these boys [wipes away single tear]

Minerva Mcgongall pulled out her notebook and turned to the page that listed the names and details of that years Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her heart swelling with pride she jotted down the name “Harry Potter” next to the position “Seeker” before closing the book and opening a second drawer. She took out a small, wooden box and rummaged in it for a few seconds before withdrawing a worn out envelope, inside of which was a short letter and a photograph.

“Dearest Minnie,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m the same of course, driving Lily up the wall as usual, she sends you her love by the way!

Now I know I told you that you’ll never find a chaser as good as me ever again, but it just goes to show that even the brilliant are sometimes mistaken. I’ve found you (made you!) a replacement who will one day outshine his old man by leagues! Enclosed is a photograph of your new Quidditch prodigy so that you may assess his skills for yourself. We have him chasing the cat for practice. He’ll be unbeatable by the time he starts at Hogwarts! The youngest Quidditch player in a century!

I guarantee it, Minnie. And you know I’m never wrong, though you’ll never admit it!

Missing you and Hogwarts terribly,

Lots of love,


P.S. Sirius says his marriage proposal still stands.”

Wiping away a single tear that ran down her cheek and chuckling to herself, she smiled down at the photograph of a small, gleeful, black haired boy zooming along on a toy broom, a pair of legs chasing after him and a young woman laughing hysterically in a corner.

“Right again, Mr. Potter.”

My Own - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 2414
warnings: swearing, angst, depression (it’s a vent imagine)

[ tell me this does any of this love exist / or is it just a fire / keeping out the cold fear of the unknown / turning us to coal ]

Stiles dragged himself to his front door, his body tired and worn out from the long night he’d had.  The long four months, supposedly, that he’d had.

How had he been gone for so long? Having not eaten or drank anything, not being able to sleep.  Four months passed? Without his friends, his Dad, without y/n? How had he done it? How had he survived? He wasn’t sure.  Just that he was absolutely desperate to get back to the girl he loved, even if she didn’t return the feelings he’d harbored for her.

He’d fallen in love with her the moment he met her, as cliche as it was.  When she’d clumsily ran straight into him sophomore year, her first year at Beacon Hills High having just moved.  He was embarrassed at first sure, but when he’d looked into her eyes and took in her flawless features his face became a tomato and he babbled out apologies.  She’d begun laughing, brushing it off as an accident and introducing herself as y/n l/n.  Since then, he’d grown closer and closer to her until today, three years later, where they were best friends.  

Some might even argue that she was closer to him than Scott.  She spent more nights over at the Stilinski household, was at every single lacrosse practice, game, and tournament, always cheering on her boys.  When Stiles had no one to go to homecoming with junior year she gladly offered her hand to dance with him for the night.  She would wear his flannels and sweatshirts like it was no biggie, saying he left them at her place and should’ve thought to get them back before she claimed them.  Though Stiles began to purposefully leave them behind in hopes of her wearing more of his clothes.  They’d cuddle, hold hands sometimes, hug before leaving or in greeting.  y/n and Stiles were virtually inseparable.

She was his everything, he couldn’t bear to be without her.  When they weren’t together they’d text or call or FaceTime constantly, all he ever wanted out of life was to just keep talking to her, hear her voice, watch her speak to him excitedly.  She was all he ever wanted, he loved her, more than friends love friends.  But there wasn’t much he could do about that, so he settled for the placement of best friend if it meant he could have her in his life permanently.

And his plan had been going great, until the night the Ghost Riders ripped him away from her.

[ I’ve seen it all go your way / but now you fall every day / your tired, unfamiliar face says it all ]

y/n stood at the doorway of what used to be her best friend’s room.  Since Lydia and Noah had ripped away the wallpaper and revealed the room left behind, she had come everyday, and everyday, her memories flooded back over her. She’d sit for hours in the space, looking over the things left behind, all over the room.  Usually she would sit and cry, begging quietly for him to return, that she’d give anything to have him back.  His voice, his protective hold, his smell of mint and coffee, his whiskey colored eyes that would stare adoringly into her own.

She stepped inside what felt like the hundredth time she’s entered the vacant-of-Stiles room, her tired eyes looking over everything he’d left behind.

“You’d be upset to know all your Star Wars movies have collected dust” She whispered to no one but herself, letting her fingers run over the dvd cases on his shelf.  “I was… I was going to do it for you but I don’t want to ruin a thing for when you come back”  y/n stared at the clutter that covered his dresser and shelves.  “I put back all your flannels, and even your lacrosse sweatshirt” She said.  “It’s weird sleeping without it, but I wanted you to have it back for yourself, I don’t think you’ve worn it once since I stole it last year”

She waited a few minutes, hoping for some sort of answer.  But she was still in dead silence.

“I was thinking maybe I’d let you wear it so it would have your scent again and then I could take it again.  I really do love the way you smell, as weird as that sounds aloud…”

Again, she waited.  But no answer came.

“It smells like home” y/n sighed, and collapsed on the floor, her back pressed against his bed as she began to cry.  “Come home, please come home” She whimpered.  “I can’t keep doing this it’s too hard I can’t- I can’t-”

Choked sobs and cries echoed quietly in the empty room, a muffled sound throughout the desolate house.  She had started coming over when the SHeriff wasn’t home so she wouldn’t embarrass herself with her crying.

“I need you Stiles, Mieczyslaw” She said to the room.  “You belong here, you’re supposed to be here, right here, sitting right next to me! And-and holding me! So I don’t feel like an idiot for crying so much” She yelled slightly, hoping it would spark something, anything.

The silence continued.

“I need you to hold me” She whimpered, drawing her knees to her chest and putting her head down in her arms, body shaking as she shivered and sobbed.

[ even though we all grow old/ love will never die / love’s ignorant of time / but those words were your own / and that was long ago, that was long ago ]

“No, Stiles, no” y/n said sternly, gripping onto his hands tighter than she ever had before, and she’d clung onto him many times before.

“We have to go, right now, you’re not safe” Was all he said before sprinting off into the parking lot of the school, y/n running next to him and not daring to let go of his hand.  He didn’t stop till he got to the jeep, the both of them getting in.

“They can’t- they won’t-”

“They’re going to get me” Stiles told her seriously, turning to face her.  Only to find her big wet eyes, tears threatening to spill onto her cheeks.  “Look, they will-”

“No” You whimpered out pleadingly.

“They will, and you’re going to forget me”

“They won’t- I can’t- I won’t forget you” She stammered, sniffling quietly.

“You will” Stiles repeated himself in a murmur, and he cupped her cheek with his open hand, the other still held tightly in hers.  “But you’ve got to find some way to remember me, any possible way that you can” He told her, feeling her tears falling onto his hand.

“Stiles don’t leave” y/n begged, reaching forward and gripping her hands to his shoulders, sliding them around his neck, to his jaw, his cheeks, as though she were mapping him out.  She held his face in her hands, her y/e/c eyes boring into his honey brown ones.  “Don’t leave me”

“Baby I wish I didn’t have to” He told her, pulling her closer to press his forehead against hers.  Neither thought twice about the pet name, the one he used when she was in distress, and she certainly was.  “You’ll remember me, you will” He assured.  “You’ll find a way, I know you will”

“Stiles” She cried out, her arms wrapping around his neck and hugging him closely, breathing in his scent so she couldn’t forget it.

“It’s gonna be okay, you’ll be okay”

“I won’t- I won’t be” She sobbed.  “Not without you” Stiles closed his eyes, running his hands through her hair and wished with everything he had that he could kiss her.  Just once, just one soft, passionate, loving kiss.  But he just held her and cradled her head into his chest as her tears soaked his shirt.  “Don’t leave me alone Stiles, please” She begged desperately, not knowing what she could say or do to make him stay.

“It’s not a choice y/n” He replied solemnly.  “They’ll be here, they’ll find me” He pulled away from her, holding her face in his large hands and attempting to wipe away her tears.  “You can remember, I know you can” He told her, but from her broken expression, he knew she didn’t believe him.

“Kiss me” y/n said, her eyes flickering between his and his parted pink lips.  “I need you to” She told him.  Stiles nodded his head, shakily, and pulled her in closer, both of their eyes falling shut as his lips lightly brushed over hers before initiating the kiss.

But there was no kiss, because in a matter of seconds, the door of his jeep had flown upon, and he was dragged out.

“STILES!” y/n screamed, but it was no use, because just as quickly as he was taken, the door was shut.

And she was alone.

[ i’ve seen it all go your way / but now you fall every day / your tired, unfamiliar face / says it all ]

y/n had always known about Stiles’ feelings for her, she could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, and feel it in his rapid heartbeat.  But her own feelings for the boy weren’t confirmed until he was being taken from her.  And by then, it was far, far too late.

