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If you aren't busy, what about a Kiba and Sakura baby? (Well, if I may add my two cents, how about twins/triplets/whatever? Sort of like a dog litter and Kiba is apart of the Inuzuka's...)

Akamaru cuddles are the best~ Kiba would snap a hundnred photos just of this lol

Kiba deservs all girls tbh lmaooo So Sakura was on bedrest since carrying one baby is hard enough, she had three babies to keep in for as long as she could. Staying in the hospital for that long by yourself is really lonely so Kiba would visit every day for as long as he could to keep his wife company. 

Their names are Mimi (L), Teiru ©, and Kuchi ®.

The 2ps as Stuff My Best Friend Has Texted Me (Mod Lafayette Edition)

2p America: Hey I’m always here to satisfy your weird ass founding fathers fetish.

2p China: Melania Trump deserves so much better. She just wanted a sugar daddy, now she’s the first lizard lady.

2p England: I wish this country was led by drag queens.

2p France: Alexander Hamilton IS real and I gave HIM a blowjob behind the Burlington congress building. Plot twist.

2p Russia: My fursona is a squashed worm.

2p Canada: My mom won’t stop pray-crying in the living room, please take me somewhere else.

2p Italy: I’m going to stab my brother in the ear.

2p Germany: “If you can’t handle me at my 666 you don’t deserve me at my 420.” Marilyn Monroe

2p Japan: You just pickup up a wasp you dumb bitch! I hope it stings you and you die.

2p Romano: God loves ugly. Barbie doesn’t.

2p Austria: I’ve made you a playlist of nothing but Death Grips and me crying. Hope you like it.

2p Prussia: I hate scary movies almost as much as I hate myself.

The saga continues,

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so.... i was going thru the dongsoo tag and i saw ur art about myungsoo trying to kiss dongwoo... can u please explain these real life events bc i am suffering

It would be my pleasure, anon.

So! For whatever reason (thirst, undying love, a raging crush) for the first few years of Infinite being around

Myungsoo made it like…his mission

to kiss Dongwoo.

On camera,


during their concert credits,

you name it, Myung was all up on that - until!

one day, while Sunggyu was trying to keep it professional, Myungsoo struck.

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They aren't attacking gay culture.I love sense8 and haven't even watched 13 reasons why but it's a business. So many people have watched 13 reasons why and as a result it got contihued because they made a lot of profit from it.In contrast to this,not nearly as many people watch sense8 so they are going to cancel it.It isn't to do with the the actual content of the shows but to do with how much money they can make.

i’m a pan woman of colour and it’s pride month and they cancelled the best show for representation of genders/sexualities/races on the first day of pride month so it’s an attack on my gay culture thanks, fuck a netflix hoe


This started out as one of those shitty panel redraws that I always do when I have an art block but it turned out MUCH better than planned. Now I want to finish painting it. 

Thanks to Shuggazoom’s climate being tropical, the Hyperforce’s suits were not at all equipped to deal with a sudden climate change, so they had to abandon them in favor of good ol’ fashioned winter wear. At least, that’s my excuse for drawing them all in cute hats and scarves. :D

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Why is it that hot boys always flirt with my best friends and never to me. I mean I'm not that ugly or my friends aren't that" attractive. Trust me im more good hearted person then them and no one seems to notice it. What is it tho? Idk they really make me feel uncomfortable like I'm 'the duff'. I just idk... whatever I don't really care

I have no idea. My best friend and me went to a roller coaster park once. Everywhere couples and tbh, the hottest guys had the.. I don’t want to say ugly but not so good looking girls as girlfriends. You’re always asking yourself “Why???” We’re not that ugly but still. Sometimes it’s not because we’re not beautiful or attractive maybe they think we’re already taken darling. You’re great the way you are honey. Don’t doubt yourself okay?


1.20   //   1.23  

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Let’s be real, Takano probably pulled that “reference material” stunt on everyone in Emerald as soon as he started working there.

