these endings send chills up my spine

- you always cross my mind, at the most random moments. The sunset reminds me of how soft your voice is. The stars remind me of the smile that shines brighter than the world itself. Even darkness reminds me of you, how deep your mind and heart are, yet how peaceful they both seem. You are my light at the end of a tunnel. Your lips against my neck makes me weak, your fingers tracing my skin , sends chills up and down my spine. You’re exhilarating. You truly take my breath away. You have the mind of a poet, your words flow like a book. Filling new pages everyday, I want to be on those pages, as a new beginning.

Taehyung - He has to choose between you and his daughter

Taehyung can feel his resolve break even further as the masked man, dressed entirely in black, sends another hit to your face. They discovered pretty quickly that Taehyung really didn’t care what they did to him. He didn’t value himself at all. So they found something he did value - you, and his daughter.

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what's your favorite scene in Carol?

Too many of them to pick just one, to be honest. Here’s a few:

1. The scene where Carol and Therese are leaving on their road trip, and it’s snowing, and “Silver Bells” is playing. There’s just something so beautiful, sanguine, and nostalgic about it all at the same time. One of my favorite scenes in any film ever.

2. Before their big love scene, the way Carol unties her robe and lets it just fall open while looking at Therese in the mirror. I completely lost my breath the first time I watched the film. It’s such a meaningful gesture; like Carol is offering herself to Therese as well, making herself vulnerable.

3. The “we’re not ugly people, Harge” scene. Carol standing up for herself and being brave enough to live her truth no matter what the cost makes my heart swell up with pride and ache at the same time. The way Cate plays that whole scene, and especially her delivery of that line, just rips my heart out. She was robbed of the Academy Award for this role, I swear.

4. Both scenes where Carol says “flung out of space.” It was brilliant to have her reiterate that sentiment during their love scene.

5. Of course, the ending. Carol’s expression at the end when she sees Therese coming towards her says it all. Cate’s a master at just acting with the eyes/facial expressions, and this end scene, with the incredible score playing in the background, and that smile that slowly spreads across Carol’s face, and the way her eyes light up and smile all by themselves sends chills down my spine.

There are so many more, (basically the whole film) but these have to be my top five favorites. This is my favorite film, and I’m just so grateful to everyone that had a hand in bringing this magnificent and moving love story to life.

From Paris, With Love

Genre: Fluff?? Angst??

Characters: Jung Jaehyun x Reader

Warning/s: Some smut mentioned *blushes* and cursing.

A/N: Okay, I’m not sure what this is? This isn’t a request, but it’s been sitting in my computer for a while. I have a happier version of this, but I liked how the angst turned out to be. Anyways! Enjoy our lovely Jung Jaehyun! ❤︎

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Y/N has no idea what she’s doing in Paris right now.

Sure, Taeyong invited her as his childhood friend, but he was never aware of her unrequited love for him. He thinks that Y/N sees him as her older brother, but it is far from that.

Paris is the best location for sweet weddings, but it’s not fair for those who have no one to love. It’s called the city of love for a reason. Everywhere she looks, the couples are clinging onto each other like they couldn’t in South Korea.

Last night’s wedding bummed her out big time, and now, she’s in the hotel’s restaurant catching up with her food intake.

She got painfully drunk last night, that she actually ended up in someone else’s room.

And she was bare naked, too.

She groans as she remembers. Who in this beautiful city did I sleep with last night? The guy was actually taking a shower when she had woken up, and she shuffled her way out this morning to escape the embarrassment. She remembers the voice calling for her though, yet she didn’t turn around to take a good look at him.

“Hello,” a tall guy wearing jeans and a plain tee greets her with an adorable smile. “May I sit here?”

She nods, unable to say anything. That voice sounds way too familiar…

She peeks on the guy’s collarbone and finds a purpling mark that he is obviously trying to hide.

“Why did you run away this morning?” The male whispers lowly, sending chills down her spine.

I’m screwed.

“My name’s Jaehyun, by the way, in case you forgot,” he eats some of Y/N’s breakfast that she doesn’t touch anymore. “My real name’s Yoonoh, but whatever floats your boat.”

Y/N cannot believe her eyes. How did we end up having sex last night?

“We were both drunk as fuck,” Jaehyun informs her as she begins to look conflicted.

“You look lonely,” a tipsy Y/N elbowed the drinking Jaehyun beside her.

“My girlfriend just dumped me over the phone, then I heard a guy’s voice,”

“Maybe it’s her dad?”

“Telling her to come back to bed?” Jaehyun chuckled as Y/N frowned after hearing the next line.

“Well, she’s bullshit!” Y/N continued drinking her tequila, and then the loud music jammed throughout the venue.

“Come on, big boy, let’s dance!”

And so she pulled the unwilling Jaehyun on the dance floor. Right after she saw Taeyong and the bride’s sensual dance moves, she stopped moving and slumped despite her bleary eyesight.

Jaehyun noticed and turned to where Y/N was looking at.

“Hey,” Jaehyun tried to get her attention, but she was focused to the newlyweds’ erotic dance. Out of nowhere, he grabbed her face and passionately took the breath out of her.

“Make me forget about it,” Y/N pleaded as she tightly embraced his waist.

They abandoned the rest of the party, giving in to their deepest desires in bliss.

“I’m an embarrassing human being,” Y/N hides her face.

“You’re not,” Jaehyun disagrees. “You’re actually pretty good. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have this hickey.” Jaehyun lowers his collar a bit.

“How can you remember? I can’t even remember a single thing!” Y/N mutters.

“Do you want me to remind you?” He leans into her ear and whispers.

“Shut up,” she whines as she bangs her head on the table.

“Shut it, sweetheart. Now, finish your food because we’re going to the Eiffel Tower today!” Jaehyun announces ecstatically.

“Said who?”

“I did! And it’s a date.”

Y/N promised to stay in touch with Jaehyun after that wonderful date around Champs-Élysées.  They took pictures, they held hands, they kissed, and they had a repeat performance of the previous night’s rendezvous.

Poor Jaehyun for holding on to her empty promises.

He receives no call from Y/N, even after five days of their return to Seoul. He could ask Taeyong, but it appears so that the female does not want to see him, nor does she want to involve herself with.

Still, it makes Jaehyun incredibly lonesome.

“Cheer up, hyung,” Mark pats his back before he prepares to go to university.

“Maybe I should go out now. I don’t think moping would be of any help.” He’s usually so cheery, but because of one girl who does not want to keep in touch after two amazing nights (at least to Jaehyun, it is), he is in a funk.

“Yeah, just go to Ten hyung’s bash later, hyung. I wish I can go, but I need to worry about my future.” Mark grumbles before tugging on his backpack and leaving their apartment.

So Jaehyun does go to Ten’s party, and it may have only consisted of some friends, which includes Taeyong and his new wife.

“Hey, Ten, I hope you don’t mind but I invited someone,” Taeyong sheepishly informs, his hands on his wife, Yerin.

“No problem, hyung! The more, the merrier! What’s your friend’s name?”

Jaehyun somehow wishes that Y/N’s name will come out of Taeyong’s mouth. He hopes that she will appear in front of Ten’s door, and she will see how miserable she has made Jaehyun by not reaching out to him.

“Her name’s Jennie,” Jaehyun downs his beer to hide his dissatisfaction.

“Sounds like a girl,” Yuta points out as he gets himself some chips.

“Because she is, stupid,” his girlfriend, Sorn, hits his head. Yuta groans in pain and asks for Sorn’s unneeded forgiveness, but she lets him anyway. That’s how nauseating they are.

Or maybe Jaehyun is just bitter.

“Ten, Jen says she’s here. Let me open the door.” Taeyong rushes to the main door of Ten’s house and opens it to reveal a tall brunette female along with a blonde one beside her.

“Hi, oppa,” Jennie greets Taeyong with a hug. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought some friends. This is Lisa, and I thought Ten and Yuta’s girlfriend would like to meet her because she’s Thai as well.”

Lisa and Ten both exchange pleasantries in their own language, and Ten’s smile has been worn since he saw her.

“Oh, and another friend came by. I finally forced her to come with us since she doesn’t want to leave the house since we came back from Paris,” Jennie fills in some information, but Jaehyun decides to drown it out. He does not expect to see Y/N anymore. “She’s just parking across the street.”

Taeyong smiles at the last friend’s appearance.

“Y/N, you finally came out of your hellhole!” Taeyong exclaims as he tackles the female with a hug.

And Jaehyun almost spits out the alcohol. Suddenly, he’s sober and all traces of his tipsiness is gone.

He turns his face away from the said female, hoping that she wouldn’t notice him. He may have expected her to come, but he hasn’t thought of what to say to her. Suddenly, all the questions in his mind are erased from him.

He misses her face, though. He traced her featured during the second night after she fell asleep, hoping that even if she leaves the next morning, he will remember the contours of her face, the high rise of her cheekbones, her dimples, and her wide eyes.

