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Answers About Cooking

dpdmstla replied to your photo “I got up this morning and churned some cultured butter, made baked…”

did the cream cheese cake taste less eggy this time sam?

It did! I used less egg yolk this time, I think is part of it, and also fully cooled the butter mixture so I wasn’t worried about it cooking the egg. 

It’s still better after a night in the fridge, though. Om nom nom. 

lololovescheese replied to your photo “I got up this morning and churned some cultured butter, made baked…”

Dang, you cook, you sew, you write…omg you’re a fully functioning adult!!!!

Well, I do my best. At this rate I’ll make some 19th century pioneer a great wife. :D

lexrhetoricae replied to your photo “I got up this morning and churned some cultured butter, made baked…”

You churned butter on a Sunday? That seems blasphemous.

BLASPHEMY BUTTER. I smear it on satan’s own toast. 

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ooh, capricorn rising?

Song for Capricorn rising:

Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner

You got designer shades just to hide your face
And you wear ‘em around like you’re cooler than me
And you never say hey, or remember my name
And it’s probably ‘cause you think you’re cooler than me

You got your high brow, shoes on your feet
And you wear ‘em around like it ain’t shit
But you don’t know the way that you look
When your steps make that much noise

Shh, I got you all figured out
You need everyone’s eyes just to feel seen
Behind your make up nobody knows who you even are
Who do you think that you are

Idk if cap risings know they give off this vibe, but people think that you think you’re cooler than them. You seem like you got your shit together, and may accidentally act like you’re better than people. 

In reality, like the girl in the song, you might be lonely, insecure, and keep people at a distance as a defense mechanism. They don’t know this, and mistake your vulnerability for snobbishness. You might be “cool” in a cold, intimidating, distant way, and people can simultaneously admire and hate you for it. 

This song can also apply to those with Saturn in the 1st or 10th house.




literally the characters are my children

Rose: precious klutz and obsessed over anything that has to do w/ fairy tales but is still savage af without trying- plus she’s got cute shoes and face so I was sold first glance

Astoria: The over bearing mom figure of the five, the classy and over achiever but she’s still my favourite hot mess. Her hair does cool shit.

Joy: don’t underestimate this bean bc she might not be bright but she knows a thing or two about class and good taste in men (and frogs!) she’s also adorable js

Hawk: The try hard pretty boy who is constantly being bombarded by his grandma with various princesses and brides to be but we all know he wants Rose to be his choice but his grandma hates her so wow he’s just gonna play hero until then

Travis: basically Nathanael from Miraculous Ladybug, pure, shy, artsy, tries to be cool but isn’t, but his grampa wants him to be a fighter not a lover and it triggers him so much that he has FURY MAGIC

Vicky: can’t have a show w/o an antagonist and Vicky at least has brains and better comebacks than most. She’s also independent and DONT NEED NO PRINCE CHARMING #blessed

LingLing: still can’t get over her name oMG but she’s still precious and bADASS AF LIKE SHE IS SO BOLD AND CONFIDENT LIKE WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE LINGLING HONESTLY SHES A GODDESS


okay but seriously this is the show

watch it

It’s great


Warning. Spoilers. Duh.

1. Tamlin. I dont know at first i pitied you (AGAINST MY WILL) cause you just loved fiercely (so fierce it was becoming obsession) but then YOU BECAME A FUCKING TOOL AGAIN AND A NARROWMINDED JERKASS but then “be happy feyre” AND I MELTED. SJMAAS SHOULD I LOVE HIM AGAIN OR WHAT. I forgive you tho.

