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could you tell me what gorilaz is.? i literally have No Idea

it’s a band! it was created by damon albarn (the guy from blur) and jamie hewlett (he made tank girl, the comic not the weird movie) to make fun of mtv but it got very out of hand very quickly. (that’s a good thing to me though jxhjsfkj) basically the whole thing is a real life band but all of the members are fictional characters. the music is REALLY good i highly recommend it 

so getting on to the actual story, in universe the whole thing started cause this one guy, murdoc niccals, (this is him)

was Up To No Good trying to steal some keyboards from this shop, uncle norman’s organ/keyboard emporium to start a band. you can probably guess what band it is. this boy stuart pot happens to be working at the shop at the time, which will be important later and by later i mean like one sentence after this. so murdoc crashes his car into the shop, but it ends up crashing straight into stuart’s eye which fills it up with blood….;_; it ends up sending him into a coma. poor guy

so murdoc has to take care of him for whatever reason because the legal system in their universe is somehow even worse than it is in real life. one day he’s doing a bunch of tricks with stuart in his car, and goes too far and knocks stu out the window. ;_; x2 …so he lands on the ground and his other eye also fills up with blood, but it ALSO sends him out of his coma. so he gets up and he looks like this. (except presumably less happy and more covered in blood)


and murdoc is like “woah this guy is hot i’m gonna make him join my band” and decides to call him 2-D cause he has 2 dents in his head. not cause he’s 2 dimensional or anything. 

the next person murdoc decides to make join the band is russel hobbs, who is pretty well known because he’s a really good musician and also because he has a bunch of ghosts possessing him. 

murdoc decides to kidnap him because he thinks that’s a good idea for whatever reason. unfortunately this is not the last time he kidnaps someone. russel actually doesn’t really care that much though and joins the band anyways. 

by now they already have a guitarist whose name i’m not going to mention because i hate her, but she gets kicked out. so they need a new guitarist, they put an ad up, and IMMEDIATELY this fedex crate shows up at their door and this girl pops out.

she calls herself noodle because it’s the only english word she knows, and then proceeds to play the best guitar riff of all time. so they’re a band now! lots of weird things happen.

russel’s ghost boyfriend del shows up to rap and terrorize the rest of the band a bunch but like, terrorizing them in a nice way. if that makes sense.

eventually they try to make a movie and Trouble Arises when it turns out the director is literally making up everything on the spot, murdoc decides they should make the movie themselves, so 2-D starts making ideas for it.

 after a really long time spent on making ideas murdoc gets really mad and tries to strangle 2-D. :,( russel and noodle start fighting him over it and he decides he doesn’t need them anymore and leaves. he goes to jail like 5 seconds after. 

so they all go out to do gorilla things. 2-D has a lot of fun ^_^ and works at an amusement park for a little bit, murdoc is still in jail, russel tries to make his own album but demons keep trying to drag him down to hell and del gets exorcised so things are not going too well for him, and noodle goes back to japan and finds out she’s actually part of a child soldier project and had her memories erases, and can speak fluent english as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. 

murdoc breaks out of jail.

so noodle starts their next album, demon days. they have fun and make a bunch of music videos but More Trouble Arises when this weird fan named jimmy manson starts trying to kill everyone in the band.

 so murdoc makes a fake deal with him to kill noodle, and a real deal with noodle so that she can temporarily leave the band. and while they’re filming the video jimmy gets locked inside of her big floating island (that’s a thing she has.) so noodle fakes her death, jimmy actually does die, everything is going well except when the video is over noodle is actually completely gone. 

everyone is freaking out about this, and it turns out she got dragged down to hell by those same demons that were trying to do that to russel earlier…probably. 

because of this, 2-D decides to quit gorillaz and make his own thing, russel goes into the ocean to find her, and murdoc goes to hell. except not really, he was just really drunk. 

for real this time, murdoc goes to the place where noodle kind of died and made a robot out of her dna, cyborg noodle. she’s scary. 

then he gets chased away by these pirates he scammed created by someone called the boogieman who you’ll see again soon.

 while he’s trying to hide he finds this big island in the middle of the ocean away from all humanity called point nemo. he does the logical thing and spray paints it all pink, builds a really weird house (if you can call it that) on top, and calls it plastic beach.

he calls 2-D to come work on the album, but 2-D really doesn’t want to. so since murdoc is not a very good person, he…gets the boogieman to drug 2-D, put him in a suitcase and send him to plastic beach. this whole phase is really not good for 2-D.

so in case that wasn’t enough, murdoc finds out 2-D is super afraid of whales and to keep him from escaping he looks him in a room where a whale is right outside and there’s a view of said whale. ;;;_;;;

eventually, murdoc finds footage of noodle and takes 2-D and cyborg to go find her. the boogieman has started chasing murdoc to take his soul since murdoc hasn’t fulfilled his part of any of the deals he made with them. 

so after some stuff with bruce willis attempting to murder them happens, they go to the ocean and seem pretty close to finding noodle. noodle herself is now super cool looking and has a nice cat mask, and has also reunited with russel, who is now a giant after eating a bunch of toxic waste in the ocean.

unfortunately, 2-D and murdoc don’t find noodle, but they do find the boogieman killing a manatee for no good reason. so they head back to plastic beach, and the boogieman’s pirates have found it and started trying to destroy it.

somewhere inbetween all this, the evangelist who’s kinda like the boogieman’s opposite appears on the island delivering mail and being kind of a protective force. hopefully they’re being one over 2-D because he needs it.

SOOOO the real noodle and russel arrive at the plastic beach, boogieman and murdoc meet up and have a weird fight, boogieman summons more pirates, and cyborg noodle gets really messed up and starts trying to kill everyone. the whale outside 2-D’s room tries to eat him, but russel is able to get rid of it for a little bit. noodle meets cyborg noodle and it’s kinda awkward.

the whole island collapses and noodle and russel get separated. murdoc goes into a submarine and fakes his death, taking cyborg with him, and the whale gets back to 2-D and does what it would be expected to do. so things aren’t going very well. ;_;

noodle wakes up in a fishing village in japan and accidentally releases a demon, so she has an adventure chasing it until she freaken decapitates it. 

russel gets captured by people thinking he’s a monster because he’s 50 feet tall and has completely white eyes. after a while, the effects of the toxic waste wear off and he shrinks back to his normal size.

murdoc goes to jail again. cyborg noodle dies, probably.

the whale who ate 2-D dies, and 2-D wakes up on an island he thinks is deserted and has to live off of whale meat. :,( after a few months, he sees a plane and follows it, hoping it can get him off the island. he discovers there’s a beach rave going on a while from his side, and decides to take a year to find himself, which is pretty easy cause he was right there. also he really needed a break from everything that happened. he got a job making friendship bracelets.

after murdoc got out of jail again, he called all of the members back to england, and they all reunited. gorillaz are BACK BABEY

then they released their first song in 5 years and it was about donald trump and it was freaken GOOD

anyways i’m not sure if you were expecting such an in depth explanation but i hope this helps! this is actually even barely getting into it, there’s a lot more but i didn’t want this to be TOO long

anyways That’z Gorillaz

Mad Sounds [Modern!Kylo x reader]

Summary: Moving to a new place comes with its headaches… and its perks. Your new neighbor Kylo appears to be a pain at first, but your acquaintance will help you out in a surprising way.

