What if Michelle is the one who keeps stealing Peter’s backpacks in the alley? I mean who wants to steal a backpack with all of his personal school papers and supplies FIVE TIMES? Michelle obviously knows what Peter’s backpacks look like (yes all five because she’s very observant) and since she has a hunch and quite possibly knows that he is Spider-Man, she follows close behind him after school and then once he’s changed into his suit and swung out of the alley Michelle snatches his backpack for evidence to prove that Peter is Spider-Man


in case you’re wondering, Cole has done his orangutan walk on set so many times, that’s why the cast were cracking up when he showed his talent on that yahootv interview lol. Lili shared the video on her twitter back in July 2016. And yes, that’s Camila giving it a try, doing her rendition of the orangutan walk lol. Not for KJ tho…he ain’t about that monkey life. xD