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I love children’s books, but I get that not everyone does. That said, I came across two August books in the mail pile that take a critical (and, yes, more grown-up) approach to kids lit. Was The Cat In The Hat Black? by Philip Nel explores at the hidden racism behind popular children’s books, and Wild Things by Bruce Handy provides context and analysis for childhood classics like Little House on the Prairie, The Giving Tree and Goodnight Moon.

If you ARE into picture books, Chelsea Marshall and Mary Dauterman just published a satirical one for adults called  What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives?

Had to include this interior image – because public radio and tote bags:

- Sydnee

Images: Oxford University Press,  Simon & Schuster, Dey Street Books.

The PERFECTION that is Wanda and Tim

God bless these treasures, truly. He PULLS OUT HER CHAIR. They affectionately tease each other constantly. They’ve been married 45 years, and he describes their meeting as “on location nookie gone (wild? Wrong? Forget the exact word)” which makes her laugh and cover his mouth. He then murmurs “I was persistent tho wasn’t I” and she nods and smiles. SO FUCKING CUTE OMG KILL ME NOW!

Note the girl in the front, her shirt is covered with hundreds of pics of Ben, and she sat next to Wanda, and she loooooved it. Kept touching it and looking at the pics and saying how weird it was that she was “wearing her little boy”. She does that British subtle criticism of Ben, like “mummy doesn’t approve of your decision darling” eye roll and sigh. She used it saying she hopes his marriage lasts “well they’d only known each other a few weeks!” Also some other thing he’d done, it will come to me later. They obviously dote on him, and the babies, and they FaceTime them (although only Tim knows how to use any tech). She’s glad he married “an actress” because people in the industry understand that they have to take time away, etc. Bens immersed in fatherhood now and loves it “he’s 40 and waited a long time for it”. She describes him as super hands on with the kids, doing diapers etc, basically just taking over when he gets home. Tim spoke a bit about Bens new production company, and that he’s bought a book and wants to produce and star in it for BBC tv. I’m not going to say more about the book because frankly I’m not sure Tim was supposed to be letting that cat out of the bag, lol. This pic is not the best but it’s my fave cuz she’s whispering to me about her new knee cuz she saw me hobble.

Unsolicited List of Dadrien Headcanons
  • Adrien stays home with the kids when they’re young. Marinette offers to trade off days working and staying home but Adrien is like no I got this.
  • He is stay-at-home dad of the millennium taking kids to school, making their lunches, driving to sports/dance/band practice after school, taking them to the park when they’re babies, everything. 
  • Gabriel thinks he’s wasting his potential being a stay at home father; Adrien cannot bring himself to care because he isn’t going to pass up the chance to be a present figure in his children’s lives. 
  • He binges on parenting books more than Marinette does during the pregnancy because it isn’t like he’s had the best example to look up to himself. He checks out every book in the library and has seven parenting websites bookmarked in the first month.
  • He goes to Tom and Sabine a lot for advice because they obviously know what they’re doing and they’re just #parenting goals in Adrien’s opinion
  • Adrien doesn’t Dad joke as much as one might think mainly because he once made the most Chat Noir cat pun that his kids looked at him strangely all night. He reigns it in and saves them for especially cringy moments
  • Emma accidentally almost caught her father putting presents under the Christmas tree one year. Adrien panicked and transformed into Chat Noir. Now the kids believe that Pere Noel has officially deputized Chat Noir with delivering the Agreste-Dupain-Cheng kids’ Christmas presents every year. 
  • And strangely, all three children have foggy memories of Chat Noir cradling them in his arms, rocking them to sleep on the rooftops of Paris
Deaf!Matt Holt headcanons

I saw this on Tumblr a while ago and really wanted to add onto it. Also, warning, long post ahead!!

-Matt was born deaf, so he’s never been able to hear. Broke his mother’s heart when the doctors told her why his crying was so very, very quiet.

-He met Shiro in like second grade. The teacher tried to teach Matt’s class some sign language and the only one who really cared enough to try was Shiro.

-Seriously, Matt was basically friendless aside from Shiro, who was trying his hardest to learn fluent sign.

-Matt was offered the option of cochlear implants, but refused. He was also offered speech therapy but refused that too. He loved being part of the deaf community, and wouldn’t give it up for the world.

