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Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun

wanna one reacting to you not being able to solve a rubix cube

lai guanlin: *takes it from you and solves it in 5.283 seconds*

lee daehwi: *winces every time you make a wrong move* no, no, you do it. oooOOOHHShhllkjeouch *body contortions bc he wants you to do it on your own but struggles to keep his pain inside*

bae jinyoung: *jumps around to hype you up to keep trying* *would probably accidentally smack the cube out the window when you’re finally on the edge of solving it*

park woojin: *peels off stickers to help you “solve” the rubix*

park jihoon: honey. you. can. do. this. dont. you. dare. give. up. now. OR SO HELP ME GOD I- *incoherent mumbling* *goes to write a paper on how much he believes in you*

kang daniel: *grabs his pompoms* babe, let’s go let’s go!! YOU GOT THIS! GIVE ME AN R! U! B! I! X! *cue jumping splits* *cue deathscream*

kim jaehwan: just give up already.

ong seongwoo: bitch, what the fuck, give that to me. *4.6 hours later* bitch, what the fuck.

hwang minhyun: *does everything to stimulate your mind while you try to solve it* *head massages* *makes you do yoga* ok sweetie, so if you could just wrap your leg around your forehead for me, that would be gr8

ha sungwoon: *his mom always said almonds are good for thinking so he stuffs as many as he can into your mouth* shhh shh, don’t fight it *keeps putting more in despite the fact they’re not even staying in your mouth anymore*

yoon jisung: *claps through the entirety of your struggle*

What you asked for: “Shiro/Keith, Shiro/Allura, or Shiro/Ulaz.”

Well @wolviecat​, I was your secret gift person for the Voltron Positivity Exchange.  Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw such a happy Shiro.  I hope you like it!


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This was waaay too much fun, help how does anyone draw these two without just laying down on the floor and giving up from adorable overload, just this alone destroyed me


Yurio disapproves, he does not understand the appeal of this aesthetic (clearly the 90s are where it’s at), he’s ashamed and you should be ashamed, what the hell are you even wearing, god you’re so old


Robron vs. Ross

I suddenly had the really silly headcanon of Bakugou at a press conference.

Like – in the future, with the kids being older and real heroes, there will certainly be a time where they have to give interviews to lots of reporters, right? And Bakugou… well, you could say he takes after Aizawa in that fashion – he doesn’t like interviews, media and reporters at all, and that’s saying it very nicely.

So when there is the first really large press conference, and Bakugou is asked to answer a few questions, his classmates downward panic. They vividly remember what happened when Bakugou held that speech at the sports festival and offended basically everyone.

Some quick thinking later, Kirishima and Kaminari have the brilliant idea to hold up signs with text on it for Bakugou. Some nice phrases to say to the masses, or some warnings that he has to behave at least a bit. And once Bakugou is on stage, they hold those signs up for him, waving them slightly to catch his attention.

Bakugou shoots them one look, flips them off and then proceeds to answer all questions flawlessly and politely.

There is tension in his shoulders and his jaws, the way his eyebrows twitch and furrow slightly when he is annoyed, but only those who know him well enough can see it – to the world, Bakugou is the epitome of politeness.

His classmates are stunned. They are speechless. They are absolutely delighted!

Until right at the end, right before Bakugou can leave the stage, the reporters ask one last question that sets him off. It’s something that hits all his buttons – perhaps a reminder that he was kidnapped twice, or perhaps they compare him to Deku in a way… whatever it is, one can see him snap.

And deliberately, Bakugou stalks back to the microphone, leans very close to speak into it and starts with a false smirk and a very growled, “Now listen up, you shitheads…!”

“Aaaand there he goes,” Kaminari sighs, hiding his face in his hands.

“But he did really well up until now,” Kirishima offers, smiling a tad helpless and yet amused as his friends rips into the poor reporters.

The others snort, laugh or groan – but not one of them tries to leave the room or pretend that Bakugou doesn’t belong to them.

“I’m still saying he made progress.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess he did.”

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OMFG IM SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR WIRITNG!!!! Can I get headcannons for Bakugou with his super nice/shy female s/o? Like everyone is like wtf how the hell did he get such a sweet girl to fall for him?

Oh, thank you so much for saying that! I hope you enjoy these headcannons and thank you for requesting! Sorry for the long wait!

  • It’s literally the biggest mystery of the century how Bakugou managed to score such a sweet girlfriend with his shitty personality 
  • Even Aizawa-sensei is a bit intrigued by the news
  • Not really news, Bakugou just randomly slapped your ass once and everyone was just like wtf why aren’t you yelling at him
  • No one, and I mean no one, really talks about the two of you when Bakugou is in earshot; this boy will flip a fucking table if he hears anyone talking about you two
  • R.I.P mineta
  • Bakugou knows you’re shy and is quick to do things for you that make you talk to those of the human race.
  • “Uh, Izuku, what did you get for #4?”
  • “Yo, Deku. What’s the fucking answer to #4?”
  • Deku doesn’t know who to answer so he just slides his paper towards you so that he live to see another day
  • You’re too nice for your own good that when the class makes fun of him, you’re on keeping him down with your quirk and saying how perfect he is.
  • “Say that again and I’ll blow up your fucking face!”
  • “Katsu, sit. Tsuyu didn’t mean it - you’re not a mean, bastard. You’re sweet and perfect just the way you are, so sit down before I make you.”
  • Yes ma’am says Bakugou as you give him the “mom glare”
  • Mitsuki-san is still trying to figure out that power you have over her son
  • In private, this boy is putty in your hands - like he will literally melt in your arms when you tell him, “I love you.”
  • He just nuzzles his face into your neck and lets you hold him until he falls asleep when the two of you cuddle
  • Don’t let anyone know - he will kick you ass if you do
  • And the embarrassing picture you have of him - no, just no
  • we all know that he isn’t going to do shit towards you
  • When you kiss him out of the blue - private or in public - he will blush and look away before returning the favor
  • He knows not to yell or curse in front of you, but sometimes he forgets and gets a small lecture by you that just makes him laugh when you raise your voice at him
  • He loves just wrapping his arms around you and kissing you when no one’s around
  • You’re literally the one person he doesn’t have a mean nickname for. Everyone is so surprised when he calls you by your name, even if you are dating. Everyone blew a fuse when he called you babe
  • Overall, Bakugou is just like wtf are you talking about? We’re perfect for each other, you dipshits.
  • You just smile and tell the girls in private, “Opposites attract.”

Guess what, ASLR found Garp’s suitcase full of Hawaiian shirts :D
Inspired by chapter 47 of Tell it to the Marines, when Sabo wore a Hawaiian shirt! I loved that!


└ OTP is teasing us~

Cr: VS Arashi 27.07.2017 めざましテレビ report, Arashi ni Shiyagare 22.07.2017, 29.07.2017

Lucina VS Eirika

Chrom VS Ephraim

If you guys want a live-ish look at all the stats, here’s a link I found to a Google Doc that has an amazing person keeping track of all this mayhem:


guys help I’m having too much fun with this D:

SO I decided what the heck and went for the pro trial, turns out you can actually do waaaaaay more when you’re not limited to like 30 parameters! I managed to fix a lot of my mistakes with Fluttershy, although Twi has plenty of her own problems. I think she came out cute anyway! ✨

(I really wanna do AJ, SciTwi, or Sunset next but…I should probably focus on fixing her first. baw)