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You seem like a successful suga baby what's your skin care routine

-Cleanse every night with Kiehl’s calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash
-Exfoliate twice a week with Ole Henriksen truth sugar glow polishing mask
-Ponds cold cream cleanser
Moisturizer & Cream
-SheaMoisture coconut and hibiscus radiance moisturizer
-Promise Organic nourishing coconut milk facial lotion
-Tidal brightening enzyme water cream
-Kate Somerville goat milk moisturizing cream
-Dr. Lili Fan probiotic recovery cream
-Simple replenishing moisturizer
Facial Oils
-Tarte maracuja oil
-MD rosehip oil
Eye Treatments
-Benefit Its Potent eye cream
-Clinique pep start eye cream
Face Masks
-Herbivore pink clay mask
-Andalou vitamin C brightening mask

The treasure

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it my dear! Thank you so, so, so, so much for your patience..)

Baby dragons!

Warnings: the reader is a dragon…. Smaug wants to burn the poor Dwarves…

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You were dozing on your bed of gold, far from the entrance of the treasure room and with your children, little baby dragons born a few weeks before, sleeping securely between your warm belly and the protection of your long tail, curled against them.

When Smaug the Golden had provided you with the most protected shelter and the greatest hoard of gold of all Middle-Earth, you had agreed to be his mate, for you knew he would have protected you and especially the children you would have had together, your real treasure. And finally you had had them: all those gold and ruby-red eggs you and Smaug had guarded day and night, keeping them warm with your breath, shielding them with your bodies… When those shells had finally started to break up and you had seen your children, your little, clumsy, winged lizards and heard their dragon roars, which actually sounded more like a squeak or a mewling, ah, your hard dragon heart had filled with the joy that only a mother could feel.

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River trusts no one who approaches her father, not even dadsona - if they breathe in his direction, they a thot