these bb boys i swear

RFA + V + Saeran x MC

Prompt: MC is busy cleaning or cooking or whatever, listening to music so he/she gets into it and starts dancing… RFA + V + Saeran reactions.

Word count: 718

Warnings: Nothing unless you cringe at too much embarrassment but let me tell you 707s reaction KILLS ME

Author: Faith (@mysticjumunnie)


☆comes into the kitchen to see MC jamming
☆literally just stops for a second
☆*MC jumping up and down*
☆*head bangs at some point*
☆*head bangs too hard and hits head on open cabinet*
☆707 was filming by this time
☆completely LOSES IT
☆his laughing gets so loud MC turns around while holding head
☆oh shit moment
☆video ends with MC chasing 707


☆finds MC in their shared room
☆radio on playing some kpop song (most likely DOPE by bts)
☆is just kinda like ’???’
☆then realize the spontaneous jerks MC is doing is suppose to be d a n c i n g
☆then is like ‘oh shit’
☆doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or amused
☆both tbh
☆then when MC sees Jumin they get so embarrassed
☆so since he loves them
☆it kills him but he does //it//
☆this boi
☆he fucking dabs
☆sees MC’s face light up and immediately dies on the inside
☆claims he only did it because MC was being embarrassing
☆when really he’s sercetly the k i n g of dabbing
☆you heard it here folks


☆sees you in the living room dusting
☆isn’t really surprised tbh
☆he’s usually the one to initiate the dancing tho
☆being in the theatre industry and all
☆but the thing that gets him shook
☆after a series of weird movements
☆MC starts twerking
☆I meaN
☆MC’s twerking isn’t even good
☆but like
☆he starts twerking with MC
☆the actual fucking look of horror in MCs eyes is c o m i c a l
☆*gives MC the ‘get on my level’ smirk*
☆need I say more???

☆finds MC doing laundry
☆doesn’t really think anything of MCs head banging at first
☆*Mc jumps up doing the robot*
☆actually pretty darn good at it too like shit
☆this bb boi I swear he is so shook
☆literally stops everything he’s doing
☆when I say everything I mean both LOLOL and breathing
☆just stares at MC
☆honestly so amazed
☆until MC starts head banging agains gets dizzy, falling on their ass
☆Yoosung this sweet child
☆freaks out because 'OH NO MC ILY R U OKAY’
☆in the end after their okay just fucking laughs for a solid 5 minutes


☆most surprised out of all of them
☆their relationship is more conservative but like when they got comfortable things like this started happening
☆finds MC watering the garden
☆headphones in but music all the way up so Jaehee hears the music MC is listening to
☆probs one of the musical soundtracks Zen was in tbh
☆the dancing was subtle at first
☆like casual swaying but then
☆MC sees Jaehee and gets an idea
☆tries to seduce Jaehee because why not
☆looks Jaehee straight in the eyes and tries to do those body roll thingys
☆fucking fails
☆but looks so adorable that Jaehee cracks a smile and just pats MC on the back
☆'nice try’ -Jaehee at some point
☆still probably gets seduced tho because damn it MC you’re so hecking cute


☆can’t really see you but like he feels his way to the bedroom
☆here’s a stomping noise and is just like 'wot’
☆eventually asks what MC is doing
☆silence for a good minute
☆MC deciding they should admit they were attempting the worm
☆keyword attempting
☆literally looked like a fish out of water
☆good thing V couldn’t see
☆tells him in the end and gets a 'this is why I love you’ smile
☆sweetest most supportive guy ever tbh
☆why isn’t there a V route yet???


