these are their real accounts okay

do not read this if your name is Harrison Browne

seriously, Harrison, stop reading!!

Today (3/14/17) Harrison Browne announced his retirement from the NWHL and women’s hockey. He made history as the first(!!!!!) out trans person in a professional team sport when he came out last year just before the NWHL season started. Harrison has been a role model for LGBT+ fans and athletes, and has been an advocate for inclusion since coming out. 

Watch his video on the decision to retire here X 

(okay for real, Brownie, this is where you have to stop reading)

I’ve seen so many personal accounts from people who have been inspired and encouraged by Harrison’s bravery and I want him to know just how special and important he is to so many people so @unofficialbuffalobeauts and I have come up with a plan: on March 24th (the number on his Beauts jersey) show your love and appreciation by using ‘#ThankYouHarrison’ on tumblr and twitter. We’ve got 10 days, so collect your thoughts/make your art and reblog to spread the word!!! 


okay so u know when buck tweeted alfonso the video of oa in episode one?? his twitter is real and it’s active and there’s so much cool stuff on it that gives a more insight to buck’s personality/interests and it’s SO COOL, there’s also posts about angels and stuff and a lot of comic book stuff & studio ghibli so buck is basically a huge nerd. idk if the actor actually runs the account or what but anyways i thought ppl would find this interesting

Okay Ya’ll wanna hear a quick mess of a theory? Then Strap In! 

Alright, you see this here? this is the twitter banner for the official YOI Accounts. Now, the outfits that the main trio are wearing is what I want to talk about. 

We’re all assuming that Yuri is going to make it the the Grand Prix Finals due to plot armour (And the power of Love) Yurio as well since the narrative has been leading them up to competing together for gold
(Unless Yurio loses at the Russian Competition, but I can’t see that happening SINCE

(Image Heavy post so I put it under Read More) 

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Okay but when Mary drugs Sherlock and he has that flash of a little girl by the beach singing with him and his dog, the little girl is taller than little Euros and she has a blonde braid or pony tail down her back. Setlock accounts confirm there was a young blonde girl in the beach scenes…


WTF? Are we supposed to believe that Sherlock just imagined a little blonde girl as a stand in for his real little (brunette) sister, who he doesn’t remember because she killed his best friend who he replaced with a dog in his memory…the same dog he and the little blonde girl were running around with on the beach in his drugged out memory flash.

Oh, yeah. No loose ends to wrap up, Mofftiss.

Okay y’all so I’m back from NYC

And I wanted to give you all a little background on this vanilla man that I have been going on for the past week or so. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even unpacked the stuff from our NYC trip last week. Anyways, back to the story. 

So it all started when I broke up with my ex and made my first Tinder account ever(using my real information and all). At this point, I had not entered the bowl and hadn’t put much thought into sugaring at all. I was just trying to sleep around to get over the stuff with my ex (not a good idea btw). Over this period, I matched with over 700 guys. Went on dates, some high and some dry. The last vanilla Tinder date I had gone on was with my now vanilla bf that I previously mentioned. At the same time we started dating, I matched with this (what seemed to be white) man. All of his pictures were professionally taken with graffiti in the background… in front of murals and stuff. So we start talking and instantly connect because it turns out we have the same area code. He owns a beach house in the part of Florida where I’m from. All this takes place back in June btw* So we text and text almost everyday. Even Facetime sometimes. He was in the process of buying a home in Baltimore so he was too busy to make the trip to the part on Maryland in which I live. Things progressed with my now-boyfriend so after all that penpal stuff, I finally stopped texting back(I had sworn off anything vanilla-like or with vanilla tendencies because I have strong feelings for my boyfriend). This man would send me message after message, day after day. “Hey lil mama” “Hey what’s up?” “What happened to you?” I would just ignore ignore ignore. So the message he sent that got me to respond finally said “What happened to traveling and shopping?” At this point, I was a bit flabbergasted that he wanted to do that with me since I hadn’t responded in weeks. I took that and ran with it just to see what he would say. I responded “Hey babe, sorry I haven’t been responding, my screen on my phone is busted and I’m messaging you from my laptop but its broken too. Text me at [insert sugar number]” So he texted me and the first thing he said was “Do you need a new iPhone? I can’t have you walking around with no phone.” Keep in mind this is a complete lie. My screen had cracked but it was nothing major and I just went and got a new screen the next day. So I responded “No sweetheart. I’m more concerned about my laptop being stupid since I have school and stuff. It’s been stressful.” He responded “What day are you available? We will go get you a new Macbook” So I responded “Sunday”. We texted a little more but fast forward to Sunday. So he drives into the city from Baltimore and I suggest we go to Georgetown because there is an Apple store and a bunch of other cool spots and restaurants. He agreed so we went to Georgetown and my oh my was it an experience! We ate lunch first then headed to Sephora where I racked up a $400 bill… He covered it with no questions asked. Same thing happened at American Apparel, LUSH, and Zara. No bill was less than $400. I was in complete shock. Luckily, we had parked close to the Apple store so we went into the store, I picked out the computer I wanted and boom! He handed the man $1500 cash. Again, completely stunned.  After we left Georgetown, we headed to my favorite nail salon (Mimosa Salon in Dupont Circle) and my favorite restaurant(Hot n Juicy Crawfish in Woodley Park). We talked and laughed and it was all cool. He drove me home and didn’t even ask for a kiss or anything… It was such a pleasant experience. 

