these are the things that keep me up at night

It’s gotten to the point in the Marvel/MCU fandom where I don’t even know what is entirely fanon and what has a basis in the movies/comics

has Thor ever eaten a pop tart?? did Steve really have his last rites done twice before he got the serum?? is Coulson really Clint and Natasha’s handler?? Does SHIELD even have a position called “handler”?? Did Bucky and Steve share an apartment before the war?? Did Bucky work “at the docks” while they shared an apartment?? Has Nick Fury ever said “motherfucker”?? did Steve have a job with the WPA?? does Coulson like SuperNanny?? Were ‘Bucky Bears’ ever a thing?? 

I don’t even know anymore

You have become
a part of my life,
part of the things
that keep me alive

You became
what keeps me going,
all the good things
without ever knowing

You have become
the warm glow of a sunrise,
the brightest star
up in the night skies

You became
a part of me
and as infinite
as the deep sea.

—  // you
Things that keep me up at night:
  • Did Rita Skeeter ever write trash again or did she actually keep her promise?
  • What happened to Cedric’s mom?
  • How exactly did Remus and Tonks die?
  • And were they holding hands or did someone arrange them that way?
  • What happened to Crookshanks? Did he stay at The Burrow during 7th year?
  • What house was Moody in? Why don’t we know?
  • Can your boggart change?
  • What was Neville’s boggart after Snape died?
  • Why didn’t Remus become an animagus? Was it because the wolf wouldn’t hold a leaf under its tongue? Or was he too exhausted already?
  • What DID convince Lily to date James?
I love you, Riverdale, but
  • Why did everyone just congregate around Jason Blossom’s body? Like, was there a group text, “Meet at Sweetwater River, dead ginger on the shore”? 
    • On that note, why wasn’t Sheriff Keller like, “Hey, all citizens of Riverdale, GTFO, this is a crime scene?”
  • How did Archie literally not get in trouble, like, at all when his dad found out he was sleeping with his teacher?
  • When does Pop Tate sleep/go home? Does Pop Tate sleep/go home? 
  • Why does Betty just randomly have a ladder at her window? If she doesn’t, how did she not hear Jughead placing said ladder at her window? (on that note: I hope Hal never notices his ladder is missing because we need 10,000 more Jughead-climbing-into-Betty’s-room-scenes in S2, thanks.)
  • You’re telling me that Polly was holed up in a convent and probably getting at least some maternity care from the Sisters and obviously super pregnant and no one had figured out she was having twins yet? Is the convent’s prenatal equipment from 1960?
  • If Hal was really so disturbed by the idea of his daughter getting frisky with someone in her bloodline and was completely unable to sway her, why didn’t he just tell her she was doing incest? I just feel like that’s a thing I’d 100% for sure tell my kid. 
  • Jughead has probably lived in Riverdale for pretty much ever, right? And Sheriff Keller has probably been around a while, too? And it’s not like, a booming metropolis. So why was he so super shocked to find out about Jughead’s ~insidious criminal past~?

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Holy shit I just realized: What happened to the actual Wind Waker in the end of the game? Did it get left behind in Hyrule at some point off screen or did Link keep it as a memento (or just to keep it safe)? I mean, something that the King himself said used to be used to conduct the gods sounds pretty important and you do have to use it a lot throughout the game so you’d think we’d have seen something about it at the very end (even if in the long run it really was more of just a gameplay aspect than a story one). And we never see or hear of it in PH….

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when and where did edward nygma, serial killer, genius, future riddler, learn to make origami penguins without looking? how long did it take him to learn how to do it so well? why did he learn to make origami penguins in the first place? did he do it just to impress oswald? was he looking for ways to woo his crush and just think "i know, i'll make him a paper penguin. he'll be super impressed"? what happened to the origami penguin? did oswald keep it? does he still have it?
what I found in you | 01

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jungkook x reader slight angst, smut

12,820 words

a/n: remember that time i posted a long list of fic ideas n stuff i was writing and this wasn’t on it? oops! this was originally gonna be a oneshot but things got way out of hand so, please forgive me for taking two months to write a 12K part one, i know i’m garbage. the next part will have a lot more angst so prepare yourselves, and once again thx @mysoftae this would never have come to fruition without you ;(

~ in which your ridiculously hot, annoying brat of a roommate keeps you up at all hours of the night, takes up all your space, is essentially trying to ruin your life, and is intent on sticking his dick in you

     You had always liked living alone.