Happy birthday Hatori, I guess.

M’KAY so I’ve been up for almost 30 hours straight but then I learn that it’s Hatori’s birthday and I had no prompts in mind but then I find this incomplete thing from a few weeks back so I’m all, “a’ight it shouldn’t take long to finish it,” mmm but it did take so long to finish it so as you can tell in my need for sleep I rushed most of it to the point of not even drawing crud and well, yeah, trust me even if I tried it wouldn’t look much better. This is the pinnacle of my artistic abilities. (But I’ll still never post garbage like this again LOL)

So. If you can’t tell (because how could you possibly be able to tell from this sh*tshow?), that’s Onodera on his first day of work and then Kisa hounding Takano afterwards about who was the best kisser ┴┬┴┬┴┤‿¬) ├┬┴┬┴

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It is actually very common for those who have "Designer Dissociation" < (purposely split by abusers) to have aggressive alters. No we aren't Psychopaths but it is very invalidating when you hear all these people saying oh no we are all so placid and kind. If a perpetrator wants to create an aggressive alter/part for whatever sick reason they too should be acknowledged. It's NOT rare just like DID isn't rare. People need to understand and accept this

My intention was not to say that alters are never aggressive. However, I do want to stress that alters act in the way that, from their perspective, best protects the system.

Consider for a moment the case of a child who has been forced to hurt another child by their abuser. Would you ever label that child dangerous for something that they were forced to do by adults? What if they began to display aggression in other environments; would you label them a problem child, or would you recognize that they’re scared, hurting, and doing what they’ve been taught is necessary to protect themself? Would you assume that their aggression is an intrinsic trait, or would you want them to get the help that they need to feel (and be!) safe so that they no longer feel the need to resort to aggression?

The same applies to alters. When an alter is aggressive because they think that it’s the only way for them to defend themself, the answer isn’t to label them dangerous and write them off. Unfortunately, this is something that individuals without DID/OSDD-1 and even many misled individuals with DID/OSDD-1 often do.

One common theme that I’ve heard from many individuals with DID, especially from their protector alters, is that many of their friends demonize their protectors. These friends may refuse to talk to the protectors, treat the protectors like abusers, or even try to convince the individual with DID/OSDD-1 that they’re an abuser if they ever allow their protectors to show aggression. The media does not help this, as it often portrays protector alters as incredibly quick to resort to violence.

Again, I am not saying that alters can never be aggressive. However, there is a big difference between an alter being aggressive and an alter being dangerous. There’s also a very important distinction to be made between an alter being aggressive as a last resort in a very high stakes environment and an alter being aggressive over microaggressions, mistakes, or misunderstandings. This is true regardless of the alter’s origin.

I hope that this clarifies why I published Star’s statement.

四楓院 真也

Shihouin Shinya, UraYoru Child, Troll extraordinaire, lil’ shit of Karakura town, Ultimate Bad Influence. 

His name Shinya is written with the characters 真也 ! 

Shinya can sounds exactly like the word for “midnight” or literally “deep night”, written 深夜 , so this is a reference to Yoruichi’s name, which literally means “night” and “One”.

The -Ya (也) in Shinya is a pretty typical suffix to add onto a boy’s name, like the “suke” in “Kisuke”.

Lastly, the  真 is the same character for the Shin in Shinji… y’know, how much I love the Shinji-Urahara Brotp.

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Hey! I'm an envious fan of your stylization of features and your incredible grasp of anatomy + fluidity of poses and lines. Do you have any tips/tricks/strategies/habits for blocking out body parts/simplifying them to then flesh out? You aren't obligated to share of course but I thought I'd just ask. Please keep gifting us with your great art! :)

Well firstly, thank you SO much for the kind words <333 you are SO sweet! I will give you a quick, messy, run-through of my process!

