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Dear people from the US,
Please remember that you live in a very powerful country a lot of people look up to. So if you let Trump win, this will not only affect your country, but a lot of other people around the world. I’m talking about refugees, immigrants, but also about people living in countries that could be influenced by your vote in their next election, and vote for a far right candidate.
So please vote today and vote wisely!
Have a nice day :)
Sincerely, a French girl

Taylor Caniff Imagine for kenziecaniff

You looked in the mirror in your room, admiring how well done your hair and makeup was. It was prom night, and you were going with your boyfriend of a year, Taylor. Your dress fit like a glove, and it was in your favorite color, too.
There was a knock at your bedroom door, and then it opened to reveal your younger sister, (Y/S/N).
“Woah.” She said, noticing your appearance.
“Thanks.” You said, blushing.
“Uh..Taylor’s here. He won’t stop talking about you. He’s excited for your dance.”
“You mean prom?” You asked her, and she nodded.
“Yeah, prom. You look like a princess.” She said, making you laugh.
“Thanks, (Y/S/N). Tell Taylor I’ll be down in a minute.”
She nodded and ran, leaving your door open, as usual. You checked your reflection one more time, feeling satisfied. You didn’t dress up often, so when you did, you impressed nearly everybody. And you had to say, you looked pretty exceptional tonight. You picked up your clutch and left, walking down the stairs slowly so you didn’t trip.
“Oh my god.” You heard Taylor exclaim as you made your way down to the floor, your heels clicking neatly.
You looked up to see Taylor in a suit, with a tie matching the color of your dress. His hair was all neat and he wasn’t donning a bandana, which was weird for him.
“Taylor! You look so handsome, baby.” You said, hugging him. He hugged back tighter, your small frame enveloped in his arms.
“You look even better. Damn, (Y/N), you could be a model. Or an angel.” He said, making you smile.
“Thanks Tay. I hardly recognized you without the bandana.” You said jokingly, and he rolled his eyes.
“Ya know, I’ve always got a spare one in my car if you really want me to-”
“No, no. This is nice. You look nice.” You said quickly, smoothing his hair. Your parents walked in with cameras and after a half an hour, you were seeing spots from all the flashes.
“Alright, Mom, we’re gonna be late! We gotta go!” You complained, and your mother sighed.
“Okay, go on. Have fun, be safe!” She called after you as Taylor got into the driver’s seat of his corvette, and you buckled in, careful of your dress.
Because you lived to close to the Country Club where they were having Prom, you two didn’t have much time to talk. The knot in your stomach was growing from the building excitement, and you looked over at Taylor to see a content smile on his face.
He pulled in and parked, then ran around to help you out of the car like a gentleman. He walked with you, your arm in his, inside to meet your friends who gushed over your dress and how cute you and Taylor were together.
“You look so good in that dress!” Your one friend said, motioning to your dress.
“You’d look a lot better with it off.” Taylor said cheekily in your ear, making you laugh.
“What’s funny?” Your friend asked, but you just shook your head.
“Nothing, oh, nothing.” You answered, and Taylor smirked.
Then before you knew it Taylor had led you inside, and a big group of your friends had gotten out to the dance floor, looking like complete idiots. And Taylor just couldn’t pass that chance up, so after he took some nice candids of everyone dancing, you both went out and danced too. He kept you close to him on the dance floor, saying that he didn’t want any other guys perving on you.
Then a slow song came on, your favorite, and Taylor turned and looked at you.
“Can I have this dance?” He asked you, holding out his hand. You nodded and took it, letting him pull you impossibly close as he swayed you both to the music. Your head rested on his chest and his one arm was completely around your waist, securing you to him.
“I love you so much.” He whispered to you, and you lifted your head to look at him.
“I love you too. You make me so happy, Taylor.”
“You make me happier.” he said with a laugh, and you rested your head back on his shoulder. Then, a camera flash went off, making you open your eyes.
“AWWWWWWW!! Look how freaking cute they are!” Your best friend crowed, showing the picture she just took to everyone around. You rolled your eyes and looked up at Taylor, who shrugged.
“You are pretty cute.” He said, swaying you two a little slower.
“You’re cuter, you little shit.”
“Nah girl, you’re cutest.”
“If you say so.” You said unsurely, letting Taylor win.
“I do say so. I insist I say so. I will always forever say so, ya know?”
“No.” You said, laughing. Sometimes he didn’t even try to make sense. But that’s one of the reasons why you loved him so much, because he could make you laugh no matter what. And he was always there to put the smile back on your face and tell you he loved you. And right then, with his hand secure on your waist and his heartbeat in your ear, you couldn’t have loved him anymore.

Requested by kenziecaniff

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