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This took me so fucking longggg to draw and colour and wow the amount of shit I did for this but anyway 💕

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requested by anonymous

You Have Invented a New Kind of Stupid

Part Two

Pairing: Lin x Reader SAD ANGST
Warnings: Cheating, lots of crying, not eating, angst, swears. 
Word count: 3118
A/N: I KNOW LIN WOULD NEVER DO THIS I’M SORRY I JUST GOT SO INTO IT. This was a request! “Anon asked: 2. “You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?” This with literally anyone fuck up my emotions pls” ANON I HOPE THIS FUCKS UP YOUR EMOTIONS ENOUGH I’M SORRY ALSO I MIGHT DO A PART TWO TELL ME IF YOU ALL WOULD WANT THAT

It wasn’t the late hours that had worried you.

Lin was busy. You had accepted that early into your relationship with him. He was always busy.

When he had begun to text you telling you that he was spending the night at the theater, you began to worry. You confronted him about it, telling him only that you were worried that he was spending too much time at the theater, never accusing him of cheating, despite the fear that riddled your head, swearing that he was.

In response, he promised you that it was only because with the rising popularity of Hamilton, the show demanded his full attention, so he had been spending nights at the theater with the sole purpose of bettering the show. To which you only nodded, smiling as a voice in the back of your head reminded you that Hamilton had been at Richer Rogers for over three months. The script was done, the choreography was done, the music was done. There shouldn’t have been anything to work on.

You tried to push it out of your head, trying to disregard all the hours Lin was not spending away from you, either at the theater or cooped up in his office.

“Hey,” you whispered, pushing the half-closed door of his office open, seeing him, his eyes heavy with exhaustion, a grey tint evident in his skin.

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