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Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay


Favorite Super Junior Pairings - Teukchul / 83line [Leeteuk + Heechul] (^_−)☆
“Jungsu-ah, it’s me. When it’s really time for me to talk to you, I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long time, okay? Really, you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you. I love you, brat!” -Heechul


of course my first gotg gifset had to be a bucky/rocket joke

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you mentioned you aren't sure if you ship klance yet, and I'm curious, do you have any ships you like in voltron yet? Thanks!

there are some I like but klance is still as close at it gets to me shipping something in there ;v; but I mostly see them all as a family (I was reading the suggestions u guys sent btw, I might try to draw something from the m)

Anon: How do you feel about Shallura?             

it’s cute! but also, same as above lol

Anon: Could you draw pidge being boosted up to get things by all the other paladins?

already drew that 8′) (only with Hunk tho)

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Hobjoon and anything with me and hoseok pls (: I hope I'm not too late ahdjsja and btw, your header looks amazing!!!

Nooo you’re not late! Hey Val!! ^__^ I’m sorry this kinda took long, had to find a reference photo. Can you read my handwriting?? lol lemme know if you can’t. And omgg thank you so much!! ^__^ <33333

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I understand you said you aren't going to talk about the post anymore but can I please ask, you mentioned, did something happened especially in 2013 that made Kyungsoo want to protect himself? Btw thank you for this blog, it's always very helpful!

iirc 2013 was when exo’s problem with sasaengs was at its worst. it got bad enough that the group gave an interview about it where many members spoke up.

“D.O. had the gloomiest expression among them. ‘Reporter-nim, there’s something I want to tell you very seriously,’ he started. ‘I can’t memorize all of our fan’s faces. But there are so many sasaengs that I’ve developed a victim mentality. It’s severe, to the point that my emotions drop when I see our regular fans. I’ve always tended to be wary and shy around strangers, but because of the sasaengs, it’s gotten worse and it’s changed me.’”

source archived here

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Any jealousy fics that aren't in the FAQ? I've read all of them 😔 thank you btw!

None of these are in the FAQ and I will be adding this post there :)

Jealous | EvilRegalBonhamCarter

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I will be happy for her | Kyravalon

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It Matters | DarkLightningEnvy

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i might be your happy ending | etotheswan

Glowing Green | awhitefairytale

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Misunderstandings and Good News | Rosesdancinginmymind

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Envy | Rosesdancinginmymind

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Dark Swans and Evil Queens don’t get jealous | LauratheChef

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this is like

the hardest question lmao i love music i can’t pick just one song

well, i really like these:

Panic! At The Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Robert Francis - Baby Was The Devil

Men At Work – Down Under (this one became very special to me)

Johnny Cash – Hurt (if i want to cry i’ll probably listen to it)

The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

AND MANY MORE, i honestly can’t name all of them, i listen to the music all the time

also here!

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I've seen and love all ur reactions for bap! Can u do one where you aren't the type to look at or flirt but you did this time to make them jealous? (U r younger btw)

Awwwh thank you anon bae ^^ Okay so lemme just get into this. Leggo xD

Okay so you wanted to check out how much they love you. So you started flirting with this other guy in front of him to see his reaction and make him jealous.

Yongguk: As soon as you started fliting with the other guy Bang would already know what you were trying to do. But he would hide it so well. This made you wonder that he doesn’t even care about who you flirt with. He wouldn’t even pay attention or even react at all (or so you would think). But you see this would be Bang’s plan and you would finally give up and confess to him about your whole plan and be angry that he doesn’t even care or love you. Bang would look at you and burst into a hugs gummy smile saying “You don’t have to make me jealous, you had me the first time you blinked.”

Himchan: Channie would try utterly to act as cool as possible. He would act like it didn’t bother him at all, and that he didn’t even notice that you were “flirting”. But it would be obvious that this made him furious. He would walk in between you two and interrupt you. He would just butt in and take the spotlight. Swinging his arm around you and acting like an amazing boyfriend, which would make the other guy uncomfortable.  Watching the other guy walking away would make Channie feel success.

Daehyun: Dae would just be mad and he wouldn’t even try to hide it. He would not say anything while you were actually flirting with someone else but as soon as you were done he would ask you why you did what you did. He would keep telling you that the other guy is worthless and a piece of shit. And when you tell him the reason you did it, he would threaten you by saying “If you ever do it again I’ll marry you”.

Youngjae: Jae would get extremely annoyed at the beginning. And after a few seconds he would have figured what you were trying to do. So he would just sit across from you two, starring. He would give out a smirk, and once you saw his reaction you would know that he knows and just give up. Once you were alone with him he would tease you by saying “Awwwh jagyi, you’re a bad actor” 

Jongup: Ain’t nobody got anything on Jongup. As soon as you started flirting he wouldn’t have any idea of why you were doing it but his conlcution would be that you didn’t even know you were flirting. If he could see the other guy being into you, he would just burst out dancing and showing off his damn kick ass moves. Sliding across the floor and all. And once he was alone with you, he would just ensure you that he hates sharing.

