these babies i s2g

richonne tryna figure out where their baby was conceived in future eps like:

“was it the carnival? or maybe the back of the truck?”

“oh wait - what about that old house? that random patch of grass?”

“nah maybe that clearing in the woods? the front seat of the truck??”

“shit lets just say they were conceived in alexandria”


{synopsis} random headcanons associated with soda and steve, the two baddest bitches


{pairings} slight stevepop

{bullet count} 31 (soda w/ 16 & steve w/ 15)

Sodapop Patrick Curtis  

  • will make you rainbow pancakes for breakfast 
  • is a total SWEETIE in bed except for when he bites (he does that often)
  • incorporates his name into every pickup lines he uses
  • he never goes a day without brushing his teeth
  • knows the effect he has on girls and uses it to his advantage
  • he knows it’s a dick move but i mean…
  • sings to himself in the shower and when he’s alone
  • a giant klutz especially when he’s alone

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solrika replied to your post “fareeha has always loved cats but has been allergic to them to the…”

Satya gets her a sphinx cat and Fareeha is smitten with her little goblin baby.

yes!!! yes absolutely!!! 

she’s their little goblin baby and her name is Pip (it’s a palindrome which fareeha thought satya would enjoy). despite her grumpy face she is very playful and she loves to cuddle with fareeha 

and fareeha loves to cuddle back because!!! It’s finally a cat she can hold!!! and not suffocate on!!! 

satya got pip as a “oh this is for you” thing and didn’t expect to be as invested in her as fareeha was but. 

she’s so naked so of course satya has to buy her little booties and sweaters so she stays warm. and it’s so easy to make hardlight kitty scratchers why would they spent $50 on one when satya can just make one 

fareeha refuses to admit that she jumped a little in delight when satya basically modified one of her turrets to use as a laser pointer for her because honestly it’s So Damn Cute to watch pip run and chase the light and be chased in turn

satya definitely enjoys playing with pip, whereas fareeha would just cuddle with her all day

(satya blandly jokes one day that her cuddling time with fareeha has decreased since adopting pip, which starts fareeha on implementing “daily family cuddles” in which either before they leave for the day or after dinner the three of them must cuddle altogether. 

it starts and ends a lot of fights tbh)

the best picture they have of all three of them is when they all fell asleep and reinhardt took it. satya fell asleep with her head in fareeha’s lap and pip curled right underneath her chin and fareeha fell asleep with her chin crushed against her chest. pip’s purring = super soothing, super lullabye

anonymous asked:

Ohh ohh could you do a daily sib scene with Seigbert and Kanna pretty please I dont want to sound demanding so very sorry If I am bieing pushy.

sorry its not a daily scene but here are some nerd babies anyway;;;

only now did I see Christina Moses’ tweet about the last season of The Originals, and she says she’ll still be part of it, and there is a 10-year time jump, and all I can think is:

Freelin are still together 10 years later, thank you, lesbian gods


Shit Yoongi has probably said
  • Yoongi: Jin you've been staring at your own reflection for 20 minutes stop or I will go home without you.
  • Yoongi: Hobi why is your hair messed up? Who touched you? Did they hurt you? Are you alright? Where are they? I don't care who it is I will murder them! My precious baby it's okay I'm here for you.
  • Yoongi: Jungkook stfu i s2g
  • Yoongi: tae wake me up one more fucking time i will end your existence
  • Yoongi: namjoon and jin get your fucking kids under control i don not care i will start throwing punches if they don't stfu
  • Yoongi: Jimin where the fuck is the jam??!?!
  • Yoongi: Everybody around me needs to just disappear for the next 20 hours I shall seek revenge if I hear any noise it's national sleep day and I shall celebrate like the true patriot that I am

thulio321  asked:

Hi! Could you make hcs where shouto takes his boyfriend (midoriya) to meet his mother, and midoriya takes him to meet his mother

Todoroki x Midoriya

  • Soon after they start dating, Todoroki feels it is important to introduce Deku to his mother out of respect but also because he wants two of the most important people in his life to meet
  • Midoriya is nervous as heck before meeting her but went he actually lays eyes on her he accidentally comment out loud how beautiful she is. Todoroki is surprised at the comment while his mother smiles warmly and thanks him. Midoriya apologizes and greets her properly while bowing
  • Todoroki is so moved by this because his boyfriend thinks his mother is beautiful and even made her smile and that just makes him love the boy even more
  • Ast for Midoriya’s mom, since she found out her son was dating she has been urging him to bring him over. Midoriya is kind of shy to ask him to come over because his mom wants to meet him and Todoroki dosnt ask cause he’s not sure what Midoriya’s family situation is and dosnt want to pressure him
  • However when he finally does ask, Todoroki accepts immediately and is like “how does today sound? Text your mom and ask her” and he’s like “today?!!” and Todoroki’s like “yes. today. after school. ask. now.”
  • So Todoroki shows up with a simple potted plant (because flowers wilt and die so a potted plant is nicer) and is greeted warmly by his mother
  • They hit it off instantly and Todoroki stats asking questions and Midoriya has to stop her from telling him embarrassing stories but I s2g when she breaks out the baby pictures and he tries to tell him mom to put them back Todoroki gives him this side glare like ruin this for me and you will regret it and Midoriya has no choice but to sit back and watch as his boyfriend and mother look through them