“I’m sorry” She cried out to Stiles’ room.  “I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry” She stood up, wiping her watery eyes and smearing the makeup she’d forced herself to put on this morning.  She’d thought that maybe she’d feel normal if she had, but it did nothing to fill the hole in her chest.  She walked back towards the door backwards, not wanting to tear her eyes away from the room.  Everything was in it’s place, not a single thing set off.  “I’m sorry” She repeated again, softly.

Her eyes wandered the place one last time, before closing and taking a deep breath.

“I loved you” She whispered meekley.  “Please come home”

Stiles climbed the stairs, stepping as softly as he could, knowing that y/n had to be up here.  Her car had been in the driveway when he’d arrived earlier that night.  He stopped at the open door of his room, watching her as she stood with her back to him.  And when he’d heard her speak those last few words, his heart hammered in his chest.

“Okay” He spoke.

y/n’s eyes snapped open, a tremble going through her body as she slowly turned around.  When her eyes landed on him, you blinked slowly, not believing that he was standing there at first.

“St-Sti-” She didn’t even get his name out before he crossed the small space between them and took her in his arms.  He lifted her up, and her legs wrapped around him as he rocked her back and forth, crying as he buried his face into her neck, leaving a small kiss there as well.

“It’s okay” He whispered when her sob erupted from her throat, still being held in the air by him.  “Baby it’s alright, I’m here, it’s okay I’ve got you” She took in a deep breath, wiping her tears on the shoulder sleeve of his flannel.

“You left-you were gone- you were gone” y/n lifted her head, meeting his eyes.  Stiles carefully hooked one arm under her legs to keep holding her up, the other raising so he could brush his palm across her cheek.

“God I missed you so much” He mumbled.  “So fucking much y/n” His hand cradled the back of her head, both of them crying and smiling so big at one another.  y/n cracked out a short laugh, leaning into him, her forehead pressed against his and nose pushing against his cheek.  His mouth barely grazed over her upper lip, and he stared at her closed eyes, her long lashes with tears slipping off them, a few landing on his face and a few landing on hers.

“I love you” Her voice cracked.

“I’ve always loved you” Stiles replied, and a short laugh left both of their lips, before she leaned forward more, barely pressing her lips against his.  It wasn’t even a full kiss, not for a few seconds when he set the girl down so he could fully press his mouth against her, slanting his lips quickly against hers and kissing her hard, and passionately.  A small moan was elicited from her lips before they parted, and Stiles stared down at her with loving eyes.

“You’ve owed me that for four months” She told him, her head tilted back so she could look up at him.

“It’s very long overdue” She nodded, leaning forward a little and his lips pressed into her forehead as she gently linked her arms at his waist, nodding her head a little.

“It was” She whispered.  “When did you- why didn’t anyone call me-”

“Earlier tonight” Stiles said.  “Scott was going to but I uh- I told him not to” Her brows furrowed

“I don’t get- why? Why didn’t I get to know?” Stiles chuckled a little.

“I wanted to come surprise you” He said, and she punched him in the shoulder.  “Ow-”

“Surprise me? Stilinski I’ve been here everyday for the past four weeks I deserved a phone call! Even a text, just something to know you were back the second you got back!” Stiles laughed again, making y/n want to punch him again but she he caught her wrist before she could.

“I love you” He said, and she raised her eyebrows.  “I love you” He said again, placing a small and quick kiss between her eyes.  “I love you” A kiss on the tip of her nose, making her crinkle it and giggle instinctively.

“Stop it” She tried to scold but she was still laughing.

“I love you” Stiles repeated again. She shook her head out of confusion, unable to wipe the smile off of her lips.  “I’ve been waiting to tell you that for three years, I think you can bear with me so I can catch up” y/n shook her head again, bringing his lips down to hers once more.

“You’re something else Stiles Stilinski” She mumbled, gently capturing his lips with her own.

[ I used to call you my own, my dear ]

sorry it’s small i needed a vent

~ jordie

Request: Hi there.. i love your imaginees! And i was wondering if you could do a Fionn imagine please? Maybe the reader and fionn get in a fight and its raining.. and the reader decides to walk away because she’s really angry but he stops her ? Only if you want tooo🙈 i totally understand if you don’t.. well thankyouuu♡


“This happens every time Fionn, every damn time!” You shouted at your boyfriend, walking briskly down the deserted street. It had started to rain since you had left the pub, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. You were too angry.

You and Fionn had been dating for a year now, probably the best 12 months of your life, but sometimes there were moments where it was too much.

Like now for example.

A couple times a month you would go out with your group of friends, consisting mostly of guys. Fionn for the most part always came with you, and more often than not you ended the night with an argument.

Like tonight.

“Well maybe if you didn’t hang around so many other guys this wouldn’t happen!” He yelled back, angrily following you towards the apartment.

“They’re my friends Fionn! They have been for years before I met you! I’m not going to stop hanging out with them just because my boyfriend is being an idiot!” You declared, a steely tone to your voice that made Fionn angrier.

“So you’re choosing them over me?” He demanded, grabbing your arm and pulling you to a stop. You spun around then, beyond furious.

“I shouldn’t have to choose anyone!” You screamed, a single tear of frustration falling from your eye. You hastily wiped it away, glaring up at the boy in front of you.

“Well maybe you should. Because sometimes it feels like you care more about them than you do about me.” He ground out between his teeth, his hands clenching into fists.

“Do you even trust me at all?” You asked, your voice suddenly sounding small and vulnerable. Something flashed in Fionn’s eyes, making his demeanor soften.

“Of course I trust you.” He said, his voice considerably lower. This just set your anger off once again.

“Well it doesn’t fucking feel like it!” You were jabbing his chest with your finger, voice raising. “If you trusted me you wouldn’t worry about my friends. If you trusted me you’d never even think about making me choose between them and you. God Fionn, sometimes you just- you make me so- gah!” You were beyond words at that point, hands literally shaking in anger. “I need some space.”

You turned away from him without a second glance, beginning to walk away. His hand was grabbing your arm again a moment later, whipping you around so quickly you nearly lost your balance.


Anything you had been about to say was cut off as his lips crashed into yours, hands holding your face firmly to his. Your body melted against his, instantly responding to the kiss.

You had a fleeting thought of how cliche this was, kissing your boyfriend in the rain, before his tongue was slipping past your lips and clashing with yours.

All of your anger melted away, leaving you only with a feeling of blissful unawareness.

Fionn was practically forcing your head back as he kissed you, his tongue working furiously against yours. He was leaving you breathless, stealing all the air from your lungs. Your mind was practically blank, only thoughts of how he was making you feel lingered.

Then suddenly it was over, dropping you back to reality.

You took a few moments to compose yourself, lungs gratefully taking in air. Once your heart was back to a normal speed again, you glanced up at a smirking Fionn.

“You can’t just shut me up every time I’m mad at you and expect-” You were cut off once again by your boyfriends lips, and once again you found yourself unwilling to stop him.

This time the kiss was slow and gentle, as if he was trying to coax you into forgiving him. It made you hate yourself because you knew it was working.

“I hate that I can be so angry at you one second, and then you do that and I can’t find it in me to be mad again.” You murmured once he pulled away, hands still fisting at the material covering his chest.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me. And I never want to be the one to upset you.” He whispered, wiping some of the rain droplets from your face. “I just get so jealous Y/N, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that I have a hard time sharing your attention with other guys. I know they’re just friends, really I do. And I trust you, so bloody much. But part of me feels like I don’t deserve you, sometimes I feel like you would be happier with one of them. That they could offer you more than I ever could. Could be with you more instead of leaving you waiting for months on end like I do.”

“Fionn.” You whispered gently, pulling his face towards yours so you could rest your forehead against his.

You waited until his eyes locked with yours, before you took a deep breath and began talking.

“I’m never as happy as I am when I’m with you.” You started, fingers tracing gently over his jaw line. “No one else would ever be able to make me happy because they wouldn’t be you. I don’t care about the months on end spent apart. It’s hard of course, but relationships aren’t meant to be easy. You’re meant to fight for a relationship, otherwise there would be no point in having one. And that feeling of seeing you again after so long is the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. That feeling makes all the long days without you worth it. And no one could ever offer me more than you can because you’ve offered me your heart, you’ve trusted me with it, and I’ve never wanted anything more. Having you, being able to kiss you and hug you, love you through the good times and the bad ones, that’s more than I could ever need.”

“Do you really mean that?” Fionn asked timidly, his eyes completely fixed on yours, as if trying to see into their deepest depths.

“Every word.”

“I’m sorry love. I love you so much.” He told you, those being the only words that he could think of at the moment.

“I know you do Fionn, and I love you too.” You replied, pulling away from him and taking his hand. You began walking down the street again, pulling him along beside you.

“But that doesn’t mean you’re not sleeping on the couch tonight.”

One Last Time C.H.

