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Ok, I clearly need to watch Lucifer. And not just because they are all beautiful but your tags are very convincing too. And that latest HQ of Lucifer? He looks like baby Nestor Carbonell! Gorgeous! Anyway, that's all :) I hope you get to feeling better soon <3

First of all, thank you so much, and I do feel better, as of today :)

Secondly, YES YOU DO.

You NEED to watch Lucifer. It’s truly a good show. I’ve posted about it a lot (in tags, mostly), and I mean every word. It’s a well-written show which respects its characters and builds on the dynamics between them. Plus, it features 5(!!!) amazing and fully distinct female characters, 6 if you count lil’ Trixie (and only 3 men), and it also features 4 POC who are all three-dimensional and an important piece of the show’s heart.

Also, it does romance so perfectly, it manages to keep the case of the week fun by employing hilarious puns and jokes which keep things fresh, and it’s a perfectly paced and well-plotted genre show. It doesn’t ignore the mythology and the grandiosity of “Lucifer”, the devil, but it doesn’t get bogged down by it, either. The plot never dictates what the characters do. They are all well-drawn and well-established, and their reactions are a product of who they are. That’s rare, in my opinion.

Also, the entire cast is gorgeous and talented and, like, how?????

I will say, however, that I’m pretty sure Tom Ellis uses eyeliner, whereas Nestor Carbonell is famously Born With It.

Corre (Part 3)

Summary: It was meant to be a one night thing, friends resolving the tension between them. But it turned into so much more.

Word Count: 675

Warnings: Smut, light.

“Corre” Masterlist

A/N: This is as far as I can get with smut, I think.

Bucky was too close to you for comfort, yet you didn’t want him to move away.. He was absolutely gorgeous up close and all you wanted was to press your mouth to his, taste him and have him hold you in your arms. It took all of your willpower to pull away and shake your head.

“You’re kidding me,” you scoffed out.

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Drarry Fic Rec

Love Comes Tumbling (22K): ‘Harry’s thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore’s final words to the other boy … “It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now.”  Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.’ (this one is so gentle and realistic and omg Harry standing up for Draco is just perfect)

The Art of Cooking the Muggle Way (24K): Cooking. The Muggle Way. Without any Magic. Definitely Draco’s idea of hell. Unless, of course, it leads to much more interesting activities with one Harry Potter. But wait. Draco’s into girls, right? (beyond gorgeous! and sweet and fun and sexy)

Zero to Hero (10K): Harry returns to Hogwarts for his “8th year” in order to pass his N.E.W.T.s and make it into the Auror program. One of his classes is Muggle Studies and the new teacher has a brilliant idea to help them appreciate certain forms of Muggle entertainment. (Disney References, Harry as Hercules and Draco as Megara, I don’t need to say anything else)

Kiss (15K): Harry and Draco are forced to kiss over and over again, because that’s just what happens to two arch-enemies around Christmas. (it’s always time for a good Christmas fic, right?)

Tug-O-Want (17K): Harry is back at Hogwarts minding his own business when he finds himself magically drawn to Draco Malfoy. Over and over again. (i’t’s so adorable and we always need a good bonding fic)

It Takes a Village (24K): Eighth year isn’t exactly going to plan. Harry is definitely not running away, Draco is definitely not impressed, and it’s almost definitely not going to stop raining. (so so beautiful and sweet and again, Harry standing up for their relationship is great)

Hey, Potter (16K): Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome. (this is definitely one of my favorites! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time i was reading this )

Sing Me To Sleep

Originally posted by hardyness

Lyric Prompt: (requested by anonymous) “I want to sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now.” (Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan)  

Author’s Note: Hey fellas !!! This is a short n sweet, fluffy ass imagine to get you in that cozy/Christmas vibe!! When I read shit like this, it makes my heart go all fuzzy so hopefully you feel that too !! ALSO YES @ ANON I LOVE TROYE SO SO MUCH (Aussie represent !!!) 

Word Count: 1061

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My dear daughters who love girls. 

You are wonderful, lovely, sweet and gorgeous, your worth can’t be measured and you deserve so much happiness and love that i can’t even find words to describe it, you’re sparkling stars and light up the whole planet with your amazingness, your pure existence is a blessing (and straight men who see you as nothing but a porn fantasy are disgusting and a failure in every way). 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: This applies to my trans daughters who love girls, too! Wow, look at you, you’re so amazing, i feel honoured to live on the same planet as you, you’re incredible and perfect. 

