these are very blue as well

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(@daily-omanyte) Blues: Oh. The master of the sky decided to join us at the ball. Well, hi. Care for a flower trade?

All these small pokemon were attempting to get the dragon’s attention. … Or so they guessed? - No, they were. The dragon wasn’t sure what to do.

They dared approach the pokemon, and was offered a blue flower by the omanyte. The dragon put it a top its head.

“Thank you, you are very kind and, well, probably about my age, as well. The gesture is well appreciated. Would you like one of my flowers? They grow near the Sky Pillar. It may be able to lay atop your shell, perhaps.”

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Feb. 27, 2017 | 2:34 PM PST

Sorry, I haven’t posted studyblr material in awhile.  Bullet journaling is not going very well, and I’ve run out of ways to use the limited art supplies I have.  Here’s some Latin notes and decorated Muji notebooks.

Esther x

P.S. I hate these cloudy days here in LA.  My room already has awful lighting, and the grey skies make the lighting so blue.  It takes so much effort for me to take pictures, and I’m never satisfied with the lighting and colors.

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Do you like Owl City? Their/its music inspires me, lol. (don't know if it's just Adam Young or if it's a group)

YES. It’s just Adam Young. :) He’s had other projects under the names Sky Sailing (which is very reminiscent of the early Owl City albums) and Port Blue, which is instrumental music. There are others but those are the most popular I would say. ^^ If you like Maybe I’m Dreaming and Of June I would suggest you listen to Sky Sailing as well. There’s only one album - An Airplane Carried Me To Bed - but it’s very good. c:


We sat together watching the night fall and Lucas smiled at me, I sighed, feeling like I did not fit. There he stood, gorgeous in black suit pants and a white shirt and a blue sweater, while I was on an old cardigan and jeans.

“You shouldn’t think so little of you, Khal,” Lucas tried to reassure me.”You look great.”

“Of course I look great,” I sighed. “In yesterday’s jeans.”

Lucas chuckled next to me. “Well, you look very elegant in yesterday’s jeans.”

I laughed and covered my mouth, pulling my lip. Some people were staring at me and I pushed my bangs back. 

“What’s wrong?”

“People are staring at me,” I explained.

He looked ahead and sighed. “They are most likely thinking what a beautiful elegant man you are.”

“Or they might be thinking from what gutter this bug-eyed purple imp crawled out off.”

To that Lucas burst laughing, quickly covering his mouth. 

I smiled a little at him, more than happy to make him smile. Everything considered, his smile warms up my heart and its something I always with to see. I reached over and held his hand, stopping him from covering his mouth. He looked at me surprised.

“Don’t,” I asked. “I love to see you smile.”

To that he widened his eyes blushing.


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Re: The uniform thing. Could be holly blue's doing. Forcing the famethyst to wear the blue diamond uniforms to show their respect. The zoo does give them access to clothes, meanwhile the rest of gemkind just does their best light projection and slaps a diamond sticker on if they can't imitate the color well enough.

holy shit.. this is a very good point! though that begs the question of how they formed with those clothes… did holly blue poof each of them? : (

in other news today i found out that eddie redmayne has a degree in art history and for his diploma he wrote a 12k words analysis of a picture that’s basically a blue square on a black background; the thing was it was a very unique shade of blue, actually used there for the first time ever; however, being colorblind, i quote, he had no idea what the colour was but well, it looked very pretty to him

and somehow i find this very uplifting i mean if you can pull sth like that off, write a 12k words thesis on a colour you don’t even recognize properly, anything is possible and this is the story of how eddie redmayne officially became my saint patron of high level academic bullshitting

  • Keith: Hey Lance? Did I ever tell you my favourite colour?
  • Lance: Well it's red. Obviously
  • Keith:
  • Lance: Fine, black then. You know because you're so emo
  • Keith: I'm not e- no. Not black
  • Lance: Idk Green? Listen I have stuff to do so
  • Keith: It's blue
  • Lance: Blue...?
  • Keith: Yeah like your-
  • Lance: For the last time stop trying to cozy in on my lion! We're very happy together! I know you've got your eye on Blue but-
  • Keith, flustered: Yeah your blue eyes
  • Lance: wait what?
  • Keith, internally: I messed up
Can we appreciate Greg Universe’s outlook on life?