First, I try to just get the pose out of my head! As you said about ‘simplifying’, that’s pretty much what I do first. Messy and loose lines, boxes, whatever works best for you to ‘see’ the form! This can be as messy as you want, it really doesn’t matter! The quicker you can get the idea out the better C:

Second, I lower the opacity A LOT, and draw over the sketch

This is where I do my major tweaking, but it’s still pretty damn messy. I try to focus on the form, doing my best to keep it ‘round’ because I don’t want it to turn stiff and rigid!

Then repeat, lower the opacity and draw over the sketch again! By now I’ve usually deleted the layer with the first messiest sketch!

A lot of refining happens here, I start to add tiny details like hair, ears, lips, and lashes!

THEN JUST KEEP REPEATING! Literally, that’s it, that’s all I do. I keep lowering the opacity and drawing over the sketch, adding more and more details and cleaning it up until I’m satisfied!! 

I HOPE THAT HELPS YOU and answers some of your questions about my process <3 

Thanks again, sweetie!!

Ra's Al Ghul and his Indecision Problem
  • Season 2 Ra's: Uhm, Malcom just killed 503 people, he has broke the code, hence he must die.
  • 3X01 Ra's: Sara, you must now go to Starling City and kill Malcom, he's Priority.
  • 3X04 Ra's: Despite Sara's Death, Malcom Merlyn is still priority.
  • 3X09 Ra's: Now is Sara's Death the priority, since her death is an insult to me and my League, hence we must find her killer and bring him to "Justice".
  • Still Still 3X09 Ra's: And if you do not bring him to us, WE'RE GOING TO KILL HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE!
  • Still 3X09 Ra's: LOL, what? Oliver Queen killed Sara? Yeah, right, I clearly don't believe him. I will still fight with him to a duel to the death since he has dared to challenge me!
  • 3X10 Ra's: Forget about Sara's Killer, Malcom Merlyn has returned a priority. I will now send this blonde assassin fuckboy to kill him and his loved ones and then forget about it unless someone points out to me the fact he's still alive.
  • 3X12 Ra's According to Malcom: Now that it has been revealed that Oliver Queen is still alive, I must kill him at all cost!
  • 3X15 Ra's: Sara was White Trash, I never cared about her and her death since she was so going to betray us anyway.
  • Still 3X15 Ra's: Mr. Queen, I never wanted to kill you at all. I want you to become the Next Demon's Head because PROPHECY!
  • 3X16 Ra's: Nyssa, I never said I didn't approve of your relationship with Sara because you are two woman. I didn't approve of your relationship with her because you let Weakness spread into your heart by loving her. Also, she totally didn't love you, and aren't I the best dad ever?
  • Still 3X16 Ra's: Begone, out of this house! I repudiate you as my daughter! You are nothing to me now!
  • Still Still 3X16 Ra's: Malcom Who? I don't care anymore about eitehr him or Sara's killer, you assholes are free to go.
  • 3X18 Ra's: If Oliver doesn't become the Demon's Head, he is going to spend the rest of his days in jail! Which... Kind of defeats my plan of making him the Demon's Head... Eh, whatever, I'll just kill his sister or something...
  • 3X20 Ra's: I was once totally in love with a Woman until the last Ra's Al Ghul came and forced me to take his place, which kind of makes me kind of an hypocrite, but whatever...
  • Still 3X20 Ra's: Also, I'm a closet Olicity Shipper, so go to him Felicity. Rock his world. (Because that's not spreading weakness into his heart or something)
  • 3X21 Ra's: Nyssa has to die in order for Oliver to become the next Demon's Head! Because Reasons!
  • Still 3X21 Ra's: LoL, just kidding. In fact, I want you to marry Oliver...
  • Me: Wait, weren't you a closet Olicity...
  • Still Still 3X21 Ra's: And now, OUT OF NOWHERE, Oliver must unleash this Bio-Weapon on Starling City, making a bigger mess than the Undertaking ever was!
Finding out they are going to be teenage parents:
  • Makoto: Hearing his partner telling him they're pregnant would send him off into a state of panic. He wouldn't process the news perfectly at first, he might need to hear it again and when he does he would just freak out. He would try to control his nerves for the sake of his partner since he knows they're scared too and probably more since they're the one carrying the baby, but the anxiety from hearing the news would absolutely shake him. Although scared and clueless, Makoto would stand with his partner 100% and support whatever decision they make. Even if he's terrified of what will happen next, he'd take responsibility and try to handle the situation as maturely as he possibly can.
  • Haruka: When the words leave his partner's mouth it would be the only thing resonating in his head like an echo for a while. He'd slowly process the information therefore his reaction might seem calm when instead he would be freaking out inside. A million thoughts would be circling through his head.. 'Aren't we too young?' 'what about their future?', 'what about my future?' 'I don't know how to change a diaper'... 'Can babies eat mackerel?'. Despite his fears he would listen to what his partner has to say, he would support whatever decision they make and he would put their needs before his own. If his partner decides to keep the baby, albeit eccentric, Haru would try his hardest to be the best father he can be, and changing a diaper isn't that difficult.
