these cosplayers are too cute for me

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I think it'd be cute if you drew something for one of that guy's cosplays because he did cosplays of something you drew!!

yeahhh!! this is a redraw of the first selfie in this post by @richs-stitches! he’s a gorgeous suga and an amazing cosplayer (and a very talented writer/artist too!) so please check out the rest of his work!! 

My sisters met Daisuke Hirakawa!

With only 8 minutes left for his autograph session, my sisters were able to meet and get Hirakawa-san’s autographs. Hirakawa-san and both of my sisters said “Hi” to each other, but they were mostly in awe of his presence. lmao My sister noted that he signed their stuff really fast, like in a second, and then he gave them each a high-five and told them “thank you.” My sisters thanked him and went on their own way, both in tears and hysterics of meeting a Japanese seiyuu they never imagined they would encounter in real life.

Some things my sister said about Hirakawa-san:

  • He’s really cute in real life! (3x she said this in our phone convo)
  • His hair is shorter than in the pictures Anime Jungle was selling, and his hair is also a lighter brown color.
  • His hands are so smooth and soft and slightly bigger than theirs. (Hirakawa-san has petite hands? <3)
  • He’s a very happy and smiley person. He greeted and waved goodbye to each of his fans.
  • His actual voice is not as deep like it was in Free! for Rei Ryugazaki. She notes that it’s a lot like Laito’s. Playful and light like Laito’s.
  • There was a Laito Sakamaki cosplayer waiting to get his autograph too and when Hirakawa spotted her, he shouted out in English, “Oh! You’re Laito!” It made that girl’s day and amused Hirakawa-san.
  • A lot of people were crying when they met Daisuke Hirakawa. It was very overwhelming, and a lot of people were shaking and on the verge of tears.
  • His outfit was really cute. It was a grey cardigan with a red and blue striped shirt. Very fashionable.

I’m very happy that they were able to meet such an amazing and talented seiyuu such as Hirakawa Daisuke. (And they’re bringing me back a souvenir with his signature on it too, hehehe.) So far, AnimeExpo 2017 has been a success for them! Thanks for sticking around and reading my stuff, guys! @haru-on-land

-Admin Yuuzuki


Don’t mind me, just pumping out the tutorials like they’re going out of style.

This is a watered down explanation of what you should have for a basic cosplay makeup kit. If you’re a cosplayer who never really wears or ever wore makeup in your daily life, you might not know much about what you should pick up to start yourself off. If you’re just looking for a tutorial to give you a basic kit for when you want to look good at a con or for a photo shoot, this is for you.

Lupine looks super cute in this video too, so I would…. take a gander…

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Anime Expo photos pt. 2

More awesome cosplayers!…and a Hello Kitty Sonic plushie that I didn’t get a chance to buy XD;

(Btw, if you are or know any of the cosplayers that are in these photos, let me know so I can put up a link back to their blogs)


At D.gray man only (灰色の方舟) at Tokyo big sight today! Thank you for today! I was a circle artist and cosplayer ! I also managed to do some sketch requests for some followers ♡
Thankyou for everything and gifts in my time in Japan!! Everyone is too kind!!😭

Lasania-chan’s Roufa is so cute and her personality suits the character so perfectly ♡ two years ago at my last japan event ( Tsurumaru only )she came to see me and she did the same again this time 😭😭❤
Octa’s Link was so good looking i was staring for the longest time //🙄💖
And i finally met my dear Allen nakama Yuemon-chan ♡♡😘😘



“Will shouldn’t you already be at the infirmary?“
“Yeah, but I don’t wanna let go of you just yet.“
“You’re a nerd.“
“I love you too Death Boy.“
In other news don’t let me watch videos of adorable Solangelo cosplayers since it will give me major shipping feels and make me wanna draw these two being cute.

