these boots are made for walking

Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

Outside the sky was was dark with only the moon reflecting the light on the earth.  Rick stood awake at his bedroom window thinking about is conversation with Michonne.  Things were more clear to him now than ever before, he had to do something now before things change.  Rick made his way to Michonne’s room.  She was lying in bed, her face was peaceful. He debated on letting her sleep, but he had to do this now, or else he may never get it done.  He walked to her bed and gently tapped her shoulder awake.  Her eyes opened immediately and looked at him with concern. He put a finger on his mouth signaling her to not say anything.   He passed her her boots and katana. She put them on preparing for battle.  Taking her hand he led her out of her room then into the quiet darkness of the night.  Rick led her to the Alexandria gates and Michonne’s anxiety began to grow. Rick gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and she followed as they exited the walls. Keeping an eye out for any walkers Rick led Michonne further into the woods.  It was dangerous to do this at night, but he could not wait any longer.  After a while they came to a small abandoned cabin.  It was empty and clear.  Rick walked inside and Michonne followed him in and he shut the door behind her.  
“What is going on Rick?” Michonne finally asked.  The only light shining in was from the moon outside.  
“I brought you out here to tell you something.” Rick said looking in her eyes.
“Why here? You could have told me back at the house.” she said perplexed.
“No, I couldn’t.” Rick said.  He paused and thought about his next words carefully. “I brought you out here, outside of those walls because out here is where I fell in love with you.” Michonne stared blankly, the confusion left her face and he continued. “Closed in, in those walls I was not me. What I did, that is not me, and you knew it and you still was with me. I just needed to get you out here alone, without other people, where I see and think clearly. I love you Michonne, I always have.  I think I knew it deep down but I did not know how to say it. So now I am before its too late.” he kept his eyes on her to see her reaction.
Michonne took her katana off her back and dropped it down to her side.  She looked back up at Rick who was nervously fidgeting with his fingers like he usually does when he feels vulnerable.  She took a few steps forward closing the gap between them.  She studied his face, reaching in she touched his cheek feeling rough stubble growing in.  He closed his eyes and leaned down touching his forehead with hers. She moved her arms around him and he put his around her.  Michonne lifted her head and met his lips, together they shared their first kiss, in the dark of the night, where they fell in love.

Snoot P’Loobum

“Don’t ever call me ‘Sloat’ or ‘Pibbo’ None of my friends call me ‘Sloat’ or ‘Pibbo’ at all. So don’t do that ever again. How dare you. Put on your coat and pants back on, and lace up your boots, and walk straight out of that door over there. DO not ever think of setting foot in my gum and clocks mansion, which is made entirely out of gum and clocks, ever again, until you have given this some serious thought.”


Reaching For The Thigh…

On days when I am off duty, I often reach out for an all black ensemble.

It is simple, has a clean aesthetic and looks chic.

To add that WOW factor, I like to throw in some statement pieces.

Enter the statement necklace and thigh high boots.

Necklace - So African, T-Shirt - General Pants Co, Leggings - Cotton On, Boots - Stuart Weitzman