these cries for attention are getting worse

Humans are Weird- Ignoring Pain

I hit my knee against a table and it hurt like hell, but I was in a hurry so I just rubbed it off you know. While I was on my way to the beach, everyone was looking at me *btw I was panicking cause I thought I had something on my face* When I got to the beach where my friend was waiting for me, she told me my knee was bleeding *I was actually pleased it was that and not that I had something on my face lol*

  • Isn’t horrible when you hit your hip with the table? Or Oh, the pinky toe. That is a suffering which I don’t wish upon ANYONE.

I just can’t believe that I DIDN’T NOTICE, and then it got me thinking, how humans can ignore pain. Like it must be a survival trait we developed through our existence to survive in extreme cases. 

Just imagine aliens being like HOW THE HELL DID YOU NOT NOTICE YOU WERE BLEEDING!? and I can’t stop laughing. 

Or worse, imagine they could feel your pain in a more intense way since some of us if not most have developed to feel less pain. 


He felt it. The sharp pain lanced through his head and colorful spots flashed in front of his four eyes. The pain spread through his body, feeling a wave of agony. Then he saw the Human.

She was biting her lips, making it look she was trying to keep a cry out. Taking a closer look, she had a nasty cut on her ankle. She shrugged it off and continued to shuffle past the crew. Terric would think she would head to the medical room, but instead she was heading the opposite direction. -She would have to take care of it before it was too late that they would have to cut it offor even worse..that she could die- *he thought*


“Yes, Terr?” she answered him. 

“Why aren’t you heading to get medical attention?” he said concerned for her. 

Human-Sasha looked very confused, as if she had no idea what Terric meant. She had to know, right? 

“You’re bleeding!” he cried out. Scared for her survival. 

“Oh shit, I didn’t notice.” she mumbled, looking at her ankle. 

“You didn’t notice..? But didn’t it hurt?” 

Oh it did. But I would you say it….we humans can ignore pain in some cases if our mind is somewhere else.”

“I wasn’t aware humans had superpowers…” he said in a very serious manner. 

Human-Sarah ‘laughed’ out loud, making it look she was choking. Terric would never understand how that could show amusement in their kind.

“No”-she blurted out while laughing- “I assume humans have developed over the years to withhold pain in extreme cases, to guarantee our survival.”

Terric was horrified. He would have to update the human manual. 


Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are Rebekah Mikaelson’s best friend and, ah, a mermaid. She brough you home in a gesture act. What she did not expect was that her brother, Klaus, would fall for you and, whilst doing so, he win your heart over.

Warnings: swearing, kissing, some violent descriptions (not that big of a deal), mentions of sex, fluff

Word Count: 4250 (i think i broke my record with this one)

Patiently waiting for Rebekah Mikaelson, who happened to be your best friend for quite some time now, at a bar, you thought of how much your life had changed in the past year. All because you were forced to abandon your mermaid nature after one reckless night you spend at a forbidden cave; sure, your mother had warned you what would happen if you went there during a full moon, but you always thought she was just being an overprotective mum. Ultimately, she was not, for the next morning you woke up entirely naked. Oh, and with freaking legs instead of your blueish tail as well.

A gentle chuckle left your lips when you remembered the stunned looks the humans gave you once you managed to get out of the cave. Nudity can get them incredibly nervous.

“I presume you’re waiting for my sister, love.” A masculine voice, soaked in a marvellous British accent, said. “May I keep you company?”

“Suit yourself, Niklaus.” Your reply was short, straight to the point. “But I warn you she’ll be mad if she finds you here.”

“I know how to deal with Rebekah.” He smirked, sitting on one of the chairs and facing you with those deep blue eyes. “You know that.”

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[ thank you for requesting, hope you enjoy! and i kinda made this an au!gangster-jin type of sceneario, if that’s okay - i just got a weakness for gangsta!bts  💦 ]

Rated (M) for mature.

She waited for him to finish taking care of business from behind the tinted glass. Her legs crossed, sitting prettily in her chair while grinning at the man that was getting his ass handed to him in the small room with no windows. The only light that filled it was the single bulb that hung from the ceiling - but from where she sat, she could see perfectly.

“I’ve been nothing but patient with you. Given you chance after chance, took you in, treated you like family - and this is how you fucking repay me for my generosity?” Jin punctuated with another harsh swing to the man’s jaw, nearly knocking him off the chair. The slight sound of teeth hitting the floor almost made Y/n wince. Almost.

“P-Please…I didn’t mean it - I-I was only trying to look out for my family, I was j-just-!”

“So stealing from me is going to help your fucking family? You don’t think I’ve got my own to take care of, that you practically took food right out of their mouths?” He motioned for his two right-hands to lift him up from the chair, and hold his lofty head straight. “Answer me, you fuck!”

“I-I didn’t know! I swear, I didn’t! Please, forgive me!” The man sobbed like a child. It made Y/n sick at how easily Jin could break him. To be honest, he was going easy on him at the moment - she knew her husband could do so much worse. There was suddenly silence in the room, nothing but the sound of the man’s cries. Jin stared down at him, his face showing no emotion - just the crease in his brow.

After what felt like hours, but only minutes, Jin tilted his head to the side to where his attention was now in the direction of the tinted glass. Y/n could feel chills run down her spine at the sight of his hard eyes coming in contact with her own. That man practically did nothing, and here she was - melting on the spot.

“Get in here, beautiful.”

Not needing any further instruction, Y/n was escorted to the door to enter the room. Once inside, the faint smell of blood filled up her nostrils, so strong it almost burned. But, didn’t mean she wasn’t used to it - this definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. The sound of her heels echoed around the small room, the slow pace that she had made the atmosphere more intense with every step. When she finally reached his side, an arm quickly snaked around her waist, pulling her in front of him. Jin’s head rested on top of hers, once her body physically relaxed into his.

“Open your eyes.” He demanded, the man sniffling a couple of times, until he finally did as he was told. “This woman, the love of my life, the mother of my two beautiful sons…is going to determine your fate. She will decided if you deserve to live.”

Releasing her from his hold, Y/n circled around the man. Once again keeping her pace nice and slow, her finger tips tapping at her bottom lip as she pretended to think. Coming back to the front, she spoke.

“How much did you steal?”

The man starts to shutter, not believing that he was being questioned by a woman. Before he could even finish his sexist thoughts, Y/n didn’t hesitate to slap him across the face.

Jin only smirks before biting his lower lip. Seeing you get this way always managed to excite him. “The lady asked you a question. I suggest you start talking.”

“I s-stole…just a couple stacks…t-that’s all.”

Y/n hums, raising an eyebrow. “How many kids do you have?”

“[Sniff] O-one…a little girl…”

“I don’t believe one little girl is worth two stacks of cash. If I can recall - you told my husband that you were a single father, so I know there’s no Mrs. So why the hell did you think you or her were worth 10 fucking grand? Did you think that I wouldn’t need that money more than you? Did you think my sons wouldn’t need the money that my husband worked his ass off to get for us?”

“Please…have mercy on me, I beg you…”

“I don’t want you to fucking beg!” This time she throws a punch, the two right-hands loosening their grip to where the man falls to the floor with small thud. “Not only are you a filthy thief, but you are a liar. You don’t have a family, you only took that money for yourself. You think that I’m stupid enough not to do background checks on the people we let join? You killed your wife in cold blood, you never had any kids, and you were stealing the money so you could run off somewhere - you used Jin’s kindness to save your pathetic ass.”

That caught the leader’s attention, as his smirk was quick to disappear. “You son of bitch. That was nothing but a goddamn sob story? And here I was, almost falling for it. [Chuckle] Babygirl, what would I do without you?”

Within a split second, Jin pulls out his gun. The man quickly starts to plead while on his knees, tears started to mix in with his own blood that also ran down his face. Taking a good couple steps away from the splash zone, Jin used his free arm to wrap around her once more, his head back to resting on hers.

“What will it be, my love?”

Staring down at the man, practically shaking with adrenaline, Y/n couldn’t control the grin that spread across her face. “Kill the bastard.”

The man’s cries became louder, until the shout of the gun hushed him, leaving the room surrounded by silence. Jin signaled for his right-hands to dispose of the body and clean the area, handing the gun over to one of them.

“This was definitely more messier than I intended. Sorry about that, Suga.”

“I’m just glad this is over with. His crying was starting to get on my last nerve,” He shook his head at the corpse, kicking it once to make sure he was really dead.

“Nice left hook, by the way.” Namjoon winks, Y/n only rolling her eyes.

“Kiss my ass another night, Joonie.” Taking a hold of Jin’s hand, she leads the way out of the room. “Make sure we didn’t wake the boys and that all the money is returned. Let’s call it a night, shall we?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The two of them playfully saluted, going to work with cleaning up the mess that was made.