Fast forward to Tuesday, we’re texting and somehow we got on the topic of my favorite city(NYC). He said “let’s go tomorrow” and I was like “yeah alright” sarcastically.. He asked me what time I wanted him to pick me up and sure as hell this man was at my house at 6:30 pm ready to go to NYC. So we drive to NYC and it’s such a fun road trip! We ended up staying two nights in the Trump Soho(everything was booked.. killed me to stay there). Shopped at Louis Vuitton(finally got that Neverfull), Topshop, HM x Kenzo, Zara, and Bloomingdale’s. We had amazing food! The whole trip was perfect.. It all ended with a 90 minute couples massage at the Trump spa which was just pure bliss. So I got to talking with him and he told me he really wanted to come to NYC to purchase a $33,000 Presidential Rolex that he had his eye on… I was literally in total shock. So he went to try it on and it looked good! He told me we’d have to come back up to get it because he didn’t have the cash on him ( he only pays cash for everything. Apparently he doesn’t trust banks). So we leave NYC and head home. 

Fast forward to Monday, he texts me and asks me if I want to take a day trip to NYC to go grab the watch and the Stuart Weitzman boots I had my eye on. I said of course, knowing that a day trip would turn into an overnight one, which it did. We stayed right in the heart of Times Square at the Crowne Plaza. So last night when we arrive (we took the train this time), we walked in Times Square which was crazy because it was election night. I ran into this little store called Laline? I had never heard of it but the diffusers, whipped body wash, and scrubs were all right up my alley. I rang up a $200 tab and he covered it with no hesitation. So we eat then head back to the hotel devastated after watching the election results. Fast forward to this morning… We woke up and headed straight to get the watch because he “didn’t want to walk around with all that bread on him”. He asked me if I could hold the money in my bag since he couldn’t fit it all in his pocket. I said no problem and we checked out of the hotel. So we get to the diamond district and while the guy is preparing the watch, we have to go to another store to get a gold chain for his friend that wanted one. So while he was dealing with the guy, I was looking a pair of diamond earrings.. Just looking. Then he was like “you like those? try em on” so I tried them on and they were gorgeous and he told dude “just add these”. $2000 diamond studs yall.. Just like that. So we paid for the stuff and left to pick up the watch.. Then we headed to Stuart Weitzman to grab the boots($900 bill) and Century 21($500). We ate(twice) then headed back to the train to head home. When I tell yall the best part of alllll of this is that this man won’t even look at me naked! Didn’t try to  have sex one time. Just wants me to rub my fingers through his hair. Sneak a kiss every now and then but for right now, nothing. It’s so crazy yall! I’m almost worried… Anyways.. We had some talk about the kinds of cars I like and he said “hmmm we’ll have to see what Santa does for Christmas because you definitely need a car” so my fingers are totally crossed… 

Sorry for the delay on the story!! 

Stay sweet!


I almost never go to my Instagram but today I was surprised to see this at the lovely @unisonraidd‘s page and it broke my heart. Anyone who knows her, knows how much of a sweetheart she is and even though the message is in no way how 99,9% of people feel, it still hurts, it still gets to her. From time to time this happens to her (and other people here in this fandom) and it’s awful and people should be ashamed.

