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the fact that it’s the exact same pose. i just had to.

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aaaayyyyyy...did you see the photos from the howler con of tyler hoechlin & co laughing over his instagram "twin"???? do you know who that instagram twin is? cuz i need to investigate if there are 2 ppl walking the earth that look like that. (btw...u & ur blog are amazeballs) xx

I did see something about that! I have no idea who the “twin” could be, though, sorry. I don’t have an instagram and I’m not sure what fandom’s like over in that corner of the ‘net :P

Maybe some of my followers know more, though?

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Can you do an appartment preference for the OGOC- like where you would live and a few rooms? Thanks babe- Your blog is amazeballs

Doing it right now

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aaaa i love this blog its so cute and amazeballs and just aaaa!!! i love ur art, what program and brushes do u use? *-*

Aaaa thank you so much <3

I’m from the old times when we didn’t have Sai’s or Krita’s or ClipStudio’s so the best option was Photoshop, and then I never bothered to switch ot better alternatives. I’ve used tons of versions throughout the years (Wacom tabelts used to come with versions of Photoshop element, and CS2 was given out for free in the past, and I got CS5 from *cOUGH COUGH*) and they’re all basically the exact same.

I use this brush called Spatter 24 pixels.  It’s a basic brush in all versions of Photoshop, I believe. I never use the larger ones, I just blow up the brush way bigger than it should ever be. XD which makes it kinda blurry but oh well. The only thing I do with it is add shape dynamics so it’s affected by pen pressure.

Annd then I slap on this texture (which is free to use): 

Set the layer mode of the texture layer to soft light, lower the opacity a tad,

and bam, done! :D

I’m sure you can recreate the same effect with any art program since its so simple, so go wild and experiment! <3

Christmas Truth or Dare

I was fortunate enough to get our-destinies-entwined for my Secret Santa. I was thrilled, especially considering her amazeballs blog is the entire reason I joined tumblr in the first place. You asked for a naughty Christmas fic so hopefully, this Secret Santa delivered!

*         *          *

Abbie had pulled up to the cabin at the beginning of sunset Christmas night, planning on keeping Ichabod’s mind off of Katrina’s departure and Henry’s disappearance. She didn’t know how but she knew that whatever she did, rum would be involved. She cared about Ichabod too much to let him celebrate alone. She had planned on keeping his mind occupied; she just didn’t realize how occupied she would keep him.

*          *          *

“What was your favorite thing to do on Christmas as a kid, Crane?”

Ichabod smiled, a distant look clouded over his eyes as he thought about his past.

“We’d tell some of the most disturbing ghost stories imaginable. They were terrifying enough to put your favorite Mama to shame.”

Abbie scoffed and made a face. “Ghost stories? Who tells ghost stories on Christmas day?”

“The English have held a long standing tradition of telling ghost stories on the Eve of the holiday.”

Abbie cringed at the thought of hearing the tale of The Ring being told to children as part of Christmas Eve. She couldn’t imagine sending kids to bed with visions of evil things crawling in their heads instead of dancing sugar plums.

“Uh…no. What else you got?” Ichabod grew quiet for a moment as he sat across from Abbie on the floor of the cabin beneath the Christmas tree.

“Games. We’d often play charades to pass the time.” They had already given charades a go once and it didn’t turn out well. She wanted something that would keep him on his toes and hopefully from thinking about Katrina and she thought she had the perfect idea. Grabbing the bottles of rum that she’d brought with her, she shook them at Ichabod.

“Have you ever played truth or dare?”

*          *          *

He watched as Abbie tried everything she could to take his mind off of what she assumed would consume him this holiday. He could see the determination in her eyes to make sure that he enjoyed his Christmas – that he felt needed and loved. How he wished he could tell her that she was all he craved. How he longed to let her know that she had long since made any notion of Katrina fade from his mind. How he yearned to show her just how he planned to worship her.

But he couldn’t. He would never dare to tell her that he was in love with her.

*          *          *

When did we finish that bottle of rum? Explaining the nuances and point of truth or dare to Ichabod had taken the better part of ten minutes. Once he’d gotten a firm grasp on it however, they were off on a back and forth battle of truth or dare mixed with a decent amount of rum. Out of the three bottles that she had brought with her, they had somehow managed to go through one and half already.

“Truth or dare, Miss Mills?”


