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Deadly Sins- Envy

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Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader’s jealous ex who despises Peter Parker for dating the Reader follows them after school. A turn of events happens when Peter’s girlfriend life is on the line.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL.Angst?

Word Count: 2,000

*A/N: I’m transitioning from Wattpad so this is how I type my fics.. Hope you guy’s like my writing style. I know most people do [Y/N] but I normally don’t but in the future I’ll try it :,) Pls don’t roast me /.\ I also tried making it long, sorry if it’s too long 0.0 Like I said I’m used to writing longer stuff..

One of the worst sins to have is Pride. Yet the most dangerous ones come from our inner turmoils. Envy can lead towards many other feelings causing you to do something you’ll regret. Jealousy causes you to feel like your body is on fire and you have to act immediately to set out the fire. Sometimes we can never settle the fire inside of us..

The fire was raging in Quarterback Mason Larson. It’s been ablaze since he had just been broken up with for low life Peter Parker. His girlfriend of two months ended it with him to be with that nerd. She claimed that Mason was too jealous for her liking. He was going to find out why she liked this Parker kid so much…

[Reader’s POV]

“You look different…. dating Penis Parker definitely has changed you” Mason seethes gripping on your wrist. You had one of Peter’s science shirts on cause it was like you had a piece of him whenever he’s away.

“Let go of me Mason,move on with your life!” you shout in protest trying to get your hand back. You just wanted to wait for Peter after school like a normal girlfriend. Yet you get bothered by your Envy filled Ex-Boyfrined.

“You’re my girl so no I won’t let you go” His voice raising causing people’s heads to turn. Great this jackass was going to cause a scene..

“Hey baby, there you are!” Peter’s voice catches your attention. Your eyes flicking in his direction. His eyes glance at your hand twitching in Mason’s tight grasp.

“Sorry I’m late, had to finish up with the group over the topics for the next competition” Peter swiftly twists Mason’s wrist and kicking his feet from under him. You let out a yelp when Mason’s nails scratch you. Peter immediately  catches you before you fall backwards on the ground.

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“Have you seen Betty?”

Kevin looked up from his cellphone to see the dark haired James dean lookalike staring at him expectantly.

“Are you kidding me? That’s the third time you’ve tracked me down to ask me that question , I’m flattered Jughead, really, but if you put half as much time into looking for Betty as you do asking me where she is, I’m sure you would actually find her.” He smirked cockily from his seat in the student lounge.

Jughead rolled his eyes and quirked an eyebrow as Kevin placed his phone down.
“It’s the third of the month, she’s were she is on every third day of every month.” He explained plainly. Clearly Jughead was missing something.

“And where would that be?” The beanie wearing boy asked patiently. Kevin finally looked up at him and frowned confused
“You mean you don’t know? You guys have been dating for three months, haven’t you ever wondered where she goes every third day of the month?” He asked.

“I never noticed, things have been pretty hectic, now that you mention it… so where is she? Where does she go?”

Kevin scratched his neck suddenly nervous and uncomfortable, it wasn’t a secret that Betty hid from anyone but it was a personal story, one Kevin was nervous to share. Jughead sensed Kevin’s tension and nodded encouragingly
“She’s my girlfriend dude.” He said slowly.

Shaking his head Kevin began the story

“On the third day of every month Betty heads out to the poppy fields over in Pembrooke, she spends pretty much the whole night there. She umm… it was her and her brothers special place. Do you remember Chick Cooper?” He asked

Jughead nodded, Chick Cooper was Betty’s older brother, he left Riverdale one day and never came back, everyone assumed he was in college and didn’t have time to make visits.

Kevin continued
“Chick well… Chick was killed a few years back, he was killed in combat. That’s why Betty took that huge break from school. Well anyway, Chicks ashes are spread in the poppy field and Betty goes every month to talk to him, when they were kids they would get dressed up and spend hours out there. Betty continued the tradition on the third of every month, she left school early today to head down there.” Kevin trailed off as his phone began to ring “oh that’s Joaquin! I have to take this” with that the excited boy ran off leaving Jughead alone with his thoughts.

What kind of a boyfriend was he that he didn’t know that about his girlfriend? Her brother, her best friend, he was dead? She never brought it up, never mentioned it. Was she holding all that pain in this whole time. God Jason blossoms murder, that must have hit home with her, that’s why she was always trying to help Cheryl, giving her the benefit of the doubt, he could still remember the soft way she had reminded Veronica

“Remember, She just lost her brother.”
He should have noticed how sad her eyes were, how she seemed to go to a distant place in her mind. She was always there supporting him, confiding in him, and he didn’t even care to know her family story?
Suddenly an idea rang through his mind, hopping over the couch, he ran through the halls before finding Archie in a towel in the boys locker room

“Hey jug! What’s u…”

“I need to borrow your white button down, you keep an extra in here for emergencies right?” Jughead asked digging through Archie’s gym locker.

“Umm yeah sure, why the desperate need for a button down” Archie asked confused.

“I’ve got a date with Betty and her brother.” He stated simply, smiling and holding up the white shirt in victory.
Archie looked confused
“Jug, Betty’s brother, chick.. he’s..”

Jughead ripped his shirt off and pulled Archie’s over his shoulders

“A little big, but it’ll do. Thanks pal, see you tonight.” He slapped a hand to Archie’s shoulder and headed outside towards Fred Andrews old truck, Archie’s dad let him drive it almost all the time, it was crazy having someone who cared about you, it still made Jughead stop and slow down a little, maybe one day he’d get used to it, but for now he was just grateful.

He arrived at the Pembrooke poppy fields in record time, casting a quick look in the mirror, he decided to leave his hat. He didn’t want Chick thinking he was a weirdo, ghost or not.

It was easy to find Betty, she was sitting crouched in the flowers, her long blonde hair left loose just like Jughead liked, the gorgeous black, flowing dress was a dark contrast to the brightly colored Flowers and Jughead was almost certain he would never see anything as beautiful as this scene for the rest of his life. He made his way to her slowly as he heard her talking into the air

“…but Polly is certain it’s a boy, even though the doctor says it’s twins she doesn’t believe him, I’d love a niece but then again having another guy In the house might be nice, ya know with dad not living at home anymore.”

Jughead took that moment to step in
“Hey, what am I chopped liver?” He asked with a small smile, laughing as Betty jumped up, her eyes going wide when she first saw him.

“Juggie?! What are you doing here?” She moved to touch his arm, a gesture she had adopted to let him know she was happy he was here.

“I told you that it’s important for me to meet your family, I meant your whole family.” He finished softly, cupping her cheek with his palm as her eyes filled with tears

“Juggie.” She choked out.

“Plus I get to see you looking like the blackbird of my dreams” he smiled goofily as Betty gave a watery laugh, tugging him by the hand to sit beside her in the poppys.

“Chick loved flowers and he loved photography, I think you two would’ve really gotten along.” She smiled sadly, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Well Chick, I’m sorry I never got to meet you, I’m sure you were an amazing guy. And patient too, living in a house with all those cooper girls.” He smiled as Betty snorted beside him
“I love your sister, I’m going to take care of her okay. You don’t have to worry about me hurting her, I won’t.” He looked down to see Betty staring up at him, her dark green eyes shining with love
“Also.. I know you would be giving me a really painful pat on the back, so take comfort in the fact that I appreciate the sentiment.” Jughead said up to the sky.

Betty and Jughead sat in that yellow and orange field for hours, talking to each other, talking to her brother and occasionally losing themselves to fits of giggles. This world was filled with sadness and the darkness tended to overwhelm the light these days, but in a poppy field on the third day of the third month, two damaged small town kids found love in each other and that was something to hold onto.

i’m talking about you - harrison osterfield

Pairing: Harrison x reader

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Harrison x reader kinda thing where they meet for the first time or something and there’s lots of fluff ??¿??

*Note: I will NOT be posting tomorrow (September 1st)! It’s BOYCOTT TUMBLR DAY. Regular posting will be on Saturday (September 2nd), and since I’ll have time to write tomorrow, I’ll be posting quite a few things on Saturday :-) 

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Today’s Anime Recommendation: Inuyasha

Inuyasha was the very first anime I ever stumbled across while flipping channels some 14-15 years ago. So understandably, this anime will always have a special place in my heart <3 

Inuyasha is about a half-demon .. named.. you guessed it.. Inuyasha.  Half Human-Half Dog Demon, sword wielding bad-ass.

This anime has everything.. Demons, Half Demons, Time traveling well jumper, Perverted monk with cursed hand, kick ass demon slayer chick with a giant boomerang, adorable but lethal animal sidekicks, walking dead ex lovers, Not-so brotherly love, bondage.(cuz lets face it that’s what that necklace is) “SIT”,  A wolf demon who’s got it bad, and a bad guy that just never seems to die and keeps making himself friends lolll 

Full of action, adventure, comedy, romance,drama.. lots of fillers of entertainment. I would go from laughing to being so freakin frustrated with Inuyasha that I wish I could jump in my tv and smack him myself. 

If you do decide to start up Inuyasha, I highly recommend watching All 167 episodes, plus the Final act episodes as well as the 4 movies. (do Final act Last)… obviously

You just can’t love it enough without the full package deal!! All together makes a wonderful story.. Follow the gang on their journey to Collect all the jewel shards and rid the world of the Shikon No Tama.

anonymous asked:

could you perhaps list all of your favourite moments that jackie and hyde had in that 70's show? :)

Oh fun!

1. “If I like her, shoot me!’

Because it was such an amazing scene and I remember being really giddy that episode and feeling happy for Jackie and this is, like, two or three seasons before they actually get together.

2. “You can do better”

I think that’s when I realized that Hyde genuinely cares about Jackie despite the fact that he actually dislikes her and I mean, I was 7 when the show first came out so it was the first time I sort of came into contact with the fact that you can care about some but actually also truly dislike them? And I have a post about this but Hyde never could stand to see Jackie cry

and this scene is an example of that.

3. Prom

Because it was awkward and sweet and spoke to what I said before, Hyde could never stand to see Jackie cry :

So he takes her to the prom to cheer her up.

4. When they get busted.

Not the scene itself but the fact that they’re both unwilling to stop seeing each other because they actually care about one another

5. The chin touch

I just think it’s really cute and it’s when Hyde makes Jackie feel better about their relationship and essentially tells her to ignore Donna and Eric.