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NipahDUBS is a sweetheart. Funny story, when he was at anime matsuri I didn’t realize it was him until I seen his Zenyatta post. Then it came to me, I got to take a photo with one of my favorite cosplayers and complimented his cosplay! He sounded a lot like Zenyatta too which was so amazing and the Mei was also very sweet and super cute and I hope to find her again one day and find her on instagram or whatever she has and support her too! He complimented my Hinata which made me so happy, the fact my cosplays especially my Hinata get so much love makes me happy because she is one of my favorites and someone I can actually relate to as a fictional character. The platforms on the boots make me a lot taller than what I am lol I am only 5′7 but I do have long legs so when I wear those I am at least 5′8 ½ 8′D

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Thoughts on this crack ship? New!PennywisexJason Voorhees? Well I thought of it. Silent Laughter

I ship it too ~

Especially thanks to @vexusblast23 for showing me this pic of a Jason and Pennywise cosplayer! I mean they’re so cute!



OK SOOOOoOOO Here we will talk about Hiroto-kun, the Nico cosplayer.

As you know from my live-blogging, the first time he showed up on Day 1, I was having heart palpitations because he was absolutely cute as Nico (I mean he was cute as Yuki from last year, too, but NICOOOO)!! And I kept thinking about the Princess Lessons, and I was very nervous and anxious that I felt sick.

I was going to ask for the backhug, but I really wanted to do the kabedon since most of you requested it, and kjdnfjsbg. I was so nervous but he was so cute when he asked me what I wanted to do, then he gently and slowly pushed my shoulders onto the ballroom backdrop. Leaned in to whisper in my ear, in Japanese, that he is a man, too, and ahh I forgot, but I think something about want to have some fun? Lol. I was dying.

Next day, Byron cosplayer was there, and I enjoyed watching them interact! He would even bend his knees to make him appear smaller, and ofc the Byron kabedon-ing Nico! /dead. Actually his interactions with every guest was so adorable–he was a sweetheart through and through! For this day, I got a backhug, and when he whispered ‘daisuki,’ I  kjdsnbg <333

Though if I must choose a favorite, the kabedon was so much better haha (or worse, for the heart).

I decided not to do a Princess Lesson on Day 3, because I felt embarrassed that I am always there and I wanted to give the others a chance. Though before the day ended, I asked him for a favor (wait for next post). 

Day 4, I had my items already packed in my bag in the car, so I couldn’t get him to sign his postcard, so I had him sign my badge. ;__; <3 (pictured above) Next, I asked if I could give him a gift, and handed him the Midnight Cinderella acrylic stand. It was wrapped up, but he was grateful, “Aww, thank you so much!”
I was about to turn away but he kept talking, “Is this Midnight Cinderella?” I look back and saw he was pulling it out of the sleeve, and I replied with “yes, I drew it ^.^”

He was so cute halp. “Oh, you drew it?? Wow, thank you!”

I nodded, and said “Great work today,” in Japanese and bowed before I left. I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated him! I have so much fun watching all the videos on twitter, the fangirls are all so cute, and he was so sweet to them all.

‘Magic’ ~~~ Yoosung

So here’s my kind of contribution for Pride Month and Mystic Messenger. I really hope I wrote this one well I kind of had a hard time because I wasn’t sure if people would like it. But it’s finished at last and here it is! (hands up if you love and support Yoosung ^^_

the song is from Coldplay’s ‘Magic’. As always, song lyrics are in bold italics

~ mod stranger

Call it magic, call it true

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702 has logged in

Yoosung’s heart skipped a beat. ‘She’s here!’ he grinned excitedly as his fingers flew over the keyboard.

I call it magic when I’m with you

ShootingStarxXx: hey hey hey!!!!
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: yoosung!! ^^ still awake?
ShootingStarxXx: of course! can’t sleep lololol

Yoosung yawned. That was kind of a lie. Even though he usually gamed until two in the morning it was almost 4 o’ clock now. He was tired as Hell and he still had class the next day. But all of it was worth it just so he could talk to MC. Earlier, his entire body felt like shutting down but now, it felt as if every cell in his being had been charged with caffeine.