-He’s fully mute as well. He simply can’t talk. He thinks Katie needs to be quiet more, and that she signs too fast. “You can’t even hear me.” “Exactly my point sister dear.”

- Shiro is always digging for books on sign, looking for new words every day. Unfortunately, the Garrison library and the public library have very little outside of basics. “I don’t want to know how to sign ‘apple’ I want to know how to sign 'death and destruction’!”

-As much as Matt loves shitty sci-fi movies, he loves to read even more. He has read every flight manual, Star Wars novel, warrior cat book, and sappy romance book available to the library. Shiro wonders about the romance, but won’t say anything.

- Matt once punched a kid in the face for making fun of a boy with hearing aids. Just walked right up to him and decked him. It was amazing. Shiro laughed so hard he almost vomited.

After a little bit of traveling while she’s figuring out exactly what she wants to do, Cat Grant decides revisit an old pen name.  She wrote a few children’s books when she was younger under the name Charity Malkin, mostly to settle a bet with Lois, but there was no reason Charity Malkin couldn’t come out of retirement.

She finds she enjoys it, and finishes her first book in record time.  She sends it in to CatCo’s publishing department, through the normal approval procedures.  Sure, she could just order it done, but Cat refuses to take the easy option.  Her employees have been trained to recognize quality, and if her book doesn’t pass muster, she’ll just have to try harder.

Her book is picked up, however, and the first limited run is snatched up quick enough that she’s approved for wider release.

Charity Malkin gets fanmail, drawings from little children and thank you letters from parents, but two letters are sent to Cat Grant specifically, despite her expecting at most one, or more likely zero.  After all, Lois was the only other person who knew who Charity Malkin was.

Sure enough, one of the cards is from her former colleague, congratulating her and insulting her in equal measure.  The other card didn’t come through the mail, but instead appeared on her kitchen counter along side a styrofoam container with breakfast from her favorite bistro in France.  Kara’s card was short, congratulating her on her return and hoping for more, with no explanation as to how she figured out Cat was the author or why she had read the book in the first place.

Fueled by her initial success, Cat keeps writing.  The average american family hadn’t been static over the years, and Cat refused to use the stereotypical 50s family.  She didn’t always make it the focus, but her books were quickly noted as some of the best new examples of non-traditional families available.  Divorce, Adoption, Gay Parents, Transgender characters, characters on the spectrum, and more.  Cat did her research, interviewed real families to make sure she was accurate, because she knew children deserved to see themselves in books.

Cat has never been willing to settle once she’s on a roll, and she starts writing for older kids, first chapter books, then some young adult fiction, all the diverse casts she had made her mark with.  She made sure anyone who read her books could find themselves in the pages, and from the fan letters that made it to her and the communities that sprang up, Cat had succeeded.

Kara kept sending her cards whenever she published something new, usually a few lines about what she thought, but sometimes, the whole card is full of words, and once or twice, there’s notebook pages torn out and stuffed in the card, and Cat reads every word, more than once.  Those letters always end up in her collection of favorite fanmail, alongside pictures of kids and families dressed as her characters, fanart of her heroes, and letters that brought a tear to her eye.

Charity Malkin was successful, but reclusive.  Cat had fun lurking on the official Charity Malkin forums, posting only occasionally, typically to end discussions that had gotten out of hand, or to critique particularly bad grammar.  Her favorite section was the creative writing boards, and encouraged everyone to contribute.  It was considered high praise to have TheCharityMalkin leave a comment, even when she only left a few words, because she rarely left more than that.

But Cat wanted to be able to interact with her fans more directly than through an internet filter, and began planning her reveal.  A press release would be boring, and a media campaign wasn’t the right strategy.  Inspiration struck when Supergirl landed on her balcony.

Supergirl hadn’t taken much convincing to agree to her plan, not that Cat expected it would.  Two weeks later, Supergirl landed in front of the children’s hospital for a publicized meet and greet.  A camera followed her as she met the kids and answered their questions.  Eventually the kids were assembled for storytime, and Supergirl introduced her friend, Charity Malkin.  The camera barely left her face as Cat read her new book, about an alien who came to earth, and how she had managed to adjust to life on a new planet.  The kids clapped for the book when she was done, and Cat warmed because she knew they weren’t clapping just because of who she was, because most of them still didn’t recognize her.  It was a change Cat didn’t know she would appreciate so much.

