these cosplayers are too cute for me


Don’t mind me, just pumping out the tutorials like they’re going out of style.

This is a watered down explanation of what you should have for a basic cosplay makeup kit. If you’re a cosplayer who never really wears or ever wore makeup in your daily life, you might not know much about what you should pick up to start yourself off. If you’re just looking for a tutorial to give you a basic kit for when you want to look good at a con or for a photo shoot, this is for you.

Lupine looks super cute in this video too, so I would…. take a gander…

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“Will shouldn’t you already be at the infirmary?“
“Yeah, but I don’t wanna let go of you just yet.“
“You’re a nerd.“
“I love you too Death Boy.“
In other news don’t let me watch videos of adorable Solangelo cosplayers since it will give me major shipping feels and make me wanna draw these two being cute.

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UPUPUPU~ 💖 Because of the latest danganronpa episode I decided to upload this ship cosplay picture of Nanami and Komaeda! I shipthemsorrynotsorry I mean NANAMI IS THE ONLY ONE (aside from hinata) WHO CARES ABOUT HIM ;A;
Also thought it’d be cute to add sparkles and hearts cause THIS KOMAEDA COSPLAYER IS REALLY GOOD HNNNNGGGG If you know this cosplayer please let me know so I can tag them! THEY ARE PERFECT ALSKDJWOQLA THEY STOLE MAH HEART
Took this picture at Anime Expo this summer! At the danganronpa photoshoot gathering~ it was so fun ALSO THAT MONOKUMA IS FUCKING PERFECT TAG THEM TOO IF YOU KNOW THEM PLEASE


I’ve totally underestimated how many fans are gonna be there, it was an endless sea of people (ʘᗩʘ’)

I bought almost all the staff @theyullenator ‘preordered’ with me :D I have no idea how I managed to do that actually

I’ve actually decided not to buy anything for myself, other than this cute little Allen&Kanda badge set

The Victuuri/YoI hall has absolutely overwhelmed me, unimaginable amout of doujinshis, arts, merch, cosplayers it was like a dream~
But without a guide I was absolutely green (i dont know many artist and all, dont really read dj too much so). I could’ve had THE MOST AMAZING guide! if not for my late ass, getting there 8:30 instead of 8am (Official apology time! I’m so sorry again @fencer-x I hope you didn’t miss much by waiting for me!)

I’ve spent most of the event just strolling around between the halls, mostly snk tables. ahh, it was the best~
I’ve sumbled upon some merch with such a marvelous design! Mezmerising! I couldn’t tear my eyes off of it! asjhdskdfgdfg but my broke ass has already decided not to buy anything so… I just… ಥ_ಥ

Anyways, it was sososo much fun. I’m definitely going more prepared next year.

….yeah, so this is the mug I went back and bought in the end :D Isn’t it magnificent?!?!?!

Ahhhhh I’m melting, I love my Vougely Eruri Mug ♥ (ღ˘ ∀ ˘ღ)

The signs as people I saw this weekend at Metrocon (2016 Edition):
  • aries: JoJo's To Be Continued meme cosplayer
  • taurus: Dad 76 cosplayer who was really into it and had juice boxes.
  • gemini: male D.Va cosplayers with bodysuits that revealed too much in the crotch area.
  • cancer: people yelling "space AIDS!"
  • leo: literally 6 Red Card Katerina cosplayers. Why Red Card Katerina????
  • virgo: itty bitty 8 yr old Teemo cosplayer (he was so cute!!!)
  • libra: Budget McCree.
  • scorpio: Cabbage dealer cosplay.
  • sagittarius: my friend eating the cabbage in the middle of the rave.
  • capricorn: actual anime girl Spock.
  • aquarius: Dat Boi getting kicked out for using a unicycle in the con.
  • pisces: guy falling over while playing DDR in the game room.

anonymous asked:

how was your day at the con?

it was really nice! I haven’t really socialized since i’ve moved here, so it was really refreshing :’)

Going to cons alone is Really out of my comfort zone but I made myself talk to people and try to network/make some friends? i think? i played some tabletop games with the con staff and met some really sweet artists at the artist alley!!

 I wish I would have been able to get a drawing group together but I was too shy to ask around for people to join…… but i did draw a really pretty kuranosuke cosplayer while they were posing for pictures and then i ran up to them and gave them the drawing… it was so cute they got really excited and gave me a hug??? it was a really good con!! a lot of nice people and it was a lot smaller than any of the california conventions i’ve been to, so that made me feel a lot more comfortable there! 

