these are the voices in the back of your head

Novocaine-Chapter 10

Summary: Behold the flooooof

Pairings: Dean x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: Not one

Word count:1473

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Hushed voices surround you, a deep bass which wraps around your frazzled subconscious soothing the screaming voices in your head, a leftover remnant of losing control A warm, large hand rubs small circles into your back. It’s familiar, safe. You melt into the touch, sighing contently as the action chases away the terror the previous day brought. Your long hair is splayed wildly over the pillow, the highlights shining in the sun, casting a shadow over your face. There are eyes on you. You can feel them, assessing, worrying. Choosing to ignore it you snuggle deeper into the warm blankets, wanting just a couple more minutes

“What happened?” the first voice asks, the concern in his voice is palpable.

Your brain conjures up a shaggy-haired Sam, and you repress the urge to groan.

Sam was a worrier. If he had his way, he’d shut you in a room and wait on you hand and foot like you had contracted some horrible disease.

You smile softly to yourself. How I love Moose, your tired mind supplies.

“She had a moment. It happens, Sammy, you know it does,” Dean replies fondly. “She’ll be alright, My girl doesn’t give up that easy.”

My girl.

The sentence whispers through your mind, and to your surprise, you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.surprise you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.

Shit. Stupid reality.

The hand on your back digs into a particularly stiff muscle making you moan as it released the tension, and you stretch out cat like arching into it, cutting off their conversation rather effectively. The hand stills and you bury your face deeper into the pillow, a small sound of discontent escaping your lip. You reach out blindly, searching for the magical hand, finally coming into contact with it, placing it impatiently on your back, letting the owner know exactly what you wanted.

A wry chuckle escapes Dean when the warm feeling returns.

You want to dip yourself in the sound, coat yourself with it. Bottle it and take it out on bad days. It’s a sound that could chase away nightmares, and you desperately want to hear it again.

“I know it happens, Dean, but why did it happen? Why now? It’s not like her to lose control. She hasn’t had an episode since.,.” Sam lets the thought hang.

Never one to back down, Dean sighs. “The nightmares. I know, Sammy. When I got there Tin Man was running scared, and she had gone nuclear. I haven’t seen it that bad since we found her. Dad always knew how to talk her down,” he replies sullenly.

You crack open an eye, mildly irritated they’d found it necessary to discuss you while you were out for the count.

“You did good, Dean,” Sam says softly. “Dad couldn’t have done better.”

The silence that accompanies Sam’s words is deafening, and you know Dean has retreated into his head, beating himself up over things he had no control over. That were not his responsibility.

You’re just about to open your mouth to give them a piece of your mind and snap him out of it when Dean interrupts the oncoming tirade.

“Sam?” he asks tightly.

“Yeah?” Sam replies instantly.

“Whose jacket is that?”  

You can hear the smirk in his voice

“Uh… It’s Shadow’s?” Sam never was good at fibbing to Dean.

“She wasn’t wearing one.” Dean sounds damn near gleeful.

“You sure? I could have sworn…” Sam tries again.

“Cut the crap, Sam,” Dean interrupts.

“Dean,” Sam pleads.

“You sly dog. Little brother getting down and dirty!” Dean laughs loudly, jostling you as he does.

“No… It-it wasn’t..” Sam answers desperately.

“Was it the busty redhead or the witchy one?” Dean sports a wicked shit eating grin, waggling his eyebrows lewdly.

Having enough, you heave a loud sigh. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a little shut-eye around here?” you snap at the boys, turning onto your back to glare at them both.

“Someone’s cranky this morning,” Dean mutters, gracing you with a lopsided grin his eyes sparkling.

“You would be too if you woke up to a congregation of farm animals in your bedroom, Winchester. Sounds like clucking hens.”

Sam grins as he snarks, “Not your bedroom, Shads.”

You peer at the bedroom, the distinct lack of band paraphernalia and star wars posters confirm Sam’s statement. “Why pray tell, am I not in my own bedroom?” you ask calmly.

Dean looks down sheepishly. “I couldn’t find yours, so I texted Sam and here we are. Looks like I interrupted sexy fun time though,” he snickers, shooting a knowing look at a blushing Sam.

You stifle a giggle, putting on your best bitch face. “Are you sleeping with one of my teammates, Sam?” you ask seriously.

“Shads, no that’s not…” he begins but is cut off with peals of laughter from you and Dean, who flings himself backward on the bed, his chest rumbling with mirth. Sam stands up, grumbles something unintelligible while grabbing the jacket off the armchair and mumbling about finding coffee. He makes sure to slam the door behind him as he exits.

“Some people are so touchy,” Dean says, fondness clear in his voice.

You snort out another laugh, turning on your side to face him.

He follows suit, his green eyes shining, his plush pink lips quirked into a half smile.

Something warm twinges in your chest. You can feel the heat creeping up your neck, and you bite down on your bottom lip, dropping your gaze to the sheets, distinctly aware you were alone in a room with a man who had owned your heart and body for many years.

“Thank you,” you whisper, lifting your gaze to his, “for yesterday. I shouldn’t have let my emotions rule me. It hasn’t happened in a while.”

Dean smiles, placing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “It happens,” he states matter of factly. “No need to apologize, I’ve seen worse.”

Your heart warms, the little fire in your chest growing fiercer with each word out of his mouth. “What you said… on the roof,” you begin, taking a deep breath, “did you mean it?”

He stares at you seriously, his eyes roaming your features. “Every word, sweetheart,” his eyes soften as he looks at you, “I meant every word. And I’ll keep saying it until you believe me,” he adds.

Chewing on the inside of your cheek, determined to let the past lie, not to let it consume you any longer, you make a decision. It’s one that makes you feel lighter, more yourself, for the first time in years. “I forgive you, De,” you reply smiling widely.

Deans answering smile is radiant, and he places a soft kiss on your forehead. “Thank you,” he says simply, tracing a finger along your jawline.

You sigh contently. “I’m afraid I might have hurt Cas’s feelings.”

The things you said played into every insecurity Cas had. He tried so hard to fit in, to be like everyone else. Chuck knows how badly you’d screwed with his head. The answering silence has dread crawling up your spine.

“You saw Cas?” Dean asks flatly, and your panic kicks into full-blown terror.

“What’s going on?”  

Dean sighs. “You ain’t gonna like it.”  

“Spit it out, Dean!” You sit upright on the bed, looking down at him.

He swallows heavily, his chest rising and falling, a deep weariness in his demeanor. “Lucifer escaped the cage, hopped a ride in the president of the U.S of A and knocked up his staff manager. We got him back into the cage, but his staff manager - Kelly Kline - ran, got mixed up with a knight of hell. We roped in the Men of Letters. That went to hell like usual. Afterward, Cas got it into his thick skull  Kelly and the baby was to be protected. He’s been AWOL ever since, and now Lucifer’s escaped the Cage, again, and is jonesing for a hit of Winchester blood. Cas doesn’t return calls or listen to reason anymore, and neither Sam or I can get through to him.”

You contemplate his little monologue for a second, pushing down the terror his words inspired. Making up your mind, you nod to yourself. “What do you need me to do?”  

Dean deflates, relief coating his handsome features. “Track him. We couldn’t find a psychic strong enough, not after Pamela,” he says, guilt bleeding into his voice.

“Okay,” you reply. Determination and worry mixing together, you jump out of bed. “Let’s get moving then!” Glancing around the bedroom, you search for your shoes.

Dean sits bolt upright, worry etched onto his face. “What? You mean no breakfast?”

