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Island Free Roam!

So there’s an area on the Tennessee River that is closed off for the winter to cars and campers but I take the opportunity of the solitude to let my pets play there since very few people come by. Mostly, I come across fishermen who don’t mind my presence. 

So, Avy, Pagan and Lyric got to come out to the island and play. At first, it was all 3 of them playing together, but that quickly turned into me having to do separate photo sessions because Pagan found the land bridge and started dooking off to the mainland and learned that it was pretty dang fun to have me chase her.  And then Lyric found out it was fun too.

This was a very short lived moment.

Lyric is so hard to photograph, because she’s very fast and likes to go -go - go, so this was the only clear photo I got of her. 

Pagan thought about jumping up there.

But she found it more fun to play down there

Avy sticks around so well. I sat on a bench and he always comes back to check up on me every few minutes. 

He’s such a gentlemen.

He found a stick and wanted to take off with it, but decided it was too bothersome. 

1. May all the scars of the past years be healed and your hearts be filled with so much joy, because you deserve it.
2. May you learn how to top finding someone who is afraid of losing you, instead start finding your real self.
3. May you have the guts to close some doors, not because you’re being arrogant, but because it does not lead you somewhere.
4. May you learn how to forgive, and do not start with someone else, start forgiving yourself, because you have doubted yourself too many times.
5. May you open your mind and stop waiting for someone who is not coming back, instead look forward to those who wait for you.
6. May you remember the huge world out there; great cities, arts, music and people, and you can have it all, only if you take a step forward.
7. May you learn how to close your eyes for a moment, and understand that you are an art in an endless universe, and everything will be okay.
8. You have been broken, may you let yourself, this time, to be happy with all the things you thought you didn’t deserve.
9. May you just keep moving forward regardless of how dark and scary the road you’re taking might be.
—  nine wishes for all of you before 2016 ends, m.a

Success comes to those who do not waste time comparing what they are doing with what others are doing; it enters the house of the person who says every day: ‘I will do my best.’
People who seek only success rarely find it, because success is not an end in itself, but a consequence. Obsession doesn’t help at all, it becomes confused as to which path to follow and ends up taking away the pleasure of living.
The truly rich person is the one who is in contact with the energy of Love every second of his existence. You must have a goal in mind, but, as you go along, it costs nothing to stop now and then and enjoy the view around you.
At such moments, it is important to ask yourself: ‘Are my values still intact?
‘Am I trying to please others and do what they expect of me, or am I really convinced that my work is a manifestation of my soul and my enthusiasm?
'Do I want success at any price or do I want to be a successful person because I manage to fill my days with Love?’

Don’t worry about the answers - you can always correct your course.

-Paulo Coelho

For the past two weeks I kept thinking about the moment Tony realizes he is in love with Rhodey.

It would have happened early on, and Tony wouldn’t have realized at first.

Because he never had a friend and he also never was in love and now he doesn’t know what he feels, to him it’s all new and exciting and just a little bit painful and he thinks this is how it’s supposed to go.

He probably even asked Rhodey at one point what it feels like to have a friend and Rhodey immediately pulled him into a hug and said ‘This, this is what’s it feels like to have a friend’ which cleared up absolutely nothing for Tony.

But it’s not long before he sees people kissing or cuddling or hears someone talk about sex and it’s always, always Rhodey who comes to mind first.

It probably takes Tony another few months before he realizes that it’s not only friendship he feels for Rhodey, someone most likely spelled it out for him and then laughed at him for not knowing what being in love feels like, and Tony is just a tad bit disappointed.

He thought having a friend would feel this exciting and wonderful and he finds it a little bit sad that it’s the love who made him feel all that but he is also really freaking out because they are supposed to be just friends, Rhodey said so himself, they are friends and only that and what is Tony going to do now?

He immediately becomes self conscious of himself and how he acts around Rhodey and Rhodey is simply the best friend because he notices almost immediately.

Tony stopped himself from touching Rhodey once and Rhodey is immediately on high alert because that shit just doesn’t happen with Tony.

So something is obviously wrong and Rhodey will find out what it is. He gives Tony two weeks to get over whatever it is that’s bothering him, but when that doesn’t help he decides to ask Tony directly.