6. “I love you”

The older I got the more I appreciated Jackie’s speech because it’s kind of mature, Michael was her first and only boyfriend before Hyde and they got together when she was, what, 15? There’s going to be residual … not even feelings but possessiveness of him because he was a huge part of her life for better or for worse but Hyde is the man she loves, Hyde’s the man she wants to be with, Kelso is a memory but Hyde is for real and her feelings for him are mature and transformative and despite this:

Hyde clearly loves her because he decides to get back together with her and I love how frustrated he was about that, he’s just like “DAMMIT” but then it ends with this:

7. “Jackie, I love you”

I mean, who doesn’t love the “Jackie, I love” you scene? I think I squealed when that happened because I mean it’s self-explanatory, it shows how much Hyde has grown and how much Jackie means to him because he’s being willingly vulnerable and he’s fighting for her and it’s a turning point in their relationship. This response:

was obviously crushing but I respected Jackie for doing it because she was finally demanding to be treated a certain way and after everything that happened with Michael, her response is both necessary, understandable and completely justified.

8. Zeppelin T-shirt

I love the episode because Michael tries to wedge his way between Jackie and Hyde and Hyde is pretty chill throughout the episode because it’s Hyde but when he gives Jackie the T-shirt it’s clear that he takes his relationship with her seriously and he’s in it for the long haul and I love that Jackie asks if she has to wear it and he says no because it shows how much they know each other.

9. The beard

Because, again, it shows how much Hyde is committed to Jackie because she spends the entire episode complaining about the beard and it’s Hyde, he doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do but after being unable to comfort her verbally after her father’s been arrested, he does this, which was sweet. I also love how Donna and Eric are there and make fun of him and he just has his “Shut. Up.” because it’s still very Hyde. And they actually turn out to be the most communicative dynamic of the entire episode because Donna and Eric and Kitty and Red both argue about what they need from the other partner.

10. “Lowering my standards”

I just really love that kiss and that he holds her hand as they leave. It’s so cute and endearing.

11. “She’s my chick”

Simple but cute.

12. “I’ll kick you”

Because I was happy there was still a chance, I was happy that Hyde was happy and I was happy that Jackie kicked him because that’s just so Jackie.

13. “You’re beautiful”

Because we don’t get too many moments where Hyde is just that direct with compliments in general and it was a really sweet scene.

14. Every time she sits on his lap:

15. Sleepover

Because Jackie trusted Hyde and Hyde wouldn’t let Jackie sleep in her house by herself.

16. Reunited Makeout

17. Essentially, every single kiss they have, like they look good kissing:

I also really like when Hyde gets arrested for Jackie and when he sees her crying at the football game but there aren’t any gifs for that. I’m sure I have many others I can’t think of :)

Another Archangel?

summary: archangel Y/n is on a run from heaven,  she meets her brother Castiel and asks for help

pairing: charlie x archangel! fem!reader

warnings: cursing, slight angst

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Oh shit! Run, run! Get me outta here! Why do I have to be so hilarious?

“Castiel!” archangel Y/n cried. The trench coated angel seemed confused. He was out on a hunt with the Winchesters when his sister appeared. The two brothers were getting snacks in a nearby shop while Castiel stayed outside, Dean didn’t want the clueless angel to embarrass himself. Cas looked at his sister. “What are you doing here sister?” Y/n smiled an evil smile. She was up to no good.

Much like her older brother Gabriel Y/n was a bit of a trickster. Prier to appearing before her brother she had spray painted the walls of heaven. What did she paint you may ask. Well my dear reader like I said Y/n was a lot like her brother, she managed to spray paint the most unholy things on the walls of heaven (I’ll let your imagination run wild). Her siblings caught her and were now hunting her down to punish her for “disobeying” God.

“I need your help brother,” The blue eyed angel glared at her, he knew what she got up to-all angels did. “What makes you think I will help you?” he questioned. “Well I did revive you many times,” Castiel looked puzzled. “That was father,” the archangel shuck her head. “That’s what you all think! Every miracle is always God, so brother please, help me.” The angel nodded. 

Sam and Dean came strolling over to the two angels. “Hey Cas who’s the chick?” Dean asked, finding it weird that Cas would talk to a random woman on the street. “This is my sister.” Both brothers raised their brows. Y/n grinned and stuck her hand out, “Archangel Y/n at your service.”

Walking down the bunkers stairs Y/n was joyful, she loved looking down at her little brother while he was on adventures with his friends. Though they weren’t really happy adventures but adventures nonetheless. Strolling into the library with a big grin on her face Y/n noticed a red headed woman sitting at one of the tables surrounded by books and reading. 

“Sam, Dean I did some research and found-” the pretty red head looked over at the archangel. “Oh um hi!” she seemed nervous. “Charlie this is-” Y/n interrupted Sam “- archangel Y/n.” she smiled. “Wow a real archangel? I thought they were all dicks,” the archangel laughed. “Yeah I will admit my brothers are giant assholes but they’re okay once you get to know them.” Dean walked past the two woman eyeing each other up, “Get to know them my ass!” he muttered.

“Then Harry finds out he’s a wizard,” Charlie and Y/n had gotten close over the two weeks they’ve known each other. Charlie was telling her all about Harry Potter. She seemed so passionate, and Y/n was falling even more in love with her. “-he gets a letter saying he was accepted into a school for witch craft and wizardry, and his aunt i like-” Charlie stopped to notice the angel staring at her. They were cuddled on her bed. “I’m sorry- I’m rambling on, I can get annoying sometimes,” “oh no! You’re not annoying! If anything I’m annoying, I got kicked out of heaven for irritating my siblings too much” 

The two woman stared at each other. “You’re very beautiful,” Charlie said sincerely. Y/n snorted “That’s not what dad said when kicking me out of heaven.” There was a hint of sadness in Charlie’s eyes. She felt sorry for this angel. She must’ve been so lonely without her brothers. Y/n noticed this, she cupped her cheek and leaned in. They both felt such happiness. “Wanna see my wings?” Y/n whispered very seriously, “I feel like you just asked me if I wanted to see your dick.”

Summer Storm - Chapter 14 Face Your Demons

Read on A03


This Chapter is a mess, I hope I got it all out right, it was in my head in a jumbled mess for days lol 


Jellybean ushered them inside and soon they were seated in a small and comfortable living room, on overstuffed couches and sipping on coffee.  

“So tell me,” Jellybean began.  “How did this happen?” she asked, pointing to them both as they sat on the couch next to each other.  Jughead turned to smile at Betty and took her hand.  His sister seemed flabbergasted.  “Seriously, how does my brother make one of the best authors I’ve ever read fall in love with him, and vice versa for that matter.  Jughead doesn’t love anyone, well at least he pretends he doesn’t,”  Jughead frowned at the last statement and Betty smiled.  “Where did you meet?”

“Well, I found him in the ditch,” Betty explained.

“I’m sorry, what?”  JB said, completely confused.  Betty told the story and Jellybean was shocked, looking at her brother in concern.  “You could have died,” she said hoarsely.  “And I would have never known.”

“You’re my case of emergency,” Jughead muttered.  

“Oh that would have been nice.  Haven’t seen you in years but have a cop show up to tell me you’re dead.”

“I’m sorry, JB, I should have contacted you sooner.”

“Yeah, you should have.  You shouldn’t have stopped contacting me to begin with,” she said pointedly.  Jughead said nothing and Betty watched the emotions play on his sisters face.  She seemed so happy to see him and at the same time, she looked angry and like she wanted to start yelling at him but she held back.

“So, I guess life on the farm is a good fit for you?” she asked her brother with a smile.  “I’m still trying to process that you’re sitting here with the sweetest looking woman, holding her hand and looking completely love sick.”

“Really?” Jughead said, exasperated.  Jellybean laughed and Betty flushed.

“Honestly, Miss Cooper…”

“Please, call me Betty.”

“Honestly, Betty, I always thought, if my brother did find someone who would put up with him, it would be some large angry tattooed chick.”  

“Have I ever dated a women like that?” Jughead asked, starting to get annoyed with her ribbing.

“No, I guess not,” JB said.  “But you’ve certainly never dated anyone who looks pretty and sweet either.  Maybe that’s why you never fell in love till now, this is the type you never knew you liked?”

“It’s not a type, it’s just her,” Jughead said softly, sliding closer to Betty.  

“This shit is going to take some getting used to,” JB said laughing.

“So, where’s your guy?” Jughead asked, standing up to refill his coffee.

“He decided he didn’t want to intrude, so he went with his buddies golfing for the day.”

“Intrude? Why would he be intruding?” Jughead asked.  JB sighed and he turned to look at her.

“Honestly?  He didn’t want to be here because he wants to kick the shit out of you.”

“Why?” Betty asked, a little alarmed.

“I’ve cried a lot over the years because of my brother,” JB said sadly.  Betty swollowed and nodded, looking over at Jughead.  He was leaning against the kitchen counter, looking into his cup.

“Have you been with him a while?” Betty asked.

“Since I was 17 and Jughead ordered me not to go out with him,” the young woman said with a smirk.

“He’s a good guy, sis,” Jughead said softly.

“I know he is, he was back then too.”  The phone rang then and JB got up to answer it and from her happy face, Betty could guess it was said boyfriend.  She went to the back to talk in private and Betty got up and walked over to Jughead.  She took his coffee cup and put it on the counter, taking his face in her hands.

“Are you ok?” she asked softly.  He smiled at her and pulled her closer, resting his forehead on hers.

“Yeah,” he breathed.  “It’s a little awkward but I guess that will pass eventually.  She seems like she wants to rip me a new one.  I think she’s holding back because of you,” he added with a chuckle.  Betty gave him a soft kiss.  His arms went around her and he briefly deepened the kiss before pulling away with a groan.  “Don’t kiss me at my sisters, it could make for an embarrassing situation,” he said gruffly.

“Sorry,” she whispered, not really sorry at all.  He could tell and laughed, kissing her again.

“Am I interrupting something?  Came the laughing question.  Betty quickly pulled away, her face flushing.  Jughead laughed and pulled her close again and she buried her face in his neck.  Jughead caught his sister’s eye and she smiled at him.  Her approval evident in her face.  Betty pulled away and asked to use the washroom and when she left the room, Jughead turned to his sister.