An important reminder that BULLYING IS NEVER OKAY.

Not online, not in real life, not EVER. Nothing good ever comes from this,

So, whoever you are, STOP IT. Learn from your mistakes, learn to put yourself in another’s person’s shoes. Don’t do it to someone else what you don’t want it done to you.

And, whoever has an instagram account and have a moment to, please, report the account: unisonbitch and let’s clean the internet just a tiny bit.

Here how it goes:

Thank you for the attention and let’s take the account down.

Anon: Please make us one of your really long essays (lmao) talking about about Kook/min in the 4m vapp live. Please! You have to do it, I don’t make the rules, it’s for science, I promise! :p 

There was quite a lot packed into that short segment (hm..), so I’ll just briefly go over what stood out the most: 

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Dainty, Good Tipping Louis

A series of anon messages sent to @banana-louis. Reposted with her permission.

i feel so glad for the way i got to meet louis. it was at work where i’m not allowed my phone and where i got to talk to him for a solid 10 mins about crap, he was asking me about my uni and stuff. a+ would recommend, got a hug at the end and my skin was clear for weeks

okay okay. i was trying to stay calm and do my job and not be a freak ahaha and i basically said i thought mitam was sick? and he was like ‘ahaha thanks’ and he asked me if i worked full time? and i said 'no, i’m just doing this part time’ and told him i went to med school and he asked what kind of doctor i wanted to be and i told him i’m stuck between ob/gyn and paediatrics and he told me about jay being a midwife and about the eden dora thing :) and he’s about 5'8" but he’s v dainty???

he is dainty thats the only way i can describe it! you know how they sometimes say about marilyn monroe that she was very curvy but still teeny overall? that’s louis hands down ahaha, he’s not bony or anything when you hug him but i’m pretty sure i can wrap my arms twice around his waist u know? also he tips very well king of pop KING OF POP

he also ordered a load of corona and he was like 'ahhhhh don’t worry you don’t have to open them all’ and whacked out his own bottle opener because there were about 10, what a beautiful soul, i didn’t have to stand there awkwardly trying to open a load of bottles as fast as i could. i’ve had other celebrities in but none of them have been as pretty or tipped as well as louis lmao

it was an after business thing i think, there were a load of older men with him. but he was in jeans and a jumper so who fucking knows haha, i just know i didn’t see oli or calvin or anyone

no idea haha, he got led to the private car park we reserve for vip and had a set time he was going home though so i assume someone was picking him up. i went and asked security after my shift who they’d seen just in case and they said they didn’t know who it was (head of security has met harry and his family, plus all the other boys, so i’m assuming it wasn’t them)

i bled my own blood after he tipped, ngl. other info - harry bought robin a private box at old trafford (manchester united’s ground), niall is a fucking idiot who wandered out to say hi to people without telling security first so they had to go and drag him back in, zayn stood up the rest of the band at an event they did and anne was telling him about it

x - x -x -x -x - x 

Flirt (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by music-is-love-4ever

Prompt: wow okay first i love you & this beautiful account. i was wondering if could you do a seb imagine where the reader is a guest at an interview & sebastian is there as well. they don’t know each other personally but seb flirts with her shamelessly? (kinda what he did to sharon stone on james corden) but maybe he catches up with her afterwards & asks her if she’d want to go out? i dunno i’m really feeling flirty sebastian & this was longer than expected. but again wow i love you & thank you❤️

Word Count: 

A/N: I told myself I was too tired to write anything else today. And then the sweetest message in the whole world came into my inbox AND I COULD NOT DISAPPOINT. Thank you to the darling @sob-castiel for being the absolute best. I hope you enjoy :) Keep sending in those requests! 

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okay so I just realized that the “Princess Vivian” and “what happens after I save you…you save me” thing was a reference to Pretty Woman.

Which, taking into account Even’s comment about Isak initially believing it to be a Romeo and Juliet reference, it’s actually a very positive thing.

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, right? The two lovers take their lives and even though it was a beautiful time for them, we can see that it was just a tragedy.