He remembers it surreally, and he so much wants to catch a glimpse of it once again.

Giving in to the temptation, Jaehyun decides to take just a little peek of her, and to his grimace, she is looking right back at her.

She looks utterly surprised, but relief is visible through her features. Jaehyun sees that her fists are balled, knuckles already turning white. Jaehyun looks away, once again feeling bitter after she completely cut him off after promising that she wouldn’t.

Don’t waver, Jung Jaehyun. Don’t.

The night goes on like that, with him stealing glances at Y/N and Y/N doing the same, and whenever their gazes meet, Jaehyun always turns away first.

It’s a cycle so cruel, but Jaehyun wants to make her feel how he did.

Jaehyun escapes the stuffy house. Yuta and Sorn are already drunk, but they’re the same as when they are not. They’re still overly cheesy and unnecessarily touchy. Ten is as well, flirting with the quiet newbie Lisa, who is now sleeping on his shoulder. Jennie is the only one sober, as she is assigned to drive home.

Y/N is nowhere to be found.

Jaehyun later finds her sitting on Ten’s yard, staring up at the night sky. She does not notice the intrusion of another person.

“Ah…” she slurs, pointing to the sky. “I hate myself.”

Jaehyun assumes that she’s intoxicated as well by the way she is speaking to herself.

“Because of your silly fears, you lost the chance with an amazing guy, Y/N,” she giggles to herself and chugs down the contents of her bottle. “He must hate me so much.”

Jaehyun decides not to speak, wanting to hear how she feels.

“I miss Jaehyun,” she suddenly sobs. “Moon, how come he doesn’t want to look at me? I pushed him away, right? Did he hate me because of that? I was afraid that it maybe something he doesn’t want to happen. Maybe it was only the sex that he liked, and I was afraid because I felt something special between us.”

Jaehyun suddenly feels relief wash his senses.

“Stars, can I have one wish, even if I’m selfish?” She does not receive an answer of course. “I wish Jaehyun won’t hate me anymore. I don’t know if I can explain this to him, but I really, really like him. Do you think he feels the same?”

“I don’t think the stars know the answer to that question,” Jaehyun finally makes his presence known, and in a flash, Y/N turns her head to him. “Only I know it.”

“You’re here,” she smiles, staying at where she’s seated in case he doesn’t want her to go to him.

“I was only waiting for you, Y/N,” Jaehyun sits beside her, taking ahold of her beer. “I would’ve understand, and it would’ve saved us a lot of heartbreak if you decided to confirm it with me first.”

Y/N remains silent, knowing that Jaehyun is right.

“I like you too, Y/N,” Jaehyun holds her face between his hands, in joy to finally touch her beauty. “Much more than you think. I can’t forget about you, and I didn’t want to. Those nights weren’t just usual nights for me, but what I felt when we were together was something that I’ve never felt before.”

Y/N smiles, then sobs afterwards and falls to his chest.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jaehyun hushes her and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologizes.

“It’s okay now, baby,” Jaehyun kisses the hollow of her temple. “I’m here now. We’re okay.”

Brendon Urie Smut - Punished pt 1

*trigger warning - name calling*

“Miss y/l/n are you on your phone?!” Mr Urie stopped the class to question you.
You quickly hid it in your bra. “I will need to confiscate it until the end of the day” he walked towards you intimidatingly, but also in a way that made you want him.
“Well, you can’t take it, it’s in my bra, I’m pretty sure you’d get in a lot of trouble sir” you winked and sat back in your seat.
He moved closer to you, his lips to your ear “try me” he whispered, sending chills down your spine and turning you on.
He straightened back up and went back to the front of the room. “Fine, I’ll see you after class y/n” his authoritative tone came back, almost shouting. You sank back down.
You thought you’d maybe Horton somewhere with him, he’d been your fantasy for ages. But it just looked like you’ll get shouted at and a phone call him, which is really not want you needed. At least if he did shout at you it was the end of the day and a weekend so you didn’t need to be anywhere if it got too much.
You counted down the seconds as you waited for the lesson to end, you wanted it all over and done with.
“Right guys, I’ll see you next week, have a great weekend, stay safe” Mr Urie said as the room was surrounded with the sound of shuffling of feet and people talking.
You put the hood of your jacket up and tried walking out with the crowd.
“Hang on there y/n we’re not done” Mr Urie said sternly.
You turned around and walked to his desk, you handed him your phone
“Take a seat, you can stay here for an hour, get some work out” he said and sat with your phone in his hand.
You heard the click of it unlocking, suddenly you remembered what you were doing before you were caught. You immediately stood up to take it from him, he moved it out of reach and started talking
“He’s so hot, honestly, I don’t care what happened, I want to fuck him so bad” he locked the phone back up “well, well, well, you’re a bit of a slut aren’t you? Who was that about? Was it me? And don’t lie to me”
You were like a rabbit caught in headlights, you just stood there with nothing to say, of course it was about him, but how were you meant to tell him that.
“I thought so, y'know that’s very inappropriate of you, I don’t know what to do with you” he walked up to you and pushed your chin up with his finger.
“Fuck me” you whispered in reply to him.
“What did you say?” He got closer.
“Fuck me sir, fuck me till I can’t walk” you stood up moving yourself closer to him and away from your desk.
He grabbed you the closest he could.
“What a vile little mouth you have miss, oh I’ll fuck you believe me, but not until you’ve been punished first” you lips parted and his smash against yours.
You took your jacket off, and kicked your shoes away as his arms still held you and lips still me yours.
You wanted his body so badly. You tried to push his suit jacket off and he flipped you over instead making you lean against his desk “you are not in charge, I am” he growled in your ear, he quickly took your leggings off, leaving you exposed with lacy panties on bent over. Ready for him.
“Perfect little slut aren’t you really, it’s like you new this was going to happen” he said slapping your ass with a ruler, it drove you crazy, you were nearly wet through already, this was just making it worse.
He knelt behind you and spanked you again but this time softer with his hand “so perfect” he said as he rubbed it better.
You moaned as his hand slipped over your panties “my, my you’re very wet aren’t you” he growled and flipped you over so you were now facing him. He stood up, you could finally see how hard he was, as his impressive bulge showed through his trousers. It rubbed against your body as he picked you up and sat you on the desk. In a passionate kiss he began taking his clothes of revealing his tattoo covered arms, in a matter of seconds he was left with just his boxers on. You couldn’t take it anymore, you took your top and bra off before he could tell you not to, and with your legs wrapped around him you removed his boxers with your feet, as the fabric rubbed against his cock he moaned slightly.
“So, you’re just as desperate to be fucked as I am by the sounds of it, sir” you spoke gently into his ear.
“I’ve wanted this for a long time” he replied, ripping your panties off your body.
“So have I” you said, breathless. At that point he put his arms around your body again and embraced you into a kiss, he worked from your lips to your neck, down to your left breast, you threw your head back in pleasure, moaning as he gently pulled on your nipple.
He didn’t say a word, he just continued, you were losing you little self control you had left “Brendon, fuck me” you didn’t care, you didn’t care if you got punished for using his first name, you just wanted him, you needed him. You took his cock and lined him it up with you, he didn’t hesitate to push himself into you. He grunted and he thrusted in and out of you. “Fuck you feel so good y/n” he moaned pulling your legs tighter around him, you couldn’t reply your moans were too loud.
“Shh baby, there are still teachers here, we’ll get caught” he muffled your sound with his lips, one of his hands was now rubbing your clit the other supporting you. Despite his effort of keeping you quiet you were still nearly screaming, you had never felt this way before, you were close to coming. He pulled out suddenly, you were a dripping, breathless mess on his desk, confused what was going on. “Please don’t stop” you whispered, not sure what to do with yourself. He was still fully hard and naked in front of you.
“Hang on, I can hear footsteps” he began putting his clothes on. “Get dressed y/n!” He shouted across the room in a panicked tone. You shoved your clothes on a quickly as possible not worrying about your bra or panties you just wanted to get covered up. There was a knock on the door, you sat at your desk.
“Mr Urie” a muffled female voice asked behind the door, Brendon sat back at his desk, hiding your underwear in the his drawer “Come in” he replied shuffling in his seat, clearly uncomfortable from his still had dick.
“Oh, sorry sir I didn’t realise you had company” one of you classmates walked in and glared at you.
“Why does that make a difference?” He snapped at her not liking the way she looked at you.
“Well I was wondering if there was anything I could do to get my grades up” she leaned over the desk.
“Yes, work harder and stop partying every weekend would help” he looked at her not breaking eye contact.
“Well, I mean are you sure there’s nothing else” she wiggles her body and moved her hand closer to his along the desk.
“What do you expect me to say?! you don’t do the work, so you’re not going to get the grades, now I’d be grateful if you left my classroom I have things to do” he snapped ushering her out with his arm. She looked at you as she left, you pretended not to see her.
Brendon stood up after she slammed the door and locked it behind her “she can’t come back even if she wanted to now” he walked back to your desk, pushing your hair out of your face.
“Why didn’t you give her what she wanted? She clearly wanted to fuck you, I thought you’d want that” you blurted out in uncontrolled emotion.
“Stand up” he commanded, you stood “look me in the eyes” you walked forward and looked up at him. His lips slammed against yours once again, hands exploring each other’s body’s. He broke away.
“I don’t want her, I want you, I need you y/n, now lets go back to mine and finish what we started baby” he took your hand and you went back to the car.