“You want to yell at me, don’t you?” he asked, sounding resigned.

“Well, yes, but I won’t.  Not sure it would do much good at this point,” JB said with a sigh, sitting on the bar stool by the kitchen island.  “She seems really great Jay and it’s very clear that she loves you very much.”  He smiled at that and nodded.  “And it’s completely weirding me out that you’re completely head over heels for her.  Like this is no joke, you’re completely in love with her, aren’t you?”  

“Yes,” he said simply.  Betty came back at that point and Jughead wandered over to the couch and grabbed the TV remote.  She stayed in the kitchen with Jellybean cause she wanted to bake a cake with her.  Betty figured that was JB’s way of trying to get some time alone with her.  Jughead seemed to realize and lost himself in a game he found on TV.  She laughed when only 10 minutes later, he was sleeping.

“Such a guy,” Jellybean said, rolling her eyes.  She turned to look at Betty who was mixing some eggs into the cake batter.  “And I seriously love your books!  I still can’t believe he crashed in your ditch.  What are the chances?  And the fact that you took care of him, especially looking like he does.  In highschool my friends were shit scared of him.  Of course he did his best to look mean and angry all the time, but they all admired his looks from far away and ran the other direction when he frowned at them,” she said laughing.

“I thought he was hot,” Betty admitted, and then blushed.  “Of course he was unconscious for two days, so by the time he woke up, I was well used to him and most of his frowning and scowling was from pain so I didn’t really pay attention,” she said with a laugh.  “He’s a bit scary when he’s angry.”  She told her about the two incidents with her ex’s and Jellybean looked furious when she was done. 

“God, I’m surprised he didn’t kill them.  He never told you what the fish guy said?”

“No, but I assume it was pretty bad.”

“But your ex husband?  Jughead’s never killed someone but he’s fiercely protective and finding some guy on top of the woman he loves…..i can’t imagine.”

“He didn’t realize he loved me yet at that point.  His brain hadn’t caught up with his heart,” Betty said with a small laugh.

“When did he figure it out?” JB wanted to know.  Betty was quiet a while.

“When he left.”  Jellybean put down the spoon she was cleaning and turned to look at Betty.

“He left?” she asked, her voice deceptively mild.  Betty saw a flash of anger in her eyes that vanished just as quickly as it came and she just nodded.

“He came back before the next morning and the reunion was quiet fantastic,” Betty said happily.  “He hasn’t left my side since.”

“He shouldn’t have left at all,” JB said quietly.  Betty took her hand and the raven hair beauty turned to her, her eyes filled with sadness.

“He struggles a lot.  I’ve been helping him let go of all these things that haunt him,” she tried to explain.  JB just nodded and let out a wobbly smile.  Betty asked her about her boyfriend and Jellybean was more than happy to talk about him.  She was clearly in love and Betty enjoyed and laughed at her stories of them.  

“You know, Betty, as angry as I am with Jughead for leaving and not calling me for who knows how long, I’m so happy he found you.  He really does look so happy and its been many many years since I’ve seen my brother happy.  I thank you for that.  Thank you for seeing past all the ugly shit and seeing his heart.  I was scared all the years had completely turned it to stone.  You seem to have revived him.”  She leaned over and gave her a long hug, which Betty happily returned.  “Also, can you sign my books?”  Betty laughed and nodded.

“Of course!”

“Seriously, my brother is dating a famous author!”

“I’m not famous,” Betty said laughing.

“Maybe not yet, but you will be,” Jellybean said with a happy smile.

Later that afternoon, they were all settled around the living room, sipping on beers when the distinct sound of motorcycles cut through the chatter.  Jughead froze and Betty saw the alarmed look on Jellybean’s face.  She jumped up to go to the window and Jughead caught her arm and held her back.  He went to the window and peeked outside and saw 5 bikes roll up in front of the house.  He recognized the men immediately.  Members of his former gang.  Jughead looked at Jellybean and clenched his jaw.  She shook her head, not understanding what was happening.  

“Who is it?” she gasped.

“Sam and some of the guys.”

“What the fuck? How the hell did they know you were here and how do they know where I live?” she exclaimed.  Jughead looked again and saw Sam and the guy everyone had taken to calling Mouse, walk up to the door.  The rest stayed on the street, looking like they were on full patrol.  When the doorbell rang, Jellybean jumped and Betty looked at Jughead and he seemed furious and a little wary.  He didn’t look like he knew what to do.  Betty sat next to Jellybean and took her hand.  She was scared but tried to reassure the young women.  She suddenly wished they were back on the farm.

The doorbell rang again and Jughead went to open it.  He didn’t say anything and the three men just sized each other up for a minute.  

“We have a message,” Sam said, sounding a little unsure of himself.  Jughead stepped back and let him in.  Betty felt JB clench her hand and she tried to smile at her but she was terrified.  If she thought Jughead looked scary in his gang get up, these men looked like satan.  They paid no attention to the women and only stared at Jughead.

“What do you want, Sam,” Jughead asked harshly.  Sam got right to the point.

“Cutter knows you’re in town,” he said.  Jughead clenched his fists and took a step forward.

“How the fuck does he know that?” he snapped.

“Who’s Cutter?” Betty asked, her voice trembling, not sure she really wanted to know.

“The man who wants to kill my brother,” Jellybean said quietly.  Betty gasped and looked at Jughead in fear.

“How does he know I’m here?” Jughead asked again.

“He’s got eyes on your sister.”  Jellybean gasped and quickly stood.

“What?” she exclaimed.  “How does he know where I live?”

“People ain’t hard to find these days, JB,” he said with a shrug.

“Why was he watching her,” Jughead asked angrily.

“Well, he figured if you ever came back here, she’s the first person you’d go see.”

“How long?”

“I don’t follow,” Sam asked.

“How long has he been watching her?”

“Since you left.  He was informed when you arrived and he sent us a message to get to you and he says you shouldn’t expect to leave town the way you did last time,” Sam said.  

“Jesus Christ,” Jellybean gasped.  “How the fuck is he watching me? I never see anyone out there.”

“He paid off a neighbour,” Sam said, squirming a little under her anger.  

“Are you his fucking lackey now?” Jughead said furiously.  

“No Jughead, but things changed when you left.  Jackson couldn’t keep the gang together and most just scattered.  A few of us are left but we just run the bike shop and that’s about it.  Cutter has taken over all the territory.  The first thing he did when you left is find out where your sister lives and paid a neighbour to keep an eye out for you.”
Jellybean looked shocked and then her fists clenched and her face burned with anger and she turned, directing it to Jughead.

“This is all your fault!” she snapped.  He stepped back a little and glared at her.

“How the fuck was I to know he was watching you.  You know I would have never come here if I’d even had a clue.”

“Everything Jughead, every fucking decision you ever made and everything you have ever done has brought us to this moment and it is all your fault!” she yelled.  “Because instead of facing the shit and mess that you made, you decided to run away and left a fucking mess for others to clean up.”

“I didn’t fucking run away, JB,” Jughead stormed.  “I gave up my position and I just left.”

“You know what, call it whatever the fuck you want Jughead, giving up your position, going to find yourself, trying to move on… doesn’t matter!  What it boils down to is that you ran when shit got out of your control.”

“I left because I didn’t want any of this shit anymore!  I never wanted any of it!”

“Oh my God, Jughead,” Jellybean said with a laugh.  “That is such a fucking load of horse shit!  Are you still trying to pull that crap?”

“What are you talking about?” Jughead said furiously.  Betty pressed back into the couch, watching the shit storm break between Jughead and his sister.  It was quite clear she had been holding her anger in for a long time.

“You love this shit Jughead, you have always loved it.  From the minute you could join the gang, you loved it.”

“That’s bullshit,” he argued.  Sam and Mouse stood back against the door and said nothing as the two faced each other in anger.

“You always say you never wanted to be part of it, but why then at 17, when you were about done with school and could have left that shithole we grew up in, did you join the gang?”

“I couldn’t leave, who the fuck would have taken care of you?”

“Jughead, you could have taken care of me without joining the damn gang.  Don’t you dare use me as an excuse.  The first opportunity you had, you went out and got the biggest fucking snake tattoo that you could find.  Yes, that clearly shows how upset you were at joining the guys.”

“I thought it was the best way to take care of you!” Jughead insisted.  Betty watched him closely and she could see the pain of a headache flickering in his eyes.  She knew the signs already and she was worried.  She started to say something but Jellybean beat her to speaking in her anger.

“And when I graduated and was old enough to take care of myself and moved? When dad died? What did you do Jughead?  If you hated it so fucking much, why did you take over?”

“I didn’t really have a choice!”

“You always had a fucking choice, Jughead!!!” she yelled.  “From the day you joined and got that god damned tattoo, to the day I left and dad died, you could have left too Jughead, and nobody in the fucking gang would have cared.  But you chose to stay and try to run everything.  I think it gave you some twisted sense of purpose, like your life would mean something if you controlled them. You liked the power it gave you.  I think it fueled how much you fucking hated your life and all the shit that had happened.  It helped you channel your anger and hate into something that you thought you could justify.  Don’t think I didn’t hear about the reputation you built.  People were terrified of you Jughead.  You were mean and angry and sure you never actually hurt anyone except in fights, which you probably instigated, but you made sure that people knew what you were capable of if you chose to do some of the things you threatened.”

“JB, I tried to make things better,” he insisted.

“Yes, you tried to turn a fucking motorcycle gang into a bunch of fairies with pixie dust.  You were so lost in your own little world, you didn’t even realize they were selling drugs and guns to street kids for God’s sake and when everything went to shit and you got your head out of your ass and someone was dead, you up and fucking ran!”

“I didn’t fucking run!!!!” Jughead yelled furiously.  

“You did run,” Jellybean said brokenly.  “You ran from me, from your past, from your demons, from your feelings, from all the shit that got you all twisted inside.  You ran from all the mess that was falling down around you when you finally realized you couldn’t make some fairytale gang out of a bunch of morons and you just gave up and left.  You are always running Jughead, Jesus Christ, you even ran from Betty when you had to confront an actual feeling inside your god damned wall. Now this shit has come full circle and there is no getting away from it this time.”  

Jellybean was sobbing and Jughead looked defeated.  He looked stricken and Betty felt the tears fall from her eyes.  She got up and quickly walked over to him, taking his hand.

