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there’s a song by dvsn that everytime it comes on I think of Jaebum so the fact that he like him too makes me so happy😭

just a sudden thought: imagine he tian and he cheng’re sitting together and talking - after all that time of misunderstanding, they’re just having a conversation. you know, a quiet and peaceful night, they’re alone. he tian’s smoking, then giving his cig to cheng. he cheng asks tian about his life and he tian says: “there’s one guy…”

he’d wanted to talk about guan shan to someone (who could really listen to him, whom he could trust and who’s… wiser?) for a long time, to get it off his chest, so maybe he doesn’t tell cheng everything, but he tells him something, about his feelings and thoughts, because it’s very important to him, because he’s not sure he will do it right by himself (lbr, he fucked up so many times). he cheng listens to him calmly and then, when he tian falls silent, he gives him an advice and says to follow his heart.

I hate when there’s an awards show and a girl group wins or a girl group is performing and the camera cuts to *** or *** and the screams that weren’t there originally suddenly appear. Like, even if you’re not a fan they’re putting on a show for you, even if you’re not a fan they worked hard to win an award, the least you could do is clap for them and not wait until your fave inevitably comes on screen to scream.

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Do you ever smoke weed as a medicine? I don't see people talk about it a lot in the autism community, but I have ocd and bad anxiety and it helps me better than the prescription medicine my therapist gives me. Obviously I am endlessly stimming too. Stimming after I smoke really has lessened my panic attacks. It's unfortunate a lot of people have stigmatized everyone who smokes it as "stoners" when it can really helps a lot of people.

Yup I have a weed blog that I don’t talk about too much because of all the minors that follow me on this blog. But I’m almost constantly smoking due to anxiety and nausea and insomnia (I do smoke and ingest other medicinal plants too). I honestly rarely smoke to get high (with my tolerance I rarely feel high), and I wish there was less of a stigma about using medicinal plants (which are a special interest of mine!)

can we talk about ms. jade thirlwall for a minute? the girl who since she was little has been working her ass off to be a singer/performer? the one who would work any gig cause all she wanted to do was perform? the one who went through so much shit growing up and found solace in music? the one who tried out for xfactor twice and was rejected twice? the one who still had the courage to audition for the third time and was so hesitant to be part of a group? look at where she is now…a brit winner!! i am so beyond happy for her. our little jeed has come so far!!!

themiscyra1983 replied to your photo: “SURPRISE I’MMA TALK ABOUT ROGUE When Evo first started, I wasn’t sold…”:

Okay but if Rei Hino and Rogue got into a fight for your affections who would you want to win?



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Are you allowed to talk about who your character is?

I’m gonna keep it relatively vague because I’m not 100% sure what constitutes as a spoiler…

She’s sarcastic & witty & a little (a lot) impulsive. She’s always had this free spirit no one else around her seemed to have or understand & that left her feeling like the odd man out. She tries to put up this front so people will think she’s some tough bitch, but deep down she’s just a girl. A scared girl whose impulsive decisions landed her in a situation she can’t get out of and now she’s in WAAAY over her head.
There’s only one person who truly believes in her and she definitely feels as if she let her down… and I think that shame is definitely a driving force for her. She feels like she needs to PROVE there’s a reason she did what she did– that there’s a reason she unintentionally hurt the girl she loves. 

And holy shit I hope I’m able to convey all of that properly in podcast form.

apparently butch is also blocking anyone who is even so much as attempting to talk with him about the things he’s said recently, if it seems like they disagree

plus, i guess a few years back he straight up said he “doesn’t support” ships which are anything but het (or any lgbt headcanons at all, for that matter)

i’ve had to endure an entire hour listening to three 16 year old(they look 16 ok) “alternative” kids for two hours talking about how unique they are && how anyone who isn’t “alternative” is boring && unoriginal when all 3 of them are clones of each other. i deserve a brownie or 10 for not laughing out loud.

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Same tbh. You're literally the one who pulled me in. You were just so soft when talking about Yoonkook thats I just had to ship them. When you started talking about them in your posts, I literally saw the love between them two. And unlike other ships. Yoonkook is relaxed and subtle. So I didnt have to suffer so much. So yeah. Ur probs the reasons why alot of Armys ship yoonkook. And I thank you for that

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hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble