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You’ll face something WORSE than Bedman if you ever try it!

[FIC RECS] Hannibal - Hannigram Post-Finale

I have no idea how I got sucked into this fandom. I don’t even go here.

All previous recs can be found under my recs tag, or check out my rec tag masterlist.

Everything recced is complete unless otherwise noted.

FIC RECS: Hannibal: Post-Finale
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Sea Change by xzombiexkittenx
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 4375 words
Will Graham is in love with Hannibal. He is also straight. This is the story of Will coming to terms with the fact that he’s in a relationship with a man. It’s less difficult than he thought it would be.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Death and Transparency by ataraxistence
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 5646 words
Will and Hannibal survive the fall, and so Will has lost his last chance of refusing to succumb to Hannibal. This is the immediate aftermath of his realisation.
In no particular order of importance, there are: sweet omelettes, cannibalism, sex, and a Houdan hen which Will immediately subconsciously adopts. The hen’s name is Brunhild.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Fall From Grace by objectlesson
Hannibal/Will | R | 2916 words
Hannibal and Will survive the fall.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

loose ends by the score by coloredink
Hannibal/Will | R | 4238 words
“It’s not a condition,” said Will. “It’s a test. I can touch you, but you can’t touch me.”
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: This isn’t technically post-finale, but it’s kind of an alternate timeline post-S3. I love the premise and the author executes it so well.

Here With Me by shotgunsinlace
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 3522 words
Words have been scarce since crawling out of the Atlantic and making the trip to Europe. Not a lot has happened since then, although a lot has to. In the end, Will decides on closing the space after all.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Vorspiel by KareliaSweet
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 5015 words
After the fall, Will tries to deal with the repercussions of living. Hannibal helps him by being a fluffy lovesick cannibal.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Angry Will. Also this author has done a bunch of different post-finale fics, you should definitely read them all.

All I Need Is A Stream by toffeecape
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 8622 words
Will reveals an extraordinary secret. Hannibal is still the weird one.
Tagged as: Post-Finale, Magical Realism
My notes: Oh my god yes? Yes. I’ve reread this one three times and will definitely do so again.

Mon Petit by toffeecape
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 1854 words
Will is smol. Hannibal loves it. Will knows it.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: I’m usually neutral toward size differences, but I really liked this fic. It’s part of a series if that’s your thing.

A Wood Not Marked by Any Path by arboretum
Hannibal/Will | R | 6958 words
The beast was his, whether he wanted it or not. And he did, he found, want it. He did.
Life after death: Will navigates his way through whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

Safe Home by falls_the_shadow
Hannibal/Will | R | 12,253 words
In other moments, Bedelia sits across from him, face poised in the typical mix of curiosity and resignation he is sure she reserves only for him and for Hannibal. “What would you say this is,” she asks, “the place where you stand now? Is it the gates of hell? Or the mouth?”
Will’s mouth is dry, and the morning breeze moves through him as if totally unhindered by his individual atoms, and he does not know the answer to that question.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: This one really stuck with me for a while.

Morning-star by KareliaSweet
Hannibal/Will | R | 2562 words
Prompt from measure-of-a-man:
So I had this idea-what if Hannibal actually IS Lucifer,he just got bored in Hell and is chilling on Earth,appreciating art and cannibalizing people;so when Will finally dies (in whatever way), he just finds himself in Hell as a King alongside Hannibal and basically they are together forever and no one is fucking leaving no one and my heart is in one piece yay
Inspired very loosely by Lucifer Morningstar from the Sandman comic series.
Tagged as: Post-Finale, Magical Realism, kinda?
My notes: This one had me at ‘inspired by Lucifer from the Sandman comics,’ ngl. Hannibal as actual ruler of hell. Bestill my heart.

A Short Rendezvous by LazyBaker
Hannibal/Will | G | 1904 words
“You brought me to your wife’s bed?”
The amusement rolling off Hannibal was physical, tangible in the way it touched Will.
“A proper affair must have one element of taboo to be at all proper.”
Tagged as: Post-Finale

How the Fisherman Hunts by DarkFairytale
Hannibal/Will | PG-13 | 2978 words
“Do you ever hunt?” Abigail had asked Will, once.
“I fish.”
“It’s the same thing isn’t it? One you stalk, the other you lure.”
Garret Jacob Hobbs had hunted. Abigail Hobbs had fished.
Will had not been able to comprehend it at first. But it made sense now.
Because Hannibal Lecter hunted, and Will Graham fished.
Tagged as: Post-Finale

What’s Left by damnslippyplanet
Hannibal/Will | R | 9767 words
They were on the run together for a long time, and then they weren’t. After a long silence, Hannibal starts trying to reopen lines of communication in his Hannibal way.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Magical Memory Murder Tour.

in the truly gruesome do we trust by sidnihoudini
Hannibal/Will | NC-17 | 9473 words
Hannibal and Will have murder husbands mind palace sex, and Alana watches obsessively.
A slow, sneaky grin slides its way across Will’s face as he looks up at Hannibal and teases, “You enjoy being watched.”
“Does a lion eat its prey while it is still alive?” Hannibal asks rhetorically, an amused quirk to his lips. He drags his elbows against the silk sheets, letting himself rest his weight on them so he can comfortably brush his fingers through Will’s curls. After a pause, he drops his head, and presses his open mouth to Will’s. He pulls back a fraction, and breathes, “Yes.”
Fully smiling now, sharp and uncontrolled, Will arches up against Hannibal’s body, and asks, “Does that make me the lion, or the prey?”
“You are simply part of the pride,” Hannibal murmurs.
Tagged as: Post-Finale
My notes: Partial Alana POV and it’s so good.

I might end up doing more Hannibal recs. I’ve certainly read enough. Like, an embarrassing amount. I don’t want to talk about it. I DON’T EVEN GO HERE.

BLAQUEER: a self-care attempt

January 1st, 2017: an attempt at being more “active” about my own well-being à la microblogging finally gets off the ground. i’ve been thinking about making something like this for myself for a while, but have always dragged my feet about it.

BLAQUEER will be devoted to any and everything that i find helpful for myself personally re: navigating queerness, mental health and self-care as a black person. at the moment, i envision that as including, but not being limited to:

  • photos, artwork, etc of queer black people existing: because goddamnit, be it on Tumblr or out in the world at large, i never see that without actively search for it. i want a place where i can see people like me existing without having to hunt for it each time. i also want to curate what i see because i’m tired of wading through hypersexualization / hypermasculinzation when i do hunt for representation / visibility.
  • the positive and negative of dealing with poor mental health issues: be it my own blatherings about it or the writing of others, be it misanthropic comics or suggestions for everyday coping methods– i hope to put a lot of mental health (and general health) related stuff here without feeling the need to withhold my negative feelings / experiences in favor of more positivity. if i can find things that others have made related to mental health and being black / queer simultaneously all the better, but i’m not holding my breath. might get up the nerve to blurb about that myself eventually.
  • resources & random commentary on my own (failed) self-care: resources in the form of reblogs, links to things i find online, my own commentary on things that have and haven’t worked for me etc, as well as a lot of random thinking aloud about things in general that i’ve usually reserved for Twitter but have grown annoyed with the inability to go back and find things afterwards.

while i do try to touch upon all of these things on my main blog, @queerascat, i often feel like i can’t actually go into depth about these things there for various reasons. while Queer As Cat will continue to be what it has always been, i’m hoping to be able to be more inwardly focused with BLAQUEER.

anyone is welcome to follow BLAQUEER, but please only do so bearing in mind the potentially “”heavy”” nature of some of its content. i will tag try to tag for triggers and you are free to ask me to tag something in particular, but…. yeah. the goal is to try to uncensor and unrestrain myself. “followers beware” and all that jazz.

starting out, i will be digging through QAC and reblogging old content to this blog, but hope to start posting “newer” things very soon. cheers.

- Vesper

p.s. also, just to put this out there and get it off my chest because it’s making my anxious, i was really hesitant to use a photo of myself as the header image on the blog, but in the end it’s there as a constant reminder to myself that the blog and its contents exist for me… i often need reminding that i can even do something solely for myself, so… i might change it, iono.

New followers like nobody's business...

Sooo… Now that I’m sitting at almost 15k… And was at 14.3 last night… I’m gonna go ahead, and do this action:

Hey, folks.
I’m Sean Michael Moreno-Carroll. I’m an actor, a fighter, and a massive nerd with a quick wit, an unending amount of sass, and more ambition than you can shake a stick at. I also have a horrid panache for pissing off tumblr folk by having the unfortunate gift of insight, and an unyielding lack of interest in softening blows for the sake of misplaced comfort.