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I just thought about Team Voltron stopping at a planet with rain and Lance is just so happy and he's running around laughing with his helmet off and everyone is smiling at him bc "awww" but PSYCHE IT WAS DANGEROUS ACID SPACE RAIN and Lance is sad bc now he can't enjoy it ("LANCE WTF YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FACE MELTED OFF AND GO BLIND" "BUT IT'S RAAAAAIIIIIIIIN, I WANNA STAY IN THE RAAAAAAIIIIIIIN")


“Alright paladins, this planet is a neutral place. We must get them on our side in our fight against the Galra.” Allura’s face appeared in front of where Lance was sitting in Blue. 

“Of course Princess. We won’t let you down!” Everyone could hear the smile in Shiro’s voice and everyone mumbled in agreement. 

Allura gave everyone a final smiled and cut the video. Lance leaned his head back against Blue, only half listening to the plan that Shiro was covering yet again.  

Lance looked out of Blue, watching the planet get closer by the tick. It was a smaller planet, almost the size of Mars. It had a bluish color and a light purple surrounded it. White clouds spotted the atmosphere and Lance could only think of Earth. I miss home and rain. He leaned back into his chair, his eyes slightly shutting. I wonder what everyone is doing right now. How old is everyone? How many things have changed? Are the garlic knots still the same? Lance was pulled out of his thoughts by Blue shaking slightly as she descended into the atmosphere following the other lions. 

“Is everyone ready?” Shiro’s calming voice moved over the coms. 

Everyone shouted out an affirmative and Lance took in a few breaths as he landed on the pastel blue surface. 


Lance stretched his arms above his head, feeling his muscles burn at the intense pull. “Man that meeting was longgggggggggg.” 

Hunk smiled and patted his best friend on the back. “Yeah it was but at least we got the alliance.” 

Lance nodded at his friend and made his way outside, watching the species quickly move around. I wonder why they all look in a rush? “Hey Hunk w-” Before Lance could finish his sentence thunder exploded from above the two boys. Almost immediately small drops of what appeared to be water started to fall down on them. Rain?! He stuck his hand out, letting the liquid hit his palm. It’s raining, it’s actually raining. “Hunk it’s raining!” 

Hunk gave Lance a joyful smile and stepped closer to the building they had just exited as the rain started to fall faster. 

Lance considered joining his friend but decided against it. He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could. He stuck his arms straight out, letting the liquid roll off his armor and started to spin slightly. He closed his eyes and imagined home. He imagined dancing in the rain with his siblings or running home from a friends house when the dark clouds snuck up on him. 

Lance was overcome with homesickness and he felt a small lump form in his throat the longer he stood in the rain. I miss home. He started to fight back tears from falling down his face as it started to rain harder. Why can’t I just go home? 

“LANCE! GET OVER HERE!” It was Keith and Lance snuck a glance at his teammates that were standing by Hunk. Except they didn’t look happy or content they looked scared. “COME ON LANCE!” Pidge cupped her mouth and screamed at the Blue paladin. 

Lance closed his eyes, letting his arms fall and slowly made his way over towards his teammates. As soon as he reached his team he was being patted down by Hunk with a towel. “Dude, it’s just some water. I’m not going to die.” 

“If only it was water Blue Paladin.” An older alien named, Olfue looked at Lance with big eyes. “It’s a mix of iddimeg and prupunamon, both are highly dangerous acids and will burn anything it touches. We have not adopted to the acid itself but we have been able to create building and over things to protect ourselves from it.” The stared at the ground, not meeting Lance’s gaze. 

Lance’s heart fell, I can’t even enjoy rain? He turned his attention back towards the falling acid and bite back a scream. “Well that would have definitely changed the song ‘Singing in the Rain’ am I right?” Lance cracked a smile, praying the team didn’t see how broken he was feeling at that moment. 

“Are you okay Lance?” Shiro placed his Galran hand on the boy’s shoulder. 

Lance looked out at the acid, “I just wanted to play in the rain. I just want to do something that reminds me of home.” 

Everyone shared a sad look with each other and Hunk pulled Lance in for a hug. “It’s okay to miss home, but maybe we can find a planet with actual rain. You know one that won’t burn your face off.” He smiled and Lance gave a weak smile in return. 

“Thank man.” Lance pulled away from his friend, keeping his eyes at the failing liquid. I just want to see my family again. 

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Dark Fantasies - part 6

AU Mini Series - part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

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Ivar was still asleep when you opened your eyes in the morning, arms hanging across your waist. You got up as quietly as you could, gathered your clothes and - by what you thought was a damn miracle, made it out after quickly roaming around for the front keys. 
You didn’t actually know what to think or do, sleep hardly came with all those conflicting feelings you had inside of you. You wanted to hate the bastard, you really did. But then there was this voice in the back of your head, screaming at you.  
Weeks went by, doing nothing to ease that strange crave you felt for Ivar. You wanted to see him, even if it was only to slap him for giving you the scare of a life time. 
Eventually your curiosity got the better of you, leading you back to the little bar where you had first met him. This was such a bad idea, even for you but you did it anyway. Knowingly running towards doom. 
When your eyes met across the room, he smirked, finger moving up to his lips, gesturing you to keep silent. It was the kind of creepy smile you knew all too well and yet something felt off. You had found him in a corner, drinking alone and looking miserable. The dark circles under his eyes were visible even from here and you felt a slight sting in your heart at the sight. 
Before you could even attempt to go and talk to, he was out of the door and gone. Not that you had really wanted to talk but at least having the option would have been nice. 
“What in the seven hells are you doing here…?” Ivar mumbles, eyes wide at seeing you standing in front of his door. 
“Can I come in?”
“Why would you want to…” You walk past him, paying no mind to what he’s saying, “…okay and you’re in…” 
Not that you were here, you weren’t quite sure what to say or how to start. Did you want to scream at him, wrap your arms around him and never let go? It was all very confusing. 
“You know…it’s quite rude not to call." 
"I don’t have your number and I wasn’t aware you would have wanted me to do that." 
"Oh what gave you that impression?”
You reply sarcastically, holding his gaze as he tries to figure out what is happening. 
“You should go." 
"Really? Last time you were all too eager to keep me inside.”
You could literally see his walls breaking down in front of you. Eyes cast down with his nails digging into his thighs and his quivering lip between his teeth. It was a side you hadn’t seen before, one you guessed was usually very well hidden. 
“I fucked up okay? Is that what you want to hear. I shouldn’t have been a god damn asshole but I was.” The words were rushing out unwillingly and before he could stop them, “I liked you from the moment I saw you but you’d never have…not with me like this." 
And there went your choice to hate him. It shouldn’t be an excuse but you still felt your heart ache at his words, unable to recall that spiteful feeling you had held inside, along with much else. 
"You look horrible, you know? When was the last time you eat? Sleep?" 
"I don’t remember.”
You sigh, a little surprised at yourself. When did you become so awfully forgiving? 
Without another word you make your way past him, looking around the kitchen to find something that didn’t look like it had expired weeks ago. 
Ivar only stares, more confused than you had ever been, “Well what are you looking at?” You say, a water bottle and food in hand, “Get your ass on the couch, you look like death and need something to drink, other than the alcohol you so clearly reek of.”

Before I fall for someone new

I don’t need you now, but I need your name.

You can tarnish the memory, but your voice- you cant take away.

It’s hard to stay, and I know time likes to play tricks on us

But I still love you,

If you’re still interested.

That burning?

Oh sorry that’s my eyes on that back of your head.

I’m just tracing the words you’ve said and what I’ve misread.

What’s it take to feel ok? Maybe we can reel in the day and save the waste.

You are my bad taste,

God you look good, perfect

Bum with no excuse

To not to lose the clothing excess.

The one question I really want to know

Do you still love me or am I just to hold?

You feel like you have messed this up

Still no one needs to know, we tried hard but never gave it another go.