When he does, Tony gets this deer in headlight expression and he stutters before he sighs and then he starts with an apology and how he never had a friend, okay, it’s not his fault he clearly can’t separate his feelings, and since he’s never been in love it’s also no wonder he doesn’t know how to handle it and feelings are just confusing, why does he even have to bother with them and did he mention that he is sorry?

Rhodey listens to his explanation without interrupting and then asks if Tony is sure, because he just said it himself, he never had a friend or a crush and maybe he just doesn’t know what he’s feeling.

Tony immediately starts to bring up all the times he saw people do couple-y stuff and that his mind automatically went to Rhodey every single time and that he is very sure of it.

He says it with his arms crossed and a little pout and Rhodey can’t help but think that this is just the cutest sight ever. When he tells Tony as much, he gets a little blush on top of it and if Rhodey ever doubted if he was in love with Tony this is a clear sign that he is totally gone on the guy.

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Have you ever done any art with APH America and the corresponding Civil War historical figures? I know you do a lot with WWII and Churchill/Roosevelt. Do you have any recommendations as to who to follow for history-based Hetalia over Otp Hetalia? Thanks! Sorry if that's a stupid question.

I haven't only because I only the bare basics about the civil war my interests at the moment mainly focus on revolution war and ww2. At some point, I’m going to sit down and watch Ken Burns’s Civil War documentary which I’m sure will inspire me to do more during that time frame. 

As for people who do history base hetalia I’m not sure the only one that comes to mind is histeria  but the blog went on hiatus for years but the content is still there if you like to read it. Also @stirringwind does historical stuff. Oh! and there @ask-risorgimento-italy

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there were moments when ned wasn’t aware if he was sleeping or awake. he wasn’t sure if he was hearing things or having conversations. was he still in the cells? or was he elsewhere? gods, he wish he had the answers. dreams and images played through his mind, some memories, some twisted realities that even he knew weren’t real. many people visited him; his mother, his father, his sister, and his brothers. by the gods, he missed all of them. one person was never there and it was who ned wished for the most. that one person who, no matter the circumstances, could make everything go away.

there were moments where he could hear catelyn talking to him, telling him something. he could hear her voice but never the exact words. moments would pass where he would open his eyes briefly only to fall back into the slumber, something sticky on his lips ( honey? it was sweet in taste and sticky on his lips )

there was always someone by his side, ned sure of that. several times ned had tried to wake, tried to move, only to have himself pulled back under by something. something was on the edge of his mind, trying to break its way through and every time it almost succeeded, it was as if they did something to keep it at bay.

finally, it seemed his body allowed him to open his eyes. blinking, ned felt tears well up at a pain from his leg. he tried to move it but it was heavy nor would it respond. instead, he bit the inside of his cheek trying to see who was there. in the dull light, the auburn hair stood out, ned knowing immediately who it was. reaching out, his hand weakly grasped her skirt, aiming for her hand but failing. 

“cat,” he murmured, voice cracking from lack of use, as more tears seemed to gather in his eyes. “– – – hurts.”

My one fear is that tomorrow I may die without having come to know myself. In the course of my life I have discovered that a fearful abyss lies between me and other people and have realised that my best course is to remain silent and keep my thoughts to myself for as long as I can. If I have now made up my mind to write it is only in order to reveal myself to my shadow, that shadow which at this moment is stretched across the wall in the attitude of one devouring with insatiable appetite each word I write. It is for sake that I wish to make the attempt. Who knows? We may perhaps come to know each other better. Ever since I broke the last ties which held me to the rest of mankind my one desire has been to attain a better knowledge of myself.
—  Sadegh Hedayat – from The Blind Owl, translated by D. P. Costello

//The Supernatural Las Vegas 2017 Convention was hands down, one of the most amazing cons I’ve ever attended. No fandom can compare to the Supernatural Family, I’ve never come across a collective group of people like them.  Let alone how genuine, caring, and amazing the actors are.
Thank you so much to all of my friends, old and new, who helped to make this experience unforgettable!