Steven: Dad I want to go to Korea and learn more about my mother’s dark past.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Dad help me jump a fence that is clearly marked “Do not enter”.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Oh shit it’s Blue Diamond.

Greg: It’s cool, I’ll go talk to her.

Blue Diamond: It’s very clear that I’m dangerous to you, but I am crying over someone I lost.

Greg: I miss someone too, and relate to your sadness, here’s some life advice.

Blue Diamond: You’re cool, I’m putting you in my zoo.

Greg: Wait, what


Greg: Well, I’ve been kidnapped, and put in a space zoo. God knows what will happen to me, here. I may never see my son, or anyone else I love, ever again.

Greg: Might as well let this dude braid my hair, lol


Greg’s inability to give a f*ck is something I treasure.

Can we just talk about how Greg Universe is the most kindest guy ever?

He KNOWS very well who BD is, he knows she is one of the 4 leaders that tried to colonize Earth and hollow it out which would have had ultimately killed ALL of its life, who fought in the war against Rose, he doesn’t even need to sympathize with her here. BD clearly shows no interest in hurting or antagonizing him; she simply wonders what he is doing here, how his kind managed to survive here for so long, whilst her sister Diamond perished. 

But Greg does, he does sympathizes with her, he sympathizes with her loss. Even sharing his own experience with it. Even Blue Diamond herself recognizes just how kind Greg is being here, “Its a shame. There’s a Geo weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything, shortly. But…you don’t deserve that, do you?Wow, Greg. You seduced not only the leader of the rebellion, but then seduced one of the leaders of the established government. You need to chill with your awesomely lovable and sincere nature, buddy bow chicka wow wow

Even when she nabs him up and heads to her Palanquin, downright KIDNAPPING him (just with somewhat more well-intentions) his tone to her doesn’t change, he is still polite and refers to her as an authority of respect, “Please, your highness!”  I just can’t get over how beautiful of a person Greg Universe is, its no mystery where Steven gets it from.  

Stim shamelessly!

Its been so long since I’ve done a drawing like this. :O 

I normally do these on paper but this time I’m trying out digital/drawing with my tablet. This is also the first time I’ve tried drawing myself with my current haircut. 

[ Image Description: 

The drawing is of an autistic person stimming, with the words “stim shamelessly” around them. The word “stim” is above the persons head, while “shamelessly” is below the person. Both words are between two red neurodiversity ‘infinity’ symbols.

The autistic person is wearing a dark blue headphones and a blue jumper with a red neurodiversity symbol on it. They are stimming with a blue and purple tangle, and by rocking and listening to music.]


Been doing more thinking about Reverse!Mercy. 

A few small details:

  • She’s exceptionally calm and generally pleasant, but there’s something off about her that gives people the creeps.
  • She can often be seen wearing hospital bracelets from whatever area she’s currently in. She is usually only identified on these bracelets as Jane Doe or the equivalent. 
  • Her fingers and toes are a dark blue/black, and appear to be in a state of necrosis. 
  • At times, her skin has a translucent quality and her veins are highly visible. At other times, she looks perfectly healthy.
  • She sometimes bleeds from her nose and ears, but this is infrequent. Her blood is a very dark purply red colour. 
  • She often leaves a fine ash-like dust in her wake. 
  • She and Hanzo dislike one another. Even so, since Overwatch’s disbandment, she’s kept close tabs on him
  • She’s well acquainted with a number of mercenaries (Pharah amongst them) who allow her to get ahold of medical supplies that cannot be attained through legal means.
  • She carries a small firearm which she doesn’t like using
  • Might be functionally immortal–she seems to have been the subject of her own imperfect experiments to increase longevity
How much alike Victor and Yuuri are (1/3)

So one thing I absolutely love is the fact that at the beginning of the anime it looks like Victor and Yuuri are complete opposites but then as the story goes and we learn more about them they turn out to have very similar ways of dealing with emotions and people. And I think this is one of the reasons why their relationship is so strong because they really are able to understand each other quite well.