With that crap outta the way: If you’re still in, awesome. Beyond all the rage-monster, duty-bound, super heavy shit, I’m actually stupid fluffy and happy-go-lucky… Which is most of the time… If you go through my blog there’s more positivity and hope flying around than there is “SEAN SMAAAASH!”… If that makes any damn sense at all…

Anyway, I am 27 years old (28 on November 25th), I’m a believer in the power of intellectual discourse, the sanctity of challenged and challenging thought(s), and the necessity for knowing one’s world, its histories, and one’s own place therein.

I am an Actor, both on screen and stage… I have an agent, I’m union, I’ve worked professionally since 2010, and I’ve done everything from commercials, to multiple seasons on a national series, to industrials, to straight plays, to Shakespeare festivals, to Renaissance Festivals… It’s what I trained a good portion of my life for, it’s what I love, and it’s what I studied in college.
I also draw, paint, sculpt, write, sing (poorly), and dance.

I’ve studied stage combat since I was a wee lad. And have grown up in it, and with the SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) because my more adulty peers (rennies who did fight stuff) were awesome, and thoroughly better parental figures than my Mom was.

To that previous point, I also grew up at Ren Faires! Which, if you were/are shocked by my frankness and colorful vocabulary, then that’s is the thing you get to blame for my broken give-a-fuck-er… But you also get to thank it for my endless imagination, stupid humor, and sense of honor.

That all said, I should just lay this one thing aside… I’m sorry you followed, and I’ll do my best not to deal the full breadth of my sarcastic bullshit in a day, but I will also try to do cool things that don’t hurt souls on the regular.

All in all, I’m just some jerk of an art nerd who lives in a constant state of his own mental flux. I also know a LOT of history… A ton. Because reasons…

I also game more than any self-respecting adult should, because fuck you, that’s why.

Console, PC, board, D20 anything ever, cards, warhammer… You name it, I have spent too fucking much money on it. And I’m not ashamed of that fact. Not one bit.

Gamer Tag on XBLive is Darth Panda1127.
Hit me up if you want, but I reserve the right to ignore you. No offense. I’m just a social recluse when I wanna be… Which is usually.

That pretty much sums me up. If you want more detail, READ. That’s pretty much the whole point of this whole… Blog… Thing…

Anyway I love your respective faces, and I hope to hear from/make you happy/challenge you to feel and be better, soon.

dscap01  asked:

While reading your answers I found two sentences caught my interest. First, Scorpios can be straightforward even while manipulating someone. And that's interesting. I would like to hear your full opinion on that. Second, You called libras to be reserved while stating that libras & Virgos are quite similar in certain aspects. Libras are usually not tagged as reserved no? Wish you a good day. And Merry Christmas a little in advance :)

I love that you catch these things, because I love elaborating on psychology. :) 

Straightforward Scorpio Manipulation:
I’ve recently come to realize that I use this all the time. Here’s the trick: If you are straightforward and blunt with someone, they cannot use what you just said against you. For example, if I’m saying something strange or potentially embarrassing, I just deadpan it. It’s almost an intimidation technique— Through your tone, you are saying “I am completely confident in myself, and therefore you have nothing against me.”
Really, if you say anything with blunt confidence, it will come off differently. With a certain tone, you can really say anything you want, and it will come off as confident and slightly charismatic(especially if you give a little wry smile at the end of your sentence.) 
It’s this illusion of being indestructible— I’ve been noticing that a lot of Scorpios tend to use it.

Libra and Virgo association: 
I don’t think that Libras are reserved in the traditional sense— Not like Scorpios, but more like Aries, who are very sociable and charming but don’t trust people or give out personal information unless they really know someone. They’re easy to get along with, but not easy to know.
As for their link to Virgos, I believe that both of these signs crave balance and usefulness, which leads to somewhat neurotic tendencies. A Libra is surprisingly calculating, strategic, and are known for diplomacy(like Erwin Smith in Attack On Titan.) Virgos and Libras are both constantly striving for a helpful and intelligent outer appearance, and balanced and in-control life. 
Honestly, I think that Libras can be on the same level as Scorpios and Virgos when it comes to control freak nature. The main difference is that Libras strive for this by being charming and diplomatic, while Scorpios strive for this by being dominant and confident, and Virgos by being intellectual and helpful. 
I hope this clears those up!! Merry Christmas a little late. :)


So, I’ve been tracking this tag for a while now, but I figured, why not make an official post about it? The point of the tag is essentially just giving you exposure for your gifs/edits. You tag your edits w/ #dailyfreegifs, and I reblog ‘em! I reserve the right to not reblog them but don’t worry, I usually reblog everything that’s tagged. I also track #free!edit.

