these came out pretty!!!

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I'm so excited for the new speedpaint! I'm looking forward to seeing how your style has changed

i’m excited for u guys to see it! it came out pretty good to me (especially the lighting cause usually it sucks and the white balance is literally non-existent but this time it was nice) 

Will work on more tomorrow but wanted to post the ornaments I have done so far. :) I have to keep the designs simple enough to reproduce within a 15-30 minute timeframe at conventions, but I’m pretty happy with how they came out. Tomorrow I will work on the rest of the kwamis and the alter egos plus Nino because come on, I’m going to have a Nino ornament.

Remember if you have any suggestions for any fandom ornaments, feel free to send them my way! 

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Hey, so a few days ago I asked you for advice about coming out when i'm trans and how i was scared of what would happen. I don't see why u would care, u don't know me, but I just wanted to say I came out today and it actually went pretty well my brother and his girlfriend were very nice and said if my dad doesn't accept me I can live with them, my mom has known for awhile and she's supportive, and I think I got the best reaction out of my dad He doesnt agree 100% but he said he'll always love me

ahh i’m so so happy it went alright!! as for your dad i’m sure he’ll get more used to the idea eventually as well 💕

I watched Cars 1 again last night, and let me just tell you that I am so proud of Lightning. He has grown so much since the first movie came out. I pretty much grew up watching this franchise so to me it’s like, I’ve watched you grow into such a wonderful person car. I’m in tears.

what happened to the tiny little dragon pals that the triwizard champions drew from that bag????? harry mentions it being in the boys dorm later but never mentions it again like ??? if I had a tiny dragon companion i could carry around on my shoulder like a weird, spiky little bird i would literally never let it out of my sight


☆ All who achieved great things been amazing dreamers ☆

About a week ago @markiplier played the game Sacramento and I knew I had to make some fanart of this beautiful game so I made these gifs

Speedpaint / how to make gifs | Markiplier’s video


she had the world // panic! at the disco