Agreed not pick at the bone

But still with this, I just want to make a wish

I want you all alone.

“Chmmmmph!” said Archchancellor Ridcully, as a heavy body landed on his back and clamped a hand over his mouth, forcing him back down into the long, dewy grass.
“Listen very carefully!” hissed a voice in his ear. “When you were small, you had a one-eared toy rabbit called Mr Big Pram! On your sixth birthday your brother hit you on the head with a model boat! And when you were twelve… do the words “jolly lolly” ring a bell?”
“Very well. I’m you. There’s been one of those temporal things Mister Stibbons is always goin’ on about. I’m taking my hand away now and we’ll both quietly crawl away without the elves seeing us. Understand?”
“Good man.” 

– Ridcully deals with himself | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

RV, part 1

The old RV clattered and rumbled down the beaten-down dirt road, the two bereaved surfaces groaning noisily against each other. Dust flew up in the air and took long to settle, while tiny pebbles pinged off the metal sheeting and grimy windshield.

“The king of crowd rockers is finally back, my voice is your choice as the hottest wax, true as a wizard, just a blizzard, I ain’t takin’ no crap, I’m rhymin’ and designin’ with your girl in my lap, the bass is kickin’ always stickin’ cause you like it that way, you take a…”

The old-school rap filled the cabin of the RV, following the tapping of the driver’s fingers against the sun-bleached leather steering wheel. Dave flicked the white-blonde hair out of his eyes and pushed up his sunglasses, head nodding to the beat of the song.

A knock came from the rear as a figure pushed past the bead curtain. “You need anything up here?” Jade asked, leaning down to look at the road ahead. Dave looked over and smirked. “Hey, I’ve got good music and a great view, what more could I need?” Jade flushed, and socked him in the arm as she tugged up her tank top.

Sweeping a sweatshirt and bag of chips off the passenger seat, she sat with a whumph, releasing a cloud of dust and adding momentarily to the creaking cacophony of the mobile home. “Karkat wants to know much longer it’s going to be.”

“He’s been asking every ten fuckin’ minutes, just tell him to math a little. It’s close, though. We’ve been off the paved road for a while.”

“As if we hadn’t noticed.” Jade grumbled, again pulling her tank top higher. The camper jolted particularly hard, as if in answer, throwing the both of them to the left. The hula girl glued to the dashboard shook merrily as they righted themselves.

“He doing okay?” Dave asked. “Not to be a dick, but my bro would, like, actually kill me if Karkat hurled in the back.”

“Still holding onto his bag, but otherwise, yeah.” Jade snagged the bag of Fritos from the floor, plucking one chip out for herself and offering another to Dave, who took it and threw it into his mouth without glancing away from the road.

Another half hour and they’d arrived at their destination, the distressed wheels of the camper squealing as Dave braked carefully at into the space at the head of the rough campsite. The early afternoon sun shone through the trees and sparkled off the lake. 

Karkat threw open the rear door of the RV and joined them in staring out at the lake. He hugged Dave from behind and nestled his head in the crook of Dave’s neck and shoulder, groaning softly. Jade rubbed a sympathetic hand over his shoulders. “You feeling okay?” Another muffled groan was her answer. Dave laughed, and stroked a hand over Karkats’ where they were clasped around his chest.

Mid-afternoon saw the trio tramping around the lake, pointing out to each other fish in the slow moving waters, quick-darting dragonflies, and frogs that leapt away as their shadows came near. The air buzzed with cicadas and the thick smell of summer. 

At the far end of the lake, they sat on a boulder, toes just reaching down to dip into the water. 

“…And then I just send him a smiley face, but of course that’s only gonna piss him off, right? So meanwhile we’re all just waiting to see what he’s gonna send next, we’re all making bets and taking shots, and then he sends me back a video of him taking a shit on my bed?! Which obviously he hadn’t just done cause I was in the fucking dorm at the time and he was away, but anyway Kan goes to take a look, and what she finds is…” 

Jade looked over at Dave, mouthing Looks like he’s feeling better, and grinned as a slow, lazy smile spread over his face. Karkat chattered on.

On the last leg of their walk, the stream flowing into the lake was slow-moving but deep, and the rocks that made up the path were more than a step apart. Jade went first, putting her hair back into a ponytail, and was tall and well-balanced enough to make each jump with little effort. Karkat’s jumps were slightly more nervous, teetering on the edge of each rock before throwing himself to the next, but suffered only a soaked foot before reaching the far bank. Dave, however, took one leap - two - and splashed down face-first, full-bodied into the water. 

Spluttering as he came up, he threw a glare at the other two, laughing at his gangly fall. “So not cool,” he threw out as he rose, “so uncool to be kicking your boy while he’s down.” He sloshed his way over to the pair, squeezing out the hem of his shirt, only for Karkat to catch Dave’s face between his hands as he pulled him in for a kiss. After a moment, Dave pulled him closer, his embrace holding tight against Karkat’s struggles as his clothes soaked through to the other boy’s. Laughing, Dave released Karkat, the latter looking disgusted at the wet mark that  spread all down his front. Dave looked to Jade next, arms out and grinning, but she, grinning, was already backing away.

The teasing of the trio echoed amongst the redwoods as the sun continued its slow progress across the cloudless sky, and they were back in camp as the last of it’s upper rim peeked above the valley’s treetops.

“Right, I know better than to let you two handle the cooking,” Karkat declared, retrieving the camp stove and gas can from the camper. “So who’s going to light the fire, and who’s going to be the lazy sack of shit tonight?”

As it turned out, it took both Dave and Jade to light the fire, neither having had much experience, and after the meal prep was done Dave had taken over the grill, demanding a turn at “that most American pastime, flipping burgers like a motherfucker.” 

Karkat sat in the camp chair by the crackling fire, Jade sitting on his lap and shivering as his hands tangled in her hair, scritching softly over her scalp.

Making them See

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Pairing: Winchesters x Chuck, Shannon, G
Word count: 933 (not including texts)
Warnings: Tiny angst, mentions of divorce, swearing, mentions of cheating

Part 2 of Winchesters Saving

As Dean pulled her shirt over her head, the redhead from the bar giggled. They were in the back of Baby, and she was straddling his lap. His lips moved down her neck when he paused. “Really, Dean? Can you just agree to this and get it over with?” Pushing Chuck’s voice from his mind, he focused on her smooth skin. “I’m not above filling your head with nursery rhymes.”

“Damn it, Chuck!” He snapped, making her pull back and look at him funny.

“Who’s Chuck?” She asked, offended.

Standing in the motel room, Dean was glaring at Chuck, his hands on his hips. “Really? While I have a hot woman- topless- on my lap?” He snapped finally. “You just had to be an ass then?”

“You’re here, aren’t you?” He asked simply.

Sam was sitting on the bed, his back against the headboard, and arms crossed at the moment. While nowhere near as livid as the eldest Winchester, he was still angry with Chuck. “What’s so important about this person, anyway? Why are you so insistent that we go over there and play knights in shining armor?” He asked. “Out of all the people in that universe- why her? Out of all the suffering in ours? Why send us there?” It didn’t make sense. “We’re hunters. We don’t save everyone, but don’t you think we’d do more good here?”

Chuck sighed, sitting on the side of one of the beds. “It’s complicated.” He started. “Look. None of that matters, Sam.” His blue eyes went to the annoyed hunter. “What matters is that I’m coming to the two men I trust the most with this.”

Dean stared him down, unflinching. “Convince us.”

“What?!” Sam looked at his brother like he was insane.

“I’m serious.” Dean glanced at Sam. “If he can convince us- and I mean really convince us- I’ll stop fighting.” Looking back at Chuck, his face was stoic. “But, if he tries, and fails, he leaves us alone. No more mirrors, no more talking in our minds, none of this bullshit.”