It didn’t take long for the mood to be set. By the time the door was closed, blocking out the outside world, the two of them practically threw themselves at each other. Lips locked in a rushed and passionate embrace, clothes being thrown God-knows-where, impatient hands touching any inch of skin they could find. This was what they lived for.  

Y/n lets out a squeal, followed by a curt laugh once Jin threw her onto the bed. The slight squeak in the mattress, along with silky sheets, gave her goosebumps. But, the sight of her lover hovering above her, his eyes darkened with a mix of love and lust was enough to send her blood running cold. Oh, the things this man did to her was unreal. It was like they were teenagers again.

“You truly are amazing,” he spoke lowly, his lips leaving small pecks from her neck, to her shoulder, until it reached all the way down just above her navel. “Seeing you get all worked up like that - I had to stop myself from ravishing you right then and there. I didn’t care if the boys watched, or not. I needed you so bad, jagi…I am going to ruin you.”

Kisses placed on the insides of her thighs, his nails digging into her hips to the point she let out a small hiss in response. Breathless was how she felt, and he barely even did anything. If she wanted to try what she’s been wanting to try for a while now, she needed to do it fast before her brain fogged over. It was now or never. Gripping his hair roughly, Y/n pulls the boy out from between her thighs, grabbing his attention. Jin, now looking up at her with confusion, rose up from his position until he was now leveled with her face again.

“Nah, Seokjin. Not this time. Tonight, I’m going to be the one to ruin you.” Quickly switching the positions, Y/n was now the one hovering over the other, her hands shoving his broad shoulders deep into the mattress. “I’ve been thinking lately, and what happened earlier was definitely the closer. You’ve gotten to be dominate almost the whole entire time we’ve been together - so why not give me a turn? You give me an option in anything decision you make, but when it comes to the bedroom, I don’t get any say. But, that’s about to change.”

She could tell Jin didn’t take her seriously, his eyebrows raised a certain way to where it was blatantly obvious. “And how do you propose that?”

Y/n didn’t like the way he was doubting her ability to be dominate - hell, she showed that she was not to be fucked with just minutes ago, and now all of the sudden he’s skeptical. Pursing her lip, she rolled off him to retrieve something from the nightstand drawer. The small clank of metal was heard as Y/n turned back to him with a serious expression upon her face.

“Arms up.”

Jin blinked a couple of times, still not believing. Deciding to humor her, he did as he was told. Not even a second later did Y/n handcuff him to the post, then maneuvering her way to the end of the bed. Giving him a little show, Y/n goes the extra mile with taking her underwear off, shimmying her hips then groping her own breasts right after. Even thought he was naive at what she was capable of, didn’t mean the sight wasn’t pleasant. The anticipation of what she was going to do to him only heightened his arousal. It wasn’t until her hands started traveling a little too low for his liking.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Ignoring his question, Y/n uses a single digit to glide down the path of her stomach, soon reaching what she’s been waiting for all night. Slowly circling the nub with little pressure was enough to make her breathing pick up in pace, while soft moans escape past her lips. Jin didn’t like for his princess to touch what was his. Especially without permission.

“Stop.” He grunted, tugging at the handcuffs roughly. That only seemed to make her pick up speed, the events from earlier and the look he now had increased the wetness between her thighs even more. “Y/n, I’m fucking warning you, I said enough!”

“A-Aw, is daddy getting angry~? We h-haven’t even started yet, and you’re already antsy.” Y/n did nothing but disobey him, staring into his eyes as she now used to two fingers to spread her arousal around. Jin could do nothing but watch, and she loved it. Just seeing him squirming already, his face turning slightly red as his blood was starting to boil just made her feel so powerful.

“Y/n, I swear to God, if you don’t-”

“Shut up, and suck.” Not even letting him finish his threat, Y/n shoved those two fingers into his mouth, crawling closer to where she now hovered above his stomach. Jin couldn’t help but to groan at the taste - not to mention her choice of words. Usually he’d be the one saying such demands; now that the tables have turned, he had to admit it was the hottest thing to even hit his ear drums. He held eye contact as his mouth went to work on those two fingers, sucking and licking as if his life depended on it. Y/n had to bite her tongue to keep from moaning, the feel of his warm mouth was almost enough to crumble the walls she just built. Almost.

Once positive that he got it all, she retracted her fingers from his mouth, leaving behind a slight trail of saliva. Wiping them on the sheets, Y/n crawled the rest of the way up his torso, making him lay flat on the mattress until she was now mere centimeters from his face. Eyes now focused on his most prized possession, Jin licked his lips slowly. He knew exactly what she wanted him to do, but he wanted to make her work for it. Since it was his turn to be the tease.

Not tolerating the wait, Y/n grips his hair roughly, pulling his face closer to her dripping entrance. “Baby boy, do not test me.”

The sound of that nickname was so sinful coming from her mouth, Jin didn’t need to be told twice. Leaning in the rest of the way, his lips finally came in contact with her clit, doing it that same way he did her fingers. Only this time - much, much slower. Y/n releases her hold on his hair to grip at the post in front of her, nearly falling over at the intense feeling. It had been a while since the two of them did this, him having been busy with gang-related stuff, and you being busy taking care of your boys. After two long and stressful months of nothing but cuddles and pecks, this was definitely what you both needed.  

Jin knew what made his babygirl tick; every small detail about her, what spots to hit, when to change the speed, he practically memorized it all. Even with no hands, he knew when to add more pressure with his tongue, or when to tilt his head in different angles. But, with no hands, he couldn’t control her whining hips. It didn’t take long for them to start wiggling from side to side, setting up her own pace, basically getting herself off with him just being the toy to do it. Getting slightly aggravated, Jin stops his ministrations and lays his head down on the pillow, no longer in contact with her clit. The slight sound of her growl made his cock twitch, but he held his ground. If she thought that he was gonna just roll over like some bitch, then she was mistaken.

But, if he thought he was getting away with that - he was mistaken.

“So, you want to be stubborn, hm? Okay…I have ways of punishing naughty boys.” Y/n once again rolls off him, this time taking off his now tight boxers. Jin hisses slightly at the cool air hitting his sensitive skin, but nearly loses his breath when she starts to slowly stroke him.

Fuck…” He sighs, head thrown back as he’s finally receiving the pleasure he’s been after. Tugging at the cuffs once more, his stomach clenches as her grip tightens. “Just like that…”

Y/n grins as she descends to her knees, peppering the base with light kisses, until her tongue swipes up the length slowly. His breaths start coming out choppy, soft moans following behind some of them. Jin was starting to think she had finally came to her senses and decided to take care of him - like a good girl. All of the sudden, Jin felt her pull away, only for her mouth to be replaced by something cold. His eyes fluttered open at the feeling, trying to lift his head upward to see what you had just put on him. It wasn’t until the soft noise of something vibrating filled the room, and soon his eyes rolled to the back of his head. She had just turned on a vibrating cock-ring.

“Oh, God, jagi~” Jin moaned loudly, the pitch in his voice having no choice but to go up an octave. This was a whole new sensation, the vibration assuring him sweet release, but the grip of the ring halted that relief without mercy. His hips now wiggled from side to side, bucking and thrusting up into the air, with his head still thrown backward. Tugging at the cuffs in desperation, there was no sign of them breaking anytime soon. What the hell were they made out of?

She marveled in the way her husband now portrayed himself; a sweaty, panting, whimpering mess. Patting herself on the back, Y/n returns to her previous position, once again centimeters from his face. She could see that his eyes were closed tightly, his face turning even deeper red as it is seemed like it was becoming difficult for him to breathe. The sight only seemed to turn her own even more

“How does it feel, baby? To be vulnerable, with no control?” He was silent, biting his lip to keep from making noise. All he was doing was making it harder on himself. Letting out a shout of pleasure when she turned the speed up a little, she spoke again. “The lady asked you a question. I suggest you start talking.”

Using his words from before seemed to grab his attention in no time. Taking a moment to compose himself, he responds. “S-So…g-good…”

“How badly do you want to cum?”

“So f-fucking-ah.! So b-bad, baby..!” Unfortunatly for him, he had no choice but to reduce to begging. His cock practically pulsated, pre-cum just leaking out of control as he pleaded with his eyes. “P-Please, Y/n, I-I’ll be good..! I-I swear! Please, I can’t t-take it anymore! You win, fuck, you win!”

It was music to her ears. Caressing his scalp for a moment, Y/n showed a little mercy by turning the ring to it’s lowest setting, giving Jin a chance to catch his breath. Still twitching slightly, his pants fanned over her still glistening slit, sending tingles through the pit of her stomach. “Good boy~ Finish me first, and then you’ll get what you want.”