“Juggie?” she whispered, touching his face.  He lifted his eyes and she was startled by the coldness she saw in them.  He turned and looked at Sam and Mouse.

“Tell Cutter he can expect to see me tonight.  Leave the rest of the guys out front and if anyone from Cutter’s gang shows up, fucking shoot them.”  They nodded, immediately following his orders once again and left the house.  Betty gasped and stepped back.

“Are you out of your fucking mind, Jughead?” Jellybean asked, staring at him in shock.  “Cutter wants to kill you.”

“If he wanted me dead, I’d have been dead as soon as he heard I was here.  You’ve been screaming at me that I’ve been running.  Well, now I’m done.  You want me to face the mess I made JB, well, now I’m going to face it!”  Jellybean walked over and touched his face.

“I’m angry Jughead, I’m angry at all the shit you have pulled over the years.  I’m the most angry that you turned your back on me, even though in your twisted mind you thought it was protecting me, but it fucking hurt like hell and despite all the anger I feel, I don’t want you to die.  You can’t just go get yourself killed,” she cried.  

“What else should I do, run away? I can’t now.  Don’t think for a second there isn’t someone parked close by to see where I’d go.  I’m not going to lead a fucking gang back to Betty’s farm,” Jughead said shaking his head.  “No, it’s time to finish this.  I’m done with it, I’ve been done with it for over a year and I’m going to make sure Cutter knows it.”

“Betty can stay with me,” JB said quietly.

“No, she goes with me.  She’ll be safer at the hotel with security.  Call your boyfriend and leave here for a couple days.  If this goes south, fucking move.” Jughead called a cab and Jellybean called her boyfriend.  When she was done she sighed.

“You better be gone when he gets here, Jay, he’s fucking furious.”

“I will fix this and I’ll make it up to both of you.  I promise,” Jughead said with a hard voice.

“Don’t make promises you don’t know if you can keep,” she said brokenly.

The cab arrived and Jughead and Betty rode back to the hotel in silence.  She held tightly to Jughead’s hand and her heart was pounding in fear.  She felt like she couldn’t breathe and she didn’t bother wiping the tears that fell on her cheeks.  Jughead was tense and the anger never left his face.  The Jughead she had coaxed out on the farm was gone and this was the man he hadn’t wanted her to see.  She wasn’t afraid of him, but she was afraid of what he was capable of doing.  She had thought she had seen him when he had dealt with Paul, but this was something new altogether.  Then he had acted out of fear and love for her, now he was being controlled by all the anger and hate that had simmered inside for years and it was frightening.

When they got inside the room she didn’t say anything and he disappeared into the bathroom for a while.  She didn’t know what to do, how to help him.  He came out eventually and looked almost angrier.

“Juggie,” she whispered fearfully, clenching her fists in uncertainty.  He looked at her and she saw the fight in his eyes.  She walked over to him and touched his face.  He swallowed and stood still.  “I’m afraid.” Her voice caught and he took her face.  His eyes glittered and she couldn’t tell what he was thinking, saw only anger and pain and she did the only thing she knew to do.  She pulled his face to hers and kissed him.  He responded immediately and hauled her up against him, his mouth devouring hers.  

He lifted her up, her legs going around his hips and he moved and she felt the wall at her back.  His tongue swept into her mouth and his hands started tugging at her clothes and she pulled his shirt over his head as he broke the kiss for a moment.  His hands were hungry, rough, frantic as they swept over her, pulling her bra down and squeezing her breast.  She felt his hands tugging at her pants as she fumbled with his and pulled him free.  He lowered her long enough to push her pants down and then hauled her up against the wall again and when she felt him probe at her, she suddenly pulled back, pressing away from him.

“No, Juggie, stop.”  He stopped immediately and moved his hips back, his breathing harsh and heavy as he looked at her, his face questioning through his glaze of lust and desire.  He moved, almost unable to help himself toward her again and she shook her head.  “Stop.”  Jughead squeezed her waist almost painfully but he stopped and stepped back.  She settled on the floor and slowly backed him over to the bed.  She pushed him back on the mattress and got out of the rest of her clothes and he watched her, eyes dark with need.  She pulled his pants and boxers off and climbed on top of him.

Betty brushed over him and he groaned.  She was wet and aching for him but she teased and tormented until he was squeezing her hips so hard she knew she’d have bruises.  She reached down and held him to her, sinking down only slightly, so his tip was just inside her.  She felt his hips lift and she lifted away slightly and he stopped.  His face was wild and she saw the anger fade slightly, replaced by a desire so intense, she felt it in her soul.  

“You’re mine Juggie, and only mine,” she said hoarsely.  “Tell me you belong to me.  I need to hear you say it.”

“Betty,” he gasped as she rotated her hips, letting him slide in a little further.  Her eyes filled with tears and he reached up and traced them with his fingers.

“They can’t have you Jughead, you belong me to,” she said frantically.

“I belong to you Betty,” he said, his voice breaking, his hands reaching for her.  “I belong to you.  I’m yours.  I don’t fucking know why you love me but I swear to you, I am completely yours.”  She sobbed and slid down on him and he rolled them over and took her mouth in a desperate kiss as he moved in her, again and again until they were mindless of anything but each other.  He reached down and stroked her and her legs came around his waist, her body rushing toward release.  When he felt her begin to tighten, he suddenly pulled out and moved down and caught her orgasm with his mouth.  She cried out his name as he latched on to her, his fingers giving her the thrust she needed.  When she calmed slightly he came back up and thrust back inside, taking her hands and holding them over her head.

“Again,” he gasped, taking her mouth in a wet, erotic kiss.  His thrust were fast and hard and he reached down and stroked her again and Betty quickly raced to the edge again and when she released a second time, he followed her with a groan and a shudder and she wrapped all around him, holding him tight.  

“I love you,” she cried against his ear and she felt him tremble beneath her hands.

“I love you,” he whispered back, he breathing choppy and quick.  They lay for a long while, holding each other close and then Jughead got up and went to take a shower.  

She knew he was still going to go and she curled up in the blankets and tried desperately to not think of what could happen.  When he came out, she watched him get dressed and watched as Jughead, the gang leader slowly emerged.  By the time he had donned the leather jacket, he looked every inch the man everyone had once feared.  He terrified her.  His eyes had gone angry again and the coldness in his face made her shiver.  She bit her tongue to keep from speaking when he slipped his gun in the back of his jeans.  

When he was ready, she got up and wrapped the sheets around herself and walked over to him.  She touched his face and her eyes welled with tears.

“Promise you’ll come back to me,” she whispered brokenly.

“I promise I’ll come back to you,” he said quietly.  They both knew he was lying.  He was making a promise he didn’t know he could keep.  He pressed a soft kiss to her mouth and was gone.  Betty lay down on the bed and began to cry.

Jughead opened the door to the clubhouse bar and looked around.  It was late and he knew most of the guys would have gone to sleep by now on an ordinary day, but he knew today they were watching and waiting.  He also knew Cutter would still be awake in the back room.  He walked into the back and pulled his gun when he saw the man leaning over a table filled with papers.  He walked up behind him and placed the nuzzle against the back of his head, cocking it, the sound echoing around the room.  Cutter froze and straightened and he slowly turned, the gun barrel right in his face.

“Now I know you didn’t just walk into my clubhouse and fucking pull a gun on me, Jughead Jones.  I know you’re not that fucking stupid.”  

Jughead heard a whistling sound and turned his head in time to see the butt of a gun slam into the side of his head and everything went black.


Tittle: Jealous

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

             Peter Pan x Wendy

Requested: Yes

Rating: I don`t know

Warning: Again yeah I don`t know.

A/n: This hasn’t been requested before so no worries. And omg thank you so much it means so much to hear that!

  “Hey my favorite lost girl.” Peter laughed as he ran up beside me, tackling me in a side hug. I chuckled and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

  “I thought I was your only lost girl.” I joked, leaning against his side.

  “Always.” He chuckled, kissing my temple as he started running his fingers up and down my arms. I giggled and moved in closer to him, leaning my head on his shoulder.

  “Hmm good to know.” I hummed, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist.

  “So here is the thing my little lost girl, there is another girl on the island, Wendy she was brought here by mistake. I just want to figure out the how.” He hummed, his words causing me to freeze.

  “There is another girl on Neverland!” I snarled, the few lost boys sitting around us jumping at the sudden change in my tone.

  “Yes but there is nothing you need to worry about. Once I figure out what she’s doing here I`ll send her away.” He soothed, running his hands down my arms in a sorry attempt to calm me down.

  “Why can’t Felix do it? Why does it have to be you?”

  “Don`t be jealous baby girl. You have no reason to.” Peter laughed, gripping my chin up so he could press a kiss to my lips. He smirked at me before walking off.

  “I still think Felix should do it.” I mumbled as he walked away. The moment he was far enough away I turned back to the lost boys. “Make sure that you keep an eye on him.”

  “But Peter..”

  “Forget Peter. You make sure he doesn’t do anything. Remember, I am your Queen and Peter has nothing on me.” I snarled, glaring at the boys until they all nodded in agreement. Once they had I turned on my heel and walked off.

  “Should we tell Peter?” I heard one of the whisper.

  “No way. She scares me a whole hell of a lot more than Peter.”

  “But Peter is the king.”

  “And she is the only one that he not only listens to to but obeys. Do you really wanna face that?”

  “Now that you mention it, no.”

