these comments are making less and less sense

anonymous asked:

Did u read the moviepilot article released b4 season6 aired ("Will ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' End With Sixth Season? Believe it or Not, It Could Happen") ? What did u think about what they said about EdR? I thought her acting is amazing (along with RC are among the best on the show)...i just think its bad acting. Dunno what they meant by the accent comment

I think they have a great point about how hard it is for the actors to act in a storyline that doesn’t make much sense. I disagree with what they say about EdR’s accent, of course - I think her voice is lovely! - but I do definitely agree that the writing has given Belle less and less good material.  Her plot lines have been all over the map, and it’s got to be hard for Emilie to figure out her motivations, sometimes.  That’s weakened the show considerably in my eyes.

As for what they say about Jared’s portrayal of Henry, again, I don’t think he’s a bad actor. I think the poor guy is suffering from having to play a 12-13 year old when he’s 3-4 years older than that.

For any of my readers who want to see the article in question, it’s here.