these candids are so nice

Dear people from the US,
Please remember that you live in a very powerful country a lot of people look up to. So if you let Trump win, this will not only affect your country, but a lot of other people around the world. I’m talking about refugees, immigrants, but also about people living in countries that could be influenced by your vote in their next election, and vote for a far right candidate.
So please vote today and vote wisely!
Have a nice day :)
Sincerely, a French girl

Sorry to spam you guys with this same photo of myself but I very very rarely like photos of me that have been taken by others. They usually just bring what was an okay or maybe even good self esteem day down to the point where I would rather not have friends so I wouldn’t have to deal with seeing photos of myself. I really was this happy in this moment though and I love that. Candid photos are my favourites to take of others and it’s so nice to actually like one of myself for a change.