these bears

CONFESSION:  After working with a sanctuary in Cambodia that works with bears rescued from bear bile farms (don’t google it, extreme animal cruelty) I’ve developed a deep fondness for bears and and worry about Chauncey - is he okay? Is he a happy bear? I hope in DA4 he has a companion bear so he’s not lonely! (I also will not fight bears and found the cave full of nailed bear heads deeply upsetting)            




Hotter Than Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

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Beca Mitchell’s Tickets

Beca was sitting on her computer chair, busy throwing and catching her stress ball in the air while Chloe was lying down on Beca’s bed, scrolling through the digital contents of her laptop when, “Hey Becs, remember the Planetarium opening downtown?” the redhead asks her best friend and Beca looks at her unbelievingly. Of course she knows. They’ve been talking about it for three months. It was part of their bucket list since they were already graduating.

They’ve visited all the planetariums they could. It would always be part of their out of town itinerary and most times, they’d settle for the ‘tiny-starry-room’ in Barden. Planetariums have always been their thing. Just theirs. These are the moments Chloe Beale treasures the most. The moments when it would just be her and Beca.

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