these are the only ones i can draw from memory

His heart melted when Viktor saw him, giving him that smile he saved just for the young man. He rose from the bench and walked to Yuuri, circling an arm around his waist and giving him a sweet yet lingering kiss.

Viktor and Yuuri featuring fangirling barista and my local Starbucks because that’s the only place I can draw from memory.

This is fan art for @paxohana‘s AU fan fic Met by Accident.  It’s one of my favourites and you should definitely check it out!  I literally cannot stop rereading this scene, it’s simply too cute!  It’s from chapter 13 after they *ahem spoiler alert* confess.  I’m translating it into Chinese as well.  I swear to god chapter 2 is almost done but I have a lot on my plate right now and I promise it will be up later this week.

I suck at drawing so I don’t know if this turned out okay or not.  I hope it’s not too bad and didn’t end up butchering that sweet scene. *sweats profusely*

Starscream clotheslining people with his wings and then blaming them. Don’t walk quickly through the base while reading datapads! 

Cosplaying this birb at several cons has taught me the deadliness of walking in close quarters with giant wings XD

Also I can’t draw KO from memory >_< That’s why he’s mostly out of frame! I can draw Starscream from memory basically though. One day I might color these but for now I’m too lazy.

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So I’m practicing lighting and landscapes in Photoshop. I also wanted to think about perspective when drawing dragons and how color changes with receding distance. It’s very interesting to think about how the eye sees things versus how a photo captures a scene and how one translates the information from a photo/memory into a single image. I tried to stick to the rule that no blending was allowed; only different natural brushes + color sampling. This is so I can start to get a better sense on how color combination and selection work in photoshop. I’m going to want to play around with lighting a lot more in the future, and it seems that the right brush can also have a good impact on the final product as well.

I always found it a bit odd that Erol’s name gained a second R in Jak 3, becoming Errol, but recently I made a discovery.

If you go to Mar Memorial Stadium in Jak 2 and look at the signs the audience is holding up, most of them say very generic things buuut a few of them have Erol’s name on them, apparently cheering the “undefeated grand champion” on.

And of those that say his name, a few of them spell it with the second R, Errol.

From this, one can only draw a single rational conclusion.

Erol’s full name

is Erol McEroll Errol.


Oh man, so everyone is posting their participations in the Homestuck fandom–I guess I should too! I’m not a writer, I can’t make music, nor can I draw, and I’m pretty quiet (one might call me a little bit lurky). What I can do is make stuff, teach, and maybe cosplay a little bit (but only a little ^_^). So I have my own cosplays, some tutorials, and like, a book full of questions I have answered from younger cosplayers!

And I still have stuff I want to finish! I have Dave doll, and some other things, and I still haven’t cosplayed Rogue of Void Roxy! And I have to make that jacket so Kai can cosplay Jaspers! Oh, and beekeeper troll when the game comes out! There is no choice–I’m in it for the long haul. It’s not over yet!

What I may have contributed isn’t really much, but I have made a lot of friends, and this fandom has given me a sense of awe over the wealth of creativity and inspiration.

By the way, if any of you want to check out my other cosplays or tutorials, my crafty and cosplay tags are #stuff i make and #tc25cosplay! I usually remember to crosslink to deviantart for the tutorials.

Bonus stuff that didn’t really fit:

Of course I had to cosplay my fave kid! (scarf knitted by jumpingjacktrash)

Another devart prop tutorial–Homes Smell Ya Later!

Cuvier Safiro fantroll doll from Be The Seadweller Lowblood!

Jaspers bag!


“Watch me Draw” Collection #1! 

Napstablook, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Frisk and Omega Flowey!

Whilst playing around with a few features of Flipnote Studio 3D, I remembered there was a function at allowed you to continuously turn pages as you draw.. Giving you a step by step drawing option.. (Only stopping to fill in colors)

As you can see, I started off incredibly simple and slowly started getting progressively harder as I played with it. >w> (These are posted in the order I drew them)

I also had to draw them in one go without any guide lines and I drew them all from memory, so if Omega Flowey is missing some features, ah well. xD I will most definitely post more of these in the future, but this is what I have for today! <3

-Fun Fact: Omega Flowey is exactly 420 frames of animation.. Papyrus and Undyne are exactly 200 frames.-

This was a pose exercise and just ended up morphing into Misty with a fat pikachu. (i.e. the best kind of pikachu)

One of the biggest hurdles of being self-taught (imo) is falling into the trap of drawing comfort poses.  Like, I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing a specific pose, and I’ve drawn it so often that when I’m staring at a blank screen- that’s all I can see.  Muscle memory takes over, and it’s tough to expand because of that.  I want the image to look good, but I’ve only got the 3 or 4 poses in my repertoire to pull from.  Not only that- but I’ve been having issues getting what is in my head on the screen. (common artist problem, I know!) Like, the way I learned to ink w/ the Wacom basically boiled down to: zoom in -> quick strokes.  This is an okay method, but it leads to a lot of ctrl-z’s, and wasted time trying to get that ‘perfect line’.  I actually like more organic stuff ( caseyboots / dogbomber / derekhetrickart ) and my current work method doesn’t facilitate that very well.  

Sorry, I’m rambling.  :T


Dont pay attention to the N/A in the pic. I picked a name for her already haha. Her name is Whisp! Short for Whisper. Anyway I remembered I made a wolf oc many years ago and I tried drawing her again! Most of it is from memory tho!

Other things to add to her descriptions:

  • she is short! like my height… 4′11″ ;w;
  • she actually gets stomachaches from eating chocolate so she can only take one bite (she loves it so much but it can never be)
  • very observant but mostly stays in the sidelines
  • she has very good hearing more so than other wolves
  • she walks very quietly. very good for sneaking around
  • downside is that she doesn’t have much of a presence and can easily be ignored :(

I like to think that the sweater Ford currently has is actually one from his childhood; and the only reason he can wear it as an adult is because he and Stan cuddled in it so much, it stretched beyond repair.