And I just got broken, broken into two

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: haha nice! did i miss out on anything?
ShootingStarxXx: there was this super HUGE haul of rare items just lying around earlier. it was CHAOS everyone was trying to get something lolol.
ShootingStarxXx: a fight almost happened since a ton of people wanted something lololol
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: awwww i missed a lot then T^T
ShootingStarxXx: not to worry!! i got some stuff for you!!
ShootingStarxXx: like this really cool enchanted armor with +10 defense!!
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: OMG
Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: YOOSUNG YOU ARE THE BEST

Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you

Again. Yoosung’s heart skipped a beat again. ‘It was so worth it to stay up,’ he thought, feeling his face grow warmer at the compliment MC made. He always loved LOLOL but having her around made it a hundred times better.

Call it magic, call it true

ShootingStarxXx: of course!! LOLOL pals remember? ^^
ShootingStarxXx: soon-to-be irl pals too!!

I call it magic when I’m with you

Yoosung had met Stormcrow_Paladin_0702 a few months ago in a LOLOL chatroom. She was obviously being bullied by some of the other high-level players and he couldn’t help but cut in. After all, LOLOL was supposed to be a place where everyone was free and happy. She thanked him a lot because of that and the two quickly hit it off when they talked more in the chatroom. After completing their first quest, Yoosung found out that she wasn’t just skilled, she knew just how to attack and defend in time with how Yoosung played. They were the PERFECT team. Months went by and Yoosung couldn’t help but discover other ‘feelings’ for her. He didn’t even know her personally but deep inside, he felt that if they met in real life he would still have those same feeling. So a week ago, he found out about a LOLOL convention happening a few cities away and so he brought it up to MC. Even though she was reluctant at first, she eventually agreed for them to meet up there.

And I just got broken, broken into two

Stormcrow_Paladin_0702: right!! sooooo excited to see you!
ShootingStarxXx: can’t wait either!!!
ShootingStarxXx: then we’ll be MEGA BEST FRIENDS 😃

‘Or maybe something more too…’ Yoosung thought as he sighed and rested his chin on his arm. Even though he hoped for it to happen, he couldn’t help but think about the possibility that MC might not actually like him in that way. The only hope that he actually had was that the ‘gamer girls are into gamer boys’ hypothesis would work. ‘A gamer romance story…’ he smiled to himself. ‘Hopefully it comes to that.’

Still I call it magic, when I’m next to you

And I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t
No I don’t, it’s true

Once Yoosung went offline for the night, or early morning to be more exact, you sighed and leaned back in your chair. “Two more days,” you whispered to yourself in the darkness of your room. It seemed like ages ago since you and Yoosung first chatted on LOLOL, even longer since the day you began to admire him from afar, in the game of course. You were in the same guild as him but you were pretty detached from the rest of the group, usually choosing not to engage in the chatroom everyone shared. Everyone else in your guild felt the same to you, just the usual gamers who liked to joke around and talk about the same things. But for some reason, Yoosung seemed different from the rest.

Sure, he always raged about LOLOL and talked about his problems as a college student like the rest of the guild. But there were times when he would say something deeper, something that would catch your attention. Most of the time they were about him being all alone and left behind. You found yourself to those lines of words written in the chatroom that were always quickly drowned out by the other gamers raging about something new they found.

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t
Want anybody else but you

Your feelings for him grew a bit more that time when he defended you from those annoying, high-level players on LOLOL bullying you again for accidentally letting a goblin go during the quest. Without you entirely expecting it, the two of you started talking and became fast friends. Even on the chatroom, you could tell that Yoosung probably had the same feelings for you that you had for him. Each time you talked, you felt yourself falling more and more for him. Eventually, he proposed meeting up at a LOLOL convention and you agreed, quite reluctantly. Because everything was fine except for one tiny detail.

And I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t, and I don’t
No I don’t, it’s true

You didn’t tell him you were actually a guy.