  • Rin: Rin wouldn't have the best reaction. He would be extremely shaken by the news. The anxiety would eat him alive. Since Rin has a set goal for his future, having a baby as a teenager would definitely push him off track and he'd feel like he'd have to give up his dream. Rin wants to be an Olympic swimmer just like his father wanted to be, and now he has to give it up to be a responsible father just like his father did. Although Rin cares deeply for his partner and would cross oceans for them, being put in this situation might make him regret some of his choices. Despite his feelings, Rin would respect their choice and support them no matter what happens. Although he might think of giving up his dream, his partner would not let him and having just one more person to win for might motivate him more.
  • Nagisa: Nagisa might think his partner is trying to trick him or is joking around. He'd laugh it off and tell them not to joke with those kinds of things. When they tell him they're not joking and he sees how truly serious and scared they are all the blood would drain from his face and he'd have a rare serious look on. He'd be so shocked be wouldn't know how to respond at first. He know having a baby so young isn't easy, he knows all the troubling times that will come their way now that they are going to be teenage parents. Nagisa would worry about what would happen if his family found out. He'd be worried about his partner and how they are taking this. He'd be side by side with his partner no matter their decision. Despite of it all, a little bubble of hope and joy grew after he thought about it a lot, maybe a tiny Nagisa wouldn't be so bad.
  • Rei: Once they tell Rei, he would be thinking back to see when he screwed up so bad. He'd beat himself up for not calculating things right, not using enough protection, not checking his partner's ovulation dates. He'd try to be rational and calm but he wouldn't be able to sit still. He'd be extremely worried about his partner and their health, he knows how dangerous pregnancy can be for a teenage body thanks to sex ed. He'd do a lot of research about anything and everything pregnancy, he'd take care of his partner very well and wouldn't let them stress themselves too much. Rei would be very involved when it comes to his partner and his child. Although he'd still be worried for both their futures, he'd strangely be looking forward to being a father.
  • Nitori: All the blood would leave his face and leave him as pale as a ghost when he hears 'I'm pregnant'. The anxiety he'd feel the moment his partner says they have to 'talk' to him would not compare to the anxiety he'd feel after finding out the news. He'd feel so overwhelmed he'd have to lie down and process it, all the while freaking out. He would need help calming down and even after his small freak out he'd still be very restless. After processing the situation Nitori would let his partner make the decision of what they want. He'd be supportive in whatever they choose and he wouldn't really object to anything because it's their body and honestly he wouldn't know what to do or say anyway, even though he wouldn't be ready to be a teenage father it's not his choice. If they end up having the baby he would take full responsibility and would be a pretty good dad, albeit clumsy and clueless.
  • Seijuro: He'd be pretty levelheaded about the whole situation, and instead he'd be the one calming his partner down. He wouldn't sweat how it happened since well, it happened and now here they are. Seijuro would think about every possibility now that he might end up being a teen dad and he would talk it out with his partner. He'd be responsible and mature about the situation, and for him the hardest part would be breaking the news to both his and his partner's parents. He'd be with his partner every step of the way no matter the choice they make, and he'd honestly be looking forward if only a little to a tiny Sei.
  • Momotarou: It might not make sense to Momo at first, so he might think his partner is joking. He would think that it isn't really possible, that they're just kids but when the reality comes down on him he would need some help calming down. Momo wouldn't know what to do and he might be the one to look for help and guidance, probably from his brother who might not be too thrilled at the news but would stick with his little brother nonetheless. Momo would take responsibility despite being terrified because his partner is terrified too. He'd stand by them and be there for them no matter the outcome.
  • Sosuke: He'd keep his cool really well, and he'd hear everything his partner has to say from the beginning. He'd understand their worries since he'd be a mess too but he'd be able to keep his anxiety at bay. He would talk about all the possible outcomes with his partner and if they choose that path, he'd be ready to take the responsibility of being a father. He'd be supportive of his partner and who knows, maybe this could be his new dream, a family.
  • Kou: Finding out she's pregnant would be very frightening for Kou. She wouldn't know what to do and would start crying. Chances are she'd keep it quiet for a while until she can't handle the pressure anymore and tells her partner. Figuring out what to do after that would be a very tricky thing for her, but she'd have the support of her partner. She'd be most scared about telling her mother and Rin, especially Rin since he might not react kindly to the news. Kou would talk out all the possible choices with her partner and her family, knowing she has their support no matter what her choice is.

