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Nananana I never know what to put in these so Baaatman ‘ v ‘.  —-  Heck, I reached another hundred. Why I don’t know.  Who would want to follow my inactive Toshiro screaming ass? But I am ever more thankful that you guys decided to push that little follow button. Might be a small gesture… But it’s a gesture that holds an affinity of gratitude. I’ve had Toshiro for nearly four years now ( It’ll make four years next month. Two of those years has been on this blog. ) and I am  beyond amazed at the fact that he’s still here with  me after everything. —- Still as strong as he was since the first time I picked him up and adopted him. And there’s no doubt
in my mind that  that is because of you guy’s constant interest,  support, and encouragement. 

The fact that so many of you love him, love my portrayal of him, is enough to keep me here and keep writing him as I see fit.  Thank you so much for that motivation and inspiration. As you all know by now, this short grumpy nerd means the world to me. — And I just  ( teary eyed and chokes ) Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. –  Now if only I was able to be more active B’) Anyway.  The nerds on this list are my current writing  partners (  — And boy doggedly are they ever talented writers. ) My close friends and individuals whose made me happy whether it be because they either liked or commented on one of my posts, sent me nice messages, showed interest. E.t.c. I love you guys and, again, thank you for everything and for giving me the opportunity to be included in your everyday blogging.

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lightboundhero  asked:

Dear DD: I want to write, but I often struggle with the feeling of my writing being inferior compared to other people who write around me; friends and acquaintances who aren't even published (yet) but whose work never fails to be amazing. These are people who, I feel, also have taken in many more stories than I have, written or otherwise; I feel like I'm too far behind them (in a sense) to catch up, whether in amount of stuff read or written. I guess I'd like whatever advice you could give.

The first thing I’m going to say to you here – which may or may not be any comfort to you – is that you’re in exactly the same boat as all the rest of us. No matter how long you write over the course of your life, no matter who you write for or under what circumstances, there will always be better writers than you and there will always be worse ones. So this is a situation that you’re going to have to make your peace with, sooner or later. Sooner is better.

This being the case, the next thing to work on is figuring out how you’re going to handle these feelings of inadequacy when they come up. If you let them stop you, you won’t get much writing done. So you have to do some self-examination and find out what ways work best for you at those  times when you have to motivate yourself to do something you find difficult.

(sticking in a cut here, this is going to get a touch technical…)

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