these dark scenes are impossible


trini + billy’s death

;; spock&uhura → smooches 💋 2/?

   ↳ Uhura: Are you sure you don’t want me to go instead?
      Spock: That would be highly illogical as I am already outfitted—
      Uhura: Spock, I was kidding.  


You turned your phone tracker off. You knew about the LoJack so you got the car towed. That’s smart. And now you’re being very stupid, Teresa. Look, I know you got the maid. So bring her back to me and we can forget this ever happened.
I’m not gonna be responsible for what you want me to do.


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  mooseleys vs. samsfight
Round 2 sam + favorite scene: living under Lucifer’s shadow


The casting agent had seen me open up as a duo with my drummer, Zeke Hutchins, supporting Nick Cave in 2013. Somehow, the mental Rolodex of this guy—I don’t know what phrases came to mind when they were talking about the casting for Rachel, but somehow I was somebody that they wanted to audition. It was because of the show that he saw me open up for Nick Cave. […] I picked “I Wish I Knew” for the audition. I felt like I could sing that naturally as opposed to somebody else’s song in an audition. I didn’t really know the context at the time. When I showed up on set later, we had talked about doing other songs, but that one ended up being the one we circled back to. 

Sharon Van Etten on how she got involved with The OA


Roslin is my lord father’s youngest daughter by Lady Bethany of House Rosby, his sixth wife. She has a gentle nature and a gift for music.
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