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*whispers* Sherlock spoils Rosie. If there is something that she sees and tells Sherlock about it she will have it by that afternoon. John tells him that it's not good to spoil her so much but Sherlock just shrugs slightly. "I spoil you in bed. Do you want that to stop?" The agreement was then dropped and from then on when ever Sherlock spoils Rosie he would always make sure to spoil John rotten that night.



                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.


5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot 

- Chat why are you wearing sunglasses over your mask that’s–

- It’s called style, ma chérie.

- …

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Hey, just dropping by to say that your art is out of this world! <3 I can't stop looking at that beautiful coloured piece where you drew them as fuhrer and first lady. Thank you for creating such perfect Royai content and please keep being awesome! :)

No, thank you for being so nice! I just can’t with these messages! They just make me so happy. 

In fact, for being so nice, I’ll reward you with the doodles I did after I drew that piece you mentioned :D

Now aren’t you glad our first lady’s around to make these VERY important decisions? 

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Sorry for being anon, but I just can't get over your art style! It's beautiful and makes me so happy anytime I see your art. Plus Mattie is like adorably sexy ;3 but you're amazing! ♡ Love ya!

(( omg, thank you!!!<3 ;___; )) 

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Just stopping by to thank you for doing such an amazing job. We are really grateful for all the work you put into it and your recommendations are awesome!

Thank you so much!! I have two exams today, and I was really not having a good day until I saw this! Thank you!

I’m really trying hard to work as fast as I can to finish the requests for you guys! Thank you again <3

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Your artwork is some of the best I've ever seen in my life and your Mac stuff melts my heart ♡__♡ I never feel the need to send a message to any artists but I had to tell you how fantastic you are! That is all :')

aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA Seriously this ask made my day, thank you so very much! T_T such a sweet message, and thank you kindly ;-; ♥ Please have a Mac for your troubles:

so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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There was a time when our conversations mattered to me. I could long to talk to you for a whole day you and if you actually had texted me something it made the whole day seem worthwhile. It was just how you affected me. They meant something to me, your message. Even if you just asked how my day was. They made me happy. They made me forget everything they made me sad. You had that gift - to make me happy with the small things.

Was. That little world. Putting this happiness of mine in the past. Because something happened. You stopped texting me. You stopped acknowledging me. You stopped and I felt too weird to send you messages, after the first ten, I already sent that day. Ten messages. No answers. No questions.

One message a day became one message a week and later a message a month and then I stopped too. Except now and then I could send a text out of the blue just because but you never wrote back.

Until one day you did. Like you never stopped. Like nothing had happened. Like not a half a year had gone by. It was still easy talking, but I didn’t really care. You had taken something from me with that deafening silence of yours. You had locked me out, to suddenly open the door once more and inviting me in, in from the cold. But you see, I had found peace within. I didn’t need your warmth or your kindness. I didn’t need you anymore.
Our conversations in the night didn’t matter anymore. They don’t matter anymore. I moved on. I moved on with my life.

I’m sorry. But you fucked this up. Not me. I cared for our conversations and I cared for you. But no more. You kind of killed that feeling. Killed it with the silence. I can’t do this. That would be counterproductive.
Goodbye and have a good life. One advice though, if you don’t care to cultivate your friendship with people, don’t bother. It’s a two-way thing, you know. But, I suppose you didn’t even consider me a friend, did you now?

—  @celtic-poetry , Burned one too many times by cold shoulders

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concept: cj trying to get margaret into camping. nature dates. also cj has a motorcycle and margaret rides on the back of it while hanging onto cj's waist

YES YES YES!!! cj putting her motorcycle helmet on margaret and saying she looks cute. cj and margaret sat in front of a campfire, margaret it cold, cj puts her biker jacket on her. margaret lying on her back with her head on cj’s lap and pointing up to the stars while the campfire roars. the campfire starts to die out and it’s late so they get up, cj stretches her arms and cracks her knuckles then puts her hands on margaret’s hips and pulls her close, margaret puts her arms around cj’s shoulders and they kiss, cj pulls her head away and giggles while they stare into each others eyes. cj grabs margaret’s hand and pulls her into the tent. in the morning cj rides her motorbike home while margaret sits on the back with her arms around cj’s waist while she sleeps peacefully lying against cj’s back