After a moment, Chuck nodded. “I think that’s fair.” He agreed.

Sam let out a breath. “So, how do you plan on ‘convincing’ us?” He asked.

“Both of you- get comfortable.” Chuck told them, getting up to stand between the cheap beds. “I’ll show you.” He crossed his arms over his chest, watching them as they each made themselves comfortable.

“You’ll show us?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

He nodded. “Talking to Winchesters has never been successful, so…I’ll show you.”

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Hey, everyone! Komaeda and Ouma are back up for grabs, and it’s anyone’s game!

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you’re a fucking tease (smuttish)

a lil NSFW bc tom had me all hot and bothered 🙃 (if you’re tagged it’s bc ur on my taglist, if ur not into smut feel free not to read xo)

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part 2 | part 3 | part 4 (final)

“God, look at you,” Tom whispered, his voice rough as his lips played connect the dots with the small freckles and moles scattered across your chest. “You look so good right here,” his lips met your jaw, sucking harshly when you tugged his hair, “you look so good under me.” You went to say something but his cold hands slipping into your sweatpants and touching your hot skin made you gasp, urging Tom on more.

“Tom,” you whispered, silently begging him to do something but not being able to form an actual sentence.

“Darling, patience is a virtue.” You rolled your eyes, your comeback stuck in your throat when his hands fingers danced over your clothed heat. “Did you have something you want to say, my love?” His voice changed from a delicate whisper to a deeper, rougher tone. “Nothing?” You managed to shake your head, feeling his cold fingers dip into your underwear, a prominent smirk on his face. “Hm, I didn’t think so.”

You restrained another eyeroll, your legs trying to close around his hand to encourage him. You whined when his free hand came to separate them, hearing him softly ‘tsk’ you. “Tom, you’re such a tease.” You huffed, reaching your hands out to grab his cheeks and pulling him up to kiss you. Your hands slipped from from behind his neck to the top of his boxers. Before your hands could dip any further, his hand came down to grasp your wrist, causing you to groan in annoyance.

“Baby, be good,” he pulled away from you and lowered himself. You almost let out another pathetic attempt to beg him to get him to speed up his teasing when you felt his cold fingers slip into your underwear. “Fuck, honey,” he whined, letting his fingers slip into you slightly, feeling your anticipation. “You are being good, aren’t you, pretty girl?” You nodded vigorously, bucking your hips to force his fingers to perform a different motion, which he happily obliged.

“God, Tom,” you whispered, one hand reaching down to grip his wrist while the other carded freely through his newly cut hair. It wasn’t styled, resulting in it being messily scattered around his head, slight waves forming on top of his head. “You’re so fucking good at this,” a light gasp leaving your lips mid-sentence as his fingers circled roughly against you.

“Tell me, baby,” his rigid voice called out from beneath your waist, “tell me how good it is.” You whined, pulling his hair again. He pulled his mouth away from you slightly causing you to complain. He licked his lips, rising to your ear, his fingers still toying with you. “Darling, tell me,” he placed a kiss to the shell of your ear, “I need you to tell me how good it feels, baby. Or else – I can’t continue.”

“No! I – fuck, Tom.” You felt him smirk against your cheek, his head slowly kissing his way back to where he previously was. “Baby, don’t stop I – oh, god,” your eyes squeezed shut when his hot breath hit you, “I need this – you – I need you. And, god, fuck me you’re so good – so, so good.” His fingers quickened their pace, moaning into you softly, driving you over the edge. “Tom, oh my, god.” You almost came undone – and then you felt an absence. “Tom, what the fuck!”

You looked toward him, seeing him lick his lips and wipe his chin. He walked toward the bedside table and picked up his ringing phone. “Hello? Oh, shit. Yeah, give me a second.” You looked at him confusingly, rubbing your thighs together in frustration.

“Are you done?” You asked, seeing him hang up the phone. He slid on his jeans and grabbed a flannel, lazily buttoning it up. “Where are you going?” He frowned at you, leaning over you on the bed to kiss you.

“I gotta go back to set – they need me for a reshoot.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” you groaned, ceasing your thighs as you flipped onto your stomach and shoved your head into a pillow. Tom chuckled softly, rubbing your back.

“I’m sorry, darling, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“You’re such a fucking tease.” You whined, flipping onto your back again to face him. You brought your hands to the back of his neck, pulling him into you to kiss him again. Your teeth immediately nipped at his bottom lip, causing him to smile. You pushed him away from you slightly. “When you get back,” you whispered, “you better fucking wreck me.” Tom laughed loudly, dropping his head to your neck.

“You don’t know what you’ve just gotten yourself into, love.”


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Scratching the Itch

Square Filled- Friends to lovers

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader, smut,

Word Count- 2300ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Hunting’s a total blast until you hit your heat. In between each cycle, you only know how much fun it is to catch a case, to get on the road and feel the rumble of Dean’s car beneath you, all open windows and loud music. The fights are always rough, but in the way that makes you feel strong, in a way that makes your muscles ache with anticipation just to think about it. And of course, there’s the feeling of knowing that you saved someone, that you stopped one small little evil and left the world a little better for it.

But then your heat hits, and you remember. Hunting is not ideal for an Omega.

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LINKIN PARK MEME.  Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. Your talent and wonderful personality gave so many people so much hope during their darkest of times, and you will be forever missed.


  • Why does it feel like night today?
  • Why am I so uptight today?
  • Paranoia is all I got left.
  • I know what it feels like to have a voice in the back of my head.
  • It’s like I’m paranoid lookin’ over my back.
  • It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head.
  • It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within.
  • Your paranoia’s probably worse.
  • I don’t know what set me off first.


  • I cannot take this anymore.
  • I find bliss in ignorance.
  • I’m about to break.
  • I need a little room to breathe.
  • I’m one step closer to the edge.
  • I wish I could find a way to disappear.
  • Shut up when I’m talking to you.


  • Forfeit the game.
  • You can’t run the race.
  • You just won’t last.
  • You love the way I look at you.
  • My pride is broken.
  • You like to think you’re never wrong.
  • You live with what you’ve learned.
  • You have to act like you’re someone.
  • You want someone to hurt like you.


  • These wounds they will not heal.
  • There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface.
  • This lack of self-control I fear is never-ending.
  • My walls are closing in.
  • I’ve felt this way before.


  • It doesn’t even matter how hard you try.
  • Time is a valuable thing.
  • I wasted it all just to watch you go.
  • I kept everything inside.
  • Even though I tried, it all fell apart.
  • I tried so hard and got so far.
  • In the end? It doesn’t even matter.
  • I had to fall to lose it all.
  • You’re acting like I was part of your property.
  • You fought with me.
  • Things aren’t the way they were before.
  • You wouldn’t even recognise me anymore.
  • I’ve put my trust in you.


  • I just wish I didn’t feel.
  • I take back all the things I said.
  • I’d give it all away just to have somewhere to go.
  • I’d give it all away just to have someone to come home to.
  • This is all I need.


  • Memories consume like an opening wound.
  • You all assume I’m safe here.
  • I don’t want to be the one.
  • I’m the one confused.
  • I don’t know what’s worth fighting for.
  • I don’t know why I instigate and say what I don’t mean.
  • I don’t know how I got this way.
  • I know it’s not alright.
  • I had no options left.
  • I’m the one at fault.
  • I’ll never fight again.
  • This is how it ends.