Too Loud

1013 words of kinky sin 

“Come on out, baby. I’m sure you look gorgeous.”

Phil leaned against the wall outside the dressing room, crossing his arms and sighing. He smiled lightheartedly.

“I don’t! It doesn’t… fit me! It’s too tight.” Dan whined from inside the stall.

“Good. Please, Dan? I wanna see.”

A loud sigh came from inside the stall, and the door creaked as it opened. Dan stepped out, crossing his arms self consciously.

He was wearing a skirt, a light blue one with little green aliens decorating it. It was way too small for him, ending at his upper thigh. Under it, Phil could see thigh highs and garters.

Phil’s jaw dropped open. Dan glanced around nervously, making sure no one else could see him.

Without a word Phil stepped forwards, placing two fingers under Dan’s chin to make him look up. Dan still avoided his eyes until Phil grabbed his ass.

“God, you look so sexy…” Phil muttered against his skin, planting his lips on Dan’s neck and sucking. “So gorgeous, kitten.”

Dan moaned quietly, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.


Suddenly, seemingly coming to his senses, Dan pushed Phil back, biting his lip.

“Phil, we’re in public.”


“So, were in public.”

“Mmh.” Phil only made a noise, moving back to bite gently at Dan’s throat, making him moan automatically. “I want you, baby,” he whispered, grabbing Dan’s hips and biting his ear softly. “Wanna fuck you in your pretty outfit.”

Dan groaned, shivering from Phil’s mouth and gripping his shoulders.

“Fuck, Phil…” he sighed, a shuddery breath exiting his lips and he closed his eyes. “Here? You can’t wait until we get home?” Phil smirked.

With one move Phil shoved Dan backwards into the changing room he had just left, pinning his wrists to the wall and attaching his lips to Dan’s collarbone, earning him a loud gasp.

“Since when are you in charge?” Phil asked, before closing the door behind them and locking it.

He turned his attention back to Dan, kissing him deeply, using one hand to tangle in his hair and the other to slowly trail up his thigh, running his fingers over the hem of the skirt.

Dan whined quietly against his mouth as Phil slowly grinded their hips together, giving them both needed friction.

“Daddy… m’ too loud for this…” Dan mumbled, tilting his head back and letting it hit the wall. Phil lifted him swiftly, wrapping Dan’s legs around his waist.

“I’ll just have to keep you quiet then, baby.” He slipped his hand under Dan’s skirt, tugging at the material.

His fingers ran over a silky material, and he paused. Dan bit his lip.

“You cheeky shit, panties?”

“Mhm. Wore them for you.”

Phil reattached his lips to Dan’s neck, sucking and biting harder than before and Dan moaned loudly, digging his black fingernails into Phil’s shoulders. Phil ran his fingertips along the hem of the lace panties, pulling them down slowly and off completely.

“God, you’re such an angel,” he muttered, feeling Dan shudder under his touch. “Wanna feel you shiver, baby. Wanna hear you moan.”

Dan was clearly trying to keep back loud whimpers and groans as Phil trailed his hand over his bum, pinching every now and then.

“Daddy! Oh god, daddy, please fuck me…”

Phil smirked.

“Here? In public?”

“Shut up!”

Phil pinched his ass hard, making him jump and wrap his arms tighter around his neck.

“Alright baby,” he muttered huskily. “Do you need stretching?”

“N-no, did it this morning…” Dan let out a soft gasp, biting his lip as he rubbed against Phil.

“While I was asleep? Tsk…” Phil bit his earlobe, tugging it softly. “Such a slut, aren’t you, kitten?”

“Y-your slut…” He gasped and let out a small moan. “Phil! Please!”

“Mmn.” Phil grunted before unzipping and unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down his hips along with his boxers that were becoming incredibly tight. He lined up with Dan, kissing gently down his collarbones.

He slowly pushed in, giving Dan time to adjust and listened to his small whimpers and whines.

“So pretty baby… So gorgeous like this…” He muttered, groaning when he bottomed out. “God, Dan.”

Dan was practically panting to keep from screaming and alerting the rest of the store of their activities, chewing on his lips and squeezing his eyes shut.

“Phil, daddy, move, please oh god please fuck me fuck me so hard.” He was just rambling now, something he tended to do during sex that Phil fucking loved.

He slowly pulled out almost all the way before pushing back in roughly, drawing a loud whorish moan out of Dan. Phil chuckled.

“You’ll have to be quiet, angel. We don’t want to get caught.” He fucked into Dan hard again, making the boy gasp loudly. “Here, let me help you.”