“I dare you to…” Ichabod tapped his chin trying to think of something decently embarrassing but nothing over-the-top, “flap your arms and cluck like a chicken.”

Abbie acquiesced, giving it her all. She collapsed in a laughing heap on the floor across from Crane who had doubled over at the sight of her. After taking another hearty sip or rum, it was Abbie’s turn to take control.

“Truth or dare, Crane?”


“Do you ever think about me when you’re alone?” The question spilled out before Abbie even had a chance to contemplate what she was asking. She sat stunned, looking at the expression on Ichabod’s face which had gone from shocked to distant.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I asked that. Let me ask you something else inste…”

“Yes.” He said it so softly she wasn’t sure if she imagined his response or if he had actually answered her.

“Wait. Did you just say yes? That you…thought about me?”

“You had your question. I believe it’s my turn now Miss Mills. Truth or dare?”

Abbie sat in stunned silence, shaking her head to clear away the buzz that ran through her brain before she answered. “Truth.”

“Do you think of me Abbie? When you’re alone and in the dark yearning for something that you can’t name; do you think of me?” Ichabod had abandoned his rum. The only thing left to intoxicate him now was Abbie. The scent of her jasmine perfume mixed with the pine from the Christmas tree and the cedar of the cabin – filling his nose and sending him on a sensory overload. He watched a battle ensue on her features; fear, hope and desire clashed for supremacy. He held his breath in anticipation of her answer.

Abbie closed her eyes and took a deep breath before looking at him. Should she tell him that she would often wake up in the middle of the night with her hand between her legs, imagining that her fingers were his stroking her until her body hummed?

Would she ever be able to look him in the eye again if he knew how often she had thought about his beard scraping her skin as he lavished each of her breasts with his lips? Could she tell him how she had imagined riding him – his one hand cupping her ass while the other rubbed her clit, making them both scream as she felt him come inside of her?

She didn’t know if it was the alcohol making her this bold or the fact that this moment was a long time coming but it didn’t matter. She had started this line of questioning and she was determined to finish it. “Constantly.”

Ichabod’s breathing became more shallow and rapid and his lips parted and he stared at her from across the small space between them. He could see a flush creep up her neck to her cheeks and he wished that he could kiss its trail.

“Truth or dare?”


If she asked this, they would be past the point of no return. There wouldn’t be any turning back for them, but she was willing to take the chance.

“What are you doing to me when you think of me Ichabod?”

His name falling from her lips sent shivers throughout him. They so rarely called each other by name that each moment was like a silky kiss across the skin. He could feel his prick begin to strain against his pants and judging from the look on her face and how she licked her lips, Abbie could as well. He ran his hands up and down his thighs slowly, drawing her eyes to his body.

“That depends. There are times when I close my eyes and I am simply holding you, kissing the line of your elegant neck and nibbling your ear. Other times, your legs are wrapped tightly around my waist and I thrust into your silky wet sex, making you climb higher and higher in ecstasy.”

Ichabod watched as Abbie’s lids fluttered, he breath hitching at his descriptions, her hands wandering seemingly of their own volition across her body. Her lips parted and he watched jealously as her tongue darted out to taste them.

“There are times still when my head is buried at your apex, determined to lap and suck every ounce of you that I can until I hear you scream my name and feel you shudder around my fingers.”

Abbie was strung tighter than a bow. She had fantasized about the feel of Ichabod next to her, on her and in her – but she never thought he would ever return the sentiment. Hearing him explain in lurid detail what he wanted to do to her set fire to her blood. She wanted to lung across the empty rum bottles and presents and touch every part of him until she had him memorized but she held back. After all, this was just a game, right?

Clearing his throat and ever so slowly adjusting himself in front of her, knowing that she would watch his hands as they moved, it was his turn to ask: “Truth or dare, Abbie?”

“Dare” she whispered, barely able to contain herself.

“I dare you to come and let me show you how I’ve thought about you.”

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I'd like to second what the previous sweetheart anon said and shower you with some more love and affection because we greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog. *Tackle hugs.* You're amazeballs, man! Don't forget to stay hydrated and keep a snack or two with you. xx.

Thank you so much! I still take your other compliment to heart, love! It makes me so happy when you send me stuff like this.