But Pretty Woman ends happily, it’s a real love story. And throughout the story there are beautiful moments peeking through a struggle that ends with them getting their happily ever after.

And Even’s comment, “It’d be perfect if that was your answer! because then you’d think it was a Romeo and Juliet reference” aka you’d think it was a tragedy but really it’s a love story.

We’re watching this unravel, afraid that it’ll be a tragedy. But by the end we’re going to see that it’s been a love story, and one that ends with happily ever after.

I mean its funny. 

If you’re “pro-police” and “pro-law and order” than you can’t sit there and say that its wrong to hold a mass murdering terrorist accountable. 

If you think its okay to hack into a dead teen’s email to dig up dirt on their family just to justify criminalizing them, if you insulted Micheal Brown’s mother than you can’t say “think of the family” here. 

If you think its okay that cops kill black people if they think we have a gun (or heck, if they think we’re looking at them the wrong way…lets be real) than you should support Dylann Roof being put to death. 

If you’re still bringing up the Dallas shootings than you can’t support Dylann Roof. 

If you keep accusing BLM of terrorism based off of false accusations by people who were pretty much caught faking evidence for insurance money…than you can’t just reverse your position now when we’re talking about an actual terrorist who shot people.

  If you believe its okay to stalk Muslims because of September 11th than you definitely can’t support him. 

Racism is so illogical and hypocritical that it drives me up the wall. 

  • Friend: Oh my god remember when you were SO in love with Larry Stylinson?!?!
  • Me: Haha how stupid *deletes wattpad, throws out old journals, deletes old Tumblr accounts" haha yeah Larry's not real I love Louis and *looks at smudged hand* conchobar?? Haha yeah Louis no gay haha!!!
  • Friend: Are you okay like are you sweating?
  • Me: No
Please don't repost my art

I really didn’t want to start the year by saying this but I had to say it sooner or later. I’m not okay with it anymore and dealing with it is really stressing me out. please, please don’t repost my things.

I’m really glad that you like it and want to share it or put it on your account or whatever reason you have, but please don’t repost it, even if you give credit. Don’t crop it and put a filter on it and put it on Instagram, YouTube, anywhere for that matter. I hate saying no to people but I’ve been ignored so many times when I try to speak with reposters and it really hurts to know that people care so little for my feelings on this matter.

I’m okay with dubs and translations but please ask me first.


i made it
i am in recovery and have been in ICU for the last..what..4..5 days?

the operation went well and yes i did lose my ovaries and all that goes with it. im strangely numb about it. im not sad (i dont think?) or maybe its denial. overall i know it was necessary in order for me to live. (hey i can adopt and change the life for an unfortunate child born into this world. a real genone *jfc thats not okay kizzy* im in a wierd mindstate please forgive me. )

just typing out as I think to update you guys who are so caring! i signed into fr and saw so many messages (alright who made a post?) and i jjst…thank you everyone
thank you to those who approached me off their fr accounts and on anon to gove words of encouragement
thank you to those who sent food
thanm you for just thinkong and caring about me at all

i am recovering incredibly well (perhaps age is on my side) and if all continues at this rate i may even get to be home before xmas to be in the comfort and warmth of my house and with mum and dad and my boyfriend and my cats

so at this point i am officially %100 cancer free! just seasonal PET scans and some followup doctor meetings (like this estrogen thing im being put on.)

Okay real talk here:

So this person reposted my art and Koogi noticed it on twitter. Cool. But what isn’t cool is that there were no freaking credits!! I don’t wanna be a stick in the wheel and it’s okay to repost my art but please CREDIT IT!!! I know I could just write my full account on it but it’s annoying and I’m lazy, so in that way it is my own fault, but if you repost my stuff will you please refrain from being an asshat and credit it thank you

I know people aren’t damn well telling me Conner Walsh has been useful, especially this season.

I know you guys are either getting high or drunk and then telling people this shit…because Conner hasn’t been useful since…what season 2 when he circled back and helped Annalise ?

This season, he should have been under the sheet. Wes has been central to the damn story since 1x01. But sure, Conner is useful.

And don’t get me started with Frank. Frank was okay because he did, 75 percent of his shit for Annalise but he still needs to be held accountable for Baby Keating but Frank was more useful as a whole than Conner but we lose Wes?

Pete, fuck you for real.