Meeting the people I idolize (and swoon over) was… mind blowing, and a highly emotional experience.  I cried a lot.  But, I only cried directly in front of one of them. Meg.

I managed to keep it together while I waited in line to meet Rachel Miner (Meg Masters) and get her autograph, but the moment I opened my mouth to speak to her, I burst into tears. She is just such an amazing actress and a sweet woman. I love her so much. I never thought I would get to meet her because I know how sick she’s been, and it’s remarkable that she agreed to do the con, and to meet the fans. I just couldn’t contain myself.  She asked me for a hug, and told me it was manly to cry. What a sweetheart <3

I cried while waiting in line for the photo op with Richard Speight Jr. (The Archangel Gabriel/The Trickster), but @angelbootyandpie got me to suck it up and stop crying just before I met him. I took the photo, got out of the op, and cried again XD   I adore him!

I also cried after meeting Misha (Castiel), and Jared (Sam) >.> Who can blame me?  I think I was grinning too much after meeting Jensen (Dean) to cry (the first time), and I was helping my bestie with his emotional moment too, so that gave me something else to focus on. But I did tear up after actually getting to have a conversation with Jensen during his autograph session.

It was so so meaningful to get to speak to each of the actors, to hug them, and tell them how much they mean to me/us. I just hope they realize the positive impact they truly have on people through their performances, their various charities, their inspiring words, and in agreeing to do these cons. I am forever grateful.

I definitely have stories about my experiences in meeting each of them! Whether it be via photo-ops or autographs. So if there is someone in particular you want to hear about, just ask!

I do have photos and video clips! I will be posting them on one of my blogs, and reblogging them on the others, as I get them processed!

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Headcanon involving Mother-Figures in Emma’s Life (or lack thereof):

This headcanon spawned from my rewatching Season 1, Episode 6 of Bates Motel.


The look of pure adoration that Emma holds in her gaze when Norma actually says something motherly towards her–something that Emma has only seen in movies and fantasized about up to this point–speaks volumes. This girl has been raised by the world’s best dad and she loves him so much and appreciates him, the fact that she still wishes she had a mother in her life makes her feel guilty because she feels as if she isn’t appreciating her father enough. It’s just something that Emma is constantly surrounded by, reminders of mother’s being with daughter’s and teaching them wisdom and going and spending time with them, is always around her no matter where she goes. 

It’s in literature she reads and in podcasts she listens to. For gosh sake, this girl had to have the period talk with her father, when every classroom teaches girls to talk to their mothers about feminine products and things like that. She’s raised herself to be strong and remember that her mother wasn’t worth all of the pain that she feels, yet she can’t stop herself from feeling it. She has to fantasize what her mother was like because she can only truly remember the bad moments. The moments leading up to her mother leaving. She has to come up with the perfect mother in her mind and then put it to the back of her mind and give all the love she can to the parent that has given everything for her health.

I want to talk about how Emma has not only found someone to call her (close to only) friend in White Pine Bay, thanks to the Bates family moving into town, but she finds someone who only looked at her with sympathy once, and then treated her like a normal person. Treated her like she was her own daughter, and Emma completely melted. She fell under Norma’s spell and unspoken promise of filling the void Emma’s mother left in her heart in ways that no other woman could. This is the reason why Norma’s manipulation works so easily on Emma.

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     The bike is loud - he’ll admit that much - but it was him, and him only heading to the coffee shop that he’d met Laguna at before. It was… Strange, he thinks, to find himself so enraptured in a man he BARELY knew, and yet, wanted to know everything he could. Blue eyes travel the road as he parks the bike, humming slightly. He only hoped Laguna wouldn’t think it too strange to see the King in black leather -he’d mentioned the bike after all - and this… It felt almost ODD to come in something overly formal. He takes the moment to place the gold brace over his leg, the one his father had owned before him, before walking into the shop. 

       He finds a table ( minorly secluded ) and finds himself busy with saying hello to a few of the people who know him; he doesn’t mind it, but his eyes flash back to the door every few minutes, watching and waiting. He can hear gossipy giggles, which only make him laugh in returned. Who’d have thought he’d so eagerly wait the appearance of someone else himself?