Let me start with that “opposites attract” trope because I think that yoi creators play with that a lot at the beginning. It’s even in those obvious features like with the fact that Victor is taller and has light hair and blue eyes while Yuuri is smaller and dark-haired with brown eyes - it’s just so cliche? And there’s more of course, while Yuuri is shy Victor seems to be very open, Yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and Victor seems to be even over-confident, Yuuri gives up easily while Victor always pushed himself further, also Victor acts like he’d be very experienced with love while Yuuri never even thought about it and so on. Funny thing is that actually all of these things we think about both of them and especially about Victor turn out to be wrong at some point.

It’s so interesting to rewatch everything after ep 10 because it shows even more how unreliable Yuuri’s narration is. Yuuri learns very slowly that Victor is a human being too and I think that it’s not until ep 7 where he finally lets his idealised image of Victor go. But even then I think that most of the things we learn about Victor we know from the man himself in these rare moments of his narration and I love how much more Victor is willing to admit they’re alike. 

Like really willing to admit it. If he goes to Japan to find his inspiration it’s not because he lacks some technical or even presentation skills that Yuuri has. It’s because he sees in Yuuri someone who treats skating very similarly to Victor’s way, he sees that Yuuri puts his emotions into his routines and all his determination he puts in order to win and that’s something that Victor’s needs to get back as a skater. In other words, he sees in Yuuri his younger self, eager to win and challenge and brave enough to put all his soul into his performance. And that Victor knows from the very beginning (apart from the fact he probably thinks about them as soulmates since banquet).

And there’s another attitude they share as skaters – at some point, they both really gave up everything for skating. 

A lot of things, like including “life and love” maybe?

It not only gives us a hint of how much they’re both inexperienced with relationships and having fun they are also realising at the same moment that they are not satisfied with their lives and careers anymore. And this is so important because probably the most significant thing we learn about Victor in episode 10 is that he needed Yuuri as much or maybe even more than Yuuri needed him. The point is that they both lack exactly the same thing, they need their inspiration to skating back and they need someone to share their lives with and this is precisely what they find with each other.

So in firsts episodes, we are meant to think that Yuuri and Victor are very different but what we learn from Victor tells us a lot about how similar they are. And what they share as skaters is their determination to win and love for skating itself but also they way they sacrifice everything for skating to the point where it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is how many traits they share and how similar are ways in which they express their love but I just feel this post is long enough and I’m very tired. Anyway, this for #victuuriweek and also for a wonderful @blue-phoenix-tears who suggested this topic long, long time ago.

TST is so goddamn blue: a meta

TST is just all kinds of weird. Everything feels off, and even the first third, which is supposed to be light-hearted and funny, is unsettling in many ways (for instance, why was John, a doctor, driving the car when his wife, Mary, was going into labor instead of having Sherlock drive? We know Sherlock can drive very well from THoBV, so wtf? And why would Sherlock ever say that Mary is better than John when it clearly hurt John that he’d say that? And what was the narrative point of the dog being there, apart from the fact that Sherlock likes dogs? Anyway, I digress.)

One theory that I’ve seen going around is that Sherlock is narrating this episode, and therefore, we’re dealing with an unreliable narrator. If Sherlock is in fact telling this story to his therapist, Ella, at the end of the episode, and is lying about some parts of his story, then what is he lying about? Well, one option is that he’s lying about how Mary died in order to protect someone. But he’s Sherlock… who would he bother protecting?

“It’s always you, John Watson.” Of course. It probably has to do with John. With saving and protecting John, as is Sherlock’s MO.

One theory by @the-7-percent-solution that I’m extremely fond of at the moment is that John killed Mary, and Sherlock is lying to his therapist in order to protect John (just like Watson may have lied in the original ACD story Charles Augustus Milverton to protect Holmes after Holmes presumably killed Milverton, which is what Mofftiss believe happened), and to give John an alias. Which would mean that quite a lot of the episode is either a fabrication, or changed slightly in order to make the story more convincing.

