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Nct127 to when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


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*plays with your ear*
He’d continue on with whatever it was he was reading, his hands toying with your soft ear out of habit. His attention would be pulled from his phone though, his quiet murmurs sounding by your ear teasingly before you both giggle.
He’d quit his antics though and sooth a hand over your hair, wanting quiet and intimate time together.


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*welcomes you with open arms*


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He’d cling back, throwing aside whatever it was he was previously doing to give you his full attention.
He really loves receiving affection and giving it back, so it’d be a cling-fest.
Although he may be talkative at first, I think he’d simmer down and you’d both just appreciate the quiet time together.


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*studies your features*
He seems a little loopy sometimes, so as odd as it may sound I think he’d be content with just studying you, his gentle fingers tracing your eyebrows in wonder as you nuzzled against his chest.


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He’d automatically give you his undivided attention.
He’d question what brought you to him, if you were needy, and if you loved him [just dumb things].
It wouldn’t be a quiet and relaxing time to nap together, he’d make it a social event, adjusting himself to better talk to you.


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*doesn’t really care, goes on with whatever he’s doing*
He’d let a hand linger on your back, not paying it any mind. He’d be used to your spontaneous affection. Only being clingy when you whine or he feels he’s been neglected.


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*checks to see if you’re okay*
He’d worry maybe your period cramps were bad or you had a headache, or you felt stressed or something and you just needed love.
He’s so sweet, he’d drape his arms around you, letting his chin rest upon your head before he closed his eyes, savoring the time together.


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In the beginning I think he’d be similar to Mark, keeping his sass down.
He’d wait until you close your eyes or drift to sleep before taking advantage of you, acting like Sicheng, taking his time to reflect upon you as he studies your features in peace, hoping you don’t notice his odd behavior.

The 2ps as Stuff My Best Friend Has Texted Me (Mod Lafayette Edition)

2p America: Hey I’m always here to satisfy your weird ass founding fathers fetish.

2p China: Melania Trump deserves so much better. She just wanted a sugar daddy, now she’s the first lizard lady.

2p England: I wish this country was led by drag queens.

2p France: Alexander Hamilton IS real and I gave HIM a blowjob behind the Burlington congress building. Plot twist.

2p Russia: My fursona is a squashed worm.

2p Canada: My mom won’t stop pray-crying in the living room, please take me somewhere else.

2p Italy: I’m going to stab my brother in the ear.

2p Germany: “If you can’t handle me at my 666 you don’t deserve me at my 420.” Marilyn Monroe

2p Japan: You just pickup up a wasp you dumb bitch! I hope it stings you and you die.

2p Romano: God loves ugly. Barbie doesn’t.

2p Austria: I’ve made you a playlist of nothing but Death Grips and me crying. Hope you like it.

2p Prussia: I hate scary movies almost as much as I hate myself.

The saga continues,

JG Tunes

“somewhat slowish songs that could theoretically be about love” 

Sakuma: To Be With You - Mr Big 

Miyoshi: The Only Exception - Paramore 

Hatano: Heartbeat - MacKenzie Bourg 

Fukumoto: I Will Be Waiting - D-Cru 

Kaminaga: Sweet Song - 2AM Club 

Tazaki: After Tonight - Justin Nozuka 

Amari: Aquaman - Walk The Moon 

Jitsui: 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T’s 

Odagiri: This I Promise You - ‘N Sync 

Best In Me - Blue 


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Why do people think size or shape negatively affects beauty? Like? Small people are beautiful, big people are beautiful. Little hips, big curves, small chest, thunder thighs, whatever. Everyone is pretty! Every size and shape is gorgeous! Y'all are the best!


ooooh boy i’m ready to lose an assload of followers but here’s my two cents on this stupid ass ace/aro discourse bullshit from a pansexual girl on the aro spectrum. 

the queer community/gay community/lgbtq community/whatever u call it that best fits your identity and situation community is a community of people who are continually marginalised for reasons such as sex, sexuality, gender, romantic orientation, etc. we all experience varying levels of discrimination like any marginalised community does. 

sure an aro or ace het person experiences fAR less discrimination than the majority of the queer community but it doesn’t mean they deserve to be outcast. their experiences as a marginalised group are valid and there will definitely be times when their voices are not the ones most relevant to the discussion but there will also be times when their voices are some of the most relevant to the discussion and you need to sit the fuck down. 

the presence of other queer identities in our community doesn’t invalidate your identity and the idea that it does is absolutely ridiculous. there isn’t a limited number of slots in our community. there isn’t a set bar you have to reach to be valid. stop gatekeeping. it’s really fucking disgusting. 

we should 100% be having discussions abt the differences in the queer community and not only what it’s like for people with various queer identities, but other discussions, like dealing with marginalisation for other reasons on top of being queer and that experience inside of this community. discussion is important!! but you know what else is? not fucking alienating people. sure a het ace or aro person might be “”“problematic”“” for whatever reason but you’re also problematic as hell for gatekeeping an entire community from acceptance. 

we all have different experiences and levels of privilege and acknowledging that is important but it doesn’t give you an excuse to be hateful and perpetuate bigotry inside of what should be a safe community. good fucking night.