Phil kissed him hard, connecting their mouths heatedly, muffling Dan’s moans as he pounded into him, gripping his hips tightly.

“OH FUCK, YES, PHIL THERE!” Dan let out a long string of moans, whining practically against Phil’s mouth, gripping onto him almost desperately and trying to grind down on him. Phil smirked, angling himself to hit that spot over and over again, leaving Dan a writhing mess.

Dan buried his face in Phil’s neck, practically drooling and muffling his own sound. He bit down on Phil’s collarbone, making him groan softly and thrust harder and quicker.

“D-daddy… I’m gonna cum…” He whined into Phil’s ear, desperately trying not to scream like he did at home. Phil pressed him harder against the wall, attacking his throat with his mouth.

“Good. Cum for me, baby. Cum all over your pretty outfit.”

That was all it took for him to let a loud angelic moan rip from his throat, biting down on Phil’s collarbone and scratching his nails down his back desperately.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK DADDY!”

Phil continued thrusting into him, fucking him through his high and chasing his own until he was releasing into him, groaning against Dan’s neck.

After they both calmed down a bit and Dan stopped shaking, Phil lowered him gently to his feet, helping him stand without falling.

“So…” Phil started, smirking, when he could speak. “I’m guessing we’re buying these.”

“If it gets me that reaction, hell fucking yes.”

aria: from solo to duet

your hands, your legs / my hands, my legs

Summary: How “Stay Close To Me” became Yuuri’s exhibition program, and how a solo became a duet. Yuuri never planned this, but somehow their hands always found each other’s.

Word Count: 3,718

A/N: There’s a moment in here that was visually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous piece of fanart by @brilcrist. You’ll probably know which moment.

You can also read this here on AO3.


The ice, where it rides the hem of Yuuri’s t-shirt and slips without permission beneath the just-too-loose waistband of his sweatpants, is as cool and soothing as it is unwelcome. He shivers. The moment tickles the bruise on his hip: black and purple and still spreading from where he has fallen, countless times, in a rhythm now of aching. I can do this, he tells himself, and the ice traces a path down the curve of his spine. I can show him.

“Yuuri,” Victor says. “I think that’s enough for today.”

He says it in Japanese, the awkward but charming lilt of his words enough of an offered hand for Yuuri to push himself upright once more and clap the moisture from his gloves. Victor still speaks mostly English during their long days of training, the language easy and familiar enough for them both. Yuuri has spent most of his career skating to the sound of English. Each direction, the quiet coaching of the placement of his feet, the shifting of his body, becomes automatic. Focus, the language says to him. Listen. Skate. But lately Yuuri has noticed Victor’s insistence in trying Japanese when they are home in Yu-topia—a refusal, he thinks fondly, to speak anything but the words Yuuri cannot misunderstand.

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This is my beautiful girlfriend, June. (And me in the pink hat. 😋) She doesn’t know I’m posting this. She has been telling me lately she feels unattractive and undesirable. Please reblog if you think otherwise!!! I want her to know she’s gorgeous and that people other than me think so, too. Help me spread the trans love. 🌼


yo, im kaylee and im chubby, yall can see that, i get fat shamed on the daily and even my family members have told me im not beautiful. but listen,,,, is that gonna stop me from slapping on a little makeup and buying cute clothes?? fuck no. and i think that goes for everyone participating in this meetup that are insecure in some way. just because some bastard says you’re ugly or your weight is disgusting shouldn’t mean jack shit. “fat” isn’t another word for ugly. you can be fat and absolutely gorgeous. my skinny buddies too!! just be all you can be and one day will come that you will love yourself. and let me tell you, that day is worth the fucking wait. love yourselves pls


Title: You’re the Most Gorgeous of People

Pairing: Zen(Hyun Ryu) x MC

Rating: T

Word Count: 1573

Type: Fluff

Notes: This if for @mysticmessimagines‘s Valentine’s Week, I was going to write a very small thing for each day but I was having trouble with all my ideas being too similar. So I thought I’d at least participate on Zen’s day with a normal lengthed fic. And it’s fluff instead of smut… Who would’ve thought? This scene has some hinting towards smuttiness but it never actually gets to smut so it’s rated T.

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Blood Stains (Moriarty X Reader)

Type: Slightly psychopathic Moriarty fluff

Warnings: Mentions of blood/violence

Summary/Prompt: Jim has his own ways of showing affection

Word count: 481

Requested by @deadlydreams01 but I’ve lost the actual request so sorryyy

Request here!