     There were no one’s dishes to wash but your own, you could play your music as loud as you wanted, the only person you had to worry about your cat liking was yourself, nobody could complain about what spices you stunk up the place with, and most importantly, you never had to wear pants.

     You would have been content to live alone for the rest of your sad, lonely life enjoying nothing but those small pleasures.

     Then one day there was Jeon Jungkook, on his knees, hands clasped beneath his chin, looking up at you with those wide, glittering brown eyes of his. Maybe you would have said no if he hadn’t been blocking you up against the door to the library, if there hadn’t been a line of people building up behind him complaining about the two of you being in their way, if he actually would have moved when you grabbed his shoulder and tried to shove him to the side with all of your strength. That kid had been working out a little too much.

     Also, he was begging. That might have had something to do with it.

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Kiwi, Though.

A/N: this is a bit of an extension of the birthday bows/valentine woes world, but certainly functions as a stand alone piece.  thank you for the request*, nonny 😘

this is a very, very smutty, dirty piece about anal so if that’s not your thing, turn back now. there’s a lot of movement in this, so please offer me a bit of suspension of disbelief and just know that harry and his missus did everything they needed to in order to be clean and safe in this encounter.

*requests are currently closed

He didn’t mean it. Really, he didn’t. Well, he did, but he didn’t. And he certainly didn’t mean it anymore. Not now. Not now that you were hanging it over his head and torturing him with it.

It had been just another nightly FaceTime before bed from miles and miles apart; well bedtime for you, the night had only just started in Jamaica. And it was just typical banter to hide the sour feeling due to return once you hung up. And it was just a sly comment to rile you up, get you excited to join him in Jamaica in a few days.

“Yeh not gonna be able to keep yeh hands off me, love.” And that would have been enough, but Harry often struggled when it came to shutting his big, stupid mouth. “Not even if yeh wanted.”

Your eyes went wide in surprise, mouth ajar with incredulity. “Excuse me?” you scoffed. “I can keep my hands to myself much better than you can, H.”

“Right.” A cocky smirk crossed his lips. “Always got yeh hands all over me, kitten, ’specially when we’re reunited. S’never enough with you. Keep me up all night–satisfy your every need–but then yeh right back on me in the mornin’. Insatiable, you are.”

“If I’m insatiable, what’s that make you?!” Sure, he was right; you liked a few sleepless nights upon reunion, enjoyed testing the limits of your bodies, but it’s not like he protested. It’s not like he didn’t want to explore your body, relearn your inner workings mind, body and soul and try a few new things, too.

“Sex slave. At your every beck and call, kitten.” He was pleased with himself, grinning ear-to-ear as he teased you.

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Do you ever think about me?

At night, do you ever wonder how I’ve been doing, or what I’ve been up to?
During the day, do you ever see something that reminds you of me?
Do you ever feel the need to say something but just don’t know how to start talking to me?

Because I do think about you.


Things I cry about at 1 AM

S. N. A.

Give me Sixth year Slytherins helping Draco in subtle ways

Give me Pansy Parkinson starting rumors about other students to take attention from Draco, so people are too busy talking about other things to notice how sick he looks

Give me Blaise Zabini always doing his prefect rounds near Myrtle’s bathroom, to keep other Prefects away in case Draco’s in there

Give me Theodore Nott finishing Draco’s homework for him when Draco is too stressed/busy to do it himself

Give me Vincent Crabbe casting silencing charms on Draco’s bed at night, in case he forgets and wakes up screaming

Give me Gregory Goyle taking food from the Great Hall and giving it to Draco in the Room of Requirement when Draco is too busy to eat

Give me Slytherins who know not to ask what Draco’s task is, because they know he can’t tell. Give me Slytherins who don’t comment on Draco’s long silences.

Give me Slytherins subtly helping Draco in Sixth year