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I'm intrigued by Wonwoo's relationship with the members, and where exactly he fits in. He doesn't have any other idol friends, and tbh that kind of worries me, the poor awkward bean.

Wonwoo is an interesting bean. In my experience writing with him, he’s always been a fun one to try and pin down. Since he’s more introverted, his role in the group is a much more subtle one. However, that ends up playing to his advantage more often than not. If I had to pin down a role musically for Wonwoo, it would be the impact hitter. When you want a bridge that sends chills down your spine, you get Wonwoo. When you want a rap verse that completely changes up the song, you get Wonwoo. His interesting, deep voice is a contrast to all the other members in the group, and I think his role in the group dynamic is similar. He’s a very good foil, he provides a very good contrast to members such as Hoshi and Mingyu. You can see this demonstrated in his individual relationships, how he interacts with each member and who he’s closest with. So I’ve decided to lay this post out like I did for the “Woozi’s relationships” post, going through each of his individual dynamics. So hopefully you enjoy this quick look through Wonwoo and his place in the group and his mindsets with his friendships!


For two people in the same unit, there’s not even that many interactions between the two members to analyze. I think the two of them have a pretty chill dynamic, where Coups pretty much gives Wonwoo the space to do his own thing without bothering him too much, and when Wonwoo is feeling playful he’ll open up to Coups because he doesn’t feel like Coups is too excitable or overbearing and easy to handle. It’s a very amicable, sweet dynamic, really. Coups respects Wonwoo’s boundaries and Wonwoo sometimes feels safe and happy enough to open up to playing around with Coups.


I discussed a few of Wonwoo’s relationships with members in this post about members who are awkward with one another, but the main one I want to bring up is Wonwoo and Jeonghan. In summary, if you’re not interested in reading that post, Wonwoo and Jeonghan very often point each other out as the member they’re most awkward with and this is likely because they both express affection through receiving and giving attention, however Wonwoo prefers the attention to be individual and to and from those who he really cares about and Jeonghan is very open about giving it and will sometimes try hard to get it from others, making Wonwoo seem too closed off to Jeonghan and Jeonghan too clingy and overbearing to Wonwoo. Despite this disconnect, when they make an effort to see things through one another’s eyes, they understand one another better than they think they do. It’s just a matter of being able to listen to what the other is saying, and it’s really a cute relationship that you can really cheer for them to become closer.


Similarly to Coups, there’s not a whole lot of content on Joshua and Wonwoo interactions, however it’s my belief that Joshua’s quiet but humorous nature causes Wonwoo to be a little more comfortable and drawn out of his shell. Generally, their interactions would be in the background whispering to each other, glancing at each other, making small jokes, or if Wonwoo’s feeling particularly comfortable, Wonwoo poking at Joshua’s arm or pretending to bite him. Again, it’s not a very strong dynamic, but it is a very friendly and relaxed dynamic that makes Wonwoo comfortable.


Wonhui is actually an established ship with a dynamic that is noticeable, so there’s quite a bit more content to elaborate on here. Wonwoo and Jun’s friendship stems from their similarities, but also their slight differences that balance each other out in their similarities. They’re both generally quiet people who become excitable when they’re around people they feel comfortable with, however Jun enjoys making his friends laugh and Wonwoo enjoys surrounding himself with people who can make him laugh. I’ve said this before, but a lot of Wonhui moments are very mundane, things like Jun asking Wonwoo’s opinion on ramen or Wonwoo attempting Chinese and Jun telling him that he’s working hard and getting better, but I think there’s a real charm and real feeling to those interactions. Their friendship becomes clearer when they’re not just close when entertainment value is high, they’re close in boring every day aspects as well. As well as this, there’s also a recurring theme in a lot of Wonwoo’s friendships that his friends are people who you generally think wouldn’t be his friends, people who seem hyper and excitable and too loud for him. Wonwoo’s friend circle is very balanced with people who play foil to him; who contrast him in a way that brings out the best parts of him, and I think Jun is no exception.


I think Soonwoo is a ship that not a whole lot of people saw coming. It flew under the radar pretty well up until about Boom Boom era, and it just grew and grew until culminating in the events of One Fine Day Japan when they had a cute playful rivalry running for almost the entirety of the show with the catchphrase “enemies who have good chemistry like friends”. And they do have good chemistry. Hoshi has a very iconic personality that Wonwoo enjoys being able to make fun of him for and Hoshi enjoys being able to make fun of Wonwoo too, usually to the swift punishment from him. In general, their relationship is like this. They’re very close, but they’re close on a level where they understand when they’re each only teasing and not trying to be mean, which opens up a whole new level of jokes and a fun dynamic of constantly poking fun at the other. Here’s some examples of Soonwoo chemistry.  Also, another subject I haven’t touched on yet is the fact that two prominent friendships of Wonwoo’s are in the same age line as him, born the same year. I tend to emphasize this sort of thing when I notice it, because Korean culture really puts a lot of emphasis on formality in age difference. It’s a very natural thing to be closer to those who are a similar age to you due to the cultural importance placed on proper speech and actions around older people, and while it’s not everything, it does factor into potential friendships, especially for someone like Wonwoo who might have a hard time approaching others to begin with.


This is another ship without a lot of content, and since it involves two members who both aren’t known for being the first to approach other members to break the ice. It’s not a bad thing, though, they don’t seem to dislike each other. Maybe in the future, there’ll be some more interactions with them! 


Right off the bat, this pair has my most favorite gif in the history of ever

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From what I can tell, they have a dynamic similar to Joshua’s. DK is sweet and outgoing enough to make Wonwoo come out of his shell a little, but most of their interactions are lowkey and in the background. Although the difference I would note is that they take more selfies together. Possibly, they hang out together much more on a casual basis, or possibly they just match each other well aesthetically. I think the takeaway is this: Wonwoo prefers not to draw too much attention to his relationships, and isn’t as outright about it as some others might be. This’ll be brought back up in talking about Meanie, but if it helps make you less worried about him, he seems to have a lot of members who he’s at least comfortable being around, he just prefers to be quiet and not as out front about it. So maybe he has some idol friends that he prefers to keep in touch with quietly, without drawing attention to them.


Oh. I guess this is the next one up… That last part feels a bit anticlimatic since we’re getting right into it. I don’t think there’s very many Seventeen fans who don’t know the Meanie ship, especially early era/debut era fans. It was a very popular ship, rivaled in size by Jihan and Soonseok, however recently from Mansae era forward it’s begun to fall out of the light a bit. Why? Well, as I mentioned before, it seems that Wonwoo likes to keep a lot of his relationships away from the spotlight, and I’m thinking Meanie got a little too much attention and it started to scare him away a little. I think friendships don’t come naturally to Wonwoo, as he’s a bit more introverted, and while he does try hard, he’s also a little scared of messing up, and the pressure of thousands of people constantly watching you hanging out with your best friend might sap the ease out of letting loose and having a good time. However, as he acclimates and adjusts to the environment, he seems to be getting a little more comfortable and he starts to be able to enjoy himself again. Wonwoo and Mingyu are like peanut butter and jelly, cliched as the comparison may be. They’re almost polar opposites, and they work so well together that their friendship comes off as very comfortable and natural. Mingyu makes him laugh and naturally accepts Wonwoo’s quiet attention without pushing him into bigger things. Wonwoo encourages Mingyu to slow down and Mingyu encourages Wonwoo to work hard and come out of his shell. All considered, Meanie is the most infamous of the Wonwoo friendships, and they work well together, and hopefully they continue moving past the awkwardness.


It’s seemed to me that Wonwoo and The8 are kindred spirits in the group. Their circle of friends are almost exactly the same, their personalities bear some resemblance at a base level as well. On a broad sense of their dynamic, I would say it’s a slight reverse dynamic because I think The8 would find Wonwoo a little cute and charming. Since he’s used to hanging out with loud people such as Jun and Mingyu, someone like Wonwoo who is quiet but also likes to laugh would be a nice change of pace for him, and the same would go for Wonwoo. While it would be a bit awkward at first, their paths do overlap due to their similar friend circles and I think they ended up naturally becoming pretty good, casual friends. 


