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Musings And Fears

Bones, Jim (because McCoy and Kirk seems way too formal)

Summary: For someone who seems so outgoing, Jim doesn’t really have a lot of friends. Bones notices this and decides to try to figure out why.

A/N: My first ever Star Trek fic and I totally blame @baneberrydragon and @ruxiecat121 for this. Also, imagine my surprise when @thatkourtnichik wrote a Jim and Bones fic while I was working on my own. It was as if we were connected or something.

This is my first fic of 2016 and I hope you all like it!

Words: 1 891

Despite what people thought, Bones was actually quite good at reading situations. As a future doctor he’d been forced to acquire that specific skill, considering he would spend his life looking at people’s various problems to try to pinpoint what exactly was wrong with them. But for someone who needed to be observant he could be very blind at times.

It took him approximately two months to realize that Jim, his roommate and newfound friend, wasn’t actually as outgoing as Bones had initially thought. Jim’s big and loud personality had painted a picture of an absolute socialite in Bones’ head; something that turned out to be completely untrue. Bones never really questioned why Jim would prefer to spend his evenings in their room, at first. He just reckoned it was because he wanted to get to know Bones better before aiming higher. But when Bones asked him if he didn’t have anywhere else to be one evening when he was a bit too annoying and Jim just shrugged and said, “Not really”, the doctor noticed the vague but audible hitch to his voice and knew that something was up.

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