Junhong: Junhong would be devastated that you weren’t interested enough in him. He would just be looking down trying not to cry. He would try convincing himself that you flirting doesn’t mean you don’t like him. But something deep down would keep telling him that you don’t want to be with him anymore. Once you were alone, he would ask you why you did it and once you told him a smile would cover his whole face. He would hug you tightly saying “Ahhhh, don’t worry… Naekkoya. Now give oppa a kiss”

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I absolutely hate that people put down Aurora or Cinderella because they have princes but over glorify Elsa as a feminist icon for not having a man (btw didn't Merida start that?). And while we're on the subject, wasn't Ariel the first feminist princess because her motives aren't exactly about the prince, she fucking wanted to be a human, she wanted to learn about humans, walk with them! But noooo "she's not feminist because she has a man!" YOU CAN FUCKING BE FEMINIST AND STILL LIKE MEN!

I hate it too. Honestly I hate it when anyone puts down any of the princesses to build up the any of the others. What’s the point? They all have strengths and weaknesses, including Elsa and Anna.

Not having or needing a man does not automatically make one a feminist/feminist icon. Elsa’s story had nothing to do with needing a man, so it doesn’t make sense to praise her in this way. 

Merida and Tiana are much better feminist icons in this sense. Merida refused to give up her freedom for a marriage she wasn’t ready for nor wanted and Tiana, though she did end up with Naveen in the end, wasn’t even concerned with guys until the end when she realized she loved him; otherwise, she just wanted her restaurant.

About Ariel, I think the reason she gets so much shit is because it’s really easy to see her story as “I gave up my voice for a man” when in reality, I don’t think that’s the case. 

A lot of people seem to forget that Ariel didn’t start off wanting Eric. Like you said, she already stated that she wanted to walk among humans in “Part of Your World” before she first saw him. I think it’s entirely plausible that she might have gone to find a way to become a human even if she hadn’t seen him at all.

Notice that most of the time Ariel was human, she was fascinated by all the human things and activities, and not just Eric. From what I remember, nothing romantic even happened until “Kiss the Girl”. 

One last important thing is that the movie’s primary relationship is between Ariel and Triton. Remember how the last line the movie is “I love you, Daddy”? Not to mention his angry outburst in the grotto is in my opinion what really drives Ariel to Ursula. It’s only when her spirit is broken by her father that she goes with Flotsam and Jetsam to the witch’s lair. And once she’s there, she still thinks about how she’ll never see her family again (and, logically, never be reconciled with her father) if she becomes human. So it’s not like Eric was always at the forefront of Ariel’s mind anyway.

Here’s an interesting little post comparing the feminist-friendliness of Frozen and TLM.

As you can see, I have no idea where to submit this to…..Anyway, this is a thank you present for someone I look up to. Here’s a random explanation that might be inspirational I dunno. Ahem,

Dear noveltmods,

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You know what kind of character type I hate is that character who practically oozes the vibe that the person behind them genuinely believes that they’re above the current situation, leading to the character making constant remarks like, “I can’t deal with the idiocy here.” or, “This is stupid, why are we doing this?” or “Let’s get this overwith.” Because the player is unable to drum up emotion or surprise for whatever situation is in front of them, their character has to let everyone know. Sometimes they’ll even bring a bit of meta into it– “Ugh, I already know that this whole thing is going to end with XYZ happening, just like it always does.” 

And it happens regardless of the situation– that character is always there, meeting whatever is happening with a lofty indifference that serves no purpose other than to make others feel awkward for daring to actually play out reactions. Bonus points if they also use their character as a vehicle to make fun of peoples’ RP, too! Because as if the people around them weren’t thrilled enough to hear somebody drone on about how bored they are, now they also get to listen to them smugly challenge another player “in character” to explain how their lore-inappropriate age and birthplace combo makes sense.

I don’t know if they think it makes their character seem like some sort of super cool elite that is just way too above all these petty goings-on but all it is is exhausting. It’s just so exhausting. They think they’re being snarky but all they manage to do is siphon the wonder and tension out of a situation with lazy character writing. Perhaps they view themselves as the exhausted and beleaguered Squidward character, there to bring a deadpan counter to everyone’s excitement. But the difference is self-awareness. You can play a negative character but you have to demonstrate that you are aware on an OOC level how negative they are being. Make them dramatic, use narrative language that paints the negative character as something negative. 

Because you know what? Having a character like that around, who does nothing but scoff and mock the people around them? It brings nothing to the scene. Nobody wants to bring a character on their adventure if they’re going to show no spirit of adventure and not even express this in a way that’s entertaining and still engaging.

Stop using “they’re a snarky asshole IC” as a mask for you to shit all over peoples’ fun. Uuuugh.

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I would just like to say I am a christian and i have two sisters who aren't and i love and respect them just as much as everyone else in my family and its the same for everyone else in the world if you are respectful of me i will be respectful of you.. Not all christians are mean and disrespectful of other religions.. BTW love your blog :)

Your words are beautiful. The world should think as you do. We should love each other beyond our beliefs.

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Hello cutie, guess whose back?! I felt like this fandom could use some Joshifer fun questions, you know, to soften the meltdown. Advice: EVERYONE IS A REAL FAN or THERE AREN't real fans at all. Now to the question: "Which is the quote that in your opinion, describes Josh and Jen's relationship best, or that is related to them?" Have a good day creampuff 😘 ( ps: my identity will be revealed when the time is right, for now just enjoy the questions and the shade of my mysterious existence.....)

Oh mysterious anon!

Advice is on point, btw!

Okay, so, I think one of my favorite quotes is from the fictional but extremely wise Dana Scully (or the writer of the episode Jeffrey Bell):

“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships– the ones that last– are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”

I think those words ring true for a lot of people and it seems like to me somewhere along the line a switch was flicked….