  I smirked, pride washing through me. It felt damn good to be the girl that a group of boys was scared of.

  ~~~~Three Weeks Later~~~~

  “Hey Peter do you think we can grab lunch together? Maybe go to the edge of the water and just talk?” I asked as I sat down beside him, glaring at the blonde haired girl beside him.

  “Maybe some other time, Wendy and I have plans for the day.”  He answered, his eyes barely leaving hers.

  “Well when will be a good time to hang out with your GIRLFRIEND Peter?” I snarled, taking some pride in the fact that his tensed at the tone of my voice.

  “Later.” He snapped, waving his hand in dismissal. I growled at him, but jumped up, walking over to where Felix sat. As I plopped down beside him, I layed my head on his shoulder.

  “Peter still being an ass?” He chuckled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

  “Yep, still fawning over his precious little Wendybird.” I sneered.

  “Want me to kill her?” He asked, his tone matching mine. It was no secret that Felix hated Wendy as much as I did. With her around, Peter was always off on some other part of the island, leaving him to deal with the lost boys.

  “Please.” I purred, the though itself filling me with so much joy. “I`ll deal with Pan.”

  “Oh you called him Pan, he is dead meat for sure.” Felix chuckled.

  “How are we going to kill her? I personally think dream shade in her drink. Just little drops. Just enough to make her sick, but not sick enough for Peter to worry. We add more and more until by the time he figures it out his precious little Wendybird is dead.”

  “Remind me to make my own drinks if I ever piss you off.” Felix shuttered. “I do have to agree with you. That sounds like the best way. She suffers and we win.”

 “Glad you approve.” I chuckled, frowning when Peter suddenly jumped up, crossing the camp to bend down in front of us.

  “Don`t even think about going through with that stupid little plan.” He snarled, his eyes locking on mine.

   “If it`s so stupid then why are you here?” I snarled, the sharpness of my tone causing him to raise his eyebrows at me.

  “Because I know you my darling, if I don`t put my foot down now you will actually go through with this.” He snapped.

  “Oh yes, and losing your precious little Wendy Bird is just a thing we can never have happen.” I snarled, pushing Peter away from me as I stood up.

  “Your still jealous of her?” He groaned, acting as if I shouldn’t be.

  “I am walking away from you now. Go back to you darling little Wendy.” I yelled over my shoulder, waving at him over my shoulder as I walked into the forest.

  “Y/n!” He snapped, calling out behind me.

 I ignored him, flipping him off as I walked deeper into the forest.

~~~~One Week Later~~~~

  “That is it!” I snarled at Felix, watching as Pan brushed his hand across Wendy`s cheek. “He has blown me off every day this week, he won’t lay in the same bed as me because he keeps sitting by Wendy`s bed side. I have finally had enough.”

 “What are you going to do?” Felix whispered, watching as he I stood up from the log and fixed the edge of my short green dress.

  “Make him choose.” I replied, throwing my hair over my shoulder as I crossed the camp. Once I was close enough Peter looked up at me, smiling as he met my eyes.

  “We were just talking..”

  “It`s her or me Peter. I`m not going to sit there while you throw me aside for that thing anymore. So it`s her or it`s me. And I want to make this very clear. If choose her I leave this bloody island with Killian Jones. He`s already promised me a spot on his ship should I choose to take it. He leaves in the morning. So I`ll give you until then. I didn’t come here to my a side chick Pan.” I said softly, taking some pride in the fact that Peter, for this first time since I met him, looked scared.

  “Y/n.” He said, reaching his hand out towards me. I shook my head, giving him one last final glare as I turned on my heel to walk back over to Felix. Once I was beside him I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards where Killian was sitting.

  “Y/n what are you doing?” Felix yelled.

  “So what is it love, will you be joining me or staying here?” Killian asked, leaning back against the tree to stare at the two of us.

  “I don`t know yet. He hasn’t answered it yet, hasn’t made a choice.”

  “You told him you would g with the pirate if he choose Wendy?” Felix gasped, staring at me with wide eyed terror.

  “Well if he bloody well chooses her I`m not staying on this island to watch him flaunt it.” I snapped, turning to glare at Felix. “I love him Felix. I am in love with Peter Pan and if he choose her it`s going to break me, these past four weeks have broke me. I’ve had to watch him choose her over me.”

  “I never knew. I`m sorry.” Peter said behind me, his voice causing me to freeze.

  “How would you? You’ve been ignoring me from the moment she walked onto the island.” I snapped, making sure to keep my back to him.

  “Can you leave us alone for a moment please?” Peter sighed, his breath hitting the back of my neck as he stood up against me.

  “Sure, you`ll know where to find me?”Killian asked, waiting until i nodded to walk off. Felix stood still for a moment, torn between listening to Peter and staying with me.

  “Go Felix.” I sighed, knowing that Peter wouldn’t give up until he got what he wanted. “I can deal with Pan.”

  “Fine but I`ll be in screaming distance if you need me.”

  “It`s sad you have my second in command on your side.” Peter chuckled as he walked in front of me. I sighed building up the courage to look in his eyes.

  “Screw the talk about Felix, what do you want?”

  “To talk! I`m sorry I`ve blown you off baby, I swear I never planned to do that. I just wanted to know how she got here and I found out she knew a lost boy named Bae. I wanted to try and get some information on him. I wanted to know how he got off my island, and why he is important enough for this girl to trick the shadow. That is all. I wanted her to trust me, to spill. She`s not you my queen, she`s not tough like you. She`s weak and needs to be trust you to talk. I never once thought it would upset you, I swear. I`m new to this darling.” He hummed, leaning forward to press his lips against my own.

  I folded against him, leaning into the kiss. “I want her gone Peter. Wither you found the damn answers to your questions or not, I want her gone.”

  “Oh darling. She already is. She`s been gone from the moment you told me to choose between you two. I chose you, I will always only choose you.”

A Warped Love Andy Biersack Smut/Fluff


It was the annual after-festival bonfire and I was bored as all hell. The rest of my band had run off with groupies, considering I’m the only female, and I was all alone sitting with a beer in my hand, “You look bored.” I looked to my right, Andy Biersack, “Well, ya know…my first time on Warped, no friends yet, and my band ditched me for sex.” I joked. Andy chuckled and nodded, “I know how that is.” he pointed to Ashley making out with some slutty chick, “Oh.” I giggled, “It’s a common thing.” Andy shrugged.

~30 minutes of chatting later~

“Let’s go back to my tour bus? We can talk alone there…” Andy said awkwardly, “Uh, sure.” I smiled and we went to the BVB tour bus. 

“C'mon.” Andy took me to the back-lounge and I could feel my heart beat faster. I know we aren’t just going to talk, it’s Andy Biersack. He doesn’t just TALK to girls on a tour bus. “So, where are you from originally?” Andy asked as we sat close together, “Kansas.” I rolled my eyes, “I’m gonna call you Dorothy.” he laughed, “Fine, Todo.” I winked. He stopped laughing and a really sexy smirk spread across his face. He leaned in closer to me, he put his hand on my cheek and slowly connected our lips. At first I was totally shocked then slowly began to find myself kissing back. Andy grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap, I moaned slightly as our tongues battled for dominance. Andy pulled away and pulled my shirt off of me, I did the same to him and reconnected our lips. Andy unclasped my bra and tossed it to the ground. I reached down and unbuckled his belt. Andy picked me up and carried me to his bunk, he laid me down and crawled on top of me.

After a few minutes of struggling to get our clothing off in the small bunk shit got real. (sorry I had to)

Andy kissed my neck and slowly entered me, I gasped and gripped the sheets. He kissed my lips roughly and started slowly thrusting in and out of me. I dug my nails into his shoulders as I felt my muscles tighten. The amazing feeling of an orgasm filled all my senses, “Andy! Fuck!” I shouted and kissed him hard on the lips. He groaned and came inside me. 

Andy kissed my lips lightly and laid next to me, “Well…I better-” Andy pulled me close to him, “Nope, you’re staying.” Andy smiled at me, “But I thought that-” he shook his head, “I’ve actually been wanting to ask you out for awhile but ya know, I don’t know how to be a sweet gentleman.” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and kissed him, “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you when we get to LA.” I asked for him then tucked in close to him.


Chapter Two

These lovely gifs were created by @kjellbergpie

[Club Viper, Earthrealm]

“Is that what you’re going to wear to the club tonight?” Cassie slid a piece of gum into her mouth while eyeing Jacqui’s outfit.

“And what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Jacqui countered, “You’ve barely been back a week and you’re already giving orders.”

“Your body is insane, Jacqui.” Cassie backed up and playfully ogled her best friends’ lean frame. “If Takeda didn’t have his eye on you I’d probably snatch you up myself,” she laughed salaciously. “Oh, and speaking of Takeda,” Cassie inspected her fingernails nonchalantly; “He’s going to be at club viper tonight.”

Rolling her eyes at her friend’s over the top confession, Jacqui took a look at her reflection in the full-length mirror mounted on the back of her bathroom door. Dressed simply in black mini-skirt, a cleavage revealing black tank, and thigh-high leather boots, she loved her understated yet sexy look. Her freshly done cornrows hung down her back, stopping right above her behind.

“You just had to mention him, didn’t you?” Jacqui scolded.

“What?” Cassie looked around the small bathroom laughing. “It’s no secret he wants you face down and ass up.”

Hitting Cassie with a nearby towel, Jacqui roared with laughter. “Why are you so damned nasty, Cass?!”

Well, it’s true! You two need to stop playing games and fuck already.” Strolling out of the bathroom, Cassie smiled down at her phone. “Speaking of the devil…”

“Who is it?” Jacqui spritzed her wrists with some of her favorite perfume before turning the bathroom light off.

Holding up her phone, Cassie grinned broadly as Jacqui looked at the screen.

“He’s really impatient, isn’t he?” Jacqui chuckled at Takeda’s aggressive text message. In all caps, he wrote, “Where the hell are you two.”

“I guess we should head out.” Cassie put her shades on, groping her own breasts.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you, Cage,” Jacqui said, laughing.


“I don’t plan on going home alone tonight,” Cassie shouted, over Ciara’s “Ride.”

Shaking her head in amusement, Jacqui took her friends hand and maneuvered her way through the sea of club-goers. Girls dressed in skintight black cat suits glided across the dance floor holding bottles of expensive champagne topped with sparklers. The two of them managed to work their way over to a spiraling staircase that led to the VIP section.

“It feels so good to be human for just one night.” Jacqui sighed dramatically as she eased into her seat.

“I know what you mean,” Cassie said, smiling. “I think I’ve spend most of my life fighting. It almost feels weird having my guard down, you know?”

Jumping from her seat suddenly when she heard the DJ’s loud voice, Jacqui rushed over to the balcony. There was a brawl taking place on the overcrowded dance floor. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw Takeda unleash a ferocious roundhouse kick to a blond guy in the middle of the floor. With narrowed eyes she focused on a blond touching Takeda’s shoulder.



I tried to control the stupid grin that tugged at my lips when I saw Takeda standing by the bar. The Viper club was a popular spot that most of the young soldiers and recruits would hang out at. Like me, he was dressed in all black: slim black jeans hugged his muscular thighs and a tight black t-shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and toned arms. His skin was sun-kissed to bronze perfection, and I couldn’t help but feel the sting of envy when I saw him smile and casually talk to a leggy blond in a barely-there red dress.

