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louisa may alcott, w. h. auden, jane austen, james baldwin, charlotte brontë, lord byron, truman capote, willa cather, emily dickinson, e. m. forster, langston hughes, christopher isherwood, henry james, federico garcía lorca, christopher marlowe, herman melville, edna st. vincent millay, wilfred owen, marcel proust, mary renault, arthur rimbaud, siegfried sassoon, william shakespeare, gertrude stein, alfred lord tennyson, henry david thoreau, walt whitman, oscar wilde, tennessee williams, virginia woolf

what do all these beloved classic authors have in common? that’s right. none of them were straight. not a one. every single author on this list experienced same-gender romantic attraction during their lives. literary tradition is a hundred times more queer than what your high school english class would ever let you know

not to be a backwards-thinking assimilationist not-radical gay but as someone who has been out for over a decade and faced a lot of backlash for it i would actually really like to be normal. i would really like to be treated normally by society. i’m proud of my identity and i will never apologize for that, but fuck man. there was a post that went around once that really resonated with me – “being gay is a radical act of defiance that none of us signed up for”.

i don’t exist as a lesbian to “challenge societal norms” and i wasn’t outed against my will when i was young just to grow up and be expected to fulfill a role in some “queer” movement that involves fucking, making kinks seem revolutionary or what the fuck ever

i deserve to want to feel normal and i don’t understand why it’s shocking to anyone that after girls like me grow up ashamed of our own thoughts, abused, and constantly knowing that every straight girl around us is more valuable and loved and sane than we are just to be told it’s “not radical” to want to be treated with respect and normalcy by a society that rejected us

i’m so here for the lesbians that didn’t always know.

lesbians that thought they were straight, bi, pan, aroace – anything but a lesbian.

lesbians struggling to accept that you can be a girl and like girls.

lesbians struggling to accept they like girls and only girls.

lesbians that knew on some level that they didn’t like guys but never clued into what that meant.

lesbians who thought that because they didn’t like boys they didn’t like anyone.

lesbians who can’t recognize when they’re attracted to women.

lesbians who repressed their attraction and are only now realizing and embracing their lesbianism.

lesbians who feel alienated from other lesbians and wlw because they’ve never had a crush on another girl.

lesbians who feel like they can’t be lesbians 

positive sapphic stereotypes

(based on people i know irl/on tumblr)

lesbians: have their life together, or at least act like it. snapbacks and flannels for days. takes a Lot of selfies just 2 admire later. Cool Mom™ vibe

bi girls: damm do these girls love their flag colors!!! fashion sense is 👌🏻also so many fucken Puns and fun facts

pan girls: radiate this weird Sunshine Aura??? like idk how to describe it but y'all are so Bright u know?? optimistic and smiling and just Happy it’s good

nonbinary wlw: probably has dyed hair and listens to fall out boy. gay but won’t admit it. talks about existence and psychology to friends to weird them out

trans wlw: pro @ video games and generally chill but will debate u for DAYS and win. usually have cool hobbies n stories to tell. probably a communist

What I love about BTS ships

Jikook: Power couple! Those fond looks! The subtle touches (not that subtle)! THE BACK HUGS!

Namjin: The parents! How they always blow kisses to each other! They look like such a power couple!

Yoonseok: The sun and moon! They always are laughing when they are with each other! So much happiness!

Vmin: So soft! So much caring! So much love!

Taekook: Energetic cuties! The gaming couple! The teasing! Puppy 1 and puppy 2!

Taegi: The subtle shoulder touches! The fond smiles! Opposites attract!

Vmon: Lil intelligent cuties! So nice to each other! You can see the gratitude in their eyes!

Sugakookie: Soft cuties! They fit like puzzle pieces! The way jk looks up to suga! Lamb skewers dates!

Vhope: Sunshine couple! So happy! The hugs! *cough THEY KISSED cough*

Jihope: The doting! The teasing! The smiles! The shoulder leaning!

Junghope: Always so close! Cuddle attacks! Hyung doting on his dongsaeng!

Jinkook: Work out couple! *coughButt Touchingcough*! The bickering!

Minjoon: Rapmon always callin Jimin cute and sexy! So smiley with each other! Koalas with each other!

Yoonmin: So soft for each other! Smol and smoller! Lil goofy smiles!

And don’t forget about all the rare pairs! All the ships are great! Spread the bts shipping love!


High King Peter, the Magnificent

This scene breaks my heart every time I watch Prince Caspian. Peter is so desperate to get back to Narnia, so desperate to be of use again to his kingdom. And he finally makes it back, just to have to try and prove that he is, in fact, a worthy king. But it doesn’t go according to plan - at all. His soldiers followed him into this battle, every single one of them trusted him with their lives and now he is forced to watch as they die, forced to leave them behind and save his own life. And he is horrified. He may blame Caspian as well later on, mostly in anger, but in this moment he blames only himself.

And remember, this boy is about 18 years old (at most). He is just a boy.

Throne of Glass family tree - as of Queen of Shadows

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dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + text posts 1/?

to the people living with their abusers who aren’t able enough to get out, who are so traumatized that they can’t function, i hear you. you’re not worthless, you’re not weak or deserving of punishment. even if you’re an adult. when you’re traumatized and you live with the person (or people) who abuse you, that fear doesn’t always turn to active motivation to escape. sometimes being retraumatized sucks away our ability to function because we’re using all our energy focusing on the immediate threat. why would you have extra room to think about a job or school when you’re in danger? your brain is trying to protect you. please remember that you’re not failing. you’re coping with an overwhelming situation, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

Honestly, one of my major pet peeves is when the secular Yiddish revival movement pretends it’s single-handedly resurrecting a dead language or something, ignoring the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of native Yiddish speakers and that number is growing rapidly every day. And that continuity was never broken; for Chassidim, Yiddish never died.

Like I literally just saw a post saying there were only a “handful” of Yiddish speakers, and about how awesome it was that some secular Yiddish revivalists had created a Hebrew-English dictionary with modern words like “email,” as if there aren’t probably at least a hundred thousand people who are bilingual in Yiddish and English and use both in their daily lives, and certainly talk about emails.

So what’s the deal? Do secular Yiddish revivalists see Chassidim as too religious or “backwards” to count? I certainly hope not, but it sure seems that way.

And look, I get it. For most American Jews, there *was* a break in continuity regarding Yiddish. And the secular Yiddish culture of Eastern Europe *was* violently destroyed. You have every right to reclaim what was taken from you and it is a radical act to do so, but please stop pretending that Yiddish is not already a thriving living language.