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my best description of Chara is "unreasonable" Like they just do whatever they happen to feel like doing, and act impulsively based on whims. They'll go out of their way to do things just because they feel like it's a game or a check list, and once they set their mind to something no one but themself can disuade that. The things they do aren't necessarily harmful (it could be like Tap every window in the house; Sit and stare at the wall; etc) but once they decide to They Gotta Do It- thoughts?

I think that’s really interesting!!!

Maybe, seeing Frisk harm a monster makes them feel they should be doing it too. Or the other way around, if Frisk is being friendly, Chara thinks that’s what they’re going to be doing. It’s a really fun concept to imagine!!

I really like exploring this kind of behavior.

Chara organizing all their toys by size and color, making sure all the doors in the house are closed, piling up all the pillows on their bed, stacking all of Toriel’s books. Just because they thought about doing it.

Predicting Elena's first conversation with Bonnie....
  • Elena: So how was spending time in 1994 with Damon?"
  • Bonnie: It was nice. We bickered, cooked and ate. We listened to each other and bonded. Damon protected me."
  • Elena: What about me tho? Did U guys talk about me?"
  • Bonnie: "Uh we talked about you some but we also talked about a lot of other things."
  • Elena: "Can u tell me if I should get back with Damon?"
  • Bonnie: "What?"
  • Elena: Because I erased my memories of Damon and I need you advice on getting back with him. Tell me why I should get back with him. You know because that is what I wanted you back for."
  • Bonnie: "Seriously you think that I want to give you advice on Damon? I just been through hell and I'm not feeling giving you advice on Damon. Is that why you wanted me back so that you could use me for advice?"
  • Elena: "Of course not we are best friends aren't we. Best friends for life."
  • Bonnie: Whatever
  • Elena: Damon saved you to fall back in love with me"
  • Bonnie: Wrong. Damon told me that he did it for me and not you."
  • Elena: Nope, for me."
  • Bonnie: That's not what Damon said."
  • Elena: For me tho."
  • Bonnie: Ever considered the fact that Damon and I bonded in 1994 and that he rescued me because he cared about me."
  • Elena: All for me, me , me.
  • Bonnie" Bitch get out of my face."