these chicks love sitting in my hands




I shifted in my bed, not being able to sleep from all the shit that happened today.

Michael lowly chuckled and sat up.

“What’s wrong love?”


“Y/N, stop being brief with me.”

“I’m not!” I defended.

“You just did! Okay love, talk to me.”

“I went to the try-outs for the Colourblock guard and I went against this chick who knew about this for like 20 seconds. I was more skilled and experienced than her. She just went with it since her crush was there. She was chosen, not me. And then my grades. That physics teacher alw-…”

“Come with me.” Mikey said offering his hand.

I obliged and he lead us to the balcony. He motioned me to sit down before taking of his hoodie and wrapping it around my body.

“Do you see those stars?” He asked.

“Of course.”

“Then that means you’re living. You lived for another day to see them again.”

I was beyond confused of what he was saying.

“What I’m saying is that it took a lot of shit and chemicals to form a star. And that’s what you have to go through. You need to face all the shit until you become one. Until you’re up high when no lows can drag you down. Until when you realize that those problems are actually the ones who formed you. They’re the reason why you’re still fighting.”

I smiled at the thought.

“I’m always here.”


“Anyways we don’t speak of what I said with the boys.” He chuckled.

“Where did Michael go?” I joked.

He laughed as he caressed my cheek.

“Thanks a lot Mikey. It meant a lot.”

“Anytime, love.”