these are trash but I love gabe so much

sabriel-ilysm  asked:

Hey I´m new to the Sabriel-side of tumblr... could you please recommend some Sabriel-blogs to me? Oh yeah: I only follow you for 1 or 2 days now but I LOVE your blog!

First of all: I’m so sorry the answer to this ask is so late. I was in Scotland when you sent this and then I sort of forgot to answer when I got home!

Anyway! I’m so glad that you’re liking my blog, thank you so much!


Some blogs you absolutely need to follow for quality sabriel content are the following:

@casandsip - Rose is a total sweetheart. A multi-shipper, with loads of sabriel and in general just an absolutely fantastic person.

@gabe-trash - Char is just absolutely amazing. She posts these great parodies at times, as well as some fics and is pretty much the sweetest person you’ll ever talk to!

@synergygabriel - Itch writes the most amazing fics you’ll ever read! He’s got a lot of fandoms, but a lot of sabriel too! Also: He’s in general a fanastic human being and being in his presence is just a pleasure!

@lacqueluster - This absolute sweetheart is someone who I just adore. Like seeing them post something always make me smile, and though I am the absolute worst at answering messages, she never tires of me! Her blog is absolutely amazing and you should most definitely go follow her!

@homoeroticmoose - Amber is just a total honeybee and I just want to hug this fantastic human being forever! Their blog is absolutely amazing too, and you should most definitely follow this one!

@pidgeandpidgeys - TONY! Omg! Don’t even get me started on Tony! Such an amazing (quite magical, actually) human being and incredibly talented artist!

@janimoon - Jani runs a multifandom-blog and is in general a super-sweet human being!

@sabriel-otp - One of the first Sabriel-blogs I followed actually, and I love it just the same now as I did then!

@aspiritwind - Spirit is just so wonderful and her blog is just as fantastic as she is!

@dontthinkaboutsabrielshorties - This blog is just the cutest, seriously! It’s just a must follow for all sabriel-shippers!

@anothersabrielblog - This blog is just so amazing and I can’t help but love it, I’m pretty sure you would too!

@fuckyeahsabrielfics - They do fic-recs for sabriel and is an all-around Sabriel-blog with some really great content!

@greymichaela - This should be one of the first blogs everyone in this fandom follows, because her fics are just simply amazing and she’s such a sweetheart, so she deserves so much love!

Thank you so much for this ask! I’m sure there are loads of blogs that I’ve forgotten in this rec-list, so hopefully some of the people tagged here can add some of their own suggestions for you! :)

I hope you have the most amazing day and that you smile a lot this week!

lock, load, kiss

Rating: T
Word count: 1900
Warnings: N/A
Relationships: Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison/Reaper | Gabriel Reyes
Additional Tags: Romantic Comedy, Humor, Established Relationship

That one where Jack finally gets fed up with Gabriel tossing his guns everywhere.

read it on ao3

It starts something like this.

“It’s a matter of efficiency!” Gabriel argues, planting his hands on Jack’s desk.

“It is not– oh for the love of– where are you pulling all these shotguns from anyway?” Jack demands, looking more and more frazzled by the second. Jack has a habit of running his hand through his hair when he’s frustrated, and by now tufts of his hair are starting to stick up at odd angles.

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