these doodles are fun and low pressure


Just Gundam things!

I’ve been having a slightly unlikely nostalgic attack of Gundam feels this week, and since it has reached the point where I have to willfully pull away to work on Actual Worky Things, I figured I’d compile all the recent Gundam related doodles into a single post along with today’s new Trowa sketch and last night’s powdered charcoal gesture drawings!

It’s fun to make fan-art, since the pressure to design is low and I can just splash around and experiment with technique! I’m learning lots that I’m excited to apply towards future work- which I must do. now. because rent. 


You’ve probably all heard of Big Bangs: someone spends months writing a really long piece of fanfic and is paired up with someone who spends hours and hours drawing gorgeous art to go with it. And Mini Bangs are the same idea with a smaller word count that’s usually still high enough to intimidate a lot of new writers. Well, I came up with the idea to have the same fun experience with a lot less of the pressure: a Micro Bang for all Teen Wolf fans who can write or draw little itty bitty projects 

Round 1 was a lot of fun, and I consider it a success, so now let’s dive straight into another round of the same thing, but hopefully with even more participants this time!

here’s the basic info on how this works:

Minimum for fic: 500 words

Minimum for art: one drawing or doodle that you spent at least 15 minutes on

This is supposed to be fun and low key, so you should probably stay around those minimums.


January 16: Applications open for both writers and artists apply to the challenge using the submit page. further instructions can be found there about applying. 

February 6: Applications are due for writers.

February 20: Applications are due for artists.

February 27: Writing is Due.

March 13: Art is due.

March 16-20: Posting Week!!!

all this information and more can be found here

if you have any questions, just shoot me an ask