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Marietta Edgecombe fidgeted nervously as she waited for admittance into Headmistress Umbridge’s office. Potter was just trying to help people learn, even if he was a little dull for the task and wasn’t the most organized or observant person. And even if his hair always look like a rat’s nest. Don’t you dare ruin this for me, her mother had said. You do whatever Umbridge says. Whatever it takes. The part of her that still hated to disappoint her mother, that didn’t want to be the stupid, useless girl she said she was, knew she had to tell. But what would happen to Cho? How much trouble would she get in? But then again–Lucille was still at home with mother–and if the DA were found out and Marietta was the one caught, Lucille would be–

“Miss Edgecombe! Can I help you?” The headmistress’s saccharine voice broke into her thoughts.

Marietta stepped into her office.

(photo: Antonio Marras)

I am surprised to how many ppl actually took the survey i received more than 100 replies!!Thank you very much everyone.
Regarding the most asked things:

  1. I keep the size of the shoes as it is originaly and they all work with sliders but since many people think they are too small on the feet next time i will try to make them a little bigger ( i personaly dont like too when shoes look too small).
  2. Also please make sure you use the shoes with their appropriate thumbnails , because of the new patch now both genders show up( even tho i have it disabled) so please the right one is the shoe with the thumbnails i made.
  3. I will include lighter colors(the reason mostly i dont it’s because they look too bright in game and the colors fade)
  4. Some of you asked about more fashionable and weird/unique cc i will keep it in mind and try to create/convert more cc like that
  5. Many asked about toddler/children cc so again i will share more often in the future
  6. About the textures of the accessories this is something that cant be changed because when there is no available space or appropriate space where to put the uv and texture we use the “extra body” space and since many other creators use the same space clothing textures can get mixed up.Sorry! :(
  7. Some of you think the theme is hard to navigate.I understand that i will try to edit it and make it easier for you to find the links and any other information you will need!
  8. I am glad you all like me reblogging different cc and posts i am tagged in , i really enjoy when i can see your edits and posts but please dont get upset if i dont reblog something the reason is that i do not receive all the tags , for some reason tumblr isnt notifying me about everything so the only way for me to see it its on my dash or if i get the notification
  9. I am also very surprised 99% of you wanted more collabs with other creators!I am glad you liked my recent collabs , ill have it in mind for the future too :)

Last but not least you are going to receive many gifts and special cc in the future , thank you very much for being honest and taking the time to answer to every question!

Hugs&Kisses - Lumy

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red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

Wanted to draw something for International Women’s Day, so i chosed my favorite cartoon magical girls