Without warning, Jin stretched out his neck, quickly attaching his eager mouth right back to her opening - no longer wasting time to enter his warm muscle and begin thrusting it as fast as he could. Finding her hands to be gripping the post again, Y/n couldn’t stop the gasps and moans from spilling out of her mouth. Like what was said before, he knew what made his babygirl tick.

It didn’t take long for her to approach her limit, helping by bucking her hips in time with each stroke of his tongue. The feel of her walls clenching around it made the gang leader whine in desperation - never have wanted to come so badly in his life, until now. Suddenly, not being able to take it as well, Y/n pulled off of him, making him start to panic for a moment.

“W-Wait! Did I do something wrong? Please don’t turn the ring back up, I-I was trying my hardest - honestly, I was-!”

“Sh, sh, sh.” Y/n ran a hand through his sweaty hair, almost wanting to laugh at how similar he sounded like the man he murdered in cold blood not too long ago. Oh, the irony. “I know you were. I think you’ve been punished long enough, baby.”

Soon, the ring came completely off, now allowing Jin to finally relax his tense muscles for only a moment. It didn’t take long for her to straddle his hips, and slowly lower herself until the very tip of him entered her scorching heat. This caused him to inhale deeply at the feeling, nearly coming from it - alone. Y/n practically teared up at almost being connected with him again, it being so long that the feeling of him stretching her made her wince just a little. Yep, it was like they were teenagers again.

Taking a moment to savor the feeling a little longer, Y/n takes a deep breath before sinking down the rest of the way. Both of them let out sounds of relief, after long torture, finally getting what the both of them wanted for so long. Y/n ran her nails down his chest slowly, clenching and unclenching, trying to get used to it. Neither one of them spoke, instead stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Jin could not believe what this woman had just put him through - this was premeditated. There was never a dull moment with Y/n- she always made his life more exciting. She once again proved that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

As if she could read his mind, Y/n leaned down to place a kiss upon his lips, the faint taste of herself still lingering on them as she deepened it. After pulling away, she decided to finally unlock him from the cuffs. “You earned it. Don’t make me regret it.”

Her words may have sounded threatening, but Jin only smiles softly. Not wasting another moment, his arms wrapped around her middle tightly, pulling her bare chest to meet with his. Wrapping hers around his neck, Y/n started to ride him - at first slowly to get a good rhythm. But, soon that slow pace turned into something desperate - as both of them were yearning for release. One hand tangled in his hair while the other continued being wrapped around his neck, Y/n could just feel her immense love for this man - the way he held her, kissed her, made her feel. How he gave her two beautiful children, a home, a place where she belonged. Once again bringing her to tears at how lucky she was.

And the feelings were mutual with him. She was everything to Jin, hugging her close to where he could feel her heartbeat match up with his, making sure to angle his hips a certain way until-

“Oh, Seokjin~” She cried out, holding onto him tighter as he hit that one spot - over, and over again. To make it even harder for her to hold on any longer, he started chanting encouragements to help coax her arrival - while going a little rougher.

“That’s it, that’s it,” He’d whisper in her ear, his grip on her hips only tightening as he felt his climax approaching soon. “Cum for me, baby.”

Those final words being the last thing she heard before all that was left was nothing but white. It didn’t take Jin long to follow right after, his hot seed painting her walls in long spurts - practically leaving him speechless. Holding onto each other a little while longer, riding out their highs, the two lovers basked in the after glow of what they’ll mark down as the most intense sex they’ve had so far.

Soon after, Jin chuckles softly, slowly pulling out of her. “Damn. You should be dominate more often - where the hell did all that come from?”

“You should never underestimate me, Jinny. I’m full of surprises,” She smirks lazily, Jin only smiling brightly as he lays on his back, taking her with him.

“I love you. So much, you couldn’t even imagine. After today, you’ve shown that you’re no longer the scared teenage girl I met years ago. You’re this strong, sexy, grown woman I have the privilege of having a family with.”

Resting her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, Y/n places a small kiss on the spot. “It’s about damn time that you noticed. But, I love you, too, Kim Seokjin. Next time you wanna hire some idiot off the street - make sure you run them by me first. It’ll save Suga and Rap Mon the effort of having to clean up after you all the fucking time.”

Even though she spoke such harsh words, the hint of exhaustion in her voice only made her appear precious to the gang leader. Chuckling once again, covering the both of them with the sheets, Jin places a small kiss to her forehead as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

“What would I do without you?”

i can’t focus on things for long. my brain doesn’t let me. if i need to focus, i need to move. my leg has to bounce, i need to fidget.

i can never finish what i started. tasks I start off excited about quickly get left behind in favour of new, more stimulating things.

i need to have a million things going on to feel satisfied. music and a book, a game and a movie, i have to have constant stimuli of every kind.

everything is a distraction. noise, lights, etc. even without physical distractions, my brain wanders off. i have to re-tune in to things, often after several minutes.

i never know when to shut up. i try, but it’s hard. and i always interrupt people. i hate waiting for turns, i need to be engaged constantly. listening to other’s is a struggle.

organizing is impossible. my room is always a mess, no matter how much i want to clean it. i lose everything constantly: my phone, my keys, my wallet, the remote, my pen. everything.

if i don’t like it, i can’t do it. even if i have to. if i like it, focusing is easier, but my attention still waivers.

some days are worse. some days, my brain is jumping from activity to activity. staying on tasks i usually enjoy wont happen. sitting still is impossible. when i can’t move or i feel bored, i get extremely frustrated and angry. everything in me wants to scream.

i always forget to do things i need to. notes and reminders don’t help. i have needed to pay my brighthouse bill for 2 months and i still haven’t.

i got so frustrated in class when i couldnt focus that i had to leave and i cried in the hallway. this isnt a first.

in elementary school, id read instead of paying attention in class because my books could hold my attention and didnt make me restless.

in middle school, i doodled instead of paying attention. i almost failed algebra because i couldn’t focus on the content. somehow i got a 5/5 on the exam.

i cried in the shower tonight because my brain doesn’t work.
this sucks.

Final Sight

Gotta hate those plot bunnies that pop up out of nowhere and you’re in the mood so a story just happens

Gajeel’s “final” thoughts. 

The feeling of victory was brief, cut short by the sudden and horrifying feeling of despair as tendrils of darkness wrapped around him, yanking him off balance. They were cold, so cold they hurt. He couldn’t pull himself free, no matter how hard he fought.

What the hell is this? He thought as the tendrils began digging into his flesh. His heart jumped in terror; there was no way to even think of combating this! It was worse than any torture he’d endured, or ever thought of.

A cough yanked his attention in front of him; Levy spat out a string of bloody saliva, then heaved herself out of her jacket and sprinted towards him. She’s coming, his mind cried in hope. She’s comin-

His feet were swallowed in a icy crush, forcing a stunned gasp out of him. He couldn’t get free… and if she came near enough to get caught… Despair flooded his senses.

She couldn’t save him this time.

Not anymore.

It took all of the last of his magic to finally pull his arm free and pin her to the rock, keeping her free of the trap. The look she shot him was heartbreaking, and he let his hand get sucked back into the void. So, as we met, we part now…

Flashes of memories he’d cherished washed over him, some happier than others, thankfully the better ones were of her. Like the first time she smiled at him, unafraid and grateful. He’d found it annoying at first, unsure as to why his heart fluttered so happily. Or when she insisted on coming with him no matter what. The trials, the dragon, the seven year gap they miraculously survived. The battle with the dragons, the labyrinth… their kiss…

He promised he’d make her big, and true to form, she was indeed bigger than she had been when they met, slicing her foot through the air and breaking his trap, intent on coming towards him.

You can’t!

If you do…

A large form slid behind her and wrapped her up, stopping her cold in her charge. Lily!

She was crying. His heart was breaking at the sound, listening to her words. He had to say it. Say it before it was too late. He opened his mouth and words began to flow. It was probably the most elegant he’d ever allow himself to be with her, with both of them as they stared, watching his body dissipate.

There was too much he wanted to say, too much he couldn’t say. Yet, there was something he couldn’t without completely breaking down, and he had to leave her with a smile. It was killing him more than the cold was, stabbing him in the heart as she wept in front of him, reaching for him.

You were my future.

He wanted to simplify it. He wanted to sing it out, but it was getting hard to breath as the coldness was closing in on his throat. He was out of time.

Live for me!

He could feel it pulling him in faster as his strength finally gave out. He pierced his best friend with a desperate look, grateful when Lily nodded, swearing to keep his love safe. He could hear her gasping as she lunged for him, fighting the strong embrace Lily had her in.

She’d be safe.

He wanted to say it; say the words he never wanted to say to her and completely regretted not saying. He opened his mouth, and found himself unable to talk. How fucking ironic, he mused sadly. The cold was pulling at his sight now, tearing at the corners of his vision. He locked eyes with her as the blackness finally slipped over, and swallowed him from the world he knew.