The sexual tension between the two of us had started to become unbearable. Most of the time I would roll my eyes and laugh off his advances, but deep down inside I was feeling him too. Love always felt like a distraction, something that was a burden. I had seen way too many relationships crash and burn, especially in the field we’re in.

As I glance over my shoulder I see Cassie on the dance floor dancing with a tall dark-haired guy…then I feel a hand on my waist and a pair of lips near my ear.

“Long times no see, Briggs,” he whispers.


“Shouldn’t you be entertaining your date?” Jacqui said snidely, sitting at the bar.

“What date?” Takeda inquired, confused.

“The blond chick in the red dress that was all in your face,” she shot back.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous, Briggs,” Takeda replied smugly, leaning against the bar.

“Are you serious?” Jacqui scoffed, “I’m not the jealous type, Takeda.”

Throwing back a shot, Jacqui paused when she felt his hand caress her thigh. His large hands were warm against her bare skin. He kneaded her flesh firmly before inching his hand higher.

“You wanna lose that hand?” she arched a brow at him.

“Stop playing games, Jacqui.” His dark eyes met hers.

His serious tone and intense eyes had caught her off guard. She was used to his playful banter and dry humor; it was second nature since she had been on the receiving end of his quips. This was the very first time she saw the man in him.

“I don’t play games, Takeda,” she eased out of her seat, pulling at the hem of her tight skirt.

Inching closer, he slid his arm around her waist and pulled her into his body. Avoiding eye contact, she was forced to look into his eyes when he placed his finger under her chin and tilted her head.

“Well you should know by now that I don’t play games either,” He said.

Jacqui’s eyes focused on his lips before meeting his eyes again.

“What?” He grinned at her, “You scared, specialist?”

Leaning back, she laughed loudly. “Scared of what?

She watched his face as he slowly brought her hand to his mouth. Planting a moist kiss on the back of her hand, he seductively ran her palm down his firm chest and abs, before pressing her hand against the bulge in his jeans.

“Scared of this,” he said, boldly.

Although I haven’t smoked for so long, I would like to thank vaping for saving my lungs! I felt myself slowly become a chain smoker, literally 4 cigarettes in one sitting. I vaped at 12mg to keep me sane and not have cravings and it’s really helped. Another reason why I love vaping, is because now I can run again! I love running. :)

There is a bench on Byres Road which is usually occupied by old men, and I’ve found that, whenever I have half an hour to kill in the area for whatever reason, sitting and listening to them talk is a worthwhile way to spend it.

Tommy’s stories were largely of his time in the army and his memories of the war.

“I’m not just a hairy face, you know. I’ve seen me sitting here and people coming over and putting a ten pound note in my hand, like I’m a beggar! … History is my subject, I did my degree in it. I’ve studied it. I’ve lived it! I was born on the day that Lenin died (that makes him 86 in 2011). Everything you see around us now, it’s all history to me.”

“I’ve travelled all over the world, over eighty countries. But that’s all past me now. Of course, I’d love to travel still, see all the beautiful chicks, but I can barely raise my little finger these days, let alone my… well, that’s all done now. Maybe a boat to Orkney or something.”

We were for a time joined by another old chap whose breath smelt like alcohol and vanilla. I must have looked out of place, sat quietly between them while they waved their canes and argued loudly about history and politics, and certainly some passing pedestrians and drivers stuck in traffic seemed to find the spectacle amusing. When the other man left - “I’ve got to get to this fucking bank” - Tommy remarked “Oh, here we go! A bank! He’s one of Maggie Thatcher’s men.”

This photograph is really more an exercise in postprocessing than anything else: I was photographing into direct sunlight, and so to bring out the tones and the detail here was a hell of a task. Perhaps I’ve overcooked it, but it’s the best I could do.

Glasgow, 2011.

Throne of Glass Characters as people I've seen/met since I moved to LA

This is inspired by a conversation I had with @baelin-whitethorn about surfer chick!Manon

Aelin: okay listen so I’ve got this friend in college and honestly she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met; like holy shit I might be ace but damn I would 100% bang her. Also her boobs were 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 like all the time; she would hug me while I was sitting down and let me tell you, I died and went to heaven. She’s such a happy-go-lucky person on the outside but she’s dealing with her own issues as well. Both her physical appearance and her personality remind me of Aelin/Celaena.

Rowan: A dude I saw at a Lamb of God concert that real reminded me of Rowan actually 😂 he was all muscular, tall and intimidating but he had the most adorable smile.

Aedion: this “typical” surfer dude (he had the whole tanned skin, 6 pack thing going on) I saw at Venice Beach one day; I frankly was gonna ignore him but a kid was running near him and she fell down and he quickly helped her up and made funny faces so she’d stop crying.

Lysandra: one of my best friend’s; they have a resting bitch face, we love talking shit about everyone (including ourself), and they’re one of the prettiest people I know. Also their contour is on fucking point like literally all the time 😩

Evangeline: this little kid I saw at the play ground while baby sitting my cousin; she was so sneaky and managed to keep scaring him 😂

Manon: A beautiful surfer chick I met in one of my college classes; she was friendly but damn did she look like she’s murdered men with her bare hands

Elide: this cute Italian girl I’m friends with; she’s a nursing major and honestly the smartest, sweetest, most innocent 19 year old I know; I’d probably kill for her if she asked me to.

Asterin: a waitress at a Panera Bread I became friends with; really hot, and confident about herself. I’m p sure that she could kill a dude ngl.

Abraxos: my best friend’s cat; she likes maybe like 3 people tops. She’ll scratch anyone else

Fleetfoot: literally every dog ever, they’re all pure

Have you guys met anyone IRL who reminded you of a ToG character?






I shifted in my bed, not being able to sleep from all the shit that happened today.

Michael lowly chuckled and sat up.

“What’s wrong love?”


“Y/N, stop being brief with me.”

“I’m not!” I defended.

“You just did! Okay love, talk to me.”

“I went to the try-outs for the Colourblock guard and I went against this chick who knew about this for like 20 seconds. I was more skilled and experienced than her. She just went with it since her crush was there. She was chosen, not me. And then my grades. That physics teacher alw-…”

“Come with me.” Mikey said offering his hand.

I obliged and he lead us to the balcony. He motioned me to sit down before taking of his hoodie and wrapping it around my body.

“Do you see those stars?” He asked.

“Of course.”

“Then that means you’re living. You lived for another day to see them again.”

I was beyond confused of what he was saying.

“What I’m saying is that it took a lot of shit and chemicals to form a star. And that’s what you have to go through. You need to face all the shit until you become one. Until you’re up high when no lows can drag you down. Until when you realize that those problems are actually the ones who formed you. They’re the reason why you’re still fighting.”

I smiled at the thought.

“I’m always here.”


“Anyways we don’t speak of what I said with the boys.” He chuckled.

“Where did Michael go?” I joked.

He laughed as he caressed my cheek.

“Thanks a lot Mikey. It meant a lot.”

“Anytime, love.”

Love Maybe

I have never posted a phanfic this is a new and terrifying experience and it will probably go horribly wrong

Word Count: 1,300+

Summary: Phil tries to get Dan to say “I love you” aw so cute I want to barf

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None. I am a freaking butterfly with no emotional depth

Dan threw around the words “I love you” far too often to say them to Phil. He said it to his mom every time he hung up the phone, he said it every time he saw food, he said it to friends whenever he was excited, and he said it to random fans on the street. And he truly meant it every time he said it, only he never said it to Phil.

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Chapter 28: Father’s Day Short


“Move Don, damn.” I rolled my eyes as finished deep waving my hair. I forgot to braid it up last night and I wanted it to be wavy. It was taking a long time because Don kept messing with me. I was getting ready to go pick up Amarie and I’s Father Day gift to Chris. I already gave Don his.

When I told him Happy Fathers Day, he was happy and surprised. He didn’t think I would tell him since he wasn’t Amarie’s father. How could I not? He stayed down since Day 1. Even though he isn’t Amarie’s father, he’s been helping out ever since I was pregnant with her so I still consider him as a father. I remember the first time we met.


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” I told this really handsome guy as I dropped all of the items I had in my hand down. 

“Damn, you bumped me all the way to the other side of the store wit’ ya titties.” He said as he rubbed his arm, causing me to laugh. The first time I laughed in a while. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been staying to myself. 

“Yea, they’re big.” I shrugged as he smiled down at me. He did for a while until he realized all the things I had in my hand was on the floor. He picked them up, and put them in his basket causing me to furrow my eyebrows. What was he doing? 

“Why you in a baby store anywa– Oh you pregnant.” He asked but then answered his own question when he looked at my stomach. It wasn’t that big but you could still tell. 

“Yep..” I mumbled as I started playing with my fingers while I looked down at the ground. He lifted my chin up to look at him, and I swear it turned me on a little bit. 

“You don’t sound too happy bout’ that.” He said, noticing the disappointment in my voice. I wasn’t happy about it. 

“Yea, I don’t really have any help. I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex and ended up pregnant by him so my boyfriend broke up with me and my ex doesn’t care.” I sighed as I felt the water works coming again. I wasn’t gonna cry in front of this man but I was still emotional over the fact that August broke up with me, but I guess I deserved it.

It made me really emotional over the fact that Chris didn’t wanna listen to me and the way he treated me. The only reason I had sex with him that night is because I thought we could work things out and I wanted to be with him again but I gave it up all for nothing. 

“I just had a bad break-up too, I feel your pain. What’s your name?” He asked. 

“Raye, yours?” I asked as he looked at me like he’s seen me before or something. 

“Oh, you Raymond’s lil sister? And Don.” He said as I rolled my eyes. Figures, everybody knows Raymond. I don’t see how he’s so damn popular, he’s annoying. 

“Yea, every body in Cali knows Raymond like damn.” I said making Don chuckle. I hope he asks for my number because I could really use a friend like him right now. 

“That nigga chill as fuck, that’s why. But on a serious note, I can help you out.” He said, causing me to gasp. I didn’t think he’d say that I thought he’d just ask for my number. 

“You don’t think that’s too much?” I asked as I bit my lip, trying to make it not sound rude. 

