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Ohh ohh could you do a daily sib scene with Seigbert and Kanna pretty please I dont want to sound demanding so very sorry If I am bieing pushy.

sorry its not a daily scene but here are some nerd babies anyway;;;

solrika replied to your post “fareeha has always loved cats but has been allergic to them to the…”

Satya gets her a sphinx cat and Fareeha is smitten with her little goblin baby.

yes!!! yes absolutely!!! 

she’s their little goblin baby and her name is Pip (it’s a palindrome which fareeha thought satya would enjoy). despite her grumpy face she is very playful and she loves to cuddle with fareeha 

and fareeha loves to cuddle back because!!! It’s finally a cat she can hold!!! and not suffocate on!!! 

satya got pip as a “oh this is for you” thing and didn’t expect to be as invested in her as fareeha was but. 

she’s so naked so of course satya has to buy her little booties and sweaters so she stays warm. and it’s so easy to make hardlight kitty scratchers why would they spent $50 on one when satya can just make one 

fareeha refuses to admit that she jumped a little in delight when satya basically modified one of her turrets to use as a laser pointer for her because honestly it’s So Damn Cute to watch pip run and chase the light and be chased in turn

satya definitely enjoys playing with pip, whereas fareeha would just cuddle with her all day

(satya blandly jokes one day that her cuddling time with fareeha has decreased since adopting pip, which starts fareeha on implementing “daily family cuddles” in which either before they leave for the day or after dinner the three of them must cuddle altogether. 

it starts and ends a lot of fights tbh)

the best picture they have of all three of them is when they all fell asleep and reinhardt took it. satya fell asleep with her head in fareeha’s lap and pip curled right underneath her chin and fareeha fell asleep with her chin crushed against her chest. pip’s purring = super soothing, super lullabye

hey. are you looking for a movie with a strong, flawed, complex female protagonist? one who can outsmart immortal creatures and who can crush inappropriate romance subplots under her heel without blinking? who can solve impossible riddles and tame wild beasts, all while finding herself and growing into a mature powerful woman? 


no really, don’t bother looking. 

apparently this movie doesn’t exist since everyone who has ever watched Labyrinth forgot that’s what it’s about.

This Day in 1D History - October 1


  • Liam gets a lovebite from Louis while chatting with Sugarscape (and Louis and Harry show off their latest moves)


  • new shots from the Heat pool shoot mysteriously appear online???
  • Louis goes for a day trip to Fiji (bc why not)


  • the Radio One snapchat knows what’s up
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Atlanta, USA feat. THE PROPOSAL


  • Niall Horan is literally the best person
  • Louis clears things up 
  • Liam has some shady fun

Niall on a plane flying to someplace new, exploring the world with no real agenda, and he’s reminded that it’s still February 1st in the States.  He thinks of a bright-eyed Harry celebrating not only his birthday, but the beginning of his future (and Niall isn’t there, and Harry probably doesn’t even notice), and he turns restlessly in his seat.  He tells himself he always knew it would be this way, but the lie’s bitter on his tongue.

Harry celebrating his birthday in LA, a sea of faces in front of him as he enjoys the revelry.  Someone stands up to make a toast, and he remembers the lyrics he once wrote (something about celebrating a birthday and you were missing) and his smile falters, feeling Niall’s absence like a punch to the gut.  He never intended it to be about himself, but then, maybe it was always going to be this way.

Niall keeps traveling, Harry keeps celebrating, and they both suffer a deep ache they think they alone are experiencing.  I miss you.

I’m so fed up with how entitled fandoms have become.

You don’t like the writing or the direction of the series? You missed foreshadowing from months worth of work because you were too busy with your ships to pay attention to the storyline?

Get your priorities straight. Leave the fandom, stop reading, go make your own work, and then watch as people tear it to shreds. Enjoy.

I’m so fed up hearing of entitled fans saying “it’s bad writing!”, “it’s didn’t go the way I wanted it to”, and whine and bitch and take it out on the creators and other fans! We’re along with this story because we’ve been blessed to share it. We don’t have to be here. The author didn’t HAVE to share their work with us, but they did and now we’re here and people just want to have a rotten time.