2. Rhysand. I THOUGHT THAT I COULD NOT LOVE HIM MORE BUT THIS BOOK PROVED ME WRONG. His actions were so expected of him but when the time came, I still didnt see him coming or I am still bewildered by his kindness and purity of heart

3. Tarquin. HE WAS ANNOYING AT FIRST?? (okay , yes, they stole from him at first but he was pissy??) But THE EASY TO LOVE CAREFREE AND POWERFUL HIGH LORD CAME BACK AND *squeals*

4. Azriel. I saw your sassy side like PLEASE SHOW US MORE. I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. You radiate darkness but you are the easiest to approach and please find happiness

5. Cassian. I CRIED AND WEPT AND LAUGHED AND GUFFAWED. I dint know if there is a mating bond there but I just want you to know that #NESSIAN is my OTP

6. Eris. He is fucking confusing. He is self - serving but compared to his jackass of a father, he’s better I think. (I STILL HAVENT FORGIVEN YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MOR)

7. Lucien. YES. OMG. I am so sad for you. YOU FINALLY GREW A SPINE AND MADE DECISIONS FOR YOURSELF and I am so proud. I dont know if i ship you with your mate cause *looking at az from the shadows* but i feel like you should find happiness too

8. JURIAN. I was deceived again and again. But we cool bruh.

Tsukiuta Drama CD #6 Procellarum [Mada Mada Saki Wa Nagai] (Everyone) Translation

Finally done~ I tought it would take me around 2 days but I made it to 4 and a half. Translating a 41 minute drama CD takes sure a lot of time ;u; I’m happy that I finished it though~

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I asked for a fusion between Steven and Lars. I got something even better: Pink Lars!

This may be a bit of a rant, if you're sensitive, please don't read.

So, less than a month till release date and everything is so underwhelming.

From Down, to its rushed video, to the lack of promo, to a cute but generic album cover (is it really the album cover?) – it feels like a college project assembled in one semester for grade completion.

I’m not being negative (if you’ve been following me you’d know I’ve always stayed honest but positive when it comes to the girls. And don’t even accuse me of not being ot4… Coz LOLZ), I actually am still very hopeful that they’ll surprise us with their music. I’m still rooting for them. I’ve never rooted for them as hard as this time coz I want them to get everything in this era.

But yeah, so far, everything they served have been generic. Lukewarm. The album art is cool, but nothing pops, nothing stirs inside me lol. I mean, Camila’s cover for Havana and OMG is even better and that’s not even her album cover, so why can’t they make something that’s unique and amazing for an actual album cover?

It’s so generic that it almost feels like they just cropped their faces from their Down promo poster and made it kind of 3D. well, okay, it’s not bad. It’s okay, it’s cute, it’s cool. But for a self-titled album, is that cover really representative of the girls? No. You don’t see or feel anything. It’s just cool colors and effects. Nothing personal about it. It’s applicable to almost anybody and we’ll be none the wiser. I really hope it’s just a teaser poster or something.

I’m sorry, I don’t really wanna complain (but I am. I snapped. Sue me. Lol), I’ve actually been so chill waiting for their stuff, convincing everyone that they need to relax coz 5h is gonna slay us. (And I’m still hoping!)

But if they continue giving us empty shizz, recycled, malnourished and underwhelming bits, how can I be excited? Is this gonna be another 7/27 era – almost there, but never quite reaching?

If they continue serving us half-baked shit, it makes me think that it’s not their last era yet…. Or they’re simply not as driven as I would wish them to be. Or maybe they still don’t have any say when it comes to their album, because if I was JUST gonna base it from Down (music video and song), I’d think that I won’t get anything new. Just generic, underproduced tracks and videos.

And I know I know, an album art and a generic teaser single don’t represent the entire album — but it SHOULD have represented it, that should have been its purpose. Because if a non-5h fan (a music elitist) sees Down or the cover (which looks like an Andy Warhol art rip off), do you really think it’ll draw them in? If it was me two years ago (unaware of the charm and personalities of LAND), and I see what 5h has put out this era so far, I wouldn’t even take a peek. I’ll look away and find the next big artist.

All I’m saying is I just wanna feel like they’re making an effort, because their fans are doubling their efforts supporting them, and they’ve been feeding them nothing. And if this is them already making an effort? OMG I’m really scared.

My point is this, I’m still gonna support them and stay hopeful… But all I’m saying is, if people are gonna base this era from what they have put out so far, there’s nothing to be excited about. Fans have been complaining how 5H has been continually robbed and ignored by their label, but I can say the same for the fans. They’re doing their best supporting them in everything, and the fans are being blatantly disrespected and treated like fools, being served half assed shit. This label sucks ass. This label is arrogant. This label is so typical. Relying on the fanbase to carry their biggest selling act without effort.