  • I’m tired of being what you want me to be.
  • I don’t know what you’re expecting of me.
  • I’m under the pressure of walking in your shoes.
  • Every step that I take is another mistake to you.
  • I’ve become so numb.
  • I can’t feel you there.
  • All I want is to be more like me and be less like you.
  • Can’t you see that you’re smothering me?
  • Everything that you thought I would be has fallen apart right in front of you.
  • I may end up failing.
  • You were just like me with someone disappointed in you.


  • I dreamed I was missing.
  • You were so scared.
  • No one would listen because no one else cared.
  • What am I leaving when I’m done here?
  • Forget the wrong that I’ve done.
  • Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.
  • Don’t resent me.
  • Keep me in your memory.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • I’ve taken my beating.
  • I’m strong on the surface.
  • I’ve never been perfect.
  • I’ve never been perfect, but neither have you.
  • Save me from myself.


  • Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple.
  • Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.
  • The sun will set for you.
  • Your friends all plead for you to stay.
  • Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple.


  • There’s no need.
  • I’ve drawn regret from the truth.
  • Let mercy come and wash away what I’ve done.
  • Let go of what I’ve done.
  • I’m forgiving what I’ve done.


  • I said goodbye.
  • All I could think was I need a way to dig through the damage.
  • I see you takin’ advantage.
  • I found another reason to do this.
  • I wanna find a way to rattle you.
  • I’m not done.
  • There’s nothing left.
  • Darkness turned to light.
Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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BTS Reaction: Wanting cuddles from you after a long day (request)


You were close to a deep sleep when Jin practically busted in through the door.

He took his sweater and shirt off and threw it on the floor as he made his way to the bathroom. Thinking you were asleep, he turned on all the lights in the bathroom, took a shower and loudly brushed his teeth.

He then came out of the bathroom “Y/n… Jagi, you still asleep?”

“Yes.” you groaned, rolling on to your back. “Someone was at war with their teeth in the very bright bathroom so it woke me up.”

“Sorry jagi. I was just frustrated.” he explained as he slid up next to you.


“Just got a lot of shit from everyone today.” he huffed.

“Sorry to hear that. Wanna to talk about it? I’m awake now.” you said with a small chuckle.

“Yeah, but can you cuddle me too? I really just want cuddles right now.” he said nestling up to you.

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You were up late, cozy on the couch and catching up with your new favorite drama as you waited for Suga.

You were well into the episode when your tired looking boyfriend walked through the door. 

“Hi babe!” you smiled

He dragged himself over to you, not an expression on his face. He stopped right in front of you, blocking the tv.

“Babe, move. I can’t see the tv.”

Without a word he took the remote out of your hand, threw the blanket off you and dropped himself in your arms.

“Aw, babe, you tired?” you cooed.

He didn’t answer, he just rested his head on your chest and placed his feet over yours.

You knew the drill. You threw the blanket over the both of you and began running your fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes, letting out a deep sigh. Your heart warmed when you saw a slight smile on his face. 

“I love you.” he said in a low groan.

“I love you too.” you said softly as you kissed the top of his head.

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Rap monster:

Despite his words, you stayed up til the late hours of the night until he came home. It wasn’t until 2 am that he finally came back.

“Babe, I told you to not wait up for me.” was the first thing he said when he came through the door and found you on tumblr.

“I know, but just because you are my talents and handsome boyfriend, that doesn’t mean you tell me what to do.”

He came up to you, leaned down, and kissed you. “I’m going to shower” *kiss* “then wash up” *kiss* “and I expect you to be waiting for me in bed because I just had a bad day and I really need your cuddles.”

You cupped his face, seeing all the tired in his eyes. “Aww, baby, I’m sorry you had a bad day, go wash up, don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you.”

You were a bit annoyed by his extra long shower, but at least he looked a bit more relaxed when he stepped out. He made his way next to you, letting you wrap yourself around him.

“So what happened today?” you asked as you began to play with his hair.

“Agh, you know, I accidentally broke an important prop and it set back recording and I got yelled at alot…I just feel like shit.”

“Don’t think about it anymore.” you said softly as you kissed his temple. “Tomorrow is a new day so just forget about how today went”

You traced his jaw and he smiled at the small tickle causing you to poke at his dimples.

“Well, your cuddles are really helping me forget.”

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You were in the kitchen late at night, getting your lunch ready for tomorrow. You heard the door open and the familiar rhythm of Hoseok’s bags being dropped by the door. 

Without looking up you called out, “Hi Hobi! Finally you are back!”

You heard his steps come into the kitchen and before you knew it, he was hugging you from behind.

“How was your day?” you asked cheerfully.

You didn’t get an answer out of him. Instead, you heard sniffles and felt droplets land on your shoulder.

You looked up and him and saw him crying. Immediately you dropped everything and cupped his face, wiping his tears away. “Baby, what happened?”

He shook his head at you. “I had a really really long day.” he whimpered.

You threw your arms around him and held him tight. “Why don’t we go to bed and watch tv and unwind and just talk about your day?”

He shook his head again. “Cuddle me?” his voice cracked

“Of course.” you cooed. you grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

“A-and can you massage the sides of m-my head like you always do?”

“Yes baby.” you smiled.

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You lay in bed, a bit upset that your boyfriend becuse he wasn’t home when he said he was going to be. You hated to do what you were about to do, but you just wanted to know where he was.With much hesitancy, you gave him a call, scared that you were interrupting their late practice or recording. 

After a few dial tones, he picked up. ”Yeah?” He was really tired it was obvious in his voice.

“Hi baby.” you said in an innocent tone


“I was just… wondering when you would be getting home… that’s all.”

“I’m in the elevator… I just started walking down the hall” he said in a huff

“Oh let me get the door!”

“Nah, just stay where you are, I’m already going to open the door.”

He hung up the phone and you soon heard the front door open. You sat up in bed, ready to finally talk to him.

He walked into the room as tired as ever. He couldn’t even put a small smile on his face when he saw you. He crawled into bed, coming right up to you ans putting his head on your lap. “Hi Jagi.” he sighed.

“Taetae, are you tired?”

“Yeah… Long day…” he said with this eyes closed 

He looked so cute, his tired face just resting on your lap in peace.

You lightly traced your fingers over his features and ran your fingers through his hair.

“Hmmmmmm” he hummed with a smile. “…Babe?”


He opened his eyes and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes. “Cuddle me? Please?”

“Of course!”

He lay down on his side of the bed, you coming up behind him and wrapping your arms and legs around him.

“Tighter?” he asked when he turned around to face you.

You did so, smiling to yourself when he dug his face into your neck and wrapping his arms around you.

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You had just washed up when you heard Jimin drop his things by the door.

“Chimchim!: you greeted as you walked up to him and hugged him.

“Hey jagi” he said in a tired voice. He held you loosely and gave you a sad excuse of a kiss.

“Aw, you barely kissed me.” you pouted. “Jimin are you that tired today? You look like a zombie.”

“Y-yeah.” his voice cracked.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?” 


“You sure?”

“Long day.” he mumbled as he slid his arms around  your waist and rested his head on your shoulder.

“Yeah? Wannna talk about it?”

He shook his head. “Can we- can we just stay like this for a while?” he asked softly.

“Sure baby.” you hugged him tighter and rubbed his back, hearing him sigh from time to time.

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You were up late working on the extra things you didn’t have time to finish in the office. Eventually you finished and you finally noticed the time. “Oh my goodness, 2 am?!?”

Sure it was late, but you weren’t that  tired, plus, Jungkook was going to be home any minute.. Like clock work, you heard the front door open and soon he walked into the room.

He saw you, but he didn’t say hi. Instead he just pulled off his shirt, slid down his pants and he jumped into bed.

That was unlike him, he always made it a point to talk to you a bit before he fell asleep.

You didn’t think anything of it, you washed up and then got into bed with him.

He wasn’t asleep but he didn’t crawl up next to you like he always does.