☆this boi
☆legit never knows what to expect from MC
☆when he found MC dancing in rhe bathroom while curling their hair
☆he had to sit down for a minute
☆totally fucking looses it
☆type of guy who doesn’t smile much but when he gets amused he gets //amused//
☆like knee slapping, stomping on the floor type of amused
☆with good reason tho
☆MC was lip syncing while doing the old fashioned running man/rowing the boat
☆most likely thinking 'why is MC like this I fucking l o v e it’
☆he’s literally just so amused its so cute
☆this edgy boi turns into cute snorting dork
☆yes he fucking snorts its adorable 572857399% cannon in my head


Remember requests are open! And I actually really fucking loved writing this it was so fun just aaaaaaaaaaah. Anywho, working on more if ya like it, thanks!

anonymous asked:

Peter is short on money - living paycheck to paycheck, barely enough to keep himself afloat much less eat as much as he probably should bc of Spidey work & his metabolism. Burns though calories like they're nothing. Imagine Deadpool finding out that this precious bundle of light eats only 1 small meal a day, if he's lucky. He'd take him out to eat & stuff him to the brim every time they see each other and/or buy him bags of groceries & have him take them home, and/or hand him a wad of cash too.

[I shifted back and forth between present and past tenses way too much this time around and was too lazy to correct it, please forgive me! Also, I accidentally sort of wrote Peter and Wade’s first fight?? and they’re still not even dating yet. :0 Um, yeah. So here you go.]

Wade buys them both tacos and pizza in celebration of a successful day’s patrol. Peter doesn’t bother pointing out that there was far more goofing around than actual patrolling today because, dude, tacos and pizza. He always goes home later with a satisfactorily full stomach at the end of every “shift” with Wade. It’s one thing he misses almost as much as the man’s company itself every time the merc goes out of town for a few days on a job.

Wade nearly always buys way too much and fobs the leftovers onto Peter to take home, and more than once he’s “forgotten” wads of cash in the takeout bags as well—“change,” he tells Peter even though the younger man knows there’s no reason any sensible cashier would hand back this many twenties on a fast food order. Just like he knows it’s all because of that one time he unthinkingly mentioned how he hadn’t been able to eat his favorite breakfast cereal in the morning for days because he couldn’t afford more milk yet and he was grumpy about it.

The first time Wade did it was not exactly smooth sailing for either of them. Peter had only noticed the money after he got home and immediately had texted Wade about it. That was when the “change” excuse came up, followed way too quickly by, ‘u should hold onto it, buy yourself something fancy. finders keepers amirite? ;)’

Peter had only stared down blankly at the screen in his hand for a few moments, breathing heavily through his nose, and then carefully typed with what he considered to be an excellent amount of chill—no, his hands were most definitely not shaking, thank you very much—‘Wade Wilson, I am NOT your fucking charity case’ and flung the phone away from him halfway across his tiny apartment. Fortunately, it was the Stark phone and made of much sturdier stuff than the one Aunt May had saved up for him, so it didn’t so much as crack the screen, though there was a little chip at the corner of the casing from where it had knocked into the wall and left a dent in the drywall from the force of his throw.

The text notifications came pinging in one after another for a few minutes after that, though thankfully no ringtone. Wade was smart enough to know better than to call him in that moment.

Two hours later, Peter finally stretched himself out of the gargoyle-like pose he’d hunched himself into on the flimsy fold-out table, staring blankly at a random spot on its scuffed surface the entire time and thinking about nothing at all. The leftover fries had long gone cold and soggy by then. Standing and staring blankly at the phone on the floor for several more minutes then, he finally found himself shuffling forward and picking it up, waiting until he’d changed into his pajamas and huddled himself into his blanket nest on the bedroom carpet before swiping it on and reading the messages there.

- shit

- imsorryimsorryimsorry

- please don’t be mad. prolly too late huh? fUCK

- it’s not a pity thing i swear

- bb boi please talk to me

- please

The next text was timestamped twelve minutes later, which made sense. Peter thought he remembered during his blank time staring at nothing hearing a lull followed by a few more pings several minutes after the first round had stopped.

- ok. you’re probably not even reading these yet rn. that…yeah. that makes sense. i get it. ill try to quit bothering you but

-uh, lemme try to compose myself properly for a sec and get back to you.

Another later timestamp, this one another eight minutes after.