I love you…

Live for me!
Bloomtale - Chapter 14 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 14 is up!!! And today, March 20, is supposed to be Athela’s birthday!! I will soon draw something, I promise ;v;

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Falling Leaves

Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 672

Warnings: Kissing, raking leaves

“Lafayette! Come rake leaves with me!” You yelled, your voice echoing through the house.

“Why? More will just blow on our lawn anyway.” Laf groaned, his voice coming from upstairs.

“Laf, our yard is covered in leaves. It couldn’t get much worse could it?” You asked, walking up the stairs.

“It could definitely get worse. It’s cold! I’m not going out there!” He complained.

“Laf…” You pouted, finding him lying down on your bed.

“Don’t pout, (Y/N). That’s not going to convince me to go rake leaves with you. I’m very comfortable and about to start a good book.” Laf sighed, watching your pout grow.

“Laf, come play with me!” You cried, showing him your best puppy dog eyes.

Instead of paying attention to you, Lafayette opened the book that he had started reading a couple days ago. You sighed loudly, hoping to gain his attention. Instead, he flipped to the next page, completely engrossed in the story. Getting annoyed with him, you decided to resort to the last option…jumping on him.

“Laf!” You jumped, landing firmly on top of him.

“Ugh, mon amour? What are you doing?” Laf’s voice was slightly pained, I mean you had just jumped on him. Sadly, he decided to use this position to his advantage. “Mon cherie, I’m very glad you decided to cuddle me while I read.” He smirked, putting his arms firmly around your body.

“No, Laf! Just come rake and play in the leaves with me!” You protested, banging your hands against his chest.

“No, (Y/N)! Just come cuddle and read with me!” He mocked you.

“Laf…I’ll make you hot chocolate afterwards. Plus, I’ll give you all the kisses.” You negotiated, Laf chuckling from beneath you.

“I thought I already got all the kisses, am I wrong?” He smiled.

“You thought wrong! I give some of my kisses to our puppy!” You exclaimed, pointing to the small dog that slept at the opposite end of the bed.

“Oh, I guess I can’t let a deal like this slip away, can I?” He kissed a light kiss to your lips.

“No you can not!” You jumped out of the bed, pulling him behind you.

The two of you sprinted out the door, barely stopping to put on shoes. You already had grabbed the rakes and had them laying in a pile of leaves. You tossed one to him without a word, beginning to make a huge pile of leaves.

“So, yardwork is fun to you? Do you want to be in charge of shoveling the snow this year?” Laf teased you.

“Shut up! It’ll be fun in the end!” You exclaimed, raking the leaves faster than before.

“You make zero sense. How will this be fun in the end?” He asked with a smirk.

“Trust me, it’ll be lot’s of fun. For now I just need you to help me make the biggest pile of leaves ever.” You tried explaining.

“Fine.” Laf said, now working twice as fast as you.

In the end you made a pile bigger than you had ever seen. You and Laf stared at the giant pile of leaves with pride. You had made that with a lot of hard work, but that didn’t make you want to destroy it any less than before.

“Now where’s the fun part, mon ange?” Laf asked, looking at you with complete confusion.

“I don’t get why you’ve never done this before.” You said, shaking your head in disappointment.

“Done wh-AH!” Laf screamed as you pushed him, face first into the pile of leaves. “What was that for?”

“That’s the fun part! Jumping in it!” You laughed, jumping into the center of the pile, leaves flying everywhere.

“We made this just to destroy it?” He asked, complete disbelief on his face.

“Pretty much.” You smiled, rolling around in the leaf pile.

“You are very strange, mon chaton.” He laughed at you before beginning to roll in the leaves with you for what seemed to be the rest of the night.

The Enslavement of Elizabeth

I’d like to thank Elizabeth who’s Tumblr handle is

@theprettiestprincess. Again, if you’d like to be the subject of one of my stories about kidnapping women and being sold into slavery, message me. Enjoy. ************************************** With colleges opened for the fall, we figured it was “recruitment” time. And usually with the weather still warm, we figured it was a good time being women still show a lot of skin. Bruce, Rick and I took a trip to the local university. After being there for about an hour(it was about 1pm) there was one chick who really caught our eye. She had a Barbie girl type shape to her. She was about 5'3" had long blonde hair and the ass and tits on her. Momma. She was wearing a black crop top that showcased her flat stomach and highlighted her huge tits. A tight pink mini skirt that highlighted her ass and black sneakers with black knee high socks. Just a beautiful body. Normally, we might follow her around for a few days to determine her pattern. But today she went to a park that was actually deserted at this time. She was sitting on a park bench reading what appeared to be a glamour magazine. And she had her earbuds on listening to her iPhone. Which meant she couldn’t hear us sneak up from behind her. I walked in front of her with Bruce and Rick behind her who grabbed each. “Hey!! What the fuck!! Let go of me!! Let go of me!!!!! She cried as I grabbed her legs and my partners picked her up by her arms as we carried her back to the van. She was fighting all way. We then got her back to the van. And forced her on her stomach and while Bruce and Rick were holding her down while I secured her wrists together behind her back. Then I secured her elbows together followed by her ankles and thighs together. Then finally I attached some rope to her elbow and ankle restraints putting her in a strict hogtie. "Ok look just take my purse and leave me her.” She pleaded. “Oh it’s not your purse we’re after” responded Rick. “Ok just get it over with” now thinking we wanted to rape her. “Wrong again sweetie heh heh!!” responded Bruce. Having enough of hearing her voice. We gagged her with a head harness ball gag. And then placed a black leather hood on her so she couldn’t see. “I’m riding in the back with her this time”. Usually I drive but this one I wanted to “keep company”. I began feeling up her upper thighs, fondling and groping her. Then I lifted her skirt and to my delight so black thong panties. Then I checked out the bottom and they seemed at least pretty damp. “This is getting you very excited isn’t it slut”. “Mmmppphhh!!” Our new slave mumbled under her gag. Probably disagreeing with what I said but deep down in her heart, she probably new I was right. I then started fondling her titties. So mouth watering. I noticed she had a matching bra. “Don’t you watch movies or tv shows about serial killers. Don’t you ever notice that the women abducted are always wearing matching bra and panties?” I whispered to her. Bruce in the meantime went through our new slaves purse. He checked his wallet. Found out her name was Elizabeth and she was 20 years old. Then he checked her cell phone for her contacts and friends/followers on social media. This is in hopes of finding more slaves. And we found on her Tumblr page what a cock tease she was. She would lead guys on but in the end leave em frustrated. Well those days were about to end. Now any man who wanted to fuck her could do so and there was nothing she could do about it. After giving her a spanking, I took out a hitachi wand and pressed it against her clit. “Mmmppphhh!!!. Mmmppphhh!!!!. Mmmmmmhhhhhhhppppp!!!!!!!!!! As Elizabeth started getting very aroused by the vibrator. She started cumming and cumming over and over again. After I was done, I took a scissors and cut off her panties. I momentarily removed her hood/gag but then I stuffed her cum soaked panties in her mouth and placed the gag/hood back on. ************************************** We arrived at the slave training facility. We undid her hogtie with just her wrists/elbows secured. She definitely wasn’t able to get away because her legs had lost circulation due to the hogtie and the forced orgasms. We dragged her into the facility with her pretty much walking a perp walk with Bruce and Rick holding one arm. We found that Dr Richards was in. Again, he’s a defrocked gynecologist(for fondling and groping his patients) we have doing an exam on all new slaves. We stripped down our slave naked and then strapped it to the gynecology table. The slave is strapped with its wrists bound at the top of the table, straps around it’s waist and around its tits. The slaves legs were placed on stir ups with its legs spread in an exposed and humiliating position. There were straps around the slaves ankles and thighs. Then the doctor placed a dental in its mouth. The slave was then measured and weighed. It would be tested for std’s. Then the slave was injected with sodium pentothal to induce truthful answers about its sexual history. We found the slave was an anal virgin and limited vaginal experience. She was very oral though. There would be a do not penetrate order for anal sex. Then the slave would be tested for its arousal levels. Then it was tested for pain levels. The doctor attached alligator clips to the slave’s nipples, a wired metal dildo would be inserted into its pussy and a wired butt plug to its asshole. The doctor wanted to see how much pain it could take. It actually had a fairly high threshold for pain. Then Dr Richards forced the slave to suck his cock. The doctor noticed some dripping out of the slave’s cunt. ************************************** We next took the slave to the dungeon. We placed leather wrists and ankles restraints on it and they were tethered to spreader bars. The one holding the slave’s ankles was suspended from the ceiling. The slave was again ball gagged and blindfolded. The slave was bound in an x shape. We then lifted the spreader bar so the slave was off the floor. We left it there for about 5 minutes. Again, making them wait can be worse torture than the actual physical torture. Then the 3 of us plus Mistress Sydney all took a flogger and started flogging the slave. "Mmmppphhh!!!!. Mmmppphhh!!!! Mmmppphhh!!!!!” The slave cried in agony. We then lower the slave to the floor and started using a riding crop on it. We gave our attention to all its private parts but focused mainly on its clit. There was a method to our madness. After an hour of whipping, we then took a hitachi wand. For the next hour, we would be edging the slave getting it to the edge of an orgasm and then pulling away at the last minute. It didn’t take too long for the slave to start begging to cum. After an hour of edging, we then attach with rope the wand to the slave’s clit. We also put nipple clamps(with weights attached) to its nips and clamped each of the slave’s labia. We put the wand full blast. And so the slave came. And came. And came. And came. The first time it only took the slave a couple minutes to cum. By the third time, its clit was very sore and swollen. By the fifth orgasm, the slave was begging for us to stop. But we kept it like that for an hour. I think within 15 minutes, the slave was hoping to lose consciousness. Of course that was impossible particularly with the flogging we were giving it. Finally after the hour, slave was totally exhausted and disoriented. We all then decided to take our frustrations out and each of us took turns raping the slave. The best part was Mistress Sydney who gave the slave lesbian kiss and then fucked the slave with a strap on. ************************************** It was then dinner time. Of course, the slave’s dinner was simply water in a dog bowl. Its hands were cuffed behind its back to ensure the slave would drink the water with its mouth. Part of stripping the slave of its dignity. After it was finished, we took the slave to the wash room for its cleaning. That entailed suspending the slave by its wrists and hosing it down with cold water. Then the slave was locked in the bondage chair. Its wrists, ankles and neck were secured. The slave would be forced to watch a DVD on a big screen tv a brainwashing video with subliminal messages to remind it that it is a slave. The video lasted for 3 hours. Then it was time to retire the slave for night. That meant putting it in the arch back device. The slave’s neck, upper arms, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles were secured with metal restraints. Its private parts were wired and an electric toothbrush vibrator was attached to its clit. The vibrator was set on a timer to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slave. The water that we gave the slave was laced with a stimulant that heightened its sexual urges. If the slave somehow managed to dose off or cum, the wires attached had a built in sensor to give the slave volts of electricity and give it a nasty shock. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation. Finally, we placed earbuds in the slave’s ears attached to a CD player. That played the slave’s orientation(or disorientation) tape. The cd had the following message. “Hello cunt, comfortable. I guess not heh heh. Of course your comfort is not important. What’s important is you’re now being trained to be a sex slave. And there’s no safe word. No aftercare. We’re not concerned about how you feel except how we want you to feel. To us, your a slut, a filthy whore, a brainless cunt, a piece of meat, a fucktoy. Just 2 tits and 3 fuckholes for a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. We control you. Your whole body is ours. It’s not yours. As I said you are being trained to be a sex slave. You are going through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient and compliant sex slave. Once we feel you’ve completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. Sold into white slavery. Welcome to your new life slave.” Just 9 hours ago, she was Elizabeth and attending college. Now it was a slave and early into its transformation. To be continued