Anon requested: could you write a calum imagine with 1, 15, 34, and 56? if that’s too much than just 56? thank you if you do :)) 

This has been so amazing to write, even though I literally had to start it over like three times. I’m very proud of this one and really hope you like it. Let me know what you think of it babes 

Word Count: 1.5k  Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

“Don’t tell him you love him, you deserve better, girl! Don’t do it, idiot.” She screamed at her TV, watching for the eighth time that week her favorite movie, knowing already every single line but still doing it for the sole purpose of letting the anger out of her body and mind.

She was going through some tough weeks and had no time to go boxing to make her stress and anger flow. In the short period of time that are two months, she had lost the job she had spent the last years of her life fighting for, she had broken up with her boyfriend and her dog had died.

She could find another job she could love; she could adopt another dog that could love her. Though she could never find any person like Calum.

Calum was someone else, she had thought since the two of them had met. He was shy at first, mysterious even, but when they got to know each other, she found herself breaking his walls with his own help so they could love one another.

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anonymous asked:

Because I apparently want to suffer, can you please add everyone else to the the terminal illness headcanon? Thanks xx keep up the amazing work :D

Alright everyone, we can blame this anonny for completely destroying our hearts for this one! As you can tell, I got really into this one so I apologize for the ridiculously long length, I got legitimately sad when I wrote these. I also wrote these in about two hours last night so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! Now, let’s all have our hearts ripped out and completely crushed!! Thank you for the super angst request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

Want to have your heart ripped out even more? Here is the original request with the RFA members!


  • When you and V started your relationship, he was worried whether or not he could prove to you just how much he loved you
  • But you reassured him that you loved him with all of your heart, V would always be in awe at your kind heart
  • Things seemed to be going perfectly for the two of you, your relationship had blossomed into one full of love and trust
  • As the days went on, V noticed that during your evening walks to the park together, someone would follow the two of you
  • After identifying the man, V’s heart sank as it was someone from Mint Eye who was undoubtedly going to try and harm you in order to make him suffer
  • Why could she just leave him alone? It didn’t matter because V knew that he was going to protect you no matter what
  • One night, you kept glancing at the clock to see just how late it was getting, your boyfriend should of been home by now
  • Just as you were about to dial his number, you heard a weak knocking on the door and opened it to find yourself gasping in shock and horror
  • V was standing there, blood oozing from multiple stab parts all over his body, his breathing sounding labored, and his once brilliant blue eyes now a dull gray color
  • You immediately rushed him to the hospital as he weakly explained that a man from Mint Eye was following the two of you with the intention to murder you so V went to try and reason things out with their leader only to be beaten himself
  • When V was getting treated by the doctors, you called Seven and demanded that he give you the location of Mint Eye, after V was better you would show the blonde hair bitch a piece of your mind
  • But when the doctors allowed you to visit V, you saw just how broken he looked, like if you touched him he would break
  • V gently took a hold of your hand as the doctor explained V had an unknown substance put inside of him that was slowly killing him off and that there was no cure for it
  • Your heart shattered at that moment, you knew she implanted that drug into your blue haired angel, you could barely breath knowing that he only had a month to live
  • When you felt your hand being squeezed ever so gently, you looked down at V with your teary eyes as he smiled at you reassuringly
  • “It’s okay MC. I was able to protect you and that’s all that matters my love.”
  • As much as you wanted to destroy Mint Eye, you knew that every moment you had with V was precious
  • You would visit V every day with flowers to brighten up his room plus he loved the feeling of the soft petals, he’d even joke that he couldn’t tell if your hands or the flowers were softer
  • He would still take photos, even though they weren’t very clear, of you and even took one of the two of you together that he kept on his bedside table
  • But as the days went by, you noticed just how much V’s health was deteriorating and it truly broke your heart
  • On his final day, V could hardly breath, his entire body was in an intense pain, and his blind eyes were scrunched together in discomfort
  • But as soon as you gently gripped his hand, V smiled despite the pain as you kissed his dry lips as he uttered his final words
  • “T-thank you MC, for everything. I finally know what true love is thanks to you. Please live a long and happy life for me, I love you so much.”
  • You couldn’t stop the tears from freely flowing down your cheeks, you gave V one final kiss as you left the hospital
  • Mint Eye was demolished because of the RFA’s help but you didn’t feel any better, V was gone and as you clutched the photo of the two of you together to your chest, you vowed to never love again


  • Ever since the day you and Seven saved Saeran from Mint Eye, he developed feelings of love towards you
  • His stubbornness and anxiety wouldn’t let him admit his feelings for you but one day when he thought that you were sleeping, he expressed his feelings of love
  • Saeran was mortified at first when you heard him but a weight lifted off of his shoulders that day, he finally found someone who loves him even if he was broken
  • While dating Saeran did help alleviate his anxiety, he still had his bad days and today was no exception
  • He was screaming at you because the voices in his mind told him that you were dating him out of pity and not love
  • You tried to calm Saeran down as he started crying frustrated tears but you felt your heart stop when he bent over coughing into his hand
  • Saeran’s eyes went wide whenever he saw deep red blood staining his hand as you rushed to his side
  • Seven had his brother taken to the hospital and comforted you in the waiting room as Saeran was being diagnosed
  • When the doctor allowed the two of you into Saeran’s hospital room, the gloomily look on his face made you imagine the worst possible scenario
  • But you ran to Saeran’s side and took his hand into your hand, placing a gentle kiss on his lips and on his knuckles
  • The doctor explained that when Saeran was first admitted into the previous hospital that treated him after he was found from Mint Eye, there was one drug that the doctor didn’t see and was therefore still in his bodily system
  • Since Saeran already has a weak immune system, the drug’s affect have worsen and a cure could not possible be found
  • Your precious boyfriend was going to die within two months
  • Seven had to physically restrain you from pulverizing the doctor as you yelled at him to save Saeran
  • However you stopped when you heard a soft chuckle from Saeran as he reached out to run your arm soothingly
  • “I would act the same way that you are now MC. I guess I am rubbing off on you.”
  • Tears leaked from your eyes and Saeran wiped them away for you, you promised him that you would stay by his side no matter what
  • So you would visit Saeran every single day and greet him in the most cheerful manner you could
  • You were determined to have him try every ice cream flavor out there, his favorite being and this boy fell even more in love with you because of it
  • The two of you would go to the roof top of the hospital building and spend hours looking at the sky in a peaceful and comfortable silence
  • On his final day, Saeran was surprised to not feel any pain except for the one in his heart, he knew that saying goodbye to you would never be easy
  • You tried your best to keep a brace face on as you held onto Saeran’s hand but the pain of losing the love of your life was too much
  • Saeran smiled weakly at you, stroking your tear-stained cheering loving as he told you his final words
  • “Please, please don’t cry MC. You’ve given me so much happiness, so much support, so much love that for the first time in my life, I enjoyed being alive. Even though I wasn’t good at showing it, I’ll always love you MC, take care of my idiot brother for me and know that I’ll always watch over you.”
  • When Saeran’s hand fell limp to his side, you burst out into even more tears as Seven silently tried to comfort you
  • Anytime that you left the house, which became rarely, you would have an article that Saeran owned with you to remind you that he would truly always be with you


  • Never in his life did Vanderwood believe he would find you, the person he fell in love with
  • He found everything about you endearing, your kind heart, your unique humor, and your patience, especially with a certain idiotic redhead
  • Vanderwood never thought that love would ever come to him but he sincerely enjoyed being with you
  • You knew the risks he faced being a secret agent and every time he went on a mission, you made him promise to return home safely for you
  • He had a particularly long mission coming up, he’d be gone for about three weeks, and it was going to be a dangerous one
  • The day that Vanderwood was suppose to return, you cleaned the house, prepared his favorite meal, and put on a skin-tight outfit that you knew he’d enjoy
  • But when it was almost midnight and he still didn’t return, your anxiety rose until you got a phone call from Seven
  • He didn’t explain much but told you to come to the hospital as soon as possible
  • You ran into the room where Seven told you to find Vanderwood laying down on the bed with an oxygen mask on
  • The doctor came in and explained to you that Vanderwood developed an incurable lung disease that worsened during his mission
  • He then went on to explain that Vanderwood at at most a few days to live, making you crumble to the floor with tears in your eyes
  • Vanderwood took the oxygen mask off and called out to you in a quiet voice, you immediately went to his side as he stroked your hair soothingly
  • “Silly girl, don’t worry about me. I don’t like seeing you with that sad look on so smile for me”
  • So with what little time he had left, you spent every second of it with Vanderwood
  • With what little time you two had left, you would visit Vanderwood everyday to tell him your day, crack some jokes to hear his weak laugh, and even made him a homemade meal
  • Vanderwood smiled more than you’ve ever seen him in the longest time and you couldn’t help but smile back, anything to help ease his pain
  • In just three days, Vanderwood’s health had him clinging to life by a thin thread and you knew deep down that today was his final day
  • You tried your absolute best to keep on a bright smile but your tears couldn’t stop falling but his kind words reassured you
  • “You have the best smile in the world MC. I want you to know that I will always love you no matter what world I’m in. So never stop smiling for me MC, I love you so, so much my dear.“
  • Vanderwood’s eyes closed permanently as you cried into your hands, losing the love of your life was too much for you
  • You kept your promise to Vanderwood, even though it was painful, you smiled especially when you looked at the sky since you knew he would always watch over you no matter where he was
Safe Inside- Jung Hoseok

Request:  Hello!!! I love your work. 😍😍 Is it possible to request your best friend hoseok getting married without knowing you had feeling for him. And when they say “speak now or forever hold your peace” people stand up and tell him that he should marry his true love, you. Hopefully that makes sense.