A/N: I had a quick idea this morning and I ran with it… and it turned into 1600 words! I feel like this might be able to go on, but it’ll be a one shot for now. If you have any ideas, I’m open to anything! (Also, I wrote this on my phone and briefly reviewed it. Do not be afraid to point out any errors. I’m a staunch proofreader, but even I miss things. Do not be embarrassed to tell me! On this or any of my fics.)

Warnings: Minor language, assault/implied assault, violence.

Living in an apartment was not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had fought your parents tooth and nail about moving out of state. You wanted a new beginning on your own. And, boy, did you get it.

For the last 3 months, you had been blessed with the realities of apartment life: constant maintenance calls and upstairs neighbors. At least the maintenance was the responsibility of the property managers. The neighbor nuisance, however, was solely yours.

He wasn’t a bad neighbor, not really. It’s just that he walked with a heavy foot. You almost wondered if you had moved in below a bowling alley.

You were in the apartment for a week before you got the courage to confront him. It was particularly bad that night, the stomping and the clatter of who knows what banging against your ceiling.

The metal stairs banged under your feet as you climbed to the second floor, foolishly imitating your neighbor’s practices. You wanted him to know you were coming.

Knocking hard five times, your heart raced. The anger-fueled adrenaline had worn off and now you were scared, too frozen to turn around and go back downstairs.

The lock clicked and the handle rattled and sent your heart into your throat.

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Dreams & Jealousy

Adam had been living at the Barns for several weeks and he was finally starting to think of it as home, not just Ronan’s house. The transition had been awkward for him at first: trying to work out if he would be sharing Ronan’s bedroom or if he would be taking over another room in the house, struggling to get over his issues with independence and privacy. Ronan had been understanding in his blunt but sincere way. When Adam had dropped his few boxes of possessions on the floor of Ronan’s room, Ronan had flopped carelessly on the bed and said, simply, “This is your place, Adam.”

So Adam had taken to exploring while Ronan mucked about on the farm. The house was full of dream objects and everyday things that, simply because they belonged to the Lynch family, made them infinitely interesting. Adam spent hours curled up on the floor of Ronan’s parents’ closet, leafing through picture albums. He couldn’t get over the pictures of Ronan as a kid; it was heartbreaking to see his innocent, smiling face and know that within a few years Ronan would be an orphan.

One day, during his explorations, Adam found the Box. It was in the attic and Adam knew instantly that it had been placed there recently because it was the only object not covered in dust. It was just a cardboard box, a little beat up, and it had not been taped shut. The area around the box was marked with footprints in the dust and there was a cleared space, as if someone had sat there. Feeling more curious than ever Adam opened the box.

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“Taemin the type of dude that would spend 5 hours convincing Onew that Jonghyun doesn’t exist” - taeminthetype

So ^this person posted this and then I sat for the next half and hour or so and wrote a thing.. and yeah, here it is by itself

Taemin convinced Jonghyun to play along right away. The goal was to convince Onew that Jonghyun was just a figment of his imagination before Minho and Key got back from watching a movie. The maknae had been planning this for weeks, he just needed to get the couple out of the dorm for just enough time. Luckily a new movie came out, and both of them wanted to go, but they didn’t know when they would have time and they didn’t want to spend the money. Taemin eventually gave up and sponsored the event, practically shoving them out the door with money in hand.

As soon as the idiots were out of the house, Taemin sent his plan in motion. He instructed Jonghyun to start constantly following the elder around the dorm, and insist on hanging out with him. Onew would eventually get fed up, and ask Taemin to hang out with Jonghyun instead. 

Taemin was sitting in his room, waiting for the text from Onew, shaking with excitement. The maknae’s favourite past time was messing with the other members, and this one was too good to let pass. He wasn’t sure how long it would take exactly to convince Onew, but he was ready for anything, being the pathological liar he was.

Thinking over what to say he heard his phone buzz on the counter. 

Onewhyung: Can you please give Jonghyun some attention? He’s being really needy, and I just want to watch my movie in peace.

Taemin smiled a devilish grin before putting the most worried expression on his face. He slowly made his way to Onew’s room, trying to contain his excitement. When he pushed the door open, Onew was sitting on the bed with his laptop open watching some historical film while Jonghyun was playing with the elder’s brown hair that happened to be a little bit too long in the back. Still looking concerned, Taemin sat at the foot of the bed, keeping his head down and his eyes covered with his bangs. “Onew? Hyung?” he quietly said, getting Onew to pause his movie.

“What?” He asked, a little peeved that he was now being bugged by the person that was supposed to save him.

“Um,” Taemin sniffed for effect, “I don’t know if I should be talking to you about this, but…" 

"Spit it out Taemin, I’m an adult, I can handle it.”

“Jonghyun,” he paused just long enough to make it seem like he was struggling with the thought. He was a professional after all. “Jonghyun doesn’t exist,” he blurted out with fake tears.

Onew just rolled his eyes, “what are you talking about? He’s right here!”

Taemin looked up into the elders eyes with tear filled ones, “there’s no one there Onew. There’s never been anyone there.”

“Taemin, stop trying to mess with me,” Onew said sternly

“We’ve been pretending for so long, hoping you would stay happy in your delusion, but it’s so hard on us. I couldn’t take it anymore.” Taemin tried to sound as convincing as he could. Meanwhile, Jonghyun only looked at Onew, pretending Taemin wasn’t even there.

“Haha very funny,” Onew said flatly, but Taemin could hear the quaver in his voice. There was a tiny part of him that was worried that it might be true, and Taemin was going to make that part bigger and bigger until he Onew knew that Jonghyun was fake.

Taemin spent hours explaining some twisted backstory he had created with Jonghyun. Onew was supposedly trying to repress the memories of his childhood friend dying, so he created Jonghyun in his place. The elder was almost convinced, and they were running out of time. The movie was done by now, and Key and Minho would be back any minute.

“Then how do explain those vocals on our album?” Onew asked. 

It was the only loophole, and sadly the only thing Taemin hadn’t come up with an answer for. “Well you see,” he paused, his twisted mind trying to come up with a probable explanation, “you were so convinced that Jonghyun is a part of our group that sm had to make a new person. Jonghyun’s voice is just all of ours put together and mass produced.”