anonymous asked:

Can you do one like the one you did for Spoby's kid but for Finn? And it would be awesome if grace and lily can be older? Plz?

okay so in my ideal world finn comes first and Grace and Lily come later, but for the sake of this I will stick to canon xx

-so, Lily and Grace are like the most unidentical, identical twins ever. When she was 15 Grace cut her hair short, and bleached it so that she and her sister could be told apart.  It wasn’t because they didn’t get along, she was just sick of being called Lily because a lot her insecurities come from thinking she isn’t as good as her sister. 

-Grace is closer with Ali than she is to Emily, and Lily is closer to Ali than to Em. Obviously, everyone loves everyone equally but Grace often finds that Emily understands her a little better than Ali does, despite the fact that she completely adores her mom. Ali watches over Lily a lot, making sure she makes good choices and uses her popularity for good, not bad. 

-They fight. All. The. Time. They always did, even when they were toddlers they could never agree what programme to have on and one would always start crying as the other settled down. As they grew up fights became less frequent but more meaningful, and sometimes it takes weeks for them to mend the relationship.

-But they always do mend the relationship no matter how long it takes, because neither can consider being happy when they aren’t talking. It’s obvious to everyone when they’re arguing because they won’t make effort with anyone, not even their best friend, Ava Rivers. 

-Okay so also Lily is the studious one and plans plans plans for both them,  every semester she writes them both a study guide which (obviously) Grace doesn’t use but humours her with coloured pens and stickers to make it look like she does. Grace works, and has good grades, but is more likely to cram the week before than prep for months in advance. Their mothers don’t mind either method as long as the grades stay up. 

-While she is the studious one, Lily is also the ‘bad-ass’ of the two. She is fiercely protective of both Grace and Finn and when Finn went through his phase of bullying she shut it down before it became too big a deal. It helped that she was around 18 years old at this point, and was the biggest ‘It’ girl to ever walk the streets of Rosewood. 

-And, while they were best friends as well as sisters, that didn’t always follow throughout school. They didn’t spend every minute together and have very different social circles. Lily was Queen B (the good kind), and Grace was Queen B’s twin sister. But that’s how she liked it, Grace was never one to enjoy the spot light. 

-So, when their 7th birthday rolled around and part of their present was a baby brother, Lily didn’t quite know how to take it. For the most part, she was happy her moms seemed so happy, but she didn’t know what it was like not to have attention on her. 

-Eventually. when he did arrive, she fell in love with him. And she spent every waking moment looking out for him and protecting him since the day he was born. Grace found it harder to adjust, having less attention from Emily as she became more pregnant and then had to deal with a new born. She cried a lot in the beginning, but learnt to love him as much as her sister. 

-As the two of them grew older their love for their brother only became more intense. When the bullying became worse, and he lost strength to keep going, they- along with his moms- were often the only thing to get him out of bed in the morning (but that’s a whole nother fanfic, my friend)

-Finn was neither a Ma’s boy or a Mom’s boy. He spent as much time with his parents as he could, but he also had a particularly special bond with his Uncle Jason. Jason had taught him almost everything he knew about drawing, and they would often spend hours in Jason’s shed playing around with knew techniques and testing each other out. 

-Lily adored her Auntie Hanna, admired her fashion and her elegance and her knowledge, whereas Grace had a closer relationship with her godmother, Spencer. She liked to spend time over at the Cavanguhs, because Spencer was the kind of person she could sit in silence and read with, or sit and discuss anything from the English Civil War to X factor season 7 and still wouldn’t be bored. She also often became fascinated with Toby’s building material, spending hours watching him create things from nothing out in the shed in their back garden. She really admired the pair of them. 

-Out of both of his sisters, Finn gets along better with Lily, mostly because they have a lot in common. They both like to have their opinion heard, and were as stubborn as their mom. It sometimes caused arguments but it mostly just led to hour-long debates. 

-Finn’s dream had always been dancing, singing and performing.  He didn’t know where it came from but, all he could remember was falling in love with musicals and wanting to be in one himself. It caused him some problems along the way. 

-Out of the three, Grace was also the swimmer, which was maybe why Emily and her connected like they did. She couldn’t remember a time where she didn’t swim, and it was her dream one day to make it to the olympics. Her ma, while quietly jealous, was immensely supportive. 

-every wednesday night the 5 of them have an evening in watching movies, eating pizza and playing games. At first the kids fought against it, especially when the girls reached their teens and were still having to spend the night with their 7 year old brother, but secretly it was one of the best parts of their week. 

-Each of them LIVE for Ali’s cooking. Grandma Pam passed along all the top-secret Fields-Family recipes, knowing that Emily would never even want to attempt them, as part of their wedding present and after that, it became the norm for her to cook for them. She loved it. 

-I could go on for so,so,so much more about the Dilaurentis-Fields house but I won’t because I must sleep!! I may add to this in the future, I kinda fell in love<3 hope you liked it too!!

To Protect: Drabbles

A/N: Here, have this dribble drabble I wrote while trying to combat writer’s block. Dedicated to @grapefruitwannabe for being a pal.

He’d wanted to protect her from the first moment he met her.

He first saw her across the street from his favorite park, sitting alone on the curb of the opposite sidewalk. She was bent forward, hugging her knees to her chest, crying the only way a six-year-old knew how: loudly and without restraint. Ink-black hair curtained either side of her face, hiding her expression, but Inuyasha could see her shoulders shaking with sobs, and could hear every gulp and sniff and shuddering inhale from where he stood.