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I just wanted to share my h/c of if prompto had a lesbian sister - i think he would send her pics of cute girls the bros meet during their journey. My big bro sends me fanart he finds of Aranea and Iris, or he sends links to cute female cosplayers coz i love them so much! He's the best bro ever.

Yes !!! Absolutely, Prompto would try so hard to be a good wingman too. He’s not very skilled at it but sometimes it works.


LADYBUG!!! I love you, Cat noir, please be mine! <3 Do you like it? me too, now available please contact ME or:

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your too big for a cosplay or the wrong shape or not pretty enough.

Cosplay is a way of finding comfort in yourself and happiness, I never imagined I’d feel as confident in my own skin as I do now! I’ll never be the Sailor Moon shape, I’m too short and curvy for that! But it’ll never stop me from cosplaying one of my favourite characters from my childhood! It’s taken me a long time to realise this but I’m so glad I have and I hope you all will too!

Work what you’ve got, be happy, don’t let haters get you down 💙


If anyone has a friend, of which they deserve more attention for their cute cosplays and they HAVE Tumblr. You can send me a pic of them in cosplay, add which character and fandom it is and I might post it and tag them in it. I really want to see more cosplays and fandoms so send them to me and I’ll most likely post them on here!

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Ahhh ;;; this is the first time I send you something to your askbox and I wanted to tell you that you are so cute ♡ everytime I see you answering a question or replying comments on fb, I see that you are so nice and kind :D I love all your cosplays and you inspire me to improve my cosplays too ;; you are amazing and very talented ! ♡ thank you for inspire not only me but every cosplayer that has seen your characters ♡

Oh man that’s so nice of you! Welcome to my blog it’s like 90% voltron and asks lol


I went to Linköping in Sweden at the end of July to attend an anime convention called Närcon

The convention super fun and I got to hang out with a lot of amazing people.
Here’s the opm cosplayers I saw during the days I attended. I also saw an incredible Metal Bat cosplayer but didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them :c

The Sonic cosplayer is one of my friends who made the costume themselves~
I only cosplayed one of the days, as Kiyoko together with my other friends who also cosplayed from Haikyuu.
Everyone was so amazing and kind. I’ll try to attend next year too ;v;

I bought this sleeping mask with Saitama’s eyes + a Genos version

There are 2 types of Steven Universe Fans...
  • Type 1: Anyone can cosplay any character they want! Oh that looks so cute on you! Great cosplay! Great fanart! I love the way you drew this! What a cute style! Your props look really good; you must have put a lot of work into them! All size rose cosplayers are beautiful! Here, let me share some cosplay tips with you! What a cute pairing!
  • *respects all ships, fan theories, cosplays, fanart, art styles, interpretations etc.* *encourages one another* *respects everyone* *is civil and mature*
  • Type 2: Oh you can't cosplay rose because you are too skinny. You can't cosplay Garnet because you are too white. Your prop looks awful. Why did you draw them that way? Why does she look older than she is? why did you color her skin so light? You're black and short, why would you cosplay pearl??? you should do amethyst instead. Your make up looks smudgy and awful.
  • *reverse body shames* *Questions and nitpicks every piece of fanart* *feels the need to critique everything* *argues genders* *lights whole fandom on fire*
  • Please Don't be #2.

Just spending quality time with the cinnamon roll! ⭐💧 … Salty bird momma isn’t too impressed though, sorry Pearl.

This was from an impromptu shoot we ended up having after a bunch of us SU cosplayers managed to run into each other during Sunday afternoon of the con, and eventually formed a small group, haha! While some of us were walking around trying to find a location for our shoot, I suddenly heard someone calling out to me and turned around to see this super cute Steven excitedly running over. C: They asked if we could selfie together, and then I invited them to come shoot with us – this was the result! >w< I’m super stoked to finally start sharing photos from this shoot, everyone’s cosplays were so good. ;w;

Anime Evolution 2015

Steven - @drentheweeb

Pearl - @candywhisperer

Lapis - @anyapanda-official

Photography - @empyrean-feather

More photos!


Metrocon day 1 was p cool yo

Alois Trancy - prinnx

Ciel Phantomhive - superfluoushomo

Bill Cipher - gravy-navy

The Beast - milesmoon

John Egbert with the cool booth- capeofwonders

-tell me if u are these people or know them so I can tag these dorks-

This is the first Cosplay I made practically by myself. My dad bent the wood for me to paint, but I did all the outfit and props save for the socks and shoes! So I’m really proud of this :’) the skirt’s too big and the sleeves are too long, but I did my best lol

You’re such a cute Kagome! I’m really impressed that you made it all yourself and you look so pretty! :) (I recognize this con center >:3 )