He doubted that the elder would accept that for an answer, but Onew nodded and then turned to Jonghyun. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and said, “it’s time for me to give you up, my imaginary friend. It’s been fun while it lasted.” 

Taemin jumped up and hugged Onew tightly, pretending to be happy for his “recovery.” While he had Onew in the embrace, he motioned for Jonghyun to leave.

Everything was perfect and had gone according to plan. By the time Minho and Key got home, Onew was asleep so he couldn’t talk to them, and Taemin rested peacefully knowing that he had tricked the leader once again. 


The next morning Taemin was awoken by screaming in the kitchen. “You think that Jonghyun’s what?!” Key shrieked.

“Well Taemin said..” Onew responded. Taemin heard heavy footsteps approaching his room, and quickly hid under the bed. This wasn’t the first time he had tricked another member into believing something absurd, and it surely wouldn’t be the last. 

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My dearest Stiles, I thought i wanted fame more then i wanted you. I was so wrong i love you and i wrote this song for you to tell you exactly how i feel. So please Stiles will you come to my concert and meet me back stage and then maybe stay with me forever and keep me sane while we tour the world. I await your answer, forever yours Derek.

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1701
Musician Derek, Minor Boyd/Scott, Past Derek/FC, Implied Biphobia (so no explicit comments), Angst, Pining, POV Stiles

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Stiles almost throws the tape in the trash, thinking it’s a hoax, before realizing it can’t be. None of the people who knew about him and Derek would do something this cruel.

Who still uses cassette tapes, anyway? Stiles snorts. Derek. Derek still uses cassettes, says he likes the way it sounds.

Stiles almost throws out the tape again. His hand hovers over the trashcan. If he drops it, there will be no going back. He spilled yogurt that morning and he’s pretty sure the paper napkins he used to clean that up are the last thing he threw in there.

He doesn’t let go. Instead, he grasps the cassette tape tighter, clutches it to his chest, and moves to the couch. There’s nothing special about the envelope the cassette came in. It’s small, white, and has his address scrawled on one side. The bubble wrap on the inside, that protected the tape, puffs up the envelope. There’s a sticker on the tape saying: “Please listen to me?” in Derek’s handwriting.

Stiles rubs a hand over his face. Where the hell is going to find a cassette player?

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Too Good

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Language
Summary: She was deep forest green and he was a pale baby blue
Word Count: 1.1k

Request: Hi :) a Bucky x reader, where he has a date and he asks her to help him practice. It goes really well until he mentions the ‘real date’. His date the next day is awful and he calls by reader’s apartment on the way home. I know it’s very specific!

Originally posted by mustachedcheetosman

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Famous Secrets (requested)

Could you perhaps write something where his girl is also a famous singer and they have to keep their relationship hidden from the press and they try to play it off like they’re just friends. With lots of fluff. I love fluff. Love you ❤️

First of all, thank you so much for requesting this; I had a lot of fun writing it. I really hope you like it, and I didn’t make too far away from what you wanted;) Enjoy!


You hadn’t intended for it to happen; of course you didn’t. When you and Harry had first met at an award show, you had just thought it had been some harmless flirting, something  you both seemed to be known for. But when you had won your first award of the evening, and were walking on the stage to get it, you looked to see Harry’s face covered with a smile, which confused you. Because it wasn’t a sexual smile, or a know-it-all, it was.. genuine? For a moment, walking up the last few steps you just stared at each other, until you realised you couldn’t be accepting your first big award, being occupied by gawking at Harry Styles, so pulling yourself together just in time to give your speech you were a little shaky, to say the least. The way his eyes were the purest, deepest shade of green to have probably ever existed, would knock anyone off of their feet. Humans have this extraordinary gift of not being able to resist beauty; that was what had happened. He had simply looked at you, and you’re entire body was on fire. You wouldn’t even let yourself imagine what it would feel like, skin pressed against skin, lips locking together in heated kissing; no you simply couldn’t go that far.

At the afterparty you knew you should be getting wasted on the dance floor, but all through out the evening, you would catch Harry staring at you, and he’d catch you doing the exact same. Though in your naive mind, you still thought he was just being nice; nothing special. That was until your friend came up to you, and bringing her friend gift with her.

“y/n, Harry effin Styles has been staring at you the entire night, and you’re still standing here; where’s the logic in that? get the hell up there talk to him ” She says pushing you towards him, sending you thumbs up everytime you’d look back at her. Taking deep breath you waited for Harry to finish speaking to Grimmy, but when he saw you he smiled and excused himself.

For a moment you just stood there not really knowing what to say to one another, until Harry breaks the silence. “Where are meh manners, huh? Congrats on the win, ’s a big one; yeh deserved it, love” just the way his lips move when talking made your legs go weak and feel as if you were about to collapse on the hard ground, but you just laugh and reply.

“Thank you; Thank you so much, it really means a lot, especially coming from someone like you.” You say, but regretting it immediately. “I mean because you’re… well you. And you obviously know what you’re talking about-“ Harry cuts you off with a laugh, and for a moment you’re not sure what you said that was so funny to him. “Well, it’s nice to know i’ looks like I know more than I probably do” He says, and you watch his eyes squish up at the sides from laughing. You can’t help but marvel at the way his suit, fits him just perfectly and his newly cut hair makes his whole face look even more handsome. The way his perfect dimples appear and his little nose scrunches up.

“Well, I’m sure you’re a pro at it now” You say “I mean at this whole singing/famous thing”
You can feel his deep stare on you, as he watches you the same you just watched him. There was something there; call it corny, but it really was like a spark. No, not a spark; a wildfire that was igniting, catching flames and getting more and more intense as you kept on talking with each other all night. By the end of the night both of your throats were sore from talking, and your cheeks hurting from laughter; which was the best kind of pain. You both exchanged numbers at the end of the night, with the promise of something great to come.

And that was how you’d met him. The way you’d met the man who had stolen every part of you soul over the past four months. It wasn’t one of those loves where everything always had to be high speed; not at all. With both of your busy schedules there wasn’t actually anything you loved more than to just snuggle up to Harry’s chest and watch a movie, hearing his silly puns, and him giving your head small kisses. To just have him randomly show up at your door, with his adorable smile, and take away. And then you’d sit on your kitchen floor, humming along to old songs, and feed each other food. it was the little things that meant most to you. It was those little things, that weren’t little at all.

You woke up to the warmth of Harry’s naked chest next to yours, and you notice a few blue marks on his shoulders. You quickly get up and check yourself in the mirror. Yep, there were maybe around ten different love bites just around the neck area. In all honesty you would have been more than happy to bear them, but not today.

