i can’t even go there.”
  • “ this one’s on us, man.”
  • “ i have to focus. tune everything out.”
  • “ timing could be better.”
  • “ … oh. it’s you.”
  • “ who else you got following you?”
  • “ go ahead. try it. i’ve been waitin’.”
  • “ this neighborhood? it’s full of crazies. i’d lock my doors.”
  • “ bathroom’s all yours.”
  • “ we ran outta glasses?”
  • “ come on, give it a chance.”
  • “ sweetie, what’s the matter?”
  • “ what kind of weird?”
  • “ no. no, calm was what i was 35 minutes ago. pissed is what i am now.”
  • “ hey! who want’s eggos? i got blueberry, or chocolate. or both.”
  • “ assholes! they did everything but help.”
  • “ which assholes were you talking to?”
  • “ i didn’t ask for your help, or your advice.”
  • “ i’ll never understand how people deal with death. why they can’t just… put it in it’s place.”
  • “ not exactly ideal in the element of surprise department.”
  • “ i have to find a new way to dispose of the body.”
  • “ you totally douched me in there.”
  • “ you clocked a guy in a bar who touched your arm…“
  • “ well, thank you for the fucking vote of confidence.”
  • “ hey. just visualize that door of opportunity opening up wide for you, bro, and just walk right through it.”
  • “ you keep up with this woo-woo shit, imma walk right through you.”
  • “ that come with a story?”
  • “ well, you should be more careful, amigo.”
  • “ they had to bring in outside talent. which would be moi.”
  • “ bet this guy never expected his work to see in the light of day.”
  • “ i bet you’re right.”
  • “ still, it can’t be easy to hide a body nowadays.”
  • “ you shittin’ me?”
  • “ hypothetical: how do you make sure disposed body stay disposed?”
  • “ don’t all those run the risk of contact with the outside world?”
  • “ you got a better idea?”
  • “ there is no such thing as the perfect crime. not in my experience, anyway.”
  • “ well, we have something in common.”
  • “ miss me?”
  • “ i need to clear the decks… and my head.”
  • “ they, uh… ate my puppy.”
  • “ you may have to get closer than you like.”
  • “ i’m doin’ enough damage on my own.”
  • “ that was a yes. sounded like a no, but… yeah.”
  • “ you scared the shit outta me.”
  • “ how you doin’?”
  • “ don’t! you fuckin’ asked… so, how am i doing? i’m just fine.”
  • “ come on, don’t get the shakes now. this is no time for performance anxiety.”
  • “ i’ve been waitin’ for you.”
  • “ come out, come out, wherever you are!”
  • “ what the hell is wrong with me?”
  • “ it’s okay, i got you.”
  • “ don’t leave me! please, don’t leave me!”
  • “ want me to knock out some doors? or maybe some heads?”
  • “ what fucking asshole left this here?”
  • “ it’s ‘special agent’ fucking asshole.”
  • “ frankly, you’re more of a leader than a team-player.”
  • “ i’m not convinced you play well with others.”
  • “ i feel like a jigsaw-puzzle missing a piece.”
  • “ i’ve been calling you for hours.”
  • “ i kinda pulled an all nighter.”
  • “ it’s, uh… it’s taking me to places i never thought i’d go.”
  • “ he was such a destructive force. why can’t you just put him behind you?”
  • “ i’m just gonna make you late.”
  • “ dammit, ___!  i need you there too.”
  • “ you have no idea what this feels like.”
  • “ can’t wait to get another door slammed in my face.”
  • “ that’s it. put that out into the universe, alright?”
  • “ look on the bright side. comically, we’re batting a thousand.”
  • “ please, don’t shoot me, miss/mister.”
  • “ if i believed in god. if i believed in sin… this is the place where i’d be sucked straight to hell… if i believed in hell.”
  • “ i’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “ i’m not sorry.”
  • “ you’re still here.”
  • “ i killed you.”
  • “ no. you just took my life.”
  • “ so how do i make you go away?”
  • “ i’m not like them.”
  • “ now, if it helps, i can tell you it’s not your fault, what you did to me.”
  • “ i’m not human.”
  • “ no. you’re just fucked up.”
  • “ you think it’s as simple as that?”
  • “ excuse me, i opened this by mistake.”
  • “ today it is all about the win. i think we really should enjoy this.”
  • “ i really appreciate your support.”
  • “ it was simple, really.”
  • “ all i had to do was put myself into the mind of a killer. hardly a stretch.”
  • “ trust me, you’re not going anywhere this time.”
  • “ who the fuck are you?”
  • “ that kind of talk is just gonna bring you closer to your victims.”
  • “ no, maybe you didn’t do the deed, but the blood is on your hands.”
  • “ a lot of blood is on your hands.”
  • “ why do you care about these people?”
  • “ why are you doing this to me?”
  • “ i’m not so much doing this to you as i’m doing it for me.”
  • “ you leave pain wherever you go.”
  • “ you kill me, what do you leave behind?”
  • “ look at that, steady as a surgeon.”
  • “ this kill was just the first of the loose ends i needed to tie off.”
  • “ i need to see you.”
  • “ i’m just dropping somebody off, can it wait?”
  • “ a shoe? you wanted to see me about a shoe?”
  • “ i didn’t have a lot to hope for until i met you.”
  • “ you gave me something to believe in when i didn’t even believe in myself.”
  • “ it’s not your fault.”
  • “ it was totally an act of impulse.”
  • “ what are you trying to say, that you planned on acting on impulse?”
  • “ that’s where you disappeared to at all hours of the night like clark fucking kent.”
  • “ if the eyes are the window to the soul, then grief is the door. as long as it’s closed, it’s the barrier between knowing and not knowing. walk away from it and it stays closed forever. but open it, and walk through it, and pain becomes truth.”
  • “ i’ve been preparing for this my entire life.”
  • “ it’s annoying, isn’t it?”
  • “ i’m not taking the bait.”
  • “ you’re up late.”
  • “ you don’t need to do this. you don’t need to do this now.”
  • “ temporary insanity.”
  • “ you’re right. i smell like a fucking sewer.”
  • “ i had to say goodbye in order to reconnect with what’s really important. with who i was.”
  • “ rest in peace… i am.”