- Baby boy…I KNOW your not a fuckin charity case. The fact that you think I thought that means i fucked up bad. I’m sorry. Really REALLY sorry. You’re not charity. You’re fuckin Spiderman dude! You’re my goddam hero! You’re smart and quirky and badass and laugh at all my dumbass jokes. what’s not to cherish about that? i…ok yeah, I already said it anyway. I CHERISH you, ok? sorry if that’s a creepy af thing to say. its true. #bromance

- anyway. the money…I still don’t want it back. Hope that doesn’t make you madder. Like I said its not a pity thing, i just…I lose my FUCKING MIND thinking about you not eating for days alright?? that shit’s not ok. THAT’S WAY BEYOND NOT OK. sorry for yelling. shit. Look, Im gonna be way too real with you for a sec and I’m scared that’s gonna scare you off but I gotta…I was *this* close to stalking you so I could find where you live and stock ur fridge up before the boxes told me that was a really bad fucking idea. in hindsight handling it this way instead was a dick fucking move but I had to SOMETHING before I did something worse, you get me?

- shit, you’re probably freaked out now. Peter was not. i’d be freaked out if someone said that shit to me. sorry again.

- um…i’m really bad at this. obviously. I’m trying to be a good friend and instead I’m being a creepy mofo talking about stalking you and shit. Smooth Wade, smooth. Peter couldn’t help it—he snickered. I wouldn’t actually do it ok? I know your secret identity is important to you and I wouldn’t mess it up like that. I just…uh, tryin to illustrate a point, i guess. That THIS is important to me. You continuing to be your cute funny badass self and not keeling over from hunger pains. so…will you let me still feed you once in a while? pleeeeeeeease?? <3

At last, he got to the last text. Once again, another gap between the timestamps, though this one was only four minutes.

- Also I hope I didn’t weird you out too much with that stuff earlier and that we’re still friends. I understand if it was crossing the line though. If it was lemme know and i’ll never ever do anything like that again, Spiderman, promise. Cross my <3 and hope to die. Can’t die, but you get the point. Peter did, and he giggled again in spite of himself.

Peter couldn’t have explained to anyone in that moment what he was feeling. It seemed he’d run the gamut of them in the past few hours, going from indignant rage and depression earlier to feeling nothing, then guilty about the way he’d reacted as he read Wade’s apologies and attempts to explain himself, then at the same time really warmed and almost sort of bubbly to realize he meant this much to the older man, and okay, maybe a smidge weirded out too at certain parts, but even those were so sweet and genuine and quintessentially Wade that it made Peter even happier, which probably said something messed up about him too, but whatever. Human emotions were confusing and weird and stupid to Peter at even the best of times, so trying to figure out the perfect response here was turning quickly into a feat beyond imagining for him.

How to tell Wade that everything is fine now, that of course they’re still friends, and even that yes, embarrassing as it is for him to admit considering how much he already seems to rely on the older man to stay well-fed, he will continue to let Wade buy him food and even turn a blind eye the next time Wade wants to sneak him some extra cash because it really is extremely helpful and he knows he’s too proud to the point of stubborn to ask anyone for help when he needs it and he doesn’t want Wade to worry unnecessarily about him anymore? How? How do words?

Biting his lip softly, Peter types the only thing he can think of and hopes it’ll convey enough until he’s brave enough and coherent enough to say what he really needs to.

- It’s Spider-Man.

- With a dash and a capital M.

- Get it right, ya dork.

He continues to stare down at the screen, and not thirty seconds later sees the loading dots that mean Wade is typing. The man must have kept his phone close by this whole time just waiting for Peter’s response, and that makes him feel a bit more guilty for making him wait so long.

- well excuuuuse me, princess More loading dots mean Wade still has more to say.

- And the correct term is hyphen, thou illiterate nerd.

Peter dissolves into a fit of both laughter and tears, relief comingling with joy as the dam breaks, and he exhausts himself on them until he has none left to give. It feels good, like he’s glutted himself too much on just feeling, and Peter’s always been what his aunt would call a “sensitive soul” but even he didn’t know something like that was possible. It wrings him out dry like his panic attacks do, leaving him floating not on calm nothingness like he’s normally used to, but instead on a sense of profound contentment as he snuggles down deeper into his blanket nest and cradles his phone close to his chest before dropping right then into a warm, pleasant sleep.