The video was sold to everybody pretty much immediately.  Cat let the media run with it, and refused to answer her phone, except when Lois called for a comment, and Cat only did that because she knew nothing either one of the said would be fit for print.

Cat kept writing, though she slowed down production somewhat now that she was public.  She refused to do a full book tour, but instead, she would fly out and did public readings and Q&A sessions in bookstores whenever it struck her fancy.  Charity Malkin also spoke at fan conventions, where she lectured on writing and storycraft, and gave maddeningly obtuse answers whenever she was asked about a spoiler.

It’s the happiest she’s been in years.

ok but the warrior cats fandom has such a lack of self awareness that it makes me sad honestly, like………no, the warriors series didnt go to shit because of the fandom.

like seriously? some ppl really think that the fandom “complaining” and wanting better written female characters, better written abused characters (who end up happy and loved!!) or lgbt characters ruined the warriors series when the warrior cats series has drastically reduced in quality over the past 10 years.

the writers do not care for the series anymore, and its blatantly obvious - no one checks whose related to who (which is why theres confirmed relations - like graystripes parentage - that make…no fuckng logical sense for a childrens series). writers forget about deaths. characters do things that make no sense. books are still after 10 years being pumped out rapidly, with GIANT editing failures (remember when graystripe called mistystar and stonefur his kids? yeah.)

warrior cats has steadily dropped in quality over the years, and that’s not the fandoms fault. its harpercollins. harpercollins have made it so the writers HAVE to keep making warriors books, because warriors sells. people read warrior cats still, it has a HUGE fanbase after all this time.

and to blame the fandom is just idiotic. the fandom has done more for the series than the writers have lmao - this fandom creates huge animations for characters, has blogs dedicated to reconstructing canon to make sense, and have created a steady flow of roleplay and fanart for years.

the warriors fandom is very dedicated to a series where the writers and the publishing company have just given up on it; warriors has lost the heart / drive to it, and thats completely on the writers and harpercollins, not the fandom.

  • somebody: u shouldn't write about that because in real life its bad
  • me: stop the presses. everybody stop them- shut them all down. burn all your books. harry potter has to go voldemort killed people and killing people is bad. fuck. lord of the rings has to go bye bye. you liked those warrior cats books as a kid? yo. they KILLED each other in those. thats bad in real life. you can't support that. reading about people killing each other is JUST AS BAD as actually going out and killing somebody. so? no more game of thrones. no more percy jackson people DIED in that?? how could you support the killing of REAL LIFE PEOPLE by reading a book with that in it? disgusting. you're fuckin gross and disgusting. nope its for tv shows too buster brown put down steven's universe the big pink one KILLED the other big pink one. do you support that? in real life? the triangle in graphity fell DIED. how fuckin g COULD YOU watch that show you're literally JUST AS BAD as a murderer. ur promoting murderer culture by watching that show because people DIED in it. people died kimberly don't make excuses. you know everybodys favorite hip indie game under tale? guess what. that's right. you can KILL PEOPLE in that game. newsflash: the police are already on their way to ur house because exploring taboo things in fiction is JUST AS BAD as actually doing them in real life. so no more bad things in fiction. unless its a fluffy slow burn coffee shop au or a harmless romantic comedy i do NOT want to see it because its BAD and IMPURE and WRONG. blocked. your all blocked. bye.
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while doing the anya x tara gifset i realized they didn’t have a lot of moments but it was more than i remembered. and now i feel like writing some headcanons for them:

  • they used to hang out a lot by themselves when the others were too busy with their own stuff.
  • after bargaining anya showed tara how to buy rare magic supplies on ebay.
  • well it was actually anya who taught tara all about it and how to make money on internet. then tara started to sell her old stuff when she was getting out of money.
  • tara once gave anya a kids book for her birthday because she felt bad when the ex demon didn’t know about the cat in the hat book and she didn’t want anya to feel left out.
  • as nice and subtle as she could, she tended to defend anya from willow’s grumbles.
  • ‘i actually kind of like her’.
  • tara liked to teach anya a few minor spells when she was feeling nostalgic and missing her powers.
  • please, tara was the only one who really did get anya and treated her well enough. they’re good friends.
  • anya really liked to talk with tara because the witch didn’t mind explaining her stuff and was always kind about it.
  • they liked to play board games with dawn. and did it a lot to keep her company when buffy was out.
  • tara always thought anya was funny…….. but in the opposite, anya didn’t get tara’s sense of humor. but yeah, that’s fine.
  • once they had a really weird conversation about lesbian sex because anya wouldn’t let it go.
  • sometimes they sat down and tara’d listen to anya talk about her adventures as a vengeance demon. a few times she’d get really disturbed bc anya didn’t know how to filter the details but it was at least entertaining.
  • anya actually helped tara to study one time and told her point of view on a few historic moments.
My Cup of Tea

Summary: You are enjoying a relaxing day, reminiscing on the day Peter and you started dating. 


A/N: I got this idea from a a cute little fall blurb by @alatteofautumn So please enjoy!! It is short but sweet. 

Originally posted by tmholland

You wrap your boyfriend’s button up shirt around your torso as you climb out of your shared bed. You leave it open as you slip out of the bedroom door and down the hallway. You glide across the wooden flooring, of the tower, making your way towards the kitchen. You open the glass door and make your way towards Vision’s tea drawer. You pull out your favorite then fill up the kettle. Tony has so much technology that made your tea instantly, but sometimes the old way is the best way. You fire up the stove top and put the kettle on top of the bright red surface. You hum quietly as you open up the tea package and place the bag in your mug.

Once the whistle sounds that your water is boiled, you open the kettle and pour the water over the awaiting bag. You put the kettle down on a cooler burner and grab your mug. You move the bag around to disperse the tea around in the water before tossing it in the trash bin. You head back to your bedroom, taking soft steps as you reach your door. There was something about today that just made you want to be soft, warm, and as quiet as possible. You open your door and stride across the room before placing your mug on the dresser.

You rummage around your sock drawer before you find maroon knee high socks. You sit down on your bed and start to slip the cotton fabric over your freshly shaven legs. You smile contently before you stand up and shimmy out of your mans shirt. You rummage through your closet before you find a massive sweater and throw it over your head and slip it down your body.

You glide across your room back to your mug and brand new book sitting upon your dresser. You step towards the door leading to your personal balcony. You feel your cat intertwine himself through your legs as you slide the door open. He makes his way outside as you grab your mug and book, following in his tracks. You set your mug and book down on the table next to the couch before you walk over to the fireplace. You turn it on and take your place upon the couch. You slip a blanket over your legs and your cat hops up onto the couch. He moves in a circle a few times before settling down into the cushion. You scratch at his head, earning a sweet purr from him. You smile down at him before grabbing your mug and taking a sip of your tea. You sigh contently before taking another sip.

You look out across the way and see the soft gray sky wrap it’s mood around the cities buildings. The Autumn air, mixed with the cities sounds wrap their way around you and your cozy balcony. Tony made the balcony for you and Peter because he felt personally responsible for Peters happiness. And Peter’s happiness stemmed from your happiness and this balcony made you happy. It let your inner autumn goddess and Harry Potter lover come out. Peter loved that most about you. He loved walking into the room and seeing you out on the balcony, nose deep in a book, sipping your tea and your cat cuddled up with you.

Coming home to you was the dream he never thought he longed for. He felt so lonely and looked down upon when he first became an Avenger. Even Tony treated him like a kid. As the years went on, the more he became lonely. Then a day came and his life was changed for the better and it was because of a book.

You were seated comfortably in a cute little coffee shop that branched off of one of the many book stores around New York. You were snuggled in a corner, wrapped up in a green camo jacket and a red scarf. You were minding your own business before you heard someone clear their throat. You looked up to see the Peter Parker standing in front of you. You had a fangirl crush on him ever since you came on the team and you didn’t want to admit it to him. He did all he could to make you comfortable and feel loved. Everyone noticed this as well, you two were inseparable. So the fact that he was in front of you wasn’t a change. But the fact that he was in the coffeeshop was. You lowered your book and placed the bookmark in it before closing it.

“Yes?” You asked.

“So, Harry Potter?” Peter asked as he took a seat next to you.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite series!” You said excitedly.

“Really?! I love it too!” Peter also said excitedly. You smile as you look down at your book. “Who is your favorite character?”