“Kookie, what’s wrong? Why are you so quiet?”

He just shook his head at you.

“Are you mad at me?” you asked hesitantly

For the first time, he looked at you, lazily propping himself up on his elbow, exposing his already messy hair. “What?!? No! It’s just-” he stopped himself, shaking his head again. 

“Did you have a long day? A bad day?” 

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“My Jungkookie need cuddles!” you declared. You immediately hugged him and peppered his face with kisses.

Instantly you could feel his tension disappear and he even giggled at your kisses. “Aish, you know just how to make me feel better!” 

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Patience -Tom Holland (smut)

A/N: I wrote smut and I’m not even sorry because I’m trash and this is garbage. In which Tom is your boyfriend but he is an impatient little shit. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!

You put your phone between your shoulder and your ear while putting on your shoes.
You heared him groan on the other end of the line and smiled to yourself.
“Come on Tom. I’m gonna be there in two days.”, you said and put your foot back down and took the phone into your hand.
“Yeah two days too long.”, he said and his voice was muffled.
“I know. I miss you too.”, you said while fixing your hair in the mirror.

“I’m home for two months and you’re not here. That’s not fair.”, he whined and you chuckled.
“You mean like how you are always away for promo and I’m home? Yeah buddy, been there, done that.”, you teased him and put him on speaker. You looked at your outfit and tried to fix your blouse but you were not statisfied.
It was quiet for a couple minutes and you only heared weird shuffling noises until he spoke up again.

“I miss you.”,he said but his voice was suddenly deeper and kind of breathy while you took off your blouse to put something else on.
You looked at your phone in disbelief and took it into your hands.
“Babe what are you doing?”, you asked now but it took him a few seconds to answer again.
“I really need you right now.”,he said and this time you could hear his belt being taken off.
“Thomas Stanly Holland! You promised me to wait until I come back.”,you scolded him and felt turned on immediatly. You could picture him how he was lying in bed rubbing his own cock over his jeans while listening to your voice. His eyes closed, head leaned into his neck exposing his throat. Thinking of you.

Your cheeks were burning and you felt a known wetness between your legs and got pissed.
“Tom I don’t have time for this right now! I need to go.”, you whined and pressed your legs together.
“Baby I just need to release the tension. I’m gonna explode otherwise.”, he says slightly moaning while doing it and you huff.
“I don’t like you getting off on your own.”,you complain. You like to be all over his mind when he comes. No place for other thoughts. Only you. You went to the drawer and pulled out a bright red lipstick. You put it on quickly and took off your bra. You shook your hair out and pulled it together on to one shoulder. You took a picture of yourself, the need of release rising in your own body, and sent it to him.

“I want you to look at the photo I sent you.”,you demanded and put your bra back on.
“Oh god!”,he moaned and you could hear how he pulled down his jeans.
“You’re gonna look at me while coming. Alright babe?”, you said into the phone while wiping away the lipstick and putting on the blouse. You didn’t have the nerve to pick something else. Thanks to Tom who left you all hot and bothered.
“I love you.”, you said and took your bag and your keys.
“Don’t hang up!”, he said desperatly and you chuckled triumphantly.
“I have to go now. And when I come back home we need to practice patience with you.”

“I love you too.”,he only managed to say and sounded chocked up. He wouldn’t last long. Knowing this you hung up and went out the door to go to your meeting.

The thing you didn’t tell Tom was that you’d be home earlier. You wanted to surprise him so you went into your apartment as silent as possible. You did not hear anything and wondered for a second if he was home at all. But walking towards your bedroom you heared his voice. His moaning.
You let everything fall out of your hands and stormed into the bedroom just to find him on your bed, fully naked while your picture from yesterday was on the big screen on the wall. He stopped in his movement and your mouth dropped.

“Shit. I’m starting to hallucinate.”, he cursed and pulled you out of your shock.
“Oh buddy you have no idea what you got yourself into.”,you said while taking off your clothes one by one and walking towards him.
You turned off the TV and stood at the end of the bed.
“Come here.”, you demanded and he sat up right infront of you.
“Two days in a row Holland? We will have a patience session right now.”, you told him and pulled down your panties. You sat down on his lap and put your hands on his cheeks while he put his hands on your hips.
“I missed you.”, he exhaled and placed wet kisses down your throat. You pulled his face gently back up and placed your lips onto his kissing him passionatly. You let your hand trail down his body and laid your hand around his cock. Going slowly up and down.

“Here are the rules.”, you said and looked him into his eyes still pumping his member.
“I’m going to sit down on you. We are not allowed to move. You don’t get to do anything unless I do. If you move you’re not going to get off for the next week and you know that we only have the next week together until you come back from your promo. Understood?”
You sat up on your knees and aligned his cock at your entrance and he nodded.
You let yourself down on him and put your head into your neck enjoying the sensation of him filling you out. As soon as he was completly in, you felt his hips twitch and held him down immediatly and looked down.

“Do you wanna go on without me for another two months?”, you asked looking him into his eyes and he shook his head.


“Good. I don’t either.”, you smiled and kissed his shoulder. His hands were still on your hips and you could feel him twitching inside of you.

“So how was the time without me?”, you asked and sat up. That slightest movement made him close his eyes and groan in pleasure.
“We’re not going to talk about that right now.”,he growled and opened his eyes to glare at you. A lustfilled glare which sent shivers down your spine. You tightened your walls around him and then let go again which made him furrow his brows.
“You could’ve been fucking me sensless if you were patient enough to wait for me.”,you told him and he cursed under his breath which made you smirk.

“You were the one-…to sent me the photo.”,he swallowed hard and closed his eyes. Hardly concentrating not to move.
“You were getting off without me.”, you pouted and adjusted your legs by wrapping them around his hips. Which was again a tiny movement. But enough to drive him crazy.
“Darling I don’t know how much longer I can hold this up.”,he hissed under his breath and his grip on your hips tightened.
“Alright. You can move your hands. And you can kiss me. But keep your hip steady.”,you allowed him and he did not make you say it again. His lips crashed onto yours then moved down to your collarbone and he started sucking and biting slightly where your skin was especially sensitive. His hands moved up to your boobs and were massaging them. Your walls clenched around his cock involuntarily and a moan escaped both of your throats. When you felt the familiar knot build up in your stomach you grabbed his wrists and stopped him from going any further.
You leaned your forhead against his and closed your eyes with a big smile on your lips.

“I love you.”, you told him and he placed a butterfly kiss on your nose.
“I love you too, darling.”
You let your hands trail down his abs and up again to his neck. You leaned in and stopped right next to his ear.
“I want you to fuck me hard.”, you whispered and with that said he flipped you around and was immediatly hovering over you.
When he pulled out for the first time and pumped back in you dug your nails into his back and arched your back. Because of waiting for so long with his cock inside of you the movement felt ten times better than it would normally feel. All your senses went nuts and you couldn’t controll your body. He kept up a fast and hard pace which made you moan his name.
“You feel - so good!”, he chocked and lifted your legs around his back to have a better angle. He was hitting exactly your right spot and your walls started tightening around him as you felt the sensation growing in your lower stomach.

You grabbed on to the sheets and formed your hands into fists while leaning your head back.
Right before you were about to come you decided that it wouldn’t end like this. You changed positions so that you were on top riding him so he could be the one only enjoying. “I’m close…”, he moaned and you smiled to yourself. You yourself were not far away either.
“Open your eyes for me baby. Look at me.”, you said and looked into his beautiful brown eyes which were begging for release.
“Y/N!”,he moaned while coming and you came with him, your walls clenching around him increasing the sensation.