“Nah, you seem like a cool chick and I could use somebody like you to talk to everyday. Plus, I love babies.” He admitted as he flashed his pearly whites at me. Damn, he’s everything. 

“Alright, you can help me out Mr. Don.” I smirked at him as he pushed the basket towards the register. I reached to get my stuff out of the basket, but he lightly smacked my hand away. 

“I got it, you sit there and look pretty.”  He said as he took everything out the basket and pulled his card out. I couldn’t let him do this, we just met. I didn’t want him paying for me. He literally meant he was gonna help me out. 

“You don’t ha–” he cut me off by telling me to be quiet with his finger causing me to shrug. Once he paid for everything, 

“When I say I got you, I mean it, aight? Remember that.” He assured me as he bent down to give me a kiss on the cheek. I got chills on the inside. 

“Where ya keys?” He asked as we got outside of the store. I took my keys out my purse and unlocked the doors to my new Mercedes. I gave August his car back, but I couldn’t keep it knowing how bad I treated him so I bought my own car. 

“You shouldn’t be driving while you pregnant.” He said as he took my keys out of my hand and started putting my groceries in the car. 

“Where’s your car?” I asked as he pointed to a nearby nice looking neighborhood. 

“I live over there, so I didn’t feel like driving. That’s lazy, so I walked.” He said as I nodded in agreement. 

“I see you like to work out.”

“Fuck wit’ me.” I smirked cockily as he raised up his shirt to flash his chiseled abs. Me being the bold person I am, I ran my fingers over them and feel in love. He was fine, with a great personality and body? Hell yea. 

“Alright, hurry up and  get in so we can hump each other when we get to your house.” He said with a straight face, causing me to laugh. I’m ready for this journey. 

*Flashback Over*

“Fine, I’ll go play with Amarie since you wanna be all moody.” He said as he mugged me before leaving the bathroom. I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just had a specific time to pick up Chris’ gifts and I didn’t want to be late.

“She sleep..” Don pouted as he came back in the bathroom with his arms over his chest.  He slid his hands in my pants and started tracing his name on the back of my neck. 

“You remember when we first met?” I asked him as he looked confused before smiling like a kid in a candy store. 

“Oh yea, I had a big crush on you. I always thought about hittin’ that, and when I finally did after you had Amarie.. MAN a nigga was happy.” He said all loud and hype as I shook my head at his nasty self. After those weeks I had Amarie, I let him smash. Those months I was pregnant with her he was real patient with me and that meant a lot to me. 

“You ready to go?” I asked as he nodded and took his hands out of my pants. I put my deep waver up and left the bathroom to get my purse. Don left to go wake Amarie up and I was about to stop him but he ran away to fast. 

“WAKE UP AMARIE!” He yelled really loud in a high pitched voice, and I swear I felt Amarie’s pain. He stays playing with her, I don’t see how she likes him so much. 

“Get out!” Her little baby voice rang throughout the house causing me to chuckle cause she sounded just like my stubborn ass. 

“Amarie baby, remember you’re going to daddy’s house!” I yelled as she yelled an ‘ok’ back. Grabbing Don’s keys off the dresser, I put them in my purse and made my way to Amarie’s room. She was already in her bathroom brushing her teeth. Damn, she must really miss Chris. 

I wonder what goes on over there.

Since she was only staying for a few hours, I didnt bother to pack her a bag. We were waiting on here for about 20 minutes and she finally came out with an outfit that I didnt buy. Chris or Don probably bought it, they both spoil her. 

“I’m ready.” She said as grabbed her teddy bear that Chris gave her. Don bent down so that she could get on his back and when she did, he ran out and left me. I didnt even both going after him cause he’s literally a track star. 

When I got outside, they were both already in the car singing songs that Don had on his phone. When I got in the car, Don didnt hesistate to pull of. He was in a rush all of a sudden.

I looked over at him and noticed the frustration on his face and the erection he had in his pants. “Don, why are you hard?” I laughed as he sucked his teeth and flicked me off. 

“Them tight ass pants you got on.” I shrugged and the whole car ride, I just held in my laugh, because he was gonna get mad if he knew I was laughing. Once we pulled up to the mall, Amarie got excited because she knew that they had ice cream here. Shit, I forgot to tell Don to stop at Mc. Donalds for breakfast. 

“Hey!” Amarie said, breaking me out of my thoughts as we got out of the car. Don had knocked her doll down and he refused to pick it up because he swore it was an accident.

“Don, pick dis’ up.” Amarie said as his mouth formed into the shape of an ‘O’ because he was shocked. She said it with attitude and everything. Thats what he gets for knocking down her doll. He picked her doll up before we got on the escalator and mugged her. 

“You got my phone?” I asked Don as he nodded after typing whjat ever he typed on it. I snatched it back and noticed that he took a pic of me fixing my hair. 

Rayeisbae: Don here 👅💦🍑

I smiled at how good my ass looked in these pants and texted Chris letting him know that I was gonna bring her over there. He wanted her to come over. It was super early so he was probably still sleep. 

“Look Ri.” I told Amarie as I held the box with Chris’ necklace in it open. Inside the necklace was a pic of Amarie and I and on the back the words ‘To the best daddy in the world’ was engraved on it. Amarie told the jeweler to put that, and it was the cutest thing ever. 

“It’s pretty.” She smiled. 

“Um Raye, I gotta go. My assistant is here waiting on me.” Don said as he checked his watch. I sucked my teeth because now I was gonna be by myself since Amarie was leaving.

“Sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you later. I love you, bye lil ugly.” He said as he quickly kissed me on the lips and gave Amarie one of the cheek. Amarie always mugged him when he called her ugly and it gets funnier every time. 

“Ready to go to daddy’s house now?” I asked as she nodded quickly with a smile on her face. She loved her some Chris. 

“Look!” She said as she pointed to an  ice cream stand. Sucking my teeth, I held her hand as we both walked to the stand. I don’t know why she’s likes ice cream so much. 

After telling the man what kind of ice cream she wanted, I paid for it and with that, we both left. 

When I got in the car, I heard a familiar voice on the radio. “Alright y'all, we got August Alsina in the building!” Big Boy said as I frowned. 

“Hmph..” I mumbled as I listened to him talk for a few minutes. I ain’t heard his voice in years. For the rest of the car ride, I just listened to him talk and he actually made me laugh. I ended up turning it because he started talking about relationships. 

“Hi Amarie.” A sleepy Bliss answered the door in a robe as she smiled down at Amarie. Amarie’s eyes lit up and she hugged onto Bliss’ leg. I could be petty and tell Chris to keep her away from my child, but nah. 

“Cocoa, I mwiss’ you.” Amarie said as she smiled up at Bliss. Cocoa? Who the hell is that? I must be missing something. 

“I missed you too baby, um.. Raye is she spending the day over here?” She asked as she rubbed her eyes before picking Amarie up to put her on her back. 

“Yea, Chris didn’t tell you?” She looked at me confusingly and shook her head no. This nigga. 

“No, that boy is knocked out. It’s okay though, I got her until he wakes up.” I nodded and gave Amarie a kiss before doing our little hand shake. I waved bye before they both went in the house. Sighing, I made my way back into Don’s car. 

Now Ima be bored and lonely.


“Daddy!” Bliss and Amarie both yelled at the same time as they jumped on me, trying to wake me up. I wasn’t even sleep, I was pretending cause I knew they was gone surprise me. 

“I’m up y'all.” I chuckled as I sat up and sat both of them on my lap. They both yelled Happy Father’s Day to me as I attacked them with kisses. My two favorite girls. The fact that Ri was here made everything even better. 

“I know you haven’t been in Ri’s life for a long time, but y'all already got a great bond and you’re a great father, baby.” Bliss whispered in my ear, causing me to smile even harder than what I already was. All this love I was getting made a nigga want to cry. 

“Daddy, we made cake!” Amarie said excitedly as she tugged on my fingers so that I could follow her. Getting up out of the bed to follow her, she led me to the kitchen while I held Bliss’ hand. 

“Cake face!” Amarie yelled as she smashed strawberry cake all over my face. It was the funniest thing ever to her. It actually tasted good as hell, Bliss does the damn thing with cake. 

“You got me Ri, but guess what?” I said as she stopped laughing and asked 'Huh’. Little did she know that I was about to get her little ass too. 

“Cake face!” I yelled as I lightly smashed cake in her face and she just shrugged and ate it. Bliss and I were just laughing. Damn Raye was right when she said Ri was greedy as fuck. Ever since she been over here, I had to cook and I don’t even cook on a daily basis. 

“Daddy, that was good.” She said as she rubbed her stomach causing me to shake my head. I thought she was gonna get mad and cry, but she did just what I would do; eat the cake. 

“Go upstairs Chris, we’ll clean this up.” Bliss said as Amarie shook her head no. Just like her damn momma, never wanna clean up. 

“Come on baby girl.” I chuckled as I picked her up and carried get upstairs with me. I need to take her a bath, she all sticky from that cake. Once I got to my room, I sat her down on the toilet while I ran the bath water.

When I went back in my room, a big ass bear was sitting on my bed that scared the shit out of me. It said 'touch me’ so when I did, Amarie’s voice came from it saying 'I love you this much, daddy’ as the bear stretched it’s arms out. So this is why Bliss been taking Amarie with her all week. I love it. 

“Thank you Amarie!” I yelled excitedly as I threw her in the air and spun her around. Her giggles filled the bathroom, which made me laugh because her laugh sounded like a little goat. 

“Welcome daddy.” She said as she took her mini robe off and got in the tub. I grabbed one of those spongy towels and started bathing her. 

“Mommy said you cute.” Amarie said, catching me off guard. Raye really said that? Damn, I wonder what she be saying around Amarie. 

“Foreal?” I asked as she nodded and laughed. She started playing in her hair as I washed her off. She had a lot of hair just like Raye. 

“Yea, and she love you.” She said and I smiled. I knew Raye already said she loves me, but sometimes I think she’s lying. She doesn’t show me that she does. 

After Amarie told me 1000 facts about Raye, she started to ask me questions about Bliss before I finished bathing her. I wrapped her up in a towel and told her to go find something to wear in her room. She wanted to dress herself. 

My phone in my pocket vibrated and lighted up, indicating that I had a text.  It was a Father’s Day text from Raye that I’ve honestly been waiting for all day.

