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Stop Craptions.

Okay so I’ve made a post about this before but this is just getting ridiculous. Actually, the post I made before regards the same freaking video I’m going to talk about now. This has to do with closed captioning. After my little rant in my other post about how big youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have people writing captions for them and inserting stupid jokes and unnecessary commentary, there were edits made to the CC in the video I specifically talked about. A good start, but not revolutionary. 

I went back to watch that video tonight because it’s one of my favourite videos, and the captions have somehow gotten WORSE. Not only is there stupid commentary, but now there’s jokes that are actually offensive. 

(For context, they are doing the Whisper Challenge).

For YEARS people in the Deaf community have been trying to end the stigma/stereotype of deaf = dumb and then this BS rolls around. I’m just.. I’m just so done.

I shouldn’t have to turn the CC off for some of my favourite youtubers simply because they’re obnoxious, distracting, and/or offensive. I shouldn’t have to struggle to understand videos because I had to turn the CC off. So, to those who write captions for youtubers, please do it right oh my god. If you want to add commentary, do so in the comments like you’re supposed to. Otherwise you’re ruining it for a lot of people, and not just in the Deaf community. People who don’t have English as their first language, people with auditory processing disorder, people with ADD, etc. You’re ruining their youtube experience “for the lolz”. 

I just wish youtube had regulations for CC like television does. This shouldn’t be an issue. 

For more information about CC and “craptions”, check out @rikkipoynter​. 


“You know there’s a chance we might be mistaken for a couple. Like last week at dinner,” Sam said. His eyes were intent on you and so you tried to make your shrug as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah. But, I mean…we are, right? Your offer…what you said about being my boyfriend…that still stands?” you asked, refusing to meet his gaze. Still, you could see that smile of his even in your periphery.

“It still stands,” he said. 

“Well, ok then.” 


“Stop staring at me.”

“Can do,” Sam said, standing to the hotel room door and opening it for you. You walked past him, only sparing a glance lest the blush he’d made rise in your cheeks get worse.

“And stop smiling like that.”

“That’s going to be harder,” he replied, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he followed you into the new night.

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Imagine Allowing Yourself and Sam the Label of Couple After Initially Being Emotionally Reserved About Your New Relationship

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The Streets of Edinburgh

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Pack Your Bags

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Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BREAD MEMES honestly I look away for 2 days and the Royai fandom is full of baguettes....??? Is this the new flower crown? Has anyone edited the roystache on a loaf yet? Is Ed the Whole Wheat Alchemist? I have so many questions. X'D

Reka this is what happens when you look away for two days. You’re never ever ever ever ever ever EVER allowed to look away again, even for a minute.


aksjshdhd im going down the ace discourse tag and i.. am in Awe ? do people really see the term “cisgender hetero ace/aro” and think: “oh! wow!!! thats definitely part of the lgbt community!!”

like… even if u add ace/aro there, theyre still cis + only attracted to the opposite sex (i.e. cis male attracted to cis female // cis female attracted to cis male) at the end of the day? the term ace/aro only modifies that maybe they dont like romance or fucking?

cishet aces STILL benefits from a system where trans/lesbian/gay/bi/pan people CANNOT benefit from and therefore… not oart of the lgbt community!

edited for easy understanding!

Traps for New Vets: Part 3, Emergencies

You are rarely fully prepared for an emergency. For one thing, you often don’t know exactly what the emergency is until you’ve examined the animal. I’ve often had owners diagnose ‘bloat’ at home, which later turned out to be haemabdomen, heat stroke or even pregnancy once they arrive at the clinic.

There are things you can do, however, to be as close to prepared as you can be, especially in your first few weeks after graduation.

