these came out pretty!!!

Here it is… the first page of Hold, and it actually came out pretty good, although the paper before it weren’t so lucky

#R.I.P Sketch notebook

But yeah, also added some effects, if you guys don’t like it let me know I won’t use them anymore if you wish

I do not own any characters here, but someone help me find the name for the owners ;-;

Washboard Wednesday - Slightly Damaged Edition

Hello Delicious!

A bad man came along and kicked the crap out of our pretty last week. Oh, the poor dear. I’m still kind of upset because while it’s only makeup, fake blood has a tendency to detract from the muscles and the loveliness, you know? But here we are. Now, Stephen has suggested that the workouts will be coming into play in quite a number of episodes, so perhaps we’ll see some prettier shirtless soon that are not filmed in a dark, dingy room. In the meantime, I have tried to make the most of what we have. 

Turned on its side. He looks pretty yummy. Could use a shower and years of therapy, but quite tasty. 

Arty makes the blood less ick and the arms way yes!

Crunch, baby!

Wait, how about a quick bit of perfect pretty from another show, just to make us grin? I mean, it makes a girl want to learn braille.

  Yeah, dude is sad, but sexy in a Fight Club kind of way. The pants. The arms. The glorious belly button. The lost will to live…not so much. I just want to inspire him, you know?

I like this one best. 

Thanks for reading today. I hope that you have a great day. If you are able to watch tonight’s episode, I hope you love it. I am excited to see where things are going and how it all shakes out. Do take care of fabulous self! Tags after…

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I’ve wanted to draw this for quite some time and it finally got done. Mainly just a cute EOS with both of her forms: camera and mobile platform as well. It came out pretty well, if you ask me! X3

Tbh because I already knew Gil’s romance was going to end in a child between him and Ryder (i found the spoiler before the game even came out, pretty accidentally, and it wasn’t really ideal in my mind but there certainly wasn’t anything inherently wrong with it) and because I already knew it was badly written, I wasn’t initially super bothered by Jill criticizing Gil for not having kids. My only reaction was “oh, they’re setting it up for Gil to think about whether or not he wants kids, figure out he does, and that’ll set the tone for the whole ryder/gil get a kid thing. It’s fucked up but I get what they’re doing and it’s not really Jill’s fault if the writers couldn’t think of a better way to introduce the topic than throwing her under the bus without realizing it and they make up for it by having Gil stick up for her. Whatever.”

But then it turned out that it was JILL’S idea to have a kid, and she wanted GIL to be the father as opposed to Gil wanting a child and Jill having already been carrying one that she couldn’t keep but was willing to bring to term (which is honestly what I expected) now that I know if you DON’T romance him he goes off and has a kid with her in a heteronormative platonic relationship I literally hate her and I hate that part and it’s disgusting and why are you doing this. What made you think this was a good thing? Bioware why.

anonymous asked:

Okay I am FTM I can pass for a male really well but there is one problem to that. I have been dating a girl for a few months and I haven't came out to her and I am pretty sure that she doesn't know that I am trans (I have never took off my shirt so she hasn't seen the surgery scars)because I am to scare that if I tell her she will break up with me which I love her a lot and she helps me when I am feeling bad about myself. so I was just wondering what is the best way to come out to her.

Well, I’ve always been 100% honest with anyone I’ve been with so I’m not really sure, but I guess just bring up trans people as a topic (like maybe watch National Geographic’s Gender Revolution with her or something similar) and just talk to her about trans people to know how she feels, then when your comfortable tell her.

Anyone else have any tips?


Hey!! Here’s my speedpaint I did today… It took about an hour. I feel like it came out pretty good for a test :3

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