A/N: Thank you for your request love <3 Hope you like it ^^


Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff, a lil bit angst

Warnings: I hope you don’t cry lol

Word count: 1526

Summary: Best friends should never forget about each other, someone will get hurt that way.

A/N: Based on song- James Arthur- Safe Inside

Originally posted by jinful

“How am I supposed to sit there and be happy?” You whined leaning back on the couch. “You have to y/n. You’re his best friend. You know how disappointed he will be if you don’t go?” Namjoon said sitting next to you. “I know, but it’s hard to look at the person, that you love, getting married.” You covered your face with your hands trying not to cry. “I know y/n, but do it for him. You mean so much to him.” Jimin put his hand on your shoulder. “You can leave right after ceremony. You don’t have to stay.” Taehyung said and everyone agreed. “It hurts so much.” You sobbed wiping single tear away. “I just love him so much.” Boys were already by your side to put you in bear hug. “You’ll be okay. We are going to there with you. You won’t be alone sweetheart.” Jin ruffled your hair making you smile a little.

I remember when you were all mine
Watched you changing in front of my eyes

You were sitting there, looking at the groom nervously standing in front of altar waiting for his future wife. He looked at you and gave you nervous smile and you cracked a smile back through tears. Namjoon who was sat next to you grabbed your hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

Your heart was breaking into tiny pieces. Your childhood best friend. Your love was getting married to someone else.

What can I say
Now that I’m not the fire in the cold

Music started playing, people stood up looking behind. She was beautiful. Just like you remember her. Her dress hugged her curves perfectly. Her hair were put in beautiful bun. She was smiling looking around. You hated her. For taking him away from you. When everyone was standing you were sitting. You didn’t want to look her in the eyes.

Now that I’m not the hand that you hold
As you’re walking away

She reached the altar and joined Hoseok kissing his cheek. When he gave her that bright smile that he used to give you, tears rolled down your cheeks. “Y/n, you okay?” Namjoon whispered into your ear grabbing onto your hand again. You just nodded not taking your eyes off of them.

Will you call me to tell me you’re alright
Cause I worry about you the whole night

He was always the only one for you. When he started dating her you lost the contact with him for a while. You were waiting every night for his text. But he didn’t text you at all. You were always excusing him thinking that maybe he’s busy. But it never was the truth.

Is it time to let go now you’re older
Don’t leave me this way

Celebrant stepped forward smiling warmly. “Dearly beloved, we have come together in the presence of God to witness and bless the joining together of this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony.” As he was speaking more tears started falling down your face. You hung your head low trying not to let out any sobs.

Everyone has to find their own way
And I’m sure things will work out okay
I wish that was the truth

“If any of you can show just cause why they may not be lawfully wed, speak now, or else forever hold your peace.” People started looking around for anyone to speak up. There was no one until Taehyung along with Namjoon stood up making everyone to look at them. “Namjoon what are you doing?” You whispered pulling his sleeve. “Something I should do a long time ago.” He said withing looking at you.

Celebrant was looking at them confused since they didn’t said anything. Thet were waiting for their hyung to look at them. “Namjoon? Taehyung? Why are you standing?” Hoseok was purely confused. “Hyung, there’s other person that loves you truly. All she ever did was love you with her whole heart. I don’t think this is the right girl to stand there.” Namjoon spoke up making people go mad. They were whispering. “Are you crazy? Why are doing it?” You pulled his sleeve again. “Hyung, did you ever asked her why is she marrying you?” Taehyung pointed his hand at the bride that was already looking scared. “Why would I have to ask such stupid question?” Hobi’s face went from confused to angry in matter of seconds.

You stood up looking down. “Because she’s been lying to you for the longest time possible.” You said wiping your wet cheeks. “It’s really pathetic and ridiculous, but she’s been with you only because you were so generous to her. You were buying her all those amazing things. That’s why she stayed with you.” After that you just left your seat to leave this place.

It was suffocating you. You couldn’t breathe. All eyes were on you, but you didn’t really care. You turned around and looked at your best friend. “You grew up so much, Hoseok. I’m so happy I got to see you changing into a man that you are now. I’m glad that I had this chance.” You smiled at him, turned around and left.

If you make the same mistakes
I will love you either way
All I know is that I can’t live without you

You sat down looking at ducks swimming at the pond. Tears were coming out of your eyes incessantly. “I’m sorry Hobi.” You said to yourself putting your face in your hands. “I forgive you, honey.” You heard from behind your back. You turned around and froze. “What are doing here? Where is your wife?” You stood up wiping your cheeks for hundredth time this day. “I was looking for you. I don’t know anyone having this title.” He shrugged coming up to you. “But…why?”

Hoseok chuckled putting you in warm hug. “Hoseok stop it.” You pushed him away. “I thought you love me.” He looked at you surprised. “I-I do love you. But you love her.” You said looking down. “Do I?” He cocked an eyebrow at you.

*Hoseok’s POV*

She left the church with her head hanging low. I looked at boys. They looked angry at some point. I came up to them despite protests from my fiancee or should I say ex-fiancee. “What is all about?” I asked quietly so no one could hear. “You’re telling me that, y/n, my best friend loves me? Since when?” I was literally confused. “Since forever, Hoseok. But you wouldn’t see it because of her.” Yoongi pointed his finger at her making me turn my head. “She got you wrapped around her finger. You were so blind Hoseok. For good three years.” Jin’s face was serious when he looked at me. “Three years?” I asked myself. “You ignored her, hyung. Since this…girl came into your life, you were ignoring y/n. Do you know how much she was hurting? No you don’t because she was more important than everyone else. We spend with her every night when she was crying her eyes out because of you. Hyung, this isn’t your true love.” Jimin said putting hand on my shoulder. “It’s sad that you never saw how hard she was working so you could look at her for just a second. If y/n means anything to you, you better go look for her or she will disappear for ever.” Yoongi nodded his head at me. “Go for God’s sake.” Jin turned me around and pushed forward.

*Y/N’s POV*

Darling, I could never live without you
I can’t live, I can’t live

“Y/n, why you never told me how you felt about me?” He asked grabbing onto your right hand. “I was simply scared.” You said afraid to look up. “Of what?” He grabbed your left hand. “Of rejection. Of losing you.” You finally looked up into his big brow eyes. “Baby, you shouldn’t be scared. You know I will never leave you.” His hand traveled from your hand to your face caressing your cheek gently with his thumb. “You left me, Hoseok. You abandoned me for three years because of this girl.” You whispered at the urge of cry. “I know cutie. I know. I was stupid. I was so blind. And I’m so sorry about this. I should never ignore you, I should’ve be with you. Just as we promised in high school. I promised that I will protect you. And I will, I promise. Just give me another chance. I will make up to you those three years.”

He had tears in his eyes making you let your tears escape. “Please baby, I want to make you happy again. As I used to. Because I love you too.” You widened your eyes. “You…what?” Hoseok chuckled. “I love you too, you idiot.” He kissed your forehead. You ripped your hand away from his and wrapped your arms around his waist. “I’m sorry for letting you hurt so much. It will never happen again. I promise.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

Is it time to let go now you’re older
Don’t leave me this way
I won’t sleep ‘til you’re safe inside

Fortune Teller (Poly!Hamilton Squad x Reader)

Word Count:2,477
Au: Modern / Post High school
Triggers: SMUT, cursing, Alexander Hamilton
Authors Note: I’m sorry but finals have been kicking my ass and this story was dragging forever. Ps. I have never had sex with more than one person so not quite sure what it looks like with 5.
You couldn’t believe it. You can’t fucking believe it. Y/N L/N was going to see a fortune teller. You had joined the ranks of the exact people you made fun of throughout all of high school. You weren’t quite sure why this was something you had to do, but I guess it is your time to do so. At least.. now that Peggy was practically pushing you towards the awkward tent set up in the park. Fortune Tellers. What a load of shit. How could somebody tell your future out of some “magical orb”? You were a psychology major at Kings College and had just learned aviut hiw the brain tricks you into believing “magic” to be real.