What is #dailyfreegifs?

  • a special tag for graphic makers to use for all their free! edits
  • things to tag as #dailyfreegifs [gifs, graphics, basically anything visual]
  • things NOT to tag as #dailyfreegifs [text posts, personal stuff, reposted edits, reposted fanarts, rps, audio posts]

How does #dailyfreegifs work?

Why should I use #dailyfreegifs ?

  • Exposure to 14k+ followers.

Start using this tag for your edits and I’ll check them out and reblog them! Please help me promote #dailyfreegifs by reblogging this post and check out my blog for your daily dose of Free!

*Inspired by dailybnha’s promo post. 

*Original text taken from the snkgraphic promo post. 

Yldenfrei’s 500 Followers Thank You Raffle Event!

First off, a very big thank you to all you amazing people for supporting my little Tumblr corner. For liking and reblogging my works, for tolerating my silly personal life antics, and for being the generally nice and supportive audience that you are! ♥

So! On with this little Thank You event!

I’m pretty sure you guys know a Tumblr raffle much better than I do, so you know the drill! ^_^

Rules of Participating:

  • Must be a follower (giveaway blogs not included)
  • Only reblogs count, 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • Multiple reblogs allowed
  • Willing to provide address to ship out to for winners of Prize 1 and 2 (if below 18, must have guardian’s consent to give out address)
  • For Prize 1 and 2, Shipping costs will be shouldered by me. However, other possible fees to be incurred by the package (customs, etc.) will have to be shouldered by the recipient.


  1. One (1) winner of a 3-piece 5th Atelier custom clothing set – made especially for the winner’s BJD of choice. (Winner will be contacted and asked to send a picture of the doll who will receive the set. I will then create an outfit based on the doll’s character/style.)
    *sample of a 3-piece set: black sleeveless dress, black overcoat & black felt wide-brim hat

  2. One (1) winner of a 5th Atelier SD Velvet Parka with White Fur Trimming – fits 60cm~70cm dolls. ^_^

  3. Three (3) winners of a Vector Doodle commissioned piece – in the styles I have featured in the banner: semi-realistic portraiture, chibi cartoon characters, or stylized characters. Maximum of 2 characters per art piece for each winner. Almost anything goes (Cannot Do: explicit nudity, pedophilia, realistic animals {anthros are somewhat allowed within my ability :P}, hate speech. I reserve the right to decline a subject I feel uncomfortable with, and ask the winner for another concept.)
  4. One (1) winner of a Photostory Prompt – pick any (or even all) of the crew, and request any scene you wish me to shoot for you. Maximum of 10 shots. The usual limitations apply (Cannot Do: explicit nudity, pedophilia, actual breakage of dolls {disassembly is allowed though}, breakage of props/accessory/etc., hate speech. I reserve the right to decline a subject I feel uncomfortable with, and ask the winner for another concept.)

In the event that the winner of prizes 1 and 2 have no BJD’s, they will instead receive prize 3, and another name will be picked. So to make things easier, please tag your reblog with 5th Atelier Prize if you have a doll or want to avail of Prizes 1 and 2 (you are still eligible for Prizes 3 and 4, btw). Untagged reblogs will automatically be eligible only for Prizes 3 and 4. ^_^

Deadline: January 14, 2014 6:00pm (GMT+8)

Winners will be drawn via and the results will be posted January 15, 2014. Winners will be notified via inbox ask. If winners do not respond after 48 hours, new names will be picked.

Aaand that’s it, everyone! Hope this goes well. Thank you again for your support, and let’s all have fun with this! ♥

Jhulian G.

of challenges and consequences

Title: Of Challenges and Consequences
Word count: 15,276
Rating: R / Mature (mostly just for language)
Warnings: mention of Chris/OMC
Summary: Darren and Chris have been roommates for years and everything has been going good (great, even). But then, Chris decides he wants a place of his own – and Darren goes along with it because what else is he supposed to do?
Notes: Thank you to Helen for figuratively holding my hand during this whole ordeal and beta’ing at the same time. Writing this was like pulling teeth most of the time, but you cheered me on to finish and here I am. Thank you to Nora for the beautiful art (link here). It is more than I could have imagined and I adore it so much. And of course, lots of love and thank you to Lindsey for putting this all together. And also for dealing with my procrastinating ass. 