You both rode your high out and were left a breathless mess when you rolled off of him. You snuggled yourself into the crook of his neck and he put his arm tightly around you.
“I really should have waited.”,he said after both your breathings were normal again.
“Like Cap says: Patience pays off.”, you said and he groaned.
“Did you have to mention him? You’re killing the vibe.”, he whined and you chuckled.
“Jelaous much?”, you teased him and he huffed sarcastically.
“He isn’t the one who just had the most amazing sex ever, is he?”

“No.”, you chuckled and he placed a kiss on your temple.
“You know we were supposed to talk about normal stuff while we didn’t move. Should increase the intensity or something. That’s what soaking is all about.”, you told him while drawing small circles on his chest and placing a kiss here and there.
“Soaking, is it? How about we try round two in the shower?”, he joked and you playfully hit his shoulder.
“Shut up. I’m really tired and jetlagged.”, you chuckled and he laughed out loud.
“It did not feel like that. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you were not tired and jetlagged.”, he said and you rolled your eyes while pulling away. He grabbed your wrist and prevented you from going.

“I’m joking.”,he smiled and you placed a gentle kiss on his hand.
“I need to take a shower and clean myself up. Do you want to watch a movie or something? ”, you asked him while walking towards the bathroom.
“Sure.”, he yelled after you and you smiled to yourself.
“And I’m hungry!”, you yelled back and heared him laugh.
“I’m on it!”, he said and you closed the bathroom door.
You were absolutely in love with this impatient dork you were lucky enough to call your boyfriend.

Pool Day in Japan

honestly i couldn’t fucking help myself and i caved, writing this shitty ass imagine or whatever alright? and yes i am tom holland trash and he owns me blah blah so idk enjoy

“What do you mean you don’t want to go?” You shrugged, going back to sorting out your outfit for tomorrow’s tourist day. “Love, we’re in Japan! Come hang out with us!” You pulled your wrist out of his hold and walked farther away from him, heading toward the other side of the bed. Tom’s confused expression turned into him nodding. “You’re still mad at me, I guess?” You shrugged again, loving the irritation growing in his voice from your lack of interest in what he was saying. Tom groaned, letting his head fall back and his fingers push his hair back. “Fine,” he mumbled, walking into the bathroom to grab a towel and pulling a plain white shirt on, “you can stay here and, when you’re done pouting, you can meet us by the pool.” You ignored his last attempt at getting you to talk to him, frowning at the sound of the door closing.

Tom and you had arrived to Japan already in bad moods toward each other. Due to Tom’s lack of sleep, he was increasingly more irritated than he usually was. You tried your hardest not to blame him - you knew how hectic his schedule was. Whenever he’d snap at you, you’d give him his space or he’d immediately apologize. This time, however, Tom had snapped at you in front of Harry, Harrison and Jon. You had been begging him to take you to this Japanese store you had read about online - teas, herbs, candles. Tom had finally - you assumed - had enough of your constant asking and ‘whining’ and finally answered your request with a 'jesus, babe! If we have the time, we’ll fucking go, alright? Can you let it go now?’ and after seeing the lack of remorse on his face and having to see the sympathetic glances the other boys gave you, you decided to remain quiet and keep to yourself. Tom hadn’t noticed until a few hours after you had landed - after the interview, really. He tried to apologize after, but your pride kept you quiet as you obliged to his request of 'letting it go’.

You had finished picking out your wardrobe for tomorrow sight-seeing day with Harry and decided to scroll through your phone. You had placed your phone on silent and hadn’t heard the notification that Tom had sent you. You opened the text, seeing he had sent you a picture.

miiiiiissssss yooooouuu

You rolled your eyes at the caption, but couldn’t stop yourself from admiring the way your boyfriend looked in the picture. Your eyes trailed over every drop of water that looked strategically placed all over his chest, his skin tone looking a little darker from actually basking in the sun during the summer. Your eyes then traveled to his face: his jawline sharpened as he clenched it, the creases by his mouth, his eyes almost looking as if he were challenging you - teasing you. Your eyes traveled up just a little further, taking in the way his hair looked wet. It was quite possibly your favorite thing about him - if you could pick just one, his hair wet after a shower or drenched in sweat after the gym made you want to run your fingers through it, combing them through it and hearing his guttural groans from the satisfaction it gave him.

You sighed, realizing you both were wasting your time together not speaking. Summer was almost over and you’d have to go back home, leaving him for a few months while he was shooting. You pulled out the swimsuit you packed and headed to the bathroom to change.  Once you were dressed, you picked up a towel and slipped on your sandals, heading toward the elevator to take you to the lobby, where the pool was. You noticed the immense lack of people. Besides Tom, Harrison and Harry, there were only three other people inside - the other three people heading out toward the spa and away from the pool.

“Look who decided to join us!” You held your hands up in mock celebration and set your towel down on one of the lounge chairs. You felt arms wrap around you from behind and you relaxed under the cold touch, despite the inside of you feeling on fire from the contact. Tom’s lips met your shoulder, placing light kisses from the back of your shoulder to your neck.

“I’m sorry,” he turned you around, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him. “I was dick, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” You shook your head, letting your hand come up to push his wet hair back.

“It’s okay, Tom,” you whispered, reaching to kiss him. “I knew you were tired - you didn’t mean it. I’m not saying it’s an excuse, but I get why it happened.” You shrugged, your hands softly landing on his chest, feeling the cool water against them. “You look really good right now,” you whispered, not wanting his younger brother and best friend to hear you - even if they weren’t paying any attention to you. “Too good for me not to want you to take me,” you leaned into his ear, “right. here.” You felt his muscles tense under your touch as his grip around your waist tightened.

“You can’t say shit like that to me, and then not expect me to act on it.” His tone sounded warning, his head leaning to the right to kiss your jaw.

“That was the idea.” You shrugged, letting your hands slip lower, resting on the top of his trunks. His hands gripped yours, stopping you from going any further. “I think I have to go to the bathroom,” you announced loudly, winking at Tom, a silent invitation to join you. Harrison and Harry mumbled a quiet 'whatever’ with a shrug before going back to figure out who could hold their breath underwater longer. “Maybe, in a few minutes, you’ll have to go, too?” You asked, quieter than your earlier announcement. You were already walking backwards, smiling as Tom’s lips lifted into a smirk.

“You bet your ass I will.”

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Would Peter Parker kiss the reader's back (like if they were sharing a bed?)? Would he like having his back kissed?

You smiled sleepily as you cracked one eye open and took in the sight of Peter sleeping soundly beside you. He was lying on his front, one arm tucked under the pillow and the other draped over your waist.

It was the middle of July, and Queens was battling a heatwave like never before. Despite it being your first time staying over and sharing a bed with Peter, you didn’t feel awkward about your boyfriend sleeping without a shirt on. You could hardly blame him, you were almost tempted to follow his lead.

Rolling over, you glanced at the clock on Peter’s bedside table. It was almost eleven in the morning, and you and Peter were supposed to be meeting Ned and MJ in a couple of hours. You looked back at his adorably peaceful expression, deciding you needed to wake him up.

The blankets were pooled around his waist in an attempt to stay cool through the night, and you leaned over his back before pressing your lips gently to a spot about halfway up his spine.

Peter mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep, shifting slightly closer to you. You smiled to yourself, continuing to press light kisses in a trail up to his shoulders. He stirred in his sleep, before smiling sleepily into his pillow.

“Can you wake me up like that every morning?” he mumbled, his voice hoarse from sleep. You chuckled, nuzzling your nose against his bare shoulder before lying back down beside him.

“Depends. Do I get morning kisses too?” you asked with a grin as he turned his head to look at you with a loving expression.

“Of course.”