Idea: my bois back on earth, getting to enjoy the night sky, Keith lookin at that beautiful stuff, Lance enjoying lookin at his beautiful Keith.

I did this in like,, 10 minutes with a pen of course it’s not gonna be perfect. I think it’s kinda pretty tho

So I was looking at NSFW Reaper76 pictures in the mall

Let me tell you something.

I don’t care if people saw me looking at Jack eating Gabriel’s ass in public.
I’m dead inside.
Reaper76 has killed me.
I don’t care anymore.

The lady next to me just stared at my phone with me.
She was like a Latina lady in her 40’s ish mah dudes.
We looked at Reaper76 together.
It was a long as fuck awkward silence as I keep scrolling through the Reaper 76 tag until she finally talked to me.

I really expected her to call me out on it, but instead she asked.

“What show is that? Is he Latino?”

Like shit guys I didn’t expect her to be so casual.

“It’s from a game called Overwatch and yeah, he’s Latino, his name is Gabriel Reyes.”

Then she was just nodding to herself, now I started to care. I started to get nervous, guys I didn’t expect her to talk to me and be so casual about it.

Then she said, “A Latino in video game? And he’s gay? That’s even better, what game was it you said? Overwatch? I should get that for my nephew.”


Then she told me how her nephew just came out to her family about being gay and he loved video games and IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY AND SHE WAS HERE AT THE MALL TO BUY HIM A GIFT.


She then thanked me and left towards the game stop. GUYS. GUYS.







Ah yes, the distraction that just won’t quit! Usually a great method for coping with seasonal blues, though, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Found some rotala wallichi at the lfs for the first time, usually they don’t have much for plant stock, so I picked some up since it was under $5. I was thinking it might die on me, but I think I see some new growth in the third picture.

I am also being bad and am setting the spare 10 gallon up as a fourth tank. Thinking of either keeping a single pea puffer, or a school of celestial pearl danios with some shrimps? I ordered sponge filter parts because the HOB filter is way too much. Finally, an actual low tech tank.

Bonus shot of the Marsilea quadrifolia emersed tank that I nearly killed with a draft. I think it’s doing alright.