And, since I noticed that there is a LOT of blue in this episode, I decided to go through and examine the most blue-lit and blue-colored scenes, and see if I anything popped out at me. Something did. It might be nothing, but I’m gonna roll with it and see where it goes.

This is the scene where Sherlock discovers the A.G.R.A. memory stick in the Thatcher bust, and fights with Ajay. Everything in this scene is blue, or lit up with blue: the pool, the pool lights, the waves painted on the walls (real subtle with the Water Thing there, Mark), the police lights. It’s overwhelmingly blue. Which means that, if blue coloring or lighting means that Sherlock is lying (and I will explain why I think that might be the case in just a second) then Ajay’s story about why he’s actually hunting down Mary - or even the way/reason that Sherlock discovers the memory stick - might be either a lie, or a half-lie on Sherlock’s part (assuming he’s telling Ella all this after it’s happened.)

These screenshots are taken from the montage of Rosamund Mary’s escape trip. Again, there is quite a bit of blue, especially in the transitions and maps. And the dice. Again, just like the scene where Sherlock finds the A.G.R.A. memory stick, this part of the narrative has been twisted or is unreliable. We’re not seeing the full truth here. Maybe Rosamund Mary had a much more sinister reason to leave London than just escaping another assassin. (I’m not sure this part holds up as well as some of the other blue-colored scenes, but still. I thought it was very interesting how they stuck with this one-color scheme across so many scenes in this episode.)

This is the scene where Rosie begins crying, and John texts the girl from the bus stop. Again, everything in this scene is pretty damn blue; at least it stood out as being strangely blue to me. I mean, c’mon, even the bathroom tiling and towels are blue:

So maybe that means that this scene isn’t entirely true, either. The unreliable narrator - Sherlock, possibly - has embellished or left out something critical to understanding (in context) this scene. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one, but maybe someone can help me out with figuring out how/why this scene might possibly have been a lie or a half-lie.

So I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This whole scene is so strange and off, as many people who are much better at this whole meta thing than I am have already pointed out (I.E., John, an army doctor, not doing anything other than talk to his dying wife when he could clearly do so much more to help save her… jfc?)

Maybe Rosamund Mary didn’t really die in this sccene. Maybe, after finding out something about Mary’s past or present while confronting her about the A.G.R.A. memory stick or Morocco (again, assuming that both those scenes weren’t shown to the audience exactly how they happened) John killed her, and Sherlock’s protecting John by not telling the story how it really happened. Or maybe it’s something else… but there is an incredible amount of blue in this scene, which very clearly connects it (for me) to the previous scenes I’ve mentioned.

After Rosamund Mary’s death scene, the camera pans up and we get this shot:

A blue shark. And since sharks have repeatedly been associated with villains already on this show, that’s pretty damn suggestive. The shark is still swimming - it hasn’t stopped, and therefore it hasn’t died.

After the blue shark, we immediately get this shot a box (coffin? Ashes?) burning with blue flames:

Again, this is sticking to a common color scheme present in many other scenes that could easily have been changed or fabricated to hide a much more sinister side of Rosamund Mary, and a very different version of that aquarium scene. So maybe Rosamund Mary isn’t actually dead, or the how/why of her death is a lie, or, or, or…

And that brings me to why I think that blue might be important.  In one of the last scenes in the episode, we see that Sherlock is in therapy, and trying to figure out what to “do about John.”

Strangely, the therapist, Ella, has an office that’s painted blue: walls, ceiling, everything. (It is also shaped similarly to the tube in the aquarium, and lit in a very similar way to the room where Rosamund Mary died, but I’m not entirely sure that has any significance?) Oftentimes, when pressured to make something up or lie about something, people will look to what’s around them to help them come up with material for their lies. So if Sherlock is recounting this story from his memory, isn’t it possible that his surrounding are leaking into how he sees those memories, especially the ones that aren’t coming from his memory because they’re partially or fully falsehoods?