“Oh god, you can’t ask me that! Probably Luna. She teaches you that it’s okay to be weird and that you should celebrate it. I am a little weird myself. I know so many people in that tower see my magical powers as super weird. But i feel complete when i read my Harry Potter books. I love that i can finally compare to someone even if she is only fictional.” You explained. Peter’s face lit up the more and more you got into your explanation. “And, i know everyone talks. No one gets that i am me. I don’t try to copy people. I know everyone’s style is never gonna be their own truthfully. I have lost many people ever since i moved into the tower. But i am thankful for you.” You take his hand in yours, giving it a quick squeeze. He held your hand a little longer before letting you go.

“Y/N, You’re just as sane as i am.” Peter said, leaning closer to you. The air in your throat caught as you noticed his sudden closeness. You smiled sweetly, looking down at your hands. He cupped your face, causing your to dart your eyes to meet his then to his lips.

“Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.” You mumble, looking back into his eyes. “I hope your wit is as genuine as your love for Harry Potter, or this won’t work out.”

“I’m sorry, but please be quiet.” He whispered, his lips grazed against yours. You nodded your head as your lips finally connected. You guys kissed until the air started to go thin. You thus are forced to separate from him, causing a whine to escape his mouth.

“That was..”

“Brilliant!” Peter said, causing a blush to creep across your face.

“My Cup of Tea.”

And here you were, a good two years later, enjoying a cup of tea, your nose deep in a Harry Potter book, enjoying all the world had to offer you. You hear the glass door slide open and soon you are being pushed to sit up. You whine but do as the hands lead you to do. Peter sits down and lets you fall back into his chest. You land with a slight thud before you go back to reading. Peter sips his own tea, causing you to grab yours and take another gulp from yours. Your cat jumps up into your lap and snuggles up. Peter sighs contently, playing with your hair and looking out across the horizon as the fog still makes it’s way around the buildings. Now this, this was Your Cup of Tea.  


• was bullied for being overweight
• didn’t get cast for SOM because she was overweight. (SHE WAS BETTER THAN KNOBBY KNEES GOD DAMNIT)
• got sexually assaulted by her crazy uncle. (She was hugged for longer than normal)
• had shit grades then turned them the fuck around
• wanted to be a nun
• thought she could only be an opera singer because of her weight
• she was the best manipulator when she was younger.
• when she got a romantic lead, she thought they were joking.
• she kept asking out gay guys, earning her the nickname “the keeper of the keys” in college
• Petrina gave someone a vaccine shot and Sharon’s response was basically “Have you ever done that before???? Did you practice on anything?????”
• “right here on 45th- 45th? 45th street”
• she thought she couldn’t be Jennyanydots in Cats because she was too fat and she couldn’t dance.
• she closed cats.
• Her and Martha are so adorable holy shit
• Her and Diane have the best friendship
• she’s prettyyyyyyy
• Her kids are the best^tm
• she wrote for KRISTEN CHENOWETH
• She was in Avenue Q
• Only actress to appear in Cats, Phantom and Les Mis.
(Y'all can add stuff I’m just at school and don’t have the book on me.)

Yes, Tallstar is gay, we get it.

Look, yes, it has been confirmed by the Erins. And yes, it’s a shame they couldn’t put it in the books because “it’s for kids!” (Flashback to Tigerstar getting his stomach ripped open), even though there is a lot more things that are inappropriate for children in those books.

But could some of us stop pretending that that is the most important thing in his character? Just look at his tag, most of the fanart is him and Jake, and people talking about him seem to always end up arguing about who he’d want to go to bed with.

Are we really going to say that Tallstar, the kind and respectful leader of Windclan, who tried his very best to take care of his clan, one of the only leaders to respect Firestar, even at the beginning, the one who escaped his home for fear of putting his clan in more pain. That the most important characteristic of Tallstar, is that he happens to like toms over mollies?

Come on guys, you can do better than that! Jake has like what? four-six chapters? Meanwhile, Tallstar had almost ten+ books to develop.

Tl;dr: Tallstar is a lot more than “the definitely gay one”, and I think it would be nice if we started to see that.


Title: A Street Cat Named Bob
Author: James Bowen
First Published: March 2012
Genre: Non Fiction | Biography
Setting: London

About the book:

A street cat named Bob tells the story of a quite unusual friendship.