Never Leave Your Side - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)



1.)    Hey, um first off your blog is amazeballs and I was wondering if you could do a Fred imagine where he lives, you can do your own thing with it so long as he lives 👍🏼 stay awesome sauce

2.)    I’d do anything if you make Fred weasley survive the battle of hogwarts plsss


y/n’s pov-

Screams echoed through the corridors like a clap in a never ending tunnel. They sounded on and on forever and right when the first one ended, a second one came not long later. People were dying, while others were killing. The destruction surrounding me was continuously piling up at and outrageous speed.

As I sprinted down the clustered hallway leading to my old house common room, I took a quick peak to my back side and sighed in relief to find it deserted. Though that didn’t settle my nerves for long when I came to realization a familiar, warm, light hearted, and humorous presence was no longer present. My boyfriend of four years, Fred Weasley, was nowhere to be seen but yet another ear piercing scream hollowed out. A blanket as cold as ice overtook my actions making me freeze in my spot, glued to the ground.

“Fred!” Craning my neck to the side I glanced around the empty walkway waiting for something, anything to give me a smidge of hope or direction.  When no response came, fear swept my insides causing me to sprint back into the destruction called war, heading straight for the middle. There stood Fred and George back to back fighting off a pair of death eaters from either side cornering them in. George’s face burn with determination while Fred’s was more flustered and lost looking.  Fred’s eyes were that of a wild animal in search for something they misplaced and longed for.

Raising my wand to the death eater approaching the twins from their blind spot, I pointed it down shouting out the first spell that came to my mind,

“Stupefy!” The unmasked death eater went flying backwards crashing into a pillar by the outdoor stone lined terrace. Fred whipped around on his heel eyes meeting mine within a second. Taking a moment or two to let everything settle in, a wide grin replaced his previously scowl.

Running into his open arms I snuggled up to his chest, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to stay like this for much longer. Fred’s fingers tangled in my hair grasping the straw like strands with such might I feared they might rip free from my skull. Crouching down an inch, his chapped lips pressed against the side of my face,

“I thought I lost you back there. Promise me you’ll stay by my side through the rest of this war, please darling?” I nodded my head rapidly afraid of losing him as well. George panted from behind us clearly over worked from trying to give us a little alone time,

“Freddie just do it now, or you might never get to!” George screamed to his twin playfully although very much serious. Turning back to me, Fred rubbed his neck awkwardly have a mentally intense debate session without words. Rolling his eyes, George gave his brother a slight nudge sending Fred tumbling forward, but much to his luck before he could face plant into the ground, I caught grip of his elbow helping him back to his feet. George waved his hand, signaling for Fred to start before it was too late. Taking a deep breath, Fred sighed taking my hand in his,

“Um, y/n, I uh… well to be honest this is not the exact place I picture asking you a question like this but I suppose it’ll do. We’ve been together for about four amazing, wonderful, happy years and know I would never change a single thing about those years if I could. Not even our little fights that we would bicker over day and night… nor would I trade the big ones we got into that almost tore us apart. Almost. Remember all those pranks you’d join Fred and I in on and that wicked one that you came up with to play on Draco. I can still recall his face when you enchanted that rain cloud to follow him around for a whole week! I think that was when I really fell in love with you, hard. You mean more to me than the joke shop. I also love the way you’d dose in and out of class ever Monday and Thursday after my Quidditch matches. God, you refused to miss even one of my games, no matter how much homework you had or how tired you were, you still came to every last one. And our last year at Hogwarts how supportive you were of George and I leaving to start our own shop. I love you so much for that, you’ll never understand how much that meant to me. Oh and your perfect smile… lord you really know how to drive me crazy sometimes. I guess, to shorten things up because if I keep going I might not stop. So what I am trying to say is,” Fred grinned taking my hand as he dropped to his knee, reaching into his side pocket and pulling out a velvet sealed box. Covering my mouth with my free hand I gasped unable to make out any words.

“What do you say, y/n /y/m/n y/l/n… will you do the honors of making me, by far, the luckiest man on this planet and marry me?” My oxygen supply felt as if it was being bent and twisted in half. Tears swelled in my eyes, but I knew with the war taking place around us I needed to answer quickly, we could celebrate later.

“Yes yes yes… of course, Freddie. I love you so much.” He slipped the golden band onto my finger as I attacked him with a string of kisses and hugs. The beautiful ring was displayed with a ruby red jem standing out and most likely noticeable from a mile away. Fred’s hands found their way to my waist pressing his lips against mine in a loving action. And just as I had promise earlier, I never left his side through the whole battle.

- Daizy 

hi, it’s moNICA (prev. jinkooks) it’s been a while although i’m always on and off with tumblr (sorry, been busy a lot ;-;), but anyways i’m trying my best to keep my blog going c: as i came back from a hiatus i reached a ton of wonderful followers thank you soo much. i was bored so i thought of doing a follower forever for my 29k hit and to a new year! here are some beautiful blogs i appreciate thanks for making my dash entertaining

introducing mutuals first! ily guys and if you’ve been with me forever ily even more (a bold to we talk here and there/whom i’m close too/we’ve been following each other for a very long time/i missed you during my hiatus)

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Your blog is amazeballs omg. All i do is sit in my room and blush overr these 4 dorks lol. Say, what would it be like if they were in an actual band? Haha, like who would play what, what kind of music theyd make, whos the singer lol

Omg they would be such an awful band

Okay so first of all Gladio would be the drummer. Have you seen his arms? That guy could bang them drums so hard he could bang me too and it’d be all loud and kick ass and shit, and tbf I would imagine drummers would have to be pretty physically fit so yeah Gladio would be drummer.

Prompto would be singer only because he’s the only one I’ve heard during the game who actually sings at all, he might not be great at it, but that’s what autotunes for. Basically they’d be one of those bands where the lead singer turns out to be fucking terrible live!

I think Noct would be that cool, mysterious guitarist who everyone fangirls over. Like he nearly always looks bored , so he’d be on stage with his resting bitchface and all the fangirls would be like thinking he’s a right bad boy, but irl he’s wondering if anyone would notice if he sneaked off for a nap.

And finally, Iggy would be bassist, and he’d just be standing on stage looking all cool and suave and shit. And also maybe backing vocals? Just cos the idea of him singing is fucking hilarious!

In terms of what type of music I’m gonna go with rock, cos then you can imagine them being all angsty and shit because tbh its quite an angsty game and I cried like 5757384 times.

i’ve never really done a “follow forever” because i KNOW – IN THE FIERY MAGMA AT THE CENTER OF MY BONES – that i will forget some really lovely people and make someone sad or angry (i mean, i follow 400 really amazeballs blogs) and


i just have a hard time handling that sort of responsibility and guilt.

BUT there are some super lovely people i follow that i want to acknowledge on this new year’s eve, so here we go: angie b.’s very first ever follow forever – and please don’t feel too bad if i neglect to add you to this list, my brain is hardly at optimal drive after working retail this holiday season…

the folks that are my off-line family, too:
these are the people that i met in the flesh before we all jumped online (and, in many cases, had to keep our friendships still going long-distance after graduation and the like) and who are more family to me than my own flesh-and-blood.

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the folks i would die for (or at least make SOMEONE die for):
these are people who’ve had my back for a long time and encourage me when i’m in the slumps and are super patient with me when depression spirals strike and we’ve got inside jokes and many of y'all have been with me since the DJ/LJ days are just general starshine godlings who i love very, very, very much and would wrassle alligators for if need be.

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the folks who intimidate me with their gloriousness (but are humble as fuck and even kinder):
these ladies and gents never cease to inspire me with their ab fab taste and aesthetics and writing and general BOSSITUDE and i always get this giddy shiver of delight whenever they like or reblog anything i post (SENPAI NOTICED! sort of vibes, lbrh) and are basically just light-years ahead of me in caliber/quality.

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Can you recommend some amazeballs blogs to follow? X

agirlnamedally aubernutter theathleticaestheticblog befit-behealthy-beyou birdyally blondevsworld bananasandkale cleanbodyfreshstart carolinewellborn essenaoneill eveningdreams funeralformyfat fitnika floraliris goodhealthgoodvibes gingerandcocoa happylittleveganmite healthycharlotte its-healthyhappyholly jaydeyfit kate-windsor madelinebourke nourishnotpunish naturalli-eileen naturally–anna peanutbuttarunna runningtothefinish shanigrimmond samlemerle sophieseyd thefitally themilkywhiteway tobefre-ed thailol themarzipanvolta workoutlivelove yourhealthyself