The night was cold and dark, just the way you liked it. Walking hand in hand with your lover, one of the world’s most notorious criminals, feeling like nothing could ever break you apart.

That is, until you come across a group of collage boys, who’ve had slightly too much to drink.

“Hey gorgeous, nice ass!” called one of them, laughing as his friends wolf-whistled.

Jim’s grip on your hand tightened like a vice, and you could hear his breathing speed up. You rubbed your thumb on his hand comfortingly.

“Babe.” you said, pecking him on the lips. “Don’t listen to them, they’re just drunken assholes. I’m yours.”

He didn’t say anything more, only changed the course of your walk and headed for home. As soon as you crossed the threshold, he had you pushed against the wall, lips sucking dark purple bruises onto your neck.

“You’re mine.” he growled, pushing back from the wall and releasing you.

“All yours baby.” you whispered soothingly. “Come on, it’s late. Let’s get some sleep.”

*the next afternoon*


You heard the front door slam shut as Jim called you. He’d had to go out to take care of some business, and so you put a marker in your book and quickly headed downstairs to greet him.

You raised your eyebrows as he turned to you, grinning manically. There were small spots of blood across his face and his white shirt, and you tutted.

“Jim, this was brand new! These blood stains are never going to come out now.” you sighed, taking his blazer off him.

“I was only trying to help babe. Could’ve gotten Seb to do it, but I went and took them down myself, especially for you.” he pouted, an expression on his face like a kicked puppy.

Smiling slightly, you leaned in to kiss him, playfully capturing his bottom lip in between your teeth as the metallic taste of blood invaded your mouth.

“Thanks baby, it means a lot to me.” you whispered.

Jim picked up a small remote from the table next to the door, and after pressing a few buttons, ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen began to play through the various speakers in the house.

He intertwined your hands with his, your soft innocent fingers wrapped around ones with so much death connected to them.

“Would you care to dance, princess?” Jim smirked, wrapping one arm around your waist as he began to sway you from side to side.

“Of course, my darling.” you chuckled.

Neither of you were even attempting to move in time to the music, and yet your rhythm was perfect, the two of you moving as one, beautifully in love.

“What music are you dancing to love? Because it’s certainly not Queen.” you giggled, and he grinned.

“It’s the music in my head, babe. It only plays when I’m with you.”

Paper Hearts

You sat at the piano sitting in Alexander’s ballroom.

You were to meet Lafayette here, and since having a few minutes till he arrives, you would spend the extra time playing the piano.

You fingers danced over the keys before they settled to a tune that matched your emotion.

“Goodbye love, you flew right by love,” you begun to sing.


“You’re absolutely gorgeous!”

When did he…

“You have no idea how much my Laffy talks about you!”

Did she say my Laffy?

Your hands were being squeezed by a tall, coffee skinned girl with dark green eyes and dark, wavy hair. When she arrived, you tried not to let jealousy control your emotions when she was hand in hand with Lafayette.

Key word is try.

“I hope can be the best of friends!”

You forced yourself too smile, a scowl wanting to form instead.

“I hope we can be, too.” Fucking lie.

Lafayette grabbed her hand again, a lovesick smile adorning his handsome face. “[F/Name] will be one friend you’ll never forget.”

Your heart twisted but you still kept that damned smile on to feign happiness.

He reached a hand out to ruffle your hair. “We’ll see you and the guys tonight for movie night right?”

You could only nod.


“Pictures I’m living through for now, Trying to remember all the good times.”


Your typical fun movie night was a nightmare for you. Lafayette’s girlfriend fit right in with Alexander and the others. Her presence pushed you to the outside, making you feel like the newcomer instead of her.

After two hours of hearing them joke and laugh with her, while completely ignoring your existence, you quietly excused yourself upstairs to your room.

You laid in bed, staring at a picture from earlier in the year. The five of you, Alexander, John, Hercules, Lafayette, and yourself at an amusement park laughing as you sat in a photo booth.

The corner of your lip curled into a tiny smile. How long have you been staring at this picture?

You heard muffled scraping of chairs being pushed back and heard Hercules asking “When did [F/Name] leave?”

Your eyes pricked with tears. Of course they forgot you. All those years of friendship down the drain when this-

You closed your eyes when the door to the room creaked open.

“[F/Name]?” Your heart stopped. Lafayette. Footsteps came closer to you, a hand breezing over your face to move stray hairs away.