During one of the chats you two had you told him that you were actually a girl. It felt as if some kind of evil spirit possessed you to type out the words ‘I’m a girl’ on the keyboard. Because then again, it was completely possible that Yoosung was actually as straight as the spear you often used to kill ogres in LOLOL. You actually searched up the statistics. Turns out, at least one in every twenty men are actually gay. And judging by Yoosung’s reaction to what you said, your hypothesis was probably correct. You considered dressing up as a girl for the convention but you knew it was way too obvious. And thinking realistically, you couldn’t hold that act up for long. Yoosung was going to find out eventually. You just wished that you could drink some kind of potion to disappear once he did.

You groaned and covered your face with your hands. You were completely fucked.

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t
Want anybody else but you

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Here’s some Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! pictures from the Magical Boys cosplay meetup!
My friend @zackifrass is En Yufuin here! My phone was dying so I was only able to take pictures of the Boueibu cosplayers, since my friend was one of them. That said, there are some other great photos floating around of the other groups, so I hope you get to see those too!

Akihiko is, appropriately enough, @meltyluna! :D

If you or your friends are in these photos, let me know and I will tag you!

(If you want photos either posted individually or taken down, just ask!)

Me: ahhhh idk what I’ll wear….gosh this is so hard……
Also me: *basically finalizes lineup a day after making plans to go*
Sept 8-10th I’ll be at Rose City for the first time!
(& y'know if you see me like please please say something even though when this actually happened once at Kuroneko i went all awkward and shy and weird bc i was too excited that a cute cosplayer recognized me 😓)
DAY 1: Chloe Price, definitely! I crunched hard to finish her for KNC so she’s coming back
DAY 2: DEFINITELY Chat Noir. Like goddamn I have worn him once and he deserves better after all that frickin time and effort. Brushing back up on my puns~
DAY 3: Bigby Wolf? I think? I wore him for Emerald City back a few years ago & it was not the greatest experience but I want to try again (with better wig styling skills)! Plus y'know….NEXT SEASON TWAU BRO
😱 doin thisssss

There are 2 types of Steven Universe Fans...
  • Type 1: Anyone can cosplay any character they want! Oh that looks so cute on you! Great cosplay! Great fanart! I love the way you drew this! What a cute style! Your props look really good; you must have put a lot of work into them! All size rose cosplayers are beautiful! Here, let me share some cosplay tips with you! What a cute pairing!
  • *respects all ships, fan theories, cosplays, fanart, art styles, interpretations etc.* *encourages one another* *respects everyone* *is civil and mature*
  • Type 2: Oh you can't cosplay rose because you are too skinny. You can't cosplay Garnet because you are too white. Your prop looks awful. Why did you draw them that way? Why does she look older than she is? why did you color her skin so light? You're black and short, why would you cosplay pearl??? you should do amethyst instead. Your make up looks smudgy and awful.
  • *reverse body shames* *Questions and nitpicks every piece of fanart* *feels the need to critique everything* *argues genders* *lights whole fandom on fire*
  • Please Don't be #2.
The signs as people I saw this weekend at Metrocon (2016 Edition):
  • aries: JoJo's To Be Continued meme cosplayer
  • taurus: Dad 76 cosplayer who was really into it and had juice boxes.
  • gemini: male D.Va cosplayers with bodysuits that revealed too much in the crotch area.
  • cancer: people yelling "space AIDS!"
  • leo: literally 6 Red Card Katerina cosplayers. Why Red Card Katerina????
  • virgo: itty bitty 8 yr old Teemo cosplayer (he was so cute!!!)
  • libra: Budget McCree.
  • scorpio: Cabbage dealer cosplay.
  • sagittarius: my friend eating the cabbage in the middle of the rave.
  • capricorn: actual anime girl Spock.
  • aquarius: Dat Boi getting kicked out for using a unicycle in the con.
  • pisces: guy falling over while playing DDR in the game room.