“Peggy, do I have too?”you complained. “Of course. I’m going to go first then you will ok?” she replied. You had to admit, for her being the forgotten daughter, she was the most persuasive and most fun to be around. She entered the tent, smiling at you and asking you to wait outside. 2 hours later she slid out of the tent, giggling and blushing.

As you whisper to her, “How was it?” She answered you in giggles and pushed you in. The woman inside was older and was dress in a metallic emerald dress and accessorized in silver. You sat nervously in the chair provided and waited. The woman looked at you, no.. not looked through you. She was looking for something inside of you. She reached for your hands. In a misty voice, “My dear you have been looking for a man to help you feel complete. Correct? Well if you look into my crystal ball you would see that I predict 4 men who will fall in love with you.” You look at her like she is a total lunatic. “Are you serious? I have spent the last 7 years trying to talk to someone to try and start a relationship and I get shot down faster than the Titanic!” you start to get angry with the lady. She shot you a look of understanding. “Sweetheart. I know. But you can’t understand without looking through my crystal ball.”

“If you say so?” You lean forward and gaze into the crystal ball. The milky white seemed to take over your senses. You were frozen, unable to move your arms or legs, only thing capable of moving were your eyes. Out of the mist, you saw a familiar face of an old friend from elementary school. “Is that John Laurens? Hey lady your crystal ball is broken, I know this guy, and hate to be that girl, but there is only one guy here.” Her face swelled in the mist and seemed to seethe with anger, “Just wait girl, you only just started.” The face was wiped out of your view and Laurens slid into the top left corner of your view. Then a new face appeared before you. He was painting flowers on a canvas, then your name is etched into the petals of an elaborate rose. At the bottom of his canvas with such a grace he signed it as Lafayette. His image was swept into the top right as soon as the next figure cane into focus. A man with medium build and a scarf around his forehead was slaving over a mannequin and was making the most beautiful dress you had ever seen. The fabric glimmered like a sapphire in the candle light. He took a step back as a man called out his name, Hercules. Another man entered the field, he was smaller than Hercules,but had a face burned with determination that haunted your heart. Hercules hugged the smaller man, kissed his forehead and said, “Why does it seem like your later every night Alexander?” Alex sighed and just laid into Hercules’ arms. The other two boys merged into this image bringing Lafayette and John into the hug.

The milky void released its hold on you and the woman behind the ball smiles at you. “Go for them, dear. They are waiting.” You run away from the tent and realized it was dark. You checked your phone and noticed it was 11:30 at night and started panicking because Peggy had left without you. You reach for your phone and call John.

“John, I need your help. I’m alone in the park and I’m afraid. Can you please come and pick me up?” you beg. Several voices were heard on the other side of the phone. “Please John?” “I will be there ain’t 8 minutes Y/N.” You stuck your phone into your pocket and hold back your tears.  

8 minutes. Why did 8 minutes seem to drag on for what felt like an eternity? Why did you stay outside in the dark? You heard voices and started panicking, but still waited for John to save you like he always seemed to. Ever since elementary school when he said that he’d prove that you were important to him. Lucky for you John took being your white knight very personally and was there in 5 minutes. He ran across the lawn and you threw yourself into his arms and kissed him as fiercely as your body would allow. “Y/N..wait.” John kissed into your lips as he started to push you away. “John. I know everything. The others and you and.. me… we belong with each other. That crazy lady in the tent just showed me everything.” John smiled and almost cried, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since high school.” He carried you bridal style to his pick up truck. The same car he had used to drive you to school everyday of high school. He sits you in the passenger seat and travels around the car to take a seat in front of the wheel.

You tell him your story and he blushes at the idea of him even being seen in your vision. “When we get to the apartment, let me go first. We have to make this easier on you. 4 guys. Its intense. So I can understand if you want anyone in bed with you, or bot. You can, but we need make sure we don’t force you towards 4 guys in one bed all at first.” John suggests. You nod in response and he squeezes your thigh. You smile at him the same way you have since you met him, but somehow it seems different.

You finally got to the apartment and he asks you to wait outside while he explains the situation to the others. You sit on the floor against the wall and start to panic on whether or not they will accept what have you seen. Then a door opens and a single figure slips through. A slender man with a tight bun on the top of this head. Lafayette.

“Bonjour mi petite ange. Are you ok?” he whispered in a heavy French accent. You weren’t quite sure how to respond so you just nodded your head, completely unaware of the tears that crawled off of your face. His hands reached to either side of your face to wipe the tears away and kissed your forehead. The other 3 boys came outside and watched as Lafayette kissed your forehead delicately.

The boys ushered you inside. Hercules had pulled out a really big tshirt and some boxers for you to put on. He seemed really upset that he couldn’t make you something, but time was the current enemy. Alexander and John had made some hot chocolate for you. And Lafayette had gotten you a cozy blanket to hang out in. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry for putting everyone on the spot like this.” The guys all nodded their heads giving you words of reassurement.

Weeks past and all of the boys had accepted you into the apartment and you officially moved in. The boys made a chart for who got to share the bed with you and who would sleep in the extra rooms. “Guys, isn’t this a little silly?” you would scold. “Y/N we want you to be comfortable and slowly accept all of us.” Alex would continually tell you. “If you say so.” You would always whisper. So first night of the chart was Alexander.

The two of you laid cuddling on the bed watching some cheesy movie about singing cats. You would hold in a snicker whenever Alex would start singing. He would shoot you with his caramel eyes whenever you’d start giggling. “Y/N it’s not very ladylike for you to be laughing at me.” He’d groan. “Oh yeah? What do you know about ladylike?” you sit with your chest against his knees. His senses overwhelm him and causes him to lose all control of his body. You move into his lap seeing an opportunity and started playing with his hair and clinging to his chest. “Oh you poor baby.” You would sigh in an almost mocking tone. “Y/N whatever you are doing, you need to stop, because the others will find ou-” he stops abruptly as you start sucking on his neck innocently. He pushes you away gently and you get a view of the hickeys you have placed on him. “Y/N, whatever you are doing is going to get me in trouble with the other guys.” Alex looked at you with dazed interest. “But Alex…. The chart says I get to choose when.” You whine. “Fine, but you asked for this.” he smirked. You tilt you head in confusion and his mouth latches onto your neck and shoulder. His hands start to roam aimlessly around your body before pinning you down underneath him. “Are you sure you want me to do anything?” he asks quizzically hovering over you. You nod your head, trying not to break contact with his eyes. After coaxing your torso out of your shirt, he lowers a couple of inches and lays with his head on your chest for a minute. He takes your breast into his mouth and starts to suck expertly. You start to moan he stops to put your shirt into your mouth. “We can’t have them hear us, Y/N.” Alex growls. He traces his finger along the length of your body and pulled your waist close to his. You could feel his massiveness against your stomach and gulped. He pushed into you and smiled deviously. “What? Do you want more?” he whispered into your ear.  You shimmy out of your pj pants and wrapped your legs around him. Still fully clothed, he began massaging your vagina with his palm and worked you into a point of being wet. Once he decided you were the right level he stopped and switched out of his clothes. He went back on top of you and slid right into you. He froze in pure bliss and kissed you. “Y/N, Y/N, Jesus Christ.” Your hips start to rock into his and push him further into you. Finally getting the message he slams into you as fast as he can. You whisper, “I’m about to..” He slams into you one last time and you ride the orgasm together.

Just as you two finished, the other three walked in. None of them really noticing what happen, were all saying things like, “We heard slamming”, “Are you two alright?” and other things before realizing that the two of you had sex.

Lafayette, Hercules and John all instinctively stripped down to nothing and crawled into bed with you and Alex. “No no no it’s my night with Y/N back the fuck up!” Alex growled. Laurens sat behind Alex started nibbling his shoulders causing Alex to surrender. Lafayette picks up and pulls you into his lap. He starts to suck on your collarbone and massaging your ass. Hercules sits behind you and moves your hair so that he could bite your shoulder. You tilt your head onto Lafayette’s and enjoy the pleasure these two men were giving you. Hercules pulled you back onto his dick and slammed into your vagina. You moan and lean forward to heighten the pleasure. Lafayette and John switched places and John had taken position in front of you. He was kneeling on the bed with his massiveness erect in front of your lips. You waited a beat and took a deep breath, looking at him with your best begging face. His voice let out his drawl and he whispered, “Well darlin, show me what you can do with that pretty little mouth.” You pull him into your mouth and start sucking furiously. You were sucking the tip as hard as you could before he started thrusting into your mouth. He couldn’t hold back anymore. John seemed to be hellbent on fucking your mouth properly, and wasn’t going to stop until he had finished. Hercules pulled out of you and join Alex and Lafayette who were naked messes and cuddling. John pulled out of your mouth and takes your chin in his hand pulling you up. “Where would you like me to finish, darlin?” he whispered his voice husky and smooth like Jack Daniels. You laid on your back and smiled at him. He took this as a sign and slid his dick into you and slowly as he could. Once he was all the way in, he slowly started rocking his hips against yours, and biting your earlobes. He whispers quietly enough that the boys don’t hear him, “Y/N, I have wanted this since we started middle school. I have always wanted just you Y/N, you have always been the goal.” You wrap you arms around his neck and pull him closer to you. He works his way into you harder and faster with every thrust. Your moans turn into screams that echo through the apartment. You released first and John being sure to finish inside of you with one last thrust slammed into and released inside of you.