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: happy Father’s Day duty head 😛

Me: childish asf, some damn “duty head” 😂😂😂😂😂 but thanks ugly 😘

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: that’s what Amarie calls you when you don’t let her have ice cream. She’s always like “daddy’s a duty head, he said I can’t have ice cream” 😂 

Me: I do let her greedy ass have ice cream it’s just that she asks for that shit every second 😩 ain’t she lactose like me? she stay complaining bout her stomach 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘:  yeah but wyd I’m bored 😴

Me: washing my face cuz Bliss told Ri to cake me 😞

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: when its Father’s Day and the baby momma wants to spend it w/ her baby daddy but he’s spending it with his girlfriend 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Me: 😂😂😂😂😂 just ask me to come over Raye it ain’t that hard. 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: Chris can you come over so we can have lots and lots of fun 

Me: yea I’ll be over in a lil while. go finger yoself or something since you so bored 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: ok I’m about to, ttyl 👉🐱 

Chuckling at her silly ass,   I put my phone away and made my way downstairs to see Bliss about to leave. Damn I wanted to spend a lil more time with her. She told me she was going to see her dad but I forgot all about that shit. 

“I’m out, babe. Kiss Amarie for me, and I love you.” She said as she gave me a quick kiss. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into me to grab her ass. 

“What Chris? I promise when I get back you’re gonna get your gifts and stuff from me.” She said, making me feel better. 

“Alright, better. Go have fun, I love you. Tell ya pops I said Hi.” She nodded before leaving. I guess I can go to Raye’s house now.

“Mommy!” Amarie squealed as Raye answered the door. Raye picked her up in excitement and spun her around in the air. Raye was such a good mother. Damn who would’ve thought that we’d have a child together. 

“Baby, I missed you so much!” She smiled as she let her down. I cleared my throat because she forgot I was here, and when she noticed me she smirked and pulled me into their little group hug that made me feel good as hell on the inside. 

“I guess I missed you too, punk.” Raye admitted as she playfully punched me. I had Amarie over my house for about a week. Wanted her to stay longer, but she said she misses Raye. That little sleep over we had a few days ago was honestly the best sleep over I ever had. We was cuttin’ up. 


“Twerk dem cheeks, suh!” I encouraged Raye as I turned up the music. She was twerking to She All About Her Shmoney, and honestly a nigga dick was getting stupid hard. I had to control myself. 

“She'on fuck with broke niggas!” I rapped as I threw some 1’s on Raye which encouraged her to do better. I gave Amarie some 1’s to throw on Raye and she just threw them all at once causing Raye and I to laugh.

“Nah Ri, like this.” I corrected her as I stood like a G and singly started throwing some more 1’s on Raye. Amarie nodded and did just what I had demonstrated, as I clapped like a proud father. 

“Chris! Why are you teaching my baby how to do that?” Raye sucked her teeth as she stopped twerking to confront me. She picked up all of the 1’s and put them in a bag causing me to shake my head. She didn’t even ask if she could she keep it. This ain’t a strip club. Maybe I wanted it back. 

“Child support.” She smirked at me as she tossed the bag full of money on the couch.

“I support Amarie, I give her ass money everyday for no reason. I just bought her a phone too.“ 

"Look mommy!” Amarie yelled as she held up her custom pink glittery iPhone 6. I would’ve gotten her the 6 plus but it was way too big for her dainty hands. Since she was always on my phone, I just bought her one got herself. 

“Chris why’d you get her a phone? You buy her eno–” I cut off her rambling. I already told her that I was gonna get her anything and everything she wanted, so I don’t know why she acting surprised. 

“Relax, calm ya tits." 

"Mommy look!” Amarie said as Raye and I snapped our heads in her direction. She was attempting to twerk like Raye was as Raye encouraged her by clapping and cheering her on. What the fuck? 

“Hell nah, turn the fucking music off now!" 

*Flashback Over*

"Ty, Nae and King are here.” Raye said as she put Amarie down to play with King. On queue, Ty came out of no where jumping on my back, making both of us fall. Dumb ass nigga. 

“Damn man, you ain’t as little as you used to be jumping on people like you 5 pounds.” I mugged him playfully as I pushed him off of me. We both stood up and dapped each other.

“Sorry man, I ain’t seen you in a minute.” He said as he gave me a side hug. Ain’t even gone lie, I missed him too. After I look at these pictures Raye promised she’d show me of Amarie, we gone be down here turning up. 

“Raye baby, where them pictures at?” I asked Raye as she stopped talking to Nae and looked at me. She stood up and whispered something in Nae’s ear before jogging upstairs. 

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY CHRISSY POOH!” Nae yelled, as she walked over to me to hug me. I ain’t seen her in a minute either. 

“Thanks bae, I’ll be upstairs with Raye.” I said as I started walking up the stairs backwards. 

“To fuck?” Nae asked as I quickly shook my head no. They must be crazy. 

“You gone show me now?” I asked Raye as I got to her room. 

“Yea, I got lots of pictures of her in my phone.” Raye said as she unlocked her phone and tossed it to me. “Make sure you go to the album that says Amarie though..” She warned me before she left the room to go back down stairs with Ty, Nae and the kids. 

She must got nudes or some shit that she don’t want me to see. It’s all good, I’ve seen everything already. 

Clicking on the gallery, I went to the gallery that had Amarie’s name as the title. There was over 600 pictures in here and I actually really looked at all of them from when Amarie was born to now. Some of them made me laugh because Raye was young as hell in most of them. It made me feel some type of way when I saw a pic of  Don holding Amarie after Raye delivered her. I wish I was there. I missed everything. Her birth, first words, first steps. There were even pictures of Don kissing her stomach and shit.

Getting rid of the negative thoughts, I found a few pics that I liked so sent them to my phone. I even saw a pic of us that we took when we were together. Damn, she still kept it all these years. That actually means a lot to me. 

Once I found a pic I really liked, I uploaded it to ig. 

fuckyopictures: lol throwbike *plies voice* @rayeisbae nerdy ass teen days, happy fathers day to me tho 

Smiling as I put my phone away, the pillow that I got Raye was neatly sitting on her bed. Damn, she don’t hate me as much as I thought she did. Let me see if our scrap book is still in here some where. 

Walking over to her closet, I looked all at the top were some books were and a pink folder caught my eye so I grabbed it. The title was 'Love of My Life’ which made me smile a little bit. It was a little dusty so I know she ain’t touched it in a long ass time. 

When I opened the binder, there was small gifts we gave each other, pictures, and letters and shit that we wrote. Damn, this really got me thinking. 

“Chris what are y–” Raye said as her and Amarie came in the room and sat down by me. I looked at Raye, and she looked down at her feet, smiling. Glad to know that I can still make her blush. “I was gonna give that to you later, nosey.” She said as she stuck her tongue out at me. 

“Thanks Raye.” I chuckled as I opened my arms wide for her to fall in. She did just that, and held on tighter than what I expected. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. 

“Group hug!” Amarie yelled as she made her way in the middle of our hug. All of us laughed and a few seconds later we heard Ty and Nae’s 'aw’s’. 

“Happy Fathers Day, butthead.” Raye said as she kissed me on the cheek. This was honestly the best gift ever. 

“Mommy, daddy said he love you.” Amarie spoke up and this was actually the perfect moment to tell the that. Amarie’s smart. 

“Tell daddy I love him too.” Raye smiled as she looked at me. 

“Daddy mommy said she love you.” Amarie told me as both me and Raye laughed. Amarie was a trip.

413. Letters
  • Author's Note: major fluff warning. And I'm such a sucker for handwritten letters.
  • Harry: Sometimes when you're missing Harry and it's too much to handle, you curl up at your desk at write to him. "...I miss you so much it hurts, my body aches for you in ways I didn't know were possible. I can hardly smell you on the sheets anymore, it's probably my fault for sleeping on your side of the bed but it's the only way I'll fall asleep. My body sinks into the imprint you left on the mattress and just for a second it feels like you're holding me..." The letters are meant to be therapeutic, something you write down then hide away in a drawer but that never happens. You make a few calls the next day and get it delivered to him wherever he is in the world that day.
  • Liam: It's early and you can already tell Liam's gone before you open your eyes. The bed feels empty and you reach your hand out to feel his side of the bed, it's still warm which means he hasn't been gone for too long. You roll over to his side and hear paper crinkle under your head. It's a note from Liam. "I couldn't wake you, hell I could barely leave you this morning. I'll be twenty minutes late at this rate but you just looked so damn beautiful this morning. The sun shined through the window and laid across your cheek. You looked so warm, so happy. You looked like home..."
  • Louis: It was the day after Louis left and you seriously contemplated not going into work. But you dragged yourself to work and into your office. You took your sweet time getting started, sipping your hot tea slowly. You reached into your work bag and pulled out your laptop. When you opened it up you found a letter laying across keys. "If you're reading this it means you made it to work! (Or at least out of bed) either way, I'm proud of ya! I know it's hard love. I'm so sorry I have to be away from you for so long. The one thing I've learned from all this time alone is how unconditional our love is, there isn't anything we can't overcome. So hang in there love."
  • Niall: it was safe to say that today just wasn't your day. You almost didn't bother getting the mail when you finally got home but you were waiting for a new book. There was no book, just a single letter. Your eyes started to well up with tears when you saw his writing. You sat down on the curb and ripped it open. "I had a dream about us the other night Princess. It felt so real I started crying when I realized it wasn't. I was back home, you were sitting in my lap and we were watching the cheesy movie you love so much. I wrapped my arms tighter around you and I swear I could feel you. I was so happy to be there with you, it made me feel guilty for not wanting to watch that movie with you. When I get back we can watch all the chick flicks you want babygirl, as long as I can hold you."
  • Zayn: Before Zayn left for tour you hand him a letter and told him it was for him to read on the plane, but you knew he wouldn't wait that long. You could picture him reading it in car. "...My mom asked me the other day what I do when I miss you and when I think this is all too much. I never really realized it until she asked but every time I get so overwhelmed with missing you I picture the elderly couple we saw in the park, how he held her hand and kissed her knuckles and how she looked at him with so much love it made me cry. When you saw me looking at them you pulled me in closer and said 'I want that to be us one day.' All of the hard work, nights alone, and missing you, it's all worth it if it means we get there one day..."
  • Written by: Anna