I actually really love the dynamic of Wonwoo and Vernon. They start off a lot like S. Coups and Wonwoo, they’re in the same unit but there’s nothing to really compel them to hang out, but there’s one key difference: Vernon is younger than Wonwoo. S.coups and Vernon get most of the attention in Hip hop unit, and S.coups is older so he can’t really do much about it, but it would be really easy for Wonwoo for harbor animosity towards Vernon. Wonwoo has a really unique rapping tone and some really great lyrics, but he seems to be outshone by Vernon in a lot of cases and he could’ve been bitter over it. However, their dynamic ended up a lot more friendly like a big brother who cares for his younger brother. He hypes him up during his solo parts, he bounces around onstage and dances with him, and will even throw an arm around him. His attitude towards Vernon seems to be a lot more encouraging and lighthearted instead of bitter, and that’s really sweet and awesome and great to see. It’s one of the things that makes Hip hop unit such a pleasure to watch, the support they have for one another even when it could’ve been the opposite.


More than anything else, I think Wonwoo’s relationship to Seungkwan is one of admiration. While it seems he’s not always a fan of the spotlight, I think he can appreciate when he notices how Seungkwan keeps control of situations and is able to make everything sound so exciting and fun. Wonwoo isn’t the first person who comes to mind when I think of “overflowing love for his dongsaengs”, but when it comes to Seungkwan he really seems to just melt for him. Lots of laughing and smiling, lots of relaxing out of his shell, and even more skinship than usual for Wonwoo. It’s really sweet to see how much Wonwoo takes care of Seungkwan and watches out for him, and their dynamic is unlike any of Wonwoo’s other relationships.


Although, that being said, Wonwoo and Dino are also close in a similar fashion. However, as opposed to Wonwoo thinking Seungkwan is cool, I think Wonwoo wants Dino to look up to him. Dino looks up to a lot of members, like Hoshi and Vernon and even Woozi, and I think Wonwoo tries his hardest around Dino to be someone he can look up to as well. Dino has a lot of potential, and I think Wonwoo sees that and (here’s where there’s a bit of similarity between him and Jeonghan appears) he wants to be someone who helps Dino reach his potential in the future. They aren’t terribly awkward around each other, I think Dino realizes Wonwoo’s intent and pays attention to him, and this leads to a nice cute friendship between the two of them. I hope in the future Dino starts to take his lyrics to Wonwoo and Wonwoo’s able to help him and they get even closer <3

So, in conclusion, Wonwoo really is hard to pin down in his relationships and he’s very interesting to explore. A lot of his relationships, we just don’t know much about because he’s a more background kind of person, and some it seems it’s hard for him to become closer with because he’s not a proactive initiator type of person. However, as he gets more comfortable being in the spotlight, both in his personal relationships and in his relationships with the fans, we’ve seen him break out and grow and hopefully soon we can see him start to make friends with other idols and really find where he belongs in the industry, as well as pursuing some of his other passions such as OST singing and such~

The Story Within The Song// Sherlock Holmes

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Requested by Anon: It’s your wedding day, but you are determined to explain to your friends and family how you actually fell in love with Sherlock Holmes; by composing a song that literally told the story of the adventure the two of you lived. 

This one is particularly long. Enjoy! Mary and John are both included in this one, so this is pre 4x01.  

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too much to handle

pairing: wonho (shin hoseok) x reader
genre/warning: no warning. angst.
word count: 441
description: based on monsta x’′s ‘beautiful.
a/n: gif cred. @ wonhobe

Wonho throws off his covers and swings his legs over the side of the bed. Sleep evades him, kept at bay by the memory of you. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees you. The way your hair sways when you walk, the curve of your body, the slight smile you give whenever you catch him looking. It drives him crazy. You are so beautiful, but you are also so unattainable. 

He has to let you go, but he’s addicted. Whenever you walk into the room, your scent ensnares him. Your touch sends spasms through his body. The remembrance makes him shudder. There is no way he’s going to be able to sleep tonight. Instead, he slips out of the dorm and is heading to your place before he even realizes where he’s going. He stops on the street and glances up at your window. The light is on. You’re home and awake. A war rages in his mind, but in the end, he finds himself standing in front of your door knocking.

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Her Instinct - Chapter 18


The Cover Photo for this Chapter is the 3rd Place Winner of the Her Instinct Cover Contest by @jokerfanfic (tumblr & wattpad). Congrats again!~


So it turns out that I wrote so much for this chapter, I have enough for two chapters! So this one is not as long, but Chapter 19 will be out in a couple of days! That means 2 chapters in ONE week! 0.o

====So I want to do a little experiment and get in the minds of you all, my wonderful readers. When you’re done reading this chapter, please inbox/message me this. Feel free to be anonymous. I just like to hear your thoughts!====

1. You’re age

2. Why do you like the story/What makes you come back to read a new chapter?

3. What’s your favorite part so far?


Chapter 18 - Masquerade 

This chapter was inspired by the song “Bad Decisions” by Ariana Grande. Feel free to listen as you read!

New Year’s Eve was finally here! Mr. Leto had escorted us to our rooms earlier, but quickly fled saying he had to help with preparations for the night and that he would see us at the ball. He left us exquisite masks as parting gifts. Each of them labeled. He said he wanted to know who we were. The thing about this ball is everyone was to wear black; gowns for ladies and tuxes for men. And rightfully so, this place seemed like a palace fit for a king and queen – and I loved it!

My mom received a studded gold mask with beading outlining the brim. Allegra had a purple sequined one with a flower on its right side. I had the exact same mask but ruby red.

And Nico had a black mask that almost covered his whole little face.

We were finally ready. I was excited!

As we entered, the hall was compete breathtaking and absolutely huge. Everything was gold, from the floors to the walls to the ceiling.

I looked about the room at faceless strangers swallowed by the sea of colors and feathers on their faces. What a sight!

I searched the room for Mr. Leto, but after 5 seconds, I found him. I knew that man anywhere, even if it’s what felt like a football field’s length away from the other side of the ballroom. My heart fluttered as I gazed upon him. He was the image of suave in his black tailored tux.

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Jumped: Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Yummy. Bagel sandwich. I was distracted, listening to Oliver describe his fantasy fueled evening and ogling the breakfasts of the patrons at Alfred’s when I ran headlong into someone leaving the establishment.

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

“It’d be nice if just once you could say ‘hi.’ Next time you’re gonna knock me over.” The low, accented voice sent a shiver down my spine as I recognized its owner. Not even eight hours ago I had listened to it on the phone, growing deep and raspy as we worked ourselves up to mindblowing orgasms with our voices and our hands.

Fuck! “Niall, my god. I’m so sorry.”

His hand gripped my elbow to hold me steady and it was like every nerve on my body was focused on that one spot. I had heard him cum, had listened as he worked his hand, possibly this hand, up and down his cock until he came with a curse; but, this was our first real skin to skin contact. I was surprised and curious about the visceral reaction I had to his touch.

“Don’t worry about it. I gotta say, I’m glad I ran into you. I was hoping to see you again.”

I smiled shyly at him, happy for the large, dark sunglasses hiding my bloodshot eyes and embarrassing blush. “You were? I must have left quite the impression.”

“Definitely.” He was smirking at me, confidently sizing up his affect on me.

“Excuse me,” Oliver interrupted. I had forgotten for a second that he was there. “I feel like I missed like 20 steps. Did you guys talk again after we met?”

Niall opened his mouth to start, but I knew Ols and jumped in. “Just to exchange phones again.”

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It’s me...

It is currently 20:54 in the UK and I am posting this story while I get ready for my friend’s New Year’s Eve party as I promised a NYE fic! So here it is! It’s fluffy, it’s sweet, it’s cute and IT’S ALL OMELIA! I hope you enjoy it as I really enjoyed writing it! To those of you who have already celebrated HAPPY NEW YEAR! (please don’t tell me if 2018 is terrible) To those of you who like me are yet to celebrate I hope you have a wonderful evening! @toevenexist this one is dedicated to you as I read your post about waiting at the train station and I hope this does of fluff will put a smile on your face! 


It’s late when I wonder through my front door, the clocks having just marked 11:20pm. This is not how I had originally intended on spending New Year’s Eve, alone. I have always loved today and all the excitement and anticipation surrounding what is going to come and what is possible in the New Year. I had hoped to be spending tonight with Amelia, and then when that idea had to be scrapped I phoned Megan, but unfortunately her and Riggs had made plans to be on holiday. I hang my jacket on it’s hook and my eyes linger on the empty hook next to it, Amelia’s hook. 

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the world is yours, starting from now

“I need you to understand. I’m not offering you this opportunity out of pity. I’m offering this out of genuine respect.”

“And because you think I can change the world, somehow.”

“In a way. In your hands, One For All would not only do what it was meant to do, but you would have a greater potential for changing things for the better, should you decide to.”

“…And what if I say no?”

“Then that will be your choice.”

Read it on A03: link

Part 3 in the Take Me As I Am series.


Chapter 1

Deku is being quiet tonight.

And not the kind of quiet that stems from him focusing intensely on something. That kind of quiet is short and is usually accompanied by the odd burst of mumbling as the idiot tries to wrap his head around whatever he’s got in front of him. This quiet has spanned the last three days, and is accompanied by rather lackluster movements in training, which tells him Izuku isn’t just working out a problem in his head, he’s already come to a decision, he’s just putting off asking about it. Probably due to nerves, because he’s a dunderhead.