Read on AO3

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

talk to me about oihina,

Yoooo thank you for taking the bait, nony! As a reward, let me offer some humble headcanons (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

- Hinata Shouyou has Oikawa Tooru wrapped around his little finger. Hinata wants Oikawa to show him his killer serves? He’ll have blisters the next day from how many he hits. Hinata wants Oikawa to be his date to a Karasuno school festival? He’ll oblige, no matter how many glares he receives from Hinata’s teammates as a result. Hinata wants to go for a ride on a ferris wheel, so that he can kiss his boyfriend at the very top? Oikawa does it without objection, no matter how terrified he is of heights. Tooru doesn’t care what he gets dragged into doing, if it means he gets to see his chibi-chan’s smile.

- After Aobajousai loses to Karasuno (mark my words it’s going to happen), despite his best efforts Hinata begins to have imposing worried thoughts about how it must be affecting Oikawa (he wonders why he can’t get the rival team’s setter out of his mind, but he’s long past trying to resist these feelings). Hinata starts sending Oikawa cute messages and homemade presents, checking up on him. Tooru doesn’t want to admit it but in his darkest times, Shouyou’s messages are the one thing that has kept him from giving up.

- Shouyou loves how unruly Tooru’s hair is in the mornings, after they’ve just woken up. It’s such a contrast to his usual flawless appearance that he can’t help but smile. He loves that Oikawa trusts him enough to let him see the less perfect side of him, and treasures knowing that it’s a sight reserved only for him.

anonymous asked:

who do you believe is more loyal and a better relationship overall rumbelle or cs?

Ah ah ah, PickingAFight!Anon, homie don’t play that. Rumbelle is Rumbelle, CS is CS– each relationship is its own special snowflake, and in good conscience I must point out that in real life you shouldn’t date villains AT ALL.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yes, even sparkly ones

Legitimate reasons to stuff ye olde baguettes in your satchel and leave a date include any and all of the following key phrases:

  • “I temporarily killed my son when I tried to poison his birth mother during a nasty custody battle but that was, like, two years ago.”
  • “I killed my ex-wife in a fit of rage but to be fair, the voices of ancient evil in my head said it was okay.”
  • “All of my bling comes from people I stabbed to look cool. Fashion kills, love.”

I’m Team Equal Opportunity Redemption, which means if I’m rooting for Rumple “World’s Worst Grandfather” Stiltskin and Regina “Dead Peasants Are Our Specialty” Mills then I’m also rooting for Killian “Henchman to Six Big Bads– Ask Me How!” Jones. They’ve all been proper villains, they all feel just awful about it, they’re all trying to be better (to varying degrees of success), and I believe they are all capable of genuine love and affection. So while “I’m a bad person but I’ll change for yoooooou” usually leads to heartbreak in real life, I’m not going to begrudge a fantasy show about happy endings indulging in the notion that love can make you better.

Belle, Hook, and Robin fight over this song at the Rabbit Hole’s karaoke night

So put on some sunglasses and sip some cool drinks with little umbrellas in them, Captain Swan fans, ‘cause you’ll get no shade from me. (I reserve the right to mock Hook and/or Emma for their characters, however– that’s fair game.)

Originally posted by tristenblewart

Why do you say things you know will hurt me?

I’m getting the impression that some people on clanheart don’t fully understand what an alpha phase is. The admins explained a bit and I definitely recommend making sure that you read their posts. Some other things to keep in mind: 

  • Alpha testing is just that, testing. The game is not ready to be played yet. Most games are not available at all during alpha. Do not go on clanheart expecting a polished experience, you will not get one. The reason, the only reason, you are on the site right now is to find bugs so the admins can fix them. 
  • Because the entire point of an alpha is to find where the site is broken, do not get too attached to anything. Like, really. The site will break, you will probably lose things. And that’s okay, because, as I’ve said, you’re here to test, not to play. 

  • Please don’t complain about bugs. There are bugs. There are so many bugs. Your job, the reason you are here, is to tell the staff about the bugs. If you encounter one, tell them, and provide as much information as possible. That’s what you’re here for. 

It’s really important to remember that this site isn’t even in beta yet. They are still making it. Be prepared for things to go wrong. And I know most of the people on the site right now understand these things, but I’ve seen some posts in the tag that suggest that not everyone does. But if you can accept these things you will be a lot less frustrated, I promise.