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amozon28  asked:

If youre still taking prompts, could u do an alternative scene to what would have happened had Jemma talked first in 2x08 (2x09?) when Mack leaves fitz and her alone to talk bc the awakward silence was killing him

Thanks for the prompt!! I never realized how much time and angst we could’ve been saved if Jemma had just gotten to speak first in that scene?? Like seriously, can you imagine if we’d gotten this conversation, in canon, at mid-season (or at all lmao)? And the rest of the season could’ve been them still taking those tentative steps back toward their friendship while we got Jemma’s POV of realizing she’s in love with Fitz instead of him not trusting her and basically calling her a monster?? No? You’re right, I forgot what show we’re talking about for a moment.



The moment Mack stepped into the front of the quinjet to check on the landing gear, a tense silence descended between Fitz and Jemma, both turning away from each other to take deep, steadying breaths.

This was it, this was the moment Jemma had both hoped for and feared; after talking with Bobbi earlier that day, it had never been more clear to her that the problems between her and Fitz weren’t just going to resolve themselves, not like they used to. And so, even though their friendship had never needed them to put their feelings into words before, she was going to have to start now if she truly wanted to save what was left of it.

With that in mind, she spun back around to face Fitz at the same moment he turned back to her, and she blurted out, “I’d like to say something.”

At the same moment, however, he started, “I’ve been thinking…”

There was a beat, then it continued in much the same way, both insisting to speak first, to just get their words out there (Jemma found it grimly ironic that she’d been missing the way they used to speak so effortlessly around and above and between each other, only to have it back in the worst way possible).

Finally, she managed to get out, already on the verge of tears, “I know things have been difficult between us since I got back from being undercover but I need you to understand that I didn’t leave because of what happened to you.”

“No, no, no,” he cut in, holding his hand up and waving it a bit frantically as he tried to stop the flow of her words.

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Civil War

(A/N): God I suck at titles so bad

Request: Could you do a fanfic where you and Bucky are dating and fight along side him at the airport. (You don’t have powers) you’re fighting black panther and you don’t block in time and he scratches you extremely badly and everyone stops. And Bucky panics and gets angry too, but please don’t let the reader die (just come close) IK this sounds dumb lol but thanks:)

Warnings: swearing, injury, blood

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

Originally posted by buckywthbarnes

    “Don’t you think this is a bad idea?” You ask hesitantly, eyeing “team iron man” with the utmost hesitancy. 

    “ ‘Course it’s a bad idea,” Clint smirks beside you, his hand unconsciously tightening on his bow. “All of Cap’s ideas are bad,” You smile softly despite the situation you were in. 

   You had just been sucked into this all, you weren’t even an Avenger nor a shield agent, before today you had no affiliation with these people other than Bucky. You had met him when he was on the run, injured, starving, and scared. You’d taken him in, patched him up, fed him, and cared for him more than you had ever cared for anyone. From there it had blossomed into a relationship, one the two of you had been able to hide for months and now suddenly everything had been dug up, including the two of you. 

   “Wait…they’re running towards us,” You state rather calmly, despite the worry in your stomach. “You guys, they’re running towards us,” 

   “Guess we better start running too then,” Steve mutters as he all but charges at the opposing team, the rest of team cap following not too far behind, with you in their midst. Thank god Bucky had taught you how to fight otherwise you’d be completely screwed here. You were up against some of the best and most infamous people in the whole universe and had Bucky not taught you everything he knew you’d be dead in seconds. 

    Within seconds of running everyone had mashed together, the two teams already fighting each other valiantly. The objective was to keep Bucky safe, get him to the jet, and get him out of here; Steve’s side instructions were to keep Bucky safe at all costs, no matter the price and you’d be damned if you didn’t follow a captain’s orders. 

   Right off the bat T’challa charges for Bucky, his running an almost intimidating speed. After the last run in with T’challa you were taking no chances, Bucky wasn’t going to fight him, not with how aggressive that man could be. So just as T’challa was rounding in on Bucky you fired a shot at T’challa, your aim impeccable as it hit T’challa’s suit spot on. Fortunately the shot was enough to distract him just enough that Bucky could slip by, unfortunately you were now the target for the clad cat suit man. 

  T’challa charged with great speed straight for you, his claws already reaching out to claw at you when Steve jumped in front of the line of “fire”, efficiently blocking the Cat’s claws from tearing you apart. 

   “What the hell are you thinking?” Steve yelled as he almost casually fought against the black panther, blocking his every move and even getting a few good punches in here and there.

    “You told me to protect Bucky at all costs,” you mutter through gritted teeth, shooting at the android flying ahead, vision, if you could recall his name. 

    “I didn’t mean try to get yourself killed in the process,” you curse to yourself as the gun runs out rounds. With a disgruntled sigh you throw it to the side, reaching for your other gun when Steve gave an exclamation of surprise and you just so happened to look up just in time to get a chest full of Panther Claws. You gave a loud cry as you dropped to the ground, your hands already clasped over your heavily bleeding chest. There were 5 deep scratches across your chest, each one burning as though a fire had been lit under your skin, slowly melting the skin away.

     "Shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,“ Steve cursed as he dropped his shield, dropping to your side. "Oh my god (Y/N),” he muttered as he frantically looked at your chest. “Fuck, we need help,” But the war between the two teams was raging on, no one having apparently heard your cry or Steve’s extreme use of profanity. T'challa on the other hand ripped his mask off, his expression that of complete regret and concern.

    “(Y/N), I am so sorry, I did not mean-" 

    "Not right now T'challa,” Steve muttered. “We gotta get them out of here, safely, we need to stop-”

    “Stop the fight, I understand.” Your chest suddenly constricted and you found it rather hard to breathe as your chest kept pooling blood, the red liquid oozing between yours and Steve’s hands. “Hey!” T'challa shouted, trying to get someone’s attention, anyone’s. “Anthony! Natasha!” But no one was listening, to busy wrapped up in the fighting to give a damn about the figures on the sideline. 

     "Steve-“ you muttered weakly, the sound coming out rather bubbly due to the rising blood in your chest. 

     "Don’t talk (Y/N),” Steve whispered, “you’re gonna make it worse,”

    “Steven, they are not listening-”

    “Fine, we’ll both scream then,” Steve mutters, staring out at the fighting as he does. “Tony! Clint!" 

    "Wanda! Rhodey!” The two cried out for the team to at Least acknowledge them and their efforts proved to be successful because at least one Avengers turned to look at the small group on the sidelines. 

    Bucky’s mouth ran dry as he looked over to the sight of all the screaming. There you were, laying on the ground as Steve pressed his bloody hands to your chest. T'challa yelled at anyone who would listen and Bucky just so happened to get a glimpse of his blood soaked claws. 

    “You fucker!” Bucky nearly screamed as he charged for T'challa, thoroughly taking him aback. With extreme force both bodies hit the ground, Bucky on top of T'challa. Without any hesitation Bucky pounds his fits against T'challa, hitting him with every ounce of anger he had. 

    “Bucky!” Steve yells to no avail, the man just kept punching away. “Bucky stop! (Y/N)’s dying!” Steve’s words seemed to snap something within Bucky because his relentless punches stopped abruptly, his fist still raised above T'challa’s face menacingly. Luckily the scene was able to gather everyone else’s attention because in one instant they had all stopped fighting, looking over to the group in shock. 

   With a menacing growl Bucky rolled off of T'challa, instead taking his place by your side, his gaze all sorts of worried as he looked at you.

    “We gotta get them out of here Buck, to a hospital or-" 

     "We’ve got medics on their way,” Tony states as he crouches down beside the group, inspecting your nearly blood spurting chest. “You realize you guys can’t be there, right?” Tony asks hesitantly, as though he were scared of the answer.

     "I’m not leaving them-“ Bucky states from the side. "I’m not, they can’t-" 

    "Bucky, you’re a criminal and wanted in almost every single country, if you come in with (Y/N) and the rest of us you’ll be taken into custody,” Tony cocks his his head to Steve, and you can only imagine his gaze under the suit is sympathetic. “That goes for the rest of you too-" 


    "No,” Tony shakes his head, raising a hand to silence Steve. “I’m giving you guys a heads start, if you’re still here by the time the medics arrive they’re not going to sympathize with you, they’ll call the authorities to have you locked up. So, before they get here I suggest you guys get out of here," 

    "But (Y/N)-” Bucky began. 

    “They’re in good hands,” The android nods to Bucky. “But tony is right, the medics are only a few moments away and they will call the authorities, I do suggest you take the jet and get Zemo," 

    "I am coming with you,” T'challa coughs as he wipes at his bleeding mouth. “You may need an extra pair of hands in battle," 

    "You’re the reason we’re in this mess you motherfuck-”

    “3 minutes away,” Vision mutters, looking up to the sky expectantly. Bucky sighs, finally relenting in his argument. He leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before pulling back just enough to leave your lips touching slightly.