       Hand cards through raven locks, humming softly to himself as he waits. He doesn’t mind this - he’d gotten there rather quickly, and… If it meant he hadn’t already screwed up with Laguna, he’d wait at the coffee shop. He re-reads the messages they’d send, anxiety passing through him as he does. Had he said too much? He can only hope not, eyes fluttering shut as he tries to relax himself. He reminds himself that he’s human - he’s ALLOWED to be anxious. But without someone here to quell it, it quietly festers, so he settles for playing a game on his phone, actively distracting himself from thinking ( or overthinking.)

View my Mind

If only you could see my thoughts.
My words paint a picture, I hope you see the motion within the text.
In my head, are engraved visions of the past.
The smiles. The laughter. The anger. The regret.
Their all there, with me always.
I do my best not to dwell, for I know more memorable moments are to come.
I just want you to know what I’ve seen.
My life on display.
The colors. The people. The darkness. The violence.
Its made me who I am.
I have to take time to just smile and be proud.
If you could watch my mind on a screen, would you pay attention?
Thats a very small price to pay, compared to the scars I’ve collected.
The cinematic display would be award worthy.
The ideas. The insights. The love. The lovers.
Here with me always.
At this moment, im happliy adding you to a whole new scene.
Come sit, lets watch the screen.

Can we just imagine for a moment how much it would suck to be a Lavellan who was in a physical relationship with Solas?

I made it a huge aspect of Lavellan’s future post-Trespasser. Maybe I’m being ridiculous or over-dramatic. Or perhaps I’m just a sadist, but I imagine that the Dalish would have some severe reservations about one of their own coming back, missing an arm, her vallaslin removed, professing that the world is going to end because Fen’Harel intends to tear down the veil, and that ,”Oh by the way, I was his lover.”

This could come to light in a variety of ways: Deduction by the clan, ashamed admittance by Lavellan, an enraged declaration that she thought there was more to him, etc. That’s up to each Lavellan, I think, but the end result is the same: What are the Dalish to do with one of the people who has not only fraternized with the Dread Wolf, but has also engaged in a relationship with him?

They’re going to lock down their borders and they’re going to throw up walls that Lavellan is no longer welcome past. Fen’Harel is the god of betrayal after all, and if Lavellan was so seduced by him, there’s a possibility that despite the tears and anguish, she is only a puppet; an eager participant in his cruel machinations. Apart from that possibility, I imagine they would view her as tainted regardless of her intentions: Someone who let themselves be tricked by the trickster god and failed to heed one of the most commonly spoken Dalish warnings: May the Dread Wolf never catch your scent. She is foolish and disgraced. Considered to be defiled and untrustworthy by the people, she is no longer welcome among them, a verdict that causes both her clan and Lavellan herself great pain.

Invest in Your Characters. (part 1)

There is so much that goes into making a real and believable character. Real people are made up of our every experience in life; contrary to what some cliches will tell you, no one is defined by “a single moment” in his or her life. That’s not growth; that’s obsession. And obsession happens sometimes, but please don’t see a character whose only motivation is revenge or ambition or fear and think “this character is a well-developed and fully-thought-out human being.”

Think about your favorite characters, whether they come from an existing medium or your own mind; think about their motivations–every single one of them. Think about their grand life goals, then think about the smaller goals they want to achieve within the next few days, things that don’t always add to the “grand plan.” Think about why they want what they want. What is it that makes those things valuable to them? Who taught them what matters and what doesn’t? What do they hold to be true above all else, and what’s proven that to them?

It should also be said that some characters, particularly young characters, are not fully-realized people yet. No one is ever “done” figuring him-/herself out, and it’s only life experience that will move you further along the line to knowing yourself as well as you can. In a lot of stories, that development, that self-discovery is the point of the entire process.

Character growth and interaction should always be your number-one focus. Always. You can have the grandest plot and the most detailed lore and the most extensive world built–but if you don’t have meaningful character interaction, all of that is wasted. I cannot stress this enough: character is always more important than plot/setting/genre/what-have-you. People sometimes say, “if it doesn’t advance the story, don’t include it,” but I have to disagree with that advice; just like I said above, sometimes there are smaller points that don’t serve your main plot directly but speak volumes about your characters. If executed properly, those can be more valuable and effective than any plot-driven scene.