Lafayette muttered your name, his hand laying on your cheek for a few seconds before it vanished and his footsteps retreated.

The door to your room slowly closed. And that’s when you let your tears roll.


“Everything is grey under these skies, Wet massacre, Hiding every cloud under a smile.”


The pain of that night festered in your heart. To be forgotten like that, like you were nothing…

Angelica invited you to go shopping with her a week after. She told you stories of Peggy and Eliza getting into football for the first time. You cracked a smile when she acted out how they shouted at the TV, screaming every other sports term like “Hole!” and “Volley!”

“Okay. Who did it?” Angelica turned to you with hands on waist after coming from a French boutique you both loved. You didn’t give the reaction she hoped for when your favorite designer came out with a horse design you’ve been waiting for. That warranted concern.

You smiled at her. “What do you mean? I’m absolutely fine.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me!” She stomped her foot, causing other shoppers to stare as they walked pass. “I know you like the back of my mind, [F/Name].”

You sighed at her unnerving stare, lowering your gaze to the floor. You told her the story and she became livid.

“Oh, they are going to get a piece of my mind. Especially Lafayette.”

You grabbed onto her arm, stopping her from heading to the car. You shook your head sadly at her.

She sighed in defeat, cupping your face in her hands. “You shouldn’t hold these feelings to yourself.”

“I won’t. I promise.”


“Our life was cutting through so loud, memories are playing in my dull mind.”


It’s been months since Lafayette’s girlfriend entered the mix. She was even enrolled in the same college. But it didn’t matter.

You spent less and less time with the Hamilton Squad. Your happy demeanor turned sour after a while of being blown off by them constantly. That’s when they begun to notice.

“You want to go with us bowling?” John asked catching up to you after your English class.

“Can’t. I have a horse class later in the evening.” Without a glance to him, you turned to cut through the square foot your next class.

Hercules sat down in front of you as you worked on a sketch. “I know you couldn’t make it to the bowling game yesterday, but how about we head out to the lake by Alex’s house. Yazmine has a few speedboats we can use to race one another.”

Ah,Yazmine. Lafayette’s girlfriend.

“No can do. Promised Eliza to look over her new design for her fashion class.”

You shut your sketchbook and gathered your things, leaving Hercules to sit staring after you.

Yazmine skipped up to you when you were leaving your biology class. She beamed at you, grabbing into your hands like the first time she met you. This time you didn’t even try to be polite. Her smile faltered before returning to full strength.

“My Laffy and I missed you at the lake. We would’ve have so much fun. I heard you’re quite competitive.”

You managed to smirk at this.

“So how about tonight we gather the guys and enjoy a night under the stars. Blankets, snacks, telling stories.”

You let out a huff of air, removing your hands from her grasp. “Sorry. I might get in your way.” She stood confused as she watched you walk away. She turned to Lafayette who stood behind her.

“I don’t know what your problem is-”

You turned to Alexander with a glare so fierce he stopped mid-sentence.

“I don’t know what you mean, Hamilton.” Your upper lip curled.

“So we’re on a last name basis, are we?” He frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. You scoffed, returning to reading over a script for your musical theatre class. It was ripped out of your hands by Alexander.

You sat with mouth open before you stood up, fuming.

He held it up higher, using your shortness against you. “Not until you tell me why you refuse to spend time with us!”

The next thing you knew, Alexander was curled on the library’s floor, clutching onto his stomach. You punched him, seeing red. You crumpled the script in your hand, it shaking with adrenaline.

“You tell me. I’ve wanted that answer for a while. But I already know. She replaced me!”


“But you’ll be good without me and if I could just give it some time, I’ll be alright.”


You were being petty, you know this, but it stung. Tremendously.

You had stopped talking to the guys completely, ignoring crestfallen glances from them. Eliza was quite upset when she heard you punched Alexander in his stomach, but agreed he deserved it once hearing the story.

“You have to tell him your feelings.” Eliza placed a cup of tea in front of you. You took a sip. Honey Chamomile was your favorite.

You shook your head. “I… just need time.”

“You had almost a year once knowing your true feelings for this man. He would only recuperate those feelings.”

“If he would recuperate my feelings, why would he date someone else?!” You slammed your cup on the small table, making Eliza jump.

She put her own cup down. “I don’t think he knew you would feel the same.”

The disbelief in your eyes shown like fireworks.

“He would write these cute little letters,” she pulled out a brown heart shape box and opened it revealing many folded notes, “written to you but gave them to me to hold onto. Just in case he grew scared to tell you himself.”