  • If you remember nothing else then please remember to go back to your first principles. If you go back to your first principles you will be able to figure out how to triage even a curly toed bunyip should you be presented with one. If you ever think you don’t know what to do, you are WRONG. You go back to your first principles and work your way up.
  • Most of emergency medicine is just buying time. Do one thing to buy a few minutes here, then you’ve got another ten minutes to spend buying another hour, which might let you do a procedure to buy a few more days which might be enough to buy the animal enough time to live the rest of its life. You can certainly do something in the first few minutes to buy yourself a few more minutes with a textbook or calling for help.
  • FLUIDS. OXYGEN. PAIN RELIEF. Not necessarily in that order, but for basically all emergencies until established otherwise. Say it with me now, FLUIDS, OXYGEN, PAIN RELIEF. Say it again. FLUIDS, OXYGEN, PAIN RELIEF. When you are in a panic because this dieing creature is placed in front of you and everyone expects you to save it, remember: FLUIDS. OXYGEN. PAIN RELIEF.
  • Every species except the snake has a cephalic vein. If you can’t remember where you’re supposed to perform venepuncture or place a catheter, there is always a cephalic. I have personally used cephalic veins in dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, a guinea pig, a ferret (anaesthetised) and a meerkat.
  • That said, it is worth knowing where alternative veins are if you blow them. If you have to clip half the patient bald to save its life, do so. If the owner complains that their pet is ugly after its near death experience, then their priorities are wrong.
  • On your first day at work as a veterinarian, spend a few minutes to find out where to find the following equipment in a hurry: endotracheal tubes, adrenaline, atropine, iv catheters, diazepam, euthanasia solution, opiod pain relief, calcium gluconate, hypertonic saline, iv glucose, apomorphine, tissue glue and the oxygen cage/box. The nurses should know where the blood pressure monitors are and the anesthetic machines should be unmissable. Most places will have a chart with emergency drug doses for different body weights on a wall. If there isn’t one there, make one.
  • If you do not have an oxygen cage or oxygen pox, but the patient will fit into a carrier, place the patient in a carrier and then put the carrier into a body bag. Close the bag and pump oxygen into one end, and make a hole at the other end for air to come out. It is difficult to monitor your patient this way, but when you really need oxygen, you really need oxygen.
  • Most creatures that need CPR will not come back. Of those that do, many will need CPR again shortly afterwards. Don’t be disheartened if you have a low success rate. Take every step you can to prevent the need for CPR in the first place.
  • Know when to be a team leader. In CPR somebody needs to take control and tell everyone else what to do. Communicate. If someone else has already taken charge, let them. If nobody has, step up.
  • If you’re doing cardiac compressions and getting tired, say so. Someone can swap with you.
  • Establish from day 1, or even at the job interview, who you can call for support if you can’t handle something on your own. It’s fine to not be up to doing a GDV or caesarian surgery on your own when you’re green, but you need to know what you’re doing until support shows up.
  • If you are doing CPR and getting nowhere, you probably can’t make it worse by giving more adrenaline. After all, technically the patient is already dead.
  • Humane euthanasia is sometimes your only valid choice.
  • Learn to recognize what owners see in an emergency over the phone. Sometimes the 'constipated cat’ is actually a blocked tom desperately trying and failing to urinate.
  • Above all, do not panic. You can, in fact, do this.

Traps for new Vets, part 1

Traps for new Vets, part 2, Euthanasia edition

I really wish everyone had someone to have deep conversations with on the phone at 3am when you’re smashed out of your mind and the only thing they care about is that you’re doing okay. I wish more people would be open about their feelings because I’m certainly not- and I know how hard that is for people. It sucks. I honestly know, depression isn’t a joke and some people just think its a punchline which is probably how other people get worse…speaking from experience. 


26.03.2017 || After a rather successful week, I decided to keep my weekend chill. My internship report is written (as those of you who follow my instagram know) and only has to be corrected and edited next week so I can hand it in next tuesday.
The only annoying thing is that my ear feels kinda weird and I guess I’ll have to go see the doctor next week, so it won’t get worse. :/

The Boyfriend Experiment (EXPOSED!!)

How dare she reject you? How dare she not want to give you her number? So you can study ‘Alone. Together.’ How dare she nicely reject you by saying she has a boyfriend so you don’t feel bad about yourself? You’re ‘fucking sick and tired’ of women saying that they have a boyfriend so you’ll leave them alone? Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman. Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of having to claim they have a boyfriend as it’s the only way most men will leave them alone. This video was put up to ‘expose’ the girl but in reality it actually exposed OckTV for being self-entitled trash.

Art Thieves: A Summary
  • Artist: *draws a picture and posts it* Please enjoy only on my site, thank you for all your support! (^-^)
  • Art reposter: Omg it's so good, I'll share it on my site!
  • Artist: D: Um, please don't do that. I can't control what people might do to my picture if that gets spread to other sites. They may edit it or even sell it and that could get me in trouble ;; I might get fined, or lose my job, or main source of income, or even worse..!
  • Art reposter: What, how could you be so selfish? Art is meant to be shared! We're helping you gain exposure and more fans! You're lucky we even think it's worthy enough to be shared on our site! If you didn't want it to be spread, don't post it online!
  • Artist: ): But I was never even asked permission...and the quantity of my fans don't really matter as long as my art makes my followers happy. I'm happy that you like it so much, but please be reasonable...
  • Art reposter: Well since you never put anything like 'Don't repost' we ASSumed you'd be chill with it. But fiiiine if you want to remove it you'll have to come to us directly.
  • Artist: But I don't have an account on your site...and I don't understand your language..?
  • Art reposter: Tough shit then. *keeps reposting artwork*
  • Artist: ... *closes account* I'm sorry, but it's gone too far and I don't want to risk legal problems... I hope my followers understand. m(_ _)m
  • Art reposter: Holy shit does anyone know what happened to ____? Their art was so good and I totally loved their work! Hope they come back :'''(
CoMC 17 Introduction

Hello!  I’m honestly not sure what to say by way of introduction, here, but I guess I’ll start with the fact that I’m going to be reading the Penguin Classics Edition of CoMC translated by Robin Buss.  I have a not so great track record of finishing readalongs, and this time of year promises to be more difficult than usual because I’ve been buried under mounds of grading for weeks already and it’s only going to get worse as the weeks go on.  :P  BUT I’M GOING TO TRY.

Anyway.  That aside, I’m really excited to be doing this.  I bought a copy of the book about 20 years ago and never actually got around to reading it.  My father is French and I grew up listening to how much he loved the stories of Dumas and he always has some new (or not, as the case may be) movie version of CoMC or the Three Musketeers that he wants me to watch, so it’s really long overdue that I read this book.

Now, whether it’s smart of me to be trying to do this AND get my butt back in gear with the Les Mis Brick Club 17 Readalong on top of all the grading I still have to do is anyone’s guess.  But here’s to the best of intentions?  ^_^

Closed Rp with chevyimpala967

“Right, just fiction.” Dean breathed out, brushing the panic off with a shake of his shoulders. This was just like when Chuck wrote a whole series about them. Except, this wasn’t true. It was all made up by some crazed fans. Yeah, he was gonna have to have a talk with Chuck again about taking down those damn books. “People say that?” Dean asked, genuinely confused, masking his anger since he knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Those were online bullies. If he could track down each of their addresses and decapitate them, he would. But it wasn’t possible. Getting all pissed off would only make things worse due to the mark. “Well, I think they’re morons.” He muttered, pressing a soft and loving peck on Lydia’s lips. Dean continued his search, typing away on the keyboard. “Alright, let’s see what we got.” He mumbled, scrolling down and roaming his eyes over all the fics, edits, and.. Were those? “What the hell are those and how the fuck did they get it?” Dean asked, his ‘spidey senses’ tingling. They were gifs of him and Lydia, but oddly specific. It’s like someone was friggin’ filming them or something. “Is that normal? Should I be worried?” He continued to throw panicked quetions at the ‘expert’, not knowing whether to dismiss it or ready his gun at all times.


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It won't let me watch snl on youtube it says something about my country?? I changed it on youtube settings but it still won't play! What should I do? Or is there any way?

The only way for you to see the videos is changing your VPN. It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is download an extension for Google Chrome (I suggest browsec, but there’s also zenmate, I’ll link you in a bit a tutorial I posted before Harry started his promo).
Unfortunately, we can’t repost any video because of copyrights and we might get a strike or worse we could get deleted, so that’s the only way 😞

EDIT: here’s the post. Instead of changing it to “United Kingdom” change it to “United States”!