these aren't pretty but they'll do

  • Me, for months: Riley and Lucas aren't really a romance, even if they think they're supposed to be one. Despite their sporadic lipservice to the idea in S2, their general behavior and what they're getting narrative-wise isn't what needs to be happening if they're a legit romance. I do think they'll need to actually try legitimately dating to figure that out for themselves though, and the relationship they'll have probably isn't gonna be significantly different from the non-relationship, not-hitting-the-romance-beats behavior we've already seen.
  • My inbox, for months: shut up u you crazy b*tch u r so stupid y r u so stupid go die
  • Riley and Lucas: *slap the BF/GF label on their relationship without actually discussing how they FEEL aside from talking about how think about talking and how they're glad Riley "fell" on him, proceed to not act like a couple 99.9999% of the time*
  • Me: And that's to say nothing of IDF/Goodbye. So, like I was saying...