She passed the box to you and you began to read them. You blushed when some became racy, details leaving nothing to the imagination. You shook your head, shoving them back inside.

“It’s too late. He seems completely happy with Yazmine. They’ll make a perfect couple.”


“And I’ll hold a piece of this, Don’t think I would just forget about it, Hoping that you won’t forget.”

The last note hung in the air as you finished playing.

“That was beautiful.”

You turned to see Lafayette standing on top of the staircase. How you missed hearing that thick French accent.

You stood up, dusting off invisible dirt off your clothes as he made his way down the stairs.

“Glad you could make it,” he said standing a few feet in front of you.

You looked away from his chocolate eyes, not wanting to be drawn into them. “So why do you need to talk to me? I have a musical I need to practice for.”

You heard him let out a disgruntled sigh. “I broke up with Yazmine.” He announced after a long pause.

You looked at him, eyebrows knitted together. “What?”

“I broke up with her,” he repeated.

You opened and closed your mouth, trying to find words to speak. Lafayette stepped closer to you. “It wasn’t a good match. And I saw how much it hurt you.“

“I don’t know what you mean.” You moved past him, heading to leave the room when he grabbed your hand.

“You don’t think I heard you crying that night.”

You looked back at him, eyes narrowed. “So what? You and Yazmine made an adorable couple. Go and fucking be with h-”

Lafayette’s lips crashed onto yours, his hands on the small of your back and your neck. You didn’t hesitate to melt into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck to bring him down to your height.

After a few minutes, you both parted for air, foreheads resting against each other.

“I heard from Eliza you read my letters.”

You smiled, nodding. His mouth went to your ear and he begun mumbling French phrases that sent shivers through your body. “I have apologizing to do,” you breathed.

Lafayette pulled you to the staircase. “After we finish what we should’ve done long ago.”

A Turn Around (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

Title: A Turn Around

Request:  Oh boy I need some Hotch fluff in my life, if you’re up for it. I would be so happy if you were able to somehow work in that the reader is chubby and short, and Hotch thinks she’s so gorgeous. Anyway, if you have time/desire to write! Thanks!

Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Fluff, Reader Feeling Sad

Words: 941

A/N: Don’t we all need some Hotch fluff!? Love this request darling! I’ll always always make time for you! Thanks for requesting! Xoxo Keep em’ coming!



You heavily sighed as you pulled your blue blouse over your torso, staring viciously at your body. You pressed your lips together in a tight frown, noticing that your shirt was too tight for your stomach. Rolling your eyes, you yanked it off and threw it on the floor, grabbing a loose t-shirt from your closet and fitting it to your waist.

You headed into your bathroom and began brushing all the knots from your bed head, standing on your tippy toes to see the mirror. Your hair rested neatly on your shoulders after clawing through it with the hairbrush and you were finally satisfied with your appearance.

Grabbing your keys, you started for the front door, but paused, taking one last look at the cute blouse you had angrily tossed on the floor. Biting your lip, you spun on your heel and walked out the door, feeling more self-conscious by the minute.


You felt like hell. The whole office was bustling with people, running back and forth. The tacking of the keyboards on the computers was piercing your brain. Not being able to take it anymore, you sprung up from your chair and raced out of the bullpen. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid looked up from their reports only to see you running away and exchanged confused expressions.

You eventually found yourself opening the door to Penelope Garcia’s room of technical wonders. The perky blonde sat at her desk, happily typing away, obviously in a good mood.

She swiveled around in her hair, meeting your eyes and forming a wide grin on her cherry red lips.

“Hey sugar,” she spoke cheerily. “What’s up? Come sit!” She waved you over and pulled an extra chair over for you to sit next to her.

Plopping down, your rubbed your eyes in exhaustion and groaned.

“Boss man Hotchner getting up your rear?” Penelope questioned, wiggling her eyebrows. You tossed your eyes to the ceiling.

Leave it to Garcia to tease you about your crush on your boss, Aaron Hotchner, when you were already feeling down in the dumps.

“Already feeling ugly enough,” you mumbled. “Don’t need to remind me about Hotch and my lack of a chance with him.”

Penelope pretended to fall out of her chair in shock. “Honeybear, UGLY!? REALLY? You’re so gorgeous; when you came in here it was like the sun shone inside this one room.” She said waving her arms around dramatically.

You chuckled, “Yes ugly. I could barely fit in my fucking shirt today!” You felt grateful that no one but her was around to hear you swear.