Katsuki won’t lie; he’s a bit worried because twice he’s had to remind Izuku to eat and drink water, he’s been so distracted. Still, he’s not about to push. Pushing will do nothing but make Izuku feel cornered, and a cornered Izuku is even more prone to keeping tight-lipped than a relaxed Izuku is. That’s not the type of mindset he needs to be in when he finally gets around to talking about whatever is bothering him.

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Stuck with A Mafia Boss!

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” You slammed both your hands at his desk, which created a loud bang that echoes across the room. You glared at him, trying to get a logical explanation, but he gave you a dead cold stare. “Seriously Yoongi!?” You shouted at his face again. “How dare you talk to him that way?” Namjoon crossed his legs as he lean on his left palm. “I don’t care, and will you just fuck off Namjoon?” You cuss which made Jungkook beside him curve a smile. “Told you hyung you’ll never win.” Which made Namjoon slapped him at his nape, and make Jungkook whine in pain. “I clearly told you, I want nothing to do with you all! Why can’t you understand that!” You screamed at him once again. “This is why I hate dealing with girls.” He breathed. “It’s either they are clingy as fuck, or just plain annoying, and you fall at the later part.” Your brows shot up once again! “I wanna smack your good looking face right now, I wanna see how you look with a cut in your savage dirty mouth.” “Oh, so that’s your kink?” He leaned towards you and flashed a teasing smirked. “Do you find me attractive now?” “What the fuck! Shut up! Who do you think you are? One lifeless, heartless and cold person? You’re not attractive in my eyes.” I scoffed at him and crossed my arms together. “Stop with all these Yoongi, I swear to God. Just fuck off too.” You both battled in terms of staring game, his black orbs bore right inside you, which sends chill to my spine, but You tried to be composed, you don’t want to loss this battle, but in the end you’re the one who averted his gaze, because your heart started pounding hard as you look at him each passing time. “Just don’t mind them, if you’re uncomfortable that their around, trust me you need this one.” He told you in a low calm voice. You sighed and frown at him, and finally stomping out from his office, before you can reach the knob, he called to you once again. “Kitten, trust me will you?” His voice has that hint of sadness in it which made your breath hitched for a second, but you composed yourself once again. “I’m not that person anymore.” You make your way outside the door and walked to the corridor. Men with black suits bow their heads as you walked pass them. You’re wearing your usual clothes which are ripped jeans, a black oversized sweater, with your favorite louboutin spacer flat high top black suede. If any person will see this scenario right now, they will be confused as why these men in blacks are bowing to a girl like you. Well, your inside the mafia lair by the way, and you’re the fucking daughter of the late mafia boss, who apparently died due to some illness You didn’t care to ask what’s its name. Well Dad is cool, we always had this “us” time where he spends one whole week with you. None if his boys or work will disrupt that time, because it’s his number one rule. His daughter is his top priority. You we’re aware of the mafia, growing up around them, you we’re amazed by their combats skills, and intrigue by their way of living. To the extent that you learn taekwondo as a kid, and earned your black belt at the age of sixteen. Your dad we’re proud of you when you won your first match, and brought home a gold medal. As the only parent you have, he sees to it that all your needs are given, your life is lavish but that never made your head blow up, because your dad kept you grounded. You enjoyed all the attention until one man came running at one of your private resort’s doorstep, asking where your father was. You looked at him as he bobs his head backward. “Don’t you know you can’t disturb him if he’s in a vacation?” You scrunch my eyes together. “I need to talk to him. Urgent.” His cold voice made you chill, though it’s summer time. He stood in front of me, arrogance and sex appeal is oozing from his body, he’s just wearing a plain black shirt and black ripped jeans with a clack Birkenstock. “Done checking me out kitten?” He smirked at you, which made you gasped with disgust! “Yah! Do you want your head rolling out my doorstep?” You gripped hard to the door banister because of anger. “Who’s there?” Your dad asked you as he stood by the stairway. “You’re already awake dad.” You glances at him, and back to the mysterious guy who is still standing in front of you. “Someone is looking for you, is he one of your boys?” You raised your hair with a mocking tone in your voice. “Oh, is that Yoongi?” He asked you. “I don’t know, but is he not aware of your rule? It’s family week.” “I called him, so stop torturing him and let him in.” Your dad laughed and peeked at the door. Yoongi guy bowed his head upon seeing your father. “Good morning Supremo.” “Come in son.” Your dad let you opened the door. “Let’s talk in the study.” They went up as You followed them with a disappointing gaze. “What happened to rule number one?” You muttered under your breath. It didn’t took them long enough, and they are back in front of you while you were munching at your carbonara. “Thank you for coming Yoongi, despite the short notice.” Your dad patted his back. “No problem supremo, I’m inside the vicinity after all.” He nodded. Your dad glances over you, you’re sitting across the kitchen counter in you favorite high chair. “By the way meet my daughter.” You just looked at him again as you opened your mouth and take another scope if pasta in your mouth. “Y/N, this is Yoongi my right hand.” Upon hearing it, you choke by your own food because of shock. He’s like your age and he’s the fucking Right hand of the mafia boss!? They rushed towards you, your dad fetch a glass of water from the dispenser, as Yoongi patted your back. You coughed, and punched your chest as you try gasping for air. “Drink! Don’t fucking die on me!” Your dad screams as he gave you the glass of water. You drank from it, with occasional coughing, the pain in your chest subsided. “You alright now?” Yoongi asked you, his hand is still patting your back. “I-im Alive..” you whispered with corse voice. “I’m glad!” Your dad sighed and sit beside your high chair. “Next time be careful, chew your food! And just shoved it inside your mouth, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” Your blood rushed to your face, as Yoongi’s patting turned to lazy grazing at your back, the palm of his hand soothes you, as he runs them up and down. Your aware of his close proximity because of the manly scent his emitting. He smelled like aftershave and bath soap. You looked at him and mouthed a simple thank you, because You can’t coherently say anything now besides that. His lips curved a bit and nodded. “Nice meeting you..” he removed his hand from my back. “Eat well..” he smirked, and heads to the door. He bowed once again before closing the door. “Miss the chauffeur already park your car outside the building.” The security snapped you out from the memory lane. You nodded and pulled out your wayfarer from my Steve madden stud clutch bag. “Thank you for visiting the main office.” He bowed and opened the tempered glass door. One if them opened also opened your car door, they once bow again and closes it as you sat in place and clicked the seatbelt. You sped off the main building, you’re already at the express lane when your phone kept on buzzing. Mafia Boss calling… You groan as you plugged it in your Bluetooth speaker at your dashboard. “Now what!?” You asked him. “Where are you going? That’s not the way to our house kitten.” He said in a cold voice. “What the fuck… Are you seriously pulling that again?!” You groan once again, as you check the rear mirror. Two black sedans are behind you. “I already told, you stop doing this Yoongi.” He clear his throat. “Stubborn as usual.” He clicked his tongue. “If I don’t see you waiting for me at home, I swear to God, you’ll regret you opposing me…” “We already talk about this, stop tracking me damn it!” You slammed you palm at the steering wheel. “TURN.YOUR.GOD.DAMN.CAR.AROUND.” His cold voice echoes inside your car. “You’ll regret this, I’m telling you.” Once again I sighed. “Okay! I’m going home now!” As you turned at the nearest U-turn area. Is this the fucking price of being the Mafia boss’ wife!? To think both of you just marry each other yesterday! ——

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I Still Love You

Edited from my past blog. Enjoy!


Taekwoon & I have been dating for 3 years & I made him my number one priority. Our first two years flew by but we spent this past year fighting too much. My dancing & his schedules as an artist were getting in the way of us spending quality time together. All of a sudden he broke my heart. His reason? I had no clue. To this day, I still have no clue. I had to move on but I was having trouble.

When I finally decided to attend my dance class, the teacher thought I was dead because I hadn’t gone for weeks. I lied & told her I had personal matters to take care of. Boyfriend problems are personal, right? Err, back to my story. I finally talked to my teacher about my problem & she understood. I asked if I was still her first choice to perform at the ADC next month & she said yes. I asked her if she could let me stay in her classroom to practice my dance. She agreed as long as I didn’t make a mess & didn’t leave too late.

Happily, after class, I started stretching. And while I was doing that, I looked around to find a stereo but to no avail. So I used my phone to play music. As soon as the first song came up, I told my mind to go blank for those 4 minutes and immediately, my body began moving with the music. About 3 hours later, I found myself sweating, panting and in my signature pose.

It was about 10 pm. The moonlight was shining in through the windows and into the dance room, causing the room to give out a haunting glow. I decided to call it quits for tonight and come back the next day. Surely enough, every day, with the help of my teacher, I went back to my dance classes and everyone was happy to see me. Which was weird since I never really talked to my classmates. But I’ll take free compliments!