The five of you laid in bed cuddling for 20 minutes just enjoying each other’s company. You sat on John’s lap with Alex’s head resting on your thigh. Hercules with his arm around John’s shoulder and Lafayette laying on his lap. Everything seemed perfect for those peaceful twenty minutes. Then Alex refueled his ego and started lecturing, “Wait a second guys it’s my night with Y/N so everyone needs to get out. We were watching an awesome movie and having a good time before you all barged in. I don’t do this to you on your night. Why did you decide all of a sudden that it was fair to do this to me? C'mon guys I have waited long and hard for tonight. Please just go. Gilbert, stop don’t give me those eyes. Stop it. Get on out.”

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: All you wanted was to make a deal and save your boyfriend, but there’s a lot more to your story then you know. He’s waited an eternity for you to find him, but now it may be too late. 

A/N: Contains some violence. Thanks for reading! 


The sky was a brooding grey color and the wind howled as if telling you to turn back and not to follow through with your last ditch effort at saving the only person in the world that you truly loved. The gravel road crunched under your feet as you walked, gripping the small box that held all the items necessary to complete the ritual. Tonight would be the last night of your life, you assumed, as you buried the box beneath the earth there at the crossroads. You prayed that the legends were true and that these items would allow you to sell the only thing you had that was worth saving human life: your soul. You hadn’t wanted it to come to this, but this is what true love was all about right? Sacrificing all you had for the one you loved? There was no other way. It had to be done.

You and your boyfriend Trey had been together for four years and he was really your only lifeline to the world. Without him, you thought, life wouldn’t be worth living and so you convinced yourself that this was your only option if you wanted him to get better. He had been sick for a few months now and the doctors said he had mere weeks until the disease took him for good.

Begrudgingly, you got up from the ground and looked around for the creature you knew would be meeting you here shortly, shivering in the cold autumn wind.

Just as you thought that maybe this process really was an old wives tail, a raspy voice sounded from behind you, making you turn your head to find its speaker.

“Now what’s a healthy young girl like you doing at a crossroad?” The man was tall and much more handsome than you anticipated, with dark hair and tan skin complete with deep brown eyes and a pearly white smile.

“I’m here t-to make a deal.” You stuttered, practically trembling in your shoes.

“Well what can I get you beautiful? Eternal youth? A bigger house? A lover?” He smirked cheekily but your face remained set into a frown.

“My boyfriend’s dying. I want to save his life.”

His face fell for a brief moment, although he quickly regained composure and continued with his taunting. “Oh she’s the noble type?” He laughed, flashing you his white smile. “Well love, I can certainly save your boy for you, but it’s going to cost you.”

“I’ll give you anything.”

“Perfect. I’ll save your boyfriend and he’ll live a long and happy life. Unfortunately it won’t be with you though because I’ll be collecting your soul here shortly.”

“I’ve accepted that.” You chuckled halfheartedly.

“What? No begging? You could at least try and make this fun for me.”

“Could I at least see him one more time? You know, before you drag me to hell?” You cringed at the thought, but hoped that he would let you see your beloved boyfriend up and healthy again before you were gone from his life forever.

“Sure sweetheart, why not. So, I suppose that means your decision is final?” You could say he looked hopeful that you were willing to grant him your soul, and the thought made you cringe. But it was too late to pull back now. Trey needed you, and you were always one to help the ones you loved.

“It is.” You whispered, almost inaudibly, but the handsome demon grinned nonetheless.

“Then we’ll have to seal it with a kiss sweetheart. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating if you do it for the right reasons.” He wiggled his eyebrows and if the situation had been any less dire, you might have cracked a smile.

“Okay.” A single tear rolled down your cheek at the thought leaving Trey, but you wiped it from your face and stood tall as the demon boy loomed over you, his plump lips ghosting over your own. In one swift movement, he gripped the back on your neck and pulled you into him, crashing his lips with yours. The kiss didn’t feel supernatural, except for the fact that this boy was really great at it, but the idea that this single kiss was changing your life forever was almost too much to handle. With a loud sob, you pushed him away and he stumbled backwards slightly before touching his lips and furrowing his eyebrows together, but his confused expression vanished as soon as you noticed it.

“Well shall we go heal your boy or what?” His voice was shaky, much different from the cocky manner he had been exhibiting the entire night.

“Yes please.”

“My name’s Calum by the way.”

“Y/N.” You mumbled in reply as he took your hand, signifying that he would take you to see your boyfriend.

“Well Y/N, just close your eyes and we’ll be there in no time.”


You wished you could take it all back. You wished you hadn’t been so stupid as to believe in true love and to believe that one selfless sacrifice would fix everything. But it was too late now.

Calum had taken you directly outside yours and Trey’s shared apartment where you had allowed him to come inside so that he could perform whatever it was he needed to so that the love of your life would be healed. But upon entering your home,  you hadn’t been met with your boyfriend’s smiling face welcoming you into his arms. Instead he had been out of breath and naked, lying beneath a beautiful bronze skinned woman who was equally as naked as he was. He barely even noticed you come in.

You didn’t even hear his words as he tried to apologize, mumbling some incoherent apology and that he had been meaning to tell you for awhile now. They had been planning to run away together before he had fallen ill, but since the diagnosis he saw no point in soiling your memory of him. But now, he was miraculously healed he said, as if the Lord himself had descended from the heavens and driven the sickness from his body. If only he knew that it was no act of God that had saved him, but the sale of your soul to a brown eyed demon that cured him.

You could barely stand. You could barely breath. You had sacrificed your life, your soul, for someone who had no intention to love you at all and now you would pay the price for your foolishness.

Calum guided you out of your old apartment, back into the night air.

“I’m sorry.” He said, but you knew he didn’t mean it.

“What do you care? You harvested a soul either way.” You sobbed, the tears still streaming from your eyes like a floodgate had been opened.

“Betrayal is the ultimate sin where I’m from. There is no forgiveness for betrayal and I would not wish it upon anyone. Especially you. But what’s done is done and now I have to collect.” He spoke somberly and you closed your eyes,willing the tears to stop.

“I’m ready.”

He smirked. “Well sweetheart I actually have some good news for you.” He smiled but you stared at him blankly, forcing him to continue. “Lucky for you I don’t have to bring your soul to hell. Instead, you belong to me now.” He stepped closer to you, taking your chin in his hands and tracing his thumb over your bottom lip.

“I don’t understand I thought you were just a crossroads demon?”

Calum lifted a piece of your hair out of the way and whispered in your ear. “See that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart. I’m much, much more than that.”


There were a lot of things you wish you would’ve known before you had made that life altering deal with Calum and the fact that he was the right hand man to the devil himself was one of those things. Calum had explained that he was second in command, right under Lucifer, and that he controlled most of the demonic things that happened on earth.

“Lucifer controls hell, but I control the earthly domain.”

“So why were you sent to the crossroads that night? Isn’t that just dirty work for a big shot like you?” You rolled your eyes, not caring whether or not you pissed him off. What’s the worst thing that could happen right? He already owned your soul.

“That’s a conversation for another time, love.” And that’s the only answer you ever got from him. You asked him the question often, but he would always evade the answer telling you that he didn’t have to tell you anything or that all would reveal itself in time, but never a real answer no matter how many times you asked him.

In the weeks following, it was rare that Calum ever allowed you to leave his side. He only left you alone either to return to hell or to deal with a problem that he didn’t think concerned you-neither of which occurred often enough for you liking. He would leave you locked in his room of the small apartment he kept you in when he left, threatening you to stay put with eternal damnation or something similar. Though when he was around he tended to keep to himself, only ever talking to you when he was inquiring about what kind of food you wanted to eat or if you were comfortable enough. He was surprisingly kind for someone who was supposed to be second in command to a legion of demons, you thought, and you kept waiting for him to pull out a bunch of torture devices and do a number on you. But to your surprise, and also to your delight, he never did. Instead, he would cover you with an extra blanket when he thought you were cold, buy your favorite snacks from the store, and allow you to watch whatever you wanted on TV. There was something up and you just weren’t buying his nice guy act. He was a demon from hell for christ’s sake.
He had just come back to the small apartment he had for you and had just sat down onto the worn couch when he noticed you narrowed eyes.