James Bowen, a recovering heroin addict, finds Bob the cat on his doorstep and at that point it’s impossible to tell who is feeling worse. James is trying to make ends meet as a street musician and Bob is roaming the streets, starving.

James takes the cat in, cares for him and as soon as he is healthy, sends him away again for he can’t afford to keep a pet. Bob however has other plans. He loves his new found friend and decides to stay with James.

Follow the beginning and development of an amazing friendship that overcomes even the worst situations.


This book, okay. THIS BOOK. Read it. Cherish it. Fall in love with it.
If you are a lover of animals [and even if you’re not], this book will touch every corner of your heart, I can promise you that. I have nothing more to say about this because I just can’t find the words to describe how amazing this book is.

Rating: 10/10
Educational Value: 5/5
Age Recommendation: 15+ [there is a simplified edition for kids]

Biancat x

So, I was tagged by @escapewithstories and @crime-drama-avenger. Thanks for the tags guys!

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Name: Danielle

Nickname: Don’t really have one.

Gender: Female

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5'2

Sexuality: Straight.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!

Favorite animal: Penguins!

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours on average.

Current time: 8:12 pm.

Dog or cat person: Dog person.

Blankets I sleep with: One usually. Two if it gets cold in the winter.

Dream trip: I’d love to go on a trip across Europe someday. England, Italy, Austria and maybe a couple other countries.

Dream job: A children’s librarian. I loved helping kids find books that they were interested in when I volunteered (and worked for a short time) at a library. I found it helped kids to be more excited and interested in reading when the book was about something they actually enjoyed or were interested in (animals, superheroes, art, etc.). The smiles on their faces when you find them a book that they’re actually excited to read is truly priceless. 

When I made my blog: I wanna say sometime in 2015.

Followers: 220! I have no idea why you guys stay sometimes, but I appreciate every one of you for it!

Why I made a Tumblr: Well, I think it started with me following the fanfic work of an author on who had a Tumblr and I guess I thought it was interesting enough that I ended up making my own. My Tumblr went through a couple transitions before I found MC and the MC fandom and figured out that fandom stuff and fangirling seemed to be the best niche for me.

Reason for my URL: I actually just changed it a couple months ago (as Sharon Raydor will be getting married on Nov. 28th and likely changing her name). My current URL pays a bit of homage to the letter Andy wrote Sharon right before he had his blood clot surgery (plus I just think love letters and letter writing is super cute and romantic). The cardigan sweaters part is an homage to my love of cardigans sweaters and Sharon’s apparent love of them as well as we often see her wearing them on the show when she’s not at work. It also strangely loosely relates to TDBM as well which is a bit of an unexpected bonus (and not one I had even discovered when I changed my URL).

I tag: @marcuskaen, @fangirlingtomboy, @mrs–flynn, @thatginchygal, @frakkingnugget, @dillydallyy, @lolcat76, @lucienblakes, @lifeneverfailsus, and @commandersharonflynn.

Things I love:

Sunshine through windows

leaves falling from trees

that one ant that never follows the line

paw prints in dried cement

that chocolate part at the end of ice cream cones 


hot and sour soup, chicken corn soup

green balloons

colourful shoe laces

the smell of old books

underlined sentences

cats playing in the streets

kids playing football 

little children carrying their siblings

compliments from old people and children

Kinder egg

sun cola

when your body is shaved and you’re showered and the house is clean

listening to songs while doing dishes

sitting on stair steps 

when it’s warm

my ringtone

smooth pens

art book white papers

grey walls

red rooftops 

huge windows

cat purrs



holding something dense in my hands

when chemicals change colours

tumblr humour 

unhappy kind people

when strangers offer help

and I’m trying to keep thinking of more 

but all I can think about 

is how many people love me

but I don’t believe a single one

because I keep thinking

if I’m so great

why didn’t you love me then.


Got The Young Elites trilogy for £6, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion haha at the shopping centre today- and this kawaii fluffy cat pen! 

*sigh* more books- ah well 

This trilogy was recommended as a good “fall” book- so I’m super excited to read it. Anyone got any recommendations for books which are suitable for fall? - asking for a friend (I’m kidding lol)