Peter pushed himself up on his elbows so that he was hovering over you, and lowered his lips to your nose agonisingly slowly. You mock-glared at him and he chuckled, before pressing his lips to yours in a soft, sleepy kiss.

“Happy?” he asked you, smiling cheekily. You ran a hand through his already sleep-tousled curls, feeling your heart swell with love for him.




I’m actually really proud of this one? It’s a bit longer than usual, and it’s very Keith-centric even though I’m whumping Lance because hi have you met me? I’m too invested in klance. I hope you enjoy!

@elsiemcclay aka the best person to run ideas and/or titles by. thanks friendo.

A groan sounded to Keith’s left, and he looked over immediately, trying to mask his relief with a glare. “Oh, good. He finally decided to wake up.”

“Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? Beauty sleep is important.” A pause. “Where are we again?”

Pidge snorted. “Guess that general hit him harder than we thought.”

“Lance! You’re okay! I was worried— that totally knocked you out, you hadn’t moved in a while,” Hunk rambled. “Does your head hurt?”

“Like hell,” Lance said, leaning back against the wall and pressing a hand to his forehead. “But nothing too serious. Thankfully, now that I’m conscious, I remember what happened. We’ve been captured, haven’t we?”

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BTS Reaction | Being caught having sex by other members

You getting caught having sex with one of them by the other members >.<

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by softykook

“Baby you’re so beautiful” he purred as his hands roamed your behind, enjoy the view of you bent over for him.

“Jin…” you muttered, the feeling of his still inside you was too much torture to fandom

The man behind you chuckled as he felt your hips wigling against him, trying to get him to move

“You’re so demanding, kitten” he purred as he slowly pulled out of you, causing you to moan

Your eyes widen as Jin started thrusting into you, his member filling you up entirely. You felt your release roaming closer and closer, but right before you were about to beg for more, you both stopped.

“Hyung have you OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY.”

Your cheeks flamed up as you heard your boyfriend chuckling at Jimin’s intrusion

“I swear we’re going to ruin these boys” he chuckled before he moved slightly to get you back in the mood

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by btspicsdaily

“Come here baby girl” Namjoon smirked as he pats his thigh, his back resting comfortably against your bed headboard

You crawled towards him slowly, reveling at how hungry his eyes seemed to you. As you straddled his naked body your hands reached for his cock, pumping it a few times before easing yourself on it. Namjoon’s hands grasped your ass as he started lifting you up and down enjoying the moans that left your mouth.

He watched you carefully as you tried to move quicker, his hands stopping you from doing so and he chuckled as you groaned in annoyance.

“Be patient baby” he smirked, but before he could start giving you what you wanted Taehyung opened the door

“Hey, Joon did you- FUCK.”

You stilled your moves on Namjoon, your eyes wild as you processed what just happened

“Joonie he saw me…” you muttered, embarrassment raging on your face

“Then I’ll just beat the memory out of him later baby girl” he groaned as he thirst into you roughly, trying to get you to forget it too

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jiminwhyyougotnojams

“Yoongi please” you pleaded, your voice slightly muffled from you face being pressed against the couch’s cushion

“Please what bunny?” He smirked as his hands kneaded your ass

“I need you…”

Yoongi chuckled darkly as he pounded into you, stopping after just one thrust

“Ask again, baby…” he purred

“Yoongi please just fuck me already.”

And now he was all for it. As your boyfriend started pounding into you, you moaned loudly, your mind completely blocking out the sound of the front door opening

“Yoongi let’s play some vid- oh god.”

Your head whipped back to find Hoseok completely frozen in place. But Yoongi wasn’t having it, “HOBI I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU.”

You saw Hobi curse before he quickly closed the door, and a naked Yoongi going after him

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by 94seokk

“Faster Hobi” you moaned as your head hung from the foot of your bed 

Hoseok smirked at your demands, his hips complying and bringing even louder moans from you. 

“Tell me what else baby” he smirked as he waited to hear your voice again 

“More…” you breathed

Hoseok always did that, he loved hearing you talk dirty to him, even though you were usually embarrassed about it. Having you say such lewd things during sex was one of his biggest turn ons, and he would never waste a second without asking for it. 

“More what princess?” 

But someone beat you to it. “We all know what Hoseok, can you just get over with it?” Yoongi shouted from outside your room 

As you cheeks flamed up, Hobi stilled inside you, a loud laugh coming from his mouth 

“Oh god (Y/N) I’m so sorry, this is just too funny” he exited your body to hold his stomach from his laughter

Park Jimin

Originally posted by dearvmon

“What was that?” he smirked as he looked down at you 

“More…” you moaned, only a little louder this time 

“Baby your moans are so hot” Jimin grunted as he thrust into you harder, earning, even more, moans from you. 

Jimin straightened his back, leading your leg to his shoulder so that he could pound into your in a different angle, but before he could even enjoy his dominating position further, the door burst open. 

“Minnie have you seen- Oh god I’m so sorry!” Jin closed the door as soon as he opened it, but in a flash Jimin was already away from your body, laying beside you with widened eyes 

“Use protection!” you could hear Jin shouting before his footsteps faded in the distance. 

You looked towards Jimin, your cheeks so red with embarrassment to you couldn’t even mutter a word 

“That was so embarrassing…” you boyfriend groaned as his eyes closed, earning a giggle from you

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

“Come on baby, say it louder” Tae smirked as he watched you squirming under him, trying to hold in your moans 

You shook your head at his request. Although no one was home when you arrived you knew all too well how big the chances of one of the boys been home was. They were always walking in and out, but your boyfriend never seemed to care 

“Will I have to make you shout my name?” he purred in your ears as his chest leaned on your back, his hands holding your hips up to meet his 

Before you could even answer he thrust into you hard, earning a well-deserved moan from you. He smirked as he got what he wanted, his cock pounding into you as it erased all doubts from your mind. You closed your eyes from the pleasure, but as soon as you heard it your eyes were widening.

“Fuck you Taehyung!” Jungkook shouted from outside your door 

Taehuyng slapped your ass before gripping it tightly, bringing your hips to meet his thrust, making your eyes white with pleasure 

“Did I tell you to stop moaning?” he smirked

Jeon Jungkoon

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jungkook pulled at your nipples, earning another moan from you. Your head rung back as you rocked your hips back and forth, your sloppy moves telling your boyfriend that you needed help. 

“Come on baby, you can do it” he purred as he watched you struggle to ride you 

“Kookie pleease” you pleaded, you were just too sensitive. 

As Jungkook’s hands met your ass a sense of relief flooded through you. You knew that he was about to help you, and it would feel amazing. But before he could even move your body, you both stopped. 

“Kook why are you so lou… Oh” Taehyung chuckled as he closed the door after a very rude interruption. 

But your burning cheeks didn’t find the situation funny. A sudden moan left your mouth as Jungkook thurst up into you. 

“Kookie… Taehyung saw-” you tried, your blush still prominent on your face 

“Focus on me bunny, I’m the one who’s cock you’re riding” he smirked as his hands pulled you down to meet his hips. 

josh’s asleep and i’m horny so here we go

No Title, just a Bucky x Reader One Shot

Warnings: NSFW, wrote this for myself so the character is based on me (physical appearance)

“What’re your kinks?” Bucky draped his flesh arm over the back of the couch; it almost rested on your shoulders. 

“W-What?” You nearly choked on your water. “What’d you say?” 

“Your kinks.” Bucky motioned to the tv where a sex scene was starting. “I’m just curious, that’s all. You don’t have to share.”

“I, just, I…” You could feel a blush rising to your cheeks. 

“I’m curious about the twenty-first-century kinks women have.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Curious if mine are still, well, a thing women are into.”

“Y-You could share them with me, you know, uh, i-if you wanted.” You hated yourself for faltering with your words.

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