“What’s going on Calum?”

“I already told you, you belong to me and that’s all there is to it.” He sighed, his eyes never fully meeting yours.

You raised your voice at him. “No there has to be something else. You’re being too nice to me for someone who supposedly helps rule hell and happens to own my soul.” You shouted.

All of a sudden, Calum shot up, his arm extending and his hand reaching for your throat as his eyes melted into the soulless black that he had yet to show you. His face was a centimeter from yours, his expression hard as he shoved his body on top of yours and pushed you into the cushions. You had never seen his eyes turn black before and it absolutely terrified you. It reminded you that no matter how nice he may seem he would always be the demon that took your soul.

“Is this what you want? You want me to hurt you? To drag you to hell?” His voice was sinister, but with a hurt undertone, almost as if he were a broken hearted lover. “You would rather die and be tortured eternally than be with me? Is that what you want?” He growled, his black eyes raging and his hand tightening around your neck. 

“C-Cal p-please.” You choked, the air dissipating from your lungs as his grip grew even tighter. Your pleading eyes met his completely black ones, and as a single tear escaped from your eye he seemed to snap back to reality. His eyes turned back into the deep brown and his grip immediately loosened.

“I-I hurt you.” He stuttered, brows furrowing as deep purple fingerprints began to form on your delicate skin. “I’m never supposed to hurt you, that’s not how it works. I must be getting worse, I-I…” He muttered, getting up from the couch and taking a few steps back from you.

“What do you mean you’re not supposed to?” You asked, but he was too lost in thought to answer. “Calum just tell me-” He cut you off as he swooped back in towards your neck, his lips suckling on your now sensitive skin. He brushed his fingers over your jawline as the sucking turned into kisses. Immediately, the pain you had felt from his chokehold vanished, the bruises fading until, to your amazement, your skin turned back to its original color.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “It’s not supposed to go like this. But I guess that’s why the heavens are against us right?” He chuckled.

“What do you mean heaven is against us?”

Calum smiled softly, gazing deep into your eyes as he stroked your bottom lip. “Oh my sweet, sweet, naive little girl. How innocent you’ve always been.” You laid your hand over his as he stroked your face, but you still couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Calum just help me understand. If I’m going to be bound to you eternally, you might as well let me know what’s going on.” You reasoned just as Calum’s eyes fluttered closed and he let out a prolonged sight.

“Okay I’ll tell you everything. But no interruptions okay? I won’t be able to go on if you interrupt me.” You nodded your head in agreement and he began his story.

“You’ve heard the story of how demons were created right? Lucifer tried to rebel against God, so in return he kicked him and all his followers out of heaven to live eternally in hell and wreak havoc on the earth?” You nodded. “Well, he also decided to kick out those who couldn’t decide where their loyalties lay quick enough.” He grunted, and you almost said something before he continued. “Angels are supposed to love God and only God. We are not allowed to feel any other emotion with the exception of guardian angels to their assignments. For us, that’s where things went wrong. You were so beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself. Long story short, we fell in love, therefore breaking the only rule known to angels. We were able to keep it hidden on for awhile, but you can’t hide anything from God.” He sighed, running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. 

“Wait me? What are you talking about I was never-”

“I said no interruptions darling.” He raised his eyebrows at you and you shut your mouth, hoping he would continue. “He didn’t want to punish you as harshly as the rest of us. You were a prize, even amongst angels and no one wanted to see you descend to hell. So while the rest of us fell from heaven, our wings ripped out or blackened, you were given a second chance. You were always hesitant about disobedience anyways, but some people are just made for each other.” He chuckled, moving a stray piece of hair from your face. “Fortunately for us, God does still have his moments. They don’t call him omnibenevolent for nothing. So he gave us a loophole. He would allow you to live as a human, reincarnated every so often, but without any of your memories of me or of heaven and I would be forced to live under Lucifer’s reign as a demon and watch you live your life without me.”

“How is that merciful?” You scoffed, but he only rolled his eyes.

“You really have a hard time not asking questions.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled, and he grinned.

“The loophole is this. If ever you were to summon me and try and make a deal, then immediately your soul would be bound to mine again like it was before we were cast out.  However, in order for your memories to be returned you would have to willingly fall in love with me again.” He stared bashfully at the ground. He didn’t look like the type to ever be shy, but here he was with his cheeks bright red as he told you that you would have to love him in order to be set free.  

“So it’s all up to me then?” You whispered, shocked that there was a whole part of your life, or your many lives and existences, that had been kept hidden from you for so many years. 

“As it’s always been.”He smiled softly, looking at you like you were once again the angel he had fallen in love with up in heaven. And in his mind, you still were.

“And you’re telling me that in the millennium we’ve apparently been around this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make a deal with a demon?”

“You’ve always been pure like that. I guess that’s what the big man was counting on when he created the loop hole.” Calum scowled. “And of course you finally do and it’s to save another man. I’d kill him if I could for what he did to you, but I can’t say I’m not pleased you’re no longer attached to him.”

You had been trying to push the thought of your cheating scum of an ex-boyfriend to the back of your mind, but you had to admit the thought of his seemed so distant now that you knew the truth. “So if I fall in love with you again, then we both go back to heaven?” You inquired.

“I’m not sure really. I doubt either of us would ever be reinstated, but I do know that we could go free. I’m not sure what happens after that.” He scratched the back of his neck, and you could’ve sworn it wasn’t the first time you’d seen it. Like a flash of lightening, or something even quicker, a memory popped back into your head. He was perched on a branch in a fruit tree, offering you a ripe, round peach with a delicate smile, only this time he had  beautiful, white wings cascading from his shoulder blades and a golden halo hovering above his dark locks. He was stunning and as you took the fruit, he lifted his hand back to scratch his neck before leaning in and whispering in your ear. “I’ll love you for eternity my sweet, sweet angel.”

A loud knock on the apartment door pulled you from your thoughts, and as quickly as the memory had appeared, it was gone again. You looked to Calum and for the first time, you saw a glint of fear in his brown eyes.

“There’s one more thing.” His voice decreased into a whisper. “Your soul isn’t just a ticket for you and I to be free. Legend says that a pure angel who has walked the earth on her own will be the key for any demon to escape hell forever. A lot of people think that’s you which means…”

“That I’m essentially a get out of hell free card.” You finished for him. “Lovely.”

The knocks persisted, turning into heavy pounding before a sickly voice sounded from the other side.

“Calum I know you’re in there. Don’t be selfish boy, why don’t you help an old friend out.” The voice sent chills down your spine, like a cube of ice had been shoved down your shirt and was sliding down your skin.

“We have to run.” Calum sounded distressed as he took your hand and pulled you towards the fire escape in a haste.

“Who is that?” You whimpered as Calum pulled you behind him protectively, checking out the window to see if the coast was clear.

“That, my love, is Death. And it looks like he’s come for us after all.”


Part 2


For You (Gladio Amicitia)

I finally did it! …Sorta…

I have been struggling with writer’s block for weeks with no end and I had just really wanted to write something but I just couldn’t even start a work. Well, I still having trouble, so I pulled up this old piece from April and I decided that I was going to finish it. I know it’s been a while, but please don’t lose faith in me, know that I’m always working on something to deliver to you all! 

****Side Note: Spoilers for Episode Gladiolus!****

Word Count: 2536

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British Invasion | 8

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: Getting closer to finding out what happened in London that made them come home!!! Riley also finally apologizes to Lucas for how she acted in Texas. 
Chapter Eight: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Word Count: 3,823


Riley stared at her father in horror as he silently walked across the living room to her. He looked disheveled, his hair was more unruly than usual and his normally expressive eyes looked like they had sunken in significantly. She swallowed hard, now very aware that Sam’s hands were still holding her. She nudges him off, terrified that her father would chase him out of the building or kick him out and tell him to get lost but the closer Cory gets the easier it is to see that he was looking right through them.

He walks past the startled teens, not saying one word as he saunters over to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a large gulp before turning to face them again. He pinches the bridge of his nose taking a deep breath before he addresses them.

“How long are you here for, Sam?” He asks, now massaging his temples in attempt to relieve some tension.

Sam stumbles over his words for a minute, trying not to freak out as the father of the girl he was just kissing glared at him from across the room. “Um, just for the weekend sir. I’ll be gone on Monday.”

“Topanga know you’re here?” Cory asks, taking another big gulp of his water bottle.

“Yes sir.” Sam nods, “She made up the guest room for me.” He adds in, hoping that’ll put the man’s mind at ease. He didn’t want him to think that he and Riley were sharing a bed, or even a room.