The month of the year where I have to get ready for my dance competition. At 7 o’ clock pm on the 16th, I was to perform at Seoul Arts Dance Academy Dance Hall to show off what I believe in. Which is dance because its a part of my life - it’s a part of me. At age 6, I began dancing as if it was my source of air. I didn’t choose dancing, dancing chose me. My mom always believed that.

This is my chance to be accepted into my favorite company. I heard that if I landed in the top 3, I could become a dance teacher. The question now is can I do it?


The night of my big performance was fast approaching and I had yet to come up with a routine. I still couldn’t think because I received a text from Taekwoon that said to meet him at our usual spot at 7. Our usual spot was in a cafe. The cafe where him & I finally told each other our true feelings. It was also where the two of us would have our small dates when we couldn’t go anywhere else because of his promotions or my dance. Now, the cafe will be the place where him & I talk after 2 months of not speaking to each other. Hopefully when this ends, we’ll be back where we belong - in each others hearts.

I sat down at our usual table and waited for him. Butterflies were already starting to form in my stomach. I waited for about 20 minutes, when I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

“Hey,” he said softly.

I looked up at him & said, “hey”

“How are you?”


There was an awkward silence before he spoke.

“Can I sit?” He asked, motioning his hand towards the empty seat in front of me.

“Sure.” I said, smiling.

“Listen…” He trailed off.

“I’m sorry for breaking up with you. I thought I was letting you down with me constantly being away and you feeling lonely. I thought that at some point, you would cheat on me or leave me. I didn’t want to experience that; it would break my heart. So..I kinda broke your heart instead.” He scratched the back of his head & continued, “I know it was wrong, but if you can reconsider taking me back, I’ll treat you better. I’ll be the man you deserve. I’ll be-”

“Woonie I… I don’t know.” I sighed then continued, “you left me without a goodbye. How do I know this time will be different?”

He cupped my cheek when he noticed I was crying.

“I just…I don’t know. I’m sorry.” I left without telling him goodbye.

December 16.


I was getting ready for my dance performance & was a nervous wreck. After I showered, I was looking through my closet to find something to wear. Luckily, I found this dress & I’m surprised it still fits me. After I got dressed, Taekwoon texted me to meet him inside the dance hall. I looked at the text & continued getting ready. As I was heading out of the door & noticed the rain that pouring down. “It’s raining.” I quickly went inside my car & drove off.

When I quickly went inside the venue, I was told that someone special was here to see me. I was told where to meet this someone but I’m not so sure I’m ready to see him again. As I walked into my dressing room, I was immediately pushed inside & lips slammed into mine. I was shocked at first, but then I quickly responded & pulled back.


“Ravi told me where’d you’d perform.”

I sighed, “of course.”

“Listen… If there’s any chance we’d get back together.”


He interrupted, coming closer, “That day…you called me Woonie. Please, if there’s any chance of us being together-”

“There isn’t.”

He came closer, “Then say you don’t love me. Look me straight in the eye, say you don’t love me & I’ll leave right now.”

I looked at him, my mouth open, but I just couldn’t say it. “I..I can’t”

I turned around but he turned me back to look at him & kissed me. As he continued kissing me, my hands grabbed his shirt, inching myself closer.

He moaned, “I want you.”

“I’m yours.”

He kissed me again, his hands sending chills down my spine as they reached the end of my dress & slowly brought it up toward my thighs. My lips trailed from his lips, down to his chin & up his neck, biting it.

“Ow!” He softly yelled.

“Does that hurt oppa?” I asked innocently.

He smirked, “Oh you’re gonna get it.”

I pushed myself on him but as quickly as I did, he grabbed me by my waist and pushed me down my couch. His fingers started crawling down my thighs & into my panties. I was a moaning mess. He slipped off my panties and penetrated me. He watched my expressions but he was nowhere near satisfied as his fingers moved in slow motion.

“I-I have m-my dance p-performance..” I trailed off, while he tried to find my sweet spot.

I let out a long moan & he smirked. “Then we better make this quick.”

His hands ripped off my panties & he hurriedly took off his pants and boxers. He then climbed ontop of me & started teasing me with his hard-on. I screamed once he entered me, his load filling me up & prayed no one could hear us. He kissed me everywhere to try to ease the pain. He was thrusting slow but soon picked up speed, then he started fondling my breasts through my dress & I couldn’t take it anymore so I kissed him to try to keep quiet.

“I love you,” he said.

“I-I love y-you too.”

I still feel the same. Our feelings were mutual every day. His hands were working wonders on my nipples even though they were covered. My moans & his grunts were silenced by our make-out session but that couldn’t be said by our skin-slapping. Several pleasureful minutes later, he started thrusting harder & faster, making me release countless moans. He grunted before he released inside me & that was all I needed to hear to make me release on him.

He started riding out our orgasms until he finally stopped, pulling out and collapsing ontop of me. Our breathing was slowly coming back to normal as he collapsed ontop of me, giving me a sweet kiss on my lips.

“W-what time is it?,” I asked.

He picked up his watch to check, “6:30”

I panicked, starting to fix myself, “babe I gotta go.”

“I know. I love you,” he said, kissing me.

“I love you too~”

After a few seconds, I spoke again, “come see my routine.”

8:30 PM.

The dance competition ended & I think I did really well. The judges said they’d post the results online tomorrow morning. I looked for Taekwoon, glancing over the large crowds of people just waiting to lock eyes with his. As I saw him, he looked over me & sent me one of his signature smiles.

I ran up to him & he pulled me up to spin me around.

“I’m so proud of you,” he smiled, setting me back down.

“Thank you oppa!”

We began walking, hand in hand, enjoying the moment. After a few minutes, I slapped his shoulder, “I could’ve done better if my legs weren’t sore,” I blushed towards the end.

“I’m so sorry jagi~” He winked & I knew he was being sarcastic.

After a few seconds, he spoke, grinning, “I love you.”

“Oh yeah, how much?,” I asked, crossing my arms.

“You’ll see,” he smirked, picking me up & carrying me bridal style to his car.

On The Door Step - part 7

Parings: Dean x Sister!Reader x Sam

Summary: In 2000, John Winchester opened the door to his current motel room and found a little girl at his feet, sleeping peacefully with a fuzzy white blanket tucking her in a wicker basket. Now, nearly 16 years later, (Y/N) has still yet to find herself in the world of the Winchesters.

Catch up

Warnings: Self-hate, cursing, season 11/12 spoilers (kind of?)

Words: 2467

A/N: Thank you all so much, I hope you enjoy this part too. There’s only two parts left! 

“You’re useless, you’re nothing. You’re brothers don’t care, you’re not important. Let me show you what you can do. Let me… help you. It won’t cost you anything, I just need you to say one simple word. That’s it… just say it. One small word, one tiny word. No one will be hurt. I’ll teach you what you can do. I’ll show you how to control it, how to use it. I just need an answer. What’s it going to be? Yes, or no?”


I groan, squeezing my eyes tight while stretching out my arms. My hands run across the soft fabric of the sheets, becoming cold. I breath out, relaxing my tired muscles while my eyes flutter open. My eyes lock on the red numbers on the alarm clock. It’s ten minutes to noon and I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I pull the pillow under my head closer to my body as I curl up on the soft bed.

What time did I fall asleep?

I roll to the other side of the mattress, sunlight seeping in through the drawn curtains, making me squint and force me to adjust to the light in the dark room. I watch through the crack in the curtains, the shadow of birds flying across. I breathe deep, my eyes fluttering close while I listen to their song. When their song stops, my eyes open backup and I stare up at the white motel room wall.

How did I get here?

I sit up, looking around the motel and searching my memories of yesterday. I remember talking to Kasdeya, but other than that I don’t remember anything. Maybe I was just too tired to record anything that happened on my way here. I mean, nothing eventful ever happens when you check into a motel room.

I reach for my phone on the night stand, and I try to switch it on but the dead battery screen appears and I sigh, climbing out of the bed and digging through my bag to look for the charger. I plug it in, set out my clothes for the day and then head for the shower.

I wash off the day before, enjoying the smell of the shampoo this motel provided, the body soap also smells pretty good too. Once out of the shower, I dry myself off and dress before bending over and running a towel through the wet strands of my hair.

Buzzt buzzzt

I stand back up, the screen on my phone bright, the background now the picture of Dean - the one of him cross-eyed, making a face at the lens just to irritate me because I wanted a decent picture - and buzzing in its spot on the table. I press the green button and place the phone to my ear.


“Hello?! Hello?! (Y/N)! That’s all you have to say?!” he yells so loudly I have to pull the phone away from my ear to keep myself from becoming deaf.

“Dean, calm down…” I reach into my bag, grabbing my hair brush and sit on the edge of the bed. I work through the wet strands, working out the tangles.

“How the fucking hell am I supposed to calm down!? Sam, Cas and I have been trying to call you for months! You finally pick up and you act like there’s nothing wrong?!”

“What? Months? I just talked to you two days ago…” I roll my eyes. He’s being so dramatic.