Garcia scoffed,” Oh who gives a damn!? I mean no one is as beautifully fabulous as me of course, but hey! That’s not the point!”

Her attempts to make you laugh were working. Penelope could always make you feel better. Her office room was quiet, but her personality sure was loud and you loved every bit of it.

A knocking then startled the two of you, causing Garcia to leap to her feet and scurry towards the door.

As she opened it, you saw Hotch standing there, his eyebrows curved and his lips in a straight line.

“Garcia, JJ would like to see you now please,” he spoke firmly.

She nodded furiously and escaped the room, leaving you and Hotch.

He watched Penelope leave and then turned his attention to you, stepping inside and closing the door. His facial expression almost instantly changed when he laid eyes on you; his eyes softening and his lips releasing themselves from their constant pushing.

The silence seemed to last for an eternity. You didn’t know what to say and couldn’t find any words. He finally broke the stillness.

“Y/N, why would you say those things about yourself,” he said quietly, tracing his finger over Penelope’s desk, and stepping closer to you.

You gulped, did he hear the WHOLE conversation between you two? Even the part where you said you didn’t have a future with him?

“I- I don’t know. I just felt really terrible and I……don’t know,” you blurted.

You stood up from the chair, displaying your body, showing him your faults. Hotch only shook his head and stepped towards you again.

“Garcia’s right. You are gorgeous. And you are wrong,” he stated.

You cocked your head nervously, “Wrong about what?”

Hotch took another step and his face was now inches away from yours. “Wrong about not having a chance with me. I like you Y/N, I really do,” he said softly.

Before you answer, his lips collided with yours and he pulled you into his strong arms. The small sweet kiss became more passionate as you melted into him, letting him take control of you. His hand traveled from your waist down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he squeezed your ass, causing you to smirk. His tongue swirled around inside your mouth and you could feel yourself becoming more and more turned on.

He then pulled away and stared into your eyes. “Scratch that,” he smiled. “I’m in love with you.”

If this ain’t Asra ,,,

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Good Enough

Hellooooo. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written much of anything, so here’s my sorry excuse for a blurb. I figured it could be a little something fun, considering we’re still two days away from Friday. I liked the concept of it, so hopefully you enjoy. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and liked/reblogged my other posts; it means the world!

Summary: It’s a stressful day for you. You’re meeting your boyfriend, Luke’s, family today for the first time after three months of dating.

Words: 800+

Warnings: None

“Is the skirt too tacky? The skirt’s definitely too tacky. But the dress is way too tight. Jeans are unpresentable…” you continue to mutter to yourself as you dig through your closet, the space around you looking more like a war zone than a bedroom.

“I think you’ll look gorgeous in anything, if it’s any consolation.”

“Shut up, Luke.”

“I’m serious,” says your boyfriend as he gingerly picks up one of your bras from the floor, tossing it onto the bed like it had burnt him. “Besides, it’s my family. They won’t care about how you’re dressed.”

“Okay, maybe not, but I will care,” you argue.

“Wear that dress with the polka-dots on it. You love that one.”

“I’ve had that one for like a million years,” you reply frustratedly.

The clock’s ticking, and you’re stressing. You’ve been dating Luke for nearly three months now, and you still have yet to meet his family. Needless to say, you’re pretty stressed. Your boyfriend is flipping gorgeous, not to mention talented, and you're… well, you’re you. In your eyes, first impressions are everything. Especially when you’re meeting the family of Luke Hemmings, your long-time-crush-turned-boyfriend.

“Y/N, I promise you that my family will love you no matter what. The fact that you’ve managed to put up with me for three months is impressive enough as it is,” Luke continues, quirking an eyebrow.

You sigh in exasperation and sit at the foot of the bed. “I just want to them to think I’m good enough for you,” you say dejectedly, running a hand over your tired eyes.

In all honesty, this has been one of your fears since the beginning. One of your flaws was always caring a bit too much about people liking you. And now that you’re finally dating the guy you’ve practically been in love with for two years, in addition to the fact that you’re meeting his entire family for the first time, your stress levels are amped up by a solid 100.

“That’s not even a question,” Luke retorts, moving to sit beside you. He bumps your shoulder with his own, turning his face so that his forehead is pressed into your temple. “If anything, you’re too good for me.

Your heart flutters at the compliment, but you suppress the blush you can feel rising to your cheeks. “Now you’re just being corny,” you tell your boyfriend with a smile as you stand up from the bed. As a result of leaning into you too heavily, Luke nearly faceplants into the comforter, caught off-balance. You giggle, and it causes him to grin.

