these came out pretty!!!


Woooo! I finished a commission and decided to try and make a speedpainting vid out of it. I think it came out pretty good! C: Finished commission is for goldfencer422 on DA.

Music by: GlitchxCity

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“One more hour before the party starts”


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so they planned to throw a goth party at Kil´s place ya´ll!!! feel free to go as always  as you bring a pretty fabulous gift… (but sly don´t, it´s a trap, you won´t go out of there!!)

Still I´m practicing my pixel art, which is actually pretty fun to do so, reminds me when I used to draw on paint XD, last one I made was Pink Diamonds and I wasn´t pretty happy about how it came out so I tried something different on this wallpaper I made as a birthday gift for these spoiled brats. 

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"Are you okay, Kaminari-kun? You were drooling blood earlier in class today — "

     ❛    OH,   it  wasn’t  just  drool.    some  came  out  of  my  ears,   too.    math  class  sure  can  get  pretty  crazy!    haha   wanna  smell  my  ear  blood?    ❜  

what happened to the tiny little dragon pals that the triwizard champions drew from that bag????? harry mentions it being in the boys dorm later but never mentions it again like ??? if I had a tiny dragon companion i could carry around on my shoulder like a weird, spiky little bird i would literally never let it out of my sight


Your baking is as good as your dancing

A collab between @elnawen (line-animation) and @saawek (colors-postprod) for the Asexual Awareness Week !! <3


☆ All who achieved great things been amazing dreamers ☆

About a week ago @markiplier played the game Sacramento and I knew I had to make some fanart of this beautiful game so I made these gifs

Speedpaint / how to make gifs | Markiplier’s video