“God no, not today, damn it” you whisper to yourself, your hands frantically trying to find some heavy concealer. You hear the floorboards creak, and you know Harry’s joined you in the bathroom. You feel his body move closer to yours, his hands going around your hips and his face buried in the crook of your neck

“Can I ask why yeh’re goin’ through your stuff like a maniac, love?” he says, his words muffled against your neck. You sigh and turn around so you’re facing him. “Well, Harry, if you must know. I think we got a little… carried away last night” you say sending him a small smirk “And now I have to cover it up, since I’m going to that interview today, remember?” You continue to rummage through your stuff, finally landing on something that might be able to at least cover it up a little. You get ready at lighting speed, throwing on  the outfit you had chosen yesterday, and while you’re grabbing your purse, you feel Harry grabbing your shirt and turning you towards him. Your hands are on the back of his neck and his are around your waist. For a moment you just stand there smiling like idiots who are too in love to care. He pulls you into a hug, and you feel his hot breath whisper “I love yeh y/n, I love yeh very very much. Yeh’ll smash tha’ interview, pet” You pull away and hear your taxi honk from outside.

You smash a quick, passionate kiss to Harry’s lips before grabbing your purse and continued out of the door, but not before you felt Harry smack your butt. You turn around and see that damn smirk playing on his lips, as he brings up his to wave an innocent goodbye. You flip him off, and the last thing you hear before you’re out the door is the sound Harry’s wonderful laugh.

“So y/n congratulations on your upcoming album. This is all very exciting, isn’t it?” The brunette interviewer asks. You laugh and nod your head “To be completely honest I can’t quite believe this is actually happening to me. I mean everything’s just been a crazy, fantastic experience and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way” You say, and you see the interviewer raise her eyebrows.

“Yes, on to that. Is there a special person in your life right now that has the pleasure of being there for you to celebrate with you?” You smile a little, and feel your heart swell a little, the thought of Harry being at home with a smirk covering his entire face. “Well, there are my parents, if that’s what you mean” You say, laughing at the end.

“Is that so? No love interest in your life?” She continues, pressing you for an answer. “Nope, no one. Just me” You laugh again. You and Harry had decided you wanted to keep your relationship a secret, at least until your album had been out for while, otherwise some people would make up crazy rumours that your relationship was “fake”, and none of you wanted that. But right there you just laughed, because you held a secret that no one knew about, except for you and Harry. It was just between the two of you; a wonderful fairytale that only the two of you had access to.

You see the interviewer smile again, and then she says “Well, not to argue what you’re saying, but we just have a few pictures we’d like to show you” You look at the screen behind you, and right there are pictures of you and Harry kissing, cuddling, and dancing together. You could only assume they had been taken at the party you and Harry had attended briefly yesterday. You hear the audience let out small surprised bursts of laughter, and you feel your face start to heat up, and you bury your face in your hands. “If I’m not mistaken that looks very taken, wouldn’t you say so?” The interviewer asks the audience, and they let out something, you can only assume as a yes. You lift your head and start laughing.

“Uhm we’re just friends?” you try and say, but everyone laughs, knowing that that is not who you act as “friends” “Okay, guess we’re kinda busted now, aren’t we?” You say, laughter still playing on your lips.
“So you and Harry Styles. What’s he like up close and personal? And are you happy?” the interviewer bombades you with questions.
“He’s very very charming. Extremely caring, and generous; I mean he is perhaps the most important person in my life right now, and he’s really helped me with a lot of personal issues.” you say “And yes, we’re very very happy. Or at least I am, I hope he’s not sitting at home and thinking ‘God no, what is she talking about’”

The rest of the interview goes smoothly and on the way home, you can’t be more thankful that you’re coming home to Harry, who you know is waiting with a cup of tea and a smirk. And even though you wanna smack that smirk off of his lips, there isn’t anything you love more than it; not anything in the world that means as much as Harry means to you. And as you’re sitting in the taxi with the biggest smile covering your face ready to come home to Harry, you couldn’t be happier.

New Years Day's Ash Costello on Fake Blood, Voodoo Dolls, and Her Human Teeth Collection

For “Kill or Be Killed,” the last video from New Years Day’s new album Malevolence, the melodic Anaheim metal band went for the jugular, presenting images of a partially masked face drooling and spitting blood along with shots of the band rocking out in a scary warehouse. But for their new lyric clip for the title track, they took away the creepy sets, special effects, and even the musicians, revealing just eccentric vocalist Ash Costello singing, screaming, and sobbing directly into the camera.

“We wanted to show the evolution of someone going through sadness and anger. She’s starting out weak and coming out strong,” Costello says, shuffling a tattooed hand through the red half of her multi-colored hair (the other side is, of course, black). “I had to cry on cue for the first time. I called up a lot of the memories of what the song is about and concentrated on them before we started rolling and it worked. My eyes just welled up because those memories about betrayal and being cheated on are really powerful. But they’re things I got over and I came out the other end stronger.”

While Malevolence is the name of New Years Day’s third full-length, the song was the last one the band recorded for the record. And the group waited until the 11th hour to get it done. After 31 straight days of writing and recording, New Years Day left to play the Warped Tour with the vocals still unfinished, so Costello had to fly back home on days off to track the song with producer Erik Ron. “You can hear that I sound pissed-off and tired, but it works really well for the song,” says Costello.

A few days after the release of Malevolence, Costello spoke with Yahoo Music about the drama and trauma that led to the creation of the album, the personal and professional transformations she underwent, the skeletons that dance around her closet, and the bottle of teeth she displays on her wall.

YAHOO MUSIC: New Years Day’s music has been called hauntedmansioncore. Is that silly or irritating?

ASH COSTELLO: No, I love it. When I was growing up I was really into bands like Necromantix, AFI, and My Chemical Romance – bands that forged their own dark themes. I love when people call us something that’s different than what’s already out there, because I feel like it means I’m getting to do what I always grew up wishing I would get to do, which is to totally make my own thing. We also get called “new grave” a lot, which I also like.

Is there a theme to the songs on Malevolence?

I have gone through a lot of betrayal, back-stabbing, and frustration over the past year. I like to say a lot of my ride-or-die friends got out of my car. I really connect to the Disney character Maleficent because she starts out very innocent, pure, and in love with humans, but then humans turn her evil. That’s how I felt this year. It seemed like I was turned into this spiteful, bitter, vengeful, angry, shut-off, withdrawn person, but that’s not how I used to be. I became that way because of everything that happened in my life this year. So all the songs on Malevolence paint a picture of someone going through so much betrayal and being turned evil, yet rising above it.

What was the worst betrayal you experienced?

It was everything. Business relationships, family, friends. The band started to get some traction and we got taken advantage of by people I trusted. People’s true colors started coming out and I was so naïve and hurt every time something else would happen. My boyfriend cheated on me and my very best friend of over 10 years tried to steal money from me.

How did that happen?

