these candids are so nice

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any bodyguards you recognized? bet Brandon wasn't there cause someone would have mentioned him by now

yes all the bodyguards we’ve seen them in 93829083 candids and also they’re so nice and funny like three of them made fun of me

Dear people from the US,
Please remember that you live in a very powerful country a lot of people look up to. So if you let Trump win, this will not only affect your country, but a lot of other people around the world. I’m talking about refugees, immigrants, but also about people living in countries that could be influenced by your vote in their next election, and vote for a far right candidate.
So please vote today and vote wisely!
Have a nice day :)
Sincerely, a French girl

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So if you're still reading questions about the Mania tour I went to the show in Brooklyn and I went to the pop up shop. My friends and I woke up crazy early and we got in line at like six in the morning. We got really really *really* lucky and we all met Pete. It was one of the most insane experiences of my life. He was really really nice and the candid pictures are so funny. Anyways, it was the best day of my life :)

You did no way that’s so cool omg and also so sweet aw I’m so happy that you got the chance to meet him!!

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love match please? capricorn, hufflepuff, extroverted introvert, brown eyes, brown skin (same color as hunk), long super curly half brown/half blonde hair, 5'9". i'm confident and i'm the person all my friends go to for life advice. i'm a logical problem-solver and i thouroghly analyze everything. i do a lot of art (singing,drawing,writing,dancing) and collect toys. i'm a cis girl and i'm pan-polyamorous and demisexual. <3

stating that you are pan-polyamorous i’ve decided to incorporate that. no one got matching scores in first place but they did get very close !

and you’re lovers are : 

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this little sweet bean named hunk !

hunk was your number one candidate ! you’re both capricorn’s so there’s a nice balance in which you understand each other. capricorn’s usually stay with each other for a long and happy time. it may start off slow but will really attest to a love of the century. 

along with that you’re both hufflepuffs which allows for another understanding but as well as a very soft, very kindled to relationship. 

hunk loves your artistic style really cools and always gets disappointed in how he can’t draw as well. 

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and that lancelot guy…

leo and capricorn are quite the opposites attract duo. it may not be seen but the two of you have many common interests and goals that you both want to reach. long term will bode well and a deep devotion is imminent with both of you. 

gryffindor and hufflepuff work very well because of their similar goal structure and where their loyalty lies. trust isn’t a problem with these two groups. there is a type of communication that lies in motion that can’t always be found. 

that’s all for you my lovebird!