these aren't witches


Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay

I’ve seen a few posts accusing Tom Taylorson (Scott’s VA) of queerbaiting fans by implying that Jaal is bi. 

The thing is, regardless of weather or not Jaal is bi in game, we KNOW from datamines that romance lines were recorded for both Ryders. 

Taylorson wasn’t a part of the dev team, he wouldn’t have been told if some of the lines he recorded were cut from the game, so please let’s not have another witch hunt, thanks.

Shout Out to the Witches Who Aren't Wiccan

-pagan witches
-Christian witches
-secular witches
-druid witches
-voodoo witches
-hoodoo witches
-hellenic witches
-witches who don’t have a solid path/religion
-witches who aren’t sure which path or religion calls to them more
-agnostic witches
-witches not sure if they want to choose a religion
-witches who don’t want to entwine religion into their craft
You are all valid and I love you so much!!!❤💛💚💙💜🔮🌟✨


I was going to write something about this scene but basically - Chariot and Croix are so sweet and cute together and Akko says Chariot’s performance for her was pure and didn’t have any ulterior or grander motives beyond just being pure and happy and full of life so i think those two points just speak for themselves

aesthetics: sanctuary (a klonnie au)

“Still, I see your face and wonder
Were You once an outcast, too?”

Alan Menken/ Stephen Schwartz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, God Help the Outcasts

Once a refuge for any and all, Notre-Dame de Paris has fallen under the control of tyrants and witch hunters. Adopted by a traveling band of witches after her parents’ execution and now making her living as a street dancer, Bonnie Bennett dreams of a day when all can walk free beneath the spires of Notre-Dame. Imprisoned for centuries in the dungeons below, hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson gave up any hope for freedom long ago, until one night he hears a voice lifted in song, a young witch’s prayer for her people, for all supernatural kind. 

Are there still people complaining about Akko being the “chosen one”?

Ok look, Akko has been the Shiny Rod’s “chosen one” since the first episode.


She still.

Has to.

EARN its power.

Being “chosen”, does not excuse hard work. And in Akko’s case, she has to work very, very, very hard.

That’s the whole point this anime has been getting across. Get over it.


What was my existence??

Was it all simply a LIE?

The ROLE of a fantasy?

What is the name of the true DREAM?

Is it the person who holds the TRUTH?


‘And what do you really do?’ said Tiffany.

The thin witch hesitated for a moment, and then: ‘We look to … the edges,’ said Mistress Weatherwax. ‘There’re a lot of edges, more than people know. Between life and death, this world and the next, night and day, right and wrong… an’ they need watchin’. We watch ‘em, we guard the sum of things. And we never ask for any reward. That’s important.’

Terry Pratchett  -  "The Wee Free Men"

Beginner Wiccan Book Recommendations!

Hello to everyone that’s asked me about this! I had no idea how to respond to the handful of you who have sent messages recently, so I asked my followers to help and this is what was recommended :) In no particular order:

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft – Raymond Buckland

Wicca for Beginners – Theia Sabin

Witch’s Bible, the Complete Handbook – the Ferrars

Grimoire for a Green Witch – Ann Moura

Towards the Wiccan Circle – Sorita d’Este

Book of Shadows – Phyllis Currott

Living Wicca – Scott Cunningham (recommended as an author in general by many, I’d check out his other works too since I believe he’s very important to Wicca in general)

Thank you to everyone who made these suggestions! If anyone has another book they found to be helpful for beginners (again, nothing fluffy like Ravenwolf’s work, please) feel free to add onto this post!