Now that I have ranted, I guess I’ll be back to staying positive and hope that their VMA performance will be epic.

(And I still believe that there’s at least one song in that album that’s gonna slay my heart. I have to believe it, or else what am I gonna live for? Lol)

And I’m still very hopeful that they’ll be giving us good music. I’m already practicing my squeal when I hear some solid bops or some classic ballads. Fuck, I want some fucking kick ass production in this album! And not some bland autotuned shit! Have you heard Lorde’s Melodrama? The entire production of that album is fucking bomb it split my soul into Horcruxes. 5h needs to get on with it.

The 200 Followers Thank You Post

Yes I have done so I have reached 200 followers on my little blog here. And as such I’m gonna take the time to really thank some people whom I have met throughout the 6 months I’ve had this blog so far It’s lengthy and unfortunately I cannot name all 200 of you even if I could but know that this is a milestone I could not have reached without you so thank you so so much.

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Hey! So I’ve seen a lot of people doing these, and I decided to do one for my 5,000th post, but I missed that so here it is now! This is a list of people who I consider to be my friends (I hope they all feel the same, otherwise this could be awkward lol) I highly recommend following all of them because I love them all very much.

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Fanart Monday!

Yay for Fanart Monday! I still smile like an idiot when I get a fanart <3 Thank you, guys <3

In other news, I’ll be streaming later today!

Fanart of the week by @hologram-umbreon!! [Special fanart, since they drew one of my OCs <3 <3 <3 Man, I love it, I can’t NOT put it in here <3 Thanks a ton!!!]

More under the sexy cut ;D

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ruakoan  asked:

In episode 9, Nina said "Because of me, my friend and an aquaintance were taken away." Do you think she was talking about Mugaro as a "friend" and Azazel as an "acquaintance"? 😂 Does it means Azazel is just "someone I know" for her and she actually doesn't have any special feeling to him? 😂 I already prepare for this situation, but... Omg he isn't even in her "friendzone" 😂😂

Yeah, Mugaro is clearly her friend like the relationship scheme shows. That’s why Azazel is her acquaintance. I know it sounds not really cool espeasialy for AzaNina shipers. However, I don’t see a reason to be upset. Nina and Azazel still didn’t have any common talk, they never spend free time together like the best friends do. Nina don’t know Azazel well to call him her friend. Better to say, it’s difficult for her to give the name for their relationship.

However, this relationship is more complicated than “someone I know”. You know someone and do anything to save their life? Tell your secret? Care about them when your life is in danger? Even in this episode Nina blames herself instead of blaming Azazel. She don’t think that all is his fault. She said to Jeanne that he saved Mugaro - Nina still see his good sides.

That’s why I’m sure that after Azanina reunion they both will get closer, learn more about each other and make a strong bond together that will have a clear name.

This is probably the hardest calligraphy I’ve ever made. And it took me the longest time ever to make it.
I’m sure I could’ve done it better, but I still kinda like it? Even though it’s not perfect, it’s still nice enough.

And my poor hand omg. I think my hand just died.

( this is for your use @stateofstarlight )

There You Are - Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Imagine)

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May I request a Spike x reader story? I love him and the smuttier the better haha, I just saw you do Buffy requests and omg! Lol love your work! - I hope you enjoy this anon! :) x

It’s still weird to you. You’re dating a vampire. You shake your head; it barely seems real, like something from a book or a movie. But you knew there was something different about Spike when you first met him. He was stood there in his long black coat with his Billy Idol looks, when he opened his mouth and spoke your jaw dropped to the floor. You tried to play it cool, but he was so charismatic. Later as he pressed you against the wall of the warm bar and kissed you, you felt your whole body to come life.

‘There you are.’ He walks into the room, smoking and walking over to you a smile playing across his lips. His accent still makes you go weak at the knees. You smile up at him ‘Hey.’ He stubs his cigarette out and walks towards you, getting down on to his knees and rubbing his hands up your legs. ‘This is a very little shirt you’re wearing for bed.’ You smile and put your hand on the back of his head as he kisses your shoulder and gently grazes his teeth across the soft spot behind your ear. The breath hitches in your throat, he licks his tongue up your neck ‘I think it’s about time we got you out of this shirt.’ You put your hand on his chest, and meet stillness, no beat. It’s still weird to you.

