these are the right faces right ann


Reflections on Janis Joplin

“The thing that really got me about Janis the most, was how liberated she was. She stood in that power even though it was kind of that platform of blues of being completely tormented, that enabled her to just stand there and let it go at a time when woman were not doing that…she just came out in the completely undone, unwrapped way and I think spoke right out of a woman’s soul. Directly.” - Ann Wilson

“The thing about Janis is that she just looked so unique, an ugly duckling dressed as a princess, fearlessly so. Seeing her live (Blossom Music Center, Richfield, Ohio 1970) was like watching a boxing match. Her performance was so in your face and electrifying that it really put you right there in the moment. There you were living your nice little life in the suburbs and suddenly there was this train wreck, and it was Janis.” - Chrissie Hynde

“I remember thinking that Janis Joplin sang like Mae West talked. When I first heard the primal scream in ‘Piece Of My Heart,’ I was hooked. ‘Cheap Thrills,’ Janis ‘Live’ with Big Brother And The Holding Company, was one of my all time faves. During the ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa’s’ in ‘Combination Of Two,’ I couldn’t help but go to the mirror and pretend I was a wild woman like Janis, in a rock band.” - Joan Jett

Do you ever just take a moment and think how far Harry has come with himself. Remember on “A Year In The Making” when 17 year old Harry was upset with his vocal performance and purposely looked up hate to make sure he was right about how he felt. Now look at him. He pretty much has a permanent ear to ear smile on his face featuring that beautiful dimple of his. He likes to joke around on stage and check on random people to make sure they are ok. He is so open about his humor and so obviously silly and happy. He is so easily loveable it is ridiculous. Anne definitely got it right saying he has a heart of gold and boots to match. I’m honestly so proud of him.

The Threat to Sally Ann and Hasil.

Hasil Farrell wasn’t kidding about how STRONG and FIERCE his feelings for Sally Ann are and those feelings; if anything, have deepened since their separation. He cherishes her with every glance, every touch, every word spoken, she is his HEART and right now the MOST important person in his life. When he talks to others, it’s WE and US, he’s no longer ALONE.

Haylie “Bitch Face” Grimes is Sasil’s greatest threat right now and the reason I’m anxious for their fate.  At every opportunity “Bitch Face” mentions Sally Ann and studies Hasil’s reaction to gauge her importance to him.  

Now on their first encounter, Hasil played it cool and didn’t react when Haylie mentioned Sally Ann’s name, in fact after their conversation, their status is not really confirmed or denied, especially since Hasil say’s “Lady I already got me a place to live” I’m guessing she decided that Sally Ann was, however, behind the reason Hasil asked for all that money, since his people are not supposed to be interested in cash.  When Hasil goes to her office looking for more money, her suspicions are confirmed.  Hasil immediately tries to shield the mention of Sally Ann from their conversation, by saying the reason he was there was because “He” got himself into a bit of a situation. However, her interest is spiked and she ceases the opportunity to bait Hasil by mentioning Sally Ann and an impending pregnancy.  Hasil bites and is barely able to contain his irritation and annoyance at her questioning, he shuts her down and it’s then she has ALL the confirmation she needs about just how IMPORTANT Sally Ann is to Hasil. 

Bitch Face, could harm either one of our pair but I get the feeling she might try and go after Sally Ann, since Hasil is more than capable of fighting for himself. I think that she will obviously try and use the house as a bargaining tool but, honestly guys I’m worried for Sally Ann.  All I know is, if she tries it, she better run and find her own kindda special magic to hide, cos if Hasil “whoop arse” Farrell finds her… She’s the one that’s gon be dead!!