these endings send chills up my spine

Brendon Urie Smut - Punished pt 1

*trigger warning - name calling*

“Miss y/l/n are you on your phone?!” Mr Urie stopped the class to question you.
You quickly hid it in your bra. “I will need to confiscate it until the end of the day” he walked towards you intimidatingly, but also in a way that made you want him.
“Well, you can’t take it, it’s in my bra, I’m pretty sure you’d get in a lot of trouble sir” you winked and sat back in your seat.
He moved closer to you, his lips to your ear “try me” he whispered, sending chills down your spine and turning you on.
He straightened back up and went back to the front of the room. “Fine, I’ll see you after class y/n” his authoritative tone came back, almost shouting. You sank back down.
You thought you’d maybe Horton somewhere with him, he’d been your fantasy for ages. But it just looked like you’ll get shouted at and a phone call him, which is really not want you needed. At least if he did shout at you it was the end of the day and a weekend so you didn’t need to be anywhere if it got too much.
You counted down the seconds as you waited for the lesson to end, you wanted it all over and done with.
“Right guys, I’ll see you next week, have a great weekend, stay safe” Mr Urie said as the room was surrounded with the sound of shuffling of feet and people talking.
You put the hood of your jacket up and tried walking out with the crowd.
“Hang on there y/n we’re not done” Mr Urie said sternly.
You turned around and walked to his desk, you handed him your phone
“Take a seat, you can stay here for an hour, get some work out” he said and sat with your phone in his hand.
You heard the click of it unlocking, suddenly you remembered what you were doing before you were caught. You immediately stood up to take it from him, he moved it out of reach and started talking
“He’s so hot, honestly, I don’t care what happened, I want to fuck him so bad” he locked the phone back up “well, well, well, you’re a bit of a slut aren’t you? Who was that about? Was it me? And don’t lie to me”
You were like a rabbit caught in headlights, you just stood there with nothing to say, of course it was about him, but how were you meant to tell him that.
“I thought so, y'know that’s very inappropriate of you, I don’t know what to do with you” he walked up to you and pushed your chin up with his finger.
“Fuck me” you whispered in reply to him.
“What did you say?” He got closer.
“Fuck me sir, fuck me till I can’t walk” you stood up moving yourself closer to him and away from your desk.
He grabbed you the closest he could.
“What a vile little mouth you have miss, oh I’ll fuck you believe me, but not until you’ve been punished first” you lips parted and his smash against yours.
You took your jacket off, and kicked your shoes away as his arms still held you and lips still me yours.
You wanted his body so badly. You tried to push his suit jacket off and he flipped you over instead making you lean against his desk “you are not in charge, I am” he growled in your ear, he quickly took your leggings off, leaving you exposed with lacy panties on bent over. Ready for him.
“Perfect little slut aren’t you really, it’s like you new this was going to happen” he said slapping your ass with a ruler, it drove you crazy, you were nearly wet through already, this was just making it worse.
He knelt behind you and spanked you again but this time softer with his hand “so perfect” he said as he rubbed it better.
You moaned as his hand slipped over your panties “my, my you’re very wet aren’t you” he growled and flipped you over so you were now facing him. He stood up, you could finally see how hard he was, as his impressive bulge showed through his trousers. It rubbed against your body as he picked you up and sat you on the desk. In a passionate kiss he began taking his clothes of revealing his tattoo covered arms, in a matter of seconds he was left with just his boxers on. You couldn’t take it anymore, you took your top and bra off before he could tell you not to, and with your legs wrapped around him you removed his boxers with your feet, as the fabric rubbed against his cock he moaned slightly.
“So, you’re just as desperate to be fucked as I am by the sounds of it, sir” you spoke gently into his ear.
“I’ve wanted this for a long time” he replied, ripping your panties off your body.
“So have I” you said, breathless. At that point he put his arms around your body again and embraced you into a kiss, he worked from your lips to your neck, down to your left breast, you threw your head back in pleasure, moaning as he gently pulled on your nipple.
He didn’t say a word, he just continued, you were losing you little self control you had left “Brendon, fuck me” you didn’t care, you didn’t care if you got punished for using his first name, you just wanted him, you needed him. You took his cock and lined him it up with you, he didn’t hesitate to push himself into you. He grunted and he thrusted in and out of you. “Fuck you feel so good y/n” he moaned pulling your legs tighter around him, you couldn’t reply your moans were too loud.
“Shh baby, there are still teachers here, we’ll get caught” he muffled your sound with his lips, one of his hands was now rubbing your clit the other supporting you. Despite his effort of keeping you quiet you were still nearly screaming, you had never felt this way before, you were close to coming. He pulled out suddenly, you were a dripping, breathless mess on his desk, confused what was going on. “Please don’t stop” you whispered, not sure what to do with yourself. He was still fully hard and naked in front of you.
“Hang on, I can hear footsteps” he began putting his clothes on. “Get dressed y/n!” He shouted across the room in a panicked tone. You shoved your clothes on a quickly as possible not worrying about your bra or panties you just wanted to get covered up. There was a knock on the door, you sat at your desk.
“Mr Urie” a muffled female voice asked behind the door, Brendon sat back at his desk, hiding your underwear in the his drawer “Come in” he replied shuffling in his seat, clearly uncomfortable from his still had dick.
“Oh, sorry sir I didn’t realise you had company” one of you classmates walked in and glared at you.
“Why does that make a difference?” He snapped at her not liking the way she looked at you.
“Well I was wondering if there was anything I could do to get my grades up” she leaned over the desk.
“Yes, work harder and stop partying every weekend would help” he looked at her not breaking eye contact.
“Well, I mean are you sure there’s nothing else” she wiggles her body and moved her hand closer to his along the desk.
“What do you expect me to say?! you don’t do the work, so you’re not going to get the grades, now I’d be grateful if you left my classroom I have things to do” he snapped ushering her out with his arm. She looked at you as she left, you pretended not to see her.
Brendon stood up after she slammed the door and locked it behind her “she can’t come back even if she wanted to now” he walked back to your desk, pushing your hair out of your face.
“Why didn’t you give her what she wanted? She clearly wanted to fuck you, I thought you’d want that” you blurted out in uncontrolled emotion.
“Stand up” he commanded, you stood “look me in the eyes” you walked forward and looked up at him. His lips slammed against yours once again, hands exploring each other’s body’s. He broke away.
“I don’t want her, I want you, I need you y/n, now lets go back to mine and finish what we started baby” he took your hand and you went back to the car.