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Fallen Angels, Ch. 9

Title: Fallen Angels
Chapter 9: After – “Like a fantastic ague”*
Chapter Summary: This chapter picks up where chapter 6 left off – to the morning after Sigyn has recovered her memories. Some difficult truths will have to faced. 
*“Ague” is an archaic word for a fever or sickness.
Rating: E (for the story overall; this chapter is probably a T+
Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Story Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy

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Ch. 1: Walking with unblest feet
Ch. 2: “I struck the board and cry’d, No more.”
Ch. 3: “Like gold to airy thinness beat.”
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Ch. 6: “Lost hours recall’d”

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Mid-morning sunlight flooded the room as the blue sky reflected off the new snow outside. They had slept late in the wake of yesterday’s emotional maelstrom, but now reality came beating at Loki’s consciouness much like the sun’s unavoidable light. He fidgeted as he leaned against the headboard while Sigyn sat nested between his legs.

“If she’s alive, she’ll come back.”

“She’s alive.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do.”

“Then you need to learn to control your seider.”

“Piss off, Loki! I’m not having this conversation again. Did I have training before I beat her aristocratic ass the last time?”

“Those little side effects, then, were entirely intentional?”

“Fuck you.”

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