“You signed up for the corniness when you agreed to date me,” he reminds you as he stands up as well, stretching his back.

You only shrug in response. “Whatever you say, Luke. Now help me pick out an outfit that your parents won’t hate me for.”


Later that night, you find yourself in the Hemmings’ living room, talking and laughing with Luke’s family as if you’ve known them for years. You’re relaxed on the couch, curled into your boyfriend’s side as his arm rests on the back of the sofa behind you, and you suddenly think of how foolish you were to stress so much over your outfit.

Luke was right; in all honesty, you were foolish for even caring about what they’d think of you at all. The Hemmings family is full of kindness and acceptance, and you can see why Luke turned out to be such a good guy. You feel like you’ve met your second family, and you never want it to end. Not to mention the fact that his mother totally likes you more than she likes him, despite your boyfriend’s constant denial.

(His mother would never say it out loud, but she has a feeling that Luke and Y/N are going to last a very, very long time. At least, that’s what she’s hoping for.)



nectar of the gods (and witches too)

finally, the stuckybigbang fic i’ve been teasing at since like march~

26337 words  // Explicit

witch!bucky, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, PTSD, Therapy, veterans steve and bucky, various smut tags, minor angst, happy ending


When the man reaches for his drink, Steve can’t meet his eyes, instead focusing on the brief splashes of colour at the man’s wrists. They’re gorgeous, swirls of colour and sharp lines disappearing under fabric, and Steve’s fingers itch to draw them.
The man clears his throat, and Steve’s head jerks up, flushing as the man raises an eyebrow at him. He looks down pointedly, and Steve follows his gaze, to where his hand is still firmly wrapped around the cup. “Oh, uh, sorry,” Steve mumbles, quickly pulling his hand back, and the man - Bucky, according to the order ticket - grins.

“If you’re lucky I’ll show them to you properly sometime,” Bucky says easily, and Steve melts a little at the deep rumble of his voice. He blinks again, goes to respond, but Bucky’s turning, walking away with a sway in his step and a wink thrown over his shoulder.

Yeah. Fuck.

Steve is gone.

Or: the one where Steve owns a coffee shop, Bucky’s a greenwitch, and neither of them are okay, but they’re trying to be.



My gorgeous poet son

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 4

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I just could keep myself from writing the next part, so now you little lovebirds get the next part. It’s funny how easy this story is to write since I have a good plot to this :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

Summary - You and Miles, your best friend, just talk about your latest crush from Tumblr, when a superhero Captain and a Winter Soldier decide to come into the book store you work in. First it’s nothing super exciting, until you notice that your crush James is actually James Buchanan Barnes.

Words - 1,944

Warnings - panic attack, hyperventilation, angst, crying, language

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

A/N: This man is soooo gorgeous…holy shit…my ovaries are going to explode if I look at it for too long xD

“It’s James!”

It took you some time to understand it yourself, but now that you did, you wished you just didn’t put one and one together. 

This James you talked to just yesterday, was actually James Buchanan Barnes…Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, who is right outside talking to his childhood friend from the freaking 40s about the freaking book “Sleepless in Seattle” he freaking talked about just yesterday. An former assassin from some secret organization and now part of the famous and loved superhero squad “The Avengers”. This freaking beautiful man right outside is the one, who complimented you mutiple times already, without even seeing your face. He won your heart with just his beautiful words and his beautiful voice, you couldn’t mistake.

“Oh god”, you cry out again, hyperventilating, tears spilling out of your eyes and it feels like the already small room gets even smaller and the air gets sucked out of the room.

“Y/N! Calm down! Calm down.” Miles grabs your shoulders and breathes in and out visibly. “Follow my breathing. In….and out…” You finally calm down, the tears still messing up your little make-up you have on. Miles smiles seeing that you’re calm again.

“And now tell me what you mean. You can’t be serious, saying the Winter Soldier is on fucking Tumblr chatting with you about…movies for christ sake.”

“It has to be him! Their voices are literally the same. I can’t mistake them. And he told me yesterday that he rewatched Sleepless in Seattle yesterday and now this Winter Soldier has the same freaking book in the hands. And it can’t be a coincidence that his best friend is also called Steve and he lives with him and around ten other people called Sam, Natasha, Wanda, Tony-” “Okay, okay.”

He motions you to come over to him, as he stands at the door, his ear on it to listen what the guys are talking about and his expression tells you that they seem to talk about something interesting. You join him and lean your ear against the door.

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