And then the episode ends on this shot:

More blue, with Sherlock framed in front of water, on his way to “save John Watson.” Real subtle, Mark.

((If anyone recognizes a reference to one of their metas in this post, please, please, please tell me and I’ll tag you and give credit! I really don’t want to seem like I’m stealing anyone’s theories, I just got excited by all the metas I was seeing and decided to make one, too!))


Bearded Chicken Breeds-Dutch Owlbeard

The Owlbeard is a very old, if not the oldest, Dutch poultry breed dating back to the early seventeenth century. It appeared in many paintings from Old Dutch masters. They have no wattles and instead we find a beard and muffs, which cover the “chin and cheeks.” They also have a very striking horned V-shaped comb.  The eye color is brown-red and the earlobes are white. The color of the beak depends on the color variety. This also is the case with the leg color, which is white pinkish for the Cuckoo variety, light blue-grey for the White and slate blue for the Golden Spangled variety. The Owlbeard is known in Black, White, Black-laced Blue, Cuckoo, Golden and Silver Spangled, Yellow-white Spangled, Golden Pencilled, and Silver Pencilled varieties as well as the so-called Moorhead. The latter is known in White, Blue, Golden and Buff varieties with a totally black head. 

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Earliest, Brightest Galaxies Shine A Ghostly Green In Surprising New Find

“But there’s another, green line that happens only when oxygen gets doubly ionized at the hottest temperatures of all: 50,000 K and above. Only planetary nebulae, with super-hot young white dwarfs, and the ultra-rare “green pea” galaxies exhibit these features. But by looking at the most active star-forming galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field (above), Matthew Malkan and Daniel Cohen found, that all galaxies from 11 billion years ago or more emit this green signature.”

Galaxies come in many different colors today: white, blue or red, mostly, depending on the populations of stars inside. But in a very rare set of circumstances, there can be green emissions as well, due mostly to the emission lines of doubly-ionized oxygen. The problem is we only see these in extraordinarily hot regions of the Universe, where ultra-hot stars or extremely unusual ultraviolet processes are found. Yet by looking at the farthest star-forming galaxies available, two scientists broke the light up into components and found something shocking: this green emission feature was found to be incredibly strong in every one of thousands of galaxies that fit the criteria. It leads to a huge mystery: how do these ultra-hot stars form in the first place? Is it metallicity? Higher stellar masses? Or a top-heavy initial mass function?

The jury’s still out, but it’s looking more-and-more like these are the galaxies that reionized the Universe in the first place! Come get the whole story on this week’s Mostly Mute Monday!

We Got Married (M)

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8.8k words. Arranged Marriage AU. Min Yoongi.

Warning: Fingering. Phone sex. ft Kim Namjoon.

It’s hilarious, laughable, pathetic even, how love could either build you or ruin you and yet knowing this, people still chase after it like the rise of golden light beyond the horizon, or the last drop of dew in twilight, or the flutter of that one coral blue butterflies in buttercup paved meadow.

It’s frightening, daunting, startling even, how love makes your hands clammy like you’re being interviewed by the very man who founded the big shot company you’ve applied to.

And it’s utterly, impossibly, unbelievable how love comes in many ways like a bump and a spill of coffee on crisp white shirt, or a brush of hands upon a dusty leather brown book spine or an envelope obtained from a mailbox on one’s way back from grocery shopping.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Min Yoongi, second son to one of the well-known elite families in Seoul. Most of the time, he couldn’t care less about family matters; business deals, dinner with alien faces and empty conversations─ those things he’s entitled to attend with mildly bored eyes and champagne he’ll never finish in one hand. But this particular matter, he can’t just not care. One, because it directly concerns him (as if the cursive letter of his name engraved in bold black against crisp white isn’t enough indication). Two, because it’s from a certain someone in his family who he’s fond of.

Dear Yoongi,

Is written on the top of the not so neat written paper.


I know you might hate me for this.

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