You unbutton his shirt and he takes it off ‘Now we’re even.’ You shake your head ‘Not yet.’ You bite your lower lip as you undo the belt on his black jeans, you tug down the zip and lean closer ‘What do you want Spike?’ you palm his erection and he growls. He grabs you by the arms and pushes you back, tearing at your shirt. ‘Bloody hell!’ He says as he looks at your naked breasts. He kicks his jeans off as you prop yourself up on your elbows and look at him, your fingers gently stroking your nipple. ‘You’ve been a very…Naughty…girl.’ As he says this he grabs you by hips and brushing his hand over your stomach he tugs down your panties and plants his face between your legs with gusto. You arch your back and moan. ‘Do you like that?’ You brush your hand through his hair ‘OOhh…Spike..’ He rubs his thumb in circles over your clit and you feel yourself get warmer and wetter.

He takes his tongue and traces up your body, spending a moment to nibble your nipples. You’re delirious and your toes curl with pleasure ‘I think I need to teach you a lesson.’ He eases himself between your legs and before your eyes he transforms. 

He thrusts into you and you scream out his name, scraping your nails down his back. He bites into the soft section of your neck and you feel the warm blood trickle. Your eyes roll back in ecstasy and you feel yourself tighten around him. Having a vampire boyfriend certainly has it’s perks.

I honestly can’t believe Mashima is still pulling those “omg this main character just got stabbed/is in a near death situation/just got dragged off to hell/has magic cancer” moments without any any long-term repercussions AT ALL (i.e. they’ll miraculously get better in 3 chapters tops) and yet people still cry rivers over this cheap and overdone tactic to build up drama without having to suffer consequences (i.e. killing off a main character).

Seeing your fave characters in mortal peril is cool, but when it’s done way too dramatically way too often only for the author to go, “sikes! you thought they were anywhere near danger, did you? haha!” gets tiring very fast. It makes you wonder, “why the fuck should I care about these characters? Why the fuck should I be emotionally invested in their journey if all these were simply cheap jumpscares?”. 

At this point, I literally don’t give a flying fuck what happens to Mirajane. She’s gonna get better in like, 2 pages and we’ll all forget this ever happened.

Why should I be concerned about Mirajane, if her situation will end up like Natsu’s magic cancer, Laxus’… whatever that was, Carla’s fatal stab wound, Gajeel’s death, Sting, Rogue and a whole bunch of others getting crucified, or Jellal’s numerous deaths, for that matter? Fuck, even Mavis couldn’t stay dead in this fucking manga. Next thing you know, Layla’s gonna pop out of nowhere and reveal that she faked her death to go undercover or some shit.

You either kill a character, or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways: Have a cool dramatic near-death/death scene with the character’s True Companions mourning their loss, AND get to keep the dying/dead character afterwards. If you’re not prepared to deal with the long-term repercussions of a death, don’t fucking write one.

I cannot believe I started reading this shitty manga that relies on fake deaths for emotional depth and drama.

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Ugh people still think it's cool to hate on cars because omg cars is so weird! Whatever the kids loved it so why should the haters care.

There will always be people that have so little joy in life they can only cope by ruining the happiness of others. You just have to ignore them and be thankful that your life is better than theirs!

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tagging them peeps i love! | not accepting!

@solcorleonis/@scrappu: chai is a person whom i’ve been friends with for a long time and tbh i’m glad they are still here with me. i couldn’t ask for a better friend than them.

@pctulant: i love them tbh. they are always supportive and knows what to say to cheer me up. i couldn’t thank them enough tbh.

@fiircbird: it’s not been that long but i already love them so much?? talking to them about our muses was so much fun and i can’t get enough of it. i hope we become more closer because i already consider them a friend.

@tricange: rena is such a cool person like omg everything she does is so amazing? her graphics are just so nice and inspires me to do better but still i couldn’t reach that level anyways. i love her and her nice oc.