“No, (Y/N), it’s been months…” He takes a deep breath and I can just see him pinching the bridge of his nose while he forces himself to calm down. “It’s been seven months. Where have you been? Why was your phone off?” I stop brushing my hair, my back straightening and my eyes focus on the wall before me. Has it really been that long?

“It died… I think I’m fine.”

“You think?”

“Are you sure it’s been months?”

“Yes, and you had us worried. Why didn’t you charge your phone? Did something happen? Did someone do something to you?”

I fall silent, trying hard to remember the last months, but I’m drawing blanks. The last clear thing I remember is asking Malum my questions, leaving and then waking up here. Everything else in between is gone.

“I gotta go. I’ll talk to you when I get home.” I stand from the bed, emptying the contents of my bag onto my bed.

“Tell me where you are, I’ll come get you.”

“No, I need to talk to someone first. I’ll be home as soon as I’m done. Tell Sam and Cas I’m fine.” I hang up the phone and sort through my things. Nothing is missing and nothing is new. I then count my cash and match up my receipts. Everything is here. I then do a quick internet search, making sure I didn’t black out and hurt anyone, but… there’s nothing.

“Kasdeya,” I mumble, putting my belongings back into the bag. She was the last person I talked to, she must be able to help me figure out what I was up to there past months.

My finger click my phone back on. It’s October 21, 2016 and I arrived in town sometime in March. I bite my thumb nail, the warmth of fear settling in the pit of my stomach.

I arrive back at the brick cottage home that Kasdeya lives, but when I knock on the door this time, no one answers. I look around, seeing that all the windows are covered with outdated curtains that are thick and I’m unable to tell if there’s lights on. I knock again and shift uncomfortably on my feet.

“Hey, what are you doing?” My attention is torn away from the front door and to a young man on the other side of the fenced front yard.

“Do you know if Ms. Malum is home?” I ask, tucking my hands under my arms and approach the man. He raises an eyebrow.

“Ms. Malum is dead.”

“What?” My heart rate picks up speed and I wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t. “When did she die?”

“Sometime back in April I think. She died of a heart attack.” He explains before telling me I should leave, that property has been bought and the new homeowners aren’t very kind. I bite my bottom lip while I nod before heading back to my motorcycle.

I run my fingers through my hair, tugging slightly at the roots while I feel my limbs begin to shake. In a last attempt to figure out where I have been, I remove my cell phone from my jacket pocket and dialing the newest added contact.


“Alice? It’s me, (Y/N).”

“Oh! You’re back in town?” she sounds so happy. “Would you like to come to my house? You can stay here too, no need wasting money on a motel. I-”

“I never actually left… at least I don’t think I did.” I say, and feel a quiver in my voice. “Alice, I don’t remember the last seven months.”

“What?” Her happy, bubbly tone disappears. I feel tears burning my eyes and I take a deep breath. “What do you mean you don’t remember?”

“I mean, I woke up today and thought it was the day after I had just talked to you… but I have been told otherwise by my brother. Even if he hadn’t called, the multicolored leaves are a huge red flag.” I sniffle, straddling my bike and resting my head down on the handle bars. Into the mouth piece I whisper, “I’m scared. What if I hurt someone.”

“Nothing strange has happened around here, (Y/N),” she says soothingly. “There hasn’t been anything strange anywhere for a couple of days… well, other than the sun almost disappearing, but that has nothing to do with you.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Ask your brothers, they’re partially the reason why it happened. Look, (Y/N), maybe you fell asleep for all this time. Hazel did it when she was younger, she was sick.” I nod, trying my hardest to believe what she’s telling me, but I just can’t.

I whisper a thank you into the phone before hanging up. I slip the phone back into my pocket and take a moment on my bike while I force myself to swallow unshed tears and ignore the nagging voice in the back of my head. That dream I had obviously didn’t come true, Dean confirmed that, but what if the bodies haven’t been found yet?

At a lost and so desperately not ready to return home, I start my bike and ride it until I find myself stopping in front of the cemetery my mother is buried. I wonder in, my eyes searching for her head stone and when I find it, I notice a different bouquet of flowers than the ones that Alice brought the day we met. I plop down at the end of the grave and begin to pick at the grass while I listen to the fall breeze. I dig into the front pocket of my bag and pull out the photo album, studying in detail the images Alice hand picked to place inside the pages.

A voice I have been able to fight for so long finally creeps up in the back of my mind, sending a chill down my spine and raising the hairs on the back of my neck. Whispering dark thoughts into my ears.

You’re useless, y’know? That’s why Sam and Dean never let you help them. They never took you on hunts. You mess everything up, y’know. I mean, you caused her death, it’s your fault she died. If she wasn’t pregnant she would’ve been able to live. You took up too much of her energy.

My eyes drift to the headstone, reading the words that are supposed to be hers over and over. I run my fingers across the picture of my mom holding me while we slept.

Sam and Dean are probably glad you’re gone. Of course they pretend they want you back, if they didn’t show they cared you’d come back. They want you to stay gone. They don’t need you, you’re useless to them. You’re not family to them. You’re a charity case. Some poor bastard that was dropped at their feet.

I take a deep breath, closing the photo album. My eyes drift off into the distance, unable to focus on a single thing while the sinister voice draws valid points.

The only person who ever loved you is dead and it’s your fault! You’re sitting right in front of her grave!

She’s dead because of me.

I feel incredibly tired, so tired I could probably lay down right here and fall asleep, despite the rocky ground and freezing breeze settling in. Everything feels so heavy and I blink slowly. While I debate whether or not I should fall asleep, my eyes catch sight of a man off in the distance. At first I think he’s a visitor, coming to see his loved one, but then he approaches me- dressed in a uniform the reads groundskeeper across his left peck. He smiles a tight smile at me, making my skin crawl just a tiny bit, and I avoid eye contact by turning back to the headstone before me. I wait to hear his footsteps carry him on pass me, but I feel his presence just behind me, the crunching of leaves ending.

“You miss her, don’t you?” he speaks in a calm tone, and I glance back at him over my shoulder. He moves closer and I narrow my eyes at him slightly. “You’re eyes are red and puffy. You’ve been crying a lot, haven’t you?”

“I’m stressed, what do you expect?” I sniffle, wiping my cheek dry with the palm of my hand.

“Is it because you miss her?”

“I never got to know her.” I breath, looking down at my hands and pick at my nails. “She left me with my dad and then she died that same year.”

“Tragic,” the man lightly laughs, trying to lighten the mood but I glare at him. He raises his hands up in defense before he takes a seat next to me. “Sorry.”

“Is there something I can do for you, or are you…” I trail off, meeting the man’s eyes and for a fraction of a second, his irises flash purple, but when I blink, they return back to the deep brown. I swallow, turning back to the headstone trying to focus on why that was familiar.

“I’m actually here to do something for you,” he speaks, stretching his legs out and my eyes drift to watch his face. While I wait for him to continue, I sniffle, holding back snot from running out of my nose.

“What could that possibly be?” I roll my eyes.

“Do you want the chance to get to know her?” He smiles. I fall silent, so desperately trying to figure why this man is making my skin crawl. Is he a demon? I’ve never met one so it’s not like I can tell.. I’ve never met anything that wasn’t human, Sam and Dean kept me away from it all… well, except Castiel and Rowena.  “Do you?”

“Yes, of course I do, but there’s no way-”

He cuts me off, turning to look at me with a large smile on his thin lips. “There is something that can bring her back, but there’s just one small thing you need to do.”

“Are you a demon? You want me to sell my soul? Cause there’s no way that’s going to happen, I’ve seen what happens.” He shakes his head, laughing at my statement.

“No, you can keep your soul. I’m no demon either.”

“What are you then?” I question, but he just smiles and points to his head I raise a brow.

He doesn’t answer, instead, he leans in close to whisper in my ear the one thing I have to do in order to bring back my mother. He tells me I can do it however I wish to do it, either quick and clean or slow and messy. Whichever, he doesn’t care, he just needs me to call the number on the piece of paper he slips into my palm when it’s finished.

I look down at the number and take a moment to think over the assignment. It might be hard to do, but if I plan it carefully and do it as quick as possible no one could know that it was me. I could make it look like something did it, maybe a ghost? And it’s not like the voice is wrong.

I whisper, “I’ll do it,” to no one.

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Oooo I know this is late BUT so I haven’t heard from him in a while but there’s a ghost (???) that lived in my closet. At first I was scared bc just going near there would send chills down my spine and my stuff would go missing! But then I started leaving offerings mostly the ends of bread and crackers and an occasional cookie and that spooky feeling went away, my stuff would occasionally disappear but it would always pop up right in front of me or (pt.1)

(Pt.2) if I was desperately looking for something it would turn up sitting in an empty place at my desk or on my bed, he ended up being very sweet and I miss him but it doesn’t feel like there’s anything in my room anymore. He could just be minding his own business but it was always funner when he would mess around with my stuff honestly

My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 4

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 - PART 11

a/n: finally updated! i hope you like this part, i had fun writing it

shout out to @feminamortem for looking over my grammar for me!