List of things that I NEED from TWD this season finale so I could have a happy hiatus

1- Another Caryl scene or moment: even if they just look at each other, but one of those looks that makes me die 

2. Carol being a total and sexy badass and watching her kicking asses (we know that for sure)

3. Team Family watching carol doing cool stuff so they can feel how lost they are without her

4. a cute Aaron/Eric scene

5. Jerry 

6. Carol/maggie hug (for the lost of glenn) 

7. Shiva killing (this one is also confirmed) 

8. Tobin out of the picture (I know that is not gonna happen but I need the guy far away from Carol)

9. More Tara 

10. At least Daryl talking to carol PLEASE GOD PLEASE T.T 

Maybe there are more but this is the only I have in my mind right now, mostly I need CAROL AND CARYL LOL 


100 days of productivity: 4/100

Went to the coffee shop right after school today, and saw some very pretty succulents on the way!!🍃 finals are killing me (I think I’m actually dying…) but I think I will do ok. Studied more English and some science (not pictured)

Good luck on your finals! May good scores, hot drinks, and plenty of rest be in your future. ✨

suho: well boys isn’t it great to be home? i missed my other sons so much and now we can all be together again

sehun: yeah it’s great dad i have so many pictures i need to show vivi 

baekhyun: the beagle line will finally be reunited

suho: and just think this also means we can go back to work!…isn’t that wonderful? day after day working impossible hours with an injury riddled group of young boys that i dedicated most of my youth and half of my twenties to watching over like a father…always running away from the stalkers and the media…never really being able to have time in the public without them following our every move…barely ever getting to visit family…and just trying to forget…forget him…ha  ha isn’t it great to be back?


Thank you @charliedzilla for your suggestion. I wanted to draw them ages ago and finally had a chance and also decided to make a comic (haha kill me pls).

So I spent long minutes searching for physics jokes trying to understand them but actually I have no idea what’s Nautica saying.

Or do I?

I have more jokes in my sleeve so maybe I’ll draw these nerds one more time.

(also I got lazy and didn’t want to adjust every layer in every picture so I left only flats orz it was hell)


Mythology Meme — Gods & Goddesses [1/??]

  Fenrisúlfr — Hróðvitnir — Vánagandr
[Fenris Wolf] - [Fame-Wolf] - [The Monster of the river Ván]

Hati and Sköll forever chase Máni and Sól, respectively. Though one day they will catch their prey. Then their father, the Fen Dweller, will be unleashed upon the world. He will then begin to devour everything in sight. In the field Vígríðr, is where Fenrir and his brother, Jörmungandr, will finally meet. An immense battle will take place here and in his final moments Fenrir will swallow and thus kill Odin. But in turn Odin’s son, Víðarr, will kill the Great Wolf.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you know if our fandom has some Hannigram fanfics based on Hunger Games, on the longer side? I found one short one-shot and the links to everything else don't seem to be working anymore(((

Hm. I haven’t read any myself.  A bit of poking around AO3 turned up this long WIP that seems like it might fit the bill, and is recently updated.

Let’s turn this one over to the Fannibal mob - is anyone sitting on a great rec for our anonymous friend?

Me, I’m just picturing an AU where Will and Hannibal are the final two and then the mutated dog things get unleashed, and Will just - well, he’s Will.  He sits his ass down and patiently charms them until they’re his friends and would kill or die for him.  And then he snuggles up in a big pile with all of his new furry friends, who are dripping venom and have razorblades for claws but who LOVE HIM, and Hannibal looks at them and is like, SAME, GUYS, THIS IS SO RELATABLE, I WANT IN THE MONSTER CUDDLE PILE.  And he lies his ass down too and everyone cuddles, and whoever is running the Hunger Games (Chilton? Freddie?) just throws up their hands and is like, THIS SUCKS, ALL MY HARD WORK RUINED, and the final victors of the Hunger Games are two lovesick idiots and ten gigantic monster-beasts, and they all go on victory tour together.

Alternatively, Hunger Games AU where Marlana team up and pick everyone else off.  Will and Hannibal go down early because frankly, they are easy to pick off because they’re lovesick idiots. Murder Wives for the win.

Alternatively alternatively, Reba and Francis are the underdogs who win because everyone underestimates them as a pair. Don’t underestimate people with disabiltiies and mental illnesses, yo - there will be RECKONING.  Everyone in Panem falls in love with Reba on her victory tour, because who WOULDN’T, and she makes a fantastic Mockingjay and overthrows the government with pie somehow, and everyone lives happily ever after.

So, can we all just take a moment to picture Sevro doing his thing at the Institute - killing a wolf and taking its pelt - when all the sudden little wolf pups emerge from somewhere he hadn’t seen (because let’s be real, can you really picture Sevro killing a mother with pups?) and he makes a quick and final decision to claim them and raise the pups on his own? Our little Sevro with wolf pups, claiming to be mom, and naming them, and cuddling them, and hunting for them, and feeding them, and the Howlers as aunts and uncles of Sevro’s wolf pups - and Darrow, the pups dad!