I realized this year I’m scared of everything.

Bicyclists that turn corners quick and almost slice me, who yell and threaten something even worse: eye contact. While I struggle to describe the faces of those closest to me—unless they have bird-like or famous people features, then that’s easier, I guess—the speeding stranger on wheels who’s shouted at me to “MOVE OUT THE WAY!” that cyclist, somewhat effortlessly (and hauntingly) comes to mind. I can describe the slope of his forehead, the grey in her eyes, and occasionally even a smell. Most recently, it was pine. Gelled in my mind is the aggressive clout of their stare. The seemingly deep frustration they’ve felt towards me and how it’s possible that someone who’s only experienced me in a state of pure terror, can hate me.

I’m also, it turns outs, scared of the dark. But not the dark at night night. I’m scared of the dark the moment dusk peters into that curtained feeling that comes with nightfall or empty auditoriums, or unaccustomed upstate silence. I’m scared of what happens when the sky abruptly, in a matter of seconds, loses its texture and tinge of alien pinks and blues, and appears suddenly impenetrable.

I’m also scared of entering loud bars to meet friends. I’m scared of not seeing them and looking lost, and that my lost face is, too sad a face to be wearing in a bar.

I’m scared of learning a fast new friend has anger issues. 

I’m scared of my parents getting old. Whenever we FaceTime, I notice the sag of skin on my father’s neck or how his smile seems to flicker more so than beam. Old age, I’d estimate, manifests most in the body deciding it no longer wants to retain. Memory, skin, moods. They all seem a bit dispossessed. Like he’s evicting himself from himself.

I’m scared of finding myself in the company of super narrow-minded people.

I’m scared that, having not made any big-life-goals, time is moving at a quicker clip because I never once thought to map out a plan. Plans have a way of diagramming time, of projecting hopes, even if the plan fails.

I’m scared of this newer feeling too: how I’m finding it harder and harder to connect with people.

I’m also scared of sillier things: like that I’ll never be funny enough to be the friend you call when you need a distraction. I’m also terrified of rats. Absolutely horrified by them. I’m scared of no longer loving certain movies I once LOVED. This happened recently and the experience was so completely disorienting, my whole day was ruined. 

taylor swift tumblr timeline
  1. BT- Before Taylor, now this was a time period when most of the people on tumblr never would’ve even thought taylor would come on here, we minded our business, and didn’t really step on other turfs.
  2. Taylor joins Tumblr - between April 2014-September 2014, taylor was inactive herself, and Taylor Nation ran her tumblr, and there were only like 2 blogs they followed.
  3. Grace period - Between September 2014-October 2014, all was nice and happy in the Taylor Swift fandom, the new album was due to arrive, Taylor was interacting with fans on Tumblr, it was all of the Tumblr fans dreams coming true.
  4. Swiftmas - November 2014-December 2014, this was pretty much a happy time, with fans getting gifts from Taylor via Tumblr, more fans started to arrive from all different social media platforms.
  5. Some pretty normal day to day stuff January 2015
  6. Valentine’s Gifts - Early February 2015, there were a couple of fans who got gifts from taylor for Valentine’s day
  7. The Great Dragging - Late February 2015, Taylor finally ended it with the greatest drag of all time, with gloves.
  8. The Dark Ages - February 2015-March 2015, Taylor took a break from Tumblr, fans started to disappear, thirst disappeared, a pretty chillax time in the fandom
  9. Taylor’s resurrection - March 2015-April 2015, after about a month of a tumblr break, Taylor comes back in preparation for her upcoming 1989 Tour, fans come running back to tumblr.
  10. The 1989 World Tour - May 2015-June 2015, Taylor has begun to meet fans from Tumblr
Spin the Bottle - Part 7

Thank you to my beta athingor3 who is certain you’re all going to come to my home with pitchforks.  

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 8)

Holly didn’t even hear the coins shatter the silence as sheturned to walk away from her tormentors. She needed to distance herself from these people, from this situation,from Gail.  She needed to breathe.  