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Warning: NSFW tho it’s just some drinking and again heavy petting lol

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 5,095

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taste of honey
taste of salt
this kiss is not a poison
this kiss is not a prison

Sleep was starting to feel like a long-lost friend, I remembered it fondly but hadn’t seen it in years. I lay unblinking in bed, my brain as restless as my body. I tossed and turned unable to get comfortable as my mind flipped between the memories of kissing Rachel and kissing Eric.

As I thought of Rachel I felt a warm glow humming inside my chest slowly bleeding outwards. Like the sensation of a hot drink after being out in the cold, feeling the heat as it travels to your stomach warming you from the inside out. If Rachel is a hot drink then Eric is a cold gust of wind. I could already feel the goosebumps forming as I rolled over with a huff. I rubbed at my skin, annoyed that just the thought of Eric’s hands on me garnered a physical response. Like the first autumn breeze at the end of summer he would sweep by, sending a chill up your spine and then before you’d notice it, he was gone leaving you alone to sort out your tousled hair. Neither of them were bad sensations, they were just so different.

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Spicy/Hot (ObiYuki)

Prompt by @claudeng80: “Obi sets the kitchen on fire”

„I want to eat that thing you made last time,” Shirayuki says, leaning over the desk as she speaks and it’s new. Obi is not sure whether she does it consciously or not, but she’s teasing. Tilting her head slightly to one side, she lets her hair fall from her shoulder to the space between them, almost brushing Obi’s arm.

“What was it, Miss?” he asks, voice carefully still.

“Some spicy rice,” Shirayuki waves vaguely, kind of lost. Obi loves her troubled expression; the small frown of her nose, the wrinkles between her furrowed brows, the thin line of her lips pressed together. He loves the way she flails around, hands grasping thin air as if she could catch the words lost between her brain and tongue. “There were vegetables, and spices, and some meat maybe, and… spices?”

“So, it was hot,” Obi summarizes.

A vivid red flushes across Shirayuki’s cheeks, casting her eyes away.

“It was spicy. And delicious.”

“That’s what spices are for, Miss,” Obi looms over her, teasing. “They make things tasty.”

“So!” she retreats, and as she is stepping away from the desk she nearly knocks her ink over. She catches it with one hand, placing it back in place, tracing her notes with the other in search for splotches. Obi loves the frantic Shirayuki, with her eyes wide in panic, her lips parting, then closing slowly, letting out a soft sigh of relief. “Will you cook for me?”



“You have to wash the rice carefully,” Obi instructs, his hands massaging the rice in the bowl vigorously and Shirayuki is long lost in her fight against her indulgent thoughts. “People in Clarines has no idea how to make good rice,” Obi continues, all fired up that he finally has the stage to teach.

She loves his knobby fingers, the scarred panes of his hands – she loves the way his joints meet, the way a bone sticks out stubbornly from his wrist. She loves the way muscles move under his skin as he rolls the rice around, washing off whitish, dusty water of it.

“The essence to good food is careful preparation,” Obi says. Shirayuki hums along, lifting her eyes to meet his; sharp and almond shaped, like that of a wild cat. He squints, and for a moment Shirayuki is sure he has something witty to follow, but the moment passes, and Obi returns to the rice. “Alright, this looks good now. See the water? It’s clean.”

Shirayuki nods, squirming in her seat. She is eager to help, but Obi has ordered her to sit and not move an inch until he is done.

“Now, it’s time for the veggies,” Obi sends a smile in her way, and Shirayuki forgets how to breathe the moment her eyes catch on the dimple by the side of his lips. It is asymmetrical, the dimple only appearing on his left cheek, giving Shirayuki a moment of hesitation whether it is genuine, or the result of some fight. “Are you listening, Miss?”

“I am!” Shirayuki affirms quickly, dragging her eyes down from his now disappeared dimple to his skillful hands.

“Good,” he says. In his voice teasing blends with joy in a harmonious balance. His hands continue chopping up the onions, carrots and peppers as he speaks her through the next steps slowly.

She loves his voice, playful yet adept to all situations. It can be reserved, cold, lethal in one moment; sweet and charming the next. He can easily sound like a noble of the court, just as the last hooligan from the slums. Sometimes, to tease her, he deepens his voice – she is reluctant to admit it sends chills down her spine every time.

“We only graze the vegetables. We don’t want them to be all soft by the end,” Obi says in a cheerful tone, so sweet to her heart. “Otherwise we would end up with Mitsuhide’s hideous stew.”

Shirayuki laughs, earning a shy look from Obi.

“That stew was not that bad,” she says. “A little overcooked, that’s all.”

“You are too soft on Mitsuhide, Miss,” Obi deadpans. “I’ve never eaten anything so bland in my life.”

“Now, that’s an exaggeration.”

A shadow crosses his eyes, and the smile vanishes from his face – darkness creeps to the front from a place she cannot touch, from a time he is never willing to share. Shirayuki jumps from her seat instinctively, stepping to him and grabbing his hand. It trembles under her touch.

“I bet Zen’s soup was blander,” she whispers, searching for his eyes. Obi lets out a fake laugh, and he mentions something about the difference between clumsy and bad cooking; one hand flying to scratch his head, and he avoids eye contact, he avoids looking at her, he…

Shirayuki panics. She is not going to lose him to the past – not when he was enjoying himself so much, teaching her a new recipe.

Resting her hands against his hips she pulls him into a hug. Obi freezes under her touch, dropping the wooden spoon in the pan. Shirayuki plans to pull him closer, wishing for his crazy heartbeat to ease. The frills on the cuff of her blouse get tangled in the hook of his belt, and they both loose balance, knocking the pan off the fire.

Miraculously it ends up almost intact on the countertop – some dish towels are not so lucky, falling from a shelf above them straight into the fire.


“Careful, Miss,” Obi says, making an attempt at gathering his composure – which, with Shirayuki’s fingers crawling against his sides, is not easy. He uses the lid of the pan to put out the fire, and he manages – much better than how he can manage his thoughts, taking continuous detours to the land of no return – when the curtain catches on fire.

“I’m not going to say that you made it worse, but you did,” Shirayuki says and lets go of him – and it may be Obi’s self-indulgence, but he feels a bit of reluctance in that movement of hers pushing herself towards the washbasin.

“Covering it is better,” reasons Obi as he tears the curtain off, throwing it to the floor and stomping on it. “No air, no fire.”

“I have no complaints unless you set yourself on fire,” Shirayuki says, filling an empty pot with water nonetheless, pouring it all over Obi and the burning curtain.

Obi does not comment on his wet boots or pants – he only looks at the waning flames with the eyes of a child whose toy has been taken away. Shirayuki huffs beside him, half-content, half-irritated.

“Look at the mess you cased, Miss,” he teases her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders gently.

“I caused it, I solved it,” she hums, leaning her head onto his chest. “Sorry, I panicked. I thought… I may have said something bad.”

“I was reminded of the time I nearly ate a book,” Obi admits. “That was probably the blandest, even though they sold it as a saucy novel for the ladies of the upper court…”

“Sounds like a fascinating story,” she says, cautious. Obi looks down at her, and through the vibrant red locks of her fringe, a pair of moss green eyes gaze back at him, aware of even his slightest motion.

He is not used to attention, let alone attentiveness.

Her eyes are so full of promises he is almost afraid to look straight into them. He looks, still, because there is no other thing he could do – not when she gazes right at him, not when her face is so full of patience and caring.

Not when he could trick himself into believing that she may also feel the same way.

“Maybe one day you will have the privilege to listen to it, Miss,” he whispers, and he can’t help, but tuck a piece of stray hair behind her ear.

“I’d love to,” she replies, soft smile playing on her lips. “One day, please share them with me. All your recipes and secrets.”

“All of them?” Obi asks back. “Aren’t you insatiable, Miss?”

“I may be,” she says, and she does it again. She teases.

She is getting better at it.

“How about we start with finishing this fried rice? Little Ryuu must be hungry soon.”

“Good,” Shirayuki nods.

“Now, while the kitchen was undoubtedly hot just a moment ago, we still didn’t add any chili…”

He would not, for the love of all gods he has ever heard about, admit just how much he treasures these moments with her.

He would, however, make all within his reach, to make them happen again.


Shirayuki follows along, swimming in the ocean that is his voice, listening to the recipe while the food takes form in front of her.

She wishes Obi does not notice that her ears are just as red as the chili he uses.

One day, he said.

Vague, yet promising.

The Least I Can Do

Requested by Anonymous: Hi! Can I request a StevexBuckyxreader smut? Maybe 1940sStucky. No plot in particular, thank you for considering!! I love your writing!

Author’s Note: I know that I have to do a Part Three to ‘Boys Are So Stupid’, but I had a sudden motivation last night to write this. So ta-da!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 2400+

I decided to split it into two parts. Hope you don’t mind.

Originally posted by ilivetoavenge

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