“Why don’t you go on over to bed.” Cory motions to the door. “I need to speak to my daughter.”

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Little darling - tom holland

Pitter patter, the rain splashed off the window. You sat in your warm bed in your dressing gown, with a cuppa tea and a re-run of friends that played quietly from your tv. You were sick. You had just gotten warm and tried to distract yourself with one of your favourite shows when tom walked in the room, he had just come home from a long magazine shoot.

“Oh love you look so poorly” he spoke, his voice full of sorrow. You rolled your eyes cause that’s what every girl wants to heart isn’t it. He playfully rolled his eyes too, over exaggerating your actions, a small smile played across your lips. He jumped into bed beside you and then wrapped you in a tight embrace.

“How about we turn the tv and the lights off? We can light some candles and play some music. we can just talk, maybe cuddle” he suggested hoping it would cheer you up, he hated seeing you sad. When you were sad so was he and even though It didn’t happen very often anymore, when it did, it really struck him. Like when he’d have to leave or have to spend extra time somewhere or even having to cancel plans. Of course you were always understanding but it saddened you that your boyfriend couldn’t spend time with you. A wide smile swept across your face. You nodded maybe 50 times cause that was everything you needed right now, time with tom. He chuckled and walked over to turn everything off, he lit some candles and he searched his phone for some music. Sure you’d prefer the radio or a record but at least this way you could choose the songs. Music played quietly and you talked for hours, it was like the first time you started dating all over again. This was a feeling you couldn’t replace, you loved spending time with tom. His eyes lit up with every story you told and he listened so intently. When you spoke his eyes always stared right into yours causing you to be carried away with whatever you were saying like some sort of trance and that trance, that spark, that magic was undeniably love. The song moved onto the next and “here comes the Sun” played through the speakers at the bottom of his iPhone. He smiled and looked towards you as he sang the words to you and you felt every word make your spirits lift, it was almost as if you weren’t ill.

“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter. Little darling it feels like years since it has been here. Here comes the Sun, here comes the Sun and I say it’s all right” he couldn’t stop smiling. This was the most perfect thing to you, this moment was a blessing. You don’t know why but tears prickled your eyes causing them to sting, you don’t know why this was making you so emotional but it was.

“Little darling the smiles returning to the faces” he sang and stroked your cheek with his thumb. He placed a soft kiss on your lips and a tear fell from your left eye.

“Hey hey, why are you crying sweetie?” He seemed concerned. He wiped away the single tear and pulled you close, rubbing your back in circles.

“I just really love you, that’s all” you smiled from ear to ear, you were glad to have tom back. Your tom back. He smiled and let out a small chuckle.

“I really love you too”

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Headcanon time!

ᴬᶜᵗᵘᵃᶫᶫʸ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶦˢᶰ’ᵗ ᵃ ʰᵉᵃᵈᶜᵃᶰᵒᶰ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶫʸ ᵃˢ ᶦᵗ’ˢ ᵖᵃʳᵗ ᵒᶠ ʰᶦˢ ᵖᵃˢˢᶦᵛᵉ ᶦᶰ⁻ᵍᵃᵐᵉ ⁻ ᵇᵘᵗ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵖᵒᵖᵖᵉᵈ ᶦᶰᵗᵒ ᵐʸ ᵐᶦᶰᵈ ˢᵒ ᶦ ᵐᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵃˢ ʷᵉᶫᶫ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᶦᵗ ʰᵘʰ

Jhin is an awfully good runner. His athletic build with those long legs and how he gets “inspired” makes him extremely nimble; if the victim tries to escape, he is able to easily chase and run them down, actually getting ahead to kill them.

It’s not just that he’s fast but also has the stamina to run for a pretty long time, much like a wolf chasing its prey. Also has the advantage of being ranged, traps and the immobiliser ray of magic he shoots with his cane.

The headcanon part is that he doesn’t just work on ground level but he would also scale buildings. While he isn’t too agile he could still get over fences a bit taller than him, and could climb up on the rooftops for a better view and shot, even fully armored. Mind, this isn’t ninjalike level agility at all, he needs objects he can jump/step onto, and is constricted by his gear and lack of that type of skill. Think of army level platforming, not that bs Talon can do, if you know what I mean. He can jump high and long, but no acrobatics.

Before taking any action, Jhin would scout the area thoroughly where he wants to put his stage onto, memorising every object of interest he can use, where and how he can climb up, viewpoints, secret routes, hiding spots he can squish his scrawny body in case things go sour. He’d map hidden trading routes, surroundings of farmsteads so he could catch his unsuspecting victims by surprise. He’d place traps in choking points or escape routes, mark distances with lanterns. He’d have to test every risky move or jump since he won’t have depht perception (one of his eye is covered) at the time of action.

Just imagine, you run for your life, wounded severely already, and no matter how you try to run, you can hear his (intentionally) heavy footsteps and steadily kept breathing behind you. Suddenly things go oddly silent. You look around, he’s nowhere to be seen. Did you manage escape the monster, this masked nightmare?

And then you hear the *clack clack* of armored boots running above the roofs. You get a terrifying glimpse of his crooked silhouette before he lands in front of you onto his hand and knee, the way we can all see when he arrives on base in-game. Straightening up, he dusts off his flowing, gold-trimmed cloak. The single eye studying you is the only indicator that this thing is human - but it’s glowing crimson from the channeled magic, and it’s shining is maliciously intelligent that is of a demon. “The Art cannot be escaped.” He laughs condescendingly. His masks muffle and echo his voice, the carved smile makes your blood freeze.

Too Much Drama Mama

Dean x Reader, Best Friend!Sam x Reader 

Request By Anon: heeey, so, you must be quiet fed up with all the dean x reader requests, but i just can’t help it, i love that man and your writing so much D: may I request one where the reader lives in the bunker and mary has a conflict with her and wants the boys to kick the reader out but they refuse and ask mary to leave instead if the reader bothers her so much? maybe dean x reader + best!friends reader/sam? you can write it whenever you feel about it, i’d be so happy~

Warnings: Drama, Mary being rude to reader, fight between boys and Mary, Language. 

*Unedited- apologies for any spelling/grammar errors, and/or anything that’s funky in it haha.* 

Also, Requests are back open :) 

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A Dude and His Dog [10/10]


Nigou had never known that just the act of panting could make him tired. His tongue was beginning to feel dry from the amount of air blowing past his lips with each breath and the promise of water seemed to be the sweetest in his mind, but the bowl was just so far away. There was some moisture on his face, probably leaking from his eyes, so he licked that up the best he could instead. It didn’t help much.

“Nigou, I’m home.”

He was pretty sure that was Kuroko calling out, followed by the sound of the front door slamming shut. He lifted his tail, thumping it heavily against the floor in a couple of wags before pausing for another breath. He couldn’t lift his head.


Nigou wasn’t sure if the soft whimper that followed was from him or not, but he knew it had gotten Kuroko’s attention. He was next to him in an instant, kneeling down to get a better look at his best friend. Nigou could feel textured fingers gently brushing through his fur, wiping away the streaks of tears that had accumulated near his snout. It was a pretty great feeling.

Nigou wasn’t stupid. He knew what was going on.

So did Kuroko.

“Come on, boy,” he whispered, gently lifting Nigou off his position on the floor.

Despite him being so much bigger than what he had been when they’d first met, Kuroko was still easily able to lift Nigou. Maybe it helped that Nigou hadn’t been able to take a single bite of food all day. Maybe he was lighter?

Setting Nigou down on his favorite couch—the one he hadn’t been allowed to sit on for so long—Kuroko began to brush through some of the matts in his fur. It felt heavenly and, if he hadn’t been so tired, Nigou was sure his tail would be thumping wildly against the couch cushions. Instead, he let out a soft sound of approval.

“Hey, Nigou?”

Glancing up at the boy, no longer a boy but something much older, Nigou could tell neither of them had much time left together. Letting out a huff, one that made Kuroko laugh despite the tears in his eyes, he let his boy speak.

“It’s okay to let go.”

Letting his eyes slip shut, Nigou was sure it had become night. He could no longer see a light signaling for him to wake his boy up, so, taking one last breath, he lay his head to sleep.

“Good dog, Nigou.”

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New World Part II

Anonymous said:

Could you do something jug x reader, where jug is really getting into serpent life and is starting to stray away from the reader. But the reader stops putting effort into their relationship and slowly drifts away but jug begins to notice and does something about it? With lots of fluff??? Pretty pls 💚💚💚💚

Anonymous said:

Hello there I was wondering if you could do a part 2 to your “New World” imagine like THE CLIFF HANGER KAOSNDKDNHSUSN btw I love your work 💖 KEEP IT UP

Anonymous said:

Serpent jughead is so hot

Summary: Jughead is adjusting to life without y/n and starts to go off the rails.

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