    “I’ll be back for you, okay?” You nod your head, hissing In pain as you do.

    “2 minutes and 45 seconds," 

    "Buck, come on, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Scott, I suggest you come along too,” Bucky stares at you for only a moment before standing up abruptly, the rest of team cap following. Without so much as a second glance The group took off towards the jet, leaving behind team iron man plus one. 

    “You’re gonna be fine kid,” Tony mutters, his hands haven taken the place of Steve’s. “I promise you,” You chuckle wetly, small bits of blood rising to your mouth, nearly choking you as they do. 

     "Don’t make promises you can’t keep,“

combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt: Judy's parents walk in to find most of their younger kits asleep on a curled up Nick.

Excuse me while I momentarily die from this cuteness


The house is strangely quieter than normal when Bonnie finished cleaning the last of the dessert plates.

Way quieter than normal.

This distant sounds of a handful of teenage kits arguing insistently with each other upstairs hung in the air.  Accompanied by the sounds of nearby TV playing sports and the cheers and complains of handful of other kits. The sound of additional TVs muttering the news, or video games, or music.

What was missing was the screams and cries of hyper sugar-filled young bunny kits running around trying to find attention where every they could.  Or worse getting into things they shouldn’t until Bonnie and Stu tucked them into bed.

The older doe blinked curiously as to where they all could of gone.  And she could only dread why they were all so quiet.

The last time she had seen the haggle of them they were following Nick and Judy around like their shadows.  Followed them into some near by seating room excitedly.

Bonnie sighed to herself as she left the kitchen in search of her kits and spare her daughter and fox from watching them any more.

After all the two had spent the whole day watching the mess of toddlers and five years olds.  Entertained them endless buy running in the fields with games of tags.  Or tossing them in the air effortlessly, before more running and chasing.  Judy and Nick had come the burrows on vacation, they deserved sometime to rest, not fifteen little stinkers demanding constant attention.

As Bonnie rounded the corner of the blue seating room, she stopped and smiled.

The light of the TV flickered with some kit’s show on a low volume.  Completely unnoticed by the pile of kits on the floor, or the fox and rabbit leaning against the couch in the middle of them.  All of them sound asleep.

Judy had her head rested on Nick’s shoulder, holding the remote losely in er hand.  Some of the kits using her legs as a pillow.  Nick as his head on top of Judy’s, though starting to awkwardly slide back into uncomfortable looking position.  The kits that weren’t using Judy as a pillow, were using Nick and is tail.  Two of the youngest kits of the group had pawfuls of his fur.

“Stu, come here.”  Bonnie called, motioning to her husband as he walked past.  “Look,” She urged.

“Well, I’ll be.”  Stu whispered lightly with a growing grin.  “That something I’d never thought I’d see.  Bunnies sleeping on a fox.”

Bonnie hummed in agreement.  “Go get the camera.”

Stu hurried off, and quickly returned with camera in hand.  Bonnie carefully made her way into the room.  Knowing she only had one shot at the picture.  Every little bunny kit would stir and raise up the camera shutter.  Once she was in the best stop, she snapped a quick picture.

To her surprise, no one moved a muscle.

“Awe, they really tired themselves out.”


AN: Nick’s not exactly curled up, but it’s my headcanon that he sleeps curled up unless he’s really tired or with Judy.  But I could figure out a way for him to be curled up on the floor with bunny kits easily either…still hope you like.

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Jeno + #30

Jeno + #30: “He couldn’t have died at a worse time.

“Jeno, stop playing around, we gotta get ready.” You scolded him. Although your scold probably didn’t hold much authority with you practically hopping on one foot, trying to jam a shoe on the other. “Jeno! Seriously, we’re late! Taeyong’s gonna ground our butts, move!”
“I told you I have to finish killing this thing!” Jeno yelled, eyes glued to the TV screen, and fingers moving rapidly over the controller. “I can’t save in the middle of a fight! It’s a freaking death claw, this thing takes time!”
“Well kill it fast! We have to leave!”
“I’m going as fast as I can! Not my fault you die from one dang hit from this over grown lizard! I have to stay away and shoot him from a distance, but Dogmeat keeps getting in the way! I can’t let my dog die!”
“It’s a freaking video game!” You sighed. “Boys are so weird…” 
“It’s not weird! It’s like therapy!” Jeno sneaked a glance at you. “While you’re mocking my games, you might wanna find shoes that match, babe.”
Looking down, you almost screamed at the unmatching sneakers. “Damnmit! Alright, I’m going upstairs to find the missing one, you better be done when I get back or I’m leaving without you and telling Taeyong it’s your fault we’re late!”
“You blame it on me all you want, but I’m the one that’s dressed and ready, you’re the one with different shoes on each foot.” Jeno shrugged as you darted up the stairs and found the matching shoe from under the bed, god only knows how it got there
“Yes! Yes! I almost have him!” Jeno was cheering when you returned, from the side lines you could see the health on the death claw was getting pretty low as Jeno’s character kept firing rounds of bullets at it. “Yes! Wa-Dogmeat move!”
“You know it can’t hear you right?”
“Shut u-Dogmeat!” Jeno yelled when the mutated lizard swiped at the video game dog, killing it instantly. “No!” 
Without the dog attacking him, the death claw turned it’s attention to Jeno’s vault dweller, and took two good swings at him, Jeno’s character dropped to the ground dead.
He couldn’t have died at a worse time!” Jeno practically cried. “Dogmeat….my best buddy…no…”
“Yeah yeah, real sad,” You sighed, ranking the controller from his hands. “We’ll have a funeral later, but now, we have to go.”
“You’re heartless, you know that?” Jeno scowled. “My dog just died and you care more about dinner.”
“Exactly.” You shrugged.

[NCT Drabble Game]

How I see EXO

Kyungsoo - tiny moles. when he laughs real big and he tilts his head back and his eyes disappear. That embarrassed half breath half laugh and his eyes close. Pretty tan. Acne on his cheeks. Bushy eyebrows. His jaw omg. Dad jeans. Chanyeol can’t touch him but everyone else can. Is very accurate. Weirdo sense of humor. Rolled up pants. Gotta show the socks. Easily embarrassed. Feels bad for hurting Chanyeol. Not enough to stop. Would never hurt Minseok. Keeping notes. Gathers evidence. Is waiting.

Sehun - trying to out-sass them all. Too much love for Kyungsoo. In love with all of the hyungs. Biting and being bitten by Baekhyun. Tall noodle. Secretly fat according to Junmyeon. Knows he’s beautiful. Body rolls and roaming hands. Is the baby, milks it. Wants to be good a father. Gets a dog instead. Is taken advantage of. Too dependable. Judges.

Junmyeon - really shiny teeth. Really shiny cheeks. when he smiles with both rows of teeth showing. Sass under his breath. Sass out loud. Dad jokes. Mom jokes. Chicken breasts and rice. Never cleans. Is the only one paying any attention. Stress. EXOs funniest member and Is actually hilarious. Enjoys embarrassing Jongin. Worries.

Baekhyun - when he laughs too hard and his mouth opens wide, his nose scrunches up and his eyes open really weird and wide. Pretty teeth. When someone hits him or he gets surprised and he screams too loud. Over reacting about everything. The way his face drops when someone he loves is upset. Protecting the members by being the distraction. Fucking rockstar high notes and falsetto. Frozen Nutella. Always singing. Too much empathy. Gathers material for impressions. Takes care of Yixing. Doesn’t judge.

Chanyeol - deep voice. The huskiness just under the layer of smooth sound when he sings. Falling on the floor all the time. Living on the floor. Accidentally swearing in English. Always being hurt. Probably likes it. Too tall. Wants Kyungsoo to pay attention to him. Tries to touch him but is too scared. Tries again, gets hit. Pretends it hurts worse than it does. Cries often. Doesn’t remember. Is too romantic.

Jongdae - screaming. Just screaming all the time. Eating chips in the background of everything. Small and powerful. Complaining. aaaAWaaaeEEEeee. Complaining some more. Is married to Minseok, but pretends to not know about it. Is game for most things. Pretty smile. Too many teeth. Is the best part of the song. Loves and supports.

Minseok - Tsundere. Bread and coffee. Never sleepy. Too pretty with makeup. Big eyes. Crooked smile with visible gums. Doesn’t like all the hugs. Unless from Kyungsoo. Is married to Jongdae. Teases Jongdae about their marriage. Takes care of Jongdae in secret. Resistant to couple things with Jongdae. Gives in when he says he won’t. Forever dancing or jumping in the background. Too fast and too small. Is sexy and he knows it. Threatens Baekhyun. Emotions well hidden.