She marched out the front door of the school and startedrunning the moment her feet hit the sidewalk, her mind not caring where herbody took her.  She tried to calm down,to wipe the tears, to take even breaths, but more she tried, the more upset she became.  She didn’t realise she was crying until she felt the moisture streaking down her cheeks and onto her shirt as she loped down the street, stopping only when she got to a city park.

Winded, she slowed to a walk.  The fury that coursed through her veins matched only the shame she felt rotting in her gut.  She gave up and sat on a bench, letting the emotions wash over her as they may.  

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  When it comes to meeting new people, Izaya can range from passive to uncomfortably interested. These aren’t the only two options, of course; there’s a great range of different reactions between those two extremes – but even when he settles somewhere in-between, there’s always a sort of vibe he radiates with people, a vibe that gives him away for what he is: extreme, even when he isn’t playing with extremes. 

Currently, with boredom gnawing away at his bones, he’s tilting toward the uncomfortably interested side of things as he alternates between looking toward his phone and scanning the street for strangers. Having nothing to do for the moment, he finds himself exceptionally interested in people, restless, wanting to leech away at someone’s mind – but having trouble locating someone who might be interesting enough. 

He decides to lower his standards. The next person who catches his eye will be today’s little present to himself. It may prove disappointing, but it will take up some time, at least.

The Plan Part 5 - Conclusion

I hope this serves as a lesson, but it probably won’t.

Don’t underestimate people!

CSers claimed that weren’t going to underestimate us, but in the back of their minds they were thinking “We’re going to crush them”.

They claimed they were going to be respectful and nice about this. That was both of our goals. Instead the moment we started winning they started to call us cheaters.

Somehow they thought that it was so impossible for us to win that the only thing that makes sense is that we’re cheating. That’s so arrogant! And from a fandom that just a few days ago prided itself in being above that!

We’ve been bullied for years by two fandoms who seem to get some level of disturbing joy out of putting us down, and then a fandom comes along that we actually LIKE and they do the exact same thing.

And you know what, this is something that CS shippers ALSO experience. They also have at least two fandoms in Once that do the exact same thing to them.

And yeah, we had assholes on our side as well, we weren’t perfect angels, but when you guys were winning we didn’t attack you for it. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the other fandoms that CS faced also didn’t attack you for it. I heard they even gave you guys compliments for being nice about it.

But all of those compliments happened when you were winning, none of them got to saw you when you were losing. This entire thing has been one huge eye opener about a fandom that I used to really like and respect because they DIDN’T resort to the kind of crap I’ve seen over the last few days.

The funny thing is that CSers might have actually won. If you hadn’t started putting us down and making those baseless accusations, all of the things that motivated us to win would have been a lot harder to come by.

You lost this poll because of you. I’m sure a lot of you will desperately try to put blame on somewhere else. A lot of you will continue making accusations.

But I’m hoping that at least some CSers will realize that the attitude displayed during this poll was NOT good form.

I still don’t believe the entire CS fandom is bad because of this. I love the ship and I really like speaking to the people in that fandom, but this was all very disappointing…

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. :)

Denise Deserved Better.

I was a little indifferent to Denise right up until the walker invasion and then I warmed up to her slowly. Denise for me was a slow burning character like Eugene or Gabriel, and she had the potential to break even further away from her anxieties and fears. She was one of those people who was just starting to take charge of her own life and face her fears, showing us it is never to late to be brave But what I hate most about her premature demise was

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There’s only one thing I want from next week’s episode. I mean I know it’s going to be heartbreaking, it’s going to be angsty, etc, that’s fine.

I just really, really hope they do a better job with the Emma/Regina team-up this time. Without hypocritical blame and misplaced snark and “hi my name is Emma Swan and I turn into a doormat occasionally and ask for friendship from people who just spent the whole episode bitching at me” and “hi my name is Regina Mills and I’ve come a long way but occasionally get reset to almost zero for some reason”.

I just want some respectful sensible actual friendship moments. I don’t mind snark. But I don’t want a repeat of the 4x05 dynamic. Please give me an actual friendship that I can understand and support without having to retcon it in my head. PLEASE.