I had been given a large budget for something business-related and this person said they wanted to help, but they didn’t really want to help, they just wanted to take the money. And then they completely disappeared with thousands of dollars. That was one of the most alarming life lessons. Over the year I’ve gotten down to my final friends, and I’ve realized you’ve got to keep your circle small. I used to think I have lots of friends and we all loved each other, but they didn’t love me, they just wanted to exploit me. But I’m still here and I was able to get out all that negative energy on this album.

Was it hard to stop writing about monsters and face your own demons?

It was the worst writing process ever. I hated every second of it because my producer Erik [Ron] knows when I’m not giving it my all. After doing three albums, he knows when I’m holding back, he knows when I’m not being completely honest and when I can give more. And he pushed me to face my fears and examine my past. That wasn’t easy. If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t be easy, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. But facing what hurts you and getting it out is good. If you’re writing lyrics and it’s easy and you’re having a good time, then you’re probably not saying anything worthwhile.

You’re addressing difficult subject matter, but it doesn’t feel like you’re being dragged down by it.

I always ask myself what kind of positive spin I can put on a song. I don’t want to bum people out. I’d prefer to have them listen to it and feel it and think, “Damn, if she got through that, I can get through my own problems.” That’s always my goal.

Is there a big difference between who you are onstage and who you are when you’re out of the public eye?

There used to be a big difference. I’ve always been pretty powerful onstage, but I used to be timid, quiet, and shy offstage. Now I feel that person has become one and the same. I can kick ass all the time.

When did you first identify with dark themes?

I feel like I was born with it in my blood. My family is very eccentric. I was pretty much raised by my grandmother, who was a practicing Wiccan. If I had a problem with a girl in school we would take her picture, put it in tinfoil, and then put it in the freezer. She used to do props for horror movies and theater productions, so she had a box of severed heads and at a very young age she taught me how to make entrails out of nylon. We’d watch movies together, but instead of children’s movies she’d put on stuff like Candyman and Halloween.

Did she influence your musical tastes growing up?

I had two uncles who were in their twenties when I was a kid and they were totally Goths. They both looked like Robert Smith and they exposed me to Bauhaus, the Cure, the Eurythmics, Blondie, and NOFX. And they would put black lipstick on me and dress me up when I was 5.

Were you popular at school?

No, I was always the weirdo. I always looked different and no one else knew about the horror movies or music I liked. My grandmother gave me spell books and people saw them and called me a witch. But I always felt very cool being different, so I just latched onto my individuality.

Have you discovered gender bias in the metal scene along the way?

I definitely have. Not so much anymore, but back in the day when we were trying to get signed, someone at a record company would say, “Well, we already have a girl rock band.” I was like, “Really? Are you serious?” It’s not like they said, “We can’t sign another band with guys in it.”

Do you see yourself more as a metal band or a hard-rocking alternative group?

We walk the fence of both. We play Warped Tour and we’re welcomed with open arms, and we play with Slipknot and it goes extremely well.

You used to perform with lots of props and fake blood. Why did you drop the theatrics?

I wanted people to focus on the music and not be known as “that band with the blood.” Also, our music has matured a lot since then. It’s more personal, so it doesn’t need the extra stuff. And when we started getting offers to tour with bands like Otep and Motionless in White, we didn’t want to embarrass them or get everything covered in blood and have them running away from us so they don’t get blood on them.

Did the shows used to get messy?

All the time. We had people slipping and falling on blood. It got all over people’s hair and clothes and in their contacts. It was just a hot mess.

It’s October now. Are you a big fan of Halloween?

We’re usually on tour, so most of the time we’re playing a show on Halloween. We dress up, but the month-long leadup to Halloween is great. For about 30 days it feels like the rest of the world has caught up to us.

Do you visit haunted houses when you’re on the road?

Whenever we can. We take it very seriously. The best one, hands down, is Chamber of Horrors in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the most f—ed-up, creepiest, scariest, most well-done maze ever made. I don’t want to give too much away, but the owner is really creative with his scares. I’ve been to literally hundreds of haunted houses and I’ve never seen one that’s so freaky and interactive.

You’re obviously the perfect band for Halloween. Why do you call yourself New Years Day, which isn’t a scary name at all?

We started the band when we were young and we were all going through breakups. One of the guys wrote a song called “Ready Aim Misfire,” which was essentially about murdering Cupid. And the song was so good we thought, “Well, we should start a band.” When we were thinking of a name we wanted something that suggested a new beginning or a fresh start, and someone said New Years Day. We all kind of liked it. I kind of wish we chose something which was a little bit more like us, but it seems to work.

Do you have any unusual collections fans probably should not know about?

I love voodoo dolls, and every time we’re in New Orleans I pick up at least one. I really like my human teeth collection. I ask all my friends if they have a tooth pulled or if they lose a tooth to give it to me – and they do. So I have this big jar of teeth, which is really inspiring for some reason. I also have jars of blood. If I go on a date with a guy I’ll ask him, “Would you ever give me a bottle of blood?” If he says no then clearly it’s not going to work out between us. But enough people have said yes. And I’m like, “You can give it to me however you want. You just have to fill the jar.”

Please stop.

Stop listening to predictions. Truth blogs, truth vlogs, whatever. Just stop. Stop believing to people because they say something. Start implying cold logic instead of emotions.

Re: the band not coming back: are you kidding me that the most ever money-hungry team is not squeezing the last dime out of this band and just lets this go? If you ignore the twenty interviews where they pledged to come back (which you shouldn’t btw) you still cannot give an explanation to why they did not tour mitam while touring is what brings the big bucks, you can’t explain Simon’s behavior and the huge contrast with what you see from the boys. They took to their twitter to promise to come back the moment the Sun broke this bullshit, they pinky promised, they said in Sheffield *we will see you soon*. I am not saying they never lied because of course they did. I am not saying we should believe they come back because Harry Styles said so in Sheffield on Oct 31st. I am just saying that this is so uncharacteristical for the boys to go this hard against the official narrative that it is worth raising some eyebrows. They could have broken it up. Could have ended it and no one would have blamed them. It was not needed to speak up, to pledge and make promises. They did not need to reassure the fans but they did. Hell we have a leaving member example and it is not even a similar situation. Them not coming back makes no sense. Business-wise, PR-wise, marketing-wise, their body language was not of a lying person. Look at everything when you analyze the situation. Nothing adds up. Please stop projecting your own fears on this. /tagged/this-is-not-the-end, /tagged/1d-about-hiatus

Re: Larry still being together: I just don’t get how this is a question still?? First of all in Dec up to the ski trip they had aligned mia times, then Harry lands at LAX one day before the *birth* and stays with Louis this whole time, even leaving with him when he has the Brits16. They stay mia and then show up in LA again at the same time and this whole time stay together in LA. I am talking about months here, not days. They have had aligned mia times and they have reappeared the same day. This has been happenig for years!!! There were at least two-three times when they were pictured with fans only a few blocks away. For a band not coming back and for a couple not being together they sure as hell do everything in a coordinated manner. Harry stayed till the last minute before he went to shoot the movie. And even now they are mia and the media uses throwback pictures since Louis left MEX. Which I am totally not sold that he stayed there for a week. Danielle was seen in LA and Louis went MIA. All Louis and Danielle needed was to get back to MEX and have a leaving pic and that *covers* his mia time in between. It is so transparent. They are no longer forced to be on different planets. And this is me implying logic. Ignoring their deep love that shines through whenever they look at each other, the level of commitment one and even more complementary tattoos mean and the level of commitment these same theme songs (i love you more than anything) they have been writing about/to each other mean.

Re: Harry going solo. You understand that this rumor has been going on for years, right? That this is nothing new. But boy did he not act on it. He never did. As far as I know and correct me if I am wrong: he is not the one who left. He is not the one aiming for a solo career. If he had wanted to go solo he could have already. And they would have kept it a huge fucking secret. Instead of recycling this boring old narrative. This is NOT how you start and promote a solo career to lie for months that it is not going to happen and then it suddenly happens. This is not how we know Harry as a person to be. We know very well who wants solo Harry to happen and they never made a secret out of it. Why is it this hard to still focus on 1) his personality 2) his opinion about fame 3) his reaction every time awards or interviewers wanted to single him out 4) how an actual solo career is prepared 5) how this aligns with what OT has been saying and wanting for years 6) how Harry simply doesn’t want it. 7) how easily they would have broken up the band amicably and would have had the full support of ot3 for Harry’s solo career 8) songwriting and having songs written on ascap doesn’t mean a solo album 8) Lilo and Niall have just as many unreleased songs as Harry if not more. 9) how mitam promo felt like the beginning and not the end of something. /tagged/solo-harry

Re: babygate: what else can I say that we haven’t already? It was fake before it even began. /tagged/babygate-masterpost

Re: Louis wanting to stay closeted: for someone who wants to stay closeted he sure as fuck succeeds in confirming that he doesn’t. /tagged/louis-closet, /tagged/louis-and-girls

All Your Imperfections

To the anonymous who wanted a depression story.

I felt a pain in my body. It was like a sting that lasted forever. I opened my eyes, my body warm and sweating. My vision was a little blurry. I looked down to my wrist to see what I’ve done to myself. I threw the razor on the floor while softly wiping some blood of me. I gulped and let out a sigh.

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5SOS Preference~ Exes

I’m not putting actual names for this. E/N means exes’ name. These are all going to be his exes, not yours. Some will be longer than others.



You’ve hated Luke’s ex ever since you could remember. During junior year, you were close friends with her. You told her about your crush on Luke, and she betrayed you. She went and hooked up with him, leading to a relationship. That was last year, though. You and Luke were together now, so that’s all that mattered to you. Luke was out with the guys, so you and your best friend decided to go clubbing tonight. You dressed in your best clubbing attire, and headed out to the bar, ready to party. You got there and your friend headed off to find boys, with a wink. You chuckled and went to get a drink and sit down. You weren’t planning on dancing with anyone, besides your friend, considering you were in a committed relationship with Luke. You’d have to wait until she was done picking up guys. The bartender handed you your drink and you went to sit at an empty table. You sat there for a few moments until you felt someones presence. You looked up to see her standing there. E/N. You rolled your eyes and focused your sight on anything but her. She grabbed your drink from your hand and held it behind her. “What do you want?” you scoffed, pulling your hair out of your eyes. She narrowed her eyes at you. “You may have Luke now, but he’ll come back wanting more. You’re just the rebound girl.” she said with a dry chuckle. “Excuse me?” you said standing up. “You may wanna say that a little louder.” you said, putting your hand on your hip. “I said-” she began, but you cut her off by punching her in the mouth. She stumbled backwards and grabbed her jaw. “What the fuck?” she yells over the music. Nearby people had caught attention and began gathering around. She regained herself and charged at you, dragging you to the ground. She sent a punch to your cheek and you groaned. You were done with this shit.You could beat her to death and you knew it. You flipped over so you were on top and threw punches at her face. She struggled to avoid them but failed miserably. You stopped punching when you heard a familiar voice calling your name. You looked up to see Luke and the other boys standing around you two. This was probably such a sight to see. Your hair all knotted, dress almost backwards, and straddling E/N. Your eyes widened as Luke pulled you off of her, and helped E/N up. She brushed herself off and you covered your laughs at what you did to her face. She looked like a tomato. “Your bitchy girlfriend fucking charged at me!” she shouted. The crowds had all wandered off, and your friend appeared next to you. “Wh-” she began, but stopped when she saw E/N. She laughed and covered her mouth. She put her hand up to high five you, and you smirked, high fiving her. E/N screamed in frustration and stomped away. You looked up at Luke innocently and he grabbed your hand, dragging you from the club. He didn’t say anything, just led you to the car silently. Once you were both in his car, he looked over at you and began laughing hysterically. You raised an eyebrow. You thought he would be pissed, but here he was laughing. “You can fight, Y/N” he said through laughs. “It was kinda hot,” he said, starting the car and heading towards his flat, where you assumed you were staying the night.


You were at a party with Cal, celebrating 5 Seconds of Summer’s first album. It was being held at a fancy hall, which meant fancy clothes. You wore a white flowy dress that went to mid thigh, with silver sandals. Calum had on a tux, which he complained about the whole ride there. You found it quite amusing listening to him complain about dressing up. You were currently heading up to the beverage table, getting some fruit punch, considering you weren’t much of an alcohol drinker. You sat your glass down, and reached for the punch spoon. You gathered some fruit punch, and poured it into your cup with a small grin tugging at your lips. You were happy to be here celebrating one of your boyfriend’s biggest achievements of his career yet. You turned to put it back. When you turned to pick up your cup you sighed to see Calum’s ex, E/N holding your cup. You sighed. “You scared me,” you said with a chuckle, trying to be nice. You didn’t want to start anything here. “Can i have my cup?” you ask, extending your arm. She rolls her eyes. “You wish,” she says, taking a sip of your drink. “What the hell.” you say, giving her a death glare. “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” she began. You grinned, accepting her apology. You turned to get another cup but she grabbed your arm. “Let me,” she said. You smiled in appreciation, but gasped when you felt the cold liquid being poured all over your dress. Tears instantly sprung to your eyes. You were embarrassed, pissed, and sad all at the same time. You breathed in and out slowly to try and contain your anger without blowing up on her. “I’m so sorry! It was an accident!” she said with a fake pout. You swallowed the lump rising in your throat and shut your eyes tightly. “Go away, E/N,” you said. “Not here.” you said again. She sighed. “No, Y/N. Here is the perfect place. Calum can see how weak you are.” she said. You turned and began to head for the exit, but ran right into someone’s chest. You looked up to see Calum looking down at you. “What happened?” he asked, seeing the punch on your dress. The dress was ruined and Calum had spent so much money buying it for you. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, before moving past him to leave the building. You didn’t want to break down in front of everyone.


It was around Christmas time, so you were out shopping, trying to find gifts for all of your friends. You had two shopping bags hanging off of your left arm, your phone clutched in the other. You were scrolling through the note you made, which had all the names of people you needed to buy for on it. You still needed to buy something for your best friend, so you walked into Forever 21, and began browsing through the racks of clothes. You browsed for a few minutes, before you felt someone’s eyes burning into the back of your head. You looked up, and turned around slowly, to see Ashton’s ex girlfriend staring back at you. You had never spoken to her, but you had seen photos of her before. You smiled at her, but she only gave you death glares in return. You turned around, wondering who stuck a pole up her ass, and continued looking for something for your friend. You snapped your head up when someone spoke your name. She was standing there, smiling at you, looking far more friendly than before. You grinned. “Can I help you?” you said cheerfully. She smiled and flicked her hair behind her shoulder, “Actually, yes,” she said. You nodded, telling her to continue. “You can stay out of me and Ashton’s relationship. All you are is the homewrecker who ruined everything we had.” You couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at what she said. She looked at you angrily. “Why are you laughing?” she shouted, causing the other women standing nearby in the store to look over at the two of you in curiousity. “It’s just-” you said, but stopped to laugh again, “You and Ashton don’t have a relationship. Whatever you ‘had’ is long gone.” You said sassily. She scoffed and put her hand on her hip, trying to intimidate you. “Oh well. You’re always going to be a fat whore.” she said, walking out of the store. You stood there, confused as to what just happened. 


Michael had been distant lately, and it had been getting you down. He ditched a couple dates you two had planned, but he apologized profusely, and you caved. He also hasn’t been as cuddly as he usually is, which confuses you. He usually loves cuddles, and watching movies together. Your mind was filled with jumbled up thoughts. You were confused. You decided to go out to treat yourself to a personal day alone, to think and ease your mind. You just finished eating lunch at one of your favorite restaurants that you and Michael often came to, and asked the waiter for the bill. He had been flirting with you the whole time, and you politely ignored his efforts. You quickly finished your meal and left twenty dollars on the table, desperate to get out of the restaurant. You had felt like someone’s gaze had been on you the entire time, and it wasn’t just the waiter trying to get your number. You pulled into the driveway of you and Michael’s apartment and your eyes widened when you saw a familiar car parked in your drive. Mike’s evil ex, E/N. She was always trying to destroy your relationship and get back with him. It was obvious he was only with her at the time for sex, so you had no clue why she was so hung up on him. You quickly scrambled out of your car and inside the front door, to see Michael looking at something on her phone with his eyebrows furrowed together. She looked up when you entered and smirked devishly, as Michael’s eyes remained lingering on the phone screen in concentration. He looked up to you with an angry expression on his face and stormed toward you. “What the hell is this?” he spat, as he turned her pink, jeweled phone case around toward you. On the screen, was a photo of you sitting at the table and smiling up at the waiter. To anyone who was not there, it looked like you were flirting with him, but you were only trying to let him down easily with a smile. You wracked your brain for an explanation to the photo and came up with nothing except for, “It’s not what it looks like.” You had a worried expression in your face, yet you were still completely sincere and honest. Michael rolled his eyes and reached behind you to the coat rack. He grabbed his jacket and shrugged it over his shoulders. “That’s what they all say.” he mumbled. “Come on, E/N.” He said, before he stepped behind you and out into the cold air. You let a tear fall down your cheek as E/N shuffled past you with a smirk plastered on her face. 



Flashback part 2


I still love you…

 I stared at Luke mouth parted. All that could be heard was our breathing. I walked up to him the anger rising in me as I got closer to him. I pointed my finger at him.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!?! You’re the one that broke up with me!! I should’ve told the world the truth!!! How could you move on that fast!” She yelled. Luke looked down ashamed. “Why Luke? Why? I thought we were the perfect couple. Yeah we had the stupid rumor’s but why? Why?” She kept asking Why? desperate for an answer. The answer to why Luke broke up with her, leaving her there alone with no one to hold or care for her. “Why?” She whispered before breaking down. Luke sat down next to her adn pulled her into his arms.

“I’m sorry I-I thought I was protecting you from the hate” Luke said. His eyes beginning to water. (Y/N) pulled away and looked at him.

“Well you made it worse” She said standing up. Luke standing up with her. “Now go before I call security” She spoke confidently. She was done with Luke messing with her feelings.

“(Y/N) I-”

“OUT!” She yelled. He stood there still. Luke has never seen this side of (Y/N). “Security!!” She called out with tears springing to her eyes. 

“What no?!?!” Luke yelled as two of her security guards grabbed him. HE struggled trying to get to her. (Y/N) was sniffling. She didn’t like seeing Luke in pain. She flinched as Luke tried to lurch out of the security’s grip.(Y/N) watched as her security drug him out. (Y/N) sat on the couch thinking. Thinking about Luke. The one thing that clouded her mind, day and night. She wanted to just jump into his arms screaming I love you too…But she couldn’t do that any more. There was a light knock on the door bringing (Y/N) out of her thought’s.

“Come in” She spoke softly but still loud enough to be heard.

“The van is ready Ms. (Y/L/N)” Joe said. She nodded her head and grabbed her duffel bag. She walked out of the arena into the dark night. She stopped to take some photos with fans. She walked into the black van ready to get to the hotel to go to sleep. After a twenty minute car ride her van pulled up in front of her hotel. Surprisingly only a few fans were outside of the hotel. She took pictures with him and walked up to the elevator. She tiredly pulled her earphones out and stepped out of the elevator as it dinged. She had a security guard trailing behind her to make sure she makes it safe. After she got in and was settled the security walked off to his room. (Y/N) waited a minute to go get some ice. She walked out with her key and ice bucket. She heard people talking and looked behind her. Her eyes widened when she saw Luke in sweat pants and an old jersey that (Y/N) used to wear. Arzaylea had one of Luke’s black t-shirts on. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and continued to get ice. They stepped into the room getting ice as well. (Y/N) sucked in a deep breath. I still love you my ass.. she thought. She rolled her eyes and turned around. Arzaylea and her made eye contact first. Arzaylea looked down at the ground knowing Luke and (Y/N)’s past. (Y/N) drifted her attention to Luke’s hands that were firmly on Arzaylea’s waist. She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“Watch out Arzaylea he might want to ‘Protect’ you” (Y/N) spoke coldly. With that she walked down the hallway to her room. She looked behind her once more to find Luke looking at her sympathetically. (Y/N) drifted off into a peaceful sleep with Luke on her mind. 

(Y/N) was a woken from her sleep to go to a Vegemite day interview. Yes she wasn’t Australian but she dated one and that was the next best thing. Truth is (Y/N) HATES Vegemite. Luke always thought that was funny, she would make the boys sandwich’s with Vegemite. She arrived wearing black high wasted shorts, and a black sports bra with a white lacy loose top. 

“Ok (Y/N) let’s get you to your interview with 5SOS” David one of her tour manger’s said. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at David.

“W-What?” She stuttered.

“Yeah sorry. We wanted to tell you earlier but we thought you wouldn’t agree. You just have to do one interview with them and act like you and Luke are friends” He spoke while directing her to the spot where the interview was going to take place. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone. In the distance I heard a few boys laughing and I know it was them. 

“Ok (Y/N) you just have to act like your friends for one interview” David spoke before walking off behind the camera’s. I took a deep breath ready to get this interview over with. I looked up and made eye contact with the boys. They stood there mouth’s parted. 

“Is this your interview also?” Ashton asked. I nodded my head yes.

“Awesome” Michael said awkwardly. They must of heard about what happened last night. I sighed and looked over to the interviewer. 

“Good morning guys we will be starting here shortly.” She spoke while having her hair and make up touched up. I nodded my head. Luke was standing directly by me then Michael, Calum, and Ashton. “Ok good morning Sydney Australia. I’m here with 5 Seconds Of Summer and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!!” She said excitedly. We smiled at the camera and looked back at the interviewer. “Ok so about three- four weeks ago our favorite couple called it splits, is that true?” She asked us. I smiled knowing I can get my revenge.

“Yes” I answered. She frowned at the camera then turned back to us.

“So why did you two break up, you were our favorite couple?” She asked. I looked at Luke.

“Well you see, Luke thought he was ‘Protecting’ me by ending it with me. But in reality I now get twice the hate.” I spoke while smiling sickly at the camera. She continued rambling on and asking us questions, like how’s tour going? or What can we expect on your next albums. The interview dragged on but came to an end. When the camera flashed off saying we weren’t live anymore I dropped the fake smile and pushed passed the boys.  

“Wait (Y/N) I wasn’t lying, I still love you” He spoke while pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I rolled my eyes and pushed his hand away. 

“I’ll see you later Luke” I spoke. I went to interview after interview, photo shoot after photo shoot, live stream to live stream. It was now the last thing of the day and she was going to perform Six feet Under the Stars Acoustic by All Time Low. Michael offered to be the guitarist since he knew this song fully.

“1…2…3″ Michael counted off. 

 “Six Feet Under The Stars”

Time to lay claim to the evidence
Fingerprints sold me out
But our footprints washed away from the docks downtown
It’s been getting late for days
And I think myself deserving of a little time off
We can kick it here for hours
And just mouth off about the world
And how we know it’s going straight to hell

Pass me another bottle, honey
The Jager’s so sweet
But if it keeps you around then I’m down

Meet me on Thames Street
I’ll take you out though I’m hardly worth your time
In the cold you look so fierce, but I’m warm enough
Because the tension’s like a fire
We’ll hit South Broadway in a matter of minutes
And like a bad movie, I’ll drop a line
Fall in the grave I’ve been digging myself
But there’s room for two
Six feet under the stars

I should have known better than to call you out
(On a night like this, a night like this)
If not for you, I know I’d tear this place to the ground
(But I’m alright like this, alright like this)
I’m gonna roll the dice before you sober up and get gone
(I’m always in over my head)

Thames Street
I’ll take you out though I’m hardly worth your time
In the cold you look so fierce, but I’m warm enough
Because the tension’s like a fire
We’ll hit South Broadway in a matter of minutes
And like a bad movie, I’ll drop a line
Fall in the grave I’ve been digging myself
But there’s room for two
Six feet under the stars

Time to lay claim to the evidence
Fingerprints sold me out
But our footprints washed away
I’m guilty, but I’m safe for one more day
Overdressed and underage (what a let down)
“Do you really need to see an ID? ”
This is embarrassing as hell (what a let down)
But I can cover for it so well
When we’re six feet under the stars

Thames Street
I’ll take you out though I’m hardly worth your time
In the cold you look so fierce, but I’m warm enough
Because the tension’s like a fire
We’ll hit South Broadway in a matter of minutes
And like a bad movie, I’ll drop a line
Fall in the grave I’ve been digging myself
But there’s room for two
Six feet under the stars
Six feet under the stars
Six feet under the stars

I looked out at the crowd and to the back of the room where the rest of the boys stood. I bit my lip and spoke into the microphone.

“Thank you all for coming out drive home safely.” I said. Michael and I walked off the stage. I hugged Michael goodbye and walked over to my security guards. Joe handed me some sunglasses to block out the paparazzi camera flashes. 

“(Y/N) wait!!” I heard Luke shout. I was already outside the paparazzi was going crazy. I turned around and glared at him. He ran even faster to me.

I still Love you…”He said. I was about to protest but his lips were against mine. My brain was yelling Pull away or push him away. But my body would not listen. My hands found his soft, blonde curls at the nape of his neck. His hands found my waist. I could hear the paparazzi yelling at us to get our attention but nothing mattered right now. I finally pulled away and looked at him shocked. I felt the tears spring to my eyes. I turned around and jogged towards my van. I looked out of he car window to see Luke standing there smiling. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as we drove away. What have I done?

It was now the third night and it was also my last night in Sydney Australia. I was getting ready for my last concert in Australia. I had my white sparkly microphone and I was being rised onto stage.

  “Nothing Feels Like You”

I could have all the money
All the fancy treasures in the world
25 acres just to hold my diamonds and my pearls

But all of that’s a fantasy
Nothing like I wanna be
Baby you and me that’s real
Something like a masterpiece
We be up in galleries
You and I, that’s real

If I had everything, it wouldn’t mean a thing
‘Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you
No matter what they say can’t take my love away
‘Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you

Baby even when we’re miles apart
You’ll always stay inside my heart
Let me tell you no one else will do
'Cause baby nothing feels like you

Boys will be boys
I got plenty knocking at my door
But none of them compare
Baby, you’re the one I’m waiting for

'Cause I’m living in a fantasy
Every time you’re here with me
Kiss me if it’s real
Baby you and me for keeps
You bring out the best in me
Now you know that’s real

If I had everything, it wouldn’t mean a thing
'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you
No matter what they say can’t take my love away
'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you

Baby even when we’re miles apart
You’ll always stay inside my heart
Let me tell you no one else will do
'Cause baby nothing feels like you

No nothing like ya
No nothing like
No nothing like ya
No nothing like

If I had everything it wouldn’t mean a thing
'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you

No matter what they say can’t take my love away
'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you

Baby even when we’re miles apart
You’ll always stay inside my heart
Let me tell you no one else will do
'Cause baby nothing feels like you

No nothing like
No nothing like
No nothing like

I still love you…” Burned in the back of her mind.

Like if you want another part