Yixing - slow motion. Probably thinking lots of things in Chinese instead of listening to the Korean. Singing a song in his head right now. Singing a song out loud right now. Likes sexy dancing. Likes being stopped. Dimples. When his forehead shows. Thinks shirts are dumb. Has a question, will ask Baekhyun.

Jongin - 5 million watt smile. Dogs. Forever sleepy. Really really tight jeans. How in the world does he get them on? Laughs too loud without any warning. Weirdo sense of humor. Forever embarrassed by Junmyeon. Wishes Junmyeon would just stop. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Is too lovely for this world.

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Could you write something about Ezarel being like a godfather or just taking care of gardienne's baby? *__*

ok i felt a little inspired today and i decided to write a drabble instead of a headcanon for once bc why not. I hope you like it (and i’m sorry it took me forever to answer) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(also, under cut bc this turned into quite a long post!)

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The Eternal Summer I Spent With You~ Goodbye, Pyunsuke~
Free! Seiyuu Event Drama CD
The Eternal Summer I Spent With You~ Goodbye, Pyunsuke~

My Drama CD arrived yay! This Samezuka track is absolutely hilarious LOL. Enjoy~

Momo: The eternal summer that I spent with you— goodbye Pyunsuke.

Momo: *crying*

Nitori: Hey, Momo-kun, don’t cry!

Momo: I’m done for!

Nitori: Momo-kun, you’re not done for! It’s fine!

Rin: Hey, practice is starting.

Nitori: All right c’mon, smile smile!!!

Rin: What’s wrong?

Nitori: Rin-senpai, help us out!

Rin: What the hell is going on? And what the hell is this and that thing by your feet?

Nitori: Eh? Oh, it’s the little case to raise the stag beetle in.

Rin: Stag beetle case? Why the hell did you bring that crap to your dorm?

Nitori: Ah well you see, it seems like the stag beetle that we’ve been raising in our dorm has gone to heaven. Whenever we call his name, he usually comes out of his dwelling, but he hasn’t been responding since yesterday.

Rin: Well, it has been getting colder recently too…**

Momo: PYUNSUKEEEEE *balling*

Nitori: Momo-kun! Come on I’ll give you my lunch tickets. That way you can eat some delicious food, right? You’ll definitely feel better that way!

Momo: Food…*cries*

Nitori: Ehhh??

Momo: I’ve always been putting a lot of attention with feeding the stag beetle, such as giving him stag beetle jelly and food, so when you mention food it just makes me…remember…all those…precious memories…

Nitori: *sigh* I guess instead of making him feel better I made him worse…

Momo: But you don’t understand because I’ve raised Pyunsuke ever since he was a small larvae, and he’s basically like a son to me since I’ve watched him grow up! And whenever he would appear I would be so happy and forget about my tiredness after coming back from swim practice, but then— but then!!! *sobbing*

Rin: Hey uh, why don’t you just drink some nice sweet juice and calm down. You like that sweet juice thing, right?

Momo: Sweet…juice…? *wails*

Rin: Wtf did I do now?

Nitori: What did you remember just now?

Momo: I wanted to try to emphathize with stag beetles, so I tried drinking sweet juice to be closer to them. I thought maybe I would be able to understand them better!

Rin: Uhh…THAT’S why you’ve been drinking sweet juice?

Nitori: Maybe we should just let him be…

Rin: But we can’t just leave him here…*sighs*

Momo: *crying*

Nitori: C’mon, Momo-kun don’t cry! Please!

Sousuke: Hey Rin, there’s something I wanted to ask you about the training menu…What the hell is going on?

Rin: Oh, Sousuke…you came at the right time.

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai, please help us!

Sousuke: Mikoshiba, what’s wrong with you?

Nitori: The stag beetle we’ve been raising in our room suddenly stopped responding to us so…

Sousuke: Well, Autumn is coming soon so…

Rin: C’mon Sousuke, say something to him!

Sousuke: Why does it have to be me?

Nitori: I beg you as well! If it’s Yamazaki-senpai, you’ll definitely be able to do something, because after all, you and Pyunsuke share the same name— “suke”!

Sousuke: Didn’t you just randomly name him that though?

Rin: THAT’S RIGHT! Sousuke and Pyunsuke— you’re practically family.

Sousuke: Wtf?

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai!


Sousuke: God what a pain -_-

*dramatic music starts playing, Sousuke pats Momo*

Sousuke: Hey, Mikoshiba…

Momo: Yamazaki-senpai…Pyunsuke has…

Sousuke: Uhhhhh……I heard the news from Rin…

Momo: All I did was care for them so much…so much…

Sousuke: Ah, yeah…

Momo: And I planned to give them to Gou-san…

Sousuke: Err…right…

Momo: And at one point you even tried to take him from me!

Sousuke: Oh uh…right…sorry ‘bout that err…

Momo: But I named him Pyunsuke because of YOU! I wanted him to be like you, manly and strong and super macho…

Sousuke: Hey, listen up Mikoshiba. If you said you wanted to raise the stag beetle to be like me, then that’s fine. Of course, you can’t ever bring back the time when he was alive, but at least he was able to receive all the love he could from you, so I think that alone is enough for him. He has no regrets.

Momo: But how would you know! How would you even know about his feelings?

Sousuke: I know! Of course I know because…we are connected…by the “suke” in our names…

Momo: Yamazaki-senpai!!!!! *hugs Sousuke*

Sousuke: Hey don’t cling onto me like that…jeez.

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai, that’s kind of stretching it but err…

Rin: *bawling* It’s fine because that was…so beautiful…

Nitori: What Rin-senpai, you’re crying?!?!

Rin: I’m not crying!

Nitori: You’re totally crying…hey what’s that?

Rin: What? *sniffles*

Nitori: It seems like Pyunsuke started moving!

Momo: WHAT?!?!?!

Nitori: Look! He’s moving!



Momo: Ah, that’s right! It’s because this pool is a bit warm for you, right? When the water is warm, stag beetles don’t really move as much and also hide in the dirt.

Rin: What the fuck…

Nitori: Hey, um…before you go celebrating maybe you should err…apologize…

Momo: Huh? To who?

Sousuke: Yeah, that’s just peachy, isn’t it Mikoshiba

Momo: Why are you pulling such a scary face, Yamazaki-senpai? You should er…be happy that Pyunsuke is alive, right? YEAH!

Sousuke: That’s right. I’ll take all the stag beetles you have and return them all to the mountain!

Rin: Um…perhaps we should start practice now…

Nitori: Yes, you’re right…

Rin: Let’s go, Ai.



Translator’s Notes: **Stag beetles are more of a summer beetle, so they’re known to usually die when it gets too cold.

Also, I’m guessing this happens after Sousuke’s shoulder problem is revealed, so that could probably be why Rin got so emotional LOL.


Requested by Anonymous: Imagine being a Hydra agent and you’re ordered to kill Jemma but you instead you kill the two guards and let her go please.

“(Y/N),” One of the guards nodded. “Should be an easy one, that is if you ignore her begging and pleading.”

You raise an eyebrow and looked past him to see a young girl, her skin pale and bruised. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail was mussed up. You met her eyes, her fear on clear display. You looked away from her and back to the guard. “Is that why you gagged her?”

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           Hey!! “     — She waves, jumping around wildly from across the street in her best attempt in grabbing his attention, but with the honking cards and revved engines, getting her voice to project in the middle of it seems more difficult than she’d initially thought. To make matters worse, she doesn’t quite remember his name  ( though she’s pretty sure she met one of his gem friends who’d clarified it even if it didn’t fully stick ).     “ Hey Steve! ”     // @firstgemboy   ❤ ‘d for a starter!!


y’all know my depressing text post about teru (btw i love all the tags, keep up the good job folks and suffer), now have my depressing fic about teru

because i obviously have nothing better to do and i definitely don’t have an ongoing atla fic to write

(co-posted on

Edit : @prettypistachio was kind enough to put it on AO3 too, if you like that site better !!

The first time Teru buys groceries on his own, he really doesn’t know what to do.

He is eleven, and his parents just decided he should live on his own – they say it’s safer this way, these “Claw” people won’t find him if he stays away from home. He knows they’re lying. Sees how afraid they are – of him, not for him – and while he doesn’t understand why, he knows it’s better if he obeys.

(People who are afraid of dogs tend to hate them if they have to stay close and he doesn’t want his parents to hate him.)

The flat his parents got him is nice and clean. It’s smaller than home, but he guesses it’s normal since he’s going to be alone.

His parents say they will send him money every month, more often if he needs it, and that he won’t need to worry about anything.

Again, it’s a lie, but this time Teru doesn’t realize it until he is in the supermarket, alone, with no idea of what one is supposed to buy when living alone.

(Alone, but his